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The New Guy

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Let me start off by saying that I am completely heterosexual, and have never had thoughts about another man before in my life. Having said that, I will tell this story of what happened at my office a few months earlier.

It was Monday morning, and my boss came over and told me I will have a new guy named Dan sitting with me to be trained for the rest of the week. I dreaded hearing this news, as I did not have the patience to deal with somebody new, let alone some guy. They could have at least sat a cute girl with me. Anyway, Dan came over an hour later, and I could not help but notice his striking good looks. He was 6’2”, about 190 lbs. He had dark hair and eyes, and appeared to be fairly well built. We exchanged pleasantries and he grabbed a seat right next to me.

Getting back to myself for a minute, I am 5’10”, 170 lbs, with dirty blonde hair. My cock is a healthy 7.5 inches long, and pretty thick. I had been having problems with my girlfriend, and things appeared to be over between us. I hadn’t gotten laid in two months, so you can imagine how horny I was for some action. I was so horny that I would get hard ons during the day at work and I would have to sit at my desk until they went down.

As Dan sat down next to me that day, there was just something about him, and I could have sworn my cock twitched in my pants as I watched him. As I showed him the ropes over the next few days, I realized how hands on he was, often touching my shoulder, leaning over me to get files. Each time this happened, I would feel this electricity going through my body, my cock would begin to grow harder and longer down my leg, and it was beginning to really freak me out as a straight man. I don’t know if Dan saw what he was doing to me, but if he did, he said nothing.

At 28 years old, Dan was two years older than me, and like me, he lived in an apartment nearby our office. He explained to me how he lived alone, and I noticed he never mentioned a girlfriend or wife. But anyway, I will fast forward my story to Friday, where we were permitted to wear jeans for the day. Dan strolled over to my desk in the morning and my eyes were immediately drawn to his crotch, where his tight jeans seemed to bulge prominently. As he sat down, my eyes remained focused on his crotch area, and I didn’t even realize how long I was staring. But Dan did. I didn’t see it but his face showed a slight grin as he watched me watch him.

We worked as usual, though we were now more friendly and joking by our fifth day of working together. As I explained a procedure to Dan, I felt uneasy as his bulge loomed right nearby, on display for anyone to see. I stole quick glances when I thought it was safe, but it began to take an effect on me. My own cock was erect, and I was doing everything I could to conceal it. Dan surely saw what was happening, and he tried to spare me the embarrassment by excusing himself to go to the bathroom. While he was gone I tried my best to think about non sexual things, and I wondered how I could be so turned on by a guy!

When Dan returned, he sat with a pad in his lap as he jotted notes, and it gave me a chance to check out his crotch as I watched what he wrote down. What happened next changed my life forever. Dan asked me to draw out what I was talking about so he could better understand and as I took the pen to the pad in his lap, he grabbed my hand and forced it to brush against his crotch. I pulled back quickly at first and couldn’t look up at him, but seconds later, my curiosity and attraction was overwhelming and I let his hand lead mine back to his crotch, only this time my hand lingered on his package, rubbing it up and down, tracing its shape through his jeans. I looked Dan in the eyes and we both kind of smirked as I continued to massage his growing cock. I could feel the heat in his pants, and my own for that matter as my jeans were now fully tented. I was frozen in my seat, unable to move or get up. My cubicle had high walls so nobody would see us unless they walked by my quiet aisle. I began to sweat when Dan put his own hand on my tenting pants and felt my hard cock. I thought for sure I was going to explode right there but I somehow held out and pulled away from the whole situation.

I told Dan we needed to focus on our work, and I tried to resume the training session. My mind was mush, however, and Dan chimed in that we should go grab an early lunch. We grabbed our coats and headed out to my car, where Dan suggested we go to his apartment for some “leftover Chinese food.” As I drove, Dan’s hand rubbed my crotch and I felt the air hit my cock as he undid my fly. It felt so good to be rubbed by someone as it had been so long, and as I glanced at his crotch, I saw that intriguing bulge that had been driving me wild. I couldn’t take it anymore and before I crashed the car, I knew I had to pull over. I pulled into the local shopping center and drove around back where there were no cars. I shut the engine and reached for Dan’s pants, telling him I just HAD to see what he was hiding under those jeans. He leaned his seat back and told me to find out for myself so I went to work on his zipper like I was a kid unwrapping a present. As I unzipped him, all I saw was cock meat, and lots of it, pouring out of his fly. He was hairy down there as I would have expected, and his cock just seemed to be never ending. It was heavy and thick and as I pulled it all the way out of his fly, I saw his huge balls filled with cum, begging to be touched.

My eyes were wide as I tried to fathom this huge piece of meat, and as if I was possessed by it, I wasted no time in leaning down into his crotch and licking the head of his penis. It seemed to still be growing thicker and longer somehow and I engulfed more and more of it into my mouth, feeling it enter my throat. I had seen enough pornos and gotten enough blowjobs to know what to do, and I worked him in and out, deep and slow, letting my saliva and his sticky precum form a rope from his cockhead to my mouth. I slurped him in as I massaged his heavy baseball sized testicles with my hand. In the meantime, as Dan moaned softly with pleasure, his hands worked my cock and I was on the brink of cumming. He felt it on its way and he pushed my head away and leaned over to suck my dick into his mouth. His tongue massaged my head and then without warning, his mouth slid all the way down my cock and I exploded all over the place, into his mouth, with the overflow dripping down his chin, splattering the interior of my car, the pleasure not subsiding at all as I shot gob after gob of jizz. Both of our clothes were soaked in my cum but we didn’t care. I pushed his face down into my crotch, keeping his mouth over my barely shrinking cock.

When my orgasm finally began to calm down, I focused my attention on the huge pole sticking out of Dans’s lap, twitching and begging to be touched and sucked. I took his monster cock back into my mouth and worked my tongue under his cockhead, along the sensitive part, making Dan writhe under me. He yelled out in warning of his orgasm, and I had no intention of not swallowing his load. After a few quick licks of his tip, I watched as the white milky sperm shot out of him and deep into my throat. I didn’t have time to figure out if I liked the taste yet or not, but I didn’t care. I devoured his cock and made sure I swallowed every drop of his cum, squeezing his balls as I did so to add to the pleasure. He grunted as I sucked his fat cock, and finally the shots of cum became lesser and lesser until they stopped altogether. We collapsed back into our seats, wondering how we would deal with our messy clothing and cum covered crotches which reeked of naughty behavior.

With minutes left until our lunch our ended, we drove to Dan’s place and changed into new clothing as we quickly washed up. He told me as we walked out the door that if I wanted, I would be back here very soon. We got back to work and finished out our day like nothing happened, but I couldn’t get his huge cock and balls off my mind. I imagined what else we may be able to do together, and I stayed hard until closing time.

Depending on the feedback from this story, I will regale you folks with what happened during “overtime.”

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