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Double Pleasure

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“I’ll try a 30 point question,” Heather said.

Jake drew a card from the thirty point stack.

“What option do you want?” he asked.

She pondered for a moment. “I’ll take touch”.

“Ok, lie in the bathtub and let your partner pee on you.”

She made a face of disgust. “Ew! For thirty points! I don’t think so!”

Jake laughed with glee, “Then you lose thirty points! Hand it over.”

They were playing “Consenting Adults,” a card game bought for Heather as a Birthday gift. The rules were simple: There were stacks of cards ranging from ten to eighty points. Each card had several options to choose from; Tell, Touch, Kiss or a combination of the three. The player would choose a point value and select an option. In order to achieve the points, the person had to either perform the act or in some cases let the act be performed on them. If they refused the points went to the partner. Of course the more points, the more daring the act.

“I’ll take tell for 40 points,” Jake stated.

Heather picked up a card. “Describe a sexual fantasy that you have never told your partner about.”

He thought for a moment. “I don’t know,” he said, “Probably a threesome with two hot girls.” Jake smiled slyly.

She playfully smacked him on the shoulder, “Oh really?” She pouted, “You mean I’m not good enough?”

He put his arms around her and squeezed her tight. “Of course you are baby. I love you and you are the most gorgeous girl I know.” He kissed her gently. “Besides, that’s why it’s a fantasy, it will never happen anyway.”

The phone rang and Heather excused herself to answer it.

“Hello?” Her face brightened a little. “Oh. Hi! I haven’t heard from you in a while.” She paused for a moment while the other person spoke. “Sure you can visit this weekend while Mom and Dad are away, I’d love to see you!” She chatted for a few more minutes, said her good byes and hang up.

“Who was that?” Jake asked.

“It was my younger sister, Brittany. She’s coming to visit this weekend. She’ll be here tomorrow afternoon or in the evening.”

“Oh, that’s nice.” He smiled.

He had only been with Heather a short amount of time and didn’t know very much about her family, just that her parents and sister lived about two hours away. It would be nice to finally meet one of them.

“It’s nice to let your younger sister stay while your parents are gone. I can’t wait to meet her.”

They were both tired and decided to end the game for tonight, Jake being the victor as usual. They picked up the cards and put the box in the top of the bedroom closet. He kissed her good night and began the drive back to his place.

Heather got dressed for bed and snuggled in under the covers. It would be so great to see her sister again. She also thought about Jake. She didn’t know that he secretly wanted a threesome. She wished that there was something she could do to help his dreams come true, but the idea of a strange girl in their bed made her a little un easy. She thought some more on the possibility and soon drifted off to sleep.

About 7 pm the next day Jake’s phone rang. It was Heather.

“Sorry so late, I was so tired!”

“That’s OK sweetie, as long as you’re alright.”

“I’m fine.” she said, “Why don’t you come over for a little while; I have a surprise for you!”

He wondered what she had up her sleeve this time. He grabbed the keys to his car and headed out the door. When he arrived at the apartment he tried to turn the knob. It was locked. He used the key she had given him and opened the door. He didn’t see any sign that her sister had arrived yet.


“Back here!” she yelled from her bedroom.

He tossed his keys on the sofa and walked down the hall towards her room. As he stepped into the door way he was hit with a beautiful sight. Heather was kneeling in the center of her queen sized bed in a mid thigh length, red satin nightgown. It had thin straps and was backless. Her soft brown hair fell in waves round her face and her eyes shined with excitement. The fabric was clingy and accentuated the curves of her size 36C breasts that he loved so much.

She crawled to the edge of the bed and stood up.

“Wow!” he said. He could feel his excitement growing as his body strained against the fabric of his pants.

“I’ve been waiting for you,” she purred.

Something about her voice sounded a little strange…

“What if your sister, Brittany, shows up?” He didn’t want to get caught with his pants down, no pun intended.

She walked toward him seductively swaying her hips. She leaned in like she was going to kiss him and whispered in his ear, “I am Brittany.”

He jumped back and looked shocked and puzzled at the same time. He felt a hand touch the back of his neck and he spun around to see an identical copy of this beautiful girl in a matching hunter green nightgown. He gazed back and forth bewildered and with his mouth hanging open.

“What?” he said. “Twins? I thought you said she was your younger sister!”

“She is younger….about ten minutes or so.”

He still looked stunned. She began to kiss him on the neck. “You’re missing the point baby. She is here to make your fantasy come true.”

His heart jumped in his chest. Was she serious? He had always wanted to fuck two beautiful girls at the same time; he couldn’t believe this was happening. The short lapse in his erection, caused by the shock of the moment, began to fade and he started feeling harder than ever. He moaned while both girls kissed along his ears and neck. Each girl took a hand and led him over to the bed.

“Let’s get you more comfortable.”

The girls began to undress him, one pulling at his shirt while the other worked at his pants. After a moment he felt his penis spring free from its tight restraint and Brittany’s soft mouth engulf its tip. She sucked firmly and he ran his fingers through her hair. She continued licking and sucking while he passionately kissed Heather. He couldn’t believe she set this up for him. Brittany sucked a final time and slid back on the bed. She pulled the satin nighty over her head and tossed it to the floor. Heather knelt on the bed beside her and removed her night gown as well. The girls faced each other and lowly ran their hands over each others bodies. They kissed and moaned while they each squeezed the other’s breasts. Brittany bent her head and gently sucked on Heather’s firm nipple. Heather moaned with pleasure and arched her back towards her sister. Jake was so turned on and had to join in.

He climbed on the bed and pushed Heather gently on her back. He moved his mouth to her pussy, which was already dripping with anticipation. He smiled up at her and then lowered his mouth to her soft skin. As he slid his tongue into her she writhed in pleasure and grasped at the sheet. Brittany crawled behind him and rubbed her breasts seductively on his back while he continued to pleasure her sister. Heather began to feel the pressure of an orgasm coming on so she rocked her hips against his tongue pushing it harder and farther into her. She came in an explosion of pleasure and let out a load groan of contentment.

Brittany lifted his face, wet with Heather’s juices and kissed him. “Hey,” she pouted, “Where’s mine?” She lay back and spread her legs suggestively. He wiped his face clean and leaned in to kiss another wet pussy. As he teased and licked her, sending chills of excitement through her body, Heather positioned her self under his hips. He felt her trying to slide underneath him and he raised his hips to allow her room. She took his throbbing penis in her hand and stroked it gently before taking it in her mouth. She began to suck the head softly, then hard as she made her way down its shaft. Jake continued to dart his tongue in and out of Brittany while Heather continued inching his penis into her mouth. Brittany began to moan loader and grasp at his locks of brown hair. Heather had the whole seven inches deep in her throat, until you could see no more, moving her head up and down in a fucking motion. He was being pushed to the brink of pleasure and had to concentrate on holding back. He may never have an opportunity like this again; he didn’t want it to end yet.

He waited until Brittany let out a cry of orgasmic joy before he removed his mouth and turned to face Heather. He crawled on top of her and spread her thighs.

“I want to be inside you now.”

She placed her arms around his back and firmly pulled him into her with a hard thrust. She gasped for breath as he pumped up down rhythmically, slowly increasing the force of his thrusts. She rocked her hips upwards to drive him harder and deeper as she arched her back and clawed at his, while she wailed from one orgasm after another. Jake glanced to Brittany, who was lying on her back rubbing furiously between her legs, eagerly awaiting her turn.

Jake withdrew his penis from Heather and lay on his back. He put his arm around Brittany and helped her into a sitting position. He tugged her and she slid on top of him, straddling his waist. He positioned himself under the soft patch of wetness between her legs and slowly eased her down. His eyes rolled back in his head as she slid up and slowly, then more rapidly. She was so wet and warm just like her sister had been. To think there was two girls this beautiful and they were both in bed with him right now and he was fucking both of them.

He looked to Heather, who was nearly passed out from exhaustion after so many orgasms. She was pretty much done for the night. He strained to fight off his final surge of bliss, and figured Brittany was probably tiring as well. He finally decided to give into absolute pleasure, and he let his mind go into a dream-like state. As Brittany moaned and rode him faster he felt himself swell and a powerful release

“Oh God!” he muttered, as his body was rocked by the most powerful orgasm he had ever had while he came hot and fast into Brittany. She stopped her movements and stared down at him smiling. He put his hands around her waist and held her there for a moment. He lifted her a little and his penis, wet with juices and cum slid out against his body. As he lifted her leg to move off of him he could feel the results of the night drip from her onto his thigh. She giggled a little and lay on the bed, still recovering from the wave of orgasms she had experienced. He pulled Heather into his arms and kissed her softly.

“I think you win this game sweetie.” He looked at Brittany. “Well, it was certainly nice to meet you!” he laughed.

“Likewise,” she said and laid her head on his other shoulder. Tonight, one of his fantasies had come true.

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