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The Storm

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Bridgett was a single woman in her forties, tall and average looking; not one to stand out in a crowd, yet pretty in her own way. The chestnut hue of her hair with just a hint of auburn accentuated her mysterious lens-covered green eyes. Being a bit on the thick side she was never model material, but then again she never wanted to be and was happy with her appearance.

Bridgett looked forward to her vacation after working a six-day/twelve hour shift, for the past eight months. Sunday’s, the only days she had for herself, were spent in church and catching up on housework as well as running errands. She left for her vacation right after her shift ended on Friday.

Because she was driving she had asked in advance for the following Monday off. Her boss granted her request plus an extra day, because he said she deserved it and was an excellent employee.

Bridgett’s destination, a small island located in Lake Superior, Grand Island National Recreation Area. It would take her about 9 hours to get there and her boss let her leave after only working an eight hour day. As she walked out of the shop her boss wished her a safe, relaxing trip.

Bridgett didn’t waste any time when leaving work Friday afternoon as she hurried to her car at the far end of the parking lot. “Damn, I should have gotten here earlier this morning so I wouldn’t have so far to walk now,” she thought to herself as she searched for her keys in her purse as she walked.

She found her keys, clicked the unlock button and she opened her door. She tossed her work things into the back seat then sat behind the wheel, closed the door and started her engine. “This is going to be a terrific extended weekend, finally some time to relax,” she said to herself as she pulled out of the lot and headed for the freeway. Having packed her car the night before with all the necessities she would need during her trip there wasn’t any reason for her to return home.

The drive along I75 was rough at the beginning, but the further north she went the less traffic she had to deal with. Bridgett loved camping, but hated the traffic so she always went at odd times of the year. This year she planned her vacation for mid May. She knew the weather would be a bit cooler at that time of year, but she wouldn’t get stuck in all the congestion during the holiday, which would be her next long weekend and that made a big difference in her book.

She arrived in the U.P. quite late and booked a motel room for the night. She decided she would leave first thing in the morning right after breakfast. She loved the breakfasts served at the local diners up there. They always served plenty of food, enough to keep the average person satisfied until late in the afternoon. Bridgett ordered her favorite, two eggs over easy, bacon, biscuits and gravy and a large fresh squeezed orange juice. About half way through her meal she ordered a coffee to go.

After she ate, paid for her meal and returned to the table to leave the tip, she drove a short distance, following the signs carefully and turned into the Forest Service tug and barge parking lot. Bridgett parked her car and paid the fee for the ride to the island then got in line with a couple other vehicles. Upon departure she was handed a schedule for the barge and told the man she’d be waiting at the dock around noon Monday. The barge was loaded and Bridgett was on her way.

She drove around the island looking for the campsite she made her reservations for, finding it just north of Murry Bay at Duck Lake. The area was beautiful. There weren’t many visitors but she was greeted by a few of the locals. This Island had eighteen families that took permanent residence year round. Bridgett often wished she could be one of those residents.

She parked her car and hiked the short distance to the campsite. She chose a smooth area and set up her tent and then tied her food up in a tree like the forest ranger suggested, which would prevent the bears from foraging through it.

As Bridgett set up her tent she listened to the weather forecast. The meteorologist’s forecast called for unseasonably warm temperatures for that weekend, but the threat of a possible thunderstorm should also be considered, she heard the voice from the radio said, as she finished her tent.

After she unpacked and set up her tent she took a stroll along the shoreline of the massive lake. Every time she heard or saw the name Superior she immediately began humming “The Wreck Of The Edmund Fitzgerald” unconsciously. As she walked along the shore today she was humming that same song as she looked out over the water.

About two and a half miles from her campsite she noticed a cozy log cabin adding to the ambiance of the scenery along the shoreline. The sign about five hundred yards from the building read PRIVATE PROPERTY in bold letters then beneath in smaller print, TRESSPASSERS WILL BE EATEN! Bridgett stayed close to the water’s edge as she passed that property.

As she passed the shoreline cabin her eyes were drawn to the forests’ edge near the left side of the cabin, where a man was harvesting early spring vegetables from his greenhouse. From a distance the man appeared to be around her age, perhaps even a few years her junior. She could see he was on his way to having a great tan as he bent over and his shorts rode up his leg slightly baring the stark white contrast of flesh underneath. He didn’t notice her staring at him and she continued her walk up the shore.

The first full day of her vacation was spent sight seeing as well as resting. Other than as she set up her tent she only turned on her radio at night when she was getting ready to go to sleep. She listened to the weather station for the nights forecast as well as the following day. Bridgett had a peaceful night’s rest and woke as the sun was breaking the horizon Sunday morning.

Bridgett never missed church when she was at home, but she wasn’t about to drive and pay the barge fee two more times just to go to church so she hiked to a secluded area of the shoreline and prayed for a while then she headed back to her campsite to make breakfast. She ate a leisurely breakfast of scrambled eggs and toast, cleaned her dishes and then hung her food in the tree once again.

After she finished all her camping chores and freshened up she hiked to the waters’ edge once again in search of shells and rocks for her collection. It was around noon when she began walking, her head down as her eyes became engrossed in the soft white sand and the next time she looked at her watch it was almost three pm. The weather forecast called for a thunderstorm late in the afternoon, but she didn’t see any signs of one headed her way so she continued walking in the sand. As she walked around the bend of the shore she looked up and gasped, “Oh I guess they were right,” she said as she watched the dark cloud that formed in the sky.

As she walked she watched; the sky began to darken and the gray cloud billowed and quickly overshadowed the warmth of the sun. Park visitors scrambled for cover from the gentle raindrops that began to fall from the heavens. The rain was refreshing upon Bridgett’s face as she strolled along the shoreline, loving every drop as it pelted her flesh. This storm was moving in quickly though. The air turned cooler while she pondered the notion to seek refuge from the now drenching downpour.

In the distance a dim light shone through the mist as if a beacon for safety. Her stride accelerated when the thunder voiced its fury. When she neared the light a voice from the cabin called out, “Come in from the rain, you’re getting drenched.”

She hesitated entering the cabin; still enjoying the rain, “This is wonderful, come join me!” was her reply to the kind stranger.

Intrigued by her tenacity, he continued to watch. His gaze fixated upon her as she walked with her face up and head tilted slightly back, with outstretched arms as she welcomed the rain as it fell upon her. The man soon appeared again, this time with a thick blanket and an umbrella to cover her bare shoulders, not to mention the new development beneath his khaki shorts.

She began telling him of her love for thunderstorms. “The smell of the air, the sound and sight of the lightening as it pierces the sky, it’s so electrifying,” she said as she gazed into the dark sky then added, “it’s such a turn on too! Can you feel it?”

“Well now, it looks as though this could be my lucky day,” he said then continued as he gazed into those mysterious green eyes. “Hello beautiful, I’m Jack and you are?”

She silenced him with a finger to his lips then leaned back against his chest as she gathered the blanket ends together to block the wind. Her heart raced faster with each bolt of lightening and she pressed harder against his chest. Jack agreed this thunderstorm was definitely a turn on as the heat of her body triggered a positive response in his loins.

Jack was a local resident. He moved there after he received his disability claim from the company he worked for. Jack suffered a back injury on the job three years prior and was unable to perform his daily duties any longer.

He remained out in the storm with her until the wind gained enough speed, which made it difficult to stand and without a word he scooped her in his arms and dashed for the dryness and warmth of his cabin. When he lowered her feet to the floor Jack winced at the slight pain in his back, but didn’t give it a second thought when he looked up and saw the drenched beauty before him.

Bridgett stood before Jack, her erect nipples pressed against the drenched fabric of her shirt. Her hair hung in her face slightly, dripping at the ends. Her shorts, also drenched and almost see through by this time, clung to her shapely form. Her feet were covered in damp sand.

He admitted how exhilarating the storm made him feel as he handed her a towel for her hair and offered her a robe so he could dry her clothing beside the fire. Jack calmed her sudden fear of the situation she just put herself in and voiced that his intentions were purely innocent. He just wanted her to be comfortable and safe as they rode out the storm. His thoughts on the other hand were far from innocent.

The eerie beat of the shutters against the windows of the log cabin became spine chilling as the wind howled and the storm intensified. She accepted the robe, taking it from his hands and walked down the hallway to the bathroom to change as Jack secured the shutters before he placed a few more logs in the fireplace.

The lights flickered a couple times and she screamed as a sudden darkness filled the room. She managed to find her way to Jack and slid her arms around his waist and whispered, “Protect me and keep me safe my guardian angel.”

Jack was the perfect guardian angel; standing 6’1″ barefoot, his muscular, but not bulging chest showed his strength. His light brown hair and hazel eyes portrayed a look of innocence. His slight belly rendered him as being a normal guy. His five o’clock shadow and thick mustache gave him a rugged, handsome appearance. Bridgett wasn’t into the body builder type, nor was she into the slim athletic type, but she was definitely discovering she was into Jack’s type; she was becoming smitten with him.

The fireplace was luminous and emitted a soothing light as he curled beside her on the sofa. The conversation was light and bubbly as he tried not to dwell on the raging forces outside. The intense bolts of lightening lit the sky and the pounding thunder made her jump. He sensed she was somewhat frightened by the music of the gods and he pulled her closer, to comfort and protect her. The storm lasted for hours and she soon drifted off to sleep feeling safe and secure.

As dawn peaked the horizon, the air was crisp and clean, but the threat of storms continued. She woke to gentle kisses on her neck and shoulder as fingers caressed her hair. “I didn’t mean to wake you,” he said as she rolled to face him. He continued, ” I just had to taste you, to feel you; this beauty beside me,” he whispered in her ear then paused to nibble momentarily and then continued. “The way your hair glistened with the glow of the fire,” Jack began and paused again briefly as he lifted a section of her hair to his nostrils and inhaled deeply. “Oh Bridgett you are so beautiful and I just love that sexy little thing you do with your nose when you are sleeping. I just couldn’t take my eyes off you.” He concluded then leaned in and kissed the tip of her nose tenderly.

She nuzzled closer to him. The day continued with gentle caressing, sensual kissing and exploration. The time came for her to say adieu after she thanked him for his kindness and hospitality.

“How long will you be on the island?” He asked as she walked from his bedroom toward the fireplace with the robe draped over her arm. She stopped so close to him she could see the pulse in his neck and as she lifted the robe from her arm he whispered with desire. “Can I see you again?”

“I’ll be here for the weekend. Watch for me during the next storm,” she replied then blew him a kiss as she headed back down the shore to her campsite. She was tingling and very wet from his touch. As she continued to walk she lifted her shirt to her nose and inhaled deeply as the scent of the fireplace permeated her nostrils, which left her feeling calm and content.

He watched as she soon disappeared from sight. All that remained was her scent and her footprints, which all to soon dissolved with the waves. He felt contentment, yet confusion as he closed the door and inhaled her scent from the robe. “Was it real or did I just dream her into my life?” he wondered.

He sat by the fire recalling the events of the previous day. He draped the robe across his chest to feel her close and discovered a note tucked in the pocket.

“Thank you, you’re my night in shinning armor. You are amazing! Call me. I would love to continue our exploration! Xoxoxo.” The note read, which also included a phone number where she could be reached. It was then he knew it wasn’t a dream and his body ached for hers.

The storm was devastating to the visitors and residents alike. Bridgett called her boss and explained her situation. The roads were flooded and the storm wasn’t over just yet. Her boss gave her a temporary leave of absence. “Stay until it’s safe for you to travel again and keep me abreast of the situation,” he said and she hung up the phone.

Several days went by as clean up from the storm continued. Debris from neighboring homes covered the shoreline as well as inland. Several trees were uprooted and dried sand covered the front and sides of Jacks’ home. The sand on the windows was so thick he could barely see out. Park visitors gathered with residents to lend a helping hand. It was then he saw her again, his storm fantasy come true.

He hadn’t had time or energy to call her due to the storms’ devastation, but when he saw her again his heart pounded, his cock stiffened and he was at a loss for words. He watched her for quite some time before returning to the clean up effort. In all the commotion Jack lost sight of Bridgett once more. The pounding in his chest eased, but his rigid shaft remained.

The park officials offered a bonfire and pig roast to thank the visitors who stayed behind to assist with clean up. When the shoreline was restored to its original beauty the feast was served.

It was then he saw her for the third time. By this time his emotions were ablaze and he couldn’t hide his desire for her. He craved her scent and returned to his cabin for a quick shower and to change before rejoining the festivities.

He wandered through the hungry crowd looking for her. He searched for what seemed like forever and thought she must have left because there was no sight of her anywhere. Disappointed, he decided to end his search when he heard a voice from above. “It’s about time you showed up, are you going to join me or just stand there looking around?” she said from the tree limb above his head.

He couldn’t figure where the voice was coming from as she was hidden by leaves and branches. She tossed a twig that landed directly on his head. “Oops” and then there was a giggle. He looked up and couldn’t believe his eyes. She was resting on a large branch in the tree. “Grab a plate and come up here,” she ordered to him. He soon joined her. The view was spectacular and the limb was long enough for the two to sit side-by-side and wide enough to ease the apprehension that neither would slip off.

He apologized for not calling sooner and she hushed him with one soft finger to his lips. She explained that she understood and knew if she came to help he would eventually run into her again.

Dusk was hitting the park; the water glowed with the light of the full moon when the sun vanished beyond the horizon. Clean up participants and park officials were retiring for the evening, totally exhausted from a hard days work and an excellent dinner. Soon the shoreline was deserted except for the two in the tree. “I can’t believe we are finally alone, I thought they would never get tired,” she said with a smile on her face.

He gazed into her eyes and whispered into her ear, “So where would you like to begin your exploration?”

The bonfire was emitting enough light to give a romantic glow through the leaves of the magnificent oak tree. He helped her to her feet and she leaned back against the enormous trunk of the tree. He took her face in his hands and kissed her tenderly, yet with enough heat and desire that compelled her to capture snippets of his hair in her fingers and lure him in for a deeper kiss.

As they kissed, she slowly unbuttoned his shirt, bringing her hands back up his chest and pushing it off his shoulders. She felt his hands at her waist, tugging her shirt up while his fingers unhurriedly excited her heated skin beneath. Breaking the kiss, he whispered, his voice lusty, “I must have you this instant!” He brought her shirt up over her head and tossed it to the ground. His arms immediately wrapped around her again, fumbling with the clasp on her bra as his lips found hers in another fiery kiss.

Breaking the kiss once more, he ran his fingers under the waistband of her shorts, slowly bringing them down as his fingers and lips left a trail of fire on her skin. She moaned at the sensual touch of his hands as he worked his way back up her body, caressing softly and exploring every curve. Standing upright again, he began to unfasten the snap on his jeans, only to have her push his hands away and complete the task herself.

Bringing his jeans and briefs down at once, his raging erection sprung free, causing her to gasp at the sight of it. She moved her lips closer to the tip, her tongue surveying its perimeter then probing out to taste it. He gasped at the sensations her tongue emitted against his hard member. Slowly, her kisses ascended his body, circling her tongue around each nipple as she found his waiting lips once more. The anticipation finally quenched as their lips joined in a hypnotic kiss.

He reached up and grabbed the towel hanging on the large branch above them and draped it over her shoulders, their lips still engaged in a frenzied kiss. She broke the kiss, looking deep into his eyes, seeing the desire, the lust and something more, something beyond lust in the depths. The anticipation of that which awaits, the adoration of that which is present as well as the love, the bond in which they now share.

He pushed her against the trunk of the tree, her hard nipples pressed into his hard muscular chest. His lips found her neck, kissing and nibbling softly as he made his way down her body, leaving another trail of fire with his lips. Capturing one nipple in his mouth, he began circling his tongue around it, eliciting a soft whimper from her. Biting down softly, he felt her back arch into him, pushing the taut bud further into his hungry mouth.

His kisses followed the gentle curves between her areolas as his mouth found the other nipple, giving it the same pleasurable treatment the first had received. She tangled her fingers in his hair, holding him in place and she felt as well as heard him moan her name. She pulled him away; brought his face up to hers and kissed him with all the desire he made her feel.

Her lips found his neck, then his ear, nibbling softly as he moaned her name once more. Pulling away briefly, she looked deep into his eyes.

“Please, Jack. I need you. Don’t deprive me any longer,” she whispered.

He brought his lips to hers again, pressing his throbbing erection against her. She parted her legs to allow him access. He lifted her slightly, feeling her legs wrap around his waist as he pushed himself slowly inside her. Resting his hands on the trunk of the tree on either side of her, he pumped into her slowly, feeling her hips move with his.

He kissed her again. His kiss this time was tender, passionate and full of the desire he felt for her. The sweet taste of her was nearly his undoing. His hips pumped harder into her, her moans of pleasure muffled by his lips on hers. She wrapped her arms around him and caressed his back as her orgasm began to work its way through her body. Tearing her lips from his, she cried out his name when he hit that spot that would bring her over the edge.

Just seconds away from his own release, he pumped even harder into her when he felt her legs tighten around him. Roaring her name from his lips, he emptied his cock into her convulsing pussy.

He held them both up as they gasped for air; their perspiration glistened in the moonlight as they continued their intimate embrace, his rapidly softening member still lodged deep inside her. He took a step back, allowing her feet to touch the branch beneath them. She held him tight, unable to hold herself up on her own.

He pulled the towel from behind her and laid it out on the branch before bringing her down to lay with him, both laying on their sides facing each other. He held her close as the moon shone on the water and the embers of the fire dissipated. They remained on the limb wrapped in sensual caresses and gentle loving until dawn.

They watched the sun peak the horizon once more. “Do you have to rush off again?” he asked, somewhat disappointed, remembering the last time they were together.

She leaned into him, “my schedule is free today, what did you have in mind?”

He climbed down from the tree then gathered up their clothes. She wrapped the towel around her as he pulled on his jeans. He helped her down from the limb, feeling her straddle his broad shoulders and they strolled back to his cabin. They were both famished from the activities of the previous night. He prepared a light brunch to enjoy on the deck.

As Jack cleared the dishes from the meal, Bridgett attempted to suppress that drive inside her. Although unsuccessful, she soon made it evident that her sexual appetite had not yet been quenched, that she craved more. She parted her legs slightly as she repositioned her hips toward the edge of the adirondack chair she sat in. With a watchful eye on Jack who fueled her movements, she parted the towel with one hand as she seductively moved the other to the tuft of curls between her tingling thighs.

She caressed the outer labia then inner, making certain Jack could see every movement. Her body was on fire and she craved relief. With her eyes closed her fingers continued their quest as she moved them to her slit. A slow massage at first, but when she opened her eyes again she noticed Jack standing mere inches from her, watching intently, her pace quickened. She reached beneath the towel and began to flick one nipple with her free hand and within moments a powerful orgasm coursed through her. Her body convulsed in the chair as Jack moved in to assist, which caused yet another orgasm to rush through her.

Content for the moment, she pulled Jack to her and kissed his lips softly then whispered, “if I would have only known you were serious about your trespassing sign I would have come over here much sooner.”

Jack, still between her trembling thighs gazed adoringly at Bridgett when she sighed dreamily as she winked, biting her lower lip slightly with her teeth.

Bridgett remained in the chair as her body recovered from the intense pleasure. When her breathing calmed Jack reached for her hand and as she gazed in his eyes she could clearly tell he craved more as well. More love, more excitement, more passion as the two crossed the threshold into an intimate embrace and rekindled the ecstasy for a third time.

Mouth to mouth, tongues engaged in pyretic dance, as they retreated to the comforts of his bed for a continuum of their highly anticipated erotic euphoria.


Bridgett told a little white lie about the roads being impassable when she phoned her boss several days after the storm. She wasn’t ready to leave Jack just yet. Eventually though, she did return home and to her job. Jack visited her several times throughout the year and their attraction to the other only strengthened. Jack told Bridgett she needed to come stay with him in the cabin and later that night she proposed to him! Bridgett quit her job and moved to the island after Jack said yes!

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