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The Night Out

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“Babe…let’s get going in like five minutes…” the statement ended with a sigh as Master leaned into my bathroom.

I turned and flashed him a sly smile, mascara still in hand. “Maybe like ten?” I bit my lower lip and blinked rapidly a few times, “Sir?” the last word was a sultry whisper and I saw it unravel him just slightly.

He growled slightly, “fine, ten minutes, but you’ll pay for those.”

I bounced over to where he stood and planted a wet, red kiss on his mouth. “love you, master!”

We were in the car nearly twenty minutes later and I hoped he didn’t notice, but in the back of my mind I was well aware he had; he noticed everything. I pushed away the tiny feet of dread crawling towards my evening; we hadn’t been out with our friends in a few weeks and I was tickled to be on Master’s arm again. Absently I played with the loose hairs under his collar and looked up at him when he turned to me as we pulled into the bar parking lot. “Yes master?”

He smiled, the half way kind that literally made my panties drop and my hands stopped mid-caress. Fuck. “Master?”

He answered by suddenly yanking me into a breath taking, body trembling, kiss. It took me about five seconds to push away the blinding passion and I responded in course, moaning into the poisonous tongue that killed every physical defense. Then his hands started roaming, grabbing at my tanned thighs and roughly forcing aside the checkered linen of my sun dress.

I stiffened as they reached the liquid seeping between my thighs. He broke our kiss suddenly and studied me silently as he stroked my swelling clit. I returned his gaze unblinking as I hastened to shut down my body’s initial reactions. But he read even that, and the half smile was back. OMG. What in god’s name was he doing???

He pulled his hand out suddenly and licked my slick seduction slowly and tantalizingly as I watched. I could barely keep my heart inside my chest. It was so hot…but there was something in his eyes…some reason he chose right NOW before we saw everyone to work me into such a frenzy.

“Mast-er…” my speech was halting and barely audible.

“Yes, my Slave?” he had ever so slyly moved his large hands to stroke my breasts, still staring me in the eyes.

“Are we going inside?” I just blurted it…I was so confused…and so…aroused, every sense I normally had dissolved under his touch.

Master straightened, inching his fingers upward, till my nipples become the objects of his affection. Chills raced up my back and down my arms. I glanced down as my skin prickled to attention and noticed the sudden bulge under Master’s pants. My head shot up as I felt the warmth pool in my center. Master was almost grinning…wickedly! My mouth opened slightly as my heart took a dive for the backseat. Fuck. I needed release and QUICKLY. I started to pull away, unaware master still had my neck cradled in his other hand.

“Where do you think you’re going, slut?” the snap in his voice was enough to reign me in. I cast my eyes to my lap and muttered “nowhere, sir”

“Good, because I have some instructions for tonight.” His fingers began teasing my nipple in earnest and he dropped the hand at my neck to sneak beneath the fabric of my dress again.

“You seemed to think that time belongs to you, but you know who owns your time too, don’t you whore?” there was a slight bite to his words and he pinched my clit to emphasize he point.

I jumped in the seat and let out a tiny shriek, even as my juices ran more earnestly around Master’s fingertips. I saw him smirk and I let out a trembling “yes, sir.”

“Good. Tonight, to make sure you remember who owns you and your time, you are going to play with yourself with your free hand under the table. And you may not cum until we are home and you have worshiped your Master and make him cum down your pretty little throat. Understand?”

The words caught in my throat…how…he had never done anything like this… “yes, sir” I whispered…still unblinking in confusion.

“And I warn you slut,” he plunged a deft finger through the pool and swirled it ever so slightly forcing a raw groan from my lips. “I warn you, if you stop playing with yourself, for any reason other than to use the restroom or get me a beer, I will not let you cum, no matter how much you beg.” A second finger joined the first and I felt my back arching in resistance. “understand, me?”

Breathe. Breathe. God dammit, breathe! “Yes, sir I understand.”

In one swift motion both fingers were gone, and I gasped at the sudden emptiness. My mind was wrapping around the undefined blurriness. Fuck. I heard Master get out of the car and numbly followed, my core was on fire, ever step my thighs slipped against the other and I was positive the whole world knew I was going to be seconds away from orgasm for the next two hours.

“Come on, slave.” Master held his hand out and I looked at him with a thousand words in my gaze. Looking down I slipped my hand into his and squeezed my eyes shut against the spasm in my pussy. He planted a kiss on my forehead and we started toward the entrance.

It was going to be a long fucking night.


Master kept his right hand on the small of my back almost the entire time…stroking gently and occasionally looking over at me with a smile I perceived as slightly sadistic. Fuck. He was enjoying my discomfort immensely.

I was just struggling to maintain conversation as my speech became increasingly halting. Suddenly, the inappropriate inside jokes that induced giggles on a usual night became the source of the deep crimson flush painting my face. Master turned to me and grinned sardonically every time someone said words like wet, or inside, or the worst… COME. I wanted to die, the fire in my pussy was slowly creeping up the rest of my body; and since I wouldn’t release the fury in the power of an orgasm it had rapidly, spread unashamed towards my face.

It was dark on the back porch of the bar, but lit well enough that Juliette one of Master’s coworkers noticed a sudden change in my disposition. “Hey, are you okay, hun?” she reached over and laid a hand on my arm. My flinch was exceptionally dramatic for such a light touch, and her eyebrows shot upwards. I couldn’t help it…any physical contact added to the circles Master was now drawing on my inner thigh would send me over the edge. “Sorry Juliette, just a bit flushed” I mumbled, wishing Master would rescue me and soon.

Master, knowing everything at all times, smoothly transitioned from his conversation with Juliette’s husband and finished his beer. I watched eagerly, almost rabidly for the last drop to leave the glass. “Can I get you another beer, Master?” the words rushed from my mouth as his glass barely touched the table. I didn’t care how foolish it looked…I needed to leave this seat and stand before…well before I was in more hot water than I already felt bottled and capped inside me.

He thought for a very long, painful moment and nodded curtly. “Yes.”

I let no more than three milliseconds pass before I sprang from the table to head in the direction of the bar outside. My haste had led me to choose the route right past Master’s left side, and I failed to notice it until I felt the light slap on my ass. Ten thousand rods of fire shot down from my heart through my abdomen and landed right at the edge of my pussy. I could barely walk or breathe or think. As soon as I brought the beer back to the table I rested my free hand on Master’s arm and let the rest of the evening slip past my consciousness.

By the time we reached the front door, Master was allowing me to fully lean on him. The porch lights looked like stars and I fell in a crumpled, submissive heap into the entrance as he swung the door open. I arched my neck, imagining my head had been stuffed with lead and tried to speak. “mas..master. Your Sl..a…ve…” I couldn’t finish. Even begging my master, groveling for his permission to rape my throat brought me to the brink of disobedience. It seemed impossible. Thoroughly, emotionally spent, my knees could not hold me and I lay trembling, shaking, and thoroughly fucking wet on our entryway tile.

“Oh Butterfly, you served your Master so well.” His voice was so soft, so comforting, quelled the raging storm that had built inside my core over three hours. I gazed at him through tear rimmed lashes. He was not angry, didn’t appear disappointed. I let the quivering sobs leave my chest and took his offered hands, standing ever so slowly. My head fit so perfectly between his pectorals, it was a like new marvel every time. As the fog cleared, I felt one large hand cupping my left ass cheek and the other drawing fine erotic lines from my ear to my cleavage. The ragged breathing returned and I dared to look up.

My humility was drawn like a road map in black streaks all over my face. My eyes were a panicked, almost electric shade of blue, and my nose warmed to match the crimson of my cheeks. He took it all in and I matched the stare.

Fuck. His eyes. Like he wanted to devour me in the brimstone his love had become. That gaze melted everything the world counted as important and left only raw, unbridled passion. And I wanted it, I wanted to be consumed and forged and blanketed in the white hot power of this man. I always wondered how it could feel so fucking new every day, but I saw the answer in his unmasked gaze. It was new. My Master had captured and tamed the regeneration coveted by man and sang of by gods. It was mine…fuck…it was all mine!

My hands moved from his waist to hold this face of regency; I had to taste it, all of it, I was hungry to feed on the power he gave me every day. But his lips took mine first. “I fucking love you, Rachel” he half growled into my mouth before his tongue tied my thought pattern in furious knots. My skin prickled almost instantly, my nipples drawing to such sharp peaks I was forced to arch my back into his grip. Master broke our shared breathing for mere second to gauge my eyes, then pulling me roughly back to himself, his hand ran briskly up the length of my thigh to the evening long ache that was begging for his touch.

His deft fingers ran along my pussy lips first, brushing just slightly against my throbbing clit, and then both plunged swiftly inside. He stopped and let me breathe, his mouth millimeters from my ear. “I am going to take you until you beg me to stop, understand?”

I shivered at the warmth by my cheek and in my ear. Fuck. Find. Words. “Yessir” it was likely inaudible but I saw the recognition in his eyes and left my gaze sitting there in his touch as his fingers slowly curved towards my belly button. A sensation not akin to pain or pleasure roped me into its abyss. “fuck!” He heard that I know…because it registered as more of a shriek than anything.

The roguish half smile was back. “You like that?” He curved his fingers again, pushing inward more sharply and I nearly collapsed in his arms, trying to shake my head, trying to be free, but realizing I was pinned to this hand that was currently creating vortexes of confusion in my small frame. I could only moan. Only gaze open mouthed, practically dying in my Master’s arms, and pray my body wouldn’t rebel suddenly and explode in orgasm until it was time.

His free hand pushed me up slightly as he removed both fingers, hovering just above my clit. My eyebrows nearly met one another as I sent an unspoken plea to him. He shook his head ever so slightly, and I felt the pad of his index finger graze the tip of my now fully engorged clitoris. I groaned and squeezed my eyes. The juices running freely from my cunt were both hot and cold on my thighs. I had goose bumps mapping precise locations of passion, yet I wasn’t chilled in the least. I had to beg him, I had to.

“Master.” There was gravel in the utterance but it was a decent start. “master, I need to cum.” I blinked four times in a row. Two breaths in. Four more blinks. “Master.” Just a mere whisper now. “Master, you said I had to make you cum first? Master?” my whisper had become high pitched and desperate, etching away a need to understand.

Master stopped teasing my pussy and cupped my hand very lightly. “Let’s cum together, my Slave” his mouth claimed mine, and I entwined his neck with my arms. “Yes Master” I mumbled against his lips, even as I felt him buckling my knees with the strength of his forearm and supporting my back with a featherlight touch of his hand. I drank in the perfumed stubble on his neck, as he crossed the hall to our room, attempting to whisper my adoration as I flicked my tongue over the lobe of his right ear.

I tore off my dress as soon as he let my feet touch the floor, amazed at my agility in such a state.

I fell to my knees, completely bare and stopped Master’s hands, begging him with my eyes to let me have the honor. He nodded and I hastened to unsheath his body from the denim that blocked my tongue from tasting the precum I knew was there, from the precum that was all mine. His rock hard dick sprang from his shorts as I pushed them down past his knees. There it was. The whole thing…all mine because I chose to be his slave. I glanced up at him adoringly before taking his cock in my hands and nursing that sweet, giant, white bead for all it was worth.

I snaked my tongue up and around till it met the base of his cock and then back down again, relishing the slight rock in Master’s hips, the sway as he suddenly become unsteady. I was so fucking close to cumming…but suddenly…my job had become more important that any orgasm in the world. “Dominus, I love you so fucking much. My world starts and stops with you, sir.” I let his cock slide to the very back of my throat as I finished, tears welling as I gagged out the remains of air in my lungs.

He caught my eye and whispered, “come here, slave” Stepping back he held out a hand and as he lay down I straddled him, both hands on the chest that held me every time I needed comfort. Gazing into eyes that spoke when he could not, at lips that I craved to taste even in my sleep. Love welled into my chest and I lowered myself onto the girth that moments earlier had been plunged throat deep in my mouth. Stars and unrecognizable colors shot across my vision, the rocking of our hips commanding my cunt to grab him in tight, unwound spasms.

“Fuck! I love you!” Master’s voice opened the waterfall I had dammed all night even as I felt his seed gush into the deepest recess of my body. And every star flashing across my vision exploded, along with my heart, “ohhhhh Master, ohhhh Thank you Master!” I dug my fingers into the flesh beneath his wrist, nearly convulsing atop him.

My vision had returned, along with my ability to breath and I found myself curled next to the only person in the world who knew the treasure I truly was. It had taken one decision. An incredibly long journey. Being broken and remade. It took being emptied of what I used to be in favor of all he wanted to give me. So scarcely believable that this was just the beginning. I reached up to stroke his sweat soaked hair and sighed. I would trade nothing for the beauty that being his cherished Slave was. It was an awesome fucking life.

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