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It Was Better Than She Imagined

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It had been a work day that didn’t seem like it would ever end. Kaitlyn hated her job on a good day. Working in the Accounts Payable department as a junior clerk was just boring. All she did was just process one bill after another. All the other clerks were substantially older than her. She was only out of school for 3 years, twenty years younger than the next person. There wasn’t much in common with them so there wasn’t even a social aspect of the job.

When she had something to do in the evening, the day dragged on even worse than normal. Every time she glanced over at the clock, it seemed like time passed slower and slower. The last hour had been interminable. Finally five o’clock rolled around and she was free. Her desk all cleaned up and organized ahead of time, Kaitlyn was ready to scoot out without any delay. She wished the rest of her office a good weekend but was out the door before the first person could even answer.

As she drove home, Kaitlyn could finally focus on her plans for the evening. Although married for only two years, her life had gotten relatively stale faster than she thought possible. Her husband, Alan, was a regional sales person for a cleaning supplies company. His territory was large enough that it was common for him to have to stay a night or two away every week, rather than drive home. And when he was home, he was often tired from all the driving. It had become rarer and rarer for them to go out.

But this had been one of those rare weeks when all of his calls were local and he was home every night. Kaitlyn had been delighted when he suggested that they go out for dinner and then go dancing at a club downtown. She knew that he was doing it mostly because of her complaints about how they never did anything. On one level, she felt bad about nagging him about it. On the other hand, she couldn’t help but feel envious of her single girlfriends. They were still out having fun, dating a number of different guys, and sleeping with a fair number of them. Kaitlyn had only just started to experience that when she started dating Alan. Without really noticing it, they had become exclusive. At the time it seemed nice; now it seemed like she had missed something. She was still same the gorgeous fit blonde as in college but there was only her husband to notice now.

It was worse since while her friends were having wild sexual adventures, her own sex life had slowly become infrequent. Alan being away didn’t help, nor did his perpetual exhaustion. On top of that, he had become fairly sedentary with all the time in the car. He wasn’t fat … yet. But he was soft where he hadn’t been before. Kaitlyn tried to hide from the truth but the facts were that he didn’t excite her the way he had before.

To be fair, he recognized it and tried to find time to work out but it was difficult. And he also was aware of the lack of spark in their love life. When he wasn’t too tired, he made an effort to find ways to excite her. They had tried different positions and different places. He also tried to find out what things would turn her on. He was willing to experiment with her fantasies if it would help. Kaitlyn was shy about sharing them.

The only one that had seemed to spark anything was when the subject of a threesome came up. They had been watching a movie where a couple brought a woman into the relationship. There had been some fairly passionate kissing between the women, although the rest of it was implied more than anything. Alan wasn’t sure, but it had seemed like that drew Kaitlyn’s interest. After the movie was over, Kaitlyn had been a little more aggressive than normal. It led to one of their best times having sex in well over a year.

As they lay in bed afterwards, Alan had tried to explore it. Kaitlyn was unwilling to talk more but finally admitted that the two women kissing had excited her. She either couldn’t explain why or wasn’t willing. Alan couldn’t decide which it was. But after that, one time during foreplay, he tried describing what it might be like to have another woman there. Kaitlyn was embarrassed and tried to pretend she didn’t want him talking that way. But from the way her pussy got wet, he wasn’t fooled. With a little experimentation, he found that it was more the girl-girl aspect than the threesome aspect that excited her. He wasn’t sure exactly what that aspect meant, but for him, it meant getting an exceptionally good fuck.

After that, it entered part of their sexual repertoire, used somewhat infrequently but enough that it wasn’t usual. Every time had the same result. Kaitlyn became very excited and was much more physical in making love. Like many men, Alan found the thought of being with two women exciting, but he liked it mostly because of how Kaitlyn became and how good the sex was. When he tried to ask Kaitlyn about it, she was very reluctant and if he pressed, would get pissed off. Since that resulted in no sex and often an argument, Alan quickly learned not to bring up the issue. They argued enough as it was about other things.

Kaitlyn hated being a nag. She tried her best not to do it and to avoid arguments. But her unhappiness with her job, with being left home alone, with Alan, and just life in general, expressed itself to often in nagging and snapping at Alan. That in turn tended to degenerate into an argument as Alan would snap back.

But tonight was going to be different. Alan knew how much she used to like to dance when she was in college. She went out often with her sorority sisters to some of the clubs around town. Even once she was going out with Alan, they would often go dancing on a group date with other couples they knew. Since getting married, it had only been a rare treat. And afterwards, she fully expected to make love to Alan. She was at the horniest time of the month for her, and it had been a few weeks since the last time they had sex.

Thinking about sex and dancing, Kaitlyn flashed on memories of dancing when she was in school. An image of scantily clad women dancing went through her mind. She could feel a little excitement build within her. She shivered slightly and shook her head to try and erase the image.

The truth was that Kaitlyn didn’t want to face why she found Alan’s talk of another woman exciting. Other than some experimental and rather chaste kissing with a girlfriend when she was 13, she had never had a sexual experience with another female. Once she had an opportunity with two of her sorority sisters but it scared her and she bolted. She had never mentioned it to anyone. But it was one of those moments that she recalled when she touched herself. It was always guaranteed to get her excited. She was ashamed however and as she came closer to cumming, she always forced herself to think more conventional thoughts. It helped her to set her mind at ease that she wasn’t attracted to women.

Arriving home she realized that even though she had left right on time, they were going to have to leave soon if they were going to get into the city in order to make their reservations. It didn’t leave her much time to get ready. She dropped everything once she got inside and went to their bedroom.

Opening up her closet, she looked for something that would work. It had been a while since she had bought anything new. Maybe it was the memory of being back in college, but she noticed an old outfit from back in those days. It was a white top with a very short black skirt. She had some white stockings to go with it, and a pair of black pumps with 3 inch heels. Trying it on, she was pleased to find that it still fit extremely well. She weighed the same as back in college and it showed off her body. The top was a cropped button up blouse that she left the top four buttons undone.

Looking at herself in the mirror, she was once again the picture of a young college student except for no longer having the little bit of baby fat she had her first couple of years. Her legs were quite long and slender. Although she didn’t often wear high heels, she still could walk very sexily in them without any conscious thought. Her body just flowed. Her breasts were supported by her little demi bra and exposed by the blouse. She wasn’t overly generous, but she wasn’t small breasted either. Her slender neck seemed longer for all the skin that was being shown.

Kaitlyn thought for a few moments about how to wear her hair. She had been thinking about something a little sophisticated but that didn’t seem to work with the outfit. Finally she pulled her hair back into a pony tail with her hand. It made her look even slightly younger. She loved the look. She loved feeling like she was still young and free.

When she came out of the bedroom, Kaitlyn found Alan watching the news in the kitchen. She twirled around in front of him, showing off her outfit. His jaw dropped.

“Honey, you look unbelievable. I mean it, but are you serious about going out looking like that?” he looked at her with a look she couldn’t quite identify.

“What’s wrong with it? I look good in it!” Kaitlyn was stunned and hurt.

“I said that, didn’t I? But you can’t go to a nice restaurant dressed like that? I mean, we aren’t just going to a burger joint. This is a good place,” he replied.

Suddenly Kaitlyn recognized his look and his tone. He was irritated with her. Her own temper flared. “What is the point of going out dancing, if I can’t dress for it?”

“My god, Kaitlyn. Do I have to explain it to you? If you go to the restaurant like that, they are going to think that I’m with a prostitute. Jesus!” Alan’s irritation boiled over into anger.

“Oh, thank you very much. Now I look like a prostitute!” She spun around to head back to the bedroom. She slammed the door on Alan’s face. He at least had the good sense not to follow her in immediately. He gave her a few minutes to calm down, as well as do the same thing himself.

When he came into the room, he started with an apology. “I’m sorry Kaitlyn, that didn’t come out right. I told you I think you look fantastic, and very sexy. It just seems like too much for where we were planning on eating.” He paused to look over at her. She hadn’t burst into tears, like he had worried. Instead she was watching him with a hard look in her eyes. “Honey, we don’t have to eat there if you don’t want to. We can just grab a burger or something on the way to the club.”

Alan paused and waited for her to respond. The silence dragged out a while but he kept quiet to wait for her. When she spoke, her look didn’t warm up much. “Fine. We can do that. You are probably right. I just wish you hadn’t gotten all irritated.”

He got up and hugged her, slowly her arms came up around him and she returned the hug. “I wish I hadn’t either. You’re looking forward to the club and I was looking forward to the dinner, but it’s okay. There will be other times.”

Kaitlyn nodded. “Thank you, Alan. I know you were but it’s been so long since we were out dancing.” She kissed him on the cheek and then moved away to finish getting things ready to go out.

Sighing, Alan watched her walk away. At least, he consoled himself; I will get to watch that ass all evening! With a growing smile on his face, he went to get his coat.

When they got to the club, Kaitlyn was happy to see that there wasn’t a line yet. She didn’t want to waste any time outside. As they were checked by the bouncer, she smiled when he spent extra time checking her driver’s license to make sure it was genuine.

Although there hadn’t been any line, it was already fairly crowded inside the club. They were able to find a table just off the dance floor and ordered drinks. Alan had scotch and Kaitlyn ordered a lemondrop. As soon as the drinks came and they had taken a couple of sips, Kaitlyn dragged Alan out onto the dance floor. The music was very fast paced and seemed to just keep going on. It wasn’t anything that either one had heard before, but it was very danceable. Kaitlyn was able to keep Alan on the floor for two more before he was sweating and wanted to take a break. Sighing a little, she followed him back to their table.

It was too loud to talk very much. Instead they both people watched. She made one more attempt to try and get him to dance, to no avail. She sat there feeling the irritation building inside her. It seemed so unfair that she finally was out and wasn’t being allowed to dance.

Kaitlyn was looking out on the dance floor when she thought she recognized a woman. There were other people surrounding her on the dance floor so Kaitlyn wasn’t sure. She kept looking in that area to try and see more clearly. Then the crowd shifted and she was sure.

It was another woman from her sorority. Anastasia was her name, although she went by Anya. Kaitlyn shivered. Anya was someone that she couldn’t forget, though there were times when she wanted to. Anya had been a freshman when Kaitlyn was a senior. Anya was one of the two girls that she had interrupted in a bathroom in the sorority house. The other was another senior named Taryn. Kaitlyn had heard rumors about her but it still stunned her. Taryn was on her knees eating Anya’s pussy.

For a few moments, no one noticed her. Kaitlyn should have just retreated as soon as she realized what was going on. Instead she was frozen there, watching. Anya’s eyes were closed with ecstasy as Taryn’s obviously talented tongue pleasured her. Kaitlyn’s own pussy throbbed and she could feel it starting to moisten. Then Anya’s eyes opened and saw her. Kaitlyn was still frozen, watching what was going on. Anya had her hands in Taryn’s hair, pulling her closer. Her eyes were on Kaitlyn. Then one hand untangled and beckoned Kaitlyn to come closer while she mouthed the words, “join us.”

That woke Kaitlyn out of her daze. She literally ran out of there back to her room. She had stayed in her room the rest of the night. Once she heard someone pause outside her door for a few minutes but in the end, she had gone away without knocking. Kaitlyn never spoke to anyone about what she saw. As far as she could tell, Taryn didn’t seem to have even been aware she was there. And Kaitlyn did her best to avoid Anya.

She also never confessed to anyone that she masturbated every night for a month to the images of what she had seen. Not only what she had seen, but she also imagined what might have happened if she had stayed. Even now, it was the image she used to start getting excited.

Anya had been very beautiful when she was a freshman. Three years later her beauty had deepened and been augmented by an intense sensuality. She was slightly taller than Kaitlyn but slenderer. Her body was a little less curvy and not a very full breast. Instead they were perfect little cones that swayed under the thin minidress that she was wearing. Her black hair was very long, hanging down to her ass. It was hard to see her eyes but Kaitlyn remembered that they were an intense green. There was almost an elfin quality to her face.

Kaitlyn thought that she might be dancing with another woman. Anya was touching her as she danced, bringing her body close and then dancing away. But then she was did the same thing with another woman. As Kaitlyn watched, she realized that Anya was enjoying flirting with several women around her. Anya clearly was still oriented towards women as the men were simply ignored. She didn’t really seem to be with anyone in particular, at least no one woman got more of her attention. And while she was brushing up against them, she wasn’t going any further.

For most of the song, Anya’s attention remained on the dance floor. Towards the very end, however, she glanced in the direction of Kaitlyn. Realizing that she was staring, Kaitlyn tried to quickly look away. It was clear however that Anya had seen her. Her whole demeanor changed. The women around her were forgotten. The remainder of the dance appeared to be for Kaitlyn’s benefit.

Most of the time, Anya was facing towards Kaitlyn. She swiveled her hips around and around, then rocked them forward and back towards Kaitlyn. Anya’s hands slid down her legs and then as she slid them back up, her minidress was pulled up until it was almost at waist level. When she turned around in a slow circle, Kaitlyn’s attention was caught by her nice ass as it shifted back and forth to the music. She kept trying to not watch, but the sight kept pulling her back.

Finally the song came to an end. Her eyes on Kaitlyn, Anya pushed her way through the crowd and walked over. Kaitlyn felt a momentary sense of panic. What was Anya going to do? What would she say? Kaitlyn didn’t want her to come over. At the same time, there was a side of her that was excited by Anya’s approach.

“Kait, I thought that was you,” Anya spoke as she reached the table. She leaned over to hug Kaitlyn and at the same time gave her a soft kiss on the cheek. The hug lingered just a moment longer than one might have expected, and then she released Kaitlyn. “It’s wonderful to see you.”

Stammering a little, Kaitlyn told Anya that it was nice to see her too. Then she introduced Anya to Alan as one of her sorority sisters, explaining the difference in their school years.

“You must be close to graduation, Anya.” Kaitlyn wanted to keep control of the conversation and keep it on safe grounds. She could feel how close to being out of control she was. All the old thoughts were flooding back, and she was very aware of Anya’s proximity.

“Only one more semester to go! I can’t wait to be done with school and get out into the real world.” Anya kept her focus on Kaitlyn. “But I will miss some of the girls very much. You know what I mean, don’t you Kaitlyn.” Anya had a coy little smile on her lips. “There are some people who you want to stay close to the rest of your life.”

Hardly trusting her voice at that moment, Kaitlyn only nodded. Anya’s smile grew a little more and she reached out and squeezed Kaitlyn’s hand lightly, and then left her hand over Kaitlyn’s for a few moments before withdrawing it. Anya started talking about mutual friends which slowly drew Kaitlyn out. They were soon catching each other up on the latest news.

Although Alan was feeling a little left out, he suggested that Anya sit down with them. She thanked him with a smile and slid into the seat next to Kaitlyn. It was a tight squeeze as it wasn’t a large table. Anya and Kaitlyn’s bodies were pressed against each other. Kaitlyn was feeling nervous again, feeling Anya’s body next to hers. But there was something that she liked about it; something that excited her. Her nipples hardened just a little and she could feel her pussy moisten slightly.

Any hope that Anya was unaware of the situation vanished when she lay a hand on Kaitlyn’s thigh. Kaitlyn hid her surprise by turning what was supposed to be a small sip into a big gulp of her lemondrop. Kaitlyn was aware that her body was trembling. Anya just kept up the conversation telling a story about a recent party at one of the fraternities. Anya’s hand just rested on Kaitlyn’s skin. Even though she wasn’t doing anything, Anya’s touch was enough to increase Kaitlyn’s excitement. Anya however carefully drew her back into the conversation.

Needing a little something to steady her, Kaitlyn sucked down the rest of her drink. It had been a while since the waitress had made it to their table so Alan offered to go up the bar and get the three of them new drinks. Kaitlyn didn’t want him to go and leave her alone with Anya but didn’t know how to tell him. As Kaitlyn watched him go, Anya noted a slight dazed look in her eyes.

Kaitlyn turned to Anya in order to tell her to remove her hand. Before she could utter a word, Anya started to talk.

“I see you haven’t forgotten that one evening,” she said with a smug tone. Anya cocked her head slightly as she read Kaitlyn’s face. “In fact, you can’t get it out of your mind, can you?” For the first time, her fingers started to move, going in circles on the top of Kaitlyn’s bare thigh. Kaitlyn’s eyes widened. Anya smiled slightly at the look of almost panic. “You were going to ask me to take my hand off your nice sexy thighs, but now…” Anya trailed off for a moment. Her hand moved slightly towards the inside of Kaitlyn’s thigh. “Now, you want it to stay, don’t you?” She leaned close to Kaitlyn’s ear. “Stay or go, Kait?”

Kaitlyn remained silent. Her lips were quivering just a little. She could feel her excitement growing. Anya was touching all the buttons right.

After waiting for a few moments, Anya said again, “Stay or go?” When she said the word go, she lifted her hand from Kaitlyn’s leg. Kaitlyn let out a little involuntary grown. The hand came back stroking and Anya asked “Which is it, Kait?” The hand went away again.

Kaitlyn bit her lip. She wanted the feelings to stay. Finally she whispered, “Stay.”

“Stay what?” Anya asked as the hand remained annoyingly off Kaitlyn’s leg.

“Stay, please!”

Kaitlyn was rewarded with the return of Anya’s hand. Now it was stroking in bigger circles, going down inside her thigh as far as Anya’s fingers could touch without Kaitlyn parting her legs. Anya made no effort to try and force Kaitlyn’s legs apart. The tips of her fingers would just run along the seam between the two legs.

“Do you imagine that night, Kait? Do you imagine that it was you laying back, having Taryn eating your pussy? She was very good at it. Her tongue was nice and long. And she had a way of flicking it up.” Her fingers stroked Kaitlyn’s thigh upwards. “And down.” They flicked back down along the soft skin. “She used to make me cum so nice.”

As Kaitlyn listened, her legs started to part slightly to allow Anya more access. Anya took whatever space Kaitlyn gave her, extending the strokes.

“Or did you wish it was you, kneeling down. Did you want it to be your face in my pussy, getting it all covered with my juices?” Anya chuckled. “Oh, I would have liked that. I always hoped you might come back or ask me sometime after that. It would have been so much fun.”

As her fingers stroked back and forth, Kaitlyn kept opening her legs a bit more. Her eyes were closed as she focused on the touch and the sound of Anya’s voice.

“But you were scared, weren’t you Kait,” Anya continued. “Scared of what you wanted. Scared that you wanted to be touched by a lesbian. And scared that you wanted to touch a lesbian. Well Kait now that you are being touched by a lesbian, do you like it?” Anya’s fingers kept moving around, but they had slowly migrated upwards to be quite close to Kaitlyn’s pussy. “Do you like it, Kait?” Anya asked again.

Her fingers started to retreat away from the spot of increasing pleasure to Kaitlyn. She knew what Anya wanted. She needed to confess her desire if her to keep going. She nodded, hoping that would satisfy Anya.

“Not good enough, Kait,” Anya said and her hand retreated a little farther. “You need to tell me these things. I want everything to be clear.”

Flicking her tongue along her lips, Kaitlyn struggled to get the words out. “Yes Anya, I like you touching me.”

“Oh I am so glad to hear that, Kait. If you want more, why don’t you open your legs wide so I can touch that little pussy of yours?” Anya waited to see her reaction.

This time there was very little hesitation. Kaitlyn spread her legs wide enough that Anya would be able to touch her however she wanted.

Anya moved her hand to take advantage immediately. She placed her hand over Kaitlyn’s pussy but applied very little pressure. She was rewarded by Kaitlyn pressing her hips forward to increase the pressure. Anya’s smile grew triumphant. She had Kaitlyn.

Leaning forward again, Anya spoke so that no one else could hear. Her voice was very certain. “I’m going to fuck you tonight, Kait. I’m going to fuck you right here in the club. I’m going to make you cum like you have never cum before. And I am going to do it more than one time. But first I am going to tease you. I am going to make you beg me to do it.”

Kaitlyn was stunned by Anya’s words. They scared her to death. At the same time, they excited her beyond belief. Her hips were now pressing rhythmically against Anya’s fingers and that caused them to move faster.

“But what about my husband? I can’t with him here. What will I say?” She stammered out her questions, not even realizing that she wasn’t protesting the act but rather how she would get away with it.

Anya looked at her. She saw how beautiful Kaitlyn was. Her beauty was made all the more desirable by her own excitement. She wanted her, and what was more, she knew Kaitlyn wanted this.

“Follow my lead, Kait, and maybe he won’t know. But honestly, I don’t really care. I know what you want. You want to be treated like a slutty little dyke. You are already thinking about what I mean by fucking you, imagining all different possibilities. I can tell because of the way that you are thrusting against my hand.” Anya’s fingers pressed in hard against Kaitlyn, causing her to groan. “In the end, you are going to be asking, begging me to fuck you. You know that is the truth. Either that, or it will be the biggest regret of your life.”

She looked up and could see that Alan was making his way back. She only had another thirty seconds of privacy. “It’s your choice. I can still find someone else to play with tonight. When Alan gets back, I am going to the bathroom. You can either come with me, or not. If not, I won’t be back.”

She moved her hand back onto the top of Kaitlyn’s thigh just before Alan got there and sat back as if they had just been chatting.

“You girls having fun?” he asked as he sat down.

Anya smiled. “Oh yes. We have just been talking about old experiences and how fun it would be to relive some of them. Right, Kait?”

Kaitlyn put down the drink she had been sipping. “Yes, you’re right Anya.”

Alan started to complain about the line at the bar, and how pushy people had been. Kaitlyn listened to him and found that her irritation with him grew. He seemed so self-centered. At a moment when she could have used him paying attention to her, he totally missed the moment.

Anya stood up; her hand sliding off Kaitlyn’s leg. “I need to go to the loo.”

Looking at her for a moment, Kaitlyn made her decision. “I think I will go too.” She tried not to look over at Alan.

“Okay,” he said. “I’ll just stay here and watch the coats.”

Loud enough for Alan to hear, Anya said to Kaitlyn, “I hope that the lines aren’t too long. I have had to wait forever a few times.”

As soon as they were hidden from view of Alan, Anya took Kaitlyn’s hand in hers. She could feel Kaitlyn’s fingers tighten, trying to draw strength from her. Walking down the hallway to the bathroom, Anya kept on going past the bathroom and took a corner to a little covey that led to a storage closet. She smiled when she noticed it was unoccupied.

Turning, she pulled Kaitlyn into her arms. Reaching up one hand behind her head, Anya kissed her. It was a hard kiss, full of passion. Kaitlyn moaned into the kiss and did not resist at all. When Anya’s tongue touched her lips, she immediately parted her mouth to give her access. Kaitlyn’s own hands wrapped around Anya and pulled her body against the other woman. She felt Anya’s hand on her ass caressing it. She groaned again into the kiss.

There was a little part of her brain that stood apart, watching as if from outside. She couldn’t believe how brazenly she was behaving. She was acting like a true slut, making out with someone that in all honestly she hardly knew. But even this outside observer was excited by what she saw. She was watching a fantasy come to life. Even the thought that someone might come around the corner and see her behaving like this turned her on.

She was so horny by this point that Kaitlyn was trying to shift her body so that she could rub herself against Anya’s leg. She wanted to feel pressure again on her pussy. She had just gotten into position when Anya pulled back from the kiss.

“Not yet my little slut. There will need to be true begging before you get to cum tonight. Do you understand, Kait?”

Breathing hard and flushed, Kaitlyn nodded. As much as she wanted to get relief, Anya’s being in charge was part of the excitement. Anya’s commanding manner let her give over control of the situation so that she no longer had to make the choices. Anya would let her be the slut that Kaitlyn wanted to be.

“Let’s go to the restroom now. I want to go,” Anya said. She kissed Kaitlyn one more time. This time, the kiss was a little less forceful and a little slower. It didn’t raise the level of passion but kept it where it was.

When they got into the bathroom, they were pleased to find that there were only two women waiting ahead of them. Anya gauged where each of the stalls were and let one woman go ahead of them so that the handicap stall was free. She pulled Kaitlyn in with her.

Kaitlyn was turning red from embarrassment. It was a combination of being in the stall together and that there were other women there who knew about it. Anya smiled at Kaitlyn’s predicament. Then she stood in front of Kaitlyn and lifted her minidress above her waist.

“Take them off for me,” she whispered so that only Kaitlyn could hear.

Shuffling forward, Kaitlyn obeyed. As she came close she could tell that just like her, Anya’s panties were wet. It made her feel a little better that she was exciting Anya. Using her hand on Kaitlyn’s shoulder to steady herself, Anya lifted one foot then the other out of the panties. Standing in front of her, Anya showed off her pussy.

Since she was young, Kaitlyn hadn’t seen such a bare pussy. It was complete shaven. Anya’s lips were prominent, spaying wide. Kaitlyn could see her clit protruding out, like a tiny little cock. And the wetness glistened. She couldn’t help herself from licking her lips.

Anya smiled an evil looking smile but didn’t try to get Kaitlyn to do anything else. She sat down and relieved her bladder. As the sound of the urine stream went on, Kaitlyn’s face grew redder and redder. Anya wiped herself and then stood up, letting her minidress fall down over her hips.

“Now yours,” she softly said. Kaitlyn knew what she meant. With a combination of embarrassment and excitement, she pulled down her panties and stepped out of them. When Anya held out her hand, she gave them to her. Anya brought then up to her nose and sniffed in the aroma of what was by now almost soaked.

“Mmmm, they smell so good. I am looking forward to tasting you for real.” Kaitlyn was still very self-conscious and Anya was making things worse. She sat down on the toilet, but nothing happened. Finally closing her eyes, she was able to relax enough to go. When she opened her eyes, she glimpsed Anya finishing pulling up the panties that she had given Anya.

“What are you doing? I need my panties, Anya!” she cried out.

Laughing, Anya replied, “You can wear mine, Kait. We’re just swapping for a while.” She placed her hand against the wet fabric and pressed it against her pussy. “I can feel your wetness against me, Kait. It reminds me of how turned on you are. Here you go.” She held out her own panties for Kait.

Kait stood up and took them from her. She stood there holding them. “But, they are different colors. Yours are white and mine are black. What if Alan notices the difference?”

Anya moved close to Kait and kissed her hard. “I told you, Kait, I don’t really care. I want you and I mean to have you. I plan on fucking you hard, my little slutty Kait. But …. if you want to walk away, all you have to do is take them off me and I’ll go find another playmate tonight. And you won’t get a night that will fulfill all your fantasies.” She made a scoffing noise. “Besides, do you really think Alan pays that much attention to you? Even if he did think something and mentioned it, just look at him like he is an idiot and tell him that he obviously doesn’t notice you because these are the ones you have been wearing all night.”

Grabbing Kaitlyn’s hand, Anya placed them under her skirt right on the top of the panties. “Your choice, Kait. Go ahead and take them off.”

Just touching Anya was driving all other thoughts out of Kaitlyn’s head. Alan wouldn’t notice. Anya was right. And she could deal with it. She couldn’t walk away now, not with as exciting as this was.

Her voice was quiet and meek as she dropped her hands. “No, Anya.”

“Good. That’s my good little slut.”

Every time that Anya called her a slut, especially her little slut, Kaitlyn could feel a jolt race through her body. She couldn’t tell which was more exciting; letting go and acting like a slut or the feeling of being desired that the word “my” conveyed. She pulled on Anya’s panties. They felt slightly tighter than hers, a welcoming presence of this exciting woman.

“Let’s get back to the table. By now he’ll be wondering where we are,” Anya said and opened the door to the stall, clearly in charge now. Kaitlyn just nodded and followed her. They washed up. Kaitlyn had to repair some of her makeup, cleaning off some lipstick that had smeared and touching her lips up. Anya didn’t bother, instead watching Kaitlyn. Feeling her eyes watching, Kaitlyn paid special attention to making herself look good. She liked the feeling of being desired and appreciated.

Done, she turned to Anya. Her voice was meek again as she spoke. “Do I look good, Anya?”

There was something about the way Kaitlyn said her name that Anya liked. There was an emphasis, an accent to it that gave it meaning beyond just her name. She thought, “Oh, this is going to be so much fun!” Out loud she said, “Kait, you look good enough to eat!” She laughed a throaty laugh as Kaitlyn blushed yet again.

As they left the restroom, Anya took Kaitlyn’s hand. It made Kaitlyn a little nervous but excited her at the same time. How would it look to Alan if she came back holding hands with another woman? What would other people think about her? At the same time, there was a feeling of the forbidden to it. And in some little way, she was showing off this slutty side of herself even though others might not see it.

She shouldn’t have really worried. By the time they got back to the table, they had to push their way through the crowd. To Alan, all that it looked like was that Anya was leading the way and holding on to Kaitlyn’s hand to help her get there.

“It must have been crowded! You gals have been gone a while.” He perfunctorily kissed Kaitlyn as she sat down. “The place is really jumping now!”

Anya slid her hand down inside Kaitlyn’s thigh as she sat down. She noted that Kaitlyn completely accepted it now and gave no sign of being startled. Instead, she spread her legs wide enough that Anya’s hand could caress the inside of it. Although she was not quite bold enough to let her have access to her pussy again.

They sipped their drinks for a short time while they watched the dancers. Both women were starting to move to the music. Kaitlyn felt more connected to Anya now. There was a rhythm that was running through both of them that was synchronized. She closed her eyes and swayed back and forth. To Alan it seemed like it was to the music. To Kaitlyn it was to that connection.

“Feel like dancing,” Anya asked. “Either of you? Both of you?” She leaned forward over the table in the direction of Alan. As she did so, she took the opportunity to slide her hand all the way up Kaitlyn’s leg. She softly stroked up and down. The side of her hand pressed against Kaitlyn’s mound. Alan’s attention was on Anya and therefore completely missed the fluttering of Kaitlyn’s eyelids and the biting of her lower lip.

“Sounds great,” said Alan. Although objectively Anya was as good looking as Kaitlyn, he was so used to Kaitlyn that Anya seemed much more attractive and he was excited about dancing with two women.

As Anya slid her hand back down, Kaitlyn was able to regain a small measure of control. “Mmhmm,” she murmured in agreement.

They got up together and made their way onto the floor. Finding a clear spot, they started dancing. The music was loud and fast. The two women were dancing side by side, facing Alan. Even though she was looking towards Alan, Kaitlyn was really just aware of Anya. She could feel her body brush against her as she moved to the music. She could tell that it wasn’t just random. Anya wanted to keep her excited as much as she wanted to stay that way. Their bodies were soon completely in sync. When Anya turned, she turned with her. At one point, they both turned sideways from Alan. With their bodies close together, they started an undulating motion that made it almost look like Anya was humping her ass. Most of the time, they were almost touching. Every once in a while, they “mistimed” it and Anya pressed her hips right into Kaitlyn.

One song ran into another. The two women adjusted to the new beat without a pause. The dance floor grew even more crowded and they were pushed together and further away from their table. Using the closeness as an excuse, Anya slipped her arm around Kaitlyn’s waist. Their sides were now constantly touching. When one crouched down, the other came with her. They were dancing faster too.

By the time the fourth dance was over, Alan was sweating and completely out of breath. Catching their attention, he asked the women if they wanted to take a break. Kaitlyn let Anya answer for her.

“I think we will stay and keep dancing,” Anya said. If the music hadn’t been so loud, Alan might have recognized the smug tone in her voice. Even before he turned away, they were already facing each other continuing to dance. Anya kept an eye in his direction. When she was sure that he had returned to the table, she placed her hands on Kaitlyn’s hips and pulled her in a little closer.

They continued to dance this way. Anya holding her; Kaitlyn enjoying her touch. She followed Anya’s lead, letting her control things. She stopped thinking about anything except for Anya and how her touch made her feel. She moved in time with Anya. Her eyes stayed on Anya’s, finding a sense of pleasure she couldn’t remember feeling before.

For the first dance, no one watching them would have noticed anything unusual. It was very common for women to be dancing together. Anya didn’t do anything more than just hold Kaitlyn’s hips as they danced.

The next dance was a little different. This time Anya was dancing for Kaitlyn’s benefit. There was a rawer sense of sexuality that she put off. Most people were focused on who they were with or what they were doing. But there were a few who noticed. This time they were apart but Anya was doing her best to excite Kaitlyn with her dance. Both of them were twirling, always coming back to look at each other.

As Anya danced, she started to add in a flourish. With a particular beat, she would throw her head back and bend backwards. Her perfect breasts were almost revealed for a second before she snapped back up. As she did it, her hands slid up her belly which pulled up her dress just a little extra bit. It was a very sexy move and Kaitlyn made sure that she was facing Anya at that moment of the song. She started anticipating it. Anya seemed to be flaunting herself. She knew it was for her since it was clear that no one else existed for Anya at that moment. The song hit that moment just as it ended and Anya held herself in the backwards position for several seconds after the music faded. As she flipped up straight, Anya’s bangs partially obscured her eyes for a moment. Kaitlyn could see that Anya was still looking at her through her hair. Anya’s mouth parted just a little and her tongue licked a little trickle of sweat from her upper lip as she tried to catch her breath. Her eyes were smoldering looking at Kaitlyn.

Now when they danced, they were more clearly dancing together. They looked at each other, followed each other’s movements and at times touched. As the dance continued, there was a growing sexual element. Anya began to brush against Kaitlyn, slowly moving closer to her. Kaitlyn couldn’t take her eyes off Anya. When Anya thrust forward at her, Kaitlyn was originally moving away in time with Anya. It was a flirtatious little dance they were doing; one moving forward and the other retreating.

Then as the beat changed, Kaitlyn became bolder. She didn’t retreat. She let Anya’s body rub up against her. More than that, she pushed forward. Anya was always in control of the dance, but Kaitlyn closely followed her lead. When she could, her body lingered against Anya until she had to move it to keep her balance. The song got quicker and Anya moved faster. Kaitlyn kept pace, her perfect body moving back and forth exactly matching the time.

Finally the song came to a crashing close. As the sound faded away, Anya was press tightly against Kaitlyn. Both of them were breathing hard, and Kaitlyn could feel the rise and fall of Anya’s chest. They stayed like that for the few moments before the next song started. Kaitlyn wanted to kiss her but couldn’t quite bring herself to do it in public.

Both of them were a little winded from the dance. Maybe if it had been another fast song, they might have rested and gone back to the table. But when the music started it was slower, more sensual. Anya walked around behind Kaitlyn. Her hands reached around her and pulled Kaitlyn up tightly against her. One hand rested on her belly, fingers softly stroking as they picked up the rhythm and their bodies matched it. After a few seconds, Kaitlyn’s hand came down on top of it. Their other hands sought each other out and linked fingers. Their bodies were now molded together as they danced.

Kaitlyn’s eyes were closed. If Alan had come looking for them, she would never have noticed. Anya’s presence was overpowering. This was how she wanted to feel, and only Anya was going to give it to her.

Despite the wonderful feeling of Kaitlyn in her arms, Anya was still in control, not quite as lost in the moment. Kaitlyn was hers. She already knew that. Now she wanted to stoke her excitement back up towards a fever pitch. She started by gently nuzzling Kaitlyn’s neck. Her cheek rubbing against it. Then she kissing it lightly, she pushed them over the line into the public.

Kaitlyn didn’t care. She just gave a little sigh of pleasure and leaned her neck into the kiss. Anya followed up with more kisses up and down her neck. As they continued to dance, she ground her mound against Kaitlyn’s ass. Her kiss strayed out onto Kaitlyn’s cheek. Without realizing she was doing it, Kaitlyn turned in response and met Anya’s lips for a kiss. Tentative at first it grew in passion. Anya was the one who pulled back, returning to nuzzling. As she withdrew, she loved how Kaitlyn stretched to try and extend the kiss.

Now her hand was stroking Kaitlyn’s belly, going in broad circles. Slowly Kaitlyn’s top was pulled up enough to expose the top of her skirt. Anya’s fingers stroked the bare skin. Each stroke forced a small moan or sigh from Kaitlyn. When the tips of Anya’s fingers slipped under the waistband of her skirt, she didn’t protest. Instead she moaned.

Anya couldn’t push it too far. But for Kaitlyn it was maddening. Her excitement was building higher and higher. She turned her head to kiss Anya again. She tried to put her sense of need and desire into the kiss. Her lips parted in an offer to be taken. And Anya’s tongue took it, plunging in.

By now, there were more than a few who were watching the women make out. As gorgeous as they were, it was incredibly sexy. Anya could sense them. While she liked pushing Kaitlyn to be bolder, she had no interest in putting on a show for the men in the club. She took it down a small notch.

Rather than continuing to kiss or nuzzle, she whispered in Kaitlyn’s ear. “Are you liking this, Kait?’ Feeling her nod, Anya continued. “Do you want more, Kait?” She felt Kaitlyn nod one more time but didn’t let her off that easy. “Tell me, Kait.”

Her voice was soft so that no one else could hear. “Oh yes, Anya, I want more.”

“Are you going to be my little slut?”

“I already am, Anya,” Kaitlyn’s voice was full of recognition of what she was and what it meant.

Anya softly bit on Kaitlyn’s ear and tugged before letting it slide from between her teeth. “I know you are. Does my little slut want to get fucked?” At that, Kaitlyn’s body jerked ever so slightly.

“Oh my god, Anya. Please … I want you to fuck me.” Her hand clenched Anya’s. “Take me somewhere and fuck your slut!”

Enjoying the dance and knowing where the night was going to end, Anya wasn’t in a hurry. She stopped talking and just enjoyed how Kaitlyn’s body responded to hers. Her nipples rubbed against Kaitlyn’s back and built her own excitement. When she pressed her hips against her, Anya could feel it deep into her pussy. She was careful not to let herself get too excited so that she could maintain control of the pace.

Kaitlyn turned her head again to kiss Anya. This time her tongue sought entry into Anya’s mouth. She slowly explored. It was a long kiss but as it went on, it became more urgent. Her hand left Anya’s and reached back to run her fingers through Anya’s hair. She tried pulling her deeper into the kiss. Finally she had to come up for air. She was panting from the excitement now rather than the dancing.

As the song ended, they stood like that for a few moments looking into each other’s eyes. Kaitlyn loved how Anya looked at her. Her eyes were smoldering with passion and desire. They promised pleasure yet to come. Her fantasies hadn’t been quite this powerful. There were no thoughts about consequences or of Alan.

Anya knew that now was the right time to take the next step. She reached out and took Kaitlyn’s hand. “Come with me, Kait. Time to play,” she said in a tone of certainty. Without hesitation, Kaitlyn obeyed.

They were still making their way through the crowd when they ran into Alan. He smiled as he saw them. “Hey, I was just trying to find you. I was going to join you again and do a little more dancing. But it looks like you’re done for now.” He trailed off. There was an awkwardness to the encounter that he hadn’t expected. Kaitlyn seemed to be avoiding his eyes whereas Anya was meeting his look in an almost challenging way.

“We were just on the way to the restroom again. We will come back to the table when we finish there,” Anya replied to Alan. Kaitlyn stayed quiet.

“Oh, alright I guess. Hopefully the line won’t be as long this time,” said Alan who was a little disappointed that they were leaving him so soon after he found them.

Anya started off again with Kaitlyn moving quickly to stay with her. Alan watched them walk away until they were lost from view by the crowd. Anya had her hand on Kaitlyn’s back as she helped guide her through the crowd. Alan was sure he was wrong but just before he lost sight of them, it almost seemed like Anya’s hand had slipped down to cup Kaitlyn’s ass. With a combination of a chuckle and an approving noise, he fantasized about the possibility of Anya joining them in a threesome. “What a turn-on that would be!” he thought.

On Kaitlyn’s part, she was certain that Anya’s hand was on her ass. She could feel it there, touching her round cheek. It held a promise of what was going to come. She snuggled her body against Anya’s as they walked.

Anya guided them back down the hallway. Kaitlyn expected that she would take them back to the little corner again. Instead Anya kept going until they got to the back door. It was propped open so that smokers could get out into the alley for a cigarette. Anya pushed right through the door, pulling Kaitlyn through with her. There were a few smokers outside, mostly close to the door. Anya walked on and down the alley a ways.

Finally she found the spot she wanted. It was recessed just a little so that they weren’t visible. She turned to face Kaitlyn. Her hands slid under Kaitlyn’s short skirt to cup the panty clad ass. Her mouth came down on Kaitlyn’s and she kissed her passionately. Kaitlyn’s mouth opened to encourage Anya’s tongue to probe. Anya took immediate advantage of the access. She plunged her tongue deep into Kaitlyn’s mouth, straining to go deeper.

The suddenness of the embrace stoked Kaitlyn’s fire. She moaned into the kiss. Without knowing it, she pressed her hips forward and ground her mound against Anya. Her arms went around Anya’s neck as she desperately returned the kiss. Anya had been teasing her for a long time now. She wanted to finally get her release.

Fortunately Anya was of the same mindset. From the moment she had seen Kaitlyn and remembered her, she made up her mind to have her. The rest of the night had been reeling her in. Now she wanted to complete the seduction to ensure that Kaitlyn didn’t escape. It seemed unlikely but Anya had pushed her so far.

She broke the kiss. Kaitlyn was panting with a fevered look in her eyes. Anya moved behind her. “Put your hands on the wall, Kait,” she said. Without any question, Kaitlyn obeyed. “Now bend over. Show me that wonderful ass of yours.” Kaitlyn thrust her ass backwards, arching her back. Running her hand over Kaitlyn’s ass, Anya could feel how wet the panties she had traded to Kaitlyn now were. Kaitlyn’s hips were still rocking back and forth.

“Tell me what you want, my little slutty Kait,” Anya asked.

A little moan escaped Kaitlyn before she answered. “Oh god, Anya. You know what I want. You made me want it.”

Smiling a very wicked grin, Anya forced the issue. “Maybe, but I want you to tell me. I want to hear what a wanton little slut you are. I want to hear it because you want to tell me. It just makes you feel even more like a slut. And you like that feeling don’t you Kait?”

Kaitlyn knew that Anya was right. It shamed her and yet excited her. It was hard to concentrate when Anya’s hand was stroking her ass. It wasn’t quite touching her pussy but it was coming close. The teasing had been going on all evening and she couldn’t take any more.

“Yes, I love it Anya. I like feeling like a slut!” she confessed.

“That wasn’t so hard, now was it? So my little slut, what is it that you want?” Anya’s fingers lightly ran across Kaitlyn’s panty covered pussy.

“To be fucked. Please fuck me, Anya. I need it,” Kaitlyn said between clenched teeth as the light touch clouded her mind.

Anya reached up and grabbed the panties and pulled on them, sliding them down. Kaitlyn felt the cool night air touch her skin there. Anya didn’t pull them off. They went down far enough to give her complete access. Kaitlyn’s legs were too widely spread. It didn’t matter; Anya had what she wanted.

Her fingers touched Kaitlyn’s pussy. She was rewarded with a groan. She reached up and under Kaitlyn, stroking her slit. Kaitlyn tried to push back to force her fingers in but Anya maintained control of the situation. She found Kaitlyn’s hard little clitty and ran her finger around it, being careful not to actually touch it. The rocking of Kaitlyn’s hips increased.

“Oh fuck me, Anya, please fuck me!” Kaitlyn begged.

Now Anya let her fingers part Kaitlyn’s slit, running back and forth. Her fingers were becoming completely covered in Kaitlyn’s juices. “Little slutty Kait,” she said “you’re so wet. My fingers are going to slide into you so easily.” She played right at the entrance to Kaitlyn’s pussy.

“I’m going to fuck you so hard, Kait.” The tip of her middle finger pressed in just slightly. Kaitlyn’s body shook and she sighed. “I’m going to make you want to scream, but you can’t here. We don’t want to really attract anyone’s attention. Can you be quiet, my little slut?”

It was hard for Kaitlyn to think. She understood what Anya was asking, but she was focused on those teasing little fingers. She was trying to push herself on to them. Still Kaitlyn was used to Anya enough by now that she knew that until she gave Anya what Anya wanted, she wouldn’t get what she wanted herself. “I don’t know, Anya. I’m not sure I can.”

Laughing a little, Anya replied “I appreciate your honesty, Kait” She leaded forward to kiss Kaitlyn on the lips. It surprised Kaitlyn because it was less passionate than most of their kisses. There was tenderness to it that she liked as much as the other kisses. It was just in a different way.

Anya’s hand suddenly left her pussy. Kaitlyn groaned in frustration.

“Hold on just a moment, my little slutty Kait. Just give me a second and then I am going to fuck you silly,” Anya reassured her. She reached down and pulled off the panties she was wearing. Carefully stepping out of them so that they didn’t touch the ground, she wadded them up.

“Here, my little slut, you can have a preview of how I taste. Open your mouth, Kait,” Anya said holding them up.

Slowly Kaitlyn opened her mouth. For the first time, she was going to taste another woman. And she was going to willingly gag her mouth. “Oh, I am truly a slut,” she thought. There was no hesitation, just an understanding. Anya pushed the panties into her mouth. Before it was even in her mouth, she could smell Anya’s scent. When they entered her mouth, she closed her eyes. She concentrated for those few brief seconds before Anya touched her again on what Anya tasted like. There was a saltiness accompanied by a hint of something metallic. Kaitlyn sucked on them, extracting more and she liked it. Her mind flashed forward and she wished that she could tell Anya how much she wanted to get the taste direct. But then it disappeared from her mind as Anya’s fingers came back to her pussy.

This time Anya didn’t tease. She dipped one finger inside of Kaitlyn. It elicited a muffled moan. Moving in and out, she felt the increase in Kaitlyn’s wetness as she fucked her. She could tell that there was room so she added as second finger. Kaitlyn reached by pushing harder now that she was feeling fuller.

Anya started to push harder and harder. Her fingers plunged into Kaitlyn, pressing as far as they could. Each thrust forced Kaitlyn forward against the wall. Her head was resting on one arm to keep from being slammed. Her hips rocked back to meet the trusts. Her muffled moans were getting more frequent. She had already been so close from all the teasing.

Beyond simply being fucked, Kaitlyn’s excitement and pleasure was coming from how it was happening. She was letting go, giving herself to Anya to be used. She was being fucked in an alley by another woman. And the woman was someone that she hardly knew and had picked her up in a club. By any definition, she was a slut.

“I’m a slut and that’s good!” Kaitlyn thought. Then she went beyond that as she made a realization. “I love being HER slut.”

Her body was starting to give her signs. It was becoming harder to breathe. She was frantically thrusting backwards. There was a tingling that was growing. She was no longer moaning. She was trying to scream into the panties.

Anya recognized the signs. Her fingers pressed in hard each time. She felt Kaitlyn’s body rocked by the thrusts. Her fingers were being met by Kaitlyn’s sopping pussy. As her fingers were at their deepest point, she would stretch them and stroke inside. Suddenly she felt it break over Kaitlyn. Her body was shaking and she was flinging her head around making incoherent noises.

Even as she continued to fuck Kaitlyn, Anya couldn’t help think that she was looking forward to having her someplace where Kaitlyn could let go and be as loud as she wanted.

Kaitlyn’s mind was just full of the pleasure that she was feeling. She continued to fuck Anya’s fingers as her orgasm went on. She hadn’t felt like this ever. There was something that was more complete. She was trying to suck in enough air as her body heaved. Finally it started to fade.

Anya could sense that moment. She slowed, turning her movement into a gentle caress. Slowly her fingers went in and out, feeling little tremors inside Kaitlyn. Her other hand stroked Kaitlyn’s back. As they passed, Anya made one last deep penetration. It was slow and very tender. When they came out, she softly stroked along Kaitlyn’s pussy.

Then she reached an arm around Kaitlyn, pulled her up straight and then turned her around. For a moment she took in how she looked. Her chin glistened with saliva that had dripped out of her mouth because it was hard to swallow. Her mouth was open with the panties partially hanging out. Sweat ran down her face and despite her attempts to protect her face, one cheek was slightly smudged with dirt from the wall. Anya thought she looked delightful.

Reaching up, Anya pulled the panties out of Kaitlyn’s mouth. As soon as her mouth was free, Kaitlyn kissed Anya. She surprised Anya with her initiating it. Kaitlyn’s arms went around Anya’s neck and she pressed tightly against Anya. It was long and drawn out. Unlike before, there was no sense of urgency. Their tongues danced together, slowly circling and touching. Anya’s arms went around Kaitlyn’s waist, hands resting on her lower back. After a while, the long kiss evolved into shorter, soft kisses. Finally the kissing ended and then they were just holding each other, heads together.

“How was that, my little Kait?” Anya asked her.

Her voice sent shivers down Kaitlyn’s spine. She knew that she was betraying herself to Anya. There was no hiding behind words. “God. Anya, that was wonderful. I came so hard.” She hugged Anya tight and buried her face into Anya’s shoulder. She felt one hand leave her back.

Anya pushed her back up straight so that she could see her in the eyes. “Kait, do you want more like that?”

Already getting used to Anya, Kaitlyn knew that she wouldn’t get away without speaking. “Oh yes I do,” she said with a quiet passion.

“I thought so, little slut,” Anya said with confidence. Kaitlyn noted and missed Anya’s failure to say the word “my” when she said it.

“I’m not going to play any games now, Kait. I am not going to tease you and make it hard for you to think. I want this to be your choice. Okay?” She paused looking at Kaitlyn.

Kaitlyn wasn’t sure where Anya was going with this but she nodded and then said, “I understand.”

Nodding back at her in acknowledgment, Anya continued. “I’m not a slut like you, Kait. I don’t fuck in alleyways. So I am going to leave and go home. I told you before; I don’t care what happens between you and your husband. It’s your choice. You can come home with me and get to be my slut. I will let you suck my pussy. And I will fuck you and do things with you that you just dream about.”

Kaitlyn’s eyes closed as she said that. Anya could tell she was imagining what it would be like and she smiled a little.

“Understand, little Kait, I promise nothing more than tonight and its pleasure.” Her voice was a little harsher now. “Maybe there is more. Maybe not, but I give no promises.” She let Kaitlyn digest that before continuing. “Or you can go home with your hubby. Go back to what you know and what is safe. He is probably getting a little ticked by now, but nothing that you won’t be able to soothe. The same may not be true if you leave with me.” Pausing again for a moment, she concluded “So you pick, come with me and deal with the consequences or choose safe and familiar.”

As she finished, Anya stepped away from Kaitlyn, giving her space physically and more importantly mentally. She really did want Kaitlyn to make her own decision. If she had pressed and kept playing with her, Kaitlyn would have done anything she wanted. But the next day, she would blame Anya and deny her own desires. Anya honestly didn’t care if Kaitlyn’s marriage survived the night. Alan seemed like a jerk back in college and he still seemed like one, but if so, it needed to be on Kaitlyn’s head. Anya knew that she could be a bitch, but she wasn’t going to be that big of one.

Kaitlyn looked at Anya as her words sank in. Having recovered from the devastating orgasm, and not yet excited again, her mind was relatively clear. She knew what Anya was asking. Although it would be exciting and wonderful to stay with Anya, she could just stop. She came already once. It had been the best cum of her life but nevertheless she could go home. She could go back to her life and pretend this didn’t happen. She could keep this as a memory to be brought out when she needed it.

It was the safe thing to do.

But Anya’s body beckoned to her. The promises that it held were seductive. Kaitlyn’s mind filled with thoughts about what they all might be. Already she had experienced pleasure that was beyond anything she had known. What would Anya do when they were someplace private? What would she ask …. Kaitlyn’s mind paused. No Anya wouldn’t ask. She would tell Kaitlyn what to do. And Kaitlyn would obey. That was the side of her that Anya was unleashing. Anya would tell her to do the things that Kaitlyn really wanted to do but couldn’t. By ceding control to Anya, she would be freed.

Beyond that, the physical aspect of it couldn’t be denied. Kaitlyn’s pussy still retained the feeling of Anya’s fingers inside of her. It throbbed just a little. Anya knew all the buttons to push. But so far, she only had the opportunity to push a few. Walking away would leave them untouched.

As for Alan, she really didn’t know how he would react. He certainly could act like a jealous wounded husband. If this was another guy, there is no question that is how he would react. But she knew that sex between women was a fantasy for him. He might choose to ignore any aspect but that, insisting that Kaitlyn make it up to him by telling him all the details, even asking if she can’t arrange a threesome. That was never going to happen, at least not with Anya. Kaitlyn could already tell that if she was with Anya, she would be Anya’s and no one else’s. Anya would insist, but Kaitlyn knew that was part of what she wanted herself.

Alan was the safe choice but he was the boring choice. Not only that, but increasingly he had become the unhappy choice. How much did she care about the consequences? Maybe it was time to try and find what made her happy. Maybe it was the wrong choice, but she was willing to find out.

“I want you, Anya,” she said. She took Anya’s hand in both of hers and squeezed it. Then she raised it to her lips and kissed it softly. Smelling her own juices, she flicked her tongue along Anya’s hand to clean it off. As she finished, she looked up at Anya and said, “Take me home, lover.”

“I’m glad, my little slut. I want you too, Kait,” Anya said before she kissed her again. The combination of her decision, being called Anya’s slut and the kiss got to Kaitlyn who returned it with an increasing passion.

Pulling away from the kiss, Anya said in a chiding tone, “Not yet, you little slut. I said that we need to wait until we get to my home.”

“I’m sorry, Anya,” Kaitlyn said in a surprisingly meek tone. “I can’t believe how much you turn me on and it makes it hard to stop.”

Touched by her little confession, Anya gave her a hug. Then taking her by the hand, they headed back into the club. She noticed a couple of knowing glances from among the smokers, but no one said anything. As they walked closer to the dance floor, she could feel Kaitlyn’s fingers tighten their grip. The real moment of truth was coming when they had to confront Alan.

Anya’s prediction about Alan was accurate. He was looking around and constantly glancing at his watch. They had been gone for almost half an hour. He was about to go looking for them. There was something about the whole evening that unsettled him, a feeling of not being in control of the situation. Anya was the one who was in control and Kaitlyn was just letting her. He just wanted her to get back so that they could go home.

Suddenly he realized they were approaching the table. “There you are,” he started to say in an angry tone but he trailed off. At first all he noticed was how Kaitlyn was holding Anya’s hand. It wasn’t like girl friends would, if they were staying together in a crowd. Their arms were together, fingers linked. Kaitlyn was leaning against Anya. If it was anyone else, he would have assumed that they were a couple. Then he noticed how Kaitlyn looked. Her hair was messed up and her lipstick smeared. Somehow she had gotten some dirt on her face. He couldn’t believe it but she had the look of someone who had been playing around. Even the way her body held itself, it somehow made him think of how languid her body was after sex. Kaitlyn was meeting his gaze but she said nothing.

He didn’t even realize Anya was speaking for a moment. She spoke louder and sharper.


He looked over at her. She had a smug look on her face, almost contemptuous. “What is it, Anya? And what happened to my wife?”

“We’re leaving, Alan. Kaitlyn and I are leaving. She will see you when she comes home.” Anya was very matter of fact.

He was stunned. He looked back over to Kaitlyn who was still looking directly at him. “What do you mean? She’s coming home with me.”

“No she isn’t,” Anya shook her head.

All the pieces fell together for Alan. “You fucking, dyke. Who do you think you are?” he said with his voice rising.

“Don’t be stupid, Alan and don’t do anything that you may regret later. Who am I? Alan, I’m the fucking dyke who just fucked your wife. Now we are going back to my place where we will fuck again and again. And when she is tired of that, maybe she will come home.” Anya’s tone was piercing. Even though she didn’t raise her voice, every word came through clear to Alan. “Nothing is going to change that. And if you are too big of a jerk, then I will be coming back with her to make sure she is okay.”

Alan’s anger suddenly was overwhelmed by fear for his marriage. He noticed that as Anya had spoken, Kaitlyn’s other hand also took Anya’s arm as if to take strength from her. “Kaitlyn?” he asked in a hesitant tone.

Maybe if Alan had continued to press, Kaitlyn might have changed her mind. The fear of what might happen was still there. But his temper evaporated in front of Anya’s strength. She could feel how calm Anya was; how in control. It was the core of what attracted her to Anya. It was something that Alan never demonstrated. Her choice was never clearer than at that moment.

“I’m going with her, Alan. Go home. I will see you when I come home.” Kaitlyn’s voice held just a hint of what she thought of him.

He made one more attempt to protest but Kaitlyn held up a finger and stopped him in his tracks. “Don’t! You are the one who kept bringing up other women. You opened Pandora’s Box and these are the consequences.” Kaitlyn knew that this was spiteful and was only partially true but it helped her soothe her conscious. With that, she slammed the door on any chance of changing her mind. She had made her decision and she didn’t want to argue about it.

Alan sank down into his seat. Anya smiled a little sympathetically but then she dug the knife in a bit more. “Thank you for getting the bill, Alan. I had a wonderful time. Perhaps we will be doing this again.” Alan just stared up at Kaitlyn who was no longer paying any attention to him.

As they started to walk away, Anya slipped her arm around Kaitlyn who snuggled up close inside the circle of her arm. Kaitlyn’s mind already had forgotten about Alan and was thinking forward to the rest of the night.

Watching them until the left, Alan kept hoping that Kaitlyn would look back.

She didn’t.

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