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Intruder Within

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Through the screen door, I can hear the raindrops hit the patio as I stand in the kitchen. The scent of rain engulfs my senses on this hot and stormy night as I wash the few dishes that are in the sink. Peering out the small kitchen window, I can see the big drops splashing on the ground. A flash of lightening appears, brightening the yard for just a moment. The distant sound of thunder echoes in the air as the storm rapidly approaches.

I put down the dishrag and open the small window that is just above the sink. A warm breeze sweeps through the kitchen. The breeze is comforting, like an old friend…like a lost love. Reminding me of your hot breath on my neck as it catches my hair.

Your business trip has lasted for almost two weeks now – twelve days to be exact, but who’s counting I think as I return my attention to the dishes in the sink. When you phoned last night, you informed me that you would be gone for at least another five days. My heart broke as you uttered those words. I could here the disappointment in your voice as well. The thought of not seeing you is a hard pill to swallow, but I do understand the nature of your business.

I grab the dishrag and quickly dispense with the chore at hand. Letting the water drain from the sink, I wipe off the countertop and sigh deeply as I miss you so very much. The intensity of the rain is picking up outside. The lightening and thunder are more frequent as the storm rolls in. I move to the back door and stand at the screen gazing at the wonders of Mother Nature. The breeze passing through the screen door whips under my dress catching the hem. The wind feels like a warm hand caressing me – your hand. Closing my eyes I stand in front of the screen door. The warm night air touches my body and fills me with thoughts of you and your touch. I spread my legs slightly and let the warm breeze pass between them. I lean my head back and cross my arms around my body pretending they belong to you. This works for a moment, but the sound of thunder brings me back. I wish that I could feel your strong embrace. Every inch of my soul aches for you to be home. I must be patient, I tell myself. You will be home soon.

Maybe a glass of wine will help to ease some of the melancholy I feel this evening. Moving from the door I walk across the cool white linoleum floor in my bare feet to the refrigerator. Opening the refrigerator door, I remove the bottle of wine sitting on the top shelf. Shutting the refrigerator door with one foot, I then move to the counter next to the refrigerator. Placing the bottle on the counter I reach up to grab a wine glass from the glass rack. Now I really wish you were here, as I am unable to easily get the glass down. I can here you in my mind teasing me as you always do when I need your assistance in getting an object that I have put out of my reach. Little do you know, that I enjoy watching you from behind…

Leaning up against the counter on my tiptoes, is the only way that I can even touch the glass. Stretching with all of my might, I finally get my hand on the stem of a glass. Just as I put my hand on the glass, a large bolt of lightening illuminates the sky, knocking out the power to our home. A large crash of thunder shakes the very foundation of my soul and makes me catch my breath. The thunder is so loud that I do not hear the opening and closing of the screen door. Nor do I see or hear the intruder within.

All is dark now. I am stuck in an awkward position, praying that I don’t drop the glass on the kitchen floor with my bare feet showing. I curse aloud as I stand their one arm on the countertop and the other reaching for the glass. My back is to the intruder unaware that he is watching my every movement…watching and waiting.

With some difficulty I manage to retrieve the glass and place it on the counter without having it shatter into a million pieces on the floor. I then move along the counter feeling my way to the utility drawer looking for the lighter. On this dark and stormy night I will have to make do with the light of a candle or two. No telling when the power will be back on, as the storm continues to rage on outside.

Locating the handle of the utility drawer, I open the drawer to find the contents all chaotic. I move things around in the dark until my hand feels what should be the lighter. Another flash of lightening blazes across the sky making enough light for me to see that I have indeed found what I am searching for. I reach quickly for the candle that is sitting on the small shelf right in front of me before all of the illumination escapes from the last bolt of lightening. As I light the three-wick candle the sound of thunder can be heard throughout the house.

My thoughts are of you as I move back to my glass. What a night to be without you. The light from the candle helps to ease some of my fear as I hate storms. I need to relax and let the wine work its magic. Let its intoxicating bouquet take me away from this stormy place, if only in my mind.

I reach for the bottle of wine and remove the cap. The entire time the intruder is watching and waiting. Maneuvering without a sound to a hiding place in the kitchen. Concealing his identity by hiding in the shadows. I begin to pour the remaining contents of the wine into my glass. There is just enough wine to fill my glass one time.

I am not much of a drinker this glass will settle my nerves very quickly. Half a glass will have me feeling no pain in a few minutes and then I will make my way upstairs to take a hot bath to wash away the loneliness I feel tonight. I wish you were here to share my bath…to share our bed…to have my body.

I take a sip of wine and place the glass back on the counter. It feels cool sliding down my throat. I close my eyes and listen to the wind as it passes through the open window of our home. The scent of the candle begins to fill the air as the flickering light dances off the walls. The sound of the rain and the cool feeling of the wine are beginning to have a soothing effect on me. I can feel some of the tension ease as the wine makes its journey downward. How sweet it tastes and how comforting it feels. I stand there for just a moment longer as the breeze from the back door rushes in and catches the bottom of my dress once again whipping it high around my thick thighs. Taking an even larger sip of wine, I begin to let my mind wander to thoughts of your homecoming, the pleasure that we will share. Setting the glass back on the counter, I realize that I am almost done with the entire glass in record time.

I close my eyes as the wine makes it way down and warms my spirit a bit. I look at the glass still on the counter and see that I have just one swallow to go. All of a sudden, a cold shiver runs down my spine. I shrug it off as the sound of thunder rumbles across the sky. The sound of thunder catches me a bit off guard as I drain the final contents of the glass. A few droplets miss my mouth and land on the counter. My back is still towards the intruder who is watching very closely as I consume the final remnants of wine. Watching and waiting, he hides in the corner as I turn towards the sink. Walking over I place the empty glass in the sink and reach for the dishrag. I turn without noticing him standing in the corner. Walking back across the cool floor I reach for the empty bottle. The intruder makes his presence known…

He grabs both of my arms from behind. Dropping the dishrag to the floor as the surprise and pain consume me. I never see his face. His strong hands dig into both of my arms as he jerks me backward towards him. My back is up against his chest and his chin is resting in my hair. I can hear his breathing and my heart is racing with fear. My head begins to spin as my mind takes in what is happening. He whispers in my ear to be quite and not make a sound. The fear and terror that I feel paralyze my vocal chords and I cannot utter a word in protest. All I can manage to do is nod in compliance. He urges me forward toward the counter, never letting go of my arms. The back of my dress is now wet from being up against him…he must have come from outside…during the storm, but when…how… My mind is racing.

At the counter his grip tightens on my arms and he instructs me in a whisper to put my hands behind my back. The fear I feel consumes me as I am unable to move my hands and place them behind my back. Will he hurt me for not doing as I am told? My mind is a blur as I stand in the kitchen. I am trying to get my arms to move, but they are not cooperating. After what seems like a lifetime, I finally get one arm to move and I place it slowly behind my back; evidentially not fast enough for he reaches down and grabs my arm harshly and pulls it behind me. I begin to yell out in pain, but he instructs me to be quiet or else… Or else what I think…

He places a restraint of some sort around my wrist. He then grabs my other arm and pulls it behind my back. I can feel the restraint as he places it over my second wrist and ties them together. What does this man want and why is he here? Where did he come from and how could I not have heard his intrusion into our home?

He completes immobilizing my hands quickly and skillfully. The restraints are tight. I can feel them rubbing my skin. He then pulls me close to him again. He takes in the scent of my hair. I can feel his hot breath as he inhales and exhales. He lets my arms go as I stand with my back to him.

Suddenly, I here the sound of tearing or ripping behind me. What is he tearing I wonder? Within seconds that question is answered, as he slips his hands and arms over my head and places a piece of tape over my mouth. His breath is warm on my neck and I can feel his chest up against my upper back. His chest is strong and firm. I can feel it rising and falling as he completes gagging my mouth. How will I survive? My mind clouds and my thoughts are unclear. I must try to remember every little detail about him – if I live. I must keep a calm head…but how when the horror I feel is overwhelming every inch of me.

The storm is still raging outside and the battle for survival is just beginning inside. Suddenly another bolt of lightening streaks across the sky. From its brightness I can see his shadow against the wall. He is massive I think, much bigger then me. The fear is devastating as my heart races and pounds strongly against my chest. My knees are weak and I feel that my legs will not support me much longer. But I must not give into unconsciousness; I must stay in control and remember all that I can about him. His touch, his smell, his words, his actions… I must not forget a single moment. I must manage my fear if I am going to survive.

Pulling me close to him once again, I can feel that my head rests just under his chin. He is rubbing the sides of my arms and inhaling deeply as he takes in the scent of my hair once again. My head is on his chest and I can feel his manhood in the small of my back. I

now know what he wants… My heart grows sick with the thought of him touching me, having his way with me. Instantly my stomach turns to knots. A gasp is caught in my throat, that only I can hear, as I realize what will happen. My mind is reeling. How can I stop him? How can I get away?

He releases my arms and steps back for a moment, maybe to get a look at his handy work. I begin to turn my head to get a glimpse of him; he steps up behind me and snaps my head forward with his powerful hands and tells me to stand perfectly still until he instructs me further. His voice is a whisper in my ear, however the supremacy in which he speaks makes me obey. He is so close to me that I can feel the heat radiating from his body.

Without any warning everything goes dark, as he places a blindfold over my eyes. No more glow from the candle whose scent is filling the air, no more lightening flashing into the kitchen where I am now held captive by this man…this intruder. No opportunity for me to identify him. Complete and total darkness is all that is before me. The intruder thinks of everything. I can not make a sound, I am unable to fight him off with my bound hands and I can not see to identify him. I realize at that moment, that I am totally vulnerable to his desires…to his wants…to his needs. I feel defenseless and alone as the tears begin to slowly slide down my cheeks.

Grabbing my shoulders, he turns me around to face him. Tears are peaking out from underneath my blindfold, as fear grips my very essence. How can I not show my fear when I am terrified? I am unable to stop the flow of water from my eyes. I feel a finger on my cheek wiping away the tears that are slipping down my face. He whispers in a low voice for me not to cry. He states that he will not hurt me if I do as I am told. Everything will be all right…as soon as he is done with me.

His voice is soothing as he speaks to me, but his final words, “done with me” linger in my mind. “Done with me”, keeps repeating in my head as I stand in front of him. The fear that grips my spirit at that moment is unbearable. How will I maintain? How will I survive? I can feel my chest heaving up and down and the panic racing through my entire body. I can hear him moving around in front of me and behind me. Unfamiliar sounds are coming at me from all sides. He seizes my shoulders as he pulls me roughly away from the counter. Placing me in the middle of the kitchen floor, I can feel his movement as he walks around me in a circle, his eyes probably never leaving my body. He suddenly stops and stands directly in front of me, so close I can smell the clean scent of rain on his body. I have no idea what he will do to me next and I shudder at the thought. The first sound that I can distinguish clearly besides the thunder, is the sound of a belt buckle unfastening. The second sound is a zipper being undone. The sounds are deafening as I catch my breath. The rustle of clothes being taken-off and landing on the floor is the next sound that I can clearly make out. I knew in an instant that he must be standing naked before me. He must be hard and erect. How much longer before he would be inside of me? Forcing his cock into my soft wet pussy…having his way with me.

My thoughts quickly turn to you for I could not bare another thought of what is about to transpire. I must focus on our last night together in order to get through this ordeal. I have to use my mind to block out his touch. Remembering our final evening together before you left on your trip. I have to find a way to cherish what we have together; to not let the current set of circumstances tarnish the love that we have for one another. How will you feel when you discover that another man has taken what is yours? How will I explain this to you? I can already see the hurt in your eyes, the rage in your heart…

He steps close to me again and places a finger to my cheek as a another tear escapes the confines of my blindfold. I can feel the heat of his body as he stands before me. His next few words are low and deliberate as he informs me that he is going to remove the tape from my mouth. He instructs me to not make a sound. Placing his hand to my face, he grabs a corner of the tape and with one swift move, removes the tape. The sting runs deep…

For a brief moment I feel like I have a chance, a chance to survive. I’m thinking that possibly I can reason with him. Make him see that this is wrong and that his leaving presently is all I want. I believe that I can convince him that I will not say a word about his arrival to our home. After all, I know nothing about him; I have no way to identify him. However, before I can gather all my thoughts and utter a word, he quickly snatches me towards his chest. He whispers in my ear for me to use my full lips to kiss his chest. I begin to utter a protest, but he inserts his strong hands into my hair and pulls me head back sending pain down my neck. I instantly knew that his eyes see the fear on my face. In his low voice he instructs me not to make a sound removing one hand from my hair and tracing my lips with a single finger. I am beside myself with fear and shock from the sudden movement. I can only obey his instructions. Again he orders me to kiss his chest as he places his free hand back in my hair. His fingers intertwine in my hair as he pulls my face towards his chest.

What can I do to stop him? I can feel my face getting closer to his bare chest. I can feel the heat of his body as he continues to pull my lips closer to him. The sound of thunder echoes in my ears as I make a weak attempt at resisting. The strength in his hands and the determination in his mind is no match for me. My head is starting to spin as I feel the effects of drinking the wine too quickly. Me feeble effort at resisting is rapidly coming to an end.

I have no other choice but to put my full lips on his chest. Kissing him and licking his bare skin. Tasting and teasing him with the touch of my lips and the light caress of my tongue. I hear him breath in and out deeply as I pleasure him. His heart is pounding vigorously through his strong smooth chest. I can actually feel it as my tongue takes on a life of its own, exploring and tasting this intruder. His hands are still in my hair guiding my movements with precision.

I feel the hardness of his nipple as I allow myself to linger over the protrusion for a moment. Tightening and loosening his grip in my hair as I arouse a pleasure point for him. His voice is barely audible as he instructs me to take his nipple fully into my mouth. He never relinquishes his hold on me as he enjoys the sensation my mouth provides. His nipple responds eagerly to my lips. The taughtness is unmistakable. He guides my face along the middle of his broad chest as he seeks to have my lips on his other nipple. I can hear his moans of pleasure as I continue to tease and please him. His excitement rings in my ears. I can feel his now hard cock through my dress as his nipples are not the only portion of his body I’m arousing. My thoughts are no longer my own as I leave a blazing trail of sensuous kisses across his chest.

He bends and whispers quietly into my ear how much he is enjoying the talents of my tongue. I feel ill as his words reach my heart. He quickly moves his hands to the top of my shoulders, releasing his hold on my hair. He instructs me to get on my knees. Appling pressure to the tops of my shoulders he pushes me down towards the floor. My thoughts are of you and how I am betraying our love. He is making me do things that I only want to do with you. Ever so slowly I bend down, the tears now streaming uncontrollably down my cheeks, my body shaking with each sob. Going unheard are my appeals for him to stop. I am too afraid to say a word. My mind is screaming for him to stop – for him to leave!

He urges me to open my mouth. I want to object, but he grabs a handful of my hair and lifts my head up towards him. My mouth opens wide once his hands snarl my hair. He takes his other hand and guides his massive cock into my mouth. He commands me to suck him. He pulls my head back and forth over his cock. I can feel it growing in my mouth with every stroke. My knees began to ache from the hard surface of the kitchen floor and my shoulders throb from my hands being tied behind my back. I just want him to end this nightmare…to leave me alone, but he stays… He keeps punishing me with his cock…with his hands…with his voice. He drives himself deeper and deeper into my mouth as my lips wrap fully and snuggly around his manhood.

Without mercy, he continues his assault on my mouth. Slowly at first, allowing me the discontent of feeling the full width and length of him in my mouth. In and out he slides his tool. Making sure to hit every inch of my mouth. He skillfully maneuvers himself within the confines of my lips and mouth. Never rushing himself. Always in complete control. Enjoying the sensation that I must be generating by sucking him. He penetrates deep inside my mouth causing his erection to touch the back of my throat. I can hear his moans of delight as I gag on his enormous erection. I can hear his words of encouragement to take it all, ringing in my ears. My head is spinning as I can feel the full effect of the wine and the pressure of his hands in my hair.

He whispers instructions for me to follow. His voice, very decisive as his demands reach my ears. Releasing his swollenness from my mouth, he orders me to lick his balls with my tongue. His fingers dig deeper in my hair as I hear his moans of desire and his shortness of breath. The arousal growing within his loins with each flick of my tongue.

Being blindfolded, on my knees in my own kitchen with my hands tied behind my back and an intruder masterfully manipulating me into his whore, leaves me helpless and beaten. I do as he commands. I lick his manhood with the skill of a cat cleaning her coat. I let my lips message his scrotum and my tongue to dance around his testicles. The sounds of pleasure emitting from him, surpass the sounds of the raging storm outside. His commands are continuous. His dominance total…

He rewards my skillfulness in pleasing him with verbal compliments. Plunging in and out of the depths of my mouth…his erectness seemingly endless. Pulling his cock out of my mouth so that I can tease the head with my tongue, the familiar flavor of salt touches my taste buds. His moans of ecstasy are audible to me as I taste the pre-cum in my mouth. I know the delight he is feeling as I stimulate his cock. He is enjoying every suckle, every lick, every touch of my lips. He enjoys all that I give to you and you alone.

His moans of pleasure replace the sounds of the storm. I can no longer hear the thunder. I can only hear his voice, his pleasure as he pushes and pulls himself in and out of my mouth. My instinct to survive outweighs any act that I might perform to please him. I have to survive… How much longer? How much more can I stand? My jaws ache from trying to fit all of his manhood in my mouth. He whispers in my ear what a perfect mouth I have. He informs me of how good his cock feels hitting the back of my throat. I can feel the movement of his hips as he thrusts his member in and out of my mouth. He pulls me so that his cock will go deeper within my mouth several more times and then suddenly lets go.

His breathing is rapid. I can hear him step back. I can feel him standing over me as I slump down on the floor. I am still on my knees as I realize the assault on my mouth has ceased for the time being. My jaws are weary from the ordeal, my knees and wrist have lost all feeling as I attempt to rest on the cool kitchen floor.

Within a few seconds I feel him step towards me again. Feeling dizzy from fear and wine, all I am able to do is lay on the floor and wait. He reaches down and places his hands under my arms in order to put me on my feet. He asks if I am all right…as if he really cares. Of course I’m not all right I want to scream at him! I begin to answer him with a flurry of cuss words, but think better of it. By the time my head clears and I am able to control my rage, he grabs me roughly and turns me away from him.

My feet respond very slowly as he pushes me. He then whispers in my ear one simple word, “walk”. At his command my feet react. I have no idea what to think. My mind races with all kinds of scenario’s for what will transpire next. …none of them good.

Grabbing me, he steers me by my arms, guiding me to a small table that stands in the center of the kitchen. I can feel the heat of his body as he steps up behind me. Once again he inhales deeply. His voice is a deep whisper as he tells me to bend over the table. The fear that I feel at that moment paralyzes my body. I can not move. I’m frozen in time. Standing even closer to me he repeats, “Bend over.” I can hear his voice, his instructions, I just can’t get my body to obey. No longer willing to wait for me to do as I’m told, he wraps one arm around my waist and places his other hand in the middle of my back pushing me forward onto the table.

He moves his leg in between my legs in order to pry them apart. My legs now spread before him, are unsteady at best. My face is flat on the cool surface of the table. My arms stinging from being secured behind my back. With all that is happening to me, I can since the enormous amount of pleasure he is having at my expense. The control he has over me as he is able to dictate my every move.

Placing both of his strong hands on my ass, he begins to slide them up and down my roundness. I can here his sounds of appreciation for what is now in his possession. He whispers that I have a nice ass as his hands continue their exploration. No response comes from my lips. My vocal cords are frozen. The tears flow from my eyes once again. I think to myself, not much longer now. He will be inside of me shortly…hurting me…taking me. Pushing his cock deep inside my pussy. The cock I made erect just moments ago with my mouth.

Moving even closer to me, he continues to caress and knead my ass. The heat from his hands radiates through my clothing. The head of his manhood presses firmly on the flimsy material of my dress. His hands keep up their assault as he gropes my ass and starts to make inaudible sounds. The sounds are very familiar…

My heart sinks as I feel him in one smooth motion, slip his hands down to the hem of my dress and lift it over my hips. For a few moments I feel nothing. No touch of his hand. No sense of him being close to me. The quiet before the storm… Without any warning, I feel his hands back on my ass. He is uncomfortably close this time as I can feel his cock protruding against the fabric of my panties.

Grabbing another handful of my ass, he leans over the top of me in order to reach with his other hand to move my hair from my face, exposing my neck. I feel his lips as he kisses the back of my neck. His handling of me although in an awkward position is almost tender – loving. His kisses are like fire on my skin. The wetness from his lips leaves its mark on my neck and on my inner self. The tenderness that he is now exhibiting towards me is confusing. His tongue expertly explores my neck and his hand is methodically placing just the right amount of pressure on my ass. The frenzy of desire that sweeps over me is unbearable.

How can his hands afford such tenderness? How does he know just where to place his kisses of desire? My mind is playing tricks on me as I reel from all that is happening. There is no way that this outsider can arouse the sexual cravings that I have tucked away until you return. …but he is… I can feel my arousal growing.

The realization that his touch is making me hot brought me back to reality. His kisses scorch my skin. My body willingly relaxes. He is able to seduce my body into a frenzy of pleasure and pain. The pleasure of his touch…the pain that it is not your touch. The constant rubbing of his cock against my ass, now made sounds of desire emit from my lips. I could even feel my pussy preparing for him. My body with every touch, with every smoldering kiss is betraying me. …betraying you.

He is so close to me. I can tell that he wants to be inside of me. I’m aware that he will not stop until he is pushing his pulsating member in my hole and filling every inch of me with himself. His rubbing of my ass persists as he brings his hips forward so that his hard cock can rest between my pussy lips. Only the material of my panties keeps me from feeling the full extent of his endowment. I can feel his hardness as he moves his hips forward and backward. My panties give little protection from the sensation of feeling a hard cock on my clit. He enjoys making me hot and wet for what seems like an eternity.

He suddenly speaks to me in a tone that is unfamiliar. Warm and passionate… His whisper-harsh voice non apparent. A crash of thunder rolls across the heavens as he speaks to me, masking any kind of vocal recognition. I can not speak back to him. I can not tell him how wonderful and exhilarating it feels to have him so close to me. I’m unable to tell him of the sensations that are rippling all over my body.

My crotch is wet with my own pussy juices. I want to scream as my body responds eagerly to his touch. I want to run as my body relishes his touch. I want to die as I let down the man I love. I want my body to stop divulging my hidden need right now, but his touch is electrifying, so precise – like he knows my wanting. He places his hands on my wrists as he continues to stimulate my pussy. He gently pulls me toward him in one motion, as he thrusts up against me in another. He informs me in my ear that he is going to remove the restraints. My instant thought is, now I have a chance. But a chance for what? To get away or to stay… I almost feel that I want him to take me. My confusion is evident as I wrestle internally with my own demons. What am I thinking? I must want to get away… I simply must, right?

His voice no longer a whisper as the wind whips outside. He orders me not to try anything. I know that at my first opportunity I must try to escape. Try to get help. It’s the right thing to do. But his touch is so inviting. His kisses very warm and passionate. His cock is ready for me. I am sure that he can sense my hesitation; the dilemma that is put before me. I nod in agreement to behave once my hands are free. I really need to keep my wits about me. Think with my mind and not with my body. Be strong for myself, for us, for you…

With my hands still bound he places one hand on my bound wrists, as he slides his other hand down to my crotch and pulls my soaked panties to one side. I can feel the warm air caress my womanhood. The dampness is glistening on my plump pussy lips. He affords me no warning as he plunges his fingers inside my hot spot. The pain that shoots through me as he pushes his fingers deep inside my tight pussy is over quickly. All along he has been preparing me.

I can here his moans of pleasure as he probes my hole with his fingers. ..pushing deeper and deeper inside of me. He moves his fingers rhythmically in and out of my hole, testing my tightness. His agile fingers fill my hole with every insertion. My eyes are shut tight behind the blindfold as if to block out the pain and pleasure that is surging through my body. The invasion of my womanhood by him is complete and precise.

Inserting his fingers all the way inside of me, he moves them in small circles in order to heighten my pleasure and prolong my agony. He flicks his tongue inside my ear, making me want to simply scream. The ecstasy he is creating only strengthens my resolve to get away. I have to find a way. Currently I can not stop my juices from flowing or my heart from racing. I can not stop the feeling of elation that is building in my loins and beyond.

He suddenly removes his fingers from my twat. His deep whisper of a voice returns as he informs me of how hot and wet I feel. A shiver runs down my spine as the overwhelming feeling of familiarity floods my mind. I can sense he is watching my every move as his fingers resume sliding in and out of my dripping pussy. I can hear him moan with delight … or is that me?

My lips let loose the sounds of passion. He is able to here me over the storm and maintains his ambush of my pussy. I now want to feel his fingers inside me as I began to move my hips in time with his plunging fingers. Placing his thumb on my swollen clit, he proceeds to rub the heart of my womanhood in a circular motion. …creaming me for his amusement.

He works diligently at possessing my pussy and the liquid lava that flows from deep within. He asks me if I enjoy all that he is doing? His hot breath right in my ear. I have no other choice but to speak a single word of yes, as my moans and my dripping pussy attest to the fact that I am enjoying his touch.

Still torturing my pussy with pleasure he takes his free hand and removes my restraints. One hand is free and I quickly place it on the tabletop. The weight of him resting on my back as I place my hand to brace myself. Suddenly he removes his fingers from my pussy and replaces them with his bulging cock. The hurt and pain pierce my soul as my assailant slides himself inside of me. A momentary sense of relief flows over me as I realize that what I have dreaded is now taking place. The actual feeling of enjoyment races through my inner spirit as the intruder slides his engorged cock in and out of me. But, how can this be?

He is inside of me – like I knew he would be. He is pulling my hips on him. The sound of my wet pussy can be heard over the storm. Our cries of passion are heard through the screen door. He fucks me harder and harder. I only have my hands to brace myself as the force of him being inside me moves the small table. He pulls me on him with the urgency of a lover who has been deprived. His taking of me is savage, yet he prepared me – made me wet and hot with wanting. He has taken his time – much like you.

His assault is persistent and complete once he is inside of me. My screams of passion out weigh my screams of pain. His hot breath on my neck. His hands on my waist, pulling and urging me to consume his entire cock inside my hot wet pussy. My blindfold still on. My breath coming in short bursts. How does he know me so well?

How can he invade me? How can he make me want to cum over and over again? His warm kisses caress my skin. His hands are all knowing when it comes to exciting me. His cock fits me so well after his initial penetration. The feeling of familiarity is overpowering this time as I try to struggle with my arousal, my excitement, my shame. I can no longer ignore this feeling.

I attempt to think as I feel each stroke of passion fill my wanting pussy. This is no intruder I think. For he knows me too well. This has to be, it can only be…my love! Who else would know me so well? Know how to please me in every way. Be a little rough with me, but know exactly how far to take it. Know how to plunge deep into my cavern and fill it so completely with himself. I reach for the blindfold that has hidden the truth from my eyes. I turn my head as a flash of lightening blazes a trail across the stormy sky to see you and feel you explode inside me as a burst of thunder echoes in the air. Our eyes meet. I can feel your hot cum flowing from your manhood and I too must let go of the passion that has built up for the past couple of weeks and on this stormy night.

I cum on your cock and realize that you are my ‘intruder within’.

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