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A Fetish Shared

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Angela was a few years younger than me – well OK a good twenty. She joined our company straight from college and had other assets apart from being remarkably good at her job. She had long dark hair, perfect slim figure without being gaunt and pert young breasts that just looked perfect under anything she chose to wear. She’d been with us six months when her performance and potential were first recognised.

The company likes to push it’s brightest stars and so at that point I was asked to take Angela ‘under my wing’ as it were and help her reach her full potential. I’d already worked with her a little, offering a few hints to help her along, so we were already on fairly easy terms. As an engineer, even a very senior one, I wasn’t really treated as ‘the management’, which is the way I preferred things.

Our first official meeting we’d decided we probably ought to get together on a regular basis and set aside Friday afternoon last thing so we could review her progress over the week and sort out anything she needed to know while it was fresh in her mind. We got along well and often would leave work late on Friday evenings as our discussion would invariably stray from work to, well, just about anything either of us had on our minds. If neither of us had anything planned we’d occasionally adjourn the meeting to a local pub and then spend the whole evening in each others company. It was of course very proper, we became good friends leaning on each other when things weren’t going well or congratulating each other when we had success.

Angela knew about my marriage, how at times it was difficult, but that I was resigned to my fate. She didn’t have a boyfriend, she told me that she’d had an argument with the last guy she was with and now she was “happy and single!” She told me about odd dates, but despite being, in my humble opinion, just about the most gorgeous thing I could imagine, she didn’t seem to be able to hold down a boyfriend for very long, most no longer than a couple of dates. She never really went into a lot of detail, just “he wasn’t the one”.

Another six months passed and I was invited to attend a conference on behalf of my company. They wanted me to to a technical presentation, which I hate but sometimes you just have to do. John, my boss, suggested it would be a good opportunity for Angela to see some of the ‘big picture’. Well, I wasn’t about to disagree. By that point we’d grown close and the thought of spending a whole week in her company was more than a little appealing.

The conference was in the US, all the way over in California. Not somewhere I’d been much given our US operation was on the East coast. Not wanting to miss the opportunity to see a few places over there I decided to travel over on Friday so I could get the entire weekend to enjoy the place. Angela had nothing planned, there not currently being a boyfriend since the last one made an exit at Easter.

We had a great flight, eight hours in club-class with a good few drinks! At the other end we’d arranged a car to collect us and take us to the hotel, and then we’d have a hire car waiting there for us. We talked all the way, both of us a little relaxed from the drinks that came with the ticket. We got there early evening and each checked into our room, freshened up and agreed to meet up in the bar for more chat, and a few more drinks. I was there first, and looked up when I caught her out of the corner of my eye. I almost whistled. While I’d showered and thrown on some casual clothes, Angela appeared in a little black number and heals. I’d never actually seen Angela outside of work clothes. Her smile was radiant. I ordered a bottle of wine and we took up a comfortable sofa in a quiet corner of the bar. Each at one end, turning to face each other. Her right knee resting against my left. The first glass went quickly and we were talking fairly easily, although her body was grabbing too much of my attention.

The wine worked it’s effect on my mind, lowering natural inhibitions more than a little. I was finding it more and more difficult to concentrate on the conversation and easier and easier to take in her. So enthralled was I with her that she had to repeat something twice and still it didn’t register. I realised she must be waiting for some kind of a response “Jim…… are you OK?”

“Oh, ummmm, sorry Angela. Long flight, wine, guess I must have been daydreaming!”

“You were? Hmmmm, well given the way you seemed to be staring I’d give a penny the know what was in those dreams!” My face flushed. She laughed. “It’s OK Jim.” she leaned forward conspiratorially, looked into my eyes and run her hand over my leg and continued in a whisper “I’ve seen you staring before, I’ve just never said anything. I kind of like it though so stare all you want. Maybe you’d like to see a little more later?”

OK, I’m no film star. I look after my body. My weight is the same now as it was in my twenties and I still keep up with exercise but come on, here I am sitting in a bar thousands of miles from home with the most gorgeous twenty-something girl I’ve ever set my eyes on who is running her hand over my knee and giving me, if I’m not very much mistaken, a very clear signal. So…… I just froze.

I think she realised what she’d said, or she was worried she’d offended me. Maybe she’d misread. Shit what had she done? Her turn to blush, tensing up and sliding her hand from my leg. I managed to recover in time to push my hand down on top of hers – pinning it on my leg. “Angela……?” God, I needed to say something, I felt I was on the brink of a wonderful experience *and* on the brink of blowing it. “Angela….ummmmm, about that seeing a little more later….”

She smiled, relaxing. She didn’t say anything, just stood, turned and walked to the elevator with a single backward glance. I didn’t wait to be asked again and as the elevator doors closed I pulled her into my arms and pressed my lips to hers, and she let out a soft sigh, pressing herself against me. Our lips didn’t part until the door opened, our hands roaming over each others bodies. She felt as good as I’d imagined she would. At her door we let go as she got the card into the lock, then took my hand and led me seductively inside. She let go my hand, took a couple of steps back and facing me dropped her dress. She was naked underneath, how hadn’t I noticed that? “Now Jim, how do I match up to those day-dreams?” she giggled, and now for a moment I was once more lost for words “hmmmmm – I guess I’ll have to take that as a complement instead!” nodding down to the obvious bulge now pushing at my trousers.

“mmmmmmmmmmm – I can’t even remember those dreams now.” I step forward and pull her body against mine, one of her hands sliding down to give my cock a squeeze, kissing me before sinking down to her knees.

“Not fair. Here I am naked as the day I was born and you’re fully clothed.” Her hands slide down the zip and pop the button release some of the pressure on my cock, the rest follows as she slides my clothes down my legs freeing my throbbing hard shaft. “God Jim, if I’d know you were hiding this beauty in here I’d have had it a long time back!” One hand on my balls – the other on my cock she leans forward, sliding back the foreskin. Her face turns up to mine, her deep eyes locking with mine as she lets the tip of her tongue slide over the slippery head. My hands slide through her hair, her eyes looking up glued to mine. Lust in her eyes as she slowly slinks her mouth down over my cock. The main thing running through my head at this moment was how little it was going to take to shoot my cream right down her throat, and I didn’t want that just yet – so I pulled her to her feet, sliding out of the remainder of my clothes.

“My turn!” I push her back onto the bed and her legs fall apart revealing a glistening wet pussy. My mouth slides between her legs and I’m in heaven. Her sweet wet young slit dripping with her nectar and my tongue sliding slowly the length of her. Her hands slide through my hair – her hips gently rocking as I explore her swollen lips, her sensitive lil clit.

“Fuck Jim, that’s it, you don’t know how long I’ve wanted you to do that to me. Lick my hot wet cunt for me Jim, feel it burning for you, ahhhhhhh, right there baby, that’s it…” My fingers spread her lips, my tongue sinking deeper as I listen to her commentary. My wife hardly mutters a sound in bed, so hearing this language from her angelic lips just serves to stoke the passion building in my body.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck, oh goddddddddddddd, stop stop STOP,” she’d pushing me away from her now, I feel her on the brink of her climax and have no intention of denying her that. Her hips are thrusting while at the same time she’s trying to push me away, but if she’d wanted to stop then she left the decision too late. With my mouth clamped on her hotwet cunt she starts to explode, writhing and pulling my face back against her. She screams as the intensity of her orgasm fills every inch of her body and then I feel it, liquid flooding from her spasming slit, flooding my mouth. Gulping it down then realising it’s not just her cream, but mixed with that is pee, the later taking hold. I can’t swallow it all, but I do my best. My face and hair though soaked. Slowly she’s coming down from her peak, her stream reducing to a trickle, her legs clamped on my head, blocking any sound. I feel her body shudder, slowly I pull back and realise she’s sobbing.

“Angela, what’s wrong?” I’m mortified that I’ve upset her, or that I’d done something wrong. Fifteen years of marriage doesn’t always leave one best prepared for a new experience!

“Oh Jim, I didn’t mean that to happen, oh fuckkkkkkkkkkk. It’s just that, sometimes (sob) sometimes, when a guy is *really* good, well I kind of loose control. It usually doesn’t happen the first time, I really didn’t think….. God what must you think now?”

I hold her in my arms as she sobs, pressing her head against my shoulder.

“It’s OK Angela, I think that’s kind of a complement, isn’t it, which is quite something for an old guy like me to get from a hot young woman!”

She laughs, and pulls back to look at me, an uncertain smile turning up the corners of her lips. “Oh fuck, I’ve soaked you.” she runs a finger over my cheek and I move my lips to kiss the tip.

We lay there for a while, me holding her until slowly she starts to open up. She explains again how it just happens sometimes, not with everyone, not all the time. She told me how it had happened the first time, with only the second ever guy she’d been with. How embarrassed she’d been and how she avoided dates for months afterwards. Even after that she’d found herself too tense to enjoy sex much. Most guys she got rid of when after a few dates and they wanted more of her. A few of them she’d let closer, but the sex was never great, she was just too tense. She couldn’t really let go. Those relationships also ended.

“I really am sorry Jim, you’ve just been so good to me over the last few months, a real friend and to be honest tonight I was as horny as hell. Like I said it’s never happened the first time with a guy before, I’m usually just too nervous, or he doesn’t know how to push the right buttons. I guess you did. I am sorry, and so fucking embarrassed, you won’t tell anyone will you, I’d die?” God how could anyone hold this against her? In answer to her question I lean forward and kiss her. Relaxing further she allows herself to return the kiss, before standing and pulling me toward the bathroom, laughing “You need a shower buddy!”

She lathers me in there, playing particular attention to my cock, balls and ass. With no release yet my cock stands proudly to attention and she uses her mouth as the warm water flows over us. I wash her as well, lathering her gorgeous body, her nipples are hard and her pussy wet as I soap her.

Sliding back up her body the head of my cock nudges against her hot wet slit. She looks up into my eyes and presses down on my raging hard shaft forcing a groan from my lips. Her tight wet hole opens around my cock as she sinks down. I press her against the wall as I reach and shut off the water. Pressing hard into her she moans, her legs lifting from the floor. “Jim, fuck me, mmmmmm, God it’s been so long, FUCK me Jim. Harder.” My cock rams into her – again and again, savagely in my need for her. Again and again I ram my aching hard cock into her tight wet cunt. Her lips all over my neck, I feel her writhing against me, squeezing my cock with her muscles as I impale her. “Oh fuckkkkk Jim, shit I’m cuuummmmmmminggggggggg,” she’s like an animal, her head thrown back against the wall as she thrusts against me – bucking on my shaft her slight body spasming as I drive into her again and again, again and again.

Once more this horny lil animal I’ve unleashed herself unleashes a stream of hot piss at the height of her orgasm, this time running down my legs as she doesn’t attempt this time to control it.

The feel of her piss and her writhing body is too much and I roar as my balls tighten and I erupt deep in her belly. Thrust after thrust, spurt after spurt. The feeling so intense it’s almost impossible to keep her pinned to the wall.

We’re quiet there for a few moments, both of us catching our breaths. She pulls back, looking at me, then glancing down at the pool of pee slowly draining from the shower, then back at me. The animal now gone she kisses me tenderly, “thank you.”

The shower once more cleanses us and I carry her to the bed where I hold her gorgeous body. She sleeps as I watch and then my own heavy eyes close down. I don’t remember dreaming, but find myself waking to her mouth on my cock. Her magic has worked and it’s throbbing all by itself.

“Hello sleepy head,” she giggles as she slides up my body. I want her then more than I could have though possible, but instead she wants to talk. She’s nervous I think. What seemed all right in her passion only a few hours back is once more troubling her.

“It’s OK Angela. Want to know a secret? I’ve always had a fascination about what a girls pee would taste like. Would I be disgusted? Would I love it? The thought of it has been the subject of several fantasies that I never thought I’d live to experience, and here I am with just about the most beautiful girl in the world, half my age, helping me out!”

She moves her head back from my shoulder and looks me in the eye, a slight frown creasing her otherwise smooth face “You’re not just saying that to make me feel better are you Jim? You’re not making fun of me?”

“No! I’m serious. It’s been a fantasy for a long time”

“So, ummmm, I guess you got to live out your fantasy a little. You got more than a mouthful of my, ummm, pee last night, sooooooooooo, did the taste disgust you?”

“Would you be offended if I said that no, far from being disgusted it made me so fucking hot for you. That if you wanted to you could pee in my mouth right now and that I’d drink every last drop then fuck your brains out?”

“Fuck. Careful or you might just get what you wish for!”

“What about you? Don’t you find it erotic? Or is it just something that you’re ashamed of? That you wish didn’t happen?”

“Oh Jim, I don’t know….. I guess you’re being honest with me so….. it’s complicated. All these years I’ve been worried about what others would think, I can’t help it but at the same time, if I touch myself I love it when I make myself cum so hard I pee. Sometimes I even pee while I masturbate, soaking my hands – the smell of it drives me wild and I cum so fucking hard you wouldn’t believe. In fact my pussy is dripping right now just thinking about it.”

“Jim, can I ask you a favour?” that uncertain look on her face again, “You can say no, and we’ll pretend I didn’t ask.” I just nod, and lean forward to plant a reassuring kiss on her lips, “Ummmm, would you pee for me? I’ve never seen a guy pee properly, only out of the corner of my eye when they stand against a wall sometimes. I want to see properly! Please?”

Smiling it’s my turn to take her hand, leading her to the bathroom. My cock is hard so aiming anywhere is going to be difficult – pissing is going to be difficult! The toilet is out of the question so I enter the shower and she slides in beside me. She wants to hold it, but right now I’m so aroused it’s just not going to work. Relaxing takes a little while but it is helped by the fact that I’ve not peed for a while and actually do have a full bladder. With a moan I release a short spurt, and with an almost hard cock it shoots against the shower wall.

Another spurt, longer and suddenly Angela is in front of me and the hard stream hits her stomach and tits. Her nipples are swollen and her hands start to massage the hot liquid into her body. Sinking to her knees she slides one hand between her legs frantically working her clit while her other hand takes my cock and aims the stream at her face. She looks up at me as she opens her mouth and I watch my piss flood into her. Leaning back she aims the stream down to her clit as she spreads her legs on the floor of the shower and with a loud guttural moan cums, her whole body writhing in ecstasy as she explodes – her own piss erupting in a hot jet and hitting my own cock. I slam into her – fucking her HARD and DEEP – her pee mixing with mine as I ride my horny little animal once more.

In no time at all my cock erupts, adding my hot sticky cum to her piss soaked cunt. Locked there as we slowly both of us come down from our peak. Her eyes have closed with the intensity of her feelings, and slowly flutter open. “Fuck” that’s all she can say “Fuck, fuck fuck fuck,” lifting her I reach for the shower control.

We spend the whole week in between conference meetings fucking. She has years of pent up frustration to release and I’m the lucky guy she’s finally decided to open up to. I know life is never going to be the same again!

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