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The Riding Academy

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Bobby Garfield was taking a walk around the property he had inherited from his grandmother. It was an old farm with a large stone farmhouse, a large wooden barn with stables underneath. It had been almost completely restored, but as a computer consultant, he had little time for country living.

He kind of liked living in the big city and the variety of women it offered. He had trouble envisioning running a computer consulting business, an hour and a half away from Philadelphia, or trying to find suitable dates and excitement here in the country. The decision to put the farm up for sale was an easy one.

Bobby’s parents had died several years ago in an auto accident and he was the only survivor when Grandma died recently from a stroke. She was a robust seventy-nine and had outlived Grandpa by about fifteen years.

A tear came to his eye thinking about her, and how she had lovingly cared for Gramps during his long illness when Bobby was a teenager. His grandfather always liked to kid about “robbing the cradle”, whenever the subject of their age difference came up at family gatherings.

Gramp’s first wife had died many years ago, before Bobby was born, and he had remarried a much younger and very beautiful woman. In truth they had both adored each other and Grandma was a wonderful grandmother to Bobby.

He would miss the old farm and the sentiments attached to it, but it just didn’t fit in with his current lifestyle. Besides, he could really use the additional capital to get his consulting business to the next level.

As Bobby stood on the vast front porch of the stone farmhouse, a silver BMW pulled into his driveway. Bobby had received a call earlier from his cousin about a young lady that was interested in seeing the farm.

Since he planned on being there to take inventory anyway, he told Jimmy to send her over for a quick tour. Bobby watched as the Beemer came to a stop and the door opened.

His eyes grew wide when two of the longest legs he’d ever seen came out of the driver’s door followed by a five-foot nine raven-haired young woman. She was wearing a yellow sundress that accented the thick, black hair framing her face. Removing her stylish sunglasses, she smiled and waved to Bobby.

Bobby started to descend the porch steps and meet the shapely brunette coming to meet him.

“Hi, you must be Mister Garfield,” she said as she extended her hand. “Jimmy said you wouldn’t mind showing me around, my name’s Teresa.”

(“not mind showing her around”) Bobby thought was the understatement of the year.

“Please, call me Bobby. No, I don’t mind at all.” Bobby replied as he shook her firm hand.

His eyes lingered a moment on the front of her sundress, which seemed to be straining the cloth covering her ample bosom. Teresa smiled to herself and looked up at the porch of the farmhouse.

“Oh I love these old porches, just to sit out here with a cool drink on a hot summer day,” she said cheerfully. She ascended the steps and Bobby followed and watched her well-muscled calves as she quickly walked up the three steps. “Do you mind if I go inside?’ she inquired.

“Not at all. Just go wherever you like and I’ll try to answer any questions you have.” Bobby offered.

Over the next twenty minutes, Teresa was thrilled with the quality and upkeep that his grandparents had bestowed on the hundred year-old farmhouse. They had a modern kitchen and bath installed, and several of bedrooms and living area had all been beautifully re-done.

During the tour, she told Bobby that she had recently inherited a substantial sum of money. Since her childhood she had been an avid rider, and she wanted to use the money to open a mini-riding academy. The two hundred-acre farm with the barn and stables attached would be the perfect location.

She had already given notice to the law firm that she was quitting her job as a legal secretary. She had her fill of those old shysters and all their sexual innuendo. With her Aunt Sandy’s inheritance, she could do something that she loved. Teach kids how to ride and care for a horse.

“Now, I’ve got to see your barn and the stables,” Teresa announced dramatically.

Bobby smiled at her contagious enthusiasm and showed her the way. Teresa took notice of the muscular physique that Bobby possessed and didn’t know how that came from being a computer nerd.

His blonde hair just touched the collar at the back of his sport shirt. She also smiled to herself as she watched his cute butt as he moved gracefully towards the barn. She thought he must have been a dancer at one time, or maybe an expert in the martial arts.

As Bobby stopped at the door to the barn, she got her answer. Looking at the muscular forearm as he reached for the door, she got a good look at the small scars and calluses on the knuckles of his right hand. She had previously dated a Karate instructor and knew the telltale signs of the art, as well as a city cop knows the track marks of a junkie.

“Bobby, do you mind if I ask you if you study Karate?” she asked him.

“As a matter of fact, I still teach it two nights a week. Our style is called shotokan, originally from Okinawa. Also used to compete years ago, but my business has me traveling too much for that anymore.” Bobby informed her.

Teresa just smiled at herself for solving that little puzzle.

After looking around the main barn, Bobby took her to the lower level where the stables were kept. Teresa was practically bubbling with her ideas for converting the place into a riding academy.

As she inspected all the stalls for the horses she saw another wooden door located in the corner of the stable area.

“Where does that door lead to?” Teresa asked.

“Well, that was Gramp’s tack room and uhh– his little workshop.” Bobby replied with some hesitation.

The tone in his voice only piqued Teresa’s interest even more. Bounding over to the corner. she tried the handle and door opened. Stepping inside, she was delighted as her senses were bathed by the natural sunlight streaming in from several small windows at eye level.

The sweet swell of leather and old wood wafted through the room causing her to wrinkle her nose at the pleasant aroma. Bobby’s grandfather had used this area to repair saddles, old harnesses, leather belts, and the like.

Teresa gazed at an assortment of other things she didn’t recognize hanging on a large neat pegboard. There was also a some heavy overhead beams crossing the room at a fairly low height.

Teresa walked around the room in awe and while looking at the beams, she stubbed the toe of her shoe on a metal ring fastened to the floor.

“Did you hurt yourself?” Bobby quickly inquired.

“Oh no, just not watching where I’m going. What on earth did your Grandfather do with these rings?” Teresa asked, as she noticed that another ring sat four feet from the first one.

Bobby was a little slow in answering, “Well , Uh, Gramps said he used his workshop to keep both of his wives in line.” Bobby made the statement and left it hang there for a few seconds.

“You see, my grandparents lived kind of a different lifestyle than most people. In their relationship, Gramps was a dominant husband and both his wives were submissive. And he lovingly disciplined them for any infractions to his rules.”

Teresa’s eyes grew wide as saucers at Bobby’s explanation. She had experimented with some light spanking with one of her former boyfriends, but he didn’t share her enthusiasm and balked when she asked for harsher treatment.

Within seconds Teresa’s eyes returned to all the strange looking objects hanging on the pegboard. Bobby watched her intently as she walked over to the board and picked out some of the leather cuffs hanging on display.

“Would you show me how they used these?” she stammered with her breathing quickening slightly.

“Are you sure you want to see how they used them?” he asked as his own heartbeat quickened.

The beautiful brunette stood before him with her arms extended and made only a slight nod as her eyes were locked onto Bobby. Bobby slowly felt the corners of his mouth turn up into a half smile as took the restraints from her.

Teresa held out her hands towards Bobby with a determined look on her face. Bobby smiled to himself as he picked up four supple leather cuffs.

He had shared his grandparents and parents love of the dominant/submissive relationships between a man and a woman. Walking towards the raven-haired beauty, he remembered how his father had shown him the dominant’s roles and responsibilities in a loving relationship. – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

(At fourteen he had been embarrassed initially to see his loving mother receive punishment for breaking one of Dad’s rules. She spoke very openly to her teenage son to explain the deep love and admiration that she had for her husband, and that this training he was receiving was important to his future happiness.

She knew that the Garfield men for several generations on record had lived in this lifestyle, and all had very happy marriages. Before her punishment, she told Bobby not to be embarrassed by seeing her body without clothes. It was the way she had to be disciplined.

Bobby’s parents had tried to cultivate openness about sexuality and the human body in their son almost from birth. He had seen Mom numerous times growing up totally nude. There was never anything remotely sexual about it, but rather just a part of everyday life in the Garfield household.

That day many years back, Dad had walked into the basement where both Bobby and Mom waited for him. Dad motioned for Bobby to sit on the stool by his workbench and watch quietly. With just a look from his Dad, Mom started to unbutton her blouse.

She never hesitated and quickly removed her blouse and bra. Bobby felt a slight twinge when Mom unashamedly bared her large breasts and then slipped her jeans down over her hips. Bobby knew from all his friends’ comments that Mom was indeed a great looking woman. He never thought too much about it. Since he lusted after several of his buddies’ mom’s along with most of their sisters, fair was fair.

When his mother started to slip her panties down her firm legs, Bobby couldn’t take his eyes off his beautiful mother. She had shoulder length sandy blonde hair, blue eyes and soft freckles on her nose and cheeks.

As Bobby’s Dad approached her she lowered her gaze and stood erect with her hands at her sides. His Dad slipped a simple rope loop around both her wrists and pulled her hands overhead by means of a rafter hook. Kneeling down, he placed a simple spreader bar between her ankles. The bar was cut out to fit Mom’s ankles and secured them with a leather strap.

Bobby’s throat had become a desert, watching his Mom submit to his Dad without complaint. Allowing his gaze to move over his mother, he couldn’t take his eyes away from her lush blonde curls at the top of her spread legs.

Dad lifted her head and told her the rule she had broken. Her punishment for the infraction would only be forty lashes, if she received them without crying out. When Dad selected a leather flogger from his workbench, Bobby started to squirm from the discomfort he was feeling in his now too-tight jeans.

Looking at mom, she was now breathing erratically causing her large titties to rise and fall with each ragged breath. With little warning Dad brought the multi tipped flogger down across her shapely ass. Mom’s arms and legs tensed from the blow, but she didn’t cry out.

Dad started to rake her whole back, legs and ass cheeks with several rapid-fire blows. His mom’s eyes were closed as she breathed instinctively before each blow landed. After striping her ass with twenty blows, Dad stopped and told Bobby to come closer.

Bobby walked over to his nude mother with a throbbing hard-on and couldn’t make eye contact with her. She smiled at his condition and reassured him that he was a normal Garfield man. Bobby was shocked when his Dad handed a smaller flogger than the one he had used, and told him that the last twenty strokes would come from him.

Bobby didn’t want to whip his Mom, but he didn’t want to disobey Dad either. Mom again reassured him, that this was important to his training. And he should do as Dad instructed, or she would get another twenty on top of the promised forty she deserved.

When Bobby’s Dad moved him around to mom’s front, he felt the sweat running down his hands onto the leather handle of the flogger. Dad then ordered Mom to arch her back making her soft belly and tits a better target.

With much trepidation, Bobby tentatively lashed the fine tipped leather strands across Mom’s belly. She flinched slightly and arched her back again. When Dad told him to pick up the intensity, he swung harder and left the whip ends strike Mom’s large breasts. She almost cried out when the thirty little strands bit into her soft nipples and full breasts.

Bobby continued to move the little flogger up and down his mom’s front on every stroke. After landing five straight blows on her beautiful blonde pussy, Mom gasped and seemed to be having some type of convulsion. Dad told him to give her five more quick blows to her cunt and his Mom had another bigger convulsion than before.

Bobby handed the flogger back to his Dad and helped to hold Mom upright as Dad undid her binds. Bobby and Dad both helped to hold her and Dad dried her tears.

Bobby wasn’t sure if had really hurt her, but after a minute of holding his mother in his arms, she regained some composure and kissed her son and told him that she loved him.) – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

As he proceeded to attach the leather cuffs to Teresa’s wrists, he noticed that goose bumps had risen up on the downy hair of her arms. While attaching the cuffs, the silky touch of her skin was causing an erection to form in his tight jeans.

Teresa could feel her own heart beat in her eardrums as this muscular man was attaching her wrists into the cuffs. When he pulled them tight, he then retrieved a length of rope from a cabinet and looped the rope through small metal rings on the backside of her cuffs.

Throwing the rope over the beam, he pulled both arms skyward and stretched her almost to her tiptoes. Tying the end of the rope to a post, Bobby walked over the Teresa to inspect his captive.

“What about my ankles?” Teresa asked with her eyes wide open.

Bobby smiled a little broader and walked back to pegboard. The cuffs he selected were a little wider than the ones on her wrists. Returning to her, he knelt in back of her and slipped off the shoes she was wearing.

Being a warm spring day, Teresa had not worn any stockings, and her calves absolutely tingled as his hands touched them lightly as he wrapped the leather around her ankles. Another length of rope was looped through the right ankle cuff and then to the iron ring in the floor.

By looping the rope across to the other heavy ring, he continued attaching the left ankle and the rope was brought back to the left side iron ring.

With her arms suspended above her head, Teresa closed her eyes and tried to steady her breathing as she felt Bobby pull the lower rope tighter which spread her legs almost two feet part apart. She felt the skin on her abdomen, thighs, and breasts tightening from the stretched position she was now in.

“Is this what you had in mind?” Bobby whispered into her ear.

Teresa could only nod her head. Her throat and mouth were too dry to talk. However it seemed as if all of her moisture was currently soaking the cotton panties she had on under her thin summer dress.

She looked back at the handsome man as his fingers unzipped the back to her dress. Her bound arms and legs prevented it from being removed any further.

Bobby slowly slid his hands down the trembling woman’s ribs and rested them on the swell of her hips. He heard her gasp when he slowly lowered the top of panties down over her hips.

He softly cupped her bare ass cheeks and squeezed them feeling the firm muscles she possessed. Her all-over tan beautifully complimented the long black hair hanging down her back. Moving the hair to one side, he lightly kissed her neck and felt her shiver.

Teresa watched as Bobby stepped over to the wall and opened a beautiful oak cabinet. She saw him pick up some type of device from within the darkened cabinet. Her breath caught in her throat in mid-exhale when she saw the little flogger he now had in his hand.

Walking up to her, he left the short leather whip hang at his side. Teresa kept her eyes focused on the liquid blue color of Bobby’s eyes. She shivered as he approached her.

“My dear, it seems that your beautiful summer dress will have to go,” he said smoothly.

As Teresa was thinking how he might have to untie her to do so, Bobby pulled a lock-knife from his jeans pocket. Before she could protest, he quickly sliced the dress at several locations and the cotton dress crumpled at her feet.

She tensed when the cool blade slid up her tanned belly and slipped under her the center of her bra. With three quick outward cuts, her firm tanned breasts were exposed to his view and soon to his touch. Only her partially lowered panties remained.

Once again the sharp blade found its way under the thin fabric and sliced them away. Teresa watched Bobby as he folded the knife and came up close to her nude bound body. The wetness between her legs was now starting to trickle down her thighs. She longed for the strong, callused hands to touch her.

Bobby saw the deep yearning now evident in his “captive.” He remembered the same look on his mother’s face, when Dad had instructed him in the fine art of bondage years ago. He flicked the flogger gently over her left shoulder and left it rest there.

Reaching in back, he retrieved the thick black hair from her back and pulled it over her other shoulder. Laying it carefully down her front, the rich tresses covered her one large breast entirely, Without saying a word he walked around back and slowly pulled the flogger from her shoulder where it lay.

Her shapely ass curved outwardly from her lower back in two large mounds of tan flesh. His hands once again kneaded the round cheeks, and he left his strong fingers dig into the yielding flesh. Teresa moaned softly from the sudden touch of his hands.

The hands left her as quickly as they had appeared. Stepping back quickly, Bobby brought the flogger down sharply across both cheeks. The sudden sting caused her to yelp and pull tightly on her ropes. She tensed for a few seconds more, waiting for another blow.

As she finally relaxed the leather strands once again found their mark with more force. Biting her lip, Teresa was determined not to cry out and breathed deeply as more blows found her legs and back. After several more blows across her firm ass, she felt the heat starting to radiate from her inflamed nerve endings throughout her whole body.

Bobby smiled to himself at the initial toughness she had displayed so far. Several reddened stripes crisscrossed her back, legs and ass cheeks. Stopping to touch them with his hand, he felt the heat emanating from her skin.

When he wrapped his arm around her stomach, she left her head roll back and the thick black hair spilled onto his other arm. His hand rubbed her taut belly and moved up to her hardened nipples. Rolling her nipple in his fingers, he felt it elongating from his touch.

When she looked back into his eyes, his mouth clamped onto her open lips and probed deeply with his tongue. She met his hungry lips with resistance and offered her tongue in return. After a dizzying short time, he pulled back and kissed her neck with wet kisses.

Teresa longed for more of the kisses that had felt as if they devouring her soul along with her body. The next touch from the handsome man were his hands caressing her hot ass cheeks. She almost willed the hands to travel lower, but to no avail.

Instead the callused palms struck her right ass cheek with terrific force. The fire spreading through her body was like 10,000 volts of electricity as more blows landed on her than she could count. Again the hands stopped to feel the heat of her skin. His palms felt like hot frying pans on her skin.

Bobby stepped close to her and moved his hands down the crack of her ass. His strong fingers moved between her legs and were greeted by a river of her dew seeping from her shaved cunt. Without hesitating, he slipped his two middle fingers into her spread pussy. The gasp coming from her was louder than any other previously.

Withdrawing his wet fingers, he rubbed her swollen bud and felt that she was very close. Before she could come, he pulled back and applied more of her moisture to his finger tips.

Moving to her he kissed her neck and traced the wet fingers across her lips. She licked and tasted her own wet desire from his fingers. As he continued to plant kisses down her neck, his strong fingers squeezed her breasts and pulled her swollen nipples roughly. She winced at the pleasure-pain racking her bound body.

Trying to turn to her tormentor, she twisted her head in search of him. Bobby backed away as she started to kiss him. He raked his fingernails down her taut ribs, and she moaned deeply.

When his hands once again stopped on the swell of her hips, he ground his loins against her ass. He quickly unzipped his jeans and stepped out of them. His cock was erect and almost as thick as her wrist.

He rubbed the head of his cock down the crack of her ass and felt the dampness leaking down her thighs. Teresa had closed her eyes and was swaying at the feel of the hot, fleshy tool touching her. She involuntarily tried to spread her legs even farther than the rings holding her ankles would allow.

Bobby felt the heat and wetness against his cock and slipped it between her legs. When the thick head touched her entrance, she looked back at him longingly. Without hesitation, he eased his thick cock into her slippery cunt. She gasped and arched her back against him.

As Bobby started to slowly pull his cock out of her and then jam it back in with more force, Teresa’s cunt opened even wider allowing him to penetrate her deeply. It wasn’t long before the beautiful woman was moaning and urging him to fuck her harder. Bobby used his powerful thighs and back to drive his cock into her savagely.

In less than a minute, Teresa’s body was wracked with several orgasms in quick succession. It was as if she couldn’t control the intense pleasure overtaking her body, and she continued to come again and again.

The strong contractions milking his cock caused Bobby to have a dizzying orgasm himself shortly thereafter. As they both continued to stand in their embrace, Bobby’s legs felt like jelly and he withdrew himself from her. Teresa missed the thickness inside her, but knew he would be there again soon as he kissed her lovingly and undid her binds.

As she almost collapsed into his arms, he gently held her and helped her sit down on a nearby chair. Kneeling at her feet, he kissed them both and knew that he would be keeping the farm for his new bride.

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