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Beware of the Sirens’ Song!

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Jason stood on a rock overlooking a deserted beach beneath him. The cool sea breeze that sent an occasional whiff of salt up to him was a delightful refreshment under the glaring sun. He felt slightly dazed, uncertain if that was due to the heat, the amounts of red wine he had been drinking the night before, or … he rubbed his eyes, incredulously.

From his observation point, he could clearly see two women on the beach, which was not entirely deserted after all, and they were stark naked! Jason rubbed his eyes again, just to make sure the sun and the after effects of the previous night weren’t playing tricks on him, but the scene remained.

The women seemed to be completely self absorbed and oblivious to the world around them. Now and then, Jason could hear one or both of them laughing – a sound as sweet and clear as a tinkerbell. Whether it was the sound or their lush bodies presented to the world so innocently and yet so salaciously, Jason felt himself being magically drawn towards them. He climbed off the rock and carefully edged closer.

The girls were now apparently teasing each other, playfully rolling in the hot sand, like two kittens, every now and then emitting that seductive, tinkerbell laugh. It made Jason’s heart beat faster, and watching their lush bodies displayed, moving teasingly, he felt a familiar sensation just below his groins – the yearning of his beginning erection.

He needed to cool off a little, so he walked closer to the water, letting his feet get rinsed by the ocean’s waves which seemed to him to be caressing the sandy ground tenderly, much like a lover would touch his beloved …

He tried to direct his string of thoughts in another direction, but he had barely succeeded to rid his mind entirely of all erotic associations, when invariably the sound of the women’s laughter brought his attention back to them, instantly reawakening pleasantly wicked thoughts, and his erection with them.

One of them had gotten up. She was shaking her long, brown hair, which was flowing down to the middle of her back. The sight of her slim, tanned body with her lush breasts, now in full sight of Jason, almost took his breath away, and he stood helplessly watching her, his mouth open, his hand instinctively covering his hard longing.

The brown haired woman now reached out her hands and pulled up her companion. She was quite a bit smaller, of slender stature, with small, firm breasts, and short, black hair.

Giggling, arms wrapped around each other, they ran into the surf, where they continued their teasing play, ducking each other, chasing each other, until they had had enough of this and swam out into the open sea.

Both of them were strong swimmers, and Jason had to squint his eyes to keep track of them

“You never know,” he thought to himself. “I might have to save them.”

He walked a little closer up to where the girls had been sitting earlier and made himself comfortable, his bare feet dipped into the water, his erection cooled, but not entirely calmed down by the fresh seawater.

The girls were still out, swimming, and suddenly he felt overwhelmed by the desire to simply lie down, his feet still in the water. He took off his t-shirt. And, since obviously this was, if anything, a nudist beach, he got rid of his swimming trunks, too. Dreamily, he dozed off, the sun touching his skin, one hand self-obliviously cupping his cock.

He must have fallen asleep eventually. Jason had no idea how long he had been sleeping, but he awoke to that tinkerbell laugh which had drawn him close to where the two women had been before they had headed off into the water. As he tried to move, he found that he couldn’t. In a slight sensation of panic, he realized that he was tied down by his arms and legs. He opened his eyes and found himself looking up a set of long, slim legs.

His gaze wandered further up, the thighs, the crotch with a pair of delicious looking, shaven pussy-lips, a pair of hips, a belly button which made him want to bury his tongue in it immediately, a slim, yet feminine belly, and the pair of wonderful, lush breasts he had admired earlier. Again, there was that nagging sensation in his middle, and as he looked down, he noticed, not without embarrassment, that his cock was fully erect

“Behave yourself,” he tried to tell his cock, but the naughty geezer didn’t seem to be too impressed with his internal prayer.

“Look who we’ve got here,” the brown haired woman said, smiling down at him. And, seemingly addressing his feet, she continued, “Agla, looks like Gulliver has woken up.”

Only now did he realize that the smaller girl with the short hair was standing at his feet. He let his gaze wander across her body, which was slightly more athletic than the body of the taller woman, her legs muscular, her pussy also delicately shaven, a slender body, and firm, small breasts which he had also noticed earlier (he couldn’t have helped it!).

He would have loved to touch the contrasting pair of them, being the middle part of a sandwich, but somehow, he felt, he was not in the position to make demands.

Agla, if that was indeed the smaller girl’s name, nodded and, letting out another one of those chiming laughs, agreed.

“Sure looks like it! Now, what are we going to do with little Gulliver, Thel?”

Jason felt it was about time to intervene.

“Ahm, hello? My name’s Jason.”

“But, of course you are Jason,” Thel chuckled, smiling down upon him.

“Pleased to meet you,” Agla said. “I’d shake your hand, but looks like that is impossible right now,” she giggled.

“Er, I was going to ask you about that. Do you think it would be asking too much to free me of those ties? I’m feeling a little uncomfortable and ….” He was searching for the right word.

“At our mercy?” Thel suggested helpfully.

“Yes, at your mercy,” Jason nodded, thankful for the linguistic support.

“Good,” Thel replied, an evil grin around her full lips. “That was the idea.”

“I beg your pardon?” Jason asked baffled, trying to grasp the implication.

“You see,” Agla said, squatting down beside him, her fingers gliding from his toes across his shins, over his knees up his inner thighs, stopping short before his still erect penis, “we are just two girls, all alone out here, possibly helpless. And suddenly, there is a stranger, obviously awaiting us to return from our little swim, he’s all naked, with a remarkable erection …”

Jason’s gaze wandered down towards his middle again, and, as he noted not without feeling a little rueful, his penis showed no inclination to back down. On the contrary, the sensation of Agla’s fingers gliding over his skin seemed to have encouraged his cock to present himself in an even more coquettish fashion, yearning for attention, and, more to the point, being touched and felt.

“So,” Thel added, “we figured, for the moment it was safest to tie you up. But,” she continued, now lowering her body, until she sat squatting opposite from Agla, her fingernails gliding from his neck, over his chest, down, across his belly, digging into his flesh just above his cock, causing him to wince slightly, “don’t worry.” She smiled. “I think you might enjoy it. Just relax, we will release you eventually.”

Agla gave him a grin that was meant to be reassuring. “At least for the time being we have no intention to leave you there, all tied up, to rot in the sun and be an easy prey to the vultures.”

“Vultures?” Jason asked feebly. “I didn’t know there were vultures here.”

“Oh,” Thel said, patting him on the thigh, “there are many things that you still have to learn, little Jason.”

With that, they both got up, chuckling at his futile attempts to free himself.

After they had left, Jason was starting to wonder if they had changed their mind and would leave him to sundry like a tomato under the glaring sun after all, and he caught himself scanning the sky for circling vultures, but the only birds he spotted were seagulls.

After a while he heard that tinkerbell laugh again, and he almost cursed the seductive sound of it now, since he felt that that was what had gotten him here and into this dodgy situation in the first place.

Jason heard the soft sound of someone walking in sand. He looked up and into the smiling face of Agla.

“I have come to make you a little more comfortable,” she said, placing a folded towel beneath his head. “There. Better?”

He nodded.

“And since we don’t want you to turn into a lobster, we will also provide a little shade for you,” Agla added, opening a sunshade behind him and arranging it so his body was protected from the increasingly hot sun.

“I am feeling a little dehydrated,” Jason managed to say.

Agla nodded and bent down to kiss him lightly on the forehead. “I’ll be right back,” she promised.

Soon after, she returned, a glass with ice cubes in her hand, and a bottle with a clear liquid in the other. She knelt down beside him, opened the bottle and held it to his lips.

“What is this?” Jason asked suspiciously.

Aga laughed her tinkerbell laugh. “Not very trusting, are we? It’s just plain water. Well, I guess I understand, considering the circumstances ….” And she proceeded to drink herself, in long, longing gulps, some of the water trickling out of her mouth and onto his hot belly, sending shivers down his body. She looked at him and smiled again.

“You dare taking a mouthful now yourself?” she asked with a little sneer.

Jason nodded, and as she put the bottle to his mouth, he eagerly drank, savouring the fresh water which to him tasted more delicious than any wine he had ever drunk (in fact, thinking of wine right now didn’t appeal to him – apparently it had been a bit too much the previous evening). What made it even more delicious was that he was being served it by Agla, kneeling before him, still naked, her small breasts brushing against his cheek.

“Enough for the moment?” she asked, wiping a drop of water off his lips and licking her finger.

“Yes, I’m fine right now, thank you,” he said, his middle rising again at the sight of Agla sucking her finger.

He wondered what the ice cubes were for. She couldn’t very well put them into the bottle, and apparently she had no intention of having him drink out of the glass. Agla put down the bottle.

As if reading his thoughts, she answered, “Oh, I thought perhaps your hot body needed to cool off a little.”

And with that, she picked an ice cube from the glass, gliding it across his chest, around his nipples until they got hard and small. With an evil little grin she continued to run the ice cube down his belly, until his body was covered in goosebumps, both from the cold and the sensation. He quivered and emitted a little moan. The ice cube traveled further down, until it reached the shaft of his cock.

“Looking a little hot here.” Agla’s voice had suddenly gone coarse. She placed the ice cube in her palm and began stroking his cock with her hand, the ice cube clenched between her hand and his shaft.

“Ohh …” Jason moaned, in a mixture of pleasure and pain. “Well,” he thought to himself, “it is definitely more pleasure than pain.”

Agla’s hand continued its massaging movements, until the ice cube had nearly melted. When there was only a fraction left, she removed her hand from his shaft and cupped it over his head, the ice now disintegrated into drops of icey water slowly trickling down his head. She continued stroking him, until the icey water mixed with drops of precum. Agla bent down to kiss his cock, licking off the juices.

His longing was now almost painful. “Can I have some more of this?” he pleaded.

“Some more of what?” Agla asked back, innocently, lifting her head.

“Some more of this ice cube treatment. I am terribly hot, you know, and I think my middle needs some more … cooling.”

“Shhh!” Agla placed her hand on his lips. “Not right now!” She was looking into the direction where he supposed Thel was located. “But I’ll be back later. I promise!”

She picked up another ice cube, put it into her mouth and kissed him. As she did, his tounge eagerly searched hers, and she passed the ice cube on to him.

“I’ll leave that for you – something to cool you down a little.”

With that, she got up, blew him another kiss, and as she walked off towards Thel, she seemed to be deliberately swinging her hips .

As Jason sucked on the ice cube, he desperately pulled on his ropes to free his hands. His urge to have his cock touched was almost unbearable it could hardly get any stronger. At least that’s what he thought at that time. Poor Jason – little did he know what else was in stock for him at that point …

He was still struggling in vain to get a grip on his erection when Agla returned, together with Thel this time, carrying a blanket in her hand and a small bag in the other.

“We thought we’d keep you entertained,” Thel said, grinning at him lasciviously.

Full of anticipation, his cock hard as a bone, he wriggled invitingly, hoping to entice one or better still both of the girls to give him a nice rub down. He was dying to have his erection touched.

Indeed, they both approached him. Agla knelt down to his right, while Thel placed herself to his left. Agla opened the bag she had brought along. She pulled out a black silk scarf which she handed Thel. Thel moved towards Jason’s head.

“What are you going to do?” he asked suspiciously.

“Don’t worry,” Thel answered reassuringly, “I’m not going to strangle you.”

“Oh, good, thanks a million,” Jason replied, interrupting her (a big mistake, as Thel’s disapproving frown immediately made clear to him).

“I am only going to blindfold you while we subject you to the first part of your – er – treatment.”

“What treatment?” Jason asked, signs of slight panic showing in his eyes.

“Don’t worry,” Agla interfered, putting a hand on his shoulder. “I promise that we will do nothing to harm you.”

“In fact,” Thel added, “I am pretty sure that you are going to like what we’ll be doing to you.”

“Ok then,” Jason said, “go ahead.” Not that he would have had much choice, anyway.

Thel blindfolded him, and he felt that she was waving her hands before his face to check whether he was actually unable to see. Jason felt strange. Being not only tied up, but now also blindfolded he was even more at the mercy of those two strange girls. But somehow he was more curious than he was actually worried. But for all he knew, these two chicks could be psychotic murderers, taking pleasure in torturing their victims; or making them their sex slaves before proceeding … he tried to shoo away these alarming thoughts, sharpening his senses instead to what was going on around him.

His nose caught a whiff of a delicious smell with a slight hint of roses, and then he felt four hands spreading something slightly greasy on his body. Hmmm …. apparently, Thel and Agla spoilt his body with some extremely pleasant after-sun treatment, although at that point he would have been unable to tell if they were creaming him in lotion or in oil.

They had started with his feet, massaging his soles. Amazingly, the girls managed to do so without tickeling him (and this was an area where Jason was extremely ticklish). On the contrary, the feeling was magnificently pleasing to him, and although he could not see it, he felt that his penis was reacting to the massage of this particular erogenous zone.

Realizing that Agla and Thel were probably not about to live out some horrendous fantasy where he was to play the part of the victim, Jason was finally able to relax, as Agla and Thel proceeded to the upper part of his feet, massaging every part of it diligently, without leaving out a single toe. Now they were both working his legs, applying a little pressure, rubbing and massaging him with both hands. Taking their time, they worked his shins (he had never known that this was an erogenous zone as well), and the sensation running through his body was so pleasant that he could not help but start to moan softly.

The girls reacted to his moans by intensifying their massage, ignoring his attempts to steer their attention towards his penis by bringing up his hips as far as his ties allowed. Agla and Thel, working in perfect harmony, had reached the region around his knees now. Carefully, they massaged the area around them, before continuing with his upper thighs.

When they had reached the insides of his thighs, he started to feel almost painfully horny. God, it felt so good, and because he could neither see nor intervene in any way, his longing was stirred up even more. Diligently, Agla and Thel kneaded his thighs, using both hands, now and again applying some of the oil (yes, he was pretty certain now that it was some massage oil they’d been rubbing onto him).

Their hands moved up and down, slowly, now pressing, now stroking, causing goosebumps to rise all over his body. Goosebumps were, of course, not the only things rising, and he was eagerly anticipating the moment when they, or one of them, would reach what he considered the focal point of a decent full-body massage. His moans were getting louder and he felt that this was enticing the girls to intensify their massage.

He wished he could take a peek at them; he wanted to know what their faces looked like as they were treating his body so luxuriously. Did they smile? Did their faces display signs of lust, of longing, as their hands moved slowly but unavoidably upward toward his crotch?

Now and then, it felt like a hand was almost touching his balls.

He decided to give it a try. His feeling of lust was stronger than any restraint he might have had felt obliged to obey earlier.

“Oh yeah,” he moaned, “please touch my balls.”

The hands stopped. There was a pause.

“Er, did I say anything wrong?” he asked.

“What do you think? Should we give in to his plea?” he heard Thel ask Agla quietly.

“Well, why not?” Agla’s friendly voice replied.

“Be careful what you wish for,” Thel said, apparently addressing him. “Are you sure, Jason, that you really want this? That you can really take this?”

Of course he could, what did they think?

“Yes, I am really, really, really certain,” the begging in his voice was clearly audible.

Then he felt a hand carefully touching his balls. Bliss! He stretched himself out as far as the ties around his ankles and wrists would allow him, thrusting his hips upward. The hand was gently pulling the lower end of his nuts, then covering them entirely, taking turns in pressing, kneading and stroking them. His urge was growing further. He felt his penis dancing, obviously trying to jump into the hand working his balls, or any hand for that matter, but none of the hands would fulfil this desire.

He moaned again. “Oh yeah, this is incredible,” he sighed. “Can you touch a bit more?”

The hand stopped. “What is it now?” Thel’s voice sounded slightly impatient.

“Hmmm … what you’re doing to me is really good … but I think the little man in the middle is urging for a little caressing treatment…”

The girls started to giggle.

“Would you like me to stop caressing your balls then?” Agla’s voice asked.

“Would you work my cock instead?” he asked back, his voice hoarse from lustful anticipation.

There was a short pause again, then without any further comment, all four hands resumed their work on his body, gliding over his hips (“Yes!” he thought, “Finally!”), and onto his belly, and proceeded without touching his nuts or his cock.

Jason’s body was tense now with sexual desire and pent-up frustration. He decided to change his tactics.

“I’m sorry if I was too impertinent there,” he began, his cock bobbing wildly as the girls moved further up his belly.

Again he heard them giggling.

“You were not being impertinent,” Thel adressed him softly. “Just a little – impatient. We’ll have to teach you patience, and perhaps a little subedience,” she added.

“Ahhh … ” he was half moaning again as their hands approached his chest and began to gently caress his nipples until they must have been peaking up like little stings.

Suddenly he felt something new. Two hot bodies stretched out next to his. Two soft, wet pussys pressed against his thighs, and two mouths nibbled on his nipples. Now and then a tongue playfully licked around his nipples, causing him to sigh. Two hands continued to stroke his belly, slightly tickeling him around his belly button, and inadvertently brushing against his cock, but still refusing to outright touch him where he felt he wanted, no, needed it the most.

Instead, those two devilish women teased him further by moving their thighs along his legs, leaving wet traces on his thighs, and they were occasionally emitting a moan.

Jason felt his cock dripping, but fearing that Thel and Agla would stop their almost entire body massage, he did not dare to say anything, restricting himself to nonverbal communication by moving his hips and voicing but the occasional moan. Without moving their bodies, the girls kissed upward from his chest, eventually reaching his neck. They kissed his neck. The kisses were followed by gentle licks, which in turn were followed by gentle bites.

His body trembled. He felt like he was about to burst with lust, his urge to have his cock touched, no matter how, almost killing him.

He felt their thighs gliding over his and for a moment he expected one of the girls to finally ride him. He lay completely still, full of expectation of a warm, wet pussy sliding over his balls and up. But Thel and Agla remained where they were, rubbing themselves against him, moaning softly, continuing to kiss, lick and bite his neck. Finally he felt the two hands that were caressing his belly move down a little further, and, at last, one of them took his cock.

Jason was so surprised, his lust having been forced to hold back in vexing anticipation of this moment, that he thought he would come in an instant, but he restrained himself as well as he could. He enjoyed the stroking movements expertly working his cock (“At last!” he thought), caressing his head and spreading his amply leaking precum all across his penis.

Again he moaned, and judging by the girls´ movements and little sighs, he was not the only one here who felt incredibly horny.

“Careful now,” he groaned as he felt he was about to come.

The hand caressing him moved a little lighter and withdrew from his head to concentrate on stroking his shaft.

Then Thel moved her body away from his while Agla continued to caress his cock. He felt Thel’s hand gliding over his face, her mouth approached his, and she kissed him. His tongue sought hers. She gave in and admitted his tongue into her mouth, sucking it vividly. He did not want to let go ever again, and when Thel stopped sucking on his tongue, he eagerly tried to catch hers, taking her into his mouth, sucking on her tongue in a long and passionate kiss. Eventually, Thel’s mouth moved on, kissing his nose.

Then he felt her reaching around his head. She removed his blindfold. Dazed by the light, he looked up. Thel walked around him and lightly drew Agla up to her.

Up to this point Agla had been caressing him, careful not to make him come … yet.

“What are you doing?” Jason asked, a little disappointed, still horny as hell, his cock standing erect and forlorn above his belly, his head read and covered in a glistening mixture of precum and massage oil.

“Stay tuned – the show will go on any minute,” Agla told him with a wicked grin.

Thel spread out the blanket they had brought along, and the girls placed themselves on it right before his eyes, making sure they gave him a good view of their lush bodies. And then they started kissing.

Jason could see their tongues interlocking, their body’s shivering with desire. Their sweet mouths touched, over and over again, their tongues touching, moving in and out of each other’s mouth, now Thel sucking on Agla, then Agla sucking on Thel, taking turns in one seemingly unending passionate kiss. Jason thought he almost felt their tongues in his mouth, which had begun to water in unison with his cock, now leaking with precum even more than before.

Their mouths separated and the girls looked longingly and lovingly into each other’s eyes. Agla wiped Thel’s mouth with her finger and put her finger into her own mouth to lick it, giving Jason a wicked grin as she did so. The little bitch knew only too well that this sight made him even hornier, if that was still possible (it was, as it should turn out in a moment).

Thel started to kiss Agla’s neck. Agla moaned. “Thel … you know there’s no restraint for me when you’re doing that to me!”

“Good,” Thel almost whispered, but loud enough for him to overhear. “I don’t want you restrained, baby! I want to turn you on – oh so much. I want you to lose all your senses!”

Her speech was only interrupted by the kisses in which she covered Agla’s neck while Agla’s body moved, driven by lust.

Agla’s nipples had hardened and were in full view of Jason, turning him on even more. Agla arched her back, lifting her hips so they met with Thel’s. Thel continued to kiss Agla, while Agla dug her nails into Thel’s back. Thel slowly worked her way down from Agla’s neck. Her tongue was now circling Agla’s hard, pointed nipples, licking them. Thel’s crotch rubbed hard against Agla’s right thigh.

Jason moaned. His cock was starting to drip, and he badly needed to be touched. He thought he could bear it no longer.

“Please, release me, at least one hand, you are killing me!”

Unimpressed by Jason’s pleas, Thel continued to work Agla’s breasts. She went from licking them to taking them into her mouth, as far as they went, sucking on them, while making sure Jason would not miss a thing of it. Agla’s moans became louder, and she tried to grind her hips against Thel. Thel moved further down, kissing Agla’s belly, now and then biting her gently, until she reached the fleshy upper part of Agla’s pussy. Thel bit her gently, before her head disappeared between Agla’s thighs. Judging from Agla’s moans, Thel was now licking her pussy, lips, and clit in circling movements. Jason could not see it, but his imagination was strong enough to picture vividly what was going on.

Jason thought he would come right there and then. He was so turned on he thought his cock would not need touching, but, yes, he longed for it. He hadn’t even known that this degree of longing was possible at all (don’t we all keep learning all our lives?).

“Wait!” Agla exclaimed exasperated, “I’m just about to take off. Let’s share with him.”

Thel’s head appeared, her lips covered in Agla’s juices, a wicked grin stretching from ear to ear.

She was ready to share. The girls aproached him, again.

“You want to taste Agla?” Thel asked Jason.

Jason nodded eagerly. Anything, if they just relieved his burning desire!

Thel lowered herself close to his face and started to kiss him. It was almost too much for him. He tasted Agla’s juices on Thel’s mouth, eagerly sucking her tongue which she offered him with surprising willingness now. He tasted both her and Agla’s desire, and it drove him mad.

Agla had lowered herself between his legs.

“Hmmm … this is such an incredibly nice hard-on,” she whispered, and then she started to lick his balls.

She sucked them eagerly, while his cock seemed to be dancing wildly again, dying to be touched. His desire had not dwindled since she had touched him before. On the contrary, if anything the lack of her touch had made his lust burn stronger. Agla took her time, slowly working her way up his shaft, where his precum was trickling. Agla licked him like an ice cone, still not touching his head, while Thel’s tongue kept playing with Jason’s.

Jason moaned again.

“My goodness!” he exclaimed when Thel withdrew her tongue, “You girls are killing me!”

Both of his heads were throbbing. Thel turned round, kneeling over Jason’s belly, stretching her pussy towards him invitingly. She lowered herself enough so he could reach her with his tongue, inhaling and tasting her. Thel’s body quivered as he started exploring her, and then he felt his cock’s head being licked. He trembled. He was so incredibly horny he felt as if he was going to explode any second now. Then his cock disappeared, presumably in Thel’s mouth, while Agla was licking his shaft, now and then diving a little lower to work his balls.

While Jason intensified his licking of Thel’s pussy, his tongue, which had been circling her lips and clit, finally penetrated her. In response, Thel sucked him with increasing intensity, trying to take him in still deeper. Her tongue was playing with his head. When he felt as if he was coming, his moans got louder. Thel felt the shivers going through his body and through his cock, and she stopped sucking.

She turned round and shook her head. “No, not yet!” she almost scolded him.

His cock’s head was as large and red as he had never seen it before, leaking, precum trickling down all over it.

“Please!” he moaned, hardly able to restrain himself.

“What about Agla?” Thel asked him.

“Yeah, what about me?” Agla asked, her head appearing from between his thighs.

Jason was hardly able to think clearly, his ability to do so was seriously impaired by the degree of horniness he experienced.

“Well – what if you let me make the both of you happy?” he asked. “But, perhaps it would be easier if you turned me loose …?”

The girls looked at each other, grinning. Then Thel put on the most earnest face she could possibly manage under the circumstances.

“Do you think you can handle this, Jason?” she asked, giving him a serious look.

Agla giggled, which was instantly greeted with a scolding look from Thel and a punch into her ribs with Thel’s elbow.

Jason attempted to maintain a straight face, which was not easy, with his cock horny and erect and two naked, equally horny girls sitting on or next to him.

Agla managed to regain her composure, asking him solemnly, “And, do you, Jason, promise you will not attempt to run away or engage in any other unfaithful actions when released from your ropes?”

Jason, attempting to look as serious as possible, nodded eagerly.

“Alright then,” Thel declared at last, “we will release you. But,” she gave him another wicked grin, “behave yourself!”

Agla loosened the ties around his ankles. When she was done, she straddled him, her hot, wet pussy touching his balls.

“Just to make sure you won’t run away,” she said with a grin.

As if he’d wanted to! If this was hell, it was certainly his place!

Now Thel took off the ties around his wrists, and looking deeply into Jason’s eyes, she admonished him once more, “Behave yourself, and be a good boy!”

Jason nodded. When Thel was done removing his ties, she resumed her place, turning her back and pussy towards his face, her legs straddling his neck.

Now that Jason’s hands had regained their freedom, he was determined to use them. He worked Thels pussy with his fingers, exploring her, caressing her lips, while his tongue resumed its journey into the depths of her deliciously wet crevice. Thel moaned and moved her body, directing him to where she wanted to be touched and licked.

Finally, Jason felt Agla, who had been rubbing her pussy against his balls and shaft, moving further up, making him glide inside her. She started to move, letting him slide in and out of her, slowly and gently at first, then increasingly harder and faster.

Jason moaned again, joining the girls lustful chanting. Yes, their moans sounded like a sweet song of pure lust, and as Agla’s and Thel’s movements became faster, his licking and sucking intensified. One of his fingers pressed against Thel’s anus, which caused her to freeze momentarily, savouring the touch of his fingers which seemed to be all over her.

Jason felt that he would not be able to hold back much longer. His lust had been wanting to burst out for hours, or so it seemed to him, but he didn’t want to be the one who spoilt the party. He wanted to feel at least one of the girls come first, so he tried to restrain himself (what was that trick again? Ah, yes, thinking of cooking recipes – 2 cups of flour, 1/ cup of sugar, two eggs …).

“Jason!” Thel panted, “Where are you?”

“I am sorry,” he groaned, “I’m right here. I just had to concentrate to hold back!”

And he resumed licking and caressing Thel, while he felt that Agla was getting close. Real close.

“Oh god!” she moaned loudly, “I’m … oh … ahhhh….”

Jason felt his cock being gripped tightly by the contractions of Agla’s pussy. He felt her trembling body erupting again and again.

“Thel?” he moaned.

“Don’t stop!” Thel pleaded.

No need to tell him, he couldn’t possibly stop, not if his life depended on it. Feeling Agla coming and sensing Thel being close had brought him to the edge, and now he was falling off it.

“Ahhhhhh …..” his orgasm sent earthquake like tremors through his entire body, and his fingers were shaking in and around Thel.

Thel herself was shaking, trembling now as her orgasm set in. Her legs almost broke his neck, but Jason continued to lick, savouring her juices that were trickling over his chin, until her tremors abated.

Agla and Thel slid off him. Thel turned round, rubbing her body against his, her head leaning against his chest. Agla took the place to his right. She crawled up to reach his face and kissed him, tasting both him and Thel.

“Hmmmm …”, she smiled. “Tasty!”

“So,” Thel said feebly, “was that to your taste now, Jason?”

He nodded, equally worn out.

“Hmmm … actually, I could do with some more of this!” he managed to thrust out under his breath.

Agla grinned. “Be careful what you wish for! And beware of the song of the Sirens!”

Giggling, they snuggled up to him.

And while we are still giggling, Maureen and I are already secretly thinking up what surprise we can come up with next to make our threesome stay at the beach with you, Jo, as exciting as possible.

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