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The Phone Call

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“Hello?” I said as I picked up the phone.

“Hey Max, it’s Jessie.” Jessica Burns was one of my closest friends. We had met in high school and became closer friends when we both attended state university.

“Hey Jessie. How was your therapy session today?” Two months back Jessie had been raped in a parking garage.

She was going to unlock her car when someone jumped her from behind, taped her mouth over, and dragged her into the back of a van. A few minutes later they dumped her out the back of the van and drove off. She never even got a look at his face, so needless to say, the police couldn’t do much.

“My therapist thinks I’m making progress, but it’s like taking babysteps. I feel like I haven’t gotten anywhere really, I’m still reliving the trauma in nightmares almost every night.”

“Does your therapist have any ideas?”

“Well, she suggested something, but it would be so difficult to do, I just don’t think it’s possible. Plus, it involves another person making a huge sacrifice, which makes it even more difficult.”

“I’d be willing to help. What did she suggest?”

“You should let me explain before you agree to anything Max, this is a huge sacrifice we’re talking about.”

“Go ahead, explain.”

“Well, when I was raped I completely lost control. Everything was in the hands of this guy, and there was absolutely nothing I could do. He had me pinned, and he was stronger, so all I could do was scream through the gag in my mouth. My therapist suggested that one way to try and make peace with this situation would be to take control myself.”

“How do you mean?”

“Sexually, of course. I need to find a guy who is willing to submit himself to abuse, serious abuse, at my hands. Someone who is willing to totally give up control and let himself be dominated.”

My heart was racing. Jessie had now way of knowing, but domination was my ultimate fantasy. I have always dreamed about a woman taking total control, smothering me with her pussy, making me eat her ass, fucking me with a strapon, etc. It was like a dream come true, I just didn’t want to sound too excited.

“I know it’s a big deal Jessie, but I’d like to help. I’d be willing to take that abuse if it was going to help you get better. You know I care for you.”

She breathed a sigh of relief. “I was hoping you’d agree Max, because I don’t know who else I’d have gone to.”

“No problem at all Jessie.”

“Come over to my place at 8:00 sharp tomorrow. Just know that when you arrive I’m not going to be the person you’re used to; I’ll have become the new Jessie by that point.”

“I’ll be there at 8:00.”

I was so damned excited I could hardly contain myself. I had always read erotic stories and watched dominatrix porn, but I had never actually been dominated. I quickly dropped my shorts and stroked myself to a thunderous orgasm. I bent over slightly and imagined Jessie plunging her strapon cock into my ass, grabbing my hair and calling me “bitch.” I came quickly and collapsed in a heap, shaking slightly from the power of the orgasm. Tomorrow night had great promise.


At about 7:30 I stepped out of the shower and threw on a clean pair of jeans and a t-shirt. I dressed simply assuming that I’d be nude soon enough so what did it matter. I hopped in my car and rushed over to Jessie’s, arriving at the front door a few minutes early. I took a breath to compose myself and knocked on the door.

As the door opened I was greeted with a jaw dropping site. Starting at the bottom, Jessie was dressed in black high heel patent leather boots that ended just above her knee. Her legs were adorned with black fishnet stockings, and she wore a black latex corset that covered her lovely C-Cup breasts. Her pussy was covered by a sexy pair of black thong panties. Her hair was in a high riding ponytail, a suble touch, but the final piece in the dominatrix outfit.

“On your knees bitch. You will do exactly as I say tonight or you will be punished with a severe lashing. You will refer to me as Mistress and nothing else. You will only speak when spoken to. Any disobedience will result in unpleasant pain for your pretty little ass.”

As I listened to hear speak (on my knees of course), I felt the beginnings of an erection. This was my fantasy come true, and Jessie looked hotter than I ever could have imagined.

“I want you to come over here slut and give my boots a kiss. Show me how much you desire me. Crawl to me on your hands and knees”

I crawled over to her and bent my head to her feet to give her shiny boots a kiss.

“Now lick them.”

I snaked my tongue out of my mouth and licked from her toe area all the way to her ankle. The boot tasted fresh almost, not pungent at all. An erotic shiver rushed through my body.

“Good little slut. Now I want you to lick all the way up to the top of the boot.”

I started at her ankle and ran my tongue up the entire length of her calf and over her knee, taking in the sweet taste of the boot along the way. It was so incredibly erotic to give in to her commands and let myself be guided.

“Now lick the other one.”

I repeated the same process on her other boot, leaving a sheen of saliva up the entire length.

“What a good boy you are. As a treat, I’m going to let you lick my pussy.”

She reached down to her crotch and pushed aside her panties revealing her well cropped, glistening pussy. My mouth began to salivate at the site of it.

“Lick me bitch” she said.

I crawled closer and brought my head up to her crotch. I buried my face up close and licked her tight snatch from back to front, spreading saliva over the entire area. Then I concentrated on sucking each of her pussy lips, prepping her for more vigorous work. As I worked my tongue over her clit she let out a moan.

“That’s a good little bitch. Suck my cunt.”

I continued massaging her clit with my tongue, taking the occasional break to probe the insides of her soft pussy lips. As I moved back to her clit she began to moan louder. As her pleasure seemed to be reaching it’s climax, she grabbed the back of my hair and pulled me hard into her pussy. My entire face was buried in her snatch, restricting my breathing and forcing me to fully enhale her pungent scent.

“Do you like that you little bitch?!” she yelled. “Do you like sucking my pussy? God damn, suck that pussy you little slut. I’m gonna cum, you’re gonna make me cum you little bitch.”

I tried to keep tongueing her clit, but I was struggling to breath. At the same time, I had a huge hardon, and it was only getting harder as my air supply was choked off. It was so damn erotic, having my face forced into this beautiful, smooth pussy.

“I’m cumming! I’m cumming!”

Jessie shuddered at length and gave my hair a yank to pull me away from her pussy. She had my head positioned so I was staring straight up at her.

“That was nice slut. You’re quite good at licking pussy, we’ll have to do that some more before the night is over.”

Then she slapped me hard across the face.

“Did I say you could get hard? Did I?”

“No Mistress, I apologize.”

“I control you tonight you little bitch. That means I control your cock, so don’t even think about touching it unless I instruct you.” She slapped me again and then spit on my face for good measure. Her spit was warm as it slid down my face and onto my neck.

“I’m going to make myself a drink bitch. I want you to go upstairs and lay down on my bed. You are not to touch yourself, you are not to touch anything else in the room. Just lay still. I’ll be up in a few minutes.”

I crawled up the stairs, my mind racing with the possibilities that awaited me when Jessie joined me in the bedroom. For my first dominant experience, this was turning out to be perfect. I was still sporting a boner, and it wasn’t going away any time soon. Not being able to get off only added to the thrill. I lay on the bed for a good 10 minutes before I heard footsteps.

“Have you been a good little bitch while I was gone? You didn’t touch yourself did you my little slut?”

“No mistress, I did as you commanded.”

“Good boy. To reward you for your obedience, I’m going to let you eat my asshole. I want you to ream me out good. Slurp it, suck it, and get your tongue nice and deep inside my asshole. Lay down flat on your back.”

I laid down and she climbed on top of me, her facing away from me and her asshole right above my mouth. I stuck my tongue out as far as I could and leaned my head forward to get closer to her ass. The tip of my tongue made contact with her tasty little hole and I swirled it around, trying to lube up the area for further invasion. As I was working on her asshole, Jessie began to rub the area around my cock. She moved her hand through my pubes and eventually grabbed hold of my shaft, giving it a few blissful strokes.

“Do you like it when I stroke your cock bitch?”

“Yes mistress, it feels very good.”

She kept stroking my cock, but moved her other hand to my balls. First she squeezed them hard, causing a shot of pain up into my stomach. Then she grabbed them tight and began pulling them away from my body. It was painful, but a sweet sort of pain that only grew my erection. She had stopped stroking my cock at this point and was just working on my balls, but it was wonderful nonetheless.

“You are such a little bitch, you know that? What kind of pathetic piece of crap likes to have his balls abused? I can see your cock getting harder the harder I pull on your sad little nuts. What’s it like to be such a little pussy? Mmmm, what you’re doing back there feels so good. Better than I imagined it could. Does my ass taste good bitch?”

“Yes mistress.”

I had now worked my tongue inside her ass and I was giving her the good reaming she had ordered. I tried to make my tongue stiff like a cock and began darting it in and out of her asshole. She gave little moans each time I penetrated her, and I was in seventh heaven. Nothing says submission like licking someone else’s asshole.

She climbed off of the bed and stood next to me.

“I’ll be back in just a minute with a surprise for you baby,” she said as she slapped my face hard.

I laid on the bed and considered all that had happened. Jessica certainly didn’t know, but I was living out a fantasy with this experience. Truth be told, I hadn’t been this turned on in my life, and I was looking forward to her surprise, whatever it happened to be.

From the hallway I heard Jessica say “Get on your knees bitch.”

Not one to disobey, I slipped off the bed and fell to my knees, waiting for my mistress to re-enter the room. When she walked in I was delighted to see she had added a black strapon cock to her ensemble. It was black, with a realistic looking head and veins running down the sides. It jutted out from her crotch at full attention, and it called my name. I was almost salivating.

“I want you to suck me bitch, and do a good job of it.”

She stepped up to me and put her hand on the back of my head. With her other hand she guided the cock into my mouth, sliding it a few inches in. I used my tongue to spread my spit around the head, trying to make it’s entrance into my mouth a little easier. I let my saliva slide down the sides as well, lubricating everything as well as possible. As it began moving into my mouth a little easier, Jessica picked up the pace a bit. She had both of her hands firmly on the back of my head now and her hips were pistoning the cock in and out of my mouth at a good pace. It could feel it hitting the back of my throat, and my cock throbbed even harder.

“Suck it bitch. Mmmmm, you give good head for a virgin. Maybe you’re a little faggot cocksucker after all. Maybe you were born to do this you little slut. I bet you love sucking my cock, don’t you bitch.”

I pulled off her cock for a second and said “Yes mistress, very much.”

I went right back to work slobbering over her big cock and trying to take as much of it in my throat as possible. I got about three quarters of it in my mouth with each stroke, and Jessica expressed pleasure at my cocksucking abilities.

“That’s very good bitch, but now it’s time for the main event.” She pulled me off her cock and pulled a condom from the nightstand.

“I don’t wanna get my cock all dirty, so put this condom on me and prepare your asshole.”

I tore open the package and rolled the latex condom down her cock, stretching it all the way to the base.

“Stand up and put your hands on the bed, ass facing me.”

I presented my ass to her, and she took the opportunity to give me a good hard slap. It sent a jolt of pain through my body, but it was the sweet kind. Then she kneaded my ass a little bit before snapping open the bottle of lube and pouring it down my crack. Without warning I felt a finger enter me; I was a little tight but it felt good. I love being filled, and have used my own fingers on myself more than a few times. She quickly inserted another finger and really began working my asshole.

“Do you like the way that feels slut? Do you like having your ass filled?”

“Ooooohhhh, yes mistress, I love it more than anything. Please fill me with your cock, please.”

“Tell me how badly you want it.”

“I want your cock in my more than anything in the world. More than anything I’ve ever wanted. I want to feel your thick, hard cock pistoning in and out of my tight ass, filling me like I’ve never been filled. Please, pound my man pussy.”

“Good boy, I love to hear you beg. Now, relax.”

I tried my best to relax my asshole so entry would be as easy as possible. Jessica placed her left hand on my hip and used her right hand to guide the cockhead to my asshole. Once in place, she put her right hand on my hip and pulled me onto her while simultaneously pushing. In one move, her cockhead slipped past my sphincter and entered me. It was absolutely glorious. A little bit of pain, but nothing feels quite like being filled with a nice hard cock. I had completely submitted to Jessica, and my fate rested in her hands.

“Does that feel good you little slut?”

“It feels amazing mistress, please fill me deeper.”

Granting my request, Jessica plunged her cock completely inside of me, resting her hips against my ass. She held herself there for a brief time, letting my asshole adjust to it’s intruder. Then she began a series of long, slow thrusts. She would pull her cock almost entirely out and then slowly drive it all the way to the hilt. I reached my hand down to my own cock and began stroking it, enhancing my pleasure.

“Fuck me mistress, fuck me harder.”

With that request, Jessica picked up the pace, really slamming herself into me. There was a slight sensation of being torn into, but it was so incredibly erotic. The feeling of being taken by a woman was overwhelming me, and carrying me to a what was going to be a spectacular orgasm. I could feel Jessica’s hips slap against my ass as she continued to pummel my asshole. It was what I had always dreamed of in my dirtiest fantasies.

“I want you to come for me slut. I want you to come hard,” Jessica commanded.

I picked up the pace of my stroking as she continued to slam my ass with her beautiful cock. I could feel the cum boiling up through my cock, getting ready to fire out in a torrent. Then it happened. The semen flooded out of me like it never had before. It was the most earth shaking orgasm I’d ever had, and it was further enhanced by the presence of a strapon cock pistoning in and out of my ass as I blew my load.

I collapsed in exhaustion after I finished spurting all over the floor, and Jessica remained inside me, although she wasn’t moving anymore.

“I want you to shower off bitch. Get dressed and come see me downstairs afterwords.”

I jumped in the shower and cleaned the remnants of my fantasy encounter off of me. Pussy juice, ass juice, and semen were caked on various parts of my body, but it all ran down the drain. After drying myself off and putting my clothes back on, I headed downstairs.

Jessica was waiting on the couch for me. She had changed out of her dominatrix outfit and was wearing a simple sundress.

“Max, that was absolutely amazing. I feel like I’ve relieved myself of an incredible burden. I never thought I’d feel this way again. Thank you so much for helping me out with this. I love you for it. You’re a true friend.”

“Actually Jessica, I should be honest with you. It’s always been my fantasty to be dominated by a strong woman. Truth be told, I just lived a dream. So I should be the one thanking you.”

“I suspected as much, you were really quite into it. Perhaps we could do this again sometime, then? I could use a good release every now and then.”

“Perhaps we can then, perhaps we can.”

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