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Typical Family

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It was a typical family get together one that had happened in one-way or another for years. A trip of just over three hundred miles and as they drove Natalie, Tim’s step daughter sat there texting and listened to her own music in the back seat. With a knowing glance he looked over at Linda, Natalie’s mom, and turned onto the dirt road that would take them the last thirty miles to the cabin. Natalie was going to loose cell service in just a few minutes and with a smile at each other they prepared for the storm. Natalie would have to talk to them, something that was in the same instant a blessing and a curse.

Sure enough seconds later Natalie’s frustrated sigh and mumbled, “Fucking Phone” signaled the end to her texting.

Linda, half spun in her seat poked at Natalie’s curled up leg and signed for her to pull out one of her ear buds.

“You know I hate it when you talk like that.”

“Oh mom, when are you going to realize I’m no longer a little girl and if that bothers you don’t ask what I get myself into at college. You’d go stark raving nuts if you did. Well, then again maybe you wouldn’t.”

A furtive secret beam and passed between the gals as simultaneously they watched Tim to see if he had caught any of what they were trying not to say. Luckily, his concentration was absorbed by the demands of this poorly maintained road. The drive from the pavement to the house was a challenging hour and a half drive and just when the two of them thought he wasn’t listening they heard.

“Nat, you’re old enough to decide for yourself but please don’t shock your grandparents by over sharing.”

“I don’t think you have to worry about that, cause, I doubt much would shock them.”

Once again the same look passed between mom and daughter as they both suppressed a smile.

This trek had become an early summer tradition. He, Tim, had been coming here for almost five years, and from the very first time Al had gone out of his way to make him feel welcome. Even arranging for one his buddies to take Tim on a hunting or fishing trip every year. Three or four glorious days on his own away from everything… This year it was to be a pack ride deep into the backcountry for three days of fly-fishing.

Cresting a ridge the two-story log cabin came into sight. It was always impressive to see standing tall on top of a stone promontory looking over Glass Lake. Not only was the approach impressive but once you were there the view from the deck was magnificent too. Everything you could see in every direction belonged, in trust, to the family. It was an astoundingly beautiful place and best of all secluded. Their nearest neighbors were four miles away and they prized privacy every bit as much as Al and Betty did.

The last mile or so went quickly and easily. Al and Betty, Linda’s parents were outside waving as they drove up. Nat, leaped from the back seat throwing her arms around her grand dad and giving him a big kiss and hug. Then she reached out to Betty and pulled her into the same hug.

Tim stepped out stretching his tired hands and unkinking his legs as Linda did the same. Looking over the jeep Tim watched Linda join the group hug. He had to admit they were a good-looking group. Al was a rugged, trim 59, Betty a bit younger than Al and while Natalie was the youngest at 20 her mom looked almost as young. When out together they seemed more like sisters than mom and daughter. All the women in this family shared a unique beauty. They belonged to that clan of women who age seems to leave untouched. They were naturally trim and compact with dancer’s bodies and the kind of skin any woman would trade their souls for.

Tim had always loved the natural easy way Al had with Linda and Nat. From his side of the car he watched Al pat Linda’s behind and then take a swing at Nat’s bottom as she giggled and danced out of his reach.

It took three, back and forth, trips for Tim, Linda and Natalie to cart in all their stuff. On the last trip Tim elbowed his way passed the screen door with his hands full of the heavy gear. Looking up he noticed Al, Linda and Nat talking in hushed tones and the second they noticed him they turned his way looking guilty as sin. Each one of them sported the same conspiratorial grin and he had the distinct feeling they had been talking about him. As he sat the load down he saw Nat rest her hands on her grandfathers chest give him a little peck and nod yes to him. Then both Nat and Al turned their attention to Linda and with a resigned look and a seductive smile she too nodded.

“Dinner in 30. So hurry up and get ready.” Betty called out.

Nat and Linda headed to their rooms as Al clapped Tim on the shoulder and reached into the refrig to get him a beer. With a pop and hiss they opened the brews and they wandered onto the deck catching a stunning sunset. They stood side-by-side talking about the week to come and didn’t even hear the gals join them. Both Linda and Nat had changed into simple over sized tee shirts, the really big ones that could double as nighties. The two of them walked passed Al and Tim towards the edge of the deck finally resting their arms on the railing. Idly glancing down Tim noticed that Nat was bare foot and Linda had on sandals his vision traced up the gals legs and with a sudden start he realized. You can see right through those tops.

Back at home Tim had often found himself trying not to be caught staring at Nat as she paraded around house in skimpy outfits. Linda catching him perving after Nat was the last thing He needed and now the two of them were in front of him and Al showing off everything. Tim’s eyes ranged over Nat as she bent over resting her chin on her hand. That damn tee rode up almost exposing her ass but it really didn’t matter for with the sun shinning through it that tee hid nothing. Seemingly unaware Nat casually adjusted her stance and Tim shook realizing he could clearly make out the silhouette of her cunt.

Tim was startled back to this world by Betty joining him and Al as she exclaimed.

“Oh my those shirts don’t hide much. Do they?”

“No they don’t! Aren’t Nat and our darling daughter a beautiful pair? They do take after you, Honey.” Al said as he wrapped his arm around Betty.

Tim’s body was caught right in the middle of betraying his thoughts as he tried to understand Al and Betty’s casual acceptance of Nat’s and Linda’s overt near nudity. A situation like this had never cropped up before and as he was trying to resolve this wildly surreal moment he worried he’d say or do something he’d regret. His whole body seemed electric and just when he thought was about to explode Betty’s gentle touch on his arm calmed him.

“You’re a lucky man Tim. Linda is not only beautiful but she’s smart and strong too. It’s interesting how much Nat takes after her. Isn’t it?”

Tim nodded dumbly as he stared at Linda’s silhouette and then at Nat’s realizing how true those words were. His drank up every bit of Nat’s illuminated frame mentally comparing it to Linda’s. Damn Nat was hot and he gave in to his darkest secret finally admitting consciously to what he had tried to deny. He wanted to touch, taste, eat and fuck his stepdaughter. Trying to control the shiver that took his body he happened to glance at his wife. She had caught him ranging his eyes over Nat and he knew his face showed the desire he was feeling. How in the world could he possibly explain this away? Then he noticed one other thing Linda was smiling.

“Come on all of you dinner’s on the table. It’s time to eat. Providing Al and Tim can get their eyes glued back into their heads.”

It was Betty again and as Tim turned he noticed Al looking at his daughter and granddaughter with the same undisguised lust he had just felt. Truly this was a crazy, confusing evening.

They all went in and sat down Al and Betty at the heads of the table, Linda and Nat sitting at the corners of the table next to Al with Tim sliding in beside Linda. All through dinner Tim kept darting glances at Nat. The more he looked the more Nat’s nipples seemed to stand out. More than once she caught him looking at her, which broaden the smile on her face. Lost in his lusting after Nat he nearly jumped out of his skin when he felt Linda’s hand on his leg. She had reached out and quietly she was slithering her fingers between his legs letting her little finger tease his crotch.

What the fuck was happening?

When it just couldn’t get any weirder Tim happened to notice Betty raise her eyebrows at what Linda was doing in his lap. Strangely, her face held a familiar longing as it displayed what he was feeling for Nat. Of course the difference being she was looking at him. This was all too much! The room seemed to be collapsing in on itself, his breathing became too rapid and a sexually induced panic seemed to be overwhelming him. Needing air he suddenly excused himself from the table with an,

“I’ll be right back gotta run to the boys room”

Giggles followed him as he heard his loving wife say.

“Too much info Tim”

Rather than head to the bathroom Tim peeked over his shoulder at the rest of the family, went through the great glass doors and onto the shadowed deck. Taking a few breaths he let the crisp mountain air cool his raging ardor. Those refreshing inhalations froze in his chest as he caught the beauty of the last fiery embers of a sunset he’d remember forever. Coming to a point where he could deal with the complications of the last hour he turned to go back in.

The fanned down flames of his passion were instantly rekindled. Massive fireworks went off in Tim’s head as through the glass he saw Nat standing up, slightly bent over the dinner table, her tee hiked up above her hips and Al with his hand deep in the crease of her ass and pussy. Tim’s cock rose completely and then felt like it was going to rip through his pants as he watched his sweet Linda lean into her dad and kiss him with all the passion she could muster. While the view was partially hidden it appeared that as Linda kissed her dad she was also fondling her daughter. Crazy as all this was Betty was the topper. She sat at her end of the table, her blouse open, one of her boobs outside of her bra and her fingers tugging mercilessly at her own tautly erect nipple.

All of the resolutions Tim managed in the last seconds were blown into dust by what his eyes had just caught. On overload again he made a decision and went back in. The door opening startled everyone at the table and with Tim hidden in the shadows he almost laughed out loud at the antics around the table. Exposed body parts were covered; clothes were adjusted and smoothed out as this lecherous family hurriedly tried to hide their activities. Know they would presume that he was returning from the bathroom he adjusted his rigid cock in a way to hide it as best as he could and calmly walked back to the table.

The sheer audacity of this family could hardly be believed. He wandered back to his chair catching the eyes of each of these individuals. Questions raced through Tim’s head, as not a one of them even looked the slightest bit guilty. How long has this been going on? How did it start? Realizing that this had been happening for a while Tim asked himself the biggest one of them all… How could he have been so ignorant about what this false family had been up to? Along with that Tim found that he was questioning if he really knew Linda at all. As demented as this group seemed to be Tim found it difficult to sit still as his arousal burned holes through him. False or not he wanted to be part of this hidden side of the family.

“So what did ya get up to while I was gone.”

Linda nearly choked but that was the only outward sign that any of them made to their ribald activities. Over the next minutes Tim kept trying to allude to what he had seen without coming right out and confronting them. Every one of these strangers, for that is how he felt about them, dodged all of his innuendos. Now it became a game and one Tim planned to win. Playing the game Tim answered openly when Al shifted the conversation to the fishing trip Tim was leaving for tomorrow morning.

Tim had to stifle a giggle as all of Al’s questions were tissue thin attempts to nail down exactly when he’d leave, how long he’d be gone and when he’d return. Little did any of them realize but Tim wasn’t going fishing. If they had their secrets then he could have his too and canceling his fishing trip was his. They talked almost to midnight finally breaking up and heading to their rooms. Tim followed his false wife into their room and as the door closed he swept Linda into a quick heated kiss. Truth be told what he had seen had left him as randy as ever could remember.

Linda must have been as aroused too because she responded with a passion equal to or greater than his own. With just that tee on Tim’s hands ran free all over her body. Tracing around to her pussy he cupped it pushing legs forcefully apart and without a second thought he drove two fingers into her. She moaned at his heat chalking it up to how she and Nat had dressed and teased him. Tim found her beyond wet and loved how that signaled her level of lust. As quick as his fingers went into her pussy he pulled them out wet and coated in her sexual juices.

Wickedly, he reached around to her bottom and without a word he closed his hands around the cheeks of her ass pulling them apart and pushing those wet fingers into her butt hole. She rose up on her tiptoes as his wanton invasion. She had never before known Tim to be so forceful and she loved how he was taking her. Releasing one of her cheeks his free hand came around her front closing around her left boob. Tim squeezed and mauled, pinching her nipple with the remembered force Betty had used on hers. Tim’s mouth found Linda’s and with the same need they began hot, long, wet kisses.

Tim’s clothed body pressed into Linda’s mostly naked one the rougher fabric of his cargo shorts scratchy on her soft skin. With his fingers deep in her backside Tim pushed Linda into him as he ground his crotch into her luxurious, velvety sex not caring to be gentle.

Linda swam in Tim’s driven need and more than willingly ground her twat against the hard lump in Tim’s pants. She was being carried away and making sure to maintain the contact of their sexual organs she leaned back far enough to give her hands room to undo Tim’s pants. Once open she parted far enough to push them down and released Tim’s cock.

Wow!! His cock was harder that she’d ever felt it. Another sign of how aroused he was. Still unaware of what he had seen she decided his hard cock was a sign of seeing her daughter and her naked under those tees. She sure as hell knew what he’d see when she and Nat had planned to let the sun shine through them. His response was exactly what she had hoped for. The whole family had talked about bringing Tim into their secret life and this might be he start. Best of all this night his pent up desire would be used taking her. She’d enjoy him now and if all went well she bring Tim in to join her, Nat, Al and Betty when he returned from his fishing trip.

Those images ran hot and heavy as she took hold of Tim’s shaft and tried to climb on to it. Tim’s mind wanted to punish Linda with his hard tool and wouldn’t let her mount it. Instead he pulled out of her and placing both hands on her shoulders pushed her to her knees. Again Linda felt her passion boil at his forceful passion. The second her knees hit the ground Tim took hold of his shaft and guided his member to her lips pushing it into her mouth.

Linda had seconds to adjust before Tim took hold of her hair and began to fuck her face. Her hands shot to him. One around his shaft to control how deep he could push into her and the other to tease his balls. Tim was consumed with a combination of hunger and need to punish so he pounded Linda with abandon. He drove in and out of her wet warm mouth for what seemed like forever. Never before had Linda handled his cock with such desire or expertise. Oh he was so very excited and just when he felt like he could cum he pulled out of her mouth and freed himself from her hands. The cool air of the room slowed his ejaculation and in those seconds he lifted Linda upright, spun her around and bent her over their bed. Kicking her legs apart, pushing her face down onto the bed he took hold of his soaking wet cock and pushed it into her ass.

Linda shuddered at this rough treatment loving every dirty little bit of it. She tried to relax and willingly spread her legs a bit more to ease Tim’s entry. Not that it mattered for Tim was insane in his taking of his wife. He attacked Linda with his cock hammering her for imagined indiscretions. Linda moaned underneath him as he pushed her tits into the bed rotating his hips as he thrust. It was delicious and Tim was on the edge. Just about ready to cum he leaned onto his wife’s back refusing to kiss her he instead whispered into her ear.

“This is how bad girls get fucked and I know how bad you are. Adding in a drifting whisper will your daughter be as bad as you?”

That was as much of a hint he was going to give about catching her minutes ago. The allusion to Natalie hit a nerve. Her whole body sparked, popped and sizzled as Linda started cuming she screamed her release. In that moment Tim felt her ass spasm around his shaft. She was cuming so hard that he could actually feel her ass clamping and unclamping around his member. With her screaming and clamping it was his turn to cum but after seeing the way she had kissed her dad he decided to claim his territory in the most primal way he could envision. He pulled out of her and reached out grabbed her hair and tugged her around.

Linda, spun her sore open ass around slipping off the bed bringing her face towards Tim’s cock. He let go shooting his cum all over her face and watched it drip down over her tits.

“You’re mine Linda! Mine to take and mine to fuck hard and mercilessly. Get ready because you have no idea what I have planned when I show back up after leaving for the fishing trip.”

Tim looked at his dripping wife and whirled around to take a shower. All the while leaving her sitting there in his mess. He started the water adjusted the temp and eased his frame under the hot spray. Seconds later Linda joined him.

“Where did that come from?” Linda asked.

Tim answered with a cryptic smile and as he embraced his loving, unfaithful wife he said.

“Guess it’s been something deep, dark and hidden inside. A secret I wasn’t sure you’d understand.”

Pulling her under the shower he gave her a tender kiss. All through their love-making no that wasn’t love making it was wild torrid sex and little else, he hadn’t kissed her. Now it was time. Linda looked so vulnerable that it warmed his heart and he kissed her again. This time he added a mischievous whisper into her ear.

“I’ve shared my deep, dark secret with you so… What is your deep dark secret?”

Tim was gratified to feel Linda’s body tense and give a little shake at his words. Tim stepped back giving Linda time and space to tell him what he had discovered on his own. Her mouth moved a couple times but nothing came out. Still more silent time passed and it was clear she didn’t know how to tell him.

With a small shake of his head he felt a little disappointment at his wife’s inability to share something so very important with him. Well, no matter, because that secret would out itself tomorrow. All his plans had been made but now only one thing remained, the timing.

One more little kiss and Tim stepped from the shower. They both dried in silence and with the little energy they had left they climbed into bed falling quickly asleep.

Hours later Tim lay in bed is eyes open, his mind racing. He was too excited to stay asleep. It was just like Christmas as the thought of what was to come danced in his head. He couldn’t keep one image in his head for more than a second before another replaced it. Each little vision so sexually perverse that they made his cock harder and harder.

Images of Al touching Linda, touching Nat, Nat and Linda naked kissing, Betty with her legs spread and Nat licking her, all three of the gals kissing as they knelt at Al’s feet vying for his cock, Nat bent over with Al’s cock inside of her with her mother licking both her clit and Al’s cock at the same time and now his cock too was in the mix. All the images recycled but now it was a mix of two cocks and three gals. Oh yes, Christmas indeed.

Tim snuck from the bed doing his best not to wake Linda and in the dim light before dawn he began to dress. A warm shirt rugged enough for a fishing trip, jeans, wool socks and hiking boots ah, but no underwear. The coarse denim a thrill as it scraped over the head of his erection, an erection that just refused to go away. Tim welcomed the contact as its mean touch added to the images he couldn’t clear from his mind. Tim made coffee, pour himself a cup and went to the back room to prepare his fishing gear.

If his plan was to work the rest of the family had to believe he was going fishing. A little later Al joined Tim his own cup of coffee in his hand.

“Getting ready Tim?

“Yeah, I’m do over at James’ place by 6AM. We want to get an early start. So, I thought I’d double-check the gear. Would hate to be days away and find I’ve left something important behind.”

“Know exactly what you mean. Ahhh, Tim we were thinking… I mean all of us; Betty, Linda, Nat and I were thinking we’d have a long talk once you were back from fishing. Think that would be okay?”

Under and other circumstances that would have sound very ominous but now it sounded like a golden ticket to the dirtiest sex of his life. He turned a bit to hide how those words made his cock twitch.

Sounds from the kitchen announced that others were up. With all his stuff packed into the jeep Al and Tim left the garage as Tim answered Al’s question.

“Look forward to the talk Al. So what’s it to be about?” Tim added mischievously.

Watching Al shuffle trying to decide how to answer that tickled Tim. It was rare indeed to see Al flustered in his own house. Just as Al opened his mouth to answer Betty appeared.

“Come on boys and join us. We going to miss you Tim so spend time with all of us before you’re gone for days.”

Tugging at her husband’s arm she pulled Al into the kitchen as Tim followed. Linda had joined them, leaned over to give Al a peck and her husband a wink. She had her hands wrapped around her coffee cup and between sips she kept darting heated looks at Tim. The two of them shared furtive smiles something noticed by Betty. Seconds later Betty disappeared with a mumbled,

“This will never do.”

Minutes later Betty reappeared dragging a yawning Natalie. It was like seeing a vampire for the first time. In all his memory Tim could not recall another time he had seen her out of bed at this hour. Pushing a steaming cup of coffee into Nat’s hands Betty said.

“Good. Now we’re all here.”

Nat looked to her grandmother with one, sullen, are you crazy, barely raised eye. Yawned again she returned all her attention to the cup and it’s dark liquid depths.

Linda slid up to her husband, wrapped an arm around his waist as his slipped around hers. Together the five of them bantered and shared coffee as the sun sparked over the peaks behind the house. Kissing Linda and then Nat, he hugged Betty good-bye and gave Al a farewell.

Heading to the coat closet he stood still listening. The final key to his plan clinked into place as he heard broken bits of their whispered conversation…

“That soon?”

“Yeah, I’m so horny I can’t wait any longer”

“Well then, run out and start the hot tub by the time it’s warm he’ll be a good ways away.”

“What about breakfast?”

Of all the hushed tones the last one had to be Natalie as she was always hungry. Throwing on his jacket he waved a good-bye hopped into the Jeep and left them in the rear view mirror.

A little over a half and hour later Tim had stashed the Jeep, hiked back towards the house using a spring run off channel for cover and was within a hundred of yards of the front door. Oh so close and remembering the part about the hot tub he scooted around the side of the house.

All of his early morning fantasies spun through his mind the second he rounded the corner and saw…

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