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The Taste of Submission

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I woke up to her scratching my back softly. I loved that feeling. “Are you awake?” she asked me.

“No,” I moaned. My head was killing me.

We’d been out late the night before. Several glasses of wine with dinner and then a few more drinks with friends. My head was aching and I was tired but I could feel my spirit rising as she traced her nails across my back.

“You were amazing last night.”

I managed a little smile – the effort was as much as I could manage. After coming home we had both attacked each other. We’d fucked for what seemed like hours – violently at times. Some of the details were a little hazy but I don’t think we had fallen asleep until four in the morning. I could feel my cock begin to thicken as I thought about the night before. We both got horny when we were hung over – sometimes we joked that that was the trait that kept us together. However, she always woke right away the next morning, whereas I tried to stay in bed as long as possible.

“I’ve been up for a bit.” She smiled; she was always an early riser. I knew she wanted more.

I grunted in reply. I continued to ignore her but she was persistent. It wasn’t long before I was fucking her again. It was hard and fast. Pure fucking. After a while she motioned for me to roll over; she liked being on top. It was easier for her to cum that way. As soon as I lay on my back, she climbed on top of me. We were both soaked in our own sweat. Her perspiration dripped off her forehead onto my face as she ground her hips, working herself into an orgasm. Her moans always excited me and she soon brought me near the edge. As she came I held her down tightly on top of me and began bucking up into her quickly. My own orgasm came about shortly as her cries of mixed pain/pleasure filled the room with my pubis ramming into her now super sensitive clit. Once I finished she collapsed on top of me, her shaking arms unable to support her weight any longer.

We lay like that for a bit before I forced myself to get up for glass of water. When I came back to bed I was already half asleep. She wouldn’t leave me alone however. She got up and sat on my butt and started rubbing my shoulders. It felt great but I was greedy. “Get some oil, baby.” Soon she was back. I jumped a little as the cool oil hit my back but it warmed up under her hands. It felt great. Soon she was working her way down my back. Then light kisses on the back of my neck and down the middle of my back. She was still naked and I could feel her pussy getting warm again on the backs of my thighs.

“Could you go again?” she whispered.

“Are you serious? I need some Zs baby.”

She sighed in a manner suggesting she wasn’t going to accept that answer. She poured some more oil on me – too much on the small of my back. “Oops,” she laughed. She started rubbing the oil all over and then started kneading my butt with it. “I love your ass… do you know that? I think that’s the only thing that initially attracted me too you.”

I grunted again. “Yeah?” No witty comeback came to mind right away.

I wanted to turn over and fuck her again but there was no way. I was so tired and spent. I couldn’t keep my eyes open and I felt myself slowly drifting off to sleep. I thought I heard her telling me I shouldn’t dare to fall asleep…


She woke me right back up. Now she was laying on me, the full weight of her body on my back. She had bitten my earlobe in order to get my attention.

My discomfort was greeted with a little evil laugh right in my ear.

“Wake up sleepy head, I’m not done yet.” I realized she was still a little tipsy from the night before. She was insatiable normally but truly libidinous when she was inebriated. After a few drinks she also ventured from uninhibited and adventurous to downright kinky. I loved it even if my more inhibited nature tried to hide it at times.

I put my hand behind my back and under her body to reach her sex and ran into her hand already at work. She removed her hand as she sensed its replacement.

She held her fingers right under my nose — like smelling salts to a knocked out pugilist. I was startled and invigorated both by her forwardness and the strength of the smell. She giggled as her fingers traced my lips, gently probing for an opening.

“Maybe I should just sit on your face,” she whispered menacingly.

I didn’t respond. I didn’t want to ruin the moment but there was no way I was going to lick her after fucking her all night and again this morning. I swear I felt her clit get bigger and her pussy wetter as she made the perverse suggestion. God, was she wet…

She began grinding herself more urgently against my hand. The pleasure emboldened her and she was more forceful with her fingers – my fatigue caused me to surrender when I never would have normally. Soon her first two fingers were in my mouth.

Not satisfied simply with the violation of my mouth, she moved her fingers in and out, going deeper and deeper and making me fellate the penetrating digits.

Her breath was hot in my ear. “Suck them,” she cooed. She came quickly with her hips bucking into my hips as my fingers applied pressure to her clit.

After her orgasm, she rested for a few minutes and then started grinding again. She was still ready for more. I began to turn over. My cock was throbbing and the adrenaline coursing through my blood had temporarily cleared the cobwebs from the prior evening.

“Wait,” she whispered as she sensed my weight shifting. I turned my heard to look over my shoulder into her face. Why would I wait?

She pushed her fingers even further into my mouth causing me to gag a little. That brought a little satisfied smirk to her face. Her fingers left my mouth coated with my own saliva.

“I’ve… I’ve always wished I could fuck you… I wish I could be inside of you.”

I was confused but it started to make sense as her wet fingers began to trace my asshole.

“Do you think I’m weird?”

I let the question hang in the air. As much as it seemed wrong, I couldn’t ignore how good her finger tracing me felt.

“A little, you pervert,” I finally replied half-jokingly.

“Asshole!” she smacked my ass as she said it. I could just make out a little smile on her face suggesting she hadn’t taken much offense.

“Yes, that is my asshole,” I shot back trying to loosen my tension with some humor.

She laughed and went back to teasing my asshole, occasionally putting a little pressure on it and then holding back. At the same time she pressed her hips slowly but surely into my own. My hand was still trapped beneath her body and continued to passively stimulate her clit. The harder she bucked into me, the more pressure she created on her sex. I could feel her excitement growing. The heat from her groin warmed my backside. Her secretions flowed past my hand onto my ass. The added lubrication made it easy for her to continue probing.

My mind was frozen. There was no way I was going to let her do this but I wasn’t acting to stop her. I opened my mouth to tell her no but the words never came out. Instead I let out a low moan of pleasure that emboldened her.

“You like it don’t you?” she teased.

Soon the tip of her finger was inside of me. By now her hips were putting enough pressure on my backside that she was forcing my own hips into the mattress. The pressure of my cock fucking the mattress felt good – adding more pleasure to this perverse scenario.

She started pulling my hair and biting my ear… I submitted but would not give her the pleasure of a scream. She read my submission though and completely entered me with her finger. She began moving her hips with a sense of urgency and moved her finger in and out of me – she was fucking me with her tiny cock.

She teased me, “Tell me I’m fucking you.” Her hot breath was right in my ear.

No words came out. I tried to turn my head away from her face but she pulled me back. I couldn’t look straight into her eyes but the glazed look of lust in her face was clear nevertheless.

Her teasing became more insistent. She added a second finger inside of me and her words became an order, “tell me I’m fucking you!”

The pleasure in my ass became pain as her second finger stretched me. The change in sensation pushed me over and I realized I was close to orgasm. I was grinding my own hips into the bed in time with her.

“You… You’re fucking me,” I said weakly.

That set her near the edge. Instead of pulling, she began to push my head into the bed. She used the leverage to push into me even harder with her hips. Her legs began to pry my legs apart opening me up further and making me feel even more vulnerable. She bucked violently, fucking me as hard as I had fucked her the night before. As her excitement came to a crescendo she added a third finger. My whimpers of pain clearly carried her over the top. I could feel her clit engorge obscenely with her juices flowing onto me. When she came she had all three fingers in me to the knuckle with her full body weight behind them forcing them into me. She was screaming as she climaxed.

The whole scene was too much for me and with her cries of pleasure I felt the pressure in my groin build up. I was soon spurting right into the sheets. I was embarrassed though — I held my breath and hid my pleasure by biting my free arm. As a result I came with a minimum of noise in stark contrast to her operatic performance.

In fact, it soon became obvious that she had missed my orgasm completely. She shoved her fingers roughly into my ass once more just to hear my gasp and then pulled them out with a little pop. She then turned me over feverishly and climbed atop me with the intent of mounting me.

I was too embarrassed to speak but slowly told her to wait. I was not in time though. As her hand reached below herself to grab my now partially tumescent cock covered in my own juices she looked up at me in shock.

“Oh my God,” she squealed half in shock and half in awe. “You came too!?!” She was grinding her insatiable clit on my spent cock.

I couldn’t look at her and wanted to disappear.

She sensed my shame and hesitated. She moved both hands to either side of my face and forced me to look at her, although I diverted my eyes. Would she laugh at me? Would she be disgusted?

Her eyes showed a strange mixture of empathy, love, lust and power. She finally spoke, “It’s OK baby. That was crazy. I loved fucking you and I think it’s hot you loved it too.”

I wanted to correct her. To tell her I hadn’t loved it. To tell her it was all so wrong but I couldn’t. I couldn’t speak. I couldn’t look her in the eyes. My shame and embarrassment empowered her.

“Admit you loved it.”

It was cruel but she could be a little sadistic at times.

“Admit it.” Her voice was quiet but forceful.

I finally looked her into her eyes, “I don’t know… I didn’t… but…”

She reached beneath her and then put her hand in from of my face with my cum smeared on it. She wiped my cum on my lips and said once more, “Just admit it baby, the evidence is all over you.”

A weak “yes” finally left my mouth. I could taste myself on my lips as I said it.

Her hand went back to my cock to try and coax it into service. However, between the awkwardness I felt from the situation and the exhaustion from having just orgasmed…

She briefly used my cock to massage her clit but it wasn’t enough. She quickly worked her way up my body with no hint of subterfuge. As her knees alighted on either side of my head she told me with no shame, “if you can’t fuck me, you will eat me.”

I stared into her cunt. She paused but there was no hesitation. It was more of a pause to mock me. Maybe not to mock me but to reinforce what she was about to make me do. I could have thrown her off me, but I didn’t. Our dynamic had irreversibly changed in such a brief moment. She was savoring it. I was unsure — I stared at her cunt further. I was spellbound. Her labia were still spread wide. Her clit was twice as large as I had ever seen it before. It looked like a small cock it was so big. My cum was leaking out of her pussy as well as being smeared on her outer lips and hanging from her matted pubic hairs.

Not only did I not fight her but with my cheeks burning red I looked up into her eyes and opened my mouth to signal my readiness. She sat on me and I went to work. I licked all over, savoring the strong taste of submission. I worked my tongue as far into her as possible. She grinded her hips as I did so, with her eyes soon changing back to the crazed look I had seen earlier. She usually came immediately when I used my mouth on her but this time as different. She had already cum so many times that it took her a long time. She was nothing if not determined though and she directed me carefully and forcefully. Slower, faster, harder, softer… I spent at least thirty minutes under her and my tongue was aching and my lips numb once I finally got her off. She found a position where she could rub her clit on my nose as I fucked her cunt with my tongue. I struggled to breathe in this position but she loved it and kept ordering me to stick my tongue in further and faster, faster and further. When she finally finished it was with her rocking her entire sex rapidly back and forth across my face. She grabbed my hair roughly for leverage and told me just to lay my tongue flat before using my mouth and face roughly.

After her orgasm, she settled back sitting on my chest but maintaining the advantage looking down on me. She reached back and felt my cock was erect again. Smiling, she began teasing me again, “you liked that, didn’t you?”

I didn’t say anything and averted her gaze again in shame. That only added fuel to the fire. “Who’s the pervert now? You loved it, didn’t you? I may make you clean up all your messes from now on.”

With a little laugh she informed me I had my cum all over my face. She used her fingers to feed me whatever had fallen onto my cheeks. It went unspoken but the role reversal was obvious. How many times had I fed her my cum after fucking her? I sucked her fingers obediently though… I wasn’t sure what else to do.

Soon she shifted her weight and turned around into a 69 position. She hooked one leg behind my head and used it to bring my head to her sex. I started licking her again as she took me into her own mouth. She shifted her weight further forward taking her cunt out of my mouth. I craned my neck forward to maintain contact with her pussy but she moved it out of reach. She grabbed my head with her hand to pull me even further into her there could be no doubt what she expected.

I had never licked an asshole before but the taste was not unpleasant. In fact so much of her juices had leaked down earlier that it really tasted no differently. I teased briefly, but her asshole provided little resistance and soon my exhausted tongue was invading her. She let out a lustful moan and pulled me further into her while backing herself into me. Once my fingers found her clit she worked herself into another strong orgasm as my tongue entered as far her into her ass as I could make it. After she came, her sphincter contracted tightly around me. She actually pulled my head a little as she rolled off of me in exhaustion, finally sated.

The loss of her weight was freeing. The sight of her laying next me with her legs crudely spread and her face flushed was too much. I lunged atop her determined to take my manhood back. I fucked her with abandon. She just lay there as I brutally rammed myself into her, determined to fuck her harder than she had done to me. I forced my tongue into her mouth to share my shame. She responded but was clearly too spent to cum again. I didn’t care much about her pleasure but soon became frustrated with my own. I was so numb from my prior orgasms that I could not achieve another. I fucked harder and harder but only caused myself to tire. I finally collapsed on top of her in exhaustion with my cock still inside of her.

She laughed at my predicament. Equal parts amusement and empathy. She started scratching my back again bringing me back full circle to the events of the morning. As she did so, I no longer felt disconnected. I was no longer trying to reclaim anything. I began to fuck her again, but now with mindfulness. She began to respond and grinded back against me. Her fingers worked lower. She pressed hard against my sacrum only inches from my still tender asshole. I could feel my cock grow even bigger as she did so. Her excitement grew as well and both us began breathing heavier again – now in unison. Her fingers began tracing my asshole and I found myself hoping she would enter me. I began to move my ass further back into her hand trying to create more pressure.

She just teased though and my reaction was just what she wanted. Intermittently she would add more pressure. I needed more though. She asked me if I wanted it and I said nothing so she took her finger away. She asked me again and I grunted hoping it would suffice. She began to enter and told me to beg for it or she would take it out.

“Please… please… touch me,” my words caused her to press her finger deep into my asshole. She told me to cum. I was close but I couldn’t quite get there. She added another finger and told me to cum again. What had been pleasure became pain with the addition of the second finger but in my state that was exactly what I needed. I let out a low groan as she stretched me further but I still couldn’t quite get there. I was beginning to get frustrated but then she told me that if I came she would make me go down on her again. It was too much. This time I had no humility and I yelled as I came and bit into her shoulder. My orgasm stretched out forever as I continued to grind into her.

I slowly settled into a state of bliss until I felt both her hands on top of my head. They started to push me down. The game was over for me, it wasn’t exciting anymore as my orgasms had robbed me of the detachment of sexual fervor. However, we both knew I was going to do it. I put up token resistance a couple of times, licking her nipples and belly hoping to distract her. It was futile though. Her hands would just push a little harder and soon I was between her thighs staring straight into her pussy. Her lips now even further spread apart with my own semen leaking out.

I hesitated. Soon I felt her thighs scissor around my head. She had me pinned. Our eyes met and I knew what she wanted. I thought about how many times I had made her beg to suck my dick. The feeling of power always surged into me when she begged for the right to fellate me. But now…

I looked down at her pussy again and then back to her eyes.

“Please… Please… Please… I… ” I begged.

“Admit you love it you little pervert.”

I was silent for a bit. My eyes lowered and my cheeks reddened but soon I looked up at her again, “I love it baby,” I finally admitted.

She smiled and spread her legs enough so that I could move my head forward and taste her again.

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