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Warming Up

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I was soaked. I’d been on my way home, finishing a pleasant walk, when the rain had caught me by surprise. By the time I got back home, my hair was plastered to my head, my clothes were completely soaked, and I was freezing. Shivering, I dug out my keys and opened the door, stepping inside dripping.

Mistress was inside, sitting on the couch in her pajamas and reading a book. She glanced over, and in a heartbeat was over to me, closing the door and hugging me tightly in an effort to warm me a bit. I sighed happily, content to be in her arms, but after a moment had to speak. “Mistress,” I reminded her, “your clothes are soaked now.”

“You’re right, Pet, that just won’t do,” she replied, picking me up and carrying me over to the bathroom, the suddenness of it startling me at first. She set me down in the bathroom and set about stripping me briskly, dropping the damp clothes in the tub. Her hands lingered on my everyday collar, a simple brown ribbon around my neck.

“Would you mind it if I took this off to dry?” she asked, one finger hooked under it. I blushed and shook my head lightly, pleased that she took the time to ask me, despite the fact that she didn’t need to. I shivered, eyes closing, as she untied it with care, brushing feather-light caresses across my neck as she did so. I pouted slightly as she released me, putting the collar down and stripping herself, then started to shiver again as the cold reasserted itself. When her own clothes finished joining mine in the bathtub, she returned her attention to me, pursed her lips when she saw my shivers, then darted off. She returned almost immediately with one of the many thick fuzzy blankets that usually went on the bed and wrapped it around me, guiding me into the living room and plopping me down in front of the fireplace while she started the fire.

I was still sitting there, distracted by the fire, my shivers lessening as the blanket began to warm, when she joined me, pulling me into her lap and wrapping the blanket carefully around herself. I started at first as her cold, mildly goosebumpy skin brushed up against me, then positively glowed as I realized that she had been taking steps to warm me up despite her own coldness. I nestled into her after that, doing my best to share my heat with her, nuzzling lightly at her neck as I murmured “Thank you for taking such good care of me, Mistress.”

“Of course,” she replied, and I could feel her smile through my cheek on her jaw, “you’re my Pet. Mine to have and to use, yes, but also mine to love and mine to care for.” I wriggled, a bit embarrassed, my cheeks flaming red.

“Also, you’re adorable when you blush,” she added, grinning and kissing me on the forehead, wrapping her arms around me and holding me tightly.

“I love you, Mistress,” I said, happily nestling into her arms, content with her arms around me. Well… content if I ignored the slowly-growing warmth between my legs. I loved it when she held me like this, when I was just hers, secure in her love and safe in her arms. I began to rub my legs together surreptitiously, shifting my hips as I tried to assuage the need slightly.

She must have noticed, though, as she always does, because immediately afterward she murmured into my ear, in that low, deep, confident, and slightly amused voice that made me melt, “Is there something you want to ask me to do, Pet?”

“I…” I paused, quivering with need. “play with me, Mistress? Pleasure me and allow me to return the favor?”

She only smiled in response, her hands trailing lightly over the bottoms of my breasts and my belly, coaxing a gasp out of me before I bit my lip. I shivered, whimpering, “P-please, Mistress?”

“Mmm, of course I will, Pet… close your eyes and wait a moment. And stop grinding your legs together, you get to wait a bit first.”

“Yes, Mistress,” I said, nodding, as she slipped out from under me, tucking the blanket in around just me. I heard her walking away and occupied myself with thoughts of what she might do to me. Whips and chains, dildos and beatings flickered through my thoughts, but I quickly discarded the ideas – they might make me weak-kneed with want at times, but right now I was craving the intimacy of her hands touching me, perhaps tying me if she liked. My Mistress loved me, and I was hers, and that was all I needed.

I heard her set something down on the couch near us, then she was behind me, pushing me up so I was sitting a bit straighter, tugging my arms behind me and tying them together at the wrists tenderly. She gently lowered me onto my back, bending my legs and tying them, one side of the knee to the other, ankles to thighs, so they stayed that way. I shifted for a moment before I could find a comfortable position, and as I did so she blindfolded me lovingly, caressing my cheek and temple as she did.

“Struggle,” came the command, and I did, whimpering lustfully, tugging and twisting wildly at the bonds, trying to slip out of them. They dug into me almost painfully, not giving nearly enough for me to get out. The ropes were soft, but unyielding, like her arms around me – and raw lust shot through me as I realized just how much I was Mistress’ right now, bound as she wanted me and utterly at her mercy.

“You may stop,” she said, and my heart raced to hear the desire in her voice. “Mmm, such a beautiful pet… where to start…” she mused, tracing her fingers over my collarbone. “Ah, yes, of course,” she murmured, and her lips, warm and loving, took mine in a passionate kiss as her fingertips traced my breasts, teasing at and flickering over my nipples. I gasped, arching happily, the whole of my being focused on her touch, on her love. Her mouth left mine and I pouted, but it fastened itself on one of my nipples shortly afterward, sucking firmly. I cried out, the heat in my sex becoming almost unbearable, and she responded by tweaking my other nipple as she gave another firm suck. I came right there, arching, whimpering, and writhing futilely within my bonds.

When I came to my senses again, I could feel her ankles brushing my biceps, and could smell her sex above me. Still blindfolded, I leaned up, kissing where I had guessed her clit to be. Her quick gasp proved my guess accurate, and she lowered herself so I could more easily reach her with my mouth and tongue. I dragged my tongue broadly over her sex, and, rewarded with a gasp, repeated the action several times before slipping my tongue inside her, exploring. I shivered with need as I tasted her, but continued to quest into her with my tongue.

Encouraged by her moans, I continued my work, thrusting my tongue in and out rhythmically. She whimpered happily, in that way she does when she’s almost over the edge herself, and gasped out, “Keep… going… don’t stop!” I redoubled my efforts, and was soon rewarded with a gasping, shuddering orgasm and a rush of her nectar. I lapped it up happily, catching a great deal, with much of the remainder coating my face. Not wanting to leave it at that, I caught her clit between my lips while she trembled, sucking lightly.

My world was focused on her – her gasping moans, the taste of her on my lips, the tightness of my bindings, and the feel of her pussy against my tongue. I threw myself into my task with renewed passion, sucking and licking, nibbling and flicking her clit with my tongue, until she lost control again, her breathing ragged and her cries of pleasure loud.

I sighed contentedly and allowed my head to fall back to the ground, pleased that I had been able to give such pleasure to my Mistress, licking my lips to get more of that wonderful taste. She kissed me tenderly, making appreciative sounds at tasting herself on my lips, then slid down my body, pushing my still-bound legs apart to give her room.

Realizing what she was about to do, I eagerly thanked her, but was distracted once more by her touch, by her lips on my sex. The rest of the world melted away, leaving only lips and tongue on my clit, fingers and tongue in me, the sounds of her thrusting her fingers in and out, curling them into my G-Spot, the steadily rising pleasure she gave me. She kept me on the edge, increasing the pleasure slowly, until finally she drove me over the edge, and I whited out with sheer pleasure.

I must have fallen asleep, because when I came to Mistress had untied me, and was just holding me in her lap, using her breasts as pillows. One arm was holding me gently but firmly, her other hand was idly caressing my cheek and hair, and when I opened my eyes I was overwhelmed by the love I could see in her eyes as she gazed down at me tenderly.

“I love being Yours, Mistress,” I sighed happily.

“I love you being Mine as well, Pet,” she replied, leaning down to kiss me. I melted into the kiss, arching to her touch as her hand traced its way down my body, brushing over my damp sex. I shivered and moaned into the kiss as she caressed my pussy, brushing over my clit lightly; she took my lower lip between her lips and sucked gently, sending tingles of pleasure shooting down to my clit, not letting up with her fingers, triggering an arch and a whimper from me. She kept holding me, her mouth on mine and her fingers dancing over my clit, until I came happily, gasping out my love for her.

“Mmm… this is my favorite kind of warming up,” I murmured happily afterward, closing my eyes and drifting off in the arms of my friend, my protector, my lover, my mistress.

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