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Stolen Afternoon

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The two of us together for a whole weekend, no family, no school, no work, just us and a hotel room. MMMM sounds pretty good to me sugar.

As usual you are there before I am but we’re on the phone with each other as I park and get my things out of the car. “Make sure the water in the Jacuzzi is good and hot darling, I’m on my way up.”

As I get off the elevator and head down the hall my pulse beats a bit faster as I read the room numbers in my mind, getting closer to yours. As I step in front of it the door opens and you smile at me around the edge of it.

I know that grin; I know that behind that door you are hard and ready.

As I walk in and set my bag down you shut the door behind me. I turn around and sure enough, there you are, totally naked and rock hard. I drop to my knees in front of you, wrap one hand around your length the other cups your balls, and run my tongue over the head of your cock. When the head is wet all over I open my mouth and slide it down over you, feeling it moving over the roof of my mouth. I suck just enough to feel the pressure at the back of my throat then start pumping you with my hand.

Your hands sink into my hair urging my head to move. I bob my head in tandem with my hand stroking you, cupping your balls a little tighter, swirling my tongue over your dick. Your hips thrust toward my mouth and I increase my speed and pressure just a little. When you start slowing down and pulling back a little I know that it is time to change things up a little.

I sit back on my heels and reach for my bag and pull out a bottle. I open it up and fill your hand with baby oil. You start with your balls and work your way the whole length of your dick. “Show me how you like to be stroked. Hard and fast? Long and slow? The whole length? Just the head? What feels best to you?” I put my hands with yours till I get the right pressure and rhythm then you lean back against the wall and sigh. “Do you like that? Maybe you like that a little too much?”

You reach over and pick up the bottle and motion for me to take my top off. I pull it over my head and you notice that I’m not wearing a bra. Why would I, you always tell me not to bother with putting one on. You pour baby oil on my breasts and rub it all over them; you use both hands and get them nice and slick. “Do you want to slide your cock between my slick titties and fuck them? I’ll hold them tight around you and when you thrust up through them I will lick and suck the head. Do you want to cum in my mouth that way? Or maybe shoot your hot cum all over my breasts?”

After I swallow the last drop of your cum I give you one last suck, not wanting to miss anything. As I stand up and turn around I can see that you have the whirlpool tube full of steaming water and bubbles. I kick my shoes off and turn back to look you in they eyes as I reach for the waist of my skirt and tug it over my hips then it joins my shirt on the floor.

The only thing I am wearing now, besides my glasses, is a leopard print thong. Did I get it just for you? Of course I did. Even though this isn’t about love it is about mutual pleasure. You like leopard print thongs so I found one. I like to have my clit licked and you do that so well. See, mutual pleasure.

I step closer to you and wrap my arms around your neck, pulling you down for a long slow kiss. Your hands rest on my hips then slide down over my ass, under the thongs, pulling it a little with your fingers teasing over my skin.

You straighten up and break the kiss, turn me around by my hips and bend me over the side of the tub, my nipples graze the water as the long fingers of your hand sink deep into my wet pussy. After a few strokes you pull then out and hold your hand up to me, letting me lick my juice from them, sucking your fingers into my mouth till they are clean then put your hand to my back urging me to bend back over.

With one hand you pull my thong to the side, with the other you guide your hard cock to my pussy. You rub the head around teasing me and I start pushing back against you. Finally I feel the head begin to enter my slick cunt so I push back hard sinking you inside of me before you can move away and tease me again.

Your hands grip my hips as you start thrusting, fucking me with hard fast strokes, my breasts hitting the water with each thrust and I start cumming almost immediately. My pussy squeezing around you like it’s trying to eat you. Over and over, thrust after thrust, I cum more and more.

You move your hand up my back, leaving a trail of shivers in your wake, and sink your hand into my hair, pulling it just enough for me to raise my head and look at you over my shoulder. Your balls slap my clit harder, faster, my orgasms are so fast no, one rolling over into the next. My body starts shaking as I sit back hard on your dick and quiver, my breath catching.

I hear your amused chuckle even as you lean over and kiss the top of my shoulder. You hold me till I calm down a little then slip your finger under my thong and lower it, letting it slide down my legs to the floor and I step out of it.

You guide me, keeping me steady, to the tub. You sink back into a corner so you will have enough room to stretch out those mile long legs of yours. You pull me against your chest and we cuddle a while as I catch my breath. But you know me; I can’t keep my hands still. Before long my fingers are tracing patterns over your chest, my nails scraping your nipples. I love to watch the way them harden under my touch. I like the way other parts of your anatomy harden under my touch too.

I reach into the basket by the tub and pick up a bath sponge and a bottle of shower gel and I squeeze a generous amount into the sponge and lather it up. Starting at your neck I soap you up, working my way across your shoulders, down your arms, across your chest, down your flat stomach, all the way down your legs, across the tops of your feet, you have the cutest toes, then under to the arch of your foot.

I rinse the sponge and re-soap it then motion for you to lean forward. I wash your back with long slow strokes, rubbing as I go. I move around again and reach down between your legs. The sponge finds you rock hard and throbbing. I wrap it around your shaft and pull up, letting you slide through the sponge, then down under your balls tickling them a bit before I wrap it around your cock again.

As I reach your tip your hand covers mine and pulls it away from you. You tug a little harder causing me to lose my balance and lean against your chest. Your hands reach for my hips and shift me to straddle your lap and as I ease down I can feel your hips raise to meet mine. I sink down over you, moaning as you slide inside of me. Your lips graze my neck as I take in all of you that I can.

The water makes us buoyant letting me ride you in a gentle swell, my nipples dragging over your chest as I fuck your dick with my pussy. Your hands on my ass tell me that you want me to go faster so I pick up my speed a little. You pull your knees up and I lean back against them. You bring a hand up and squeeze my breast then bend your head, your tongue licking my nipple, wrapping around it, then you suck it into your mouth, your teeth grazing it. I can tell by the way you are swelling more inside of me that you are ready to step it up just a little bit more but I have a little surprise for you this time sugar. I put on my best Scarlet “Oh My” expression and start slowing down. “Are you tired sweetie? Do you need to rest?” You ask, more pride at wearing me out than concern in your voice. “A little. Could we lay down for a bit? Just long enough for me to catch my breath?” You smile, raise me up off of your lap, and reach for a towel. As we stand and get out of the tub I take the towel from you and motion for you to turn around. I start at your shoulders and dry you with soft strokes down to your feet, turn you around, and start over working my way back up. When you are dry I smile and took at you through lowered lashes. “Could you go down to the machine and get me a Mountain Dew? Please? I think my sugar is getting a little low.” I know that you don’t really want to but you know that not doing it will probably mean no more fucking for a while so you half heartedly reach for your shorts and t-shirt from a chair in the corner, pull them on, and slip into your flip flops. You give me a kiss as you head out the door. As the door closes I know I have to work fast. I reach for my bag and pull out the wrist restraints. It only takes me a minute to get them tied to the frame rails at the head of the bed. I tuck the ends, and the blindfold, under the pillows. I reach back into the bag and pull out my purple butt plug and a tube of lube. I lay down on the bed, lube up the plug, and press the tip to my tight pucker. I apply steady pressure and it starts to slide in. When I get to the first hump I pull it out a little and then start again, slow steady pressure, till I have all 3 humps in and the base is pressed tight against my ass.

As I hear you start to open the door I reach for the covers and pull them up to my waist and wait for you. Your shoes come off at the door, your shorts and sliding down as you walk. I can tell you still have a semi. You hand me the bottle and pull your t-shirt over your head. I hold up the covers as you slide in and stretch out.

I open the bottle and take several long gulps, set it on the night stand, then snuggle up against your side.

After a few minutes my hands are rubbing your back and I lean over and place scattered kisses against your skin from your neck to the small of your back where I give a slow lick across your spine.

“I thought you needed a rest?”

“I’ve caught my breath now. I recover quickly.” I keep moving lower with my kisses, placing one on each cheek of your cute, tight ass. But I know your limits and I respect them so I move on lower, stopping for sucking kisses behind your knees. As I get to your calves I feel you start to shift and you roll over in the bed.

I start where I left off on the back of your legs and work my way up the front. Teasing tongue kisses combined with my breath against the crease of your thigh cause your dick to twitch just a bit. I take the head of it between my lips and start to suck as my tongue swirls around it, teasing your slit.

You put a hand on the back of my head, your long fingers tangle in my hair. You want more.

I move my head over you letting you slide in and out of my mouth, feeling the head of your cock slide over the roof of my mouth to the back of my throat over and over. I cup your balls with one hand and wrap the other around the base of your cock. Pumping, squeezing, sucking, stronger, harder, faster.

I can feel you harden even more and start to pulse in my mouth, your hands pressing harder on my head.

The first shot of your hot cum hits the back of my throat, then a second, a third. I keep sucking till you stop pulsing then swallow deeply. Your hands loosen and slide down to the bed. I can feel your body relax.

I look up and see your eyes are closed, your head laid back against the pillow, a faint smile on your lips.

I kiss my way up your body till I can straddle your waist and lean over to kiss your lips. Your hands come put to caress my hips. I reach back and take one of your hands in mine and raise it above your head. I reach under the pillow and slide the wrist restraint strap around your wrist and close it snug but not too tight. I reach for your other hand and have the second restraint closed around it before you fully realize what is going on. You open your eyes and look at me questioningly. I smile and kiss your forehead.

“Just trust me, I know your limits, you know that I won’t cross them.”

You look at me for another minute, then you nod. I pull the blindfold out from under the pillow and show it to you. You take a deep breath and nod gain. I slip the string behind your head and pull the satiny cloth down over your eyes then place a soft kiss over it.

I let my lips lazily make their way down your cheek, across your jaw line, down your neck till I am nipping along your collar bone. I turn my head and let my hair drag across your chest and watch your muscles contract.

I sit up and lean over the edge of the bed and grab the strap of my bag, lift it up, and set it at arms length on the bed. Reaching inside I pull out a large powder puff and use it to stroke you in random places. Light little touches on your neck, a slow stroke up the inside of your thigh. Still using the puff in one hand the other reaches back into the bag and pulls out strip of lace. It is soft but at the same time rough on the edges, I wrap it around my other hand and follow the puff with it. Soft then rough over your skin. I keep moving around in random order to that you never know where I will touch you next.

After a little while I put the puff down and reach for my Mountain Dew, still setting on the bedside table. I drag the wet, still cold, bottle up the side of your leg then across your pubic bone, watching you jump. I follow it with the lace, warm from the heat of both our bodies. I hold the bottle up and let some of the condensation drip on your chest, across your nipple watching it pebble up. Then I lean over and warm it with my tongue, letting my teeth graze it slightly.

I wait till I know that your mind in focused on when I will touch you next, and with what, then I sink down over your hard cock, letting you slide all the way inside my pussy till the head is pressed against my cervix.

I wait till I know that your mind is focused on when I will touch you next, where, and with what, then I sink down over your hard cock, letting you slide all the way inside my pussy till the head is pressed against my cervix. I ride you slow and easy, letting the tension inside of me build slowly. My breath quickens as the tingling deep inside of me spreads. Moving a little faster I can feel my body start to tighten around you, my back starts to arch. I know that I am close so I start to slow down again.

I raise my hips and let your cock slide out of my pussy. I reach back into my little bag of goodies and take out a tube of lube. I open the top and squeeze a generous amount into my hand, then recap the tube. I rub my hands together to warm it a bit then wrap both hands around your cock, starting at the top and work my way down till you are slick and shiny.

I shift just a bit reaching back and find the base of my butt plug. Slowly I pull it all the way out. I shift back over you and reach back behind me to grasp your cock and hold you to the tight circle of my ass. I push back against you and feel you start to spread me. Keeping the pressure steady I ease back a little more, take a deep breath, and feel the head of your cock enter me.

Both of us catch our breath at the same time. Me because of the exquisite fullness I feel. You because of the tightness around you and the realization of what it is. I keep pushing back till I have your hard cock all the way inside my ass. Damn, what a feeling.

I raise up and let you slide about half way out, then sink back down on you again. As close as I was to the brink just a few minutes ago I am almost over the edge again now. My body starts shaking as I ride your cock with my ass.

I feel you moving and watch as your arms pull against the restraints.

Should I free your hands? Do you want me to fuck your cock with my ass till you fill it full of cum? Or do you want me to let you up so you can fuck my ass from behind?

I keep moving pushing down a little harder taking all of your cock that I can each time. I lean forward and let my breast brush against your check, your head turns and you use your lips and tongue to pull my nipple into your mouth. You start sucking it with the same rhythm I am fucking your cock.

A little harder, a little faster, and I can feel the pleasure moving over me. My ass squeezes you tighter as I start to cum. I feel your thighs tense up, tighten. Your teeth close around my nipple almost painfully as you start to cum. I can feel your dick shooting cum deep in my ass.

I lean forward heavily as my body goes limp. I reach up with one hand and release one of yours and lay my head on your shoulder, blissfully exhausted. You reach for the other restraint and loosen it then pull off the blindfold. The expression on your face is one that I will never forget.

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