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The Phone Call

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Paolo softly nibbles Alessio’s earlobe while stroking his bare chest at the same time. His nimble fingers play with his nipples, now erect due to his soft touch; he pinches them, causing a shiver that becomes more intense when he feels the warm breath of his boyfriend on the back of his neck. He sighs contently, closing his eyes while his boyfriend covers his nape with kisses.

Alessio’s phone starts ringing in his desk but it’s not enough to bring the lovers out of their stupor; they both hear the buzzing device but ignore it in a mutual, wordless agreement, instead exchanging kisses while their hands explore each other’s bodies.

Paolo slowly strokes the lips of his partner who in response opens his mouth and suckles on them, teasing the fingers with his tongue and coating them in saliva. He takes his time to enjoy each digit, sucking on them as if they were candy; they glisten under the light of their room as they are withdrawn, and with them he strokes his lover’s chest, leaving a wet path in its wake that reaches down to his navel and continues down his hip, disappearing somewhere in between the mounds of Alessio’s butt. He sighs at the touch of the wet digit against his hole, and exhales when he feels it making its way inside of him.

The phone starts ringing once more. Paolo groans.

“That better not be him again”, he says, watching his boyfriend get up to pick up the cellphone.

“Hah! It actually is!” Alessio confirms, looking at the name on his phone’s screen. “Excellent timing as usual on his part.”

“Don’t answer him.”

“What if it’s important?” Alessio says, already pressing the green symbol in the screen and bringing the phone to his ear. “Hey Carlo! What’s up?”

“It’s never important with him”, mutters Paolo, annoyed. He spends the next minute glaring at his boyfriend, who makes apologetic faces while listening to their friend’s (unsurprisingly) unimportant romantic problems. Paolo stretches naked on the bed and feels his erection slowly start to deflate as he listens to Alessio’s unsuccessful attempts to cut the call short. As his mood darkens Paolo looks over at his boyfriend, who now faces the door, and stares at the now-dry saliva in his hip. He smiles as an idea begins taking shape in his mind.

Alessio almost jumps from the surprise when his partner comes from behind and hugs him; he turns his head around and smiles at him, mouthing ‘one minute’ while he continues to listen to the long rant of their mutual friend. Paolo’s hands start caressing him once more, grabbing onto his well-defined pecs and roughly stroking them; Alessio doesn’t protest, faintly smiling into the phone while on the other side of the line his friend continues his long tirade.

Emboldened, Paolo strokes his boyfriend’s pecs and abs, going up and down his body but going lower and lower every time. He nibbles his neck and plays with one hand with the few hairs his partner has in his stomach, following the treasure trail down its path for just a bit but stopping short where the hairs become thicker and denser. With his other hand he squeezes Alessio’s biceps, who flexes them in response, giving him more area to grab from.

As close as he is to the phone Paolo can hear the voice of Carlo pretty clearly, but to him it’s only a distraction that he ignores while he plays with his partner’s body, enjoying the feeling of his well-toned muscles and appreciating the curvature of his round ass. He aligns his once-again rock hard cock in between Alessio’s ass cleft and slides it up and down, enjoying the sensation of his dick rubbing against the perfect buttchecks of his partner.

Alessio has to contain himself from purring at the expert touch of his long-time partner. He knows how to get him hot and right now he’s doing what he knows best. It’s hard to concentrate on whatever he is being told over the phone but all he needed was an occasional ‘Uh-huh’ and a ‘Yeah’ every once in a while for Carlo to be none the wiser.

Paolo plays with Alessio’s small and dark nipples while he moves his hips back and forth, grinding his dick against his ass. Their bodies are becoming slick due to a thin layer of sweat and Paolo is getting off on rubbing himself against his boyfriend while pinching him at the same time. He covers his neck in kisses and the occasional nibble and Alessio sighs contently.

“… and I told them to… huh, wait, was was that?” interrupts Carlo over the phone, bringing Alessio back to reality.

“Uh, what? I, ah, nevermind”, replies Alessio, cheeks flushing. “Anyway, I’m really sorry man, I have to go, I have this, huh, thing and…”

“Wait, wait! Just one last thing, it’s really quick I promise!” Carlo implores, making Paolo roll his eyes as he continues to rub himself against Alessio, who looks back at him and gives him one embarrassed look as if to say ‘Sorry!’.

With the growing stimulation Alessio’s breathing becomes more labored, a sure sign of his growing excitement in Paolo’s eyes. He reaches down and in-between his asscheeks to explore the area, pressing his index finger against his opening, and just as Paolo suspected it slips right in with just a minimal amount of pressure: whenever Alessio becomes too excited his asshole opens up way too easily.

Alessio almost drops his phone when he’s pushed to the bed, falling to his knees on the mattress. Paolo puts a hand on his back and presses firmly to make him lean forward, leaving him with his head against the mattress and his ass up in the air; the position gives Paolo full view of Alessio’s hairless, pink hole, slightly open in excitement of what it knows is sure to come.

While he grasps the phone in his hand Alessio feels the familiar sensation of something wet in his backside. Paolo runs his tongue in circles around the hole, teasing and licking it, wetting it with his saliva all the while Alessio pushes back to get more of his boyfriend’s face in his ass. He grabs both cheeks and buries his face even deeper, slobbering all over his asshole with his tongue.

It’s getting harder and harder for Alessio to contain his pants over the phone, so he feels a little relief when his partner backs up a little to catch his breath. Paolo smirks as he sees through the corner of his eye the way Alessio curls his toes, and as he continues to tease the hole with his index finger he reaches out with his free hand to grab a small bottle of lubricant on their night table that he had previously planned to use on him. He pops open the bottle of lube with one hand and pours a generous amount of the substance on his own cock, adding some more in the other hand as he continues to use his index on him.

Paolo uses his finger with great dexterity to fuck him, soon followed by one more; he uses the both of them to stretch his hole more and more, and with his other hand he reaches in between his legs to take the rock hard cock of his boyfriend to milk it. He strokes it in rhythm to his finger fucking, twisting his fingers inside while Alessio tosses around, mouth agape; he’s tries very hard to hide he’s huffing but he knows he’s fighting a losing battle, so he twists his head around and, breathless, mouths at Paolo to slow down.

At first it seems his message has gone through but it’s soon clear that Paolo has other plans. After taking out his fingers, he wastes no time in climbing the bed and hunching over his boyfriend, aiming his cock at the now well lubed hole. Alessio opens his mouth in an exaggerated way, mouthing a big ‘NO!’ that immediately transforms into a soundless “OH!” just as Paolo plunges into him.

“Something wrong?” Carlo says over the phone.

“No…thing at all!” replies a tense Alessio just as Paolo pushes forward to get even more of his length inside of him. He’s afraid his voice will crack but Carlo doesn’t seem to pay attention.

Paolo moves slowly, getting more and more of him inside of Alessio; he, for his part, throws back his head in a mute groan as he feels his insides filled to the end. Paolo is in no hurry, he savors the moment in which his hips make contact with his backside and he leans forward to kiss his chest. As Alessio grows accustomed to the insertion, Paolo starts moving back until only the tip remains, and once again but much more quickly he pushes forward until he bottoms out, drawing a quiet groan that Carlo doesn’t seem to notice.

By now, Paolo is so excited it’s hard for him to contain himself. He had been forcing himself to go as slowly as possible, but his restraint starts to fade away as he feels the warmth of his boyfriend’s insides and his tight opening squeezing his cock like a sleeve. With a huff he grabs him by his hips and forgoes all attempts at subtlety: he starts fucking him at a greater speed, his dick moving like a piston.

Already pretty hot and even more so by doing this while an unsuspecting third party listened, Paolo knows he is not going to last long so he pounds his partner with abandon. Alessio buries his face in the sheets to try and mute his groans; his half-hard dick is leaking pre-cum and his ass is taking such a ramming that all pretensions of listening to Carlo go flying out of the window. Their bed shakes violently under their vigorous fucking.

Paolo pants and squeezes Alessio’s ass, who for his part feels the familiar pulsations of his boyfriend’s impending orgasm. His cock, buried deep inside of him, spews blast after blast of hot jizz, filling his insides with the creamy substance but not stopping the continuous battering while he does so. Only as his orgasm subsides does he start to slow down.

Alessio forces himself to breath through his nose to try and bring down his breathing to normal while Paolo exits him, causing some of his seed to leak out as he does so. Although still very excited, he feels a sense of relief in that he had avoided the embarrassment of having to explain to Carlo what had happened…

But Paolo is not yet done with him yet. Now that his own sexual desire has been satisfied, he sets his sights on quenching Alessio’s, whatever he wants it or not.

Alessio turns around and lets his body go limp, lying in the bed looking up to the roof while he clenches his phone. But Paolo does not give him the respite he hopes for and instead climbs on top of him, straddling him with a huge smile. He bends over and sucks on Alessio’s nipple, lightly biting it and flicking it with his tongue, causing more muted groans from his partner. He draws pleasure from seeing the reactions he provokes almost as much as when they’re done to him, and watching him squirm and try to contain his reactions to keep their friend unaware is just the cherry on top.

With his tongue he trails his chest, leaving behind a wet path that goes down his pecs and into his stomach, where he plays with his soft fuzz before venturing even further down to inhale the musky smell of his groin. He looks up to see Alessio’s face while he gently and ever so slowly strokes his cock, and from the looks of it it’s plenty clear how much he’s enjoying the ministrations.

“Ah… Uh-huh…” says Alessio, eyes closed, to the phone. He furrows his brows as drops of sweat begins forming in his forehead.

Paolo licks the base of Alessio’s cock while at the same time he gently strokes his balls, fondling them. He puts the cockhead agains his lips and with the tip of his tongue does a little teasing, playing with it a little bit. As he parts his lips and begins receiving the rest of the dick, he raises his eyes and looks up to Alessio, who has now opened his eyes and raising his head to look down to him. They cross stares with each other. Paolo starts sucking just the cockhead and Alessio loudly exhales.

“All right, that’s it. What’s going on man?” says Carlo over the phone. Alessio clenches his teeth as he steels himself to reply.

“Haha… it’s… ah… it’s nothing… just not feeling we-EE-ell… uff”, replies Alessio, his voice cracking the moment that Paolo moves his tongue on the insides of his foreskin. He grips the sheets beneath him while Paolo continues sucking his dick, at moments faster, at others slowing down. He continues to fondle his balls as he does so and even plays with his asshole, now much more easily accessible thanks to their previous fucking. It’s not hard to find his prostate and he presses against it with his index while moving his mouth up and down his rock hard member.

“OK, what the hell? What’s going on?” Alessio barely hears the words over the line but he still has half the mind to not open his mouth. The heat on his groin spreads all over his body and he feels a familiar twinge in his lower abdomen. As his body tenses he becomes aware that there’s no turning back, and he covers his own mouth with his hand to try and mute the sounds.

“Dude, tell me what the hell is going on, why are you breathing so hard? Are you… are you panting!?” asks Carlo.

Paolo has also noticed the warning signs of his partner’s impending orgasm and picks up the pace, bobbing his head up and down at a greater speed while he also continues to finger his asshole. Alessio curls his toes and stiffens his legs.

“Ugh! Mother of…! Oh shit, wait wait, fuck! FUCK!” With a low guttural groan Alessio releases all the pent up excitement he had accumulated in his balls, shooting stream after stream of fresh cum down his boyfriend’s gullet while he keeps on sucking, hungrily drinking every last drop of it, cleaning with his tongue the insides of his foreskin.

Catching his breath, Alessio slowly comes back to his senses. On the other side of the line there’s stunned silence, and he’s already cringing thinking of what he’s going to say.

“Uh, so, Carlo…”, he starts, but just as he does his phone is snatched from his hand.

“Carlo, fuck off, we just finished fucking and we’re tired.” Before they can hear his reply, if there was one, Paolo hangs up from the call. He plops down on their bed next to Alessio and winks at him.

“Shit, Paolo! Why did you have to tell him that?” Alessio says, mortified while he snuggles next to his partner. He laughs and kisses him on the cheek.

“What I don’t understand”, says Paolo with a smile, “is why didn’t you just put the phone on mute.”

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