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The Teacher

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Alison May sat in her classroom, her delicate fingers tapping on the processed plastic-for-wood top of her desk. She had watched thousands of students sit in their rows as she droned the same information to them year after year. She watched them fix their eyes on the clock above the chalkboard, trying to mentally will the hands of the timepiece to move faster. This desperate act of telekinesis was a common one around the world, and she believed that it wasn’t wholly unjustified on their part.

After all, you’re only young once. This was a fact she had thought of often as she approached her forty-fifth birthday.

She looked at the chalkboard with a certain acceptance, or even resignation if you will, as she considered that the chalkboard itself was sign of a time long since gone. It was once synonymous with education, school and teachers, a universal symbol for progress and academic achievement. But now, it was the day and age of power point presentations and laser pointers, the green board and chalk going the way of the dinosaur almost unnoticed.

And now, much like her, the expansive green board was a relic of a time that would never come again.

Ten years of her forty-five on this earth had been spent in tireless efforts, thanklessly hard work to expand the horizons of the new generation. She watched, as each progressive one became dimmer and dimmer, their minds solely centered on video games, sex, self, music and drugs. She supposed this had been mostly true of every generation since the end of the forties, but the degree of this self-absorption against the number of kids giving into it was staggering. It was like looking at the evolutionary chart in reverse, a picture of society regressing past the point of return. Was it possible that with the infinite strides forward mankind had made, we had actually shortchanged ourselves in regards to the future?

“Fuck it,” she said to herself, drinking the last of her tepidly warm coffee. She was a high school math teacher, not a university philosophy professor. Bottom line was kids today made their own choices just like the ones fifty years ago did. The only difference was the consequences had gotten harsher.

From outside her door, she could hear a wave of chattering and the dim roar of the kids as they came up the stairs from the cafeteria. One by one, they all filed in. She mentally noted the jocks, the preppies, the geeks, the nerds, the sluts and the everymen as they laughed and mingled, eventually finding their way to their seats. She began reciting the basics of algebra to their vacant faces as the morning grinded on. She felt herself checking the clock, surprised to find that she was as anxious to leave as they were.

Class after class poured in, and she became acutely aware for the first time that she was burning out. It hit her with all the subtlety of a Mac truck doing seventy on an open stretch of road. She was tired of this routine, the monotony and inflexibility of her career. In the process of sending the same three damned kids to the office for poor behavior, which had become a weekly ritual, she accepted that maybe she was too old for this shit. The kids, though most of them were pleasant enough to her, never saw her as a person, as a human being. She was a figurehead, an extension of a system they both despised and relied on.

Was this what she had really wanted? Eternal servitude to the ungrateful masses?

The late afternoon ringing of the bell announced their dismissal from school, and Alison felt as though an elephant had been dancing on her head all day long. She sat back in her chair, and stretched her arms. Her bra was hurting her, feeling too tight and stiff against her nipples as she sighed, her gaze falling on the stack of papers that had mounded up like the aftermath of some magic, subterranean albatross gopher. She dreaded the idea of grading them, of looking over every answer and, if history was any indication, failing most of them. She needed something new, something fresh to pull her out of this rut.

She needed a good fuck.

Alison smiled at the idea. It had been over five years since her husband, Ron, had left her and she hadn’t really had the time to engage anyone in a relationship. Certainly, the men on staff would compliment her curly blonde hair, or her eyes or her smile. She would often catch the janitor looking at her ass in the hallways as she left for the parking lot each mind-numbing day. But she had never worried about it, as there wasn’t any itch she couldn’t scratch and take care of with her own fingers. Ron had never put much effort into their sex life, and she had become a master of self-gratification. In fact, he was never really that good at it to begin with, so when he did leave, she figured it was no major loss. Besides, she craved something fresh, something new. Perhaps someone not over the age of thirty?

“Ms. May?”

The deep voice from the rear of the classroom snapped her back to attention. Brad, her top student, stood in the doorway with his books tucked under one of his well-defined arms and a confident smile stretching easily across his handsome face.

“Yes Brad,” she smiled and scooted her chair up to the desk, “What can I do for you?”

“I was just wondering,” he said as he walked up the side aisle of desks and sat in the front row, “If you had finished that letter of recommendation?”

“Recommendation,” she repeated absently and then remembered, “Oh yes, I did. I did finish it.”

Brad looked at her expectantly. “Do you have it here?” he asked after a long pause.

She was about to answer when a thought crossed her mind, a thought that she had often grappled with but never seriously considered. Brad was so attractive, his narrow features perfectly squared and dark, his hair a deep burnt umber. His eyes were actually very beautiful as she looked at him for the split second it took to decide her next course of action. She felt a warm blooming in her crotch and stomach as she considered trying to seduce him. She knew it was wrong, and if they got caught, it would be the end of her career.

Look what it did for Mary Kay Letourneau, she thought dryly.

But then again, didn’t the really worthwhile and exciting things in life require a little risk?

A few weeks ago, her friend Joy had called from the apartment complex she managed in the city and told her about a new lover she had taken. Alison listened with a tinge of jealousy as Joy told her about the young man she had rented an apartment to, the flirtation they had engaged in and the incredible sex they had together. The young man in question, Dave if she remembered right, had been fucking her so good that Joy had a hard time walking anymore. She had listened to Joy talk about the excitement of the seduction, the passion of their first time together (in the her office, with tenants waiting to pay rent outside). She realized that she wanted that same excitement, that same feeling again.

“He makes me feel so young,” Joy had said, and then added, “You should get yourself a stud, Ally.”

Alison made her decision.

“You know,” she said, “I forgot it at home. Would you like to pick it up tonight?”

“Ah, sure,” he said, looking at his watch. “I have some stuff to take care of, but what time would work best for you Ms. May?”

“Say around six?”

“Works for me.”

“Okay then,” Alison smiled as she watched him leave, her eyes fixed on his ass as he walked.

“Thank you again,” he said.

“Oh, thank you,” she replied, her eyes undressing him as her mind embraced the idea of an impending sexual adventure. She felt her cheeks blushing as she gathered her papers and went to her car. This was so unlike her, so far beyond anything she had ever done before. It was bold and dangerous, career suicide at the very least. But she needed this, and she was glad it had been Brad she chose to do this. She supposed there were other, generically better looking kids on campus, but Brad was by far the smartest and in her opinion, the sexiest. The image of what his cock might look like flashed in front of her eyes as she backed her car out of the parking lot, and she couldn’t help but smile.


Alice stepped out of the shower, her legs and crotch smoothly shaved. She paid extra attention to her pussy tonight, as she hoped that when he finally saw it, he wouldn’t be repulsed. The bush she had allowed to grow over the last six months had become somewhat irritating anyway, and she was glad to see it go. And now only smooth, delicate pink lips remained, enticing and, she hoped, irresistible. She examined her body in the fog-framed mirror, cupping her breasts and bouncing them slightly. They had sagged a little over the years, but nothing extreme. She thought they looked damn good considering what gravity could do to a pair of 38 C’s over time. Her nipples stood out, perky and fresh, as if reinvigorated at the prospect of being touched by Brad’s hands, his tongue and who knew what else.

“His cock,” she said to her reflection as she dried her hair, “You were thinking about what it would be like for him to put his cock between your breasts and fuck them. Maybe what it would be like to feel his sack against your stomach, his balls rubbing back and forth…”

She felt herself getting wet at the thought of it all, and she rubbed her fingers over her sensitive, slowly swelling mound. She sighed a soft, lusty moan as she fingered herself for a moment. She pictured them together, their bodies sweaty and naked, joined together at the hip as she rode him, bouncing on his cock for all she was worth. She wanted to put her hands on his chest, feel him and massage him. The idea of a body so much younger than hers, so different from the paunchy-frame of her ex-husband made her stomach flutter as though a hundred butterflies were taking flight. It was taboo, and it made her feel almost lightheaded as she fantasized about him.

And the best part of all this was, he had no clue. She had spent so much of her life being content with what she had been given, always the one to step back and not take the risks life had to offer. The surprises were always on her, the recipient of whoever and whatever was in control, be it a man or life in general. She remembered Joy’s stories about Dave, the details of their sexual encounters. She remembered the sound of her friend’s voice as she recalled what his had cock felt like in her hand, what his cum tasted like and how he could make her scream by licking her clit. With the ringing of the bell today, she had turned on that old philosophy in favor of a new truth, a new life. She felt aggressive and dominant, the shackles of her old life ready to be cast off.

Brad was the key.

“All he has to do is stick his key in my lock,” she joked to her reflection as she stopped stimulating herself. The steam from her shower had been lazily boiling the temperature in the small bathroom, and she had started sweating during her masturbation session. Within a half hour, she was ready. She had put on a white blouse and left the top two buttons open, allowing for a view of her cleavage and the red bra she wore underneath. Her slacks were the best pair she owned, complimentary and defining of her figure.

She poured herself a glass of wine and sat in the living room, the lights turned low as she waited for Brad to show up. She considered putting her shoes on, but thought against it and remained barefoot. She paced the living room, checking herself in the mirror above the couch, adjusting her breasts and fiddling with her hair with every pass. She stopped and looked into the mirror.

“Hello Brad,” she smiled seductively to her reflection, trying to make her voice sound sexy, “I’m glad you could make it. Care to sit down?”

Alison frowned. “That’s pathetic,” she said as she looked at herself and tried again, “Hi Brad, I’d like to discuss multiplication and division tonight. You do know how to divide? Yes? Well then, you can divide me…”

Alison shook her head. How did one steer the conversation to sex subtly without seeming too obvious?

“Hey Brad, how about you just fuck me?” she laughed to her reflection, covering her face with her hands, “This is pathetic.”

Finally, after an eternity of waiting, the doorbell chimed. She hurried to the door, composed herself and let the hunt begin.

“Brad,” she smiled warmly as she welcomed him in.

“Ms. May,” he nodded, taking off his jacket and holding it in his hands. He was wearing a t-shirt and jeans with heavy black boots. His well-developed chest stretched the shirt out tight, his trim waist a perfect V shape leading to his hips, which barely kept the loose fitting jeans up with the help of a thick, black leather belt.

“Please, come in,” she said, “But please, take your boots off. New carpet, and all.”

“Sure,” he smiled and took his boots off, setting them by the door.

“I can only stay for a little bit,” he explained as he looked around the living room and then added, “Never been in a teacher’s house before.”

“It’s not all that different from other houses.”

“I guess not.”

“Please have a seat,” she pointed to the couch, “would you like anything to drink?”

“Water, please.”

“Of course,” Alison went into the kitchen and poured him some ice water, calling over her shoulder “How has your evening been?”

“Okay I guess,” he replied as she came back with the water, the ice cubes jingling against the glass..

“You don’t sound sure.”

“Ah,” he shrugged shyly, “You don’t want to hear about it anyway. Student bullshit, you know? Oh wait, I’m sorry I said that in front of you.”

Alison put up her hand. “Don’t worry. We’re after hours, Brad. You’re 19 years old and can say anything you like.”

“Okay then,” he took a drink of the water, “Student bullshit.”

Alison sipped her wine as she sat beside him. “So, what’s going on with you?”

He looked at her doubtfully for a minute, debating whether he should be discussing it with a teacher and then said, “Well, it’s senior year you know? Abbey and I have been dating for three years now, but she’s hinting that maybe she wants to have some freedom at college.”

Alison, perfectly aware that she was crossing a big line into his personal life, raised her eyebrow quizzically and asked, “Really? That seems shortsighted. Does she not realize what a good guy she has?”

“I guess not.”

“That’s a shame,” Alison frowned.

Brad was quiet for a moment, and then asked, “You think I’m a good guy?”

“The best.”

He smiled, a little embarrassed. “Thanks Ms. May.”

“Call me Alison, please. After hours, remember?”

“Oh yeah,” he said, feeling more comfortable as he leaned back against the cushions, “Anyway, she’s been drifting for awhile now, I guess. It hurts you know? I thought we were in love. Doug’s been telling me that she doesn’t know what love is.”

“Doug Whitmore?” Alison smiled, “I doubt he knows himself. Doesn’t he run with that one girl, oh what’s her name? Elle?”

“Yeah,” Brad said. “But they don’t date. They should, but they don’t. They’re in denial.”

“Then maybe you shouldn’t take Doug’s word for the gospel truth when it comes to love.”

“I guess not,” Brad shrugged, “But whatever the reason, Abbey is wanting out.”

“Love’s a fickle thing, I’m sorry to tell you,” she shook her head sympathetically, “My husband of 15 years left me for a younger woman. And I tell you, love had nothing to do with his departure.”

Brett laughed. “I can’t see why he would have left you Ms May… I mean Alison.”

“You’re the only one, then.”

“There’s nothing wrong with you,” Brad insisted reassuringly.

“You’re just being nice to an old woman.”

“Are you sixty?”

“No,” she laughed.

“Do you get discounts from fast food restaurants?”


“Then you’re not old.”

She smiled broadly. “But I am over the hill at forty-five.”

“Better than under it at forty-five.”

“True,” she nodded and then added; “I guess I should take all the compliments I can get from sexy young men, right?”

“Right.” Brad laughed, “Are you sure it’s okay for us to be talking like this?”

Alice nodded. “Absolutely. Besides, another month and you’ll be out of school anyway. It’s okay to get to know me personally, Brad. I don’t bite.”


“Well,” she said, changing the subject back to his soon-to-be-ex-girlfriend, “I know Abbey pretty well, and you can do better.”

“I don’t know about that.”

“I do,” Alice continued as she scooted closer to him, “You’re a smart, good-looking man who knows how to treat a lady from everything I’ve seen.”

A small blush rushed to his cheeks. “Wow, thank you. I never imagined you thought that.”

“I do,” she smiled, in the back of her mind a small voice screaming that she was doing something really bad here, really wrong and that she was going to get caught. She ignored it, politely beating it down with her mental equivalent of a pickaxe.

“Well, to be fair,” he said confidentially, “There are three teachers at the school that all us kids agree are hot. And you’re one of them.”

“You liar,” she squeezed his knee, his words like fuel to a fire.

“No, really,” he said, his interest in her more and more apparent.

“Is that what you think?” she asked, genuinely shocked that not just one, but more than a few young men like him thought she was hot, “Or just what Doug had been saying?”

“Well, Doug thinks it too, but I’m you’re most vocal supporter,” he smiled as he took another drink. Alison was amazed at how bold he was, how sure and confident he was with her. They had violated every rule of the teacher/student relationship so far, and yet he didn’t seem the slightest concerned. He was shy and little nervous, but otherwise seemed to matching her move for move. Was it possible he had caught on to her? She decided there was only one way to find out.

“I think you’re hot too,” she said.

“Thank you,” he blushed, clearly enjoying the flirtation as they talked.

“Can I ask a personal question?”


“And you don’t have to answer this if you feel uncomfortable,” she said.

“Alison, ask anything you like.”

“Did you and Abbey ever sleep together?”

“Yes,” he said, his voice slightly hesitant.

“Did she ever cheat on you?”

Brad swallowed his water hard, but if he was caught off guard by this suddenly intimate line of questioning, he recovered quickly. “No that I know of,” he shook his head, “But we only had sex a few times. I guess Abbey had been with a few guys before me, because she didn’t seem all that impressed. And she said I’m too big for her, and that it hurts when I’m in her. So maybe she found someone who was better fit, so to speak.”

“Oh,” she said thoughtfully, unconsciously wetting her lips with her tongue.

“You know,” Brad said as he put his glass of water down on the coffee table, “Maybe I should go. I’ve embarrassed you.”

“Oh no,” Alison said, putting her hand on his, “No please, I’m not embarrassed at all.”

“Well, with things getting so personal,” Brad said shyly, “I mean, you don’t feel weird about that?”

Alison smiled. “No, not at all. We can be friends, and friends talk about a lot of things.”

“I like that,” he said, and Alison saw a considerable bulge forming in the crotch of his jeans. She tried to keep her eyes away from it.

“We could be really good friends, Brad,” she said, moving close to him now so that her arm was resting on the cushions behind him, her fingers grazing his shoulder. She inhaled his cologne as her legs pressed against his. She watched his eyes look into her blouse and rest there, visually caressing the tops of her breasts. She began stroking a finger over his shoulder as she smiled, feeling a primal surge of confidence as her pussy became slick and warm.

“Besides Doug, Elle and Brett,” he said, his eyes glued to her cleavage, “I don’t have a whole lot of friends.”

“Really?” she asked, genuinely surprised, “But, you seem so easy going. I hear nothing but good stuff about you.”

“I’m just picky about who I let get,” he paused for a moment, and then continued, “About who I let get close.”

Alison thought for a moment. “And you had hoped Abbey would someone who could be even closer.”

Brad nodded, his vulnerability like a thick veil of smoke around him, “I’ve always told myself that I wouldn’t sleep with anyone until it was something special, something real. And Abbey, she just felt so right to me.”

“I’m so sorry, Brad,” she squeezed his shoulder, suddenly not so sure about her plans for him. He was in pain, and he was here unloading to her about what happened to him. Could she really feel good about seducing him if this shadowed it?

“But you know,” he said, “It doesn’t really matter. Life moves on, right?”

“Yes it does.”

“And there will be other women,” he said, looking at her with a confident half-smile. Still, she could see an uncertainty in his eyes, a doubt about his worth that made him both tragically sad and yet endearingly sexy.

“It’s rare to find a guy who thinks like you do,” Alison said, speaking from the heart, “And it’s a good way to be. Don’t lose that. Gentlemen are a dying breed, Brad.”

Alison looked down and saw his crotch had become a mountain in the flat landscape of his jeans, rigid and strong. She marveled at the size of the bulge, and felt a wash of lust soak her and seep into every pore. She wanted to be his friend, but at the same time, she wanted to fuck his brains out.

But he’s your student, a voice called from somewhere deep in her mind, and he’s only nineteen… it’s wrong…

Fuck it, she thought.

“Sometimes,” she said, looking at the ceiling for a moment as she shrugged, “It’s good to just let out all the frustration.”

“That’s why I swim and practice boxing,” he smiled.

“Yes,” she smiled, looking at his powerful arms as she traced a finger over the defined muscles. “I can see that. But sometimes, it’s good to just let yourself go for a while and let someone baby you.”

“Like how?” he asked so innocently it was almost funny.

Glad you asked, she thought as she leaned forward and kissed him. At first his lips were frozen with shock as she pressed against him. She made every effort to make the kiss as soft and hot as she could, running her tongue out across his lips briefly before she pulled away. She leaned back and saw him, staring at her wide-eyed.

“You kissed me?” he whispered.

“Yes,” she nodded, “I did.”


Alison looked at him seductively as she started undoing her blouse, taking her time as she slowly released each button. “Because I want to help you feel better, Brad. Because a good looking man like you needs to be treated right. Because maybe we both need a little attention. And because I really, really want to fuck you.”

“Really?” he stuttered, reeling from hearing his math teacher say the word “fuck.”

“Oh yes, really,” she reached the last button, un-tucked her blouse and let it fall from her shoulders. She arched her back a little, pushing her breasts forward as they strained against the red lace of her bra. She motioned her head to his crotch, “Maybe you could use a little one-on-one tutoring for how to use that thing? And then maybe Abbey will think twice about leaving you?”

“Alison, I don’t know,” he said blankly, his eyes burning holes in the red fabric all the way through to her nipples.

“You’ve only been with one woman, Brad. Abbey is probably out right now with someone else, not giving you a second thought.”

Brad was fixated on her breasts, the hurt that had been radiating off him like fallout from a nuclear bomb had been blown clean away by his youthful lust. “You’re probably right,” he managed.

“You like my breasts, Brad?” she asked, leaning forward, letting him get a good view of her cleavage. “You can be honest. We are way past the point of being anything but.”

“They’re beautiful,” he said as he looked in her eyes, “Gorgeous.”

“Thank you,” she smiled as her heart sped up an excited thrum. She wondered if he could see it pounding beneath her chest. “That’s very good. Compliments from the heart are what make a woman receptive, more open to your advances. Most women know when they’re being lied to, and that’s why so many men go home frustrated.”

“I meant it.”

“Oh, I know you did,” she smiled and placed her hand on his crotch, feeling the stony thickness beneath, “It showed in your eyes, your voice and of course, right here.”

“I can’t believe this is happening,” he laughed nervously.

“Believe it,” Alison said as she slid her blouse off her slender arms and laid it on the coffee table. She started kissing Brad, up and down his neck and under his jaw, dragging her tongue over his ear lobe and then gently nibbling on it. She said, “And a lot more can happen tonight, too. My only request, and I think you know what it is…”

“It’s our secret,” Brad said, lost in the sensations of her lips against his skin, the short bursts of heat from her breath making him tingle.

“Well, that goes without saying,” she smiled as she licked his lips, “I was going to say that you try to keep your mind open to what I am going to teach you.”

“Deal,” he kissed her full on the lips, their tongues swirling together as Brad slid his hands over her back, her arms and her neck. She loved the fact that he didn’t go directly for her breasts. With each pass on her arms, he moved closer to the swells with a tantalizing methodology. It was clear that he at least knew a little bit of what he was supposed to be doing.

“Do you want me, Brad?” she asked as he began suckling on her neck.

“You know I do.”

“Say it,” she half-moaned as he found the spot on her neck, just below her ear that was like an overdrive button for her body. She squeezed his shoulders as her hips grinded against him, “Say it and make me believe it.”

“I want you so bad, Alison,” he breathed into her ear, sending shivers down her spine.

“Words can be very erotic,” she said, trying to stay focused as he necked on her, “Words can be an aphrodisiac…”


“Yes,” she massaged his cock through his jeans roughly with her left hand as she spoke, “Things like, ‘I want to suck your cock’…”

“Or ‘I’d love to taste your pussy’…”

“Yes,” she said as she undid his fly and pulled his shirt off. She pushed him back a little and took in every defining line of his toned body. The hard curves of his pecs, the small points of his nipples and the dividing ripple of the muscles that composed his abs traveling from just below his pecs through his flat stomach and coming to an end just before his pubic area. Like a virgin forest, dark, wild hair sprouted from the region hidden by his jeans, traveling up and then dispersing near his navel.

“You are so sexy,” she said, unable to hide her appreciation of his body. Her nipples went rock hard as she looked him over, her eyes hungrily devouring every inch of him. She took a chip of ice from the glass of water and slowly began tracing around his nipples with it. Brad shuddered and began to move his hands to touch her.

“No,” she said, “Sex is also about anticipation, about the build up. Keep your hands down.”

Brad smiled and nodded, leaning back and putting his hands over his head, stretching out as she ran the ever-shrinking ice cube across the dips and ridges of his muscular frame. His nipples were as hard as hers as she teased him. She slowly finished unzipping his fly, the metal teeth giving way loudly as she felt the anticipation of seeing his cock building inside her. Brad lifted his hips a little and she slid the jeans down, and then pulled his boxers down.

She ran her finger over the length of his shaft, letting her nails tickle every inch as she went. She wrapped her fingers around his shaft, and was thrilled to find that she could only barely touch her fingertips together around the circumference. She took the remains of the ice cube and circled each of his large testicles, hanging firm and heavy at the base of his cock. She worked her way up the long shaft and over to the crest of his penis. A cool water trail shined on his swollen, red head, and she would not have been surprised at all if the water had simply boiled and evaporated off him.

Brad was moaning quietly from the back of his throat as she teased him. Alison saw a shiny bead of translucent pre-cum forming at the eye of his head, a hint of what was to follow. She pulled his pants off all the way and he was finally naked, on her couch. She took a moment to memorize him like this, that perfect body, the perfect cock at attention and the look on his handsome face.

“Brad,” Alison said quietly as he opened his eyes and looked at her, “Did Abbey ever suck you off?”

“No,” he shook his head, “She said she didn’t like the taste of cum.”

“It’s an acquired taste,” she said as she unhooked her bra and took it off, freeing her breasts. Brad made no effort to hide his gawking as she massaged them, rolling her nipples in her fingers. She continued, “It’s like the taste of a woman’s pussy. At first, it’s tart and strange, but then as you get used to it, you can find a sweetness to it.”

Brad smiled devilishly. “You’ve tasted another woman?”

“I have,” she admitted, “And that’s how I know. Like vaginal fluid, cum can either be a wonderful experience, or a horrible one. The taste depends on the person.”

Brad listened intently.

“Let’s find out what you taste like,” she said as she lowered head and grasped his thick shaft with one hand. She slid her other hand up his torso and then moved off the couch with one fluid motion. He marveled at her and watched get on her knees. She tilted the stony cock towards her lips, making sure to keep his eyes locked on hers. She then licked his head, tracing its bulbous, swollen mass around like it were an ice-cream cone. Brad drew a sharp breath as he squirmed a little underneath her, his cock jerking up a little from her tongue. She smiled at him and then took part of his head into her mouth, letting her lips form an indescribable suction over the tip of it. Brad watched as her red lips wetly slid over his entire head, and then enveloped it completely.

Her teeth gently brushed against the sensitive skin, her saliva forming a hot submersion for his throbbing cock as she sucked him in. Throaty moans of approval escaped her, the vibrations of her voice tingling his cock and making him groan. Then she began bobbing up and down, taking in almost three quarters of his shaft before he felt his tip hit the back of her throat. As Alison sucked, she started making circular motions with her head, alternating the intensity of her oral stimulation. She massaged his balls, rubbing them together and gently kneading them as though she were going to milk him.

“You’re going to make me cum,” he whispered, his hands locked together over his head as he tried to keep up with his rapid breathing. The wet slurping sounds that escaped her mouth each time she bobbed up seemed to echo through the living room.

Alison picked up her speed, letting her tongue drag his cock, wrap around it with each thrust of her head. Then came a moment where his cock went rigid as steel, followed by an explosion of wet, sticky warmth in her mouth. It shot all the way back to her throat. She swallowed immediately, and was rewarded with a sweet salty taste as he unloaded in her mouth. His cock spasmed and jerked as he moaned out loud, the cords in his neck tight and exposed.

He finally finished, and she released him from her mouth.

“You taste great,” she smiled and noticed a gob of cum that had oozed out and was dripping down his still erect cock, “Here, take a taste.”

Alison licked the gob up on to the tip of her tongue and then slid up to him, her breasts dragging over his body. He met her outstretched tongue and sucked on it, pulling her to him. They kissed frantically as he grinded his cock against her. Her hands couldn’t stay in one place as she kissed him, the sweet musky smell of his cum filling their noses and overpowering them. She felt his hands slide into her waistband and began pushing her panties and pants off. She made no effort to stop him as his palms graced the curves of her ass, and once she had worked her pants off, he cupped her cheeks and squeezed them as they kissed.

“Now,” she said breathlessly as she got up and sat on the couch beside him, her legs spread wide, “It’s time for you to learn how to eat a pussy properly.”

“Okay,” he agreed enthusiastically.

“It’s always good to cum first, before you actually fuck,” Alison explained as she spread her pussy open, revealing the intricate petals of her sex, “It takes care of you blowing your wad too early. But most importantly, it allows you to concentrate on your partner…”

Alison pulled her lips open a little further, and Brad was almost hypnotized by the wet, pink folds and smooth line of her pussy. She said, “If you remember that the woman is the most important thing, that her pleasure come first above all, then you’ll be okay. Because if you can make a cum with your tongue before you fuck, then you have a better shot of making her cum during.”

“Got it,” Brad nodded, his hands firmly holding her thighs.

“You know where the clit is?”


“A lot of men think they do, Brad,” she smiled as she circled her open vagina with her index finger, “But you’d be surprised.”

“I have a pretty good idea.”

“Then show me.”

Brad lowered his mouth to her dripping wet cunt, and began licking her slowly. Sure enough, his tongue found its way to her hard clit and began flicking it gently.

“Oh god yes, that’s it,” she gasped loudly, trying to keep her composure. It had been so long since anyone had done that to her, and she dug her nails into the cushion. “That’s good Brad…”

And then he began rubbing it with his tongue, back and forth and side to side. She was sweet tasting, a divine nectar as he played with her clit, forsaking the rest of her pussy and going for the kill. She ran her hands through his hair, her mouth an open “O” of pleasure as she rode the rhythm of his tongue, the muscles in her legs quivering and shaking. His strong hands slid over her hips, up her stomach and then over her tits. He kneaded them, massaging them and teasing them as he worked her clit.

Alison didn’t know how much time had passed before she came, but she was dimly aware of her own voice, shouting “Yes, Yes, YES!” over and over again as she was swept away. She could hear herself moaning in such rapturous ways she had never experienced before, saying things she had never uttered to that jackass of an ex-husband.

“Fuck yeah, fuck yeah, fuck yeah,” she bit her lip as her body began singing to it’s own music, and lost control. Everything inside her jumped as the electricity of the orgasm burned though her, causing explosions in her behind her eyes and a flood of wetness that she felt drench her thighs. She felt as though she might be able to float up into space as she rode the power of the orgasm and let it consume her.

“Yes, fuck yes,” she moaned, laughing a little as she came down from the high, bright colors flooding her field of vision.

“Was that good, Alison?” Brad asked, his face wet with her cum.

“Oh my god,” she whispered rolling her eyes, “Is that your first time doing that?”

He smiled. “No.”

“Did Abbey teach you that?”

“No,” he said casually as he stood up, “But you can do a lot of things with people without actually losing your virginity.”

“I think you’re okay in the oral sex department,” she smiled, her pussy still throbbing as blood furious pumped through her body. She looked and saw his cock was thick again, large and ready. “It’s time to learn how to fuck,” she said ravenously as she pulled him to her.

“I think so too,” he said huskily as they embraced and began kissing again. She could taste herself in his mouth, sweet and a compliment to his own cum.

“Missionary is easy, and doggy style is a no-brainer,” she said as they kissed, “But don’t be afraid to try other things.”

Alison laid him out on the couch flat and then straddled him, her back to his face as she braced herself up. Her legs folded beside his hips and she felt his hardness pressing into her. He grasped her hips and gently guided her onto his cock. He slid in with almost no effort and Alison moaned out loud as he stretched her out and filled her almost to the point of a pleasurable pain. His cock throbbed inside her, every centimeter filled and snug as she took him in all the way. She felt as if though she had been impaled.

“Oh shit,” she managed, overwhelmed by the feelings shooting from her pussy to every corner of her body. Her nipples were hard like shards of rock, sensitive to even the slightest movement. She began moving up and down on his shaft, each thrust a new and untold experience of pleasure and pain. She could now see why Abbey had been hesitant of his cock, but she was determined to ride it, to master it.

“God your cock is fucking huge,” she moaned as she began humping him faster, her hair wet and hanging in damp curls around her face.

“I do what I can,” he growled as he held her hips firmly, watching her ass bounce up and down on him. They fucked each other, there on the couch and Brad forgot all about Abbey and every other woman on the planet as Alison, formerly Ms. May the math teacher, rode his cock like a cowgirl with something to prove at a rodeo.

He braced himself against the arm of the couch and was able to slide his hands up to her tits. They bounced as they fucked, moving with each thrust. He grabbed them and held them, feeling the hardness of her nipples poke into his palms. She was almost screaming now as she rode him, her head thrown back and her arms over her head, lost in some kind of ecstasy. He closed his eyes, relishing the sensations he had never experienced with Abbey. By comparison, Abbey didn’t stand a chance when put next to Alison. His mind likened it to enjoying a well-aged wine versus some concoction fresh off the vine.

Brad felt the orgasm boiling up again inside him, his testicles sending out the warning as his cock became like unbreakable steel again. “I’m going to cum,” he yelled.

“Yes baby,” Alison whispered, not caring anymore whether he came inside her or not. The chances of getting pregnant were slim for her, but she didn’t care either way. He exploded again, and she smiled at the feeling of his hot cum. Alison grinded and clenched on his cock, every muscle in her pussy straining for purchase on his shaft and desperate not to loose the moment. His head was an undeniable presence inside her as she slowed down her rhythm, feeling it rubbing deep within her interior.

“Yes,” she sighed as she dismounted, smiling to herself as she lay on top of him, his semi-erect length still hard against her smooth flesh.

“Just like that?” he asked.

“Just like that,” she purred, kissing him softly. “But there’s so many other ways too.”

“Well,” Brad said thoughtfully, “Maybe you can tutor me again tomorrow night?”

“And the night after that?”

“Don’t worry about that,” Brad said as he caressed her ass, “I have a lot of initiative.”

“An eagerness to learn?”

“Yes.” He laughed.

“I guess I should get your letter of recommendation…”

“No rush, Alison, no rush.”

Alison smiled. For the first time in a long time, she felt something with in her that she had forgotten. She wasn’t sure what had triggered it. Maybe it was the soreness in her crotch, or the euphoria that made the soreness all worthwhile. Maybe it was the feeling of having such a hard, young body pressed against her, to be the object of a young man’s affection. She thought maybe it might be all of those things and more. But in the end, it all led to the inescapable conclusion that she felt truly and honestly young again.

And there was nothing she could think of better than that.

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