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The Test

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A hired car takes me to the door of the hotel and the driver tells me I’m expected. Upon hearing my name, the desk clerk hands me a key card and an envelope. “Top floor, the door on the left.” He looks down for baggage, and seeing none begins to blush. I smile knowingly and make my way to the room.

The suite is nicely appointed and I wish for more time to explore the luxury. But the envelope beckons. A letter inside tells me to go the bedroom and open the box on the bed. I find a black scarf. I recognize the handwriting as belonging to my Master. I’m excited and nervous as I read on….

Blindfold yourself. Lay face down on the bed, completely naked. Shoulders flat, ass raised.

I begin to undress immediately. There is no room for hesitation. I tie the blindfold securely behind my head, double knotted with the tails tucked in as I’ve been taught. I climb on the bed and rest my shoulders on the cool spread with my head positioned to the left, towards the bedroom door. I remember to open my legs to ensure I am fully exposed.

I lay there on the bed for quite a while. It feels like hours, but I can still feel the warm sunlight on my upturned ass, so it can’t be too late. My legs are beginning to tire and I’m straining to hear any signs from the outer room. I hear voices and then a beep. The electronic lock on the door gives way.

The voices are mixed: some men and some women. I strain to make out the voice of the one who owns me. But the inflections are wrong. The pitches are off. I don’t recognize anyone.

My anxiety increases exponentially. My heart races and I’m fighting to keep my fear hidden. It was HIS handwriting, I repeat in my head.

I know better than to say anything. Unless asked a question or given permission to speak freely, I must remain quiet. But my curiosity and fear are welling up. Who are these people? How many are there? What are their plans? Where are you?

I maintain composure by rationalizing the situation. If they had a key then only you could have given it to them. I’m sure they’ve been informed of my importance to you. But how far have they been instructed to go? What limits have you placed on them, on me? Where are you?

The voices are closer now. The group is in the bedroom with me. I hear a bottle uncorked and realize this is to be a party for them. They start discussing my ass, my mouth, and my large breasts. The curve of my back and the muscles in my legs are evaluated as if I’m being assessed for the Kentucky Derby.

I hear approval in their voices. They are crudely discussing me as if I’m not there.

“That ass will mark nicely.”

“I can smell her pussy already. She likes fear.”

“She knows to keep her legs open. I like ‘em well trained.”

The statements let me know they are in the BDSM community, and that I’m in for a long night. I feel hands on my body. I try to keep track but I can’t tell how many different people are touching me. I try to identify men and women to no avail. I feel a slap on my ass. It’s quick and hard. Not as hard as my owner, but one that says, “We have a purpose, and you’re it.”

I hope you’re here, but I don’t know. I know these can only be people you trust. I am your most valued toy. I am pulled forcefully by my restraints to the edge of the bed. My knees are pushed off, making me stand. I’m pulled back a couple steps and I can feel that someone is circling me.

Body heat is close behind me. I know the person is tall because I can feel breath on my neck coming from above. He must be a very large man. I am afraid, but quiet. I concentrate on my breathing and try to slow my speeding heart.

He leans in and whispers, “I know you prefer Cantaloupe. Please tell me if at any time you would like some.”

Hearing my safeword has put me at ease. One, I can stop this at any time. Two, I know for sure that you have talked to this man. That he understands I belong to you.

The power of my safeword has renewed my spirit. I stand taller, my head back.

He pushes my head down, my chin now resting on my chest. He says quietly, “He told me you were a haughty bitch. Your master knew exactly how you would react. But don’t get carried away. You use that word and you’ll let him down. I’ll have to tell him what a disappointment you were. I know you don’t want that.” He walks around and presses himself into me, flattening my breasts against his strong chest.

“He said you were progressing nicely in your training and I offered to perform your first exam.” He grabs my hair and pulls my ear to his mouth. “Do you want to fail him?”

“No, sir.” My voice is weak and belays my fear. I don’t know if I can handle this. Master, where are you?

My thoughts are interrupted by the abrupt withdrawal of the large man’s body. I feel cold and exposed, my nipples hardening in the sensed coolness. I feel a small hand, the palm soft on my waist. It runs over my stomach and up between my breasts. My nipples are pinched roughly as I feel warm lips on mine. A wet, soft tongue presses against my mouth and I allow it entrance. The style of the kiss makes me think it is a woman and I know I’m right as I feel breasts press against me. My nipples harden further and I feel a fingers moving insistently to my hot pussy. She spreads my outer lips and pulls a finger from the opening to my clit, distributing my wetness. “Mmm. Nice and wet. I like you already. Do you like me?”

A wet finger is pressed into my mouth. At first I think I taste myself but it is clearly different. A salty musk that is not unpleasant. “Yes, ma’am. I like you.”

“Good. You’ll be getting a lot more of me later.”

I feel her move away from me and I’m left alone for a while. My imagination is running wild and I wonder what or who could possibly be next. I feel a hand on my shoulder, forcing me to my knees. I bow my head immediately assuming a submissive position.

“What do you want, Bitch?” It’s the man from before. This is an easy test. My training began with me recognizing I had no wants, except for one….

“To please my Master.”

“What about your pleasure?”

“His pleasure is my pleasure.”

“Turn to your left, about 10 o’clock and crawl forward until I tell you to stop.”

I head in that direction slowly with what I hope is feline grace. I’m not accustomed to crawling. I’ve always thought it beneath me. He must’ve sensed my hesitation.

I feel the slap of a crop on my back. I drop to my elbows as the sharp pain is reflected as a bright light behind my closed lids.

“You think you’re too good to crawl? Do you forget so easily what you are? You are property. Nothing more.” Another quick snap and the crop meets flesh again. This time, I’m prepared and stay on all fours.

“I’m sorry, Sir. It won’t happen again.” I crawl faster toward the 10 in my head.

“Stop now. Roll over on your back and be sure to expose yourself to our lovely guests.”

I lay on my back in what I believe is the living room of the suite. Voices are all around me. I can hear glasses clinking and random pieces of conversation. I raise my knees to my chest and let my legs fall open. Making sure my tight ass is also visible.

“Touch yourself, slut. Show us all how you cum. Make it good, too. It might be the only one you have tonight.”

Feet planted far apart on the soft carpet, my pussy is open and wet. A feeling of embarrassment comes and goes. I must do this. My pussy is warm and dripping and I hope you are here to see it. My nipples are hard and I roll them between my fingers. I push my chin into my chest and pull my large breasts up to suck and bite on my nipples. My hands travel my body slowly. I’m drawing it out. The thought of a room full of people watching me is turning me on.

My hands gravitate toward my pussy and the first touch of my clit brings a moan. My clit is already starting to swell, the fat lips of my pussy no longer able to conceal it. I’m so hot and ready. I want them to enjoy the show, but I’m so excited, I don’t think I can last much longer. I insert two fingers into my wet pussy and fuck myself powerfully.

My juice is dripping down the crack of my ass, giving me ideas. I insert one coated finger into my ass and work it in. The other slick finger soon joins it. My pussy is jealous and my thumb finds its way to my drenched opening. My hands are producing more pleasure than I can stand. I cum loudly and continue stroking myself unhurriedly as my breathing returns to normal. Applause brings my attention back to the room.

“Nicely done,” said my examiner.

“Thank you, Sir.”

“I want you back on all fours.”

I get into position and wonder what the liquid moving down my inner thighs looks like. The visual image is ripped from my conscience as I feel the paddle. It feels like stiff leather with studs. I yell loudly.

“That’s right. Let me know when it hurts.”

Three more quick blows to my ass. The last makes me scream and flex my hands into tight fists. The next blow is a repeat of the last one. My scream becomes louder as another blow like the one before it lands on my now sensitive ass. Staying in position is difficult and my whole body is tense. My muscles are taut and straining.

I stop counting when I get to 18, and try to relax into the now constant sting. I concentrate on the heat that resonates from my ass when the blows slow down, and become harder. I bite my lip, trying to fight back the tears, but they spill over anyway.

“That’s enough.” It’s you. You’ve been here all along. I am proud of my ability to take the paddling without crumbling, but the fact that you saw my resilience makes me happy beyond words. I rest myself on my elbows as I feel a hand on my ass. The touch brings a painful tingle to my skin.

“Hello again, pet. It’s time we get better acquainted.” I recognize the voice as the woman that kissed me. She inserts her fingers into my sex and remarks on my wetness.

I can hear her sucking my juices from her hand.

I feel her presence on the floor in front of me as I recognize the smell of her pussy from my earlier taste. “Come here and lick me, little one.” I plant my face in her fragrant lips and lick for all I’m worth. I nibble and suck on her clit until she writhes below me. I extend my tongue and firmly insert it into her. Fucking her with my mouth while my fingers stroke her clit. I feel hands on my shoulders and she’s pulling me up to kiss her.

Our tongues share the juice from her pussy and I moan when she reaches down to touch me. Her hard nipples are pressing into me and I must lick them. I can taste perfumed lotion and I lick and suck more slowly. Savoring the taste of her skin. She puts her hands on my waist and turns my body. I take the hint and put my pussy above her face. She uses long broad strokes on me while I lick her clit and finger her shaved pussy.

I’m finding it hard to concentrate on pleasing her while she is driving me crazy with her mouth. But I manage somehow. I feel something pushing against my ass and I assume it’s her finger. But as it enters me, I realize it’s larger than any finger. I think it’s a butt plug or dildo until I feel its warmth. Soon I feel warm skin against my ass. The woman below me slides down to give the dick inside me more room.

It’s not my owner; I’d know his dick anywhere. I stop caring about the identity of the man because she’s licking my clit and fingering my pussy and now my ass is being thoroughly fucked. I raise my head and moan in earnest. I don’t think I’m supposed to enjoy being used, but this feels too good to feel guilty.

Another dick presses against my mouth and I open to let it in. Hands tangle in my hair as he pushes himself down my throat. He pulls out slowly and I lick at the head of another dick I can’t identify.

My clit is being expertly licked and I’d love to repay the favor but the dick in my mouth is taking precedence. Her legs are open wide allowing the man fucking my mouth to stand in front of me. I can smell her pussy and begin to stroke it. Her moans against my clit are sending me over the top. I moan around the hard dick I’m sucking and it drives him on.

The dick in my ass increases its pace and I think I’m going to cum soon. My moans must be giving me away, because soon I hear Master say…

“Not yet.” I mentally pull myself back from the edge. I practice the breathing techniques my owner has taught me and I ride the wave of pure bliss that exists just below orgasm. I tingle all over and the dick in my mouth has become the focus of all my energy. I lower myself to the base over and over until he pulls out and cums on my face.

I lick my lips as he backs away leaving me room to lick the woman who is licking me. I wipe the cum from my face onto her already wet pussy and lick it all. The salty mixture is intoxicating. A hard slap on my ass causes my backside to wiggle with the sting. The delightful torture must be mutual because he slaps my ass again. The dick in my ass is threatening to send me over the edge.

“Now.” The one word from you and I fall into the abyss. My pussy and ass are convulsing with spasms causing the man behind me to explode deep within my bowels. The added lubrication lets him slide in and out easily and my orgasm continues. My moans are muffled by the mouthful of pussy.

She’s released my pussy and is now trembling below me. I shake my head back and forth adding movement to my already vibrating tongue on her clit. Her orgasm is next and she pulls my face into her. I collapse on top of her, licking softly to clean her. She and I lay there, tired, in a puddle of cum and sweat.

After a while, I hear people leaving and I move to let her up. The paddling and the sex have me exhausted and I lower myself back to the carpet for more rest. I hear the last guest leave and wonder if you’ve left me here alone.

I feel you place my collar on my neck and I know you are pleased with me. Nothing else matters. You walk to a chair and I crawl happily behind you. I rest my body against the leg and put my head in your lap. A cool cloth bathes my face and neck as you stroke my hair. “You did very well tonight.”

“Thank you, Sir.” I’m almost purring with delight.

“Rest, slave. There’s still tomorrow.”

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