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The Passionate Pleasures of Cathy

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Cathy worried about her daughter Melanie who just was eighteen years old. It made Cathy think back of her own teenage years when she was as an ugly ducking growing up in Ohio. Only in her late teens she suddenly bloomed into a beautiful swan. Unfortunately being a blooming beauty, combined with her youthful inexperience, soon made her a single mother. Fortunately she received great support from her parents, Bob and Carol.

The young mother created quite a career for herself, working hard to become a model. When one of her friends tried to get accepted as a centerfold by using her photograph, it resulted in Cathy becoming a centerfold herself. She was so successful she was elected Centerfold of the Year. In the meantime the ravishing blonde made sure Melanie wouldn’t fall in the same trap as herself. From the time she was a little girl, Cathy let Melanie have ballet lessons. The early start made it easy to continue the lessons during her teen years. Although Cathy tried to keep Melanie away from boys inevitably the effects of hormones took over. Two months after Melanie entered the cheerleader squad of one of the high school football teams she proudly presented her boyfriend, a local star, the quarterback of Ohio State University.

When Cathy saw Tony for the first time, it was like déjà vu: his height (he was 6 feet 3) as well as his good looks. Complementing his naturally athletic build was a crown of collar-length blond hair and green eyes that held a mysterious quality guaranteed to mesmerize the most reluctant female. He had an attractive face with a square jaw line and an enigmatic smile that hinted he was much more mature than his age. Although not even thirty he seemed he knew just how to get what he wanted. Cathy remembered a similar man from her past. It was Mel all over again. How long had it taken him to kiss her? Ten minutes? Fifteen minutes? How long did it take him to fondle her breasts on their first date? One hour? Two hours? And how long did it take him to bed her? Cathy almost blushed. What an innocent girl she had been then, what an easy conquest… Three months later Mel had her pregnant. Another two months and he was gone, to the NFL, making money. She saw his pictures, surrounded by other girls, in Sports Illustrated, People and other magazines she read in the waiting rooms of her obstetrician.

Over the years Cathy had developed a great relationship with her daughter, even when she had her career as a Centerfold. They seemed more like two close friends than mother and daughter. However, Cathy’s protective motherly instincts came to full alert when she now realized her young was in danger. Tony was much too old for her. He was a dangerous man. Cathy did a good job in hiding her worries and weaving a subtle network of activities. Melanie and her hunk never had the chance to be alone together for more than an hour. Ballet lessons, visiting grandma, shopping sprees with mom, regular studies, all these were keeping Melanie quite busy. Tony did seem to notice Cathy’s obstructions and she caught him a couple of times checking her out.

It took one month before Tony called to invite Cathy to meet him in the city for lunch. When he rose from his chair to greet her, Cathy noticed again how handsome he looked; his athletic body, the angle of his jaw, those green eyes. He looked much older than his age of twenty-six. She guessed he would have a great dick and from experience she knew her guess used to be right. Quickly she suppressed her X-rated thoughts. After the usual small talk the conversation inevitably shifted to Melanie.

“You have a beautiful and sweet daughter, Mrs. Shaw.”

Cathy decided to skip further small talk. “What do you want from her, Tony?” she said “Do you just want to have sex? That’s it, isn’t it?”

He looked startled, almost amused.

“Actually, Mrs. Shaw… It’s not Melanie I want, … I want you!”

Cathy looked him straight in the face. He smiled and looked at her with those green eyes of his. This was not the reaction she had prepared for.

“Look, Tony, I don’t like what I hear. You can’t be serious!”

“Sure I am, I was really impressed by you pictorial, in fact I still am. Do you know I voted for you to be the Centerfold of the Year?”

“This is ridiculous, why are you pursuing Melanie?”

“You look so alike, like mother, like daughter. You’re almost like two sisters and I much prefer the older sister!”

“Look Tony. I am not going to date my daughter’s boyfriend. Your infatuation with me will go nowhere, and you know it. This conversation is ended!” Resolutely Cathy left the restaurant. She had never heard anything more ridiculous and embarrassing in her life. The man even had the nerve to look at her legs when she walked away! She was glad she stopped this nonsense right from the start.

A week later a blushing Melanie confided to her mother that she had tender feelings for Tony. He was invited by the Seahawks to visit their facilities in Seattle and talk about a contract. He could take his wife or girlfriend with him. The information switched on all Cathy’s alarms. She had enough control to show interest and offer the support to be expected from a good mother. Inside however, she was furious Tony didn’t give up. She called him to have a second meeting.

“What is this Seattle thing supposed to mean?”

“If I can’t date you, I can at least date her!

“This isn’t a date, you just want to fuck her. Do you know she is a virgin?”

“I don’t want to fuck her, I rather like to fuck you… I am sorry, that sounds awful.”

“It is awful!”

“I mean, I am not eager to fuck young girls, I rather have an adult woman… it’s considered perfectly all right now for a woman to take a much younger lover. Look, Mrs. Shaw, you are a wonderfully looking MILF, you cannot blame me to want you!

“What do you mean by MILF?”

“Didn’t you see the movie American Pie?”

“No, I missed it, tell me about it.”

“MILF is an abbreviation of ‘Mother I’d Like to Fuck’

Cathy concluded the guy obviously had a problem. As a single woman she seldom found what she really needed. Many times she had seen male eyes travel slowly up from her slender ankles to the graceful curves of her calves, then up again to the smooth-skinned and long thighs, the prominent buttocks and trim waist. But then she had seen them turn away, concluding this centerfold beauty was beyond their league. Now she had to deal with this impertinent fool who kept staring at her with those damn eyes.

He has seen me nude already. Cathy almost panicked. The Centerfold of the Year pictorial had been quite daring and revealing. Some of those pictures even had shown her intimate slit. Tastefully of course, and details brushed away, but nevertheless… Unconcerned he was looking at her legs again. Cathy felt almost naked under his stare and she felt getting all hot when she followed his eyes to her crotch.

“Stop looking at my legs! If you bother us again, I will go straight to the police.”

Even as she rose and left, Cathy knew her threat was mute. Melanie was over eighteen, legally adult and publicity would be the last thing she wanted. At breakfast the following morning an upbeat Melanie told her she Tony had asked her to accompany him to Seattle, the following weekend. It was all Cathy needed to hear. She dialed his cell.

“Where and when?” she asked when she heard his voice.

“The dining room of the MetroLux Hotel, 7 pm and Mrs. Shaw… could you wear the black lingerie you used in your pictorial, please…”

Cathy slammed the phone down.

The MetroLux was the best hotel in downtown, a carefully restored building dating from the end of the 19th century. Tony had made a reservation for a private dining room.

“He is quite sophisticated for a young man.” Cathy thought. However, she was pleased the chance one of Melanie’s friends would see them together, would be minimal. She had chosen a simple black high collared evening dress. The last thing she wanted was to excite him.

“I forbid you to take Melanie with you to Seattle. I did some research and found out you will share bedrooms with the girls you take with you.” Cathy blurted out the moment the waiter had served their drinks and taken their orders.

“You are unreasonable, Mrs. Shaw. Melanie is an adult, beautiful young woman. I am a man and I have my needs. We like to have some fun together. It is considered healthy to release sexual tensions, to enjoy each other! How has your love life been lately?”

“Watch it, Tony! My love life is none of your business and you are talking about having fun with my daughter! You are talking about bedding my little girl…! If you are feeling horny, don’t use my daughter…!”

“But it’s you I want, you are looking amazing tonight. Ever since I saw your Centerfold of the Year pictorial, years ago, I dreamt about you. When I’m looking at Melanie, I am only seeing you. When I’m kissing her I feel like kissing you. I need to make love to her, unless you can suggest an alternative…”

Cathy swallowed before she expressed her indignation.

“You bastard!” She hissed.

Again the waiter interrupted them, this time bringing them their entrees. Only after he had taken their dessert orders, could Cathy continue to express her indignation.

“Read my lips: leave Melanie alone. If you feel horny, just find another woman…!”

“I don’t want just another woman! I never would be able to make out with a stripper or a call girl. I only want you!”

“You’re really crazy…”

Cathy realized she slipped into repetitions. The past week she was tormented by sleepless nights with wild wicked dreams. She started feeling less convincing. This guy was hopeless. Cathy had some stalkers in the past, but they always were kept quite a distance from her. This was close, much too close for comfort. To make things worse Tony seemed to sense her waning outrage. He remained remarkably quiet and even confidently took her hand between his.

“You are so beautiful and sexy, Mrs. Shaw… Come on, I’m not too bad looking, give me a chance.”

Cathy felt a shiver creeping up her spine. This was getting dangerous. This guy really could soften a girl up. His hands seem to exude some electrical current. Melanie wouldn’t stand any chance against him.

“You ‘re just a creep, looking at tits and ass in girlie magazines. You should be ashamed.”

Cathy had the feeling she had regained control after her jiff of weakness.

“Mrs. Shaw, I didn’t just look at your tits and ass, I mean yours are beautiful, but most of all I looked at your face. The first picture of your pictorial… your lips, they are beautiful!”

Cathy felt flattered, the first picture happened to be her favorite too. She also felt excitement creeping up. The guy was impossible, but he was undeniably cute in some way and he showed a combination of maturity, confidence and determination. Cathy found it more and more difficult to resist his charms. For a last time their conversation was interrupted by the waiter.

“Your check, sir… any time you’re ready.” He disappeared discretely.

When Tony reached over to take the check Cathy felt the back of his hand accidentally rubbing against her knee. It gave her the creeps. She was relieved they would leave. Suddenly Tony took her hands again. When he turned to her she saw his gaze moving to her lips.

“I love the little grooves in your lips… ”

He hesitated, obviously wanting to ask her something.

“What do you want, tell me!”

He smiled and looked at her.

“Could you go down on me and suck my cock?”

Cathy lashed out wide to slap him right in the face, but he gripped her wrist in a flash. She was fuming in rage.

“You filthy bastard, what in the world made you think I would do anything like that?”

He firmly held her wrists.

“Please, please… come down, Mrs. Shaw. I had some drinks with Mel, last month, he told me about the days you had with him. He told me everything!

Cathy suddenly felt paralyzed. Tony knew… Memories of the past feverishly whirled through her mind. Mel was the man who discovered and unfolded her submissive nature. He had enjoyed and exploited her body time after time, always finding new ways to subdue her and humiliate her, to lure her into raw, nasty sex. Suddenly he was gone but even then she never really could hate him. She named their daughter after him, keeping a living memory of al those nights she sobbed and convulsed in peaks of ecstasy. Cathy never guessed he would kiss and tell. Now another man knew her secret. Those quarterbacks were like old ladies, blabbering around about their conquests when they were hanging out together.

Tony’s eyes still were locked in hers. She noticed again they were green and they were hungry. Cathy felt her anger drain away. Gradually she felt excitement building in her. It started minutes ago, and now it was there, centered right in her groin. She thought of the way Mel had dominated her. Without a word she slipped down from her seat and dropped on all fours. Light filtered through the tablecloth so she effortlessly noticed how his erection pressed against the front of his trousers. She hesitated for a moment but then decidedly slid his zipper down until his trousers opened. She became aware of his fingers in her hair. When she leaned closer, she inhaled his scent. He smelled musky, sweaty and male. His cock was hot, alive and powerful touching her cheek for just a second. It felt like warm velvet over solid steel. Excitement rushed through her body when she felt his penis swelling in her hand. Then her head dropped forward when she took his plum into her mouth.

She ran her tongue around the bulb of his silky-smooth knob, down to the full length of his penis, savoring the masculine taste of him. With one hand under his scrotum, she slid her tongue back up and down his shaft before she wrapped her lips around his swollen tip. It was a long time ago she handled such a beautiful cock. Easing his balls out of his trousers she gazed at the hairy bags as his spheres rolled and heaved in her hands. She watched his balls move within the thin bag of his scrotum as he gasped in his male pleasure. She continued to slip him in and out of her mouth slowly, till her lips moved down, down to the vary base…

Tony was going to come in her mouth. She knew as he clutched her head. My daughter’s friend is going to cum in my mouth. The utter decadence of the situation made her shiver. His sperm gushed in to her mouth, the salty liquid bathing her tongue, filling her cheeks as his cock rhythmically twitched. She wallowed hard, taking care the fluid wouldn’t seep over her lips.

“That was wonderful!” he said when she resumed her seat next to him. “Let’s proceed to the bedroom, I made a reservation for a nice suite.”

“I will do no such a thing, enough is enough!”

“If you don’t want to sleep with me I will get you a taxi right away but I prefer you would come with me upstairs. I am looking forward bringing a defiant women to submission!”

She noticed a distinct change in his demeanor, the success of his forward approach having unleashed his dominating side. His acquired knowledge how to handle her definitively gave him all the self-confidence he needed. All of a sudden Cathy was aware of tingling warmth in the pit of her stomach. She felt a deep visceral need, blatantly sexual, centered right in her groin. How she longed for the blistering orgasm she so long had dreamt about but had never achieved since Mel.

They rode the elevator in a hurry. As soon as the bedroom door was closed, Tony pulled her against him. She felt his huge cock through his trousers.

“Bend over!”

He lifted her skirt and ripped her thong straps apart, casually yanking the tiny gusset from her open lips. Cathy knew her sex would be open and dripping. Her bottom cheeks were shamelessly exposed.

“Your cunt is mine, Mrs. Shaw.” His voice sounded assured and arrogant.

“Don’t call me Mrs. Shaw.”

“OK, then I call you Cathy, my slut! You will be a slut for me, won’t you?”

“No, oh no…” She felt his finger exploring her intimidate folds, deliberately touching her clit slightly. Not too much, just enough to make her rut. Her back arched, allowing him even easier entrance.

“O, yes you will! I love those single mothers with their dripping cunts! They are the most desperate, begging and crawling to be fucked.”

“No, no, nooo….”

“I bet you will! In a minute you will drop on your knees and start sucking my cock again. Don’t worry, I will fuck your brains out till you can’t have anymore and cry for mercy.”

“Never, never!”

The moment she let the words escaped her mouth Cathy knew her defeat would be inevitable. The urge to submit and experience the humiliation of total surrender overpowered her, a craving for the bittersweet delight of ultimate defeat. His fingers relentlessly intensified her excitement. She dropped to her knees working feverishly on his trousers. Almost frantically she opened his belt and finally pulled down his pants. In the light of the bedroom for the first time she could admire his athletic body in its full glory. She looked in awe at what her hands held. The massive plum colored helmet and its shaft thrust up from a thick hatch of hair. Thick blue veins were coiling themselves around a majestic column of rock-hard flesh. Her fingers could hardly encircle it and the slit was already exuding pearls of pre-cum. It was far the biggest member she had ever encountered.

“Ohmigod!” she murmured. Excitement was churning her insides at the thought of this monster splitting her nether lips, spearing up in her cunt. Suddenly his hand clenched hard in the wealth of her blonde hair and her head was wrenched back so that she had to stare up into his eyes.

“Now you will beg for it, like a good slut… won’t you?”

“Yes, fuck me… please, fuck me!” She whispered.

“Good girl!”

Cathy didn’t make romantic love like a good Centerfold should; she just jumped into his arms. With him standing she started riding him like in her earlier, wild years. His hands delved deep in her cheeks while he mercilessly impaled her on his upright phallus. The way his member stretched her inside was beyond anything she had experienced before. It brought her to an earth shattering, blinding orgasm.

Having experienced an orgasm earlier that night, Tony didn’t have his second orgasm yet. When she had finished writhing and moaning he lifted her off and unceremoniously threw her hard down on the bed, on her back. She felt the weight of his muscular body pinning her down. In two movements he hooked her knees in front of his shoulders, spreading her wide open, her sex, oozing the juice of her heat. His weight crushed her, his hot rod pistoning in and out her contracting channel. Inch by inch, with each thrust, she was stretched further. She groaned at the remorseless way he treated her, pinning her knees down to the mattress with her face in between, her hips bucking up at him urgently, greedy for another blistering orgasm she had missed for so many years.

When he finally started those long, intense, pelvis-slapping thrusts, she clenched every internal muscle around his flesh, determined to milk every drop from his dancing balls. As the world exploded in her head she heard herself screaming in ecstasy. He rewarded her with hot jets of sperm overfilling her cunt. When they savored the aftermath of their pleasure, she felt the wealth of his emission slowly trickling along her thighs. Cathy’s hand moved down across his muscular chest to his flat stomach and found his pubic hair and the cylinder of his semi-erect penis. It was neatly decorated by grayish layers of slime. She cupped the glorious balls and juggled them gently, the stroked the penis itself. It hardened under her touch, growing under her greedy eyes.

“If you want more, you have to lick it clean and beg for it again…”

Immediately she started licking the pulsing shaft, from the wrinkled sacks along the whole length to the angry eye and back. She took a deep and perverse pleasure in being humiliated like this, to taste her own juices on her tongue, as well as the salty flavor of his spend. This was the cock she had been dreaming of.

“Please, let me have your cock again, please.”

She kept repeating her words while she continued cleaning his tumescent pole. Only when she totally buried her face in his hairy cushions her urgent pleas became totally inaudible. She felt his approving pushes on her scalp, pushing her even deeper down in his nether regions. The moment he eased his grip, she crawled over. Straddling him, holding her labia open with one hand, she gripped his wonderfully stiff cock with the other to feed to her hungry mouth. Slowly she let herself own, welcoming the shaft that was filling her again. His hand was mauling her breasts, torturing her swollen nipples with his fingers till they felt like smoldering embers, making her gasp. She bounced harder and harder on his protruding stalk until he held her in an iron grip, suspended above his taut hips. She held her breath, waiting in suspense, before he jammed her down with brutal force, simultaneously sweeping his pelvis upwards. She howled out in pain and delight as she was impaled on his hot rod, filled by all the power of his athletic body. Her body froze, her head thrown back in a sensuous arch. Only her magnificent breasts were shaking, the orbs pointing forwards, the nipples proudly exposed to their fullest extent

“You beautiful slut!” he said, almost approvingly. “Start working your cunt on me!”

She did, her internal muscles working overtime on his massive cock. A staccato of wet sounds announced the final abuse of her clasping channel, bringing her over the edge. She climaxed, her body contorting spasmodically, her mind dissipating in a blur of colors, while deep inside her a fountain spurted his seed, wave after wave. Exhausted she fell over him, gradually fading away in near-unconscious darkness.

When Cathy recovered she felt immensely satisfied and rolled over the wrinkled sheets, savoring the warmth and the smell of their bodies. She reached for him but then noticed splashing from the bathroom, the sound him emptying his bladder. When Tony re-entered the bedroom, Cathy sighed in admiration. He looked glorious. Completely naked, his torso formed a flawless triangle from his shoulders to his waist, perfectly muscled and golden brown. Cathy’s womb contracted with a hard stab of desire when she saw he was half-erect again. His staying power was amazing. She noticed he was staring at the crossroads of her legs and in a primeval feminine gesture she disclosed some more of her cunt, still dripping of his last emission. It was a blatant plea for more. He smiled knowingly.

“Crawl to me!”

Cathy raised her long legs to roll from the bed. As a centerfold she learned how to show herself and she made the most of the movement, exposing her salivating crotch in its entire erotic splendor. She could tell from the slight twitch of his cock her move had scored. As soon she was on all floors Cathy moved towards his uncircumcised penis, waiting for her. The shaft still was almost sheathed entirely by the thin envelope of skin, only part of the helmet being visible. When she crawled closer she noticed the golden drops hanging from the spout of the fat cylinder.

“I deliberately didn’t clean myself so you can be a good doggie and lick those drops of piss away before you suck me clean!”

She cringed at his crude words, reminding her all too clear of the vileness and repulsiveness of the act she was expected to perform. It added to her utter defeat and degradation.

“Keep your hands flat on the floor!” he sneered.

Slavishly obeying him, she had to reach out with her beautiful swan-like neck. Her tongue darted out to sweep the two golden drops. She halted when the rancid tang hit her taste buds but then she felt the pressure of his hand on her scalp. Gingerly she retracted his foreskin with her lips and lips, covering his expanding purple knob with soft kisses. His penis twitched approvingly as she started licking his ripe plum. The next moment the whole trunk of his cock disappeared in her face and her mouth started to suck him gently. Tony held her temples between his hands and plunged his member deep in her throat.

“If you beg nicely, I’ll fuck you like a dog”

Licking the fluid from underneath his foreskin had revived the burning, aching pit of desire in her crotch. She felt an irresistible urge to debase herself and lowered her torso till her breasts were resting on the floor. Turning her head she started licking upwards, swapping the wrinkled skin of his testicles with her tongue. Intermittently she let his dangling balls rest on the soft cool skin of her beautiful face, inhaling the smell of the chasm between his cheeks.

“Pleeeese.” She mumbled. “Fuck me again, please”

Mercifully he allowed her to present herself on all fours before him, her head resting on her arms, her back beautifully hollowed to provide him the easiest access to her gaping orifice. She felt his hot rod brushing the smooth skin of her upwards-directed cheeks. When the bulbous touched her anus she panicked. He was so huge by no means would she be able to accommodate him there. She uttered a sigh of relief when he changed directions and easily slipped in her welcoming sheath. How wonderful to be so magnificently filled again. Gripping her hips, he slammed his enraged cock into her from behind, finding new in-depth spots every time he changed the angle of his penetration. Pressing his whole weight on her lower back, he forced her to tilt her pelvis even more so he could slap her bottom with maximal force. Her feet drummed against his thighs while her hoarse voice was singing her pleasures. When the orgasm lighted her senses she banged her fists against the carpet in a frenzy of utter delight.

It was not the end of their skirmishes. Not one kiss was exchanged but their twisting bodies copulated again and again, the slapping of their sweaty bodies sounding the drum of their heated couplings, the penetrating odors of sperm and vaginal secretion filling the damp air of the bedroom. Time and again he throbbed back into erection and she marveled at his stamina. Her centerfold body fascinated him and he continued exploring and exploiting every part of it with never-ending passion. He devoted a whole session to her breasts, rolling and molding the luxurious milk bags between his fingers for minutes, stimulating the swollen nipples with his nails, slapping them with his hot rod, rubbing them against the rough hairy balls, finally creating a funnel between her magnificent mounds for his raging cock till she pleaded him to finish off in her mouth which he graciously did.

Her long gracious legs, the subject of so many tantalizing pictorials, received their fair part of his attention too, her feet either held down to enclose his cock, or held high to have the calves nibbled at or rubbed against the bristles of his chin. Holding those beautiful legs in the air with one hand, he dug the fingers of the other hand between her widespread thighs. For minutes he worked his fingers inside her, first two, then three and finally four fingers, driving her crazy with lust. When her urgent pleas reached the level of desperation he lowered himself both raising and parting his knees at the same time. Cathy didn’t need any instructions to understand what she had to do. Winding down her supple frame she lowered her face to his wrinkled crater, her mouth doing the begging by licking, kissing and sucking his ass.

“You really suck up to me good, I never had a centerfold doing that!”

He was a master in increasing her humiliation by his words but he also could admire her face in silence, just watching her in admiration, slightly moving his finger over her lips. She saw his green eyes staring at her lips and she remembered he used to dream about them. He was musing, musing what to do with her mouth, letting her wait. She couldn’t stand his stare anymore.

“Do it!” She said hoarsely. “Do my mouth…!”

And he did! He first worked two fingers in her weeping cunt again, moving his hand to her mouth later, letting her lick and suck till his fingers were clean from her juices. Then he repeated the procedure with his cock, first fucking her deep and hard till she screamed out, then straightening himself. Reaching out for his cock, she took his dripping member deep in her throat, the taste and odor of her cunt filling her mouth and nose. He pulled back and slapped her cheeks and her lips, telling her that she was a sluttish centerfold, deserving to have a pictorial of her with her mouth filled with his cock. In vain she tried to capture his cock with her mouth but he kept teasing her, slapping her in the face, driving her hot with desire. When he straddled her and pinned her arms above her head, she greedily opened her mouth wide. He fucked her ferociously till she felt his sperm splattering at the back of her throat and her consciousness drifted away into the dark after pleasure of another debauchery.

Cathy lost count of her orgasms.

The night was turning into the early morning. When she felt him heaving over he body once more, the dome of his helm pushing against the Y of her thighs, she finally had to acknowledge her capitulation.

“No!” she pleaded. “Please, no more!”

“Are you sure? Do you want me to stop?”

“Yes, my cunt hurts, please no more! ”

Almost casually he flipped her over on her face and shoved her knees under her torso, her bottom sticking up in the air again. It was only then it dawned to her that though her devastated sex might be spared, her anus wasn’t going to be.

“No! Please not there!” she cried out. “Aaaaah No!”

But two fingers had been wiped up the channel of her sex to collect the spend and juice coating it and then thrust insistently into her most private opening, pushing the resisting sphincter open. Then, as she gritted her teeth in anticipation of the pain to come, she felt the blunt head of his enormous cock push into her. It was well lubricated by repeated ejaculations and her responsive juices. Still it slid in with exquisite pain. His free hand moved her face till it exactly reached the wet place where he had rested his buttocks during the main part of the night. It reminded her of his intentions in case she would have any doubt. In a perverted way he made sure the procedure would be as humiliating for her as possible. Helplessly she was forced to inhale the odors of his sweat and grime. His hand was merciless and kept her face down muffling her screams of disgust as she felt herself forced wider and wider open. She was sobbing in despair when at last the head was in and she felt a slight lessening of her muscles clamped around the invading shaft. He moved deeper and deeper, remorselessly spearing up past the tight tender ring, squeezing sperm out of her neglected cunt the farther he entered her anal channel.

“Even a slut has to pay the Prize of a lost bet!” he told her.

She felt his hands brace themselves on her hips. She grabbed a fistful of sheet and stuffed it into her mouth as he began to shaft her. She screamed at each trust and whimpered at each withdrawal. She experienced the awkward feeling of bowels being overfilled. All the time the strange compression worked an insidious spell on her of pain and pleasure. He steadily took the time to have his own pleasure, calmly increasing the depth of his penetrations. At some moments he showed he had complete control over her contorting bottom by rotating his member in the hot cauldron of her bowel. He started to withdraw his cock, intermittently leaving her open and unscrewed, a large gaping hole begging to be filled again. The humiliation to be obscenely exposed, just for his enjoyment almost seemed a right part of the prize she had to pay him. When at last she felt his hot sperm spurting in her bowels, it almost felt like a reward. She rotated her rear in appreciative acceptance, welcoming his eruption in her most secret place.

When he slowly withdrew, his movement made her gasp as she felt the cool air flowing though her anus, still open and glowing under the abuse it received. At last she could reach between her legs to cup her plundered entrances and feel the cooling sperm leaking from them. She felt a strange desire to humiliate herself even more to this young man who took his pleasure with her, without any inhibition, just using all his male power and determination.

Wordlessly she turned around and slowly let her tongue trail down his chest and stomach until she reached his pubic hair. Her heart pounded with excitement and horror at the thought she going to do. She moved further and at last encountered his cock marveling that the thick tube was semi-erect again. Knowing full well where it had been, her anus still stinging and throbbing, she took the pulsing shaft into her mouth and licked it clean, slowly and carefully. Her mouth filled with the mingled tastes of both their bodies, both their orifices. Even when the cylinder was clean and gleaming again, she continued her devoted oral caresses, almost waiting for his approval of her total debasement. Then she felt his hands on her scalp, pulling her lips deeper over his stalk, to places and grease still untouched, forcing her mouth to completely engulf him till she felt him exploding a final time back in her throat. When Cathy submissively swallowed his come she knew she had met her new master.

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