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The Oasis

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The Piper Malibu bumped and rocked as it touched down on the airstrip in the middle of nowhere. There was nothing around the 4000-foot concrete pad except a couple of hills, a whole bunch of desert and some mountains barely visible through the shimmering heat on the horizon.

The plane rolled to a stop and headed straight back up the runway and aimed at one of the large hills off to the side. As the plane came closer the front half of the hill slid apart to reveal a large hanger with several smaller planes parked inside.

“Why do you hide the hanger?” called one of the passengers from the back of the plane.

“The earth is the most energy efficient type of insulation,” the pilot replied. “The camouflage is just a side benefit. This hanger stays between 68 and 72 degrees year round regardless of what’s going on outside. Right now the outside temperature is 103 and the hanger is at 70.”

“All of our construction at the Oasis is ultra energy-efficient. We are off the power grid so we have to produce all of our own power. We try to use natural light wherever possible and most of our electricity is wind generated. We have solar hot water systems and even some solar electric cells although they are not very efficient.”

“Cool, but where are the buildings?” another passenger asked.

“You’ll see,” said the pilot.

As the propeller spun to a stop the door was opened from the outside by a large very fit black man wearing baggy drawstring pants and a tight linen t-shirt. “Welcome to the Oasis,” he called into the plane with a thick accent. “Watch your step exiting the plane and come with me. Your bags will be delivered to your rooms later.”

The large golf-cart shuttle pulled out of the hanger and followed a gravel path to a depression between two mounds and down a steep hill into what appeared to be a round crater approximately 100 yards across and 40-50 feet deep. The center of the crater was lush and green with palm trees and a large swimming pool. It looked like exactly what it was named – an oasis in the middle of the desert.

“All the buildings here are built into the walls of the crater,” the driver explained. “Each guest room is identical. They have a living room, bedroom and bathroom. I think you will find the accommodations very acceptable. Dinner is served in the main building from 5 to 7 each night; breakfast is from 6:30 until 8 every morning. Lunches will vary based on your individual activities and there are refrigerators with drinks and snacks located all over the facility. Tonight we will all have dinner together and then after that you are on your own for meals. There is no charge for anything here. There are also very few rules. Everything is clothing optional except meals and then you must wear something. Any questions?”

“Is there a safe in the room?” one of the passengers called out.

“No and there are no locks on the doors. Any doors.” The driver answered. “You were instructed not to bring money and if you have valuables you can check them in the main building and we will return them when you leave.”

“What about my laptop?” the passenger continued.

“I can dispose of it if you’d like,” the driver said with a grin. “There is a hazardous waste disposal site near the airport where I picked you up. Here we are at the first room. Karen and Jim this is your stop. Jenny and Bill are next, then Lisa and Johnny and finally Amy and Lance.”

The driver drove around the compound dropping the couples at their respective rooms with a reminder that dinner would begin at 6 and that they were on their own until then.

Karen & Jim

Karen walked around the room looking in the closets and checking out the bathroom while Jim flopped on the bed.

“Great room!” Karen said as she wandered back into the bedroom. “I am going to take a quick bath. There is a really cool Jacuzzi tub.”

“I am going to stay right here and take a nap,” Jim replied. “I am ready to get into vacation mode.”

Karen kicked off her flip flops and began unbuttoning her sun dress as she headed into the bathroom. The cool tile felt good on her bare feet as she reached back to unclasp her bra. She turned on the water and shrugged out of her bra. She stood admiring her body in the full-length mirror.

For 43 she had held up quite well. Her breasts had dropped a little but were still full and topped by spectacular dark nipples. Her nipples were very sensitive and sometimes when she masturbated she imagined that she was with another woman and they were rubbing their nipples together. She had never been with another woman but had fantasized about it for years.

She removed her panties and noticed that she was getting wet looking at herself in the mirror. She spun around so she could see her butt and was quite pleased. It was firm from the constant workouts and was Jim’s favorite part of her body. He loved pushing her flat face-down on the bed and fucking her hard from behind. She reached back and spread the cheeks of her ass and felt her cunt throb in anticipation.

The bath felt spectacular as she slid deeper into the water. She noticed a small tray with soap and a razor sitting on the edge of the tub. “This is a nice touch” she thought as she took the razor and started soaping up her legs.

She got to the top of her thighs and with a smile began soaping her pubic hair. Jim had teased her for years about shaving her pubic hair and she smiled at the thought of his face when he saw her bald mound. She quickly shaved the easy parts and took her time around her sensitive swollen lips.

When she was done she pushed her cunt up and out of the water, admiring and massaging the smooth skin. She let her ass sink back down in the water with her hands still firmly attached. She pinched her clit between her fingers and decided that Jim had slept long enough.

He was on his stomach in his boxers as she quietly padded out of the bathroom. He stirred a little as she climbed on the bed and straddled him. He groaned slightly as she began to massage his shoulders and then compliantly lifted his hips when she tugged his boxers off.

Karen straddled his firm ass and gently ground her bare cunt into him as she leaned forward and rubbed his neck and shoulders.

“I have a little surprise for you,” she whispered in his ear as she lightly teased his back with her erect nipples. “It’s something you’ve wanted for a long time.”

Jim shifted his hips and pushed back against her cunt and with an evil chuckle turned over underneath her. Karen sat up so Jim had a full view of her beautiful completely naked body.

“Oh my God, you did it!” he exclaimed. “It looks even better than I dreamed. Wet-dreamed of course.”

“Be careful, it’s still a little sensitive,” Karen warned laughing. “That skin hasn’t seen the light of day since I was 13. Do you like it?”

“Come up here and let me have a closer look,” Jim said as he slid Karen up his body. “You look spectacular!”

As Karen’s cunt reached Jim’s chin he leaned forward and licked from the bottom of her cunt to her swollen clit, pushing his tongue past her thick lips and into her soaking cunt as he went. Karen groaned and shuddered as Jim’s tongue probed deep inside her tight cunt.

Karen started grinding her clit into Jim’s face and moaning as she neared her climax. Jim’s chin and cheeks were covered with her juices as she slid her cunt back and forth across Jim’s face.

The waves of orgasm crashed over Karen. Her cunt filled Jim’s mouth as her vaginal muscles contracted uncontrollably. She was panting almost as if in labor as she experienced the intense orgasm. When the contractions subsided she fell off Jim and lay next to him on the bed.

Jim got on his knees next to his nearly comatose wife and stroked his rock-hard cock.

“You are the most beautiful woman in the world and I can’t wait to come all over that spectacular body,” Jim panted as he stroked his cock faster.

Karen opened her eyes just in time to see Jim’s cock erupt and spew his first shot on her tits. He then turned his cock toward her freshly-shaven cunt. “This should help with the razor burn,” he said as his cock sent a stream of sperm onto her bald mound and flat stomach.

Karen lazily rubbed the cum into her breasts with special attention to her nipples and then let her hands trail down to the spot that had so recently been covered in pubic hair. “I really like this,” she said dreamily. “I didn’t think I would, but I do. It is so soft and smooth. I should have listened to you sooner.”

“I think this is just the first of those this weekend,” Jim said quietly. “I think we are both in the mood for some spice in our sex lives and this is just the place to get it. I am now officially in the vacation mood. I’m looking forward to dinner.”

Jenny & Bill

Jenny was a small-town Irish girl whose parents immigrated to the United States when she was 8. Her father was a very talented engineer who was recruited by Intel to help them make their plants more efficient. They landed in the Silicon Valley in 1990. Just in time to ride the tech wave to incredible wealth and then she met Bill through a friend of the family while volunteering at Stanford Hospital.

Their life together had been very easy. With no money worries, they had been able to take expensive vacations, drive the best cars and live in a beautiful home. Their activities had allowed them to avoid dealing with some of the underlying issues every couple must face. For example, Jenny had attended private Catholic schools for her entire education and was very reserved about sex. She enjoyed it but was always taught that sex was for procreation and not for fun. Bill was getting bored and a little frustrated with his wife’s unenthusiastic attitude about sex. His frustration and boredom was not lost on Jenny.

Bill was not the most talented student in high school but was certainly not dumb. His father was a high tech venture capitalist and got Bill a job with a start-up gaming company right out of high school. Bill had written several best-selling computer games and was a multi-millionaire by the time he was 24. When they met, Bill was 22 and Jenny was 20. They married 2 years later right after Bill’s second video game went gold and he got a bonus check for $850k in addition to his $350k salary. The money kept rolling in and he and Jenny were very happy.

With his father’s help, Bill had invested his money wisely. Diversifying between the stock market, real estate and bonds had helped him weather the world recession very well and his net worth was now over $60 million. Wealth does not guaranty happiness and that was the case with Bill.

He had lost interest in writing video games and did not get a big thrill from being part of management so he was just killing time at the office and his sex life at home was really boring. He felt like an NFL player that is finished at 32 and has too much time on his hands. He had been smoking more dope lately, sometimes stopping to light up on the way to work and staying buzzed all day.

When they arrived at their room, Jenny took a quick tour and announced that it was very much like their room in Bora Bora – one of their first vacations together and still one they remembered fondly. It was the first time Jenny had ever sunbathed nude – and the last as far as Bill could remember – and was a carefree time for both of them.

“I loved Bora Bora,” Bill said as he took his petite wife in his arms. “Seeing you naked on the deck was one of the most exciting things I have ever experienced. My dick got so hard so fast I nearly passed out from blood loss.”

“I remember,” Jenny laughed as she hugged Bill back and stared up at him. “I barely made it inside before you were all over me. I can’t believe we didn’t get caught. I haven’t felt that free in a long time and I miss it. I want this vacation to be like Bora Bora only better. I did things there I had never done before. It was scary and fun and exciting all at the same time. I think we both need some of that.”

“I agree baby,” Bill said. “How about we start right now?” Bill’s hand slid down to grasp Jenny’s small ass and grind his dick into her.

Jenny squealed and twisted out of Bill’s arms. “Wait right here,” she said scampering out of the room. “I want to show you my dress for dinner and see what you think.”

Bill sighed and sat on the bed feeling the frustration start to rise. He was hoping to get some before dinner and then have a chance to sneak off and burn one before dinner to get a buzz going. He was pretty sure dinner would be a real snoozer.

“Close your eyes,” Jenny called from the bedroom. Bill heard her come into the room. “OK, you can look.”

Jenny was standing before him in a crocheted black dress with only a black thong underneath. Her breasts were clearly visible through the material and the dress came barely halfway down her thigh. It was stunning and Bill was at a complete loss for words.

“They said we needed to dress for dinner so I thought this little number might do,” Jenny said as she pirouetted in front of Bill. “Does the back look OK?”

Jenny slowly bent over and touched her toes in front of her stunned husband. The dress rose as she bent forward and her cunt – bisected by the thong – came into view. Bill stared at the spot between his beautiful wife’s thighs where the thong disappeared into the folds of her cunt.

“Who are you and what have you done with my wife?” Bill blurted.

Jenny reached back and spread the cheeks of her ass revealing her tiny puckered anus. “That gal was about to lose her man to boredom. She stayed home and sent me in her place,” Jenny said as she slowly straightened up. “We thought you would be OK with that.”

“Yes,” Bill said with a huge smile. “I am very OK with that. But what do I call you?”

“Call me JJ,” Jenny said as she slid her hands up her body to cup and fondle her breasts. “Still Jenny, just twice as good.”

“OK, JJ it is,” Bill said as he stood and came toward his wife. “But if you’re going to wear that dress to dinner you better take it off or I’m going to rip it off.”

“I’m a lot closer to naked than you big boy,” Jenny said as she slipped the dress over her head. “Get out of those clothes because JJ is ready to rock!”

Bill never took his eyes off his wife as he quickly shed his clothes. She was standing naked three feet away from him pulling on her left nipple with her right hand and massaging her cunt with her left. She pulled her hand from between her legs and pushed two fingers into his mouth. They were covered in warm, thick, sticky fluid.

Bill grabbed her arm and crushed her to him, smashing his rock-hard 8-inch cock between them. He could feel her small but firm tits pressed against his chest as she ground her pussy against his leg. Her gushing cunt soaked his thigh as she humped it.

Bill picked her up – she was only 5 feet tall and weighed 100 pounds – and dropped her on the bed on her back. Her legs splayed open and Bill moved between them, pulling her hips to the edge of the bed. With one thrust he buried his cock in her tight wet cunt.

Jenny gasped as her womb was invaded by the large penis. Bill was standing on the floor and had great leverage as he pounded her pussy mercilessly. She could feel his cock slide almost completely out of her cunt and then slam back home with the tip pushing against her cervix as it hit bottom.

Jenny loved being taken like this and she didn’t last long before she felt the waves of orgasm building inside her. She pushed her legs a little wider apart and exposed her clit to Bills pounding pelvis as the waves crashed over her and she moaned in ecstasy.

Bill felt her convulse around his cock and knew that Jenny was coming. He watched his cock slide in and out of his wife’s perfect little cunt and saw her tiny asshole pulse as she came. The juices coating his dick started frothing and got milky as Jenny’s cunt gushed cum.

It was too much to take and Bill felt his balls tighten and then the head of his cock swelled and burst shooting streams of cum into Jenny’s abused pussy. His cock twitched six or seven times as he emptied his cum into her flooded vagina.

Bill left his cock in her cunt until he was sure it was empty and started to deflate. Then he slowly pulled it out watching the whole time. He loved watching cum leak from her cunt as the head of his dick exited the tight hole.

He was surprised when Jenny reached down and held his cock as it slipped from her cunt and scooped up some of the cum that ran out as his penis slid out of her pussy. She brought her hand to her mouth and licked their combined juices from her hand clearly savoring the taste.

“When I masturbate I always like the taste of my cum,” she said dreamily looking directly at Bill. “But ours mixed together is even better. Someday I’ll tell you the rest of my fantasy about that but right now come lay next to me so I can feel you.”

Bill crawled up next to Jenny and she rolled into him throwing a leg over him so her cunt was resting on his thigh. He could feel the cum draining from her pussy onto his leg. He small firm breast were pressed into his chest and he could feel her nipples pressing into him.

“JJ, the old Jenny never would have done that,” Bill said. “The old Jenny would never have even thought that.”

“The old Jenny thought about lots of things,” Jenny whispered in his ear. “She just never had the balls to do them. JJ is rewriting the rules dude. You aint seen nothing yet.”

“Dude?” Bill asked rhetorically.

Jenny smiled and snuggled into his chest.

Lisa & Johnny

“So what do you think?” Johnny asked when the door was closed.

“The little blonde – Jenny – is very intriguing,” Lisa answered. “She is very conflicted and beautiful. I would love to help her resolve her conflict.”

“What about her husband?” Johnny asked smiling. “Is he conflicted?”

“I don’t know,” Lisa said. “I didn’t get much from him. He seems disengaged.”

“Who else?” Johnny asked.

“Amy and Lance have all sorts of issues and the pilot is not someone you want to trifle with,” she responded. “He has some sort of military background and speaks with a serious command voice so he was probably some high-ranking officer commanding troops in the field. No desk job for that guy.”

“Interested?” Johnny asked with a small smile. “Remember the General?”

“Maybe and yes, of course I remember the General,” Lisa answered as she reached back and unzipped her light sundress and let it drop to the floor in a pile at her feet. She kicked off her shoes and dropped her thong on her discarded dress. “Right now I could use a massage. You game?”

“Always,” Johnny said with a smile as he stared at the beautiful naked woman climbing on the bed next to hm. “Do I ever deny you anything?”

“Never, my love,” Lisa sighed as she settled onto her stomach with her arms stretched over her head. She was 39 years old but looked much younger. Her thick wavy reddish brown hair fanned out over her back and reached nearly to the small of her back. Her body was completely free of tan lines except for the outline a small thong on her firm round ass. Her light brown skin and dark eyes were the result of the combination of a French father and a Moroccan mother.

“I’ll be right back with some lotion,” Johnny said as he slipped off the bed and padded to the bathroom shedding his clothes as he went. Johnny would be 60 at the end of the year but no one ever took him for more than 45 or 50. He was six feet tall and weighed 180 pounds and had kept himself in top shape his entire life. A world class swimmer until he was in his mid-twenties, he had moved from sport to sport throughout his life to maintain his motivation and his physical prowess. He kept his head and body clean shaven so no trace of gray hair showed anywhere.

“This looks like something you will like,” Johnny said as he came back into the room and climbed onto the bed and straddled his subject. “There were several to choose from but I think you’ll like this one.”

Johnny moved Lisa’s mop of hair to the side and squirted a line of the fragrant lotion down her spine ending just above the crack of her ass. Then with both hands he began working the lotion into her smooth back. The end of his cock gently rubbed against the cheeks of her ass as he massaged her tight muscles. His cock was already semi-hard from seeing Lisa naked and the friction against her ass finished the job. He was fully erect and his cock slid lightly between the cheeks of her ass.

“I remember watching you in this exact same position with the General,” Johnny said quietly. “You were flat on your stomach and he was behind you just like this except you were both covered in sweat from fucking so hard. I remember admiring his six pack as he fucked you. Every time he shoved his cock into you his belly tightened up and his abs stood out. The he stopped and pulled his cock out of your cunt”

Lisa was grinding her ass against Johnny’s cock as he recounted the story and said in a husky voice “Fuck me Johnny.”

“He took his cock in his hand just like this,” Johnny said as he grabbed his own 7-inch penis. “Except his was at least 10 inches and dripping with your cum, and put it against your ass like this.”

Johnny squeezed a dollop of the massage lotion on the tip of his cock and pushed it against Lisa’s puckered brown hole. He began working it in little circles to open her tight ring.

“Then with one thrust he pushed that big purple head inside,” Johnny said as he did the exact same thing. Lisa moaned as her ass was invaded by Johnny’s cock.

“I think about seeing that huge black dick slide in and out of you sometimes when I masturbate,” Johnny said as he started slowly fucking Lisa’s tight ass. “It is one of the most intense things I have ever witnessed.”

“Fuck me Johnny,” Lisa panted. “Your cock feels so good inside. I want to feel you cum in my ass baby!” Lisa was pushing back against Johnny’s cock as it plundered her back passage making it go as deep as possible with each thrust. “I’m cumming Johnny.”

Lisa began shaking as her orgasm built to a crescendo. Johnny felt her bowels spasm and saw her cum flowing down her thighs as the waves of her climax crashed over her. It was too much for him and he felt his cock jerk and shoot deep inside her rectum.

Lisa collapsed on the bed underneath him and he slowly withdrew his softening cock. She reached back and held the cheeks of her ass wide apart so as his dick slipped out of her anus some of his cum leaked out and ran over her cunt onto the bedspread. She knew he loved to see cum – his or others – leak from her various holes.

“I love massages,” Johnny said as he flopped on the bed next to her. “And trips down memory lane.”

“Johnny, that was incredible,” Lisa said sleepily. “It was like I was transported back to that night with the General. I think I am going to be a little sore from that one. We usually work up to it a little slower.”

“Straight to the A baby!” Johnny said laughing. “I didn’t mean to hurt you, it just seemed like the right thing.”

“It was great and I’ll be fine,” Lisa reassured him. “But we are definitely on vacation now. Can we catch a quick nap before dinner or are you going to accost me again?”

“I think a nap would be perfect,” Johnny answered. “But no guarantees on the accosting thing though. I am feeling good!”

Amy & Lance

“I can’t believe that guy threatened to trash my computer,” Lance huffed as soon as the door closed behind them. “This laptop is worth more than 10 of that guy and he has the balls to say he’d recycle it!”

“Calm down Lance, we’re here on vacation and I’m sure he was just kidding,” Amy replied in a soothing voice. “Besides there’s no wireless out here so you really can’t do any work. Please just take some time and relax. You have been working way too hard and you need a break.”

“I’ll try,” Lance conceded running and hand through his hair. “But you know it’s not easy for me to relax and just disconnect.”

“Try, OK?” Amy pleaded. “For me. For us. We need some time for just us. Lately it’s been too hectic with the kids and work and everything. This is a chance for the two of us to spend some good time together. Like the old days.”

“OK, I will really try,” Lance conceded. “I’m kind of worn out from the trip so maybe I’ll take a quick nap before dinner.”

“Great, I’m going to jump in the shower,” Amy said as she bounced out of the room.

Lance climbed onto the bed and kicked off his shoes. He had to admit that being forced to disconnect from his office and his clients was probably a good thing but it also made him face his insecurities about his business. He knew part of the reason he billed over 3000 hours every year was to become indispensible to the firm. He didn’t want them to ever think they could survive without him.

As he drifted off to sleep he began thinking about the old days – but not the ones Amy had referred to. He drifted farther back to his days as a collegiate wrestler when he was 5’9″ and 160 pounds of lean muscle. He had put on 15 since then but was still in good shape but nothing like that. He remembered standing in front of a full-length mirror he had in his room admiring his body. It was toned and fit and he loved looking at himself naked. He felt the stirrings of a hard-on begin – just like the old days.

Amy dropped her clothes on the floor and stepped into the steamy shower. It was a beautiful shower with two heads and a place to sit. The warm water felt good against her skin as she stood letting both heads hit her body. Once the air was hot enough she turned off the water and sat down to shave her legs. The razor sliding over her shapely legs felt good and her mind started to drift.

For as long as she could remember, Amy had fantasized about gay men. She had even snuck out from time to time and bough gay DVD’s and masturbated to them while Lance was working and the kids were at school. She was holding the lips of her cunt out of the way so she could trim her pubic hair and felt her cunt start to throb.

The last video she watched was of two wrestlers who would up in an embrace and then a 69. She remembered how exciting it was to watch their thick cocks disappear down each other’s throats and then into each other’s asses before cumming all over one of their bellies. She imagined she was there helping them and then licking the sperm off those chiseled abs.

She put the razor down and reached for the hand-held shower head and started to wash her legs but quickly adjusted the spray and focused on her dripping cunt. The water splayed her lips open and beat against her clit. Another image came into her mind from another scene in the movie. It was a bisexual scene where two men and a woman were fucking. The woman was on her back and one man was fucking her in the ass while the other one fucked him in the ass. Amy worked her clit hard with one hand while the other focused the water on her pulsing vagina.

Amy’s hips were bucking against her hand while her mind raced with the images of the three people fucking each other. As her gyrations became more extreme and the water began spraying against her exposed anus she felt a thrill run through her body. She had never had anal sex but had fantasized about it from time to time. Now she focused the water on her tight rosebud and almost immediately felt her orgasm building deep within her.

She pushed two fingers deep inside her cunt and ground her clit into the heel of her hand as her climax crashed over her. She furiously worked her fingers into her tight channel as the spray beat a constant rhythm on her nether hole. Her back arched as she felt the flood of thick cum coat her fingers and hand. She dropped the shower head and collapsed on the seat with the water from the forgotten shower head spraying straight up in the air.

Never in her life had Amy cum that ferociously. Her legs were shaking as she pushed herself up from the seat and replaced the shower head. She reached for the handle to turn on the main shower and noticed her fingers were covered with thick milky goo. In a daze she pushed them into her mouth and tasted the sweetish taste of her own cum. It was deliciously dirty and broke every rule she had ever been taught. Taboo. She loved it and couldn’t wait to do it again.

The rest of her shower went by in a pleasant haze of soaping, stroking and appreciating her lovely body. She walked out into the bedroom naked as she dried her hair and looked at her sleeping husband not sure what the rest of the trip would bring but had a feeling it was going to be a voyage of discovery. For both of them.

The Dinner

The eight guests and Peter Steele were seated at the large round table. The silverware and linens were simple but tasteful and the food was primarily vegetables with small portions of beef, chicken or fish at the guests’ request.

The evening had begun with each guest giving a short introduction of themselves and then Peter briefly introducing Andrew and Debbie, who then served dinner. Tapping his wine glass, Peter got the group’s attention.

“Desert will be served in a minute but first I wanted to take a minute to give you a little background on The Oasis and what you have available to you for the next few days,” Peter said as he looked over the group. “The Oasis began as a research facility. It was a joint venture between several energy companies interested in developing alternative energy sources, a couple of developers who were interested in efficient building designs for the desert and some weapons manufacturers who were interested in testing weapons in private in the desert. Much of this work was funded by the United States Government and, in fact, some still goes on today.”

“My deal was that the facility became mine after 8 years and I got to do with it what I please,” Peter continued as he nodded toward Johnny. “If you want to know more about that deal talk to Johnny. He put the deal together for me. We have known each other for years and I have been trying to get him out here for a long time but this is his first trip.”

“As I said, I get to do what I please and this is what I please” Peter said as he held his wine glass up. “Fine wine, fine food, intense physical experience and very interesting companions. What I do not please are rules, regulations, conformity, mediocrity and above all, assholes. I don’t expect you to adopt my values or beliefs, but just to understand that here there are no rules – well almost no rules. I am still involved in some classified research so if you see a sign that says stay out, then stay out unless I tell you to go in. Questions?”

The groups sat quietly for 30 seconds and then Johnny spoke. “Where’d you get this wine, Peter?”

It was a gift from a former guest,” Peter said as he held his wine glass up to the light and admired the deep red color. “He owns a winery up on Spring Mountain in Napa and makes some killer cab. It is pretty limited production because they only have 14 acres. Do you like it?”

“Love it, Peter” Johnny continued. “Is this Henry’s wine? I bought some last year and this reminds me of it.”

“Yes,” replied Peter. “He sent me a couple of cases. This is the 2004.”

“You said something about things that are available to us,” Amy asked changing the subject. “Can you tell us more?”

“Of course, Amy,” Peter answered. “We have some great hiking, both Debbie and Andrew are professional masseuses, all of us are certified personal trainers and Black Belts in various martial arts. We will train you, compete with you, guide you or stay the hell out of your way. Each of us is a fully trained pilot and if we need to use the planes to get somewhere we will do so. Just let us know what you’d like to do.”

I should take a minute and fully introduce my colleagues,” Peter continued. “Uzuri Abdulaziz – we call her Debbie – is descended from Afghan royalty. In her tribe she was a princess and was destined to become queen. Through a combination of events – some good some bad – she is here with us now.”

A small dark woman with thick black hair and piercing light blue eyes stepped forward and smiled at the group. The stark difference between her complexion and eye color created a fascinating unique beauty that made you want to stare. She was just 5 feet tall and weighed just 100 pounds and was very fit. Her short shorts barely contained a firm ass connected to strong legs and a lean torso. Her high firm breasts clearly needed no support and clearly had none. The tight white Under Armor shirt outlined her breasts with her dark nipples visible though the material.

“And next to Debbie is Vicente Andrew Amaral,” Peter said. “Andrew is from Brazil and has been here at the Oasis for five years. Andrew and I met through our work and I was very happy when he agreed to move here and become part of the staff.”

A very well-built Latin-American man nearly six feet tall stepped forward and showed a broad smile to the group. He was dressed in the same tight white shirt as Debbie and had an equally impressive physique. His linen drawstring pants showed the outline of an impressive cock that hung halfway down his thigh.

“Make your arrangements directly with Debbie, Andrew or myself,” Peter continued. “And feel free to ask us anything. Our job is to make this the most memorable vacation you have ever spent. We will hang around to answer any questions you might have and we’ll see you tomorrow. Or not, it’s your call.”

The group gradually stood and mingled as they finished their wine. Karen and Jim approached Peter and Debbie purposefully and introduced themselves.

“I’d like to go hiking tomorrow if possible,” Karen said. “And I think Jim would like a hard workout, right?” she continued nodding to her husband.

“Debbie can take you hiking,” Peter said. “There is a great hike about 45 minutes away. It is fairly difficult but you look like you’re in good shape,” Peter continued as he appraised Karen. “You two go work out the details and Jim and I will figure out our workout”

As Karen and Debbie moved off making their arrangements, Johnny approached Peter and Jim. He and Peter hugged when he got close.

“Do you still have those cigars?” Johnny asked.

“Yes, in fact why don’t the three of us go to the terrace and enjoy one right now,” Peter answered. “Jim?”

“I’m in,” Jim said. “Just let me tell Karen where I’m going and I’ll be right back.”

After excusing themselves, the three men went to the back of the room where a stairway led up to a rooftop terrace. Four Adirondack chairs were arranged to look out over the center of the Oasis with the pool and hot tub in the center. The night was pleasantly warm and the moon was nearly full casting a soft light over the entire complex below.

Peter served Templeton Rye all around and each man selected a Cohiba Esplendido Especial from the large humidor. They settled into their chairs and gazed out at the panorama below.

“These are great cigars,” Jim said. “Are they Cuban or Dominican?”

“Cuban, by way of the Dominican Republic,” Peter replied. “They are specially made for a high-ranking Government official. I hope you enjoy it.”

“We have some visitors,” Johnny interrupted. “It looks like Jenny and Bill are going to relax in the hot tub.”

The three men sipped their whiskey and smoked as the young couple approached the spa and dropped their robes. Six eyes were riveted on Jenny as she climbed into to the glassy water. She was wearing a tiny white thong and nothing else. Her pert young breasts didn’t move as she stepped into the water and let it swirl around her legs.

Bill was sitting in the tub staring up at his beautiful young wife as she settled into the water next to him. One of her hands immediately went between Bill’s legs and the other between hers. Bill almost immediately stood up, removed his bathing and then turned to face his wife who slowly engulfed his hard cock.

None of the three men said a word for a full minute as they watched Jenny work on his stiff penis. Then Johnny spoke up. “This is going to get very interesting now”

Out of the shadows of the palm trees a solitary figure in a hooded white robe walked quietly up to the edge of the spa. The figure was facing away from the three men and approached from behind Bill who was totally absorbed in his blow job. With a one motion the figure dropped her robe revealing a stunning naked female form with dark black hair to the middle of her back.

“Apparently Lisa decided to go to the spa,” Johnny said with a smile. “This should be good.”

“You’re OK with this aren’t you?” Jim asked.

“Certainly,” Johnny replied. “Lisa is an incredible physical being and I have known since the day we met that she needed more than just me. It is part of what has kept us together. Our ability to accept that in each other has created a unique bond that neither of us had ever been able to find before. I am more than OK with it. I love it.”

Lisa moved around Bill and sat in the water next to Jenny, who had no idea she was there until she felt her body press in next to her. She jumped and Bill’s cock popped out of her mouth. Lisa locked eyes with Jenny as she leaned forward and took the head of Bill’s cock into her mouth and started working the shaft into her throat.

Bill watched as his wife stared at this beautiful dark woman sucking his dick. He could not believe this was happening but was not going to do anything to stop it. As he watched, Jenny moved her face forward next to Lisa’s and began licking his cock as it slowly slid in and out of the older woman’s mouth.

Lisa pulled Bill’s cock out of her mouth and kissed Jenny deep and hard, snaking her tongue down her throat. Jenny grabbed the back of Lisa’s head and returned the kiss.

All the while, Lisa had been stroking Bill’s cock and Jenny had been fondling his balls. He was on fire and ready to explode. When the women broke their kiss and began sucking him again he couldn’t hold back.

His first spurt of cum was in Jenny’s mouth and she immediately pulled his cock out and aimed it at Lisa’s face. Lisa closed her eyes as the next three shots landed on her face.

Bill staggered backward across the spa and sat in the warm water nearly passing out from the intensity of the orgasm. He stared while his heretofore very conservative wife licked cum from Lisa’s face while Lisa stroked Jenny’s breasts and pulled hard on her nipples.

“Oh my God,” Jim said quietly. “I’ve seen stuff like that in porn flicks but never in person. That was hot!”

“It’s not over,” Johnny said. “Lisa said she thought Jenny was conflicted about something. It seems as if Jenny might have been harboring some lesbian fantasies. We’ll find out right now. Just watch.”

Lisa pushed Jenny back so she was standing with the water just below her breasts. Lisa said something to her and the men watched as Jenny pulled off her tiny thong and let it float in the tub. Lisa stood and the two women embraced in a passionate kiss.

Bill lazily stroked his reviving cock and watched as Lisa helped Jenny to sit on the edge of the spa and pushed her legs wide open. Slowly and deliberately Lisa moved down Jenny’s body until her mouth was firmly attached to Jenny’s throbbing cunt. Her tongue moved expertly between her tight wet vagina and her engorged clit bringing her to a crashing orgasm in under a minute. The three men on the terrace could hear her moans as she bucked against Lisa’s face and then collapsed.

“OK, so this is already the best vacation I’ve ever had and we’re only 6 hours into it,” Jim said. “Karen isn’t going to know what hit her when I get back. Nice to meet you Johnny, and thank your wife for me.”

“Cheers,” Peter said as he raised his glass to Jim. “Have a good night and I’ll pick you up at 6:30 at your room. I’m sure Karen and Debbie will be leaving early so you’ll be up.”

As Jim stood to leave he noticed Jenny, Bill and Lisa walking off into the palm trees together. Lisa and Jenny were holding hands.

The room was dark as Jim entered. He could see his wife on her side under the sheet breathing softly. Fortunately she was sleeping nude so he would have to wrestle her out of any clothes. He quickly stripped and crawled in behind her.

Karen stirred a little as Jim spooned in behind her and pushed his raging hard on between the cheeks of her ass as he gently reached around and began massaging her breast.

“MMM, you smell like cigars,” Karen murmured sleepily as she came awake and pushed her ass back against Jim’s cock. “And there’s something big in back of me. What have you been up to?”

“I’ll tell you later,” Jim said as he reached down and began stroking his wife’s newly-bare cunt. “Right now I’m going to fuck the lights out of this bald cunt so you better wake up.”

Jim raised up and rolled his wife over onto her back and roughly threw her legs apart. He knew she like it when he took command with her and tonight she had no choice. He moved between her legs and placed the head of his cock against her cunt. Surprisingly it was already wet and he slipped in easily and buried his shaft inside with one firm thrust.

He loved the look of her shaven cunt and how his cock looked as it slid in and out of her sopping wet pussy. Karen was moaning as Jim pounded her and he reach up and gently slapped her right breast. She jerked with the contact and moaned louder.

Jim slapped her left breast a little harder and Karen bucked against his invading penis. He felt her juices flow over his balls and drip onto the sheets so he reached out and pulled hard on her right nipple.

That did it, Karen started panting and moaning louder as she came in a rush. They hadn’t been fucking for more than a minute when her first orgasm hit. Every muscle in her body tensed as her body thrashed in ecstasy and then relaxed as her climax subsided.

Jim felt her slump onto the bed still impaled on his dick. He slowly pulled it out of Karen’s cunt and slid the head down the short distance to her puckered rosebud. The combination of her relaxed state and her anus being covered in cum allowed the head of Jim’s cock slide in easily when he firmly pushed against her ass.

Karen was in a state of bliss when she felt Jim’s large cock invade her tight rear passage. They had tried anal sex infrequently over the years always with mixed results but this time was different. His cock felt incredible in her ass. It was so full and didn’t hurt. The pressure was intoxicating and every time Jim pressed forward he ground into her ultra-sensitive clit. She felt another orgasm building inside her and immediately began panting and shaking all over again.

Jim felt his wife tense underneath him and then felt her begin to push back against his dick as it thrust into her tight ass. He was balls-deep in her ass and it felt great. Her cunt was leaking all over his cock and balls and it looked fantastic. He felt her ass start to spasm and knew he could last much longer.

Karen felt the first pulse of cum in her ass and her orgasm hit her. She was moaning and grinding her ass into Jim’s cock like a wanton slut and didn’t care. She just wanted more. He kept shooting in her ass until his cock was completely spent and then sat back on his heels while Karen’s thrashing subsided. His cock slowly deflated and slipped from her abused asshole.

Jim watched as his cock slipped out of his wife’s tiny asshole. It was followed by a gush of thick white cum. It was the sexiest thing he had ever seen.

He flopped on the bed next to Karen. She rolled over and draped herself over him, their sweaty bodies sliding against each other. “I was dreaming about you when you woke me up” she said in a daze. “I have never been fucked like that before. You really are the man of my dreams. I love you but I need to get some sleep. Debbie is picking me up at 4:30 to go hiking.”

Jim kissed her and laid back. With that they both fell asleep drenched in their own sweat and thoroughly satisfied while two rooms down Lisa was just returning from her adventures.

Johnny was sitting up in bed reading when Lisa came in wearing her robe. She dropped it and climbed onto the bed straddling Johnny.

“How was Jenny?” Johnny asked with a huge smile.

“She prefers to be called JJ,” Lisa said as she opened Johnny’s robe to reveal a large stiff cock. “She has adopted a new identity for this trip and she is exquisite! I can’t wait for you to spend some time with them. They are a sweet young couple and we are going to have a great time together.”

Lisa slid forward and engulfed Johnny’s cock in her cunt in one motion. Her cunt was hot and slippery with cum. She leaned back and began to ride Johnny’s pole, grinding her clit into him as his cock slid in and out of her sopping pussy.

“I made him cum in me and then had JJ clean me out,” Lisa panted. “It was fantastic. Neither of them had ever done anything like that before and they loved it. He has a very nice dick and it felt really good. You can tell he came a bunch ’cause I’m still full.”

“You are the nastiest, most beautiful woman in the world,” Johnny groaned as the stunning dark woman worked his cock. “I can’t wait to meet these kids but right now I’m going to cum inside you.”

Johnny grunted and shoved his hips off the bed as his balls unloaded into Lisa’s overflowing cunt. This triggered Lisa’s fifth orgasm of the night and forced cum to leak out around Johnny’s shaft and run down onto his balls. His cock slowly shrank and slipped from Lisa’s cunt followed by a gush of white sticky fluid.

Johnny lay back and relished the feeling of Lisa on top of him, her breasts pressing into his chest, and his cock and balls covered by his and Bill’s combined cum. He fell asleep smiling as he thought about the next couple of days.

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