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The Pleaser Principle

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Michael trembled imperceptibly as he wheeled his Ford Explorer into the narrow parking space in front of Suite 208, snapped off the radio and killed the engine. This is it, he thought. Both hands gripped the wheel as he sorted through complex emotions. No fighting it any longer. He had come to take charge of his life, and for once, finally after his 42 years, he was intent on fulfilling his desires in the only way he knew possible. No more lies, no more facades. This had to be done.

He yanked the keys from the ignition, popped the door open, and soon he was striding up the short hill to the entrance: glass door of a small building in a nondescript industrial park, in an iffy part of town. His was the only car in the parking lot, and there wasn’t much traffic on the street. Goddamn economy, Michael thought. He rapped three times on the door, the sound echoing in the parking lot around him.

A short wait. Michael saw movement in the back of the dark office, and then from the shadows emerged Jeff. Just like his pics, Michael thought. Jeff was 6’2″, very short beard, broad beefy shoulders, narrow hips, and medium complexion African American. He was wearing chinos, no shoes or socks, baggy grey sweatshirt with ARMY in big letters across the front. He unlatched door.

“Come in,” he grunted. “We’re alone.”

‘Hi,” was all Michael could muster.

“What’s up?” Jeff had already turned, and was walking back into the back shadows of the office. Michael followed.

They arrived in what was presumably Jeff’s office. Small sofa, desk and chair, computer, TV with Sportscenter blaring, trash can. Blinds drawn to a close, medium light. It smelled like new carpet and cleaning fluids.

“Have a seat,” Jeff motioned toward the couch. He leaned one hip on his desk, with one foot on the floor, facing Michael and looking down at him where he sat on the sofa.

“So do I look like my pics?” Jeff asked. Michael nodded. “Maybe a little taller than I thought,” he replied. Jeff nodded and grinned. He reached down and pulled his sweatshirt up and over his head, revealing his muscular shoulders and pecs, which were half concealed by a tiny white “wife beater” shirt, which clung to Jeff’s abs like a second skin. Michael felt his heart quicken. “Do I look like my pics?” Michael asked.

“Yep. I like a big man, soft in all the right places, with a phat ass,” Jeff responded, staring directly at Michael’s firm but ample body. Michael was a big guy, 6 feet tall and with a plump middle. But as a former college wrestler, he was muscular and thick, strong and in shape. No skinny minny for sure, but certainly not a blob.

“Cool,” was all Michael could say. He was so nervous. He could feel his heart in his throat. He was dying to see Jeff’s cock, but worried at the same time. He had never had anal sex before, and that is what the craigslist ad had said: “Need White Ass for Big Black Cock.”

The attached pictures in the ad were of a muscular black man’s chest and shoulders, a medium distance shot of the man standing next to a bench in a park, and a third, of a beautiful black cock that was semi-erect. Michael had stared at the pics for a long time before responding to the ad. He had even masturbated once, fantasizing about the large, strangely light-colored head of that penis entering his rectum and bringing him such relief. But Michael was unsure; he had never had a cock in his ass. He only knew he wanted it, but he didn’t know if he could take it.

True, he had a couple of experiences with guys that he could draw from to alleviate his anxiety. Once in college he was drunk and watching porn with a roommate’s buddy who was hanging out at the rent house, and one thing had let to another and they had ended up doing some drunk sucking with no completion. But hell, lots of guys were experimenting back then, and the alcohol had a lot to do with what happened.

More recently, he had found himself in a dark adult bookstore movie booth a couple of years back, jacking off to porn when a small cock had slid through the glory hole next to him. He had briefly sucked that one and jacked it off. That event had caused some hard thinking to occur subsequently about just what he wanted and who he was.

For some reason, Michael had a desire for cock that he just couldn’t shake. It seemed to come on in his late thirties. One afternoon, engaged in watching straight porn and enjoying a really hot BJ scene (wife was out shopping), he was reminiscing that through all his years of watching porn of all types, he had really loved blowjob and come swallowing scenes. He had loved watching the women with their red, full lips take cock after cock in their throats, jacking it with their small hands and manicured nails, and drinking semen by the quart. But that day, for some reason, it dawned on him that all this time, it wasn’t the girls he was focusing on, it was the cocks. Those rock-hard phalluses geysering their loads everywhere, attached to studs who seemed to never run dry. It rocked his whole existence when he figured it out finally. He realized it when he shot his wad during the usual masturbation session, but it was to the image of a man stroking his meat when there wasn’t a girl anywhere in the scene yet.

He even discussed it with his wife, who raised an eyebrow but never said much about it. Oh he was a little vague about his newly identified cock attraction, but surely she got the gist. She knew about his little porno addiction and seemed to chalk it up to an active imagination. He was still able to perform for her, but his main fantasy remained to get plowed by a large cock from someone who knew how to use it, and to suck and suck and suck a cock. And suck some more.

Sure, Michael’s wife had fingered his ass a couple of times during blowjobs back when they were first married, but that was a long time ago and besides, her little finger didn’t amount to much excitement. He thought he could take more. But back to the matter at hand.

“Ok then. So hey, I am on the DL, got to keep this quiet if you know what I mean.” Jeff was speaking music to Michael’s ears. “Of course, same for me man, I need to keep this just between us,” Michael replied.

“Cool.” Jeff stood up from the desk. He unbuttoned his chinos, and let them fall to the floor, revealing blue and white horizontally striped boxer briefs, with a noticeable bulge forming on one side. Jeff “dressed left”.

Jeff now stood at Michael’s feet, just an arm’s length from his face. He reached down and slowly peeled the boxer briefs off. As he stood up, his cock popped up and into Michael’s view for the first time.

Michael felt a stirring in his cock. Jeff’s beautiful black dick was pulsing with every heartbeat, filling with blood and becoming harder, levitating at every throb. Soon it was sticking straight out at Michael, its head reflecting dim light and its darker shaft below ridged and anchored by veins and taut skin.

Instinctively, Michael straightened up and scooted forward on the couch, until his mouth was inches away from Jeff’s cock. He took in Jeff’s air and smelled his cock scent, the musky aroma driving him over the edge. He opened his mouth and, with every effort he had, he placed his lips around Jeff’s cockhead and began plunging down.

It was the biggest cock Michael had ever had in his mouth, and although that wasn’t saying much compared to Michael’s lack of experience in quantity; he somehow knew that this cock was a one in a hundred type of opportunity. He wouldn’t meet up with this kind of meat very often. He was determined to take advantage of it and, to make Jeff as happy as he could so he may get an opportunity to pleasure his cock again in the future.

“Ahhhh fuuck,” Jeff said, as Michael’s lips now covered half of his staff. “That’s it man, oh fuck yeah.”

“Mmmmm,” Michael answered, forcing his lips even lower. He could feel Jeff’s cockhead now against the back of his throat, and he was a little more than halfway down on it. He began massaging Jeff’s balls with his right hand, and reached up with his left and grabbed Jeff’s cock at its base, and pulled toward his mouth. He had seen this a hundred times in pornos. He was trying to inch more of that delicious cock into his mouth.

The cockhead slowly began to move down Michael’s throat. “OH FUCK YES,” Jeff was approving. Michael couldn’t breathe any longer but he managed to get an inch or so into his throat for about 20 seconds before he had to pull up, gasping for air. Jeff was looking at the ceiling, with his mouth open, breathing heavily. He put his hand on the back of Michael’s head and guided his mouth back to his sloppy wet cock, which was now pointing up at nearly a 45 degree angle.

Michael went to work on that cock. Sucking, jacking, stroking, pulling, deep throating, rubbing and licking the balls, and making sure to spend time tonguing the head and hole very rapidly. Jeff was moaning and jerking his hips back and forth. From his limited experience, Michael thought maybe Jeff would come soon. He hoped so. At this point, all he wanted was to make Jeff happy, since he was quite the man and truly deserved it.

As if reading his mind, Jeff bellowed, “fuck man, you love this dick don’t you?”

“Mmph,” Michael said as he slobbered on the rod in his mouth.

“You want to be my little dick sucker on demand don’t you,” Jeff snarled.

“Mmmhmmm,” nothing less would satisfy him.

“Ah shit, now you’re gonna have to eat this come bro,” Jeff trailed off as he focused on his impending orgasm.

Michael quickened his pace on the head of Jeff’s cock. With his right hand, he pulled on Jeff’s shaft while his left hand cupped his nuts, which were pressed up tight against Jeff’s body. With a grunt and a hip stab that drove his cock into Michael’s throat, Jeff let go of his load.

Michael’s mouth was instantly salty and hot, and his nose was filled with the strong and sharp smell of Jeff’s spunk. Michael was unprepared for this moment even though he had craved it for so long. He froze briefly. Then he remembered he had two options: spit or swallow (swallow or spit but don’t let it sit). He decided to swallow. The saltiness and the aroma intensified deeply, and for a moment he wanted to gag and spit. The savory and acrid essence was overpowering. But Jeff’s cock kept pumping into his mouth, as did his seed. Michael could feel Jeff’s cock root twitching in his mouth, and the head was swelling as it paid out its slippery load.

After 7 or 8 good hard pulses, Jeff began to relax. Michael had swallowed almost all of what was deposited into his mouth, with only a little falling to the floor to mix with the rest of the cocksuck slobber that had fallen there. Jeff withdrew his swollen, spit- and come-shined cock from Michael’s mouth. Michael was stunned to find that, although the initial explosion of taste had been a bit overwhelming, he now experienced a pleasant aftertaste of Jeff’s semen that was almost sweet and very earthy; like he had sampled a strong exotic drink in some faraway land. Michael swished his tongue around his mouth to make sure he had collected all of the semen he could (a lot of residue remained on his tongue and lips), and swallowed the last little bit.

Oops, not all of it though. He could see a little drip coming from Jeff’s deflating prick head, and he leaned forward to lick it off. There, he thought, got all of it. “Be right back,” Jeff said, and he strode out of the room, buck naked. Michael fell back onto the couch, in a delirium of passion and satisfaction. Oh my god, he thought. I did it — I sucked his cock and swallowed his come. Holy shit! Michael reflected on the experience. He was tugging on his cock through his pants. He could taste the salty come in his mouth, and feel its slippery lubricant in his throat. He almost purred with satisfaction as he realized Jeff’s semen was inside of him, and he had caused that giant cock to erupt. Honestly, he would suck that monster for the rest of the day, if it was up to him. What a treat!

He sat there for a few minutes, and soon realized he was about to make himself come in his pants by tugging on his cockhead. He stopped and stared blankly at Sportscenter. Shortly, Jeff arrived back in the room with two bottled waters and a towel. “Here,” he handed Michael a bottle. He didn’t really want to wash away the flavor of Jeff’s semen, but he was thirsty so he took a few swigs and said politely, “thanks man.”

Jeff sat in his office chair, still nude, drinking his water and drying his cock with the towel absentmindedly, also staring at Sportscenter.

Michael was content to sit still and wait for Jeff to make the next move.

After about 10 minutes of watching Sportscenter and stroking himself with the towel, Jeff began to get hard again. Michael knew it before Jeff did because Michael had never taken his eyes off of Jeff’s wonderful cock. It had such perfect dimensions. Michael was no expert on cock measurement but he guessed it was about 8 inches, and certainly as thick as an average woman’s wrist. If not thicker. Nice bulby head and a low hung sack of balls that got real tight when the cock was suspended fully hard above them, ready to come. Yep, very nice.

Jeff looked over at Michael. “So, you want some more of this, I can see?”

Michael nodded.

“Alright. Here it comes.” Jeff stood up and brought that cock, bouncing and waving, over to Michael’s face again. Once more, Michael knew what to do with it. A repeat of the previous episode. Michael’s face was being thoroughly fucked.

Soon Jeff pulled his cock from the suckhole abruptly, leaving Michael gasping and a long string of spit connecting his lips to Jeff’s cockhead. “Stand up,” Jeff said. Michael complied.

“Suck on my tits.”

Michael happily went to work on those tits, licking and sucking away. Jeff reached down and unbuttoned Michael’s pants, letting them drop to the floor. He followed by sliding down Michael’s boxers to his knees. Jeff began clumsily fondling Michael’s dick while Michael licked his nipples. “Mmmmmm,” Michael managed, indicating his pleasure to Jeff.

Jeff didn’t waste much time with Michael’s average cock. His hand slowly wandered around and parted Michael’s ass cheeks, with his middle finger hungrily searching for Michael’s hole. He found it, and began rubbing and pressing. Michael got suddenly nervous. This finger felt hard and searching, and it was a little rough on his anus. How much rougher would Jeff’s monster cock be?

Jeff reached up and grabbed Michael’s shoulders, detaching Michael from his nipples, and turned him around so that Michael was directly in front of him, but facing away. Michael instinctively bent over slightly to allow Jeff to see his asshole. Jeff resumed his fingering, this time with more intensity. Michael leaned one arm on the desk, as he arched slightly to meet Jeff’s finger pressure. Jeff’s finger entered Michael as his sphincter relaxed. Michael felt the rough skin enter him, and he held his breath. It hurt a little, and it was fairly uncomfortable.

Michael wondered if he would be able to go through with this. He reached back to find Jeff’s cock. He felt it pointing out stiffly, and stroking it gave him some comfort as Jeff continued to finger fuck his asshole roughly. This went on for a few minutes. Suddenly, Jeff withdrew his finger and said, “I think you’re ready.” Michael swallowed hard. Jeff padded around his desk to open the middle drawer, and pulled out condoms and a container of gel lube. Michael had brought his own condoms but he was glad to see Jeff’s were Magnums, because the ones Michael brought were just the regular size.

“Lay on the arm of that couch there,” Jeff said. Michael moved to the couch, almost tripping over his boxers. He stepped out of them, and bent deeply and positioned his stomach and chest on the arm of the small sofa, so his ass was sticking out and available to Jeff.

Jeff rolled on his condom. It looked stretched, shiny and transparent on his very dark cock shaft. He approached Michael and positioned himself between his legs. “Move your legs apart.” Michael did. Jeff squirted lube onto Michael’s asshole, and began rubbing and fingering. Soon his lubed finger was inside of Michael, and this time it felt much better. He began to relax a little. Maybe it won’t be that bad, he thought.

Then he felt Jeff remove his finger, and something much larger pressing against his tight hole. The pressure was building, but it wasn’t painful. Michael began to push back on Jeff’s cock, working his hole up and down to give him easier entry.

Suddenly, Michael’s hole gave way to the pressure. He felt Jeff’s cockhead enter him in a quick motion that felt like something popped. Instantly, he sensed pain and intense pressure in his ass.

“Oh god, you’ve got to stop, please,” Michael begged, trying to unhook himself from his lover. “Shhh, don’t fight it, don’t fight it!” Jeff was holding Michael’s hips firm so he couldn’t move, and he kept his cockhead in Michael’s ass the whole time.

“No I mean it man, I feel like I am gonna shit myself!” Michael protested.

Jeff was having none of it. He confidently held Michael still while keeping his cock centered in Michael’s behind.

After a few seconds, Michael realized he should trust Jeff, even though it hurt like fuck. Jeff wasn’t going to stop anyway. He calmed down and stopped moving. After all, he had responded to Jeff’s advertisement asking for this.

“Good. Now, I am gonna go slowly, so just relax.” Michael felt the pressure again, as Jeff nudged his cock inch by inch into him. It hurt like hell. He tried not to panic. Feeling Jeff’s hands on his hips helped him to be confident and he tried to focus on relaxing his ass. He had read online that he should try to push back against the cock as it entered, as if he were taking a dump, and this would help ease the entry of a big cock. He started trying to do as he had read.

“Thaaat’s it! Good boy!” Jeff was happy. Michael was proud of himself. After all, this is what he had always wanted, had spent all that time dreaming about and masturbating to endless porn loops of guys getting their asses reamed out by giant cocks. Now it was his turn.

Soon, Jeff announced that he was “all in.”

Michael was sweating a little and was not exactly comfortable, but at least the pain had subsided some and now it was mostly just pressure. Jeff stayed buried to the hilt for a long while, about 3 minutes, while he reached around and tweaked Michael’s nipples smartly. Michael’s asshole was adjusting to the girth now splitting it open.

Slowly, Jeff began to ease out of Michael. This was actually pleasurable to Michael and he wriggled his ass a bit sideways to feel it better. Jeff’s cock finally exited Michael’s ass and it made a soft plopping sound. Michael immediately felt relief in his ass, and an odd emptiness that was both pleasurable but somehow too empty. He realized his greedy ass wanted Jeff back inside!

He didn’t have to wait. Jeff placed his cock again at Michael’s hole, and entered him. He had added more lube. This time, it went in easier, and with no pain, only pressure.

“Ahhhhhh,” Michael said out loud. Jeff took this as his cue to begin fucking. Slowly at first but soon with medium intensity he was forcing his big cock into, and then pulling himself out of, Michael’s ass. The tight asshole was gripping the sides of the condomed cock as it reamed in and out, pushing and pulling Michael’s hips with it.

“Oooooh baby, yeah,” Jeff kept saying over and over, as he gained speed and depth. Michael was trying to keep his balance on the arm of the sofa. He had one leg on the floor and the other on the couch cushion, meaning he was unbalanced. He focused on keeping his ass still and his head up. He arched his back to give Jeff better access, and when he did he realized this placed Jeff’s cockhead right over his prostate gland where it felt wonderful.

In this new position, both men fucked each other very hard. Jeff pounded his cock in and out at full length, and Michael arched and pumped his ass into his master’s cock as hard as he could, yearning to accept the dominant cock as deeply as possible into his body. At this pace, and with the tightness of Michael’s ass, Jeff didn’t last long. With a few huge final thrusts and a death grip on Michael’s hips and ass, he unleashed his load into Michael, who could feel the huge cock pulsing and jerking inside of him. Michael wished he could feel the come in his ass, because he knew it would feel better to Jeff without the condom.

Jeff stayed inside of Michael for a few minutes while he recovered, and soon went soft. When he pulled out his cock, the rubber came off and his watery spunk ran down Michael’s legs and onto the couch. It felt hot and slippery as Michael reached back to spread it on his ass cheeks to show Jeff how much he appreciated his load.

Michael rolled over onto the couch, and above him stood the man who had just filled his stomach with his seed and filled his ass with his cock. Michael was in bliss. Jeff stepped forward and Michael, sweetly and lightly, took Jeff’s soft cock into his mouth, sucking and cleaning the sperm from his shaft. Jeff let out a sigh and jerked a little when Michael licked his sensitive head. Michael licked and sucked but there was no sign of Jeff getting hard again. With one last sucking slurp, he let Jeff’s limp cock fall from his lips, and looked up at Jeff.

Jeff grabbed his cock and milked one last drop from it then offered it to Michael, who immediately licked it off. With that, Jeff walked out of the room, grabbing his pants and sweatshirt.

Michael lay there on the couch with the salty taste of Jeff’s spunk in his mouth again (mixed with latex), and began fingering his cock. It had been hard since he started getting fucked, and he came in less than a minute, his thick come, perhaps a third the amount of Jeff’s load, coating his cock and balls. He couldn’t find the towel so he just put on his underwear without wiping off and got dressed.

“Let’s do it again,” Michael said to Jeff as he walked into the main office, somewhat hopefully. “I’ll text you,” Jeff replied.

With that, Michael exited, strode through the parking lot in the dusk and got in his car. As he sat there, he realized his asshole was tingling, and he felt wonderful, like he had never felt after sex before, with his wife or anyone else. That feeling of pleasuring another man was something that touched him deeply, and gave him such a profound sense of satisfaction, that he knew he could never turn back. He needed to be a vessel to provide a man sexual release and pleasure, and he would dedicate himself to that purpose to the best of his ability going forward. He hoped he was up to the task.

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