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The Therapist Is In

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“Her legs look like a road map! Their cover in veins.” He tells me angrily.

“You use to say it was a road map to paradise.” She says hotly.

“Yea then I followed that map and ended up in Death Valley. There are places there you could get out of with a GPS and a four wheel drive!” He screams back at her.

If you can imagine this is the kind of things I listen to for a living. I get paid to help people get through their marital troubles.

Take Mr. and Mrs. Williams here. They hate the ground each other walks on. They can’t stand each other. To be in the same room is to be arguing. They have been screaming at each other for more than three decades!

And my job is to make them not get a divorce when I think it would probably be the best thing for the both of them. Hell they should have been divorced when I was ten!

I’ve seen it all. Husbands cheating on wives. Wives cheating on husbands. And every flavor in between.

I’ve had both try to even get with me. They said in school that it would happen. People always fall for their therapist.

“He couldn’t get his dick hard with four Viagra and a can of fix a flat!” I listen with out comment as Mrs. Williams yells

“Last time I fucked her I had to go get a tetanus shot her pussy is so rusty!” he counters.

So I listen and I get paid to try to make people look past their problems to the real causes of their marital troubles.

“I’m on a low sodium diet. Every thing she cooks tastes like a salt lick! I think the bitch is trying to kill me!” I look at him with a raised eyebrow.

“He puts ketchup on everything he eats. He never even tastes it first just buries it under damn ketchup!”

Thank you both for coming, same time next week.

I sigh in the silence after they leave. I look at my appointment book. Just one left then home to my own wife and our problems.

It the old saying about a plumber’s toilet being clogged, a carpenter’s deck falling apart, and mechanic’s car doesn’t run. Well a marital therapist having marital troubles it the same joke.

The sick part is I know ‘Our’ problem. We like so may of my clients got married too young, then stayed together for the good of our children. Now those children are gone off to live their own lives and we have discover that we have nothing in common. That the two people that fell madly in love with one another are long dead and buried in the past.

Reaching into the drawer of my desk I take out a bottle of hand lotion and wipe down my dry arms. My wife calls it an obsessive habit.

I look up as my receptionist let in my last patient for the day.

“Thank you Jane, that will be all for the day.”

I watch Mrs. Tompson make her way over to the chair in front of my desk. She’s alone like always. Her husband refused to come to counseling says it’s a stupid waste of money. He would rather spend his hard-earned money on new golf clubs.

Least that’s what she says.

Having done a profile on him I would say he’s spending his money on an affair. I haven’t mentioned it to her yet in case I’m mistaken.

I smile my professional smile and get to my feet. Going to the door I look out at the empty lobby. I lock the door.

“So Susan how was this week?’ I ask her as I watch her put her purse down in one of the chairs.

“Not too much of an improvement. He bought a set of fifty-year-old golf clubs off Ebay. Paid five hundred dollars for them then chewed me out for buying a hundred dollars in clothes. It was one blouse and a skirt!”

I watch her slowly strip off a pair of lacy gloves from her delicate hands.

I move over to stand behind her. She’s looking across my desk to the view of the lake outside. The view like the lake are man made, but they still cost a fortune. My colleagues envy me the office though. Says that the view must have a calming affect on my patients.

I haven’t noticed.

“This skirt?’ I ask her softly.

“Yes.” She whispers.

I run my hand down her hip.

“What do you have on under it?”

I hear the intake of breathe, the excited gasp at my touch.

“I’m not wearing anything under it Doctor.” She tells me as she places her hands on my desk.

I move my hand to the middle of her back and roughly push her face down onto my desk. My hand pulls her skirt up out the way.

I look down at the beautiful curves of her full figured body. Mrs. Tompson is what they politely call a large waisted woman.

To me that’s always ment they had a spectacular ass!

Her skin is warm and soft under my hand as I caress her cheeks. I grip a hand full of her ass then in a rush I drop to my knees behind her.

Leaning I place hard kisses on the soft skin, bringing them ever closer to the center. The warm, inviting place of pleasure forbidden me by my wife.

But not by Mrs. Tompson.

She confessed to me, in one of our first sessions, that her husbands ignoring her ass was one of her primary reasons for their marital difficulties.

To him a woman’s ass is a one way street, a no-man’s land to be crossed only in the most desperate time usually under fire.

A dirty place. A sinful place even.

Spreading her ass cheeks slowly I take in the inward swirl of her little rose bud. In a way I guess it a good thing her husband doesn’t pay more attention to her here. He might have come to notice that she is by far more open now than in years past.

My kisses go down into the dark valley between her cheeks. The warm heat of her pushes against my face as I bury my lips against her.

I listen to her moan as I lick, first softly then with a growing aggression. Finally I’m driving my tongue into her as deep as her ass cheeks will let my face get.

She opens under my mouth first a little, then the muscles relax till I’m meeting little resistance as I push inside.

I stand up and reach down to my pants. I open the zipper and the snap and let them fall to my knees. I lean across her, feeling the hot heat of her ass against my cock. I grab the lotion bottle and stepping back I pour a large squeeze onto my fingers. With a brutal force that I would never use with any other woman I push the lotion up inside her.

“Oh dear god! Gently Doctor please!” she begs me. “You hurt me something fierce last time.”

“You loved it though didn’t you?” I ask as I move my two fingers around inside her. She whimpers then I slowly feel her relax, even pushing back against my hand a little.

“Yes.” She says in a whisper.

“Then do you really want me to be gentle?” I ask as I pull my fingers from her. I look down to see the creamy hole slowly close back. I know it will take very little to open it back up.

And I’m not very little.

I see her fingers grip the far edge of my desk. I watch her slowly shake her head.

I smile. She has always shown a reluctance to beg for what she really wants. I think it might be part of the problem’s she’s having with her husband.

Stepping closer to her I place the head of my cock against her tight ring. It clinches shut as I give it a slight push.

“You know better than that.” I tell her in warning.

She leans her head down on my desk and slowly nods. I feel the opening relax as I give a slight push.

The low guttural moan from her as I slide first the head, then inch after inch into her is primitive and arousing.

As I feel my flat stomach press hard into the cheeks of her ass, trying to get even deeper I hear her whimper.

“Oh please.” She says clawing at my desk.

“Please what?’ I ask as I pull out of her till just the head is inside.


The whole length of me goes back into her in a long quick thrust. I focus on her hands. The knuckles turning white as she clutches the wooden edging.

Grabbing her hips I start up a steady rhythm in and out the tight warmth. I look down seeing myself compress to fit into her she’s so very tight.

I feel myself starting to sweat a little. Reaching up I loosen my tie and open the top button of my shirt. It helps.

My eyes come to focus on the view outside as I settle into a hard pounding pace. I listen with a half smile to the animal like sounds coming from her. Driven by the force of my thrusts she’s grunting out each breath, sucking in air as I pull back to the now very open ring.

I feel the warm heat of her down the whole length, as thrust after thrust makes her wetter and wetter. Her body responding to this invasion.

“Oh god yes!” I hear her scream out. I feel her legs trembling against the front of mine.

I smile to myself knowing I’ve made her cum without ever touching her clit. She confessed to me once, after I had done this to her the first time, that she had never really had this powerful an orgasm with her husband. Since then I’ve given her several more to compare it to.

I think they’re getting stronger, but what do I know. I’m just being paid to help her keep her marriage together.

I lean forward as I feel myself starting to get close. I slide my hands under her blouse and across her warm stomach. My fingers go under her bra and holding onto both her tits, I begin to truly pound into her.

I listen with pleasure to the sounds of her whimpering under me. I find her nipples in all that warm flesh and pinch them hard. It brings a screech of pain, but she’s position in such a way that she couldn’t stop me now no matter what.

Not that she really wants me to stop.

I bring one hand around from under her and catch the back of her long hair. I pull on it as I ram the last few strokes into her ass with all my need to cum. The sounds coming from her. Moans of pleasure, whimpers of pain, guttural gasps for breath are all lost under the deeper throated cry from me as I feel myself release into the dark depths of her ass.

I collapse onto her panting for breath. I only half listen to her under me. She’s crying lightly. I know from asking her it’s from a mixture of pain at the invasion and pleasure at the intensity of the orgasm she feels when I cum in her ass.

Slowly my head feeling kind of disconnected I lift myself up off her back and stumble back to one of the chairs behind me.

I watch her slowly slide to her knees, then to the floor leaned into the front of my desk. Her hands hold weekly on the wood as she pants for breath. I see shivers run through her.

Slowly she turns to look at me and I beckon her to come to me.

I feel like the king of the world as I watch her crawl to where I’m sitting. She presses her face into the lightly tanned skin by my knee.

I smile down at her as she looks up at me with tear filled eyes.

“I love you Doctor.” She whispers to me.

I smile down at her. Like they said in school every one falls for their therapist.

As I watch she slowly kisses her way up my thigh. I shiver as I feel the tip of her tongue lightly lick me. I watch her as she cleans me with her mouth something no woman before her has ever done, not even after regular sex let alone what we just did.

Leaning back I just enjoy the powerful sensations she’s giving me.

After the fury of taking her from behind the soft feeling of her lips is a relaxing pleasure. I harden slowly and come to orgasm even more slowly. I just lean in the chair watching her head bob on my cock till I feel the release. It leaves me spent and panting for breath.

I recover slowly no need to rush. I watch her put her clothes to right, then with a compact from her purse, put her face back together. The black lines of mascara down her cheeks disappear, the smears of lipstick around her mouth vanish.

With my cock still hanging limply on my thigh she leans down and gives me a long kiss, her tongue deposits a taste of my own cum into my mouth. The knowledge that she had been saving it in her mouth the whole time she got cleaned up sends a surge of lust back through my cock.

“Same time next week?” she asks me pleasantly.

“You still think you and your husband are going to be having problems?” I ask blinking up at her face.

“O hell yes. He mentioned last night going on a golf trip to the golf resorts in Hawaii. Just him. Saves I would be bored to death there with nothing to do while he went to play golf.” She gives me a little peck of a kiss. Then leans down to beside my ear. “Your cum is running down my inner thigh.”

I just sit and shudder till after I hear her go out the door.

Slowly I get up and pull up my pants. I pull my tie down till it’s lose enough to come off. I toss it into my brief case with the files I need to review for tomorrow.

I shut off the lights then stop by the door and just breath in the smell we have left behind us. It’s a deep primal musky smell.

The cleaning crew that comes in at night have even made note of it for the building janitor to check into.

On worn out legs I ride down the elevator to the front lobby. Normally since it’s only two floors I take the stairs, but I feel like I’ve gotten my exercise for the afternoon.

I stumble on the landing as I go through the automatic doors. I head over to my car in it’s reserved parking place.

“Hey Dr Tompson?”

I look over to the building security guard that watches the parking lot.

“Hey George. How’s the wife?” I ask.

He smiles at me. I gave him some free advice one after noon a few weeks back.

“Were doing a lot better. Thank you.”

“My pleasure.” I tell him and start for my car again.

“Dr Tompson your wife dropped this a few minutes ago when she left. I was about to bring it up to your office when I saw you coming down.

I take the small lacy gloves he’s holding out to me.

“I think it fell out her pocket when she got into the car.”

“I’ll tell her you found them. She would have hated to have lost these.”

George smiles at me.

“She sure is a looker. Your one lucky man Doc.”

“Oh don’t put money on that. We have our problems just like every couple.”

“Yea, but doing what you do for a living you know how to fix them right?” he asks grinning.

I nod

“Yea I can usually come up with a way to get us back on the same page. Well goodnight George.”

“Good night Dr Tompson.”

I pull my car out the parking lot slowly. No need to rush. It’s just my bitch of a wife waiting at home.

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