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At your urging, I decided to go shopping at the toy shop. No, not for games or toys for children, but adult toys. I had a vibrator, but it was on the verge of death, and it was time to upgrade anyway. I was a bit unsure of what I wanted, but I decided to just wander around and see what appealed to me.

The first thing my eyes fell upon in the store was Tarzan. Okay, so he didn’t come in jungle camo or a loin cloth, but this was a vibrator that looked like it could make you scream like him.

The long shaft with rotating beads and monkey-shaped clit stimulator were what I had been looking for, but the added bonus was the third ‘arm’ of the vibrator, an anal tickler. While anal sex had played a part in my fantasy life, I had not really experimented with it in reality. I pulled Tarzan off the shelf, but for some reason I decided to keep browsing. Soon, I happened upon some really nice glass pieces. They were not as big as the vibrator, shorter and more slender, but had beads and other small shapes sticking out of them. I had read about glass toys, that they were easy to clean (and often dishwasher safe) and also could be made warm or cold. I thought this could be fun, and decided to buy one of these as well. As I brought my purchases to the counter, I realized that I had picked the most feminine colors, a purple Tarzan and a pink glass piece; those would not usually be my color choices, but somehow it seemed appropriate for my new toys.

I came home and called you, wanting to share my joy with these purchases. We talked, and I put fresh batteries into the vibrator, pulling both of them out of their boxes so that I could get a better sense of them. We had often talked while I used my old BOB (Battery Operated Boyfriend), and it soon became clear that you wanted to do this again.

The conversation became increasingly naughty, as you told me what you wanted to do to me when you came over in the evening. I felt myself getting wet, and knew that it was time to test drive my new purchases. You gave me the instructions. First, I inserted the long shaft of Tarzan into my juicy cunt, just to have that full sensation. Hearing my groan as it slid into me, you then told me to turn on the clit stimulator on the low setting. My breathing came more quickly now, as pleasure started to build. I wanted to turn up the settings, but you told me not to, wanting to draw out my sensations. Not allowed to do this, I decided to take other actions, getting myself more comfortable by completely removing my booty shorts instead of just having them pulled aside, and taking my sweater off as well. Pulling one of my breasts out of my bra, I started toying with my nipple, arousing myself that much more. You could hear my moans increase, and asked me what I was doing, but allowed me to continue with such fondling, as long as I didn’t play with my lower parts.

My pleasure was growing, and soon I started to beg for more. I could almost hear your smile as you told me that it was too bad, you weren’t ready for me to climax yet. As my hips bucked, wanting more, I started to tell you how much I wanted your cock inside me, that I wanted to have you in my mouth at the same time. A quiet groan escaped your lips, and when I pleaded again to please be allowed to have more stimulation, to please be allowed to orgasm, you finally relented, telling me to put all the settings on full blast, both the vibration and the shaft spinning. With the onslaught of all that, I was quickly brought to the brink of my pleasure, and you allowed me to come. The waves of sensation washed over me, and I was moaning loudly into the phone as I finally got that release.

As I was recovering, you ordered me to keep Tarzan working at full blast, that you wanted me to stay as aroused as possible. It was difficult for me to keep the conversation going as my breath came in short gasps and my speech was often mingled with moans. Soon, you brought up the topic of the other toy. I realized that while the anal tickler was working with Tarzan, your mentioning of the glass piece did excite me even more. You told me to run it under warm water and work some soap on it so that it was slippery. I did this, which was rather difficult as walking in my present state while holding the phone and keeping the vibrator inside my well lubricated pussy was a feat born of determination rather than gracefulness. When I had finished this task, you ordered me to bend over the arm of the couch, my ass straight up in the air. I was allowed to circle the tip of the glass piece around my rear entry, but nothing more.

The sensation was so different, and made me feel so naughty. I felt like I was doing something so taboo, and I found that I liked it. My moans increased, and I soon put you on my speaker phone so that I could use both hands to keep the toys in place. You could hear in my voice that I was close to orgasm again, and gave me my instructions for what I should do. I felt my eyes grow wide, but I knew that I would do just what you said. My pleasure built, and soon I could feel my climax upon me. Moaning as I started to come, I cried out, pushing the glass piece completely inside my tight hole in one thrust.

Your told me to keep the vibrator going, and to slowly pump the glass piece in and out of my tight orifice. I moaned and cried out, telling you that it hurt, but in a way I liked. It was difficult to move the glass piece at first because of how tightly my muscle was squeezing it and the added sensation of the small bead-like bumps on the surface, but soon I was able to thrust it in and out of my entry. My moans were growing once again, as my pleasure at feeling so full was building. You asked me if I still wanted you in my mouth. I almost came just as the thought, and started telling you how I wanted you there to fill my third hole, that I wanted to feel your cock against my tongue, knowing that it made you hard to see me using my body in this way, and to help in the abuse. I heard you groan once again, but this time you didn’t respond in any other way.

Just as I was about to ask if you were still on the phone, I felt a hand grab me by the hair; you had let yourself in without my hearing you and now you stood before me, your massive shaft pointing directly at me as you pulled my head back to look up at you. “Are you sure?” you asked me, and all I could manage was a nod before you thrust your cock into my willing mouth. You ordered me to keep using the toys, that you would take care of yourself. And with that, you kept a first grip on my head, forcing me to bob up and down on your throbbing rod as I fucked myself with my toys. You gave me permission to have as many orgasms as possible, and I felt myself being constantly inundated with pleasure. Finally, you told me to stop playing with the toys, but to leave them inside me, and instead to focus my attention on your pleasure. My hands went expertly to work, massaging your balls while stroking your shaft and at the same time continuing to suck you and bob up and down. Your hips bucked, and more moans escaped your lips, so I knew it was what you wanted.

All of a sudden, you pulled away from my ministrations and moved around to behind me. Pulling out the still whirring vibrator, you thrust yourself deep into my sopping wet cunt. I moaned loudly and pushed back against you, wanting you deep inside me. As you started to pump my desperate pussy, you also grabbed hold of the glass piece, fucking my ass with it at the same time. You could feel my muscles squeezing tight as I had one climax after another, overwhelmed by the sensation. After what felt like both only seconds, and an eternity, you pulled out of my greedy cunt, and also pulled out the pink glass dildo. I cried out in a mixture of emptiness and pain.

I started to rear up to complain, but you held me in place. I felt your cock, slick with my juices, press up against my other orifice. Squealing with pain, I told you that you were too big, that it wouldn’t fit. But you held me down, and in one smooth stroke, pushed deep inside me. At first I cried out, but as you started to move inside me, I felt my body respond, and within moments was on the brink of orgasm yet again. As I came, my sphincter tightened around your shaft, and I heard you groan as my muscles started to milk the cum out of your tool. With a finally grunt, the thrust deep inside me, filling me with your hot fluids.

You collapsed on top of me and we were still for a while, recovering from our experience. Eventually, I managed to maneuver myself so that I could kiss you. Our lips brushed against each other gently, followed by our tongues slowly probing each other’s mouths. When I finally pulled away from our kiss, I looked you in the eyes, saying, “Hey handsome. How was your day? Work alright?”

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