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Weekend with Michelle and David

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Hi, I’m Steve. I’m 41 years old and generally consider myself a kinky, but normal guy. I had met Michelle in a hotel bar in Houston. I was there on business attending a conference when we struck up a conversation. Though I was from St. Louis, I visited Houston often for clients. She was from Houston, which proved lucky for me.

Well, one thing led to another and she ended up in my hotel room where we had some good raunchy (safe) sex. Michelle was a good looking woman but she was 50, and, though great for her age, she still had some of the baggage that 50 YO’s do.

As it was around midnight and she had to get home, she was getting dressed to leave. She put her clothes back on one piece at a time and there was nothing to think of much. She was an outstanding fuck and I was looking for a continuing thing since I made it to Houston often. Then the surprise came. The last thing she put on was a wedding ring.

“Are you shocked?” she said.

“Yeah, a bit. I mean, I don’t like the fact that I helped someone cheat. That’s not something I’m proud of.” I responded.

“Well,” she said, “Let me tell you two things then. First, they are my vows and not yours. I’m a big girl and can take the consequences of the decisions I make. Second, my husband knows all about my slutty ways. He even has his own fun.”

“So you two have an open marriage? Do you ever wonder what he does when he’s with someone else?”

“It is hard sometimes. I do get a bit jealous, but I don’t wonder too much what he does because I always meet his partners.”

“Really? Does he meet yours?” I asked with a lump in my throat not knowing what exactly his reaction would be to me fucking his wife nor knowing how big he was. This was Texas after all. Legalized concealed weapons, anyone????

“No, he doesn’t always meet mine. I think it’s more odd with guys meeting guys in that context than women meeting guys.”

“Women meeting guys? So, he doesn’t bring women home?” I smartly concluded.

“Rarely. Which is good for me. All the more dick for me.”

“So threeways then?” I asked I guess in a tone that sounded more probing than judgmental.

“Yes, threeways. Have you ever had a threeway? Ever had a dick?”

“Sadly, no to both.”

“Sadly??? My husband and I might be able to change that. Do you think you’d want to have that fun? I’m sure he’d be up for it.”

“Umm, I might be, but I’m not sure. I fantasize about it a lot though I’m not sure if I really want to go through with it.”

“Well, think about it and let me know. His name is David and here’s a picture of him. Like I said, I’m sure my husband would be up for it. However, just so you know, David doesn’t like condoms and you’d have to undergo an STD test before anything would happen.”

“I’ll keep that in mind.”

We exchanged email addresses and she left. After she closed the door I got instantly hard. “I guess I didn’t have to think about it that long,” I said outloud looking my my protruding cock in the full length mirror.

Over the course of the next few weeks, I told her of my decision, that I got the STD test, and that I’d be in Houston in a few days. I told her, though, that before I’d have a proper three way, I’d like to have an experience with a guy first. She was sure David would be up for popping my gay cherry. She confirmed with me that this is really what I wanted and I told her that it was all I could think about for some time. I told her that I’d get down there a few days early so that we all could meet up.

So the day finally came. On the flight down, I was hard for most of it. I really tried not to think of it, but the excitement of having my first dick was too overwhelming. I landed, got my rental car and headed over to thier house. I was still a bit nervous. I mean, I really didn’t know how he was going to react. I was just taking her word for it.

I found the house, parked, and walked up to the front door, rang the bell, and waited for it to open. Michelle answered the door and led me into the TV room to meet David. David, was an average looking guy with an average physique. Again, the 50 years hung with him as well. We echanged some pleasantries and he eventually said, “So how was it fucking my wife?”

“Pretty good. She’s a great lay. I love that big ass of hers.”

“Tell me about it.”

“OK stop talking about me and my big ass like that,” she finally interjected, “And let’s start talking about what’s really going on here.” I loved the way she took control like that. “steve, are you sure you want to go through with this?”

“Yeah, I do. I’m ready for it, but just a bit nervous as to what I should be doing”

“Well what do you think about letting me call the shots? Will you do EVERYTHING I tell you.”

“Yes, as long as it doesn’t involve pain. I’ll do everything you tell me to.”

“Just to clarify, will you suck David’s dick? Will you let him fuck you up the ass?”


“Are you sure”


“OK. Get naked then and stand before David. I want you naked and submissive for your first man.” I got undressed and stood before David, naked, with my cock pointing straight at him. “Steve, take a hold of his hands and look David in the eye and tell David what you are willing to do.”

“David, I want to suck your dick, I want you to cum in my mouth, I want you to fuck me in the ass, and use me for any sex you want.”

“Awesome, dude,” David said.

“That’s great Steve,” she said. “Take off David’s clothes. Now, since your new to this, I want you to rub your hands all over his body and I mean all over his body, but don’t touch his cock and don’t let your cock even brush up against him.”

With that, I began to feel him up. I ran my hands all over his body like she wanted. I rubbed his legs, his hairy chest, but mostly his ass. He had a great cock. He was circumsized and I’d guess a nice full, thick 7 inches.

After a few minutes, Michelle commanded, “Get on your knees right in front of David’s cock.” Oh man! Did I ever love hearing those words! I got down with his cock pointing straight at my face. Every piece of me wanted to open my mouth and take that long, beautiful cock in my mouth and suck it until he drained his cum down my throat. Here I was a just a few seconds from sucking dick for the first time. “I want you to put your face right next to his dick. Grab his cock and pump it a bit.” I didn’t need to be told twice. It felt great to have another guy’s cock in my hand. It felt warm and soft but rigid under the skin. “I want you to smell his dick. Do you like what you smell?”

“Yes, m’am. Can I take it in my mouth please.”

“No, not yet. Point it straight up so that you can get a good look at his balls. You can suck them though.”

With that, I started licking his nuts. They were big and heavy. I took each one in my mouth and then both at a time. I loved putting my tounge on them and knowing that the tasty cum in those nuts would soon be in me. David was enjoying the ball bath.

“Tell me,” she said, “Would you rather suck him off or take him in your ass?”

“I’d rather suck him off,” I said.

“Well, unfortunately for you, I make the rules. To lose your gay virginity, I think you should lose it in your ass. Let’s go into the bedroom.”

While in the bedroom, she told me to pile up two pillows and lay my ass on them and my back on the mattress. I was going to get fucked in the ass while on my back, which was great because then I could watch David as he fucked me. I lay on the bed as I was told and David climbed on as well. He grabbed the KY and applied a fair amount on his dick as well as lubing up my ass. I wasn’t kidding about wanting to blow him first, but I was hard as hell thinking about getting in the ass too. He grabbed his cock and put it right next to my hole. He told me to take a deep breath and let it out. As I did, he slowly entered me. It felt great. He had me breath again and on the exhale he entered me more. That one started to hurt a bit, but it wasn’t too bad. We did this some more until he was fully in me. It hurt, but, again, it wasn’t so bad. The breathing and the KY really did thier trick. With that, he started pumping me. I was getting fucked in the ass and I was loving it.

“Fuck me David. I love your dick in me. Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me,” I said. And fuck me he did. He just kept pumping his dick in and out of my ass with his nuts slapping up against me. Sometimes I would ask him to stop while he was fully in me so that I could really enjoy the sensation – his dick buried in my ass and his balls resting against me. With each pump, my cock was bouncing around pretty wildly slapping against my stomach. He kept pumping and fucking when that familiar expression crossed his face. He was going to cum in me. He let out a grunt and deposited his load right up my ass. A few squirts, a few pumps, and he started coming back to normal. He stayed in me for a few seconds more and then pulled out. I felt a bit empty now, because I really got accustomed to his dick. We didn’t notice Michelle much until after he pulled his cock out of my ass, but she had about three of her fingers buried deep in her when we did.

“That was so fucking hot,” Michelle said while she was finishing herself off. She sat in her chair in post orgasmic bliss and said, “Now I want you to wash the dick that just fucked you real good.”

So, we went to the shower and I cleaned him off.

“Now, it’s your turn to fuck David,” Michelle said.

So, we swithced places on the bed and I grabbed the KY. I followed the same process that David did and before I knew it, I was asking him to breath and sticking my dick in him. I really liked looking down, seeing his hard cock, and then seeing my dick disappear in his ass. I knew the fucking part pretty good and I pumped away. I have to say that he was much tighter than any woman i have ever been with. His cock was bouncing around just like mine was and I got pleasure in knowing that my pumping his ass was doing that. It felt great being inside him and pumping him and out. After a while, I was ready to cum and cum I did. It must have been six or seven ropes of it that I dropped in his ass. I didn’t really want to leave his ass, but I did and we went to the shower where he cleaned me up. I stood in the shower and it came over me that I had my first gay experience. I didn’t feel any different really. I was glad and proud I let myself go though with it. “What’s wrong with a few people giving pleaseure to each other? I thought.

Afterward, we joined Michelle in the TV room. She had us sit down, on a towel, next to each other. “The towel is for your cummy little asses. I just don’t want you to make a mess. So, Steven, you just had your first gay lover. Well, do you know what lovers do after they’ve just shared an orgasm?” And without waiting for an answer she said, “They kiss. They kiss like lovers. I want the two of you to face each other and kiss.”

At first, I wasn’t sure about this. Kissing just seems so personal, but then I realized that I just took him in his ass and let him take me. How much more personal can you get? So, with that, we leaned in and started to kiss. At first, it was closed mouth, but it didn’t take long before our tounges were deep down in each other’s mouth. We were making out like high school kids. I really liked feeling his stubble as I made out with him. While we were making out, our hands found each other’s cocks. We were making out and jerking each other off. I was so hot, again.

“Well, Steven,” Michelle interjected, “I think it’s time for you to get your cock sucking wish.”

I was harder than hard again at this point. We went back into the bedroom and got on the bed, making out, and playing with each other’s cocks.

“OK,” Michelle said, “Here’s the deal. I want you to blow each other at the same time and I want you to cum in each other’s mouths at the same time. If you feel ready to pop, tell the other guy to stop and try to work to catch him up to you.”

We then turned around in bed so that we were laying on our sides but facing in different directions. I took a hold of his cock and realized now, for sure, that I was going to suck dick and taste cum for the first time. “OK, guys, suck away,” she said and we immediately obeyed. I opend my mouth and wrapped my lips around his gorgeous dick. I wanted to savor it as much as I could, but he was working me pretty good and I didn’t want to beat him to the cum. So I grabbed the shaft of his dick, pumped it good, and continued my lips around his big, purple head. I liked having his dick in my ass, but I loved having his dick in my mouth. I sucked and pumped, and he worked on me as well. I felt the onset of an orgasm and I told them that I was ready. He confirmed the same, so we both returned to the dick at hand. A few seconds later, I started the orgasm process start and I was cumming in his mouth. He started cumming in my mouth at the same time. It was slimy and salty and musky and wonderful. It tasted perfect and I was so happy that I could satisfy a man with my mouth.

“Do not swallow,” Michelle said. “Get off each other’s cocks and make out.” What a great idea I thought. So, I got on top of him, had my wet cock pressed against his, and we started making out with each tounge darting across the other’s cum covered tounge. I tasted him. I tasted me. We played with the cum until we finally swallowed our fair share. I rolled off of him and said, “Michelle, David, that was so fucking cool.”

“You’re a pretty good fuck and suck buddy, I must say.” David added.

“Well, anytime man. Anytime.”

I loved my first gay experience. I wanted more, but my dick was drained. That was the start of a great weekend. The next night, we had our first real threesome. We both fucked Michelle at the same time, but we also fucked each other. All three of us made out all the time and it was a totally sharing experience with each other. I really didn’t care whether I was with Michelle or David or whether I was making out with either. It was great. I especially liked when one of us was fucking Michelle’s pussy while the other was fucking her ass. It was a great feeling as my buddy’s dick put pressure on the flesh between her ass and pussy and my cock could feel it as well. I had my first cream pie later on in the night which led me to conclude that we need to find more guys for all of us to play with. Now there’s a cleanup duty I’d love to have!

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