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Playing With His Christmas Presents

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Green eyes stared back at her from the mirror as she pondered the start of their special weekend. She had pinned so many hopes on this time with her Master. Hopes for romance, kinky sex, laughter and a hope that they would feel even closer after spending this time alone were in her heart. She desperately wanted to please him.

She also wanted them both to enjoy some quality time together, something that had been very scarce lately.

She brushed her shiny brown hair and pulled it back behind her neck; fastening it with a scrunchie so that it wouldn’t get in her face or mouth later. She looked over her shoulder and smiled. There he was, surfing channels, apparently as carefree as a boy. Now, the question in her mind was this… should she go hop on the bed and watch TV with him or should she get to her knees and crawl submissively to his side? On the one hand, either way worked; they’d be spending time together. On the other hand, it wasn’t often that she had the opportunity to crawl to him. She opted to crawl.

She grasped her collar between her teeth and got to her knees. Damn, that bathroom floor is cold and hard. Oh well, he’s worth it and it’s not far to the carpet. She slowly crawled into the bedroom and quietly approached the bed where her master lay watching TV. She stopped beside the bed and waited quietly for him to take notice of her. He made no sign that he saw her, yet she suspected he was well aware of her waiting submissively and was allowing her to stew a little.

She made herself as comfortable as possible on the motel floor and settled in to wait. He continued changing channels every few minutes and finally stopped on VH1. She heard the springs of the bed creak and felt a tingle of excitement. Maybe he would want to play a little. A large warm hand stroked her head and traced fingers idly down her spine as she shivered in response to his light touch. She felt him watching her and hoped he was pleased by the sight of her naked form kneeling before him. The collar was removed from her mouth and fastened around her neck. The feel of the leather against her throat gave her comfort and assurance that he wanted to play.

His hand returned to her head and she was pushed lower to the floor. Her face and shoulders were on the carpet; her ass remained high in the air. The excitement was building inside her. She felt the heat starting deep inside causing the evidence of her desire to flow. No words were spoken or needed at this point. Her only job was to hold position and wait.

As she waited, she wondered, what will come next? Will it be pain? Will it be pleasure? Will he tease me? Will he use toys or touch me with his hands and tongue? Will he bind me? Oh lord, I do hope he’ll use the cuffs at least. Will he allow me to suck him? Will he fuck me? Does he enjoy my pussy? Would he prefer my ass? I hope he’ll enjoy me. I hope I can relieve some of his tension. I hope he’ll let me taste his cum tonight. Let me be pleasing to him was her silent prayer.

The more she waited and wondered, the harder it became not to squirm. She was acutely conscious of the rough pile of the carpet against her nipples. Her thoughts added fuel to her desire as she waited. At the next commercial, she heard him moving around and felt her breathing grow faster. He’s over by the table. I hear a zipper. Is he digging in one of the bags? Is it the toy bag? Shifting position, the carpet dragged against erect nipples and she stifled a moan.

“Des, I’m going out for some ice. Wait there for me. I’ll be back shortly.”

“Yes Sir.” She heard the door open and felt the cool air rush in. But, the door didn’t close. Oh no! She was naked and kneeling with her face on the floor in front of an open door. Anyone could see her! Anxiety and embarrassment coupled with hot arousal flooded her senses. She could feel the rapid beat of her heart pounding in her clit. Her head was turned towards the TV so she couldn’t even see if someone was there. Well, no matter. No one knew her here and she trusted him to keep her safe.

“Oh my, Des. I left the door open. Wonder who saw you like that?” he chuckled. Closing the door, he said: “I wonder who saw my slave kneeling naked, waiting for her Master. It’s too bad I didn’t make that ass nice and red so they’d have something to see.” As he said that, she heard the slapper moving swiftly just before it stung her ass. Over and over, he swatted her. He varied the placement of the strikes, grinning as the creamy skin developed a warm rosy glow. Pop, pop, pop. The sound was almost worse than the sting, yet she felt herself growing wetter as he continued slapping her upraised buttocks.

“That’s better slave. Your cheeks should always have a glow like that.” Grasping her hips, he helped her rotate somewhat, placing her ass in a direct line with the door. “Now, lets give these people something really sexy to look at, shall we?” She heard the door open and felt the rush of cold air over her sensitive hot skin.

Returning to her side, he began swatting her with something wider and cool. “Hmmmm. I like watching your fanny flatten out as I swat you.” She knew then, that he was using the clear acrylic cutting board that was in his Christmas package. It hurt more than she thought and she began wondering if she could bear it as the tears came to her eyes.

After a few more swats, he stopped. “I think that’s enough just now, slave. Let’s see if you’ve gotten wet for your Master.”

She felt his thick fingers probing her slit. “You nasty slut. You’ve gotten my fingers all slippery and slick.” She felt him part her labia and experienced a thrill of humiliation as he said: “Des, there’s a man outside the door. I’m showing him your slippery pink pussy. I know he wants it.”

She moaned as he smacked her ass hard to punctuate each word of the next sentence he uttered. “But, you belong to me and I don’t share.”

He gave her his wet fingers to clean. Gratefully, she licked and sucked each finger, enjoying the taste of his skin combined with the liquid evidence of her desire. After she finished, he moved away and she heard the door close.

“Get on the bed, slut. NOW. Spread those legs and wait for your Master.”

She scurried to do his bidding, slightly stiff from kneeling so long. Anxiously, she positioned herself in the middle of the bed. Trembling with desire, she waited for whatever was to come next.

“That’s right Des. You’re mine. All of you. Now play with my pussy for me. Get it good and hot but don’t you dare cum and don’t stop until I give you permission.”

She began swirling her fingers in her molten cleft, trying to avoid her clit as much as possible. As the pleasure mounted, she began to writhe a bit and moan. “Hold still slut. I didn’t give you permission to move.” She lay still, anxious and hoping she hadn’t really displeased him.

She felt the bed move as he settled beside her. Looking up into his face, she saw lust and steel in his eyes. Hearing the rustle of plastic, she looked at his hands. He was holding the bags of clothespins and zipper toys she had given him. Fear shot through her as she wondered where he would place the pins. Slowly, he began placing individual clothespins all around her areola on both breasts. As each nipple was circled, he stroked the pins, putting extra pressure on her sensitive flesh.

Desire raged through her, hotter and faster with this new stimulation. He held one of the zipper toys in front of her as she continued to stroke her wetness. “Where shall I use this?” he asked with an evil grin.

“I know just the place. Stop playing with your pussy. Your hands are in my way.” Another thrill of fear surged through her as she wondered if she could tolerate having such tender flesh clamped.

Leaning forward, he blew on her steamy pink flesh, then grabbed her wrists and moved them above her head. “Keep your wrists there.” He cuffed her wrists together above her head and stroked her arms as he moved down her body, stopping to kiss her deeply.

Slowly, he placed the zippers down her outer lips. The pressure wasn’t too bad and she began to relax a little, thinking she would be able to bear it. He reached around and brought out the clips with the hooks on the end.

“Lets use these to spread you open slut.” With that, He hooked the zipper twine between clothespins and stretched her lips open. With the other end of the hook, he clamped the flesh of her inner thigh. After using 4 clips in this fashion, she was spread wide open and vulnerable before him.

Her pussy was streaming with passion and her clit throbbed. “I’ve always wanted to have a pussy stretched open so I could touch and look and play to my heart’s content. ” With that, he slid a finger deep into her pussy and began to stroke her g-spot.

“Look at me, slut.” “Who does your pleasure belong to?”

“You Master. My pleasure belongs to you,” she choked out. As she spoke, he pinched her clit while continuing to stroke the rough flesh deep inside her. She trembled with the effort not to cum under the assault on her senses. A clothespin was placed on her throbbing clit and she released a hoarse cry.

“If you move enough to cause these clips to come loose, you’ll regret it slut.”

Oh no. What if I can’t be still enough? What if a clip comes loose on it’s own? What will the punishment be? With wide eyes she watched him get off the bed and return to the table. Taking the riding crop, he began to tease her by swatting various clothespins. Over the next few moments, time lost meaning for her as she struggled to remain still under the sting of the crop. The pain was mounting, yet so was the pleasure. It all began to merge into a single sensation that had no name, yet left her breathless with desire for more.

She whimpered as he knelt by her head and teased her lips with his hardness. Her tongue flicked out to sample the salty liquid treat. Thrusting deep into her mouth, he said: “suck me. Please your Master. Show him how much you want that cock.”

Driven by her need to please him, she sucked and licked, varying her strokes and the pressure of her lips and tongue in an effort to further arouse him. Lost in the taste of him, at first, she didn’t really notice that he was removing the clothespins. As blood began to flow into those tiny areas, the pleasure/pain combination began to mount.

Noticing the change in her breathing, he removed his cock from her mouth so that he could kiss and suck her nipples. As he suckled, he tweaked the pin on her clit just a bit to watch her struggle not to writhe under the renewed sensation. Again, he moved away from her and stood watching her chest heave as she drew in deep ragged breaths. The smell of her desire was heavy in the room. Turning from his slave, he opened her bag and removed a set of jelly anal beads that he had never used. He slid 2 fingers into her dampness, gathering sufficient lubrication to insert the beads.

He teased her pucker at first. Applying pressure, then removing it. Over and over again, he lightly probed her until she began to buck towards him, needing something more than a tease. Slowly, he inserted the beads, fucking her ass as she became accustomed to this new feeling. He left a couple of beads out and was amused by the vision of a purple tail hanging out where he could grab it.

Kneeling between her legs, he resumed toying with his pussy. Stretching the inner lips, stroking the sides of her clit that weren’t covered by the clothespin and occasionally thrusting his fingers inside her all produced different reactions. Her moans were music to his ears. Back and forth, he flicked the pin over her clit, enjoying her involuntary thrusts and cries.

Finally, it was time to remove the pin from her throbbing nubbin. She knew it was coming and was terrified of the pain she would feel as the blood rushed into her clit. Looking into her eyes, he told her… “You may release when you feel the need, slave. You’ve earned it.”

Leaning close to her tortured mound, he quickly removed the pin from her clit and began gently licking and sucking as her screams filled his ears. The pleasure from his tongue merged with the pain from the clothespin removal. Soon, she was riding a wave of sensation that carried her beyond climax and into a new realm of pleasure. As her orgasm peaked, he roughly removed the zippers and other clips on her inner thighs.

The endorphins and adrenalin rushing through her system reduced her to tears and quivering incoherence. He lay next to her; wrists still bound above her head, and stroked her gently as she recovered some of her strength. She relaxed into the safety of his arms with a sigh, happy to be where she felt most at home. After a few moments, he offered her some water, which she gratefully received. It felt wonderful to her parched throat.

When he judged that she was ready to go on, he said, “lay still for a minute.” She saw him cross the room and begin rummaging in the toy bag. He kept the items he’d retrieved hidden by his body as he walked to the bathroom door. Her eyes widened in surprise. He’s got the over the door bondage straps. What’s he gonna do now? she wondered.

After assuring himself that the straps were securely in place, he unclipped her from the bed and assisted her to a standing position in front of the door. She looked at him, a mute question in her eyes. He put one finger to his lips …”shhh.” She nodded her understanding.

Using the quick-connect D-rings, he attached her wrist cuffs to the bondage straps. She felt her pulse begin to pound again. This was something new that they hadn’t done before. I hope I don’t pass out or anything. I hope I can take whatever he has planned: she thought anxiously. He placed his hands on her hips and used one foot to encourage her to widen her stance. He slid one finger through her streaming wetness, teased her ass with the jelly beads and left her in position.

Behind her, she could hear him puttering around. It seemed to take forever before she heard his approach. Her anxiety and desire mounted. Without warning she heard the whisper of leather falls through the air just before making contact with a thud over her right shoulder blade. Air hissed between her teeth as she swayed from the impact. She clenched her fists as she prepared for the next strike. Over and over, the leather kissed her skin. Sometimes the blows were soft and thuddy, other times, the strike took her breath away. He paused just as she feared her knees would buckle.

A sharp fingernail gently traced the welts along her back and buttocks. Heat radiated from her skin and she moaned in response to the new feeling. She moaned as a tongue teasing along the trail of enervated flesh replaced his fingernail. Standing upright, he moved closer, pressing his hardness against her pillowy ass. Holding her firmly about the waist with one arm, he pressed a gentle kiss into the nape of her neck as he unclipped her wrists.

She felt herself being turned to face him. Her wrists were clipped back into place. Oddly, she felt detached, as if her mind was numbed. Through half lidded eyes, she watched her Master reach for the rubber flogger. As she felt the first sting of the rubber against her breasts, her head fell back. The strikes rained down over her heaving chest; sending mixed messages of pain/pleasure to her clit and to her brain. Her thighs became shiny as her juices flowed. Her heart raced and her breathing became shallow as he continued to flog her. As suddenly as it started, he stopped.

Before she could draw a breath, his hand slapped her pussy hard. “Cum for me slave. Cum while I spank your clit.” With that, he gave several sharp slaps as a scream tore from her throat. Wrapping his arms around her, he held her trembling form close and waited for her climax to end.

“Come back to me, des. Come back.” were the words she heard as she felt her wrists being freed.

He half carried, half dragged her limp body the few steps to the bed. Wrapping her in the bedspread, he settled in to hold her. He murmured soft reassurances in her ears, as she lay nestled in his arms. “I’m so proud of you. I love the way we play together. You turn me on more than you know. You’re mine and I love you.”

As her trembling subsided, she looked up at her Master. Gently, she touched his face. She cherished these tender moments after hard play when he reminded her that she was precious to him. She reached up for a kiss. One kiss became several, each building in intensity. As their passion grew once again, the bedspread got in the way of his caresses.

Laughing, they untangled the covers and came together again. Both relished the feel of skin meeting skin. His hands explored her body, teasing her with pleasure rather than pain. She pulled him closer, loving the hard strength of his flesh under her hands.

Continuing to kiss, he crawled between her legs. He knelt upright and looked down upon his woman. She lay panting, wanting him inside. “Fuck me, Master. Please, take me. Use me for your pleasure. Let me please you.”

He thrust deep inside taking his pleasure in her slick heat. He varied the rhythm and angle of his thrusts, taking his time and enjoying her velvet warmth. He’d delayed his own pleasure for quite some time and felt his balls tighten. It wouldn’t be long before his control would be gone.

“Cum again slut. I know you’ve got it in you. Cum on your Master’s cock. Grip it with your pussy and show me how much you need it” he growled.

Her eyes rolled up in her head as the pleasure washed over her again. She felt full with his cock in her pussy and the beads in her ass. Reaching forward, he grabbed her head. “Look at me. Don’t you dare look away while I’m fucking you. Now cum, hard. Give it to me now. Submit to your Master.”

Caught in his gaze, she bucked up to meet him thrust for thrust. With no thought of shame or question, she gave him her all. Her complete submission and love shone through her eyes as his cock swelled; releasing his hot joy deep inside her. With the onset of her final climax, he withdrew his cock and applied tension to the beads. As he saw her pleasure peak, he pulled them out in one smooth motion.

Afterwards, on jelly legs, she tried to go fetch a cloth to clean him. “Lay down my love. You aren’t ready to walk quite yet and I need you by my side. Come snuggle close.” She settled in with her head on his broad chest. Lazily, he caressed her bare shoulder. As she drifted off to sleep, she heard him say… “That’s what I call a Merry Christmas.”

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