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By The Balls

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Bill walked into his office after a meeting. He was shocked to find his secretary, Daphne, sitting cross-legged in his large leather chair.

“Daphne? What are you doing?” He asked apprehensively while putting on smile.

The raven haired assistant brushed her hair. “Hey Bill. I just needed a couple files and seeing as how you were in your meeting, I took the liberty to help myself.” She switched legs giving the boss a nice view of her black hose. “And while I was doing so, I discovered something ve~ry interesting.”

Those words made the 36 year old executive’s body stiffen in place. His collar seemed to tighten and chills ran down his back. Suddenly the room felt hot as his glands began to perspire. Daphne swung the monitor around. On the screen was a shot of a pair of hosed covered legs and a red skirt. The legs shifted around causing the skirt to ride up and gave an open shot of a pair of white panties. The video continued for a few more minutes as the gams crossed and uncrossed and as a hand came down to relieve an itchy thigh and, yes, an itchy crotch.

Daphne noted a few things about her dirty blonde haired boss as he watched the video. The first was the soundless horror emitting from him. The second was the bulge forming between his pants. Emphatically, she hit pause on the video.

“There’s more, as you know, but I think that’s enough. But wait? What’s this?” She bent down to retrieve something on the floor. As she did so, a nice blue bra appeared in the open part of her blouse. She sat back up and flashed a CD in front of his face.

“What’s that?” He said with a mixture of fear, arousal, and anxiety.

Daphne placed the disc in the computer drive and waited it for it to play. The image on the screen faded into Bill sitting at his desk engaged in the trail end of a phone conversation. He stroked his cock with his free hand. The whole time he was staring at his computer screen.

“No I haven’t done her….”

“Because I won’t! I just enjoy watching her…” He stroked faster.

“Yeah, she has these very fuckable pair of legs. And she comes to work wearing the shortest skirts too. Perfect for when she’s bending over or sitting at her desk…”

“Of course she has a nice pair of tits…”

“I’m telling you she’s so clueless! She’s never going to figure it out! The whole office ogles her and I have the best seat in the house…”

“Oh she’s an idiot, but she’s fine at her job…It’s not why I hired her though!” He said before bursting into laughter.

“OK, OK, I gotta go too. Tell you more about her later. Bye.”

Bill put down the phone and continued to jack off. This time he added more vigour.

“Oh gosh, Daphne…” He breathed deeply.

He continued for a few more minutes until he reached a self-serviced climax.

The scene cut to another shot of Bill, this time fully clothed and engaged in conversation. Daphne was standing beside him as they looked over a file on his desk.

“So you’ll go over this folder and brief me on it, right?” He said to her. Her slightly hunched position allowed for the perfect down-blouse opportunity which Bill exploited.

“Of course, I’ll get on it right now, sir.” With that, she collected the file and moved off camera. The click of her heels could be heard up until the door opened and closed. When that happened, Bill, who had been fixated on her the whole time, unfastened his pants.

“Wow, what an ass!” He exclaimed to himself while he pulled out his cock for the second time. Like the one before, he stroked himself until he spilled. The video ended with him panting.

Bill was caught with his pants down, literally. He struggled with the right thoughts to cope with this all. “How the hell did you do this? Get out of here.”

Daphne laughed. She picked up a photo frame from Bill’s desk. “Mmm, the boss’s wife really is a looker isn’t she? One would wonder why anyone would want to betray her…”

Just then the rattled executive noticed the computer screen change again. This time it was an image of Daphne’s face! Her pink lips, straight black her, matching eyes, rosy cheeks. It was a live shot of her now. Bill’s eyes widened. The camera was in the picture of his wife.

“You bitch…” he growled.

The secretary put the frame on the desk so it faced Bill. The computer screen captured the image of a startled and divided man. His legs quivered yet the bulge in his crotch and look on his face remained determined.

“Sit down Bill,” Daphne ordered.

The man took another look at his pathetic self. He shook his head in disbelief yet still reluctantly sat down in the chair opposite of the secretary.

Placing her hand on her hip, Daphne stood. Her full outfit consisted of a black pencil skirt with a large leather belt and a tight white nearly see-though blouse. The sight of this woman made Bill’s dick dance every time and right now was no different, even if he was caught by the balls.

“I know you’ve been ogling me for a long time Bill.” She said as she seductively ran her hand up her thigh and to her ass. She rubbed it. “While I walk away from you. While I’m at the photo copier. Or even when I’m fetching coffee.”

She leaned forward on the desk and played with her breasts. “Or while I was talking to you in your office and you peaking in to, oops…” She unbuttoned her blouse so that her white cleavage was very visible. “Get a look at my breasts.”

“I really don’t blame you for that part. All my bosses have ogled my beautiful body.” She ran her hands through her hair and stretched her body (and breasts) out, effectively putting it on display for Bill. She then played with her skirt, slowly lifting it to give her boss a look at her panties.

“But you are the sickest one of them all Bill! Setting up a hidden camera and videotaping me under my desk?!” She put her hand to her crotch. “Looking for shots up my skirt, dreaming what’s beyond these panties.”

“No…” Bill tried to deny it but it was all true. This luscious and sexy woman was turning him on immensely.

“Didn’t expect me to find out, did you? I’m just a bimbo idiot with big boobs, right?” She continued to tease him by running her hand up her leg. “Well Bill, surprise! I’m a secretary. I’m good at observing and attending to details. I knew you were mentally undressing me every chance you got and it only got worse for you when I discovered those videos and the camera under my desk.”

Daphne continued her oration. “Bet you thought it was really sly of me to give you a taste of your own medicine in filming you with this neat little toy,” She said while pointing to the picture frame. “I wonder what your darling wife would think of you if she found out that her husband was perving on his assistant. Or maybe the entire office? And your superiors? Hmm…?”

Bill’s eyes once again widened at the thought by this vindictive yet sexy woman. “Daphne, we can talk about this…”

Daphne smiled and sank into her chair. “That’s good because I’ll tell you what were going to do.” She played with her shirt to make her cleavage more visible. “Every Thursday I’m going to get a little extra on my paycheque.”

“But Friday is pay day Daph, you know that…” He weakly mustered while still staring at her unavoidable breasts.

“Oh I do. I’m going to take Fridays off so I’ll need it one day in advance.” She twirled the ends of her hair and leaned in forward. “And these paycheques are going to be double, aren’t they?”

Bill’s cock stiffened but his voice was full of peril. “There’s not enough money in my budget for that!”

“Yet there was for secret spy cameras? Take it out of your salary, I don’t care.”

She laughed at his predicament. Then she observed the bulge in his pants. “Mmm, you’re hard. It must really turn you on to be controlled by me. And it must really turn you on to know that I watched you jack off…Because I did.”

She continued on. “You know what, why don’t you stroke it for me now?” She asked even though it was more like a command.

Bill rubbed his crotch. He was so tempted. She aroused him so much and every word she said was true. Quickly, he unzipped his pants and pulled his cock from his briefs.

“Mmm, what a monster cock! It makes me so horny so have someone jacking off for me and that someone being my boss.” She teased him while he tugged on his cock for this woman. The threat of exposure to his wife and colleagues scared him into doing what she said. “That’s it: stroke it for me Bill.”

Daphne reached into a drawer and pulled out a cheque book. Throwing it in front of Bill, she instructed him to cut her one right now as he masturbated. “Right now I want a little advance, as a good faith gesture that you’ll comply with everything I’ve said.”

Bill picked up the pen to try to scribble down a number when the raven haired aide played with her blouse once again. She manipulated it so it sat along the fringes of her black bra. “Just remember that I have plenty,” She pushed up and wiggled her breasts. “of assets to you as a secretary.”

She climbed on to the desk and slithered along the top of it. Her ass poked in the air and her breasts hung low. “Think about that number long and hard,” She said while seductively crawling back and forth in place.

She knelt on top and made her backside face Bill. She tugged on her skirt so it coiled itself along her waist and rubbed her panty clad butt. “This ass.” She declared, “Bet you thought about fucking this ass. Maybe, just maybe, if you’re good enough to me with that cheque, I’ll let you take me one night.”

“Yes…” He moaned while stroking his dick with more intensity.

“Would you like that?” She asked while playing with the fabric to expose more skin. “Maybe you can bend me over your desk and fuck my brains out, huh?”

Bill nodded once again. Her dirty talk was as arousing as her voluptuous ass. He pressed on with the action at hand while trying to come up with a figure.

She knelt on the desk and played with her breasts with one hand while running the other down her belly and to her crotch. She lifted her skirt. “That’s right, stroke that cock for me. Cum for me,” She said as started to rub her own region. “Mmmm, this has me really turned on. I might have stroke myself too, eh Bill?”

“Please do…” the boss cooed.

Daphne parted the panties to the side and exposed her bare crotch. She simultaneously teased him with massages to her tits and pussy. “Yeah, that’s right,” she cooed. “So hot…”

“You’d like to fuck this pussy really bad, wouldn’t you? Your wife will never find out. Unless I tell her…” She licked her fingers and inserted them. “But that won’t happen because you’ll hand over those hefty cheques, right?”

“Fuck yeah,” He moaned.

“Maybe I’ll stop wearing panties to work to allow for easier access and a better view…” She proposed while gasping in her own self-pleasure.

Bill responded with more fapping.

“And maybe I’ll let you titty fuck these big, beautiful, voluptuous breasts,” she said while pulling them out of their carriers. She lifted them and wiggled them around for her helpless boss. “Wouldn’t you love to suckle on these nipples?”

“Oooooh, yess…” He exclaimed again. His dick was tingling with the feeling of pre-cum.

She pinched her nipples and circled them like a radio dial. “I bet you would like to milk these nipples for all they have, eh?”

Her seduction and blackmail successfully continued. Pre-cum juices began to ooze out of his spout. He fired at a more furious pace. Daphne wiggled her titty flesh in front of him while moaning and laughing.

She saw that he was about to reach his climax and had an impromptu sick idea. “You can’t cum unless I tell you or the whole deal is off. I’ll tell your wife.”

Bill leaned back in his chair in annoyance. The mental anguish and frustration was going to kill him. Thus started the psychological battle to not explode.

Daphne continued to tease with the nipple play. She cupped the mound in her hand and pushed it upwards while lowering her head. With a swift sweep of her tongue, she licked the flawless tit flesh.

“Mmm, so good…” Daphne released her nipple with a smack. “You should try them some time Bill.”

“Just remember, you open up your wallet to me…” Daphne hinted while she rubbed her breasts and flipped her hair back. “…And I open my body to you.”

“Yes…” Bill said as he desperately tried not to explode. “Please, Daphne, I need to cum!”

“You need to cum?”

“I need to cum. Please let me cum!”

“Not yet, hun,” She teased as she stroked his face. “Before you do, I need you to acknowledge one thing.”


Daphne smirked. “That I have you by the balls. I control you. I call the shots. You’ll still have your job and I’ll have my job, but in our working relationship, it’s my word.”

The sexy secretary watched him agonize over the combined effect of having to hold his cum in and being forever at the mercy of his assistant. She decided to stick it to him with the acknowledgement of his humiliation.

“By the balls,” She repeated. “What do I have you by?”

Bill was in physical pain from withholding his spunk. “MY B-BALLLS!!”

“Good,” she said while reaching down to grip his testes. She gave the sac a squeeze and then granted him overdue permission. “You may cum now…on yourself.”

And with that, Bill had his release. He sent a huge load dripping onto his thigh and onto the chair. By the end of it, the boss sat back and panted while his sticky love juices sat on top of him.

Satisfied, she put her breasts back in her blouse and got back in her chair. She played with her hair with a victorious demeanour. If she smoked, this would have been the perfect opportunity to light up.

“So, how ’bout that cheque now?”

Bill took the pen in his hand and, with a trembling arm, filled out all the necessary fields. “Think about it,” He heard her say just as he reached the amount. He paused then wrote down a figure. He signed it, ripped it out of the book and handed it to Daphne. She took it with eager arms.

“Mmm, two thousand dollars…” She moaned. “You’ve done well.” She slipped the cheque into her breast pocket and stood up. “Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some photocopying to do,” she said while buttoning her blouse back up and straightening her skirt. She combed her black hair with her fingers and placed it nicely on her chest.

Then she moved around the table to exit the room. On the way out she grabbed his testes and shook them. “By the balls…” She whispered before sauntering out of the room.

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