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V Is for Verna

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Chapter 1

The secluded hilltop villa overlooking the Roman port of Ostia was almost silent except for the sound of Casio’s soft leather whip striking the pliant ass cheeks of a newly acquired slave girl. The cause of the unscheduled punishment was that she had inadvertently backwashed some of his cum onto his bush instead of holding it in her mouth until she was told to swallow.

And though she nervously attempted to lap the sperm off her new master’s bush before he could notice her mistake, he had already grabbed the whip resting along side his opulent couch and struck her firmly across her beautiful ass as she knelt, causing her to forget the rule of silence and cry aloud.

“You are to always have every drop of my cum in your mouth with a few moments after my climax unless told differently, do you understand?”

“Yes, my master. Please forgive me”, she said meekly in Latin with a slight Spanish accent

“Even if I discharge my load on your belly or tits, on your lovely ass or pussy or even on the ground , you are to gather up my release and place it in your mouth as quickly as possible. Do you understand? If I think you are not quick enough, this will be your punishment and worse.”

The newly acquired slave girl endured the light flogging with considerable grace, never breaking her position in front of the now- standing Casio who realized her novice rank within his vast holdings of women slaves and stopped before really bruising her radiant skin any more than necessary. Once she realized the punishment had really ceased, the lightly sobbing twenty year old quickly returned to the standard presentation position used at the Casio villa by all kneeling submissives: Her hands were placed under her breasts in a cupping manner, nipples exposed, and her lips pursed as if ready to gently give a soft kiss, as she did when her new master came in front of her and placed his softening cock close enough for her to kiss the crown of it several times in a show of her subservience to him or any other master he so chose to give or sell her to in the future

After he made his demands known and punished her a bit, Casio wasn’t interested in her ministrations any more and rang for Verna to come into the room and lead the newbie out by a long leash that Verna attached to the exhausted slave’s pert nipples. Casio ordered Verna to go to his office area on the other side of the vast villa after she secured her beautiful charge to her bed in the novice slaves’ sleeping quarters located next to the chariot stables across the courtyard patio with its exquisite marble floors and statuary. Verna was a trusted administrator of Casio’s numerous slave holdings in Rome and in the provinces ofthe Empire that stretched from the northern coasts of Britannia, Gaul and Scandia to the Moorish deserts and Egyptian pyramids in the south, extending eastward to the Middle East, the Turkish and Armenian borders and beyond .

Casio was one of the wealthiest men in the Empire, with incredible villas in Rome, Capri and Ostia, the main seaport for his slave trade. He became a man of power and wealth by specializing only in female slaves of great beauty, talent and charm who were designated as vernas, females who were the offspring of other female slaves born within the Empire over several generations. Unlike newly captured or kidnapped females, these slaves grew up in a Roman house hold. They were regular servants in the fields or vineyards or kitchens and, because of their potential as pleasure slaves, a number of the more attractive generational female slaves were given some sexual training at the age of seventeen or older. These hand-chosen young beauties were put on track to be groomed into the rewarding Roman world of pleasure slaves to the emperor, his debauched court, as well as generals, tribunes and the wealthy throughout the Roman Empire. Once chosen by a provincial committee near their family’s household, these incredible beauties, upon agreement from the verna herself or her family elders, went into training in her province to prepare for the annual Verna Pageant held in a small amphitheater in Rome next to the Coliseum on midsummer evening. It was an honor to participate, and the reward of being chosen to do so usually freed the female slave and sometimes her entire family from servitude and placed them in Roman society as citizens sans slavery. The Pageant was not unlike our modern beauty contests except for the blatant emphasis on the sexual prowess of the slave woman on display at the event that had a limited audience of elite society and visiting dignitaries from the far corners of the Roman Empire in the time of Tiberius. All of the women carried the name of Verna to designate their rank. If a household or property had more than one or two second or third generation vernas, their first name was used to separate one from the other, and the first name almost always beginning with a V.

Chapter 2

On the Roman galley ships docked at the port of Ostia below Casio’s villa were two dozen vernas waiting to disembark, one ship with a bevy of a dozen beautiful females from the northern provinces, mostly fair-skinned blondes and brunnets and a redhead or two. The other arriving boat held excited contestants from the east, from Egypt, the lands south of it like Turkey and the provinces of Greece, Syria and Lebanon. Most of these lovelies were smaller, darker beauties with black hair and of more exotic sexual traditions than say, the taller women from the barbaric lands of Gaul or Britannia. One thing they all already shared, however, was a small tattooed V at the hairline in the back of their sensuous necks . Any Roman who was aware of its meaning upon lifting the long hair the slave’s back would know her as a verna, a status much higher than the typical Roman slave girl, as beautiful as a common slave girl may be. The verna ranking protected the slave girl from a random rape or an abuse unless permission was given by her master’s household. Indeed, once a verna was designated as Pageant quality, she was treated with great respect because a win by her would elevate the household, indeed the province, and gave officials a great sense of local pride. Some winners returned to their homeland after spending the proscribed two year contract to be enslaved in Rome by her temporary master who wins her services by a lottery run by the Emperor himself, if he chooses not the own her services exclusively. The lottery is very expensive to participate in and only the wealthiest men or couples attempt to win completely the sole submissive services of the Verna Midsummer Pageant winner. Many times, a betting pool was formed and if the lottery was won by the participants, they doled out the time share of the Pageant slave according to the money each invested.

The women who are generational slave girls and who are not selected into the top two runners up usually return to their local towns and are quickly auctioned or married off to some local official or businessman, usually finding themselves in a much better social position in their province due to having been chosen to try for the event in Rome. Sometimes, a benevolent governor would free her and her entire bloodline because of the honor she had brought to his province. The women who are runner ups usually were auctioned off at a private sale for a one year enslavement in Rome. The bidding was fierce and usually the second and third place vernas fetched the highest pleasure slave prices in the Empire.

To become a contestant was almost every attractive vernas’ dream though only one was chosen to represent the entire Roman province each year. Once chosen, the training period in Rome was intense. Many of these stunning lovelies had led sheltered lives, maybe some were just recently introduced into sex by a master or his teenage son. Rarely did she have any experience in pleasuring another woman, much less participating in an orgy of any size that the Romans were famous for. She would have to be trained in the subtleties of worshipping cock, perhaps two or three at a time, or kissing and tonguing Roman ladies of the Imperial Court, women jaded and demanding of sexual perfection. The Pageant contestants on the docking galley ship would soon know how difficult their training under the whip and the dildo would become once locked behind the gates of Casio’s compound.

Chapter 3

Verna waited a long time on her knees in the corner of Casio’s office, as she had done many times in the past ten years She herself had won the Midsummer Verna Pageant a decade ago and Casio could not bear to give her up once he had trained the gorgeous Syrian to such sexual perfection that the Emperor himself almost demanded the slave trader Casio relinquish her to him or face exile. Finally, Tiberius’ wife saw the risk of having such a goddess too intimate with her husband and demanded that he not have her as part of his concubine property. Casio negotiated with Tiberius to have the elegant woman secretly delivered to Tiberius’ summer villa in Capri when the Empress wasn’t in residence in exchange for sole rights to options on all verna slave girls in the Empire. Tiberius agreed and enjoyed Casio’s Verna on every occasion possible. Eventually, newer, younger and more perversely trained females caught the Emperor’s fancy and Casio kept his prize beauty solely for himself though he rarely used her sexually anymore, preferring exclusively nubile black women slaves from the Africa’s as sexual diversions as he became more jaded. Sometimes he would call Verna in to prepare him and his ebony beauties with her tongue and fingers, but rarely did he penetrate her pussy or ass anymore, thinking of her as more a platonic business associate than a plaything.

When Casio arrived in the office carrying various scrolls under both arms, he scarcely acknowledged the kneeling woman’s presence until minutes later, though any other man would have gazed down upon the forty year old beauty in her breast-holding, knees – apart position and become hopelessly erect with the thought of just touching her long-stemmed nipples or kissing her pouting lips.

“Have the galley ships been unloaded yet? Are the contestants being cleansed and groomed at our holding area on the pier? When will they be brought up here to the villa to begin their training?”

Casio was impatient for answers. Verna knelt nervously and told her master that both ships were docked but behind schedule. The incoming slave girls were still shackled to their oars and not washed and groomed and in need of an extra period of time for the servants to bathe and groom each woman to the standards that Casio was used to having upon arrival at the Villa’s gates.

“Is Geius still insisting that the vernas come into the harbor at the oars? I told him to stop this foolish display and have the male galley slaves continue their rowing as usual and save the precious time that we need here for training the contestants!”

Verna was miffed. He knew that his partner Geius loved theater as much as any Roman. He loved to have the spectators who were waiting at the docks believe that he would really use these naked lovelies to row, subjecting them to the whip if they weren’t up to par when, in fact, each woman was pampered aboard ship with attendant slaves of their own in waiting to groom and spoil them in every way possible. Yet, the Romans who gathered every June on the piers to catch a first glimpse at this season’s bevy of female vernas always demanded that the women disembark with sweat dripping from their bare breasts and their necks chained , wearing a copper sign across their pert busts stating their name and province of origin. Geius never disappointed them, even though he knew that Casio would give him a lecture about time and money. For this reason Geius was well thought of while Casio was portrayed as a cold and even a homosexual prig on the streets of Rome. Geius understood the need of the average Roman for circus while his partner only despised the hordes of voyeurs at the dock as rabble.

After Verna was dismissed, Casio decided to take a chariot to the docks down below the cliffs of his villa and meet up with his partner and give him a piece of his mind. He arrived just in time to see Geius, in all his armor and regalia step up to the bow to address to crowd milling around on the pier :

“Gentleman and dear ladies of Rome, I have with me this year’s

Midsummer Verna Pageant contestants awaiting your approval.

However, this season’s females will be marched on display in a different fashion than from past years. I’ve decided to have each verna disembark in full flowing white dresses, with only their lovely breasts and full asses exposed for your approval but nothing else. Each slave’s face will be covered up to the eyes, as we sometimes see in the barbaric lands of the desert areas. If you pay to come to the Julius Amphitheater in ten days on midsummer, you will experience thrills and lusty desires beyond belief! Until then, I give you this years tits and asses, beginning with the most petite of beauties to the most buxom. Enjoy!”

Half the crowd booed while the other half cheered. Seeing just the exposed privates (excluding the hidden pussy) seemed more perverse to some of the men the and couples than witnessing the same nudity that they could see at any bath or bordello or in their own household after they put their children to bed. Casio was surprised and pleasantly shocked. His old partner had learned how to sell the sizzle rather than the whole piece of meat! He smiled to himself: “When this gets to Rome, more admission tickets will be sold than ever before! Perhaps I should arrange for a bigger venue this year.”

He was a happy man.

Chapter 4

All twenty-four beauties knelt silently on the cobblestone road at the foot of the massive iron gate that surrounded the villa. Geius had lined them up in two rows of twelve. Each one wore the same skimpy loincloth tucked in at the front while the slave girl’s ass crack was the only partly covered in the rear. They were topless and their hair groomed in the Roman beehive style of the day, exposing the tattooed V inked at the hairline of their graceful necks. On the left side of the closed gate were the beauties from the northern and western sectors of the Empire. On the right, the eastern and southern entries nervously knelt, their hands cupping the undersides of their offered breasts and their eyes staring down at their pierced navels, each with a ring holding a brass tag stating her V name and province of origin. A light wind was blowing around them when they heard two Nubian slaves push open the gates leading into the inner road of the villa. The men were massive and almost nude except for sandals and a narrow g string that hardly held in their members. Suddenly, they heard a chariot and several wagons coming towards them. On a silver-plated chariot was Casio and his Verna, both fully dressed and carrying short multi-tong whips. When they dismounted, everything was silent again except for the wind in the kneeling slaves’ hair.

“Hail Casio!”, Geius shouted as Casio walked towards his partner. Verna remained next to the chariot with the driver.

“Hail, Geius!”

They embraced for moment then both walked toward the two lines of nervous females kneeling as perfectly upright and still as possible as the men slowly perused at each slave and then moved to the next.

“They’re stunning, Geius!” Casio finally whispered to his cohort.

“Do you have all their papers in order?”

“Of course.”

“Good. Remember last year. A runner-up was later found to not be a genuine generational girl and we almost lost our slave importing license. It took three of my best pleasure slaves to convince Caesar not to ban us from dealing. We need to be careful.”

The kneeling vernas were told to stand and place their manicured fingers on their copper collars. Quickly, the Nubian

eunuchs attached the wrists of each girl to the rings of the collar, then proceeded to run a length of chain back to front to each female in the coffle until all were locked in place. A petite young woman with a full bust yet tiny long-stemmed nipples led the line. Next to her was a somewhat taller Egyptian with smaller tits but a superb complexion and rather fetching

pair of lips. Then came a Turkish delight, lighter-skinned verna with a lovely full ass and perky small breasts with inverted nipples. And so on.

The contingent from the north and west was led by a very short but frisky looking Franc named Valois, her boyishly short hair accentuating a pair of mesmerizing brown eyes. She smiled when she heard to clicking of the chain upon her lovely neck.

Then, there was Vian, a feisty Scots woman with flaming red hair and a matching pubic patch, freckles on her fair chest and a pair of oversized nipples. The governor who sent her was hoping that her exotic coloring and skin tone would be a hit with the Pageant judges in Rome. She herself looked as if it wasn’t her idea to be involved. When Verna spotted her among the more enthusiastic slave girls. she knew that Vian might be trouble.

Finally, there were the four very tall long legged Nordics at the end of the coffle, their hair up as styled but massive and thick,their bushes natural and breasts tending towards too much flesh, yet solid looking and proud. Last year’s Pageant winner, Vinta, was from the far north. Her large, cunning green eyes were like a Indian tigress and her full pouting lips were complimented by a very trained and talented tongue that brought the crowd to their feet. During one of the various contests in the amphitheater, she put on a show as she quickly dispatched seven naked gladiators in a row with that tongue and mouth of hers, leaving the other five vernas in the competition to suck and lick for minutes after she had already climaxed the men in half the time, reveling on her knees at the cheers of the audience and judges as the auburn -haired nymph joyously finger- fucked herself before the crowd. The common service slaves who were brought to the event by their master or mistress to pleasure them while they were in audience tried to duplicate her performance that night, but ended up getting a good front flogging for their inability to do so. Vinta won easily over the second and third placed submissives, a sensuous full-figured Slav named Vaca and a lovely young Nubian girl with conical tits and a high ass name Vanda.

Chapter 5

Once inside the gates of the compound, the first order of the day was for each verna to meet with Casio or Geius or Verna and have them decide how to trim each slave girl’s pubic area. Some women were fine with their natural look while others needed some changing or a complete shaving. Tables were arranged in the grooming hall and service slaves were on hand to take orders from their masters or Verna. She decided to leave the Scot’s woman’s wild flame-red bush natural but decided to completely shave the short haired Lebanonese girl’s pussy so that she seemed even more boyish, a look that some masters and their wives especially like if the wife enjoyed being doggy fucked with a harness dildo by another women, avoiding an unwanted pregnancy or, if the husband had a penchant for young males but still enjoyed finishing inside a female.

Once all the entries were shaven and given an olive oil enema , the group was given a free afternoon at the baths to relax and ready themselves for the first round of try-outs and inspections. Many were anxious, and though they were forbidden to speak to one another for the full period of the Pageant, each could see some worry upon one another’s faces, though they smiled constantly at the thought of having this unique opportunity to excel in their enslavement, maybe even winning their freedom and the freedom of their family back home.

The first evening at the villa was given out to testing the natural sex drive of each verna at an outdoor orgy that Casio set up by invitation only. Only Roman men and women on an exclusive list were invited, including members of Emperor’s inner court and military men and gladiators who had distinguished themselves in battle. Ceasar himself was at his summer villa in Capri. Casio decided to send him several stunning vernas as a gift, drawn by lot. A blonde beauty from Germania, a small Moorish dancer from Carthage and a buxom Greek girl were placed in a wagon bound for Capri, with the agreement that whoever pleased the Emperor the best would be given manumission , a binding contract freeing her and her family from any more slavery. Of course, the vernas were honored and spent their silent time in the escorted wagon devising devilishly wanton sexual ways to please the Emperor and his court.

All the entries realized that only six of them would be going to the actual Pageant in less than two weeks. With three of them now shipped off to Caesar’s summer villa at Capri, it gave each aspiring woman about a four-to-one chance to be chosen. This put great pressure on each slave girl to excel and stand out from the rest of the group. Roman elites were already quite jaded. Both men and free Roman women had vast sexual experience and were not to be swayed by a mediocre blow job or somewhat talented tonguing. Variety and spectacle were the rule of the day. The women would be rated on site by the orgy participants. If sexually incompetent or displeasing in any manner or form, the masters and their wives and cohorts were given tags to place on each girl’s slave collar. Five demerits and she would be on probation. If, at the next orgy following her training she received just two more tags, she was disqualified and sent back on the next galley to her province. No one wanted to be the first to be dismissed.

After a late dinner on the massive grape-trellised patio, the women were led out into the courtyard and placed standing hand in hand in a circle in the middle of the immense patio. Casio introduced each girl to a round of applause as she knelt down gracefully and ran her fingers through her hair to expose her V and place her forehead upon the lovely outdoor Roman tile work, arm bracelets jingling as she prostrated herself before the still-clothed guests . Each woman wore a very well-tailored short toga, barely covering her recently styled pubic area. Her breasts were wrapped from under so to prop up and present them as an offering to the audience. Lipstick and perfume on each nipple, her pussy lips and her mouth completed her attire. When kneeling in her extended state of submission, the guests could see a dub of probably olive oil on and between each entries’ ass cheeks.

After all the vernas were introduced to a round of applause

the musicians began to play their lutes and harps as each girl fanned out on the mosaic tiles, still on their hands and knees, led by Verna to an awaiting couch area. She was dressed exquisitely in a long Greek toga with her nipples peeping through the sheer fabric. With make up on and her lush Syrian hair combed to perfection, many of the men waiting for their slave girl contestant to arrive at his couch wished that they could possess her as they would soon have the novices at their bidden. Her poise and grace made her almost too breath-taking to look at.

Verna returned to the raised dais where Casio and Geius were lounging with their entourage and knelt solemnly in front of both men and softly began sucking on each masters’ erection as they watched Pageant entries being fondled and used by the men and women at the affair, moans and small cries of climaxing filling the early summer’s night air.

“Shall I continue, my masters?”, Verna said softly looking up at the two men. The answer came in a gesture as both men placed their stiffness in her awaiting mouth at the same moment.

By the early hours, there were still about a dozen drunken or half-dozing partyers still with enough strength to try one more orgasm. One comely Roman matron seemed fast asleep as a young Turkish verna slave kept lapping at the older woman’s sex, too afraid to cease without a direct order. Her collar showed five demerits inflicted upon her for some infraction or whim of a male or female guest. Her ass was red with whip marks as were her over-sized tits. Apparently, she was having a bad night.

Earlier in the evening, a competing verna was directly dismissed by Geius after a cat fight broke out between her and another eager slave over who was going to tongue a male teenager’s ass. The young man was wading in one of the lovely mosaic pools surrounding the villa’s patio, and when he got out, he came up to a gorgeous blonde Nordic and a small but stunning Spaniard and asked them to dry him off. Both girls stopped eating each other’s cum-soaked clits and quickly found towels and began to dry the handsome young Roman when he stated that they should really use just their tongues and lips to blow dry his entire body. The small Spaniard quickly started to blow the boy’s erection and balls from under while the tall blond was stuck with blowing on his ass hole and lower back. When he pushed the blonde’s lovely face into his crack, she refused to go on, arguing with the Spanish girl in broken Latin that the Spaniard usurped the Nordic girl’s positioning. The blonde tried to continue the cock sucking job that the other started, but the temper of the fiery Spaniard got the best of her and a cat fight broke out.

At first, a cluster of naked men enjoyed the sight of two wonderfully gorgeous slaves pulling on each other hair and biting at each other’s breasts and neck. When Geius arrived, he quickly broke up the fight and decided to have both girls have a shot at tonguing the young man’s asshole. The boy was delighted. The Spaniard had no trouble lapping at the orifice, sticking her lovely face into his crack, pulling back the young man’s long cock between his muscular thighs and eagerly sucking on it from the rear as the other men cheered her on. When it came the German’s turn, she tried but could not place her tongue in his asshole. Immediately, Geius lifted the failed girl from the lawn and brought her to a marble column that had iron cuffs dangling. He adjusted the chain and placed the tall lanky blonde on her tiptoes facing the column. He handed his quirt to the other woman and ordered her to give a good sound whipping to the other verna’s glorious backside, which she did with great relish. After she was told to desist, Verna walked over to the sobbing Nordic and pushed an oiled dildo up her ass. The thick dildo had a copper tag placed on it with the word “Dismissed” written on it. In the morning, she was gone on the next galley going north, her beautifully perspiring body seated at an oar and the whip master egging her on with continuous strokes of his whip. It would be a long trip for her back to her province.

Chapter 6

The Julius Amphitheater was filled to capacity, just as Casio had hoped. Tickets were being scalped for many times their original price of admission. It was a perfect early summer sunset and a cool breeze pleased the spectators who were lucky to get a ticket.

The first competition had thirty-six slightly-built charioteers standing on their vehicle’s platform, a long shield in hand and each helmeted horseman naked from the bottom down. There was a glory hole in each silver plated shield and each driver had his member peeping through the hole. In front of each set of six charioteers was a naked verna, her hands tied behind her back and her entire body oiled. A small dildo peeped out from between her ass cheeks. The contestants were standing at the left of the line of drivers. When Casio gave the order, each verna was to suck off the cock in front of her as quickly as possible. No hand jobs were allowed. After he came in her mouth, the submissive was to spit the jism into a silver chalice as the charioteer turned and rode out of the theater. The last slave girl left sucking on an unsatisfied cock was out the contest and sent to the gladiators’ quarters for the night before shipped home.

The new pleasure slaves worked each cock as quickly as they could without the assistance of their hands or breasts. As they bent to the task the crowd roared, placing side bets on who would be the last to finish the task. If a dildo slipped out from between a slave girl ass cheeks, the slave had to endure a whip wielded by Verna as the slave tried to finish off her man and move on. If she should display any reluctance to Verna’s ass flogging, Verna would ass fuck her from behind with a long dildo that she wore for the pleasure of the cheering crowd.

It was the boyish verna Valois who easily won the contest, finishing as the other five were still licking and sucking for all their worth. A local verna from Sicily finished last, leaving a lone charioteer in the center of the amphitheater. When he finally gave it up, the crowd went wild. The exhausted and sweating slave girl lifted her chalice and drank the libation but it was too little too late. She spent her last night in Rome in the dark torch-lit dungeon under the nearby Coliseum, a prize for any gladiator who won their afternoon fight in the arena above.

Chapter 7

There were only three vernas left: a Celtic nymph with an exquisite figure and a bi-sexual appetite for cock and cunt. An olive-skinned Mesopotamian big-busted beauty with a small waist and full luscious black hair, and Valois, the boyish Franc with perky long stemmed nipples and a pussy and asshole that could squeeze and clutch a cock like a hand. Each woman showed great promise, but in differing ways: Geius enjoyed the first verna’s passion and ability to be graceful under his whip. He liked the way her milky complexion reddened after an ass or breast spanking. He had her suck off one of the Nubian male guards as he held her upside down, her nicely styled, sparse pubic hair scratching the black man’s chin as he nibbled on her extended pussy lips. She was able to keep her throat completely relaxed and suck his ten inch erection right down to the kinky bush. Geius was greatly impressed.

The Arab woman was alluring with her quiet and shy demeanor when not obeying a sexual task. Then, her explosive libido would emerge once penetrated or sucking on cock or pussy. It was breath taking to watch. She belly danced beautifully to Arabic drumming and put on a private show for Casio and his inner circle of male cohorts where she ended her performance writhing on her back on the Persian rug in the center of Casio’s private pleasure garden, beckoning the applauding men with elegant hand gestures to encircle her and circle-jerk over her with their stiff cocks while she undulated her broad hips and squeezed her ample brown- nipple breasts to bursting. She eagerly delighted in bathing in their juices until the last man was satiated and her belly, breasts, face and bejeweled navel were covered with hot cum.

Valois was open to anything. She would obey each command to the hilt and than some. Verna enjoyed her sadistic side when given permission to punish an errant slave, either male or female. She relished spanking cock or a pussy. She fucked women like a horny sailor, her thrusts with her harnessed dildo almost orgasmic. Verna thought that she might make a good replacement for herself since the now middle aged slave had been offered manumission by the grateful Casio and Geius. After much discussion, the tribunal chose Valois as Pageant winner. Another Verna was set to rule as mistress of Casio’s villa. After the Franc served out her two year agreement with the fortunate winner of the Pageant lottery, Valois would have a choice of either replacing the freed Verna and become the most famous Verna in Rome or return home a freed woman herself. The choice was hers alone to make.

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