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Section 99

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A dim sun rose over East Ridge Section 99, a covert government agency responsible for training specialist operatives.

Unlike traditional government organizations, recruitment here is handled in a rather unorthodox fashion. Those who come to the attention of Section 99’s scouts are investigated, then taken, plucked from their homes and indoctrinated into a new way of life.

Though essentially a military institution, Section 99 uses a wide range of training techniques to subdue its recruits who would often otherwise resist until death.

Section 99 was Recruit Ajax’s new home, and much like many recruits before her, she was having a difficult time adjusting to the notion that she was now owned by the government. Plucked from holding cells after inciting a riot, Ajax had been identified as having two qualities important to Section 99, one, the ability to strongly influence those around her, and two, a killer instinct. The first skill was already highly developed, the second one was taking some time to come out.

Already fully grown and very much self possessed, Ajax had been a constant problem for her handlers. She was resistant to the usual methods of control, force and guilt. Even outright pain elicited little but resistance.

Ajax was not the first difficult woman Section 99 had broken, nor would she be the last. That was where Agent Heironomous Blake came in. Known only as ‘Blake’ to his comrades and commanders, Blake was a tall steely man with thin, intelligent features. A master of disguise he could pass for a foreign diplomat, a homeless man, or even a beautiful woman at the shortest of notices.

“I’m assigning you to Ajax,” the director informed him. “Take her, break her down and make her useful to us.”

Blake nodded. It was a little unusual to be assigned to a recruit, but not so unusual as to arouse his suspicions. Occasionally they would get a tough nut to crack, and if there was anything Blake loved, it was tough nuts.

“Mist has prepared a profile for you,” the director continued, handing Blake a thin piece of film on which the details of his assignment were etched. Blake looked it over, his eyebrows arching in surprise as he read the dedicated course.

“Really?” he asked, looking up with a half grin.

The director smiled. “Oh yes,” he said.


It was but a few hours before Blake met Ajax. She wasn’t hard to miss, the only recruit not attending the recruit briefing, instead relaxing in her quarters, which were a complete and utter shambles. Laying on the bed, her eyes were closed and she nearly jumped out of her skin when he laid a hand on her shoulder, her grey eyes giving him a cold glare as she regained her composure.

“Can I help you?” she asked.

“You’re supposed to be attending the recruit briefing,” Blake said, assisting her up.

“I don’t attend those things, they don’t interest me,” she sniffed, turning away from him.

She had a nice figure, this Ajax, very curved but not fat. He could see why she thought she could get away with this sort of thing. Just pretty enough to get her own way in most things and stubborn enough to believe that the rules did not apply to her.

“I’m afraid I am going to have to punish you,” Blake informed her, his hands folded in front of him.

She looked over her shoulder with a sneer. “Oh come on, don’t you have better things to do?”

Blake smiled. “Oh no darling, for the moment, I am all yours,” he said, reaching out and taking her by the arm as he sat down, pulling her close to him.

“What are you doing?!” she cried, clearly perturbed by his actions which seemed to be ringing a bell of recognition somewhere in her subconscious.

“Naughty girl,” Agent Blake chided, pulling down the now squirming Ajax’s uniform pants and regulation black panties, exposing her rounded cheeks. “You’ve earned yourself a good sound spanking.”

“Stop this! Stop this!” Ajax pleaded with her handler, “I promise I’ll be good.” Already she was reverting to a more child like state under his tutelage, it was a good sign, but it was also important he followed through with the lesson.

Her promises were therefore to no avail. Blake took her over his knee, held her there firmly with his palm on her lower back and began to tan her pretty little hide. It was unorthodox treatment to be sure, but his superiors had been quite adamant. The recruit was to be spanked soundly when she breached protocol, and Blake intended to follow orders thoroughly.

The mouthy brat deserved it, he knew that much. She was yowling now as his hand painted red slaps all over her cheeks, making them jiggle. With her panties sitting below her bottom she looked just like a recalcitrant school girl, not at all the self possessed young woman who had greeted him so casually just minutes earlier.

“You need to behave yourself,” he lectured, continuing the spanking.

“Y…es sir..” Ajax agreed, her backside burning. His hands were large and accustomed to combat, every swat to her tender bottom made her yelp girlishly. It was an embarrassing and painful punishment.

“Now set your quarters to rights, young lady,” Blake ordered with final slap to her bottom, pulling her panties back up, but leaving her pants around her knees.

She whimpered as Blake’s hands touched her so casually, yet so intimately. The experienced agent was new to her case, but she knew his reputation for being a hard line, strict handler. The spankings though, nobody had told her about those. He towered at least a foot and a half above her as he set her on her feet and gently patted her backside.

Blushing profusely, she pulled her pants up and obeyed his order, unable to meet his eyes.

Blake stood in the middle of the room, arms folded, watching her work. She was a talented recruit, but an unruly and unwilling one. The last two handlers had not lasted long, unable to gain control of her. Mist, the tactical recruitment agent, seemed to think that spanking would help, so far it seemed that she was right.

Ajax shot him a pouty look and he almost chuckled, but instead merely lifted one thick black eyebrow and rubbed his hands together. She blushed and looked away again. He chuckled inwardly, this was proving to be one of his more amusing and enjoyable assignments.

“Okay, done,” she said quietly at last, having set the room to rights.

Blake looked around the room with a nod of approval. “Good. I’ll see you at 16.00.”

He left the room, and she took the opportunity to rub her stinging bottom and do the little dance of pain she’d restrained before.


16.00 saw her assembled with the other recruits, awaiting their daily drills. A six mile run, followed by gym time. This was Ajax’s chance. She knew this route all too well. Even though her new handler insisting on tagging along, she was pretty well sure she could give him the slip. With the drill leader in front, and Blake following up the rear, Ajax took her place towards the front of the column.

The route took them into the countryside, and around the first corner, Ajax bailed out of the column, setting her comrades grinning as she disappeared into the thick undergrowth.

Crouching amongst the weeds and bushes, she watched as the tail end of the column passed by and grinned. She now had at least half an hour to herself.

“What are you doing, young lady?” Blake’s voice coming from behind her made her grin fall off her face. He must have circled around, but how could he have done that so quickly?

“I..I…” she stammered, her eyes wide as he emerged into her little clearing.

“Pull your pants and panties down,” he ordered briskly.

Her expression became stormy. “No!” she declared.

He raised an eyebrow. “No?”

“No,” she responded.

He reached for her, but she seemed to dissipate under his hand as she took off into the bush. It was a good tactical decision on her part, she was smaller and nimble, he crashed through the thicker undergrowth like a tank.

For a recruit who missed a great deal of PT, she put up a good chase, but her stamina could not match his. Where she ran and dodged, he followed until, at long last, she stopped, gasping and panting for breath. Blake’s hand came down on her shoulder and she whirled around. He was barely sweating.

“Pull your pants and panties down,” he ordered again.

Her lower lip trembled, her doe eyes filled with tears, and she shook her head.

“Pants and panties, recruit,” he snapped efficiently, showing no quarter.

With trembling fingers, she obeyed, lowering her pants and panties to her knees, her soft white bottom exposed once again to his gaze.

His large warm hand cupped her cheeks as he drew her close, propped his leg up on a nearby stump and pressed her over his thigh.

Without a word, he began spanking her, her slim frame pressed into his muscled thigh with every swat, her yelps and cries spreading over the valley as he painted her derriere a sweet shade of red. It was important she knew that she would always be caught, and that once caught, she would be punished, so he spanked her very soundly, peppering her bottom and upper thighs, ignoring the cute little sobs she began to make as he held her in place and disciplined her.

When it was over, she was crying steadily as he allowed her to stand and gently pulled her pants and panties up over her flaming red behind. Unexpectedly, she dove into his arms, sobbing, whimpering, a very well chastised young lady. He smiled a little and stroked her hair. Against her body, and between his legs, his erection throbbed painfully. Spanking her turned him on, that cute ass, the way she squealed, the power of it all, it was intoxicating.

He found his fingers in her hair, pressing her down to her knees. He found his hand fumbling for his zipper, his cock springing into the cool air, slapping lightly against her tear stained face. It was madness, but it was within profile.

“Open,” he ordered gently, holding her on her knees with one hand, pressing the head of his cock against her soft lips with the other.

She looked up at him and obeyed, opening her pert little mouth just enough for his cock to slide in over her slick wet tongue. Blake groaned with deep pleasure as she obediently wrapped her lips around his shaft and he began to stroke back and forth, fucking her naughty little mouth.

His cock was thick, and she took it deep. She had no choice, he simply slid it in, all the way to the back of her throat, held it there for a moment and then allowed her to breathe before assailing her again. With sure strokes, he taught her how to suck cock, to take it deep.

“Oh god, you naughty girl’ he groaned as his balls grew tighter and his thrusts grew more powerful. Her mouth made little wet noises as he fucked it firmly, holding her hair tight, using her wet mouth to pleasure his cock. Sensation overwhelmed him, her sweet wet mouth locked around his throbbing hardness, her tongue flickering over the head of his cock, sending him over the edge. He came down her throat with a great roar, making her swallow, then pulling out and trailing the head of his cock over her lips. Her eyes were shining as he lifted her up to stand.

“Next time you misbehave, I am going to spank, then fuck your ass,” he said gently, brushing stray hair out of her eyes.

She giggled, and he smiled. “Oh, you like that?” he said.

She blushed, “I don’t know.”

Blake’s grin almost split his face from ear to ear as he zippered himself back up and looked Ajax up and down. Her cat like eyes regarded him in kind as she absentmindedly licked her lips. He could see why they were so keen to break her, she was all predator. They couldn’t use her as she was now though, she was too independent, too wild. Like a canine, she needed a pack leader, and for the moment, he was it.

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