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Offline Realities

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Cindy checked her watch, sitting at one of the outside small tables for two. Her white chocolate latte sat steaming inside her insulated Starbuck’s cup before her as she sat back in the chair, a soft sigh emitted from moist berry-stained lips. He wasn’t coming. After all these months and time spent putting into what she thought might have a chance off-line, he was just all the sudden going to pull a no-show. Fuck him! She deserved better than this.

Sweeping up her cup as she stood, small backpack thrown over her shoulder, she stormed away from the table, casting one last glance back before running straight into the unrelenting wall of a strong chest.

“Oh shit,” she murmured as her latte plopped to the ground and spilled out of the broken cup, reaching out reflexively to soothe the person that she had ran into. “God, how clumsy of me,” she instantly began to explain as her eyes lifted to take in the man she had almost plowed over. “What an idiot I am, please for ….” Cindy’s voice trailed off as mink brown brows furrowed, taking in the salt and pepper hair of the man before him, his smile growing beneath blue eyes that twinkled in response.

Tye’s hands reached out to steady her reflexively as he saw her wobble and take a step back, his voice deep as he spoke. “You should watch where you are going, Cindy. You might hurt someone in the mood you are in.” She was more beautiful than he could have imagined. Her pictures just didn’t do her justice … sparkling blue eyes lined with thick long lashes, moist lips stained to perfection with a hint of a pout, that smile that had made her famous in the circles they ran in online. Her hair was this gorgeous auburn color with blonde highlights and hung in thick waves over her shoulders and down her back; just begging to be grabbed up in a handful and yanked back to expose her bare neck. “Sorry I’m late,” he added with a grin.

She couldn’t help but smile, the sound of his voice finally matching the pictures that she had seen. “It’s okay,” she began. “I was just going … for another latte,” she quickly interjected, glancing down at the one seeping out onto the ground at their feet.

“Uh-huh,” he said, his strong fingers sliding down her arms, his gaze raking as he drank in her form. “I was thinking you were just going.”

“Well,” she began, a little guiltily as she glanced up at his handsome face. “I was thinking that you weren’t going to make it.”

Tye laughed good naturedly as he steered her towards his car. “And miss seeing you in person? I don’t think so, sugar.”

Cindy’s brows couldn’t help but furrow as he steered her towards his car, his fingers strong and sure on her upper arm and she glanced down and then to him, not sure she was ready to move out of the public eye with him just yet. They had only met finally face to face five minutes ago even though she had “known” him for years online. They had traveled in the same chat circles over the past 3+ years and even though she felt comfortable meeting him offline, going to his car and out of the public eye was moving a bit to fast. Things offline could be a lot different than they were perceived online.

“Uhmm, where are we going?” she finally chimed up as he opened the passenger side door of his truck, stopping to firmly plant her feet, glancing up to him with a slightly worried look on her face.

Tye locked his blue eyes with hers, half expecting her unwillingness to go forward but at the same time surprised that she would question him after all the conversations that had shared online about first encounters and sexual tension. “Exactly where you want to go,” he said with a smile, fingers tightening on her upper arm as he pushed her forward.

Cindy’s hands reached out reflexively, panic building a bit inside as things were quickly spiraling out of her control. “Tye, online is one thing but now ….,” she stammered a bit, her confidence and quick wit leaving like the turn of the tide, “Don’t you think we are moving things a bit quickly?” She glanced at him, hoping to see a smile break out over his face followed by his laughter that she had been sucked in by his joke but it didn’t come.

Tye’s eyes glittered both in mirth and something that teetered close to a wicked gleam as he forcefully but gently pushed her forward, knees buckling beneath his strength as she was shoved into the car, followed by the slamming of her door. Cindy could feel her heart racing wildly but still something within her told her to calm down … she had known this man for many years and he had almost come across as a fun flirt but caring man. He couldn’t be that different offline … could he?

She turned to look at him as he slid into the driver’s side of the car, his blue eyes glinting almost devilishly as he reached across her to lock her door, his hand sliding over her breasts as he straightened back up in his seat, deftly undoing the top button of her blouse before starting the car. Cindy’s eyes widened, unsure exactly how to respond. A part of her screamed to jump out of the car before it was too late. Another part of her was aroused at the control he assumed the moment they met. She could feel a familiar tingling spreading through her loins, firing the blush that kissed her cheeks as straight white teeth toyed with her lower lip. Tye’s hand reached over to slide beneath her long hair to the back of her neck after starting the car and forcefully pulled her to him, his raping kiss taking her breath away. Cindy’s hands pushed at him futilely even as her heartbeat raced uncontrollably. Her blush deepened as he pulled away and noticed the tell-tale reacting of her hardened nipples beneath her blouse, a hint of cleavage now showing as Tye grinning, beginning to back out of the parking lot. “We are going to have a lot of fun today. I can tell.”

Cindy’s hand reached up reflexively to fix the buttons on her blouse but it was suddenly slapped away with a low warning, “Don’t.” She could feel the tears burning hotly as they threatened to build, her whole body trembling as she realized where this was going. She was out of control; speeding towards what she knew would be a physical joining against her will. She glanced out of the window, trying desperately to think. There was nothing she could do in the car but if she could get a moment once the car stopped, she might have a chance. As she feigned helpless fear, her fingers slid down the side of the seat away from him towards her backpack that lay in the floor. If she could only reach her cell phone …

But she suddenly felt his hand in her hair, jerking back with a force that brought forth a yelp of surprise and slight pain. Wide blue eyes met his as he pulled her close to him in the seat, his breath hot on her face as he muttered quietly, threateningly, “You’ll pay for that, slut.”

And then they were at a house not too far away from hers and she was half drug, half escorted from the car, his hands strong on her, the backpack left behind. Cindy could feel the panic build up and as he released one hand on her temporarily to unlock the door, she bolted, ripping her wrist from his grasp. She could hear the curse beneath his breath as he came at her, almost tackling her to the ground with the force of his weight. She was shocked for a second that he had caught her and then began to struggle with all of her strength. The only response was a low growl from him and a tightening of his arm around her tiny waist, the other sliding to her open mouth, stifling the scream that was about to erupt. Cindy felt herself lifted right off her feet as her legs flailed helplessly against his legs. With a tremble of her body, she could feel the heat emanating from his hard body, the hardness and power that came with his strong touch, everything offline that she had imagined online. Her breath caught in her slender throat as tears stung her eyes, realizing that this was no fantasy but harsh reality and not what she had expected.

Tye could almost taste her fear as she dangled against him helplessly. He could feel her body jump as his low whisper feathered across her ear, “You put up a good show slut but I know you want it as badly as I do.”

To her shame, Cindy could feel the heat pooling in her belly at his words, her cunt moistening as it began to ache. How could she react this way? How in God’s name could she be turned on by this? But she was trembling all over, both with fear and trepidation, yet again with delicious anticipation. Her body was betrayal enough and she knew he could read it well as he kicked open the door and moved inside with her held captive in his arms.

Once inside, Tye’s hand slid down her trembling body, feeling her tense as it slid down her thigh and then back up, pulling her sundress up with it. He couldn’t help but smile to catch a peek of her cheeks flushing as his palm cupped her moist pussy through her panties. It was obvious that even as she struggled in his arms that her body screamed for him to continue. He pushed his fingers against her and rubbed, a low rumble of laughter released as his fingers quickly became soaked, even through the thin material. “You slut,” he whispered into her ear and captured a lobe in his hot mouth.

Cindy shuddered at his words, eyes closing tightly as she prayed that he not take it any further. But she felt him push her forward in rough, quick steps even as his fingers pushed over the material of her panties to pinch her clit. With a cry of despair and a stumble forward as she was shoved into the bedroom, she glanced about desperately as she began to beg, “Please Tye … please … not like this … not after all this time. Why are you doing this to me?”

She was answered with a growl as he grabbed her hips roughly and flipped her onto her back upon the bed. Cindy could feel real fear wash over her as he grasped open the edges of her dress and suddenly ripped it with an almost non-human strength, rendering it useless. “Fuck you, you tease!” he hissed. She almost screamed from the anger she could see in his eyes but couldn’t speak for the shock she felt at how different he was compared to how she had imagined him. Where was the gentle and sexy man she thought she knew?? “Who in the fuck do you think you are, prancing around online all the damn time with your sexy words and teasing, getting me all worked up only to act like the frigid bitch offline!” Cindy struggled beneath him as he grabbed her legs and pulled her roughly to him. She wanted to kick him but he was firmly between her legs and she couldn’t get a good enough shot and he reached down and suddenly slapped her with such force that her head crashed to the side, her body slumping in pain at the sudden jolt. “It’s time you learned that you can’t play cunt online and nun off. I’m as hard as a rock and I’m going to fuck you until you beg for more.”

Tears spilled unchecked down her face as his hand shoved into her thick tresses and yanked her down as he stepped back. She almost fell onto the floor off the bed as she suddenly found herself on her knees. “Take it out,” he commanded his hand strong in her hair. Cindy’s hands flailed at him but he only yanked her hair more, causing her head to fling around, her neck aching as he growled low. “Don’t make me repeat a command, slut.”

In this lifestyle that she had chosen online, she knew the consequences of not following direct orders and where it had been a game at most online, here it was before her and it was definitely not a joke. Even as tears spilled down her cheeks, trembling hands reached up to fumble with the belt on his jeans and the button of his fly. For a moment it seemed that her fingers were jelly and that she couldn’t work it as her whole body trembled before him, but his hand tightened in her soft curls, shaking her head as if a reminder of what would happen if she didn’t comply quickly. His button finally gave way and her fingers slid his zipper downwards. She could see the bulge in his jeans and it only gave her an indication of how big he might actually be. But it wasn’t until trembling hands pushed his jeans down from his waist and over his hips, carrying his underwear with it, that the monster itself slowly uncoiled from its prison only to lengthen and harden before her wide eyes. He was huge. There was no getting around it.

Her eyes lifted as she pleaded in a tremble of her voice, “Please Tye … please don’t do this.” But she knew that even as the words spilled from her parted lips that there was no denying the sudden hunger that she felt for him. He had to have had the most beautiful cock she had ever seen and she wanted more than anything to taste him … to feel the length of him in her dripping cunt. It was as if the element of fear that he had instilled in her only added to her hunger. She was both ashamed and shocked. She could feel the wetness between her thighs as she knelt at his feet her fingers brazenly sliding back up his strong thighs as her eyes drifted back down to his hard fuck pole that demanded her attention. Her clit was throbbing and her whole body almost shook with desire but yet, this way … this forcing … God, was she really the slut she had portrayed online??

“Please me.” Cindy heard his words ring in her ear as his fingers tightened in her hair, pulling her closer to his thick cock. Despite herself, a soft mewing sound erupted from her throat as the dark mushroom head glistened with pre-cum. Her tongue couldn’t help but dart out for a taste but Tye took that opportunity and shoved his pulsing member into her hot mouth. She blinked back tears, trying to pull back as he bottomed out but he only yanked her head forward, slamming the head into the back of her throat. Cindy almost gagged over the massive intrusion but before she could react, his hips were beginning to move, slowly fucking her beautiful face, his hand strong in her hair at the back of her head, the other one brushing back the loose strands that obstructed his view of his meat delving into her mouth again and again.

Cindy’s hands splayed over his thighs, at first trying to push away, fighting to breath as his cock invaded her mouth but then as the scent of him … the taste of him took over her senses, they slide to the back of his thighs and up to his firm ass, as if pulling him closer for more. She glanced up to him, riveted to his handsome face and even as he forced her to act out those very things she had typed to him again and again on-screen, she couldn’t help but revel in the powerful control he had over her. She could feel hot nectar beginning to ooze out between what had to be now-swollen lips as he fucked her face in long, smooth strokes. His strong hand pushed her back onto his cock again and again even though, at this point, she would have continued on her own.

Tye’s eyes rolled back into his head as he finally felt the beauty’s lips and hands on him. It was everything that he had imagined and more. Even as his hips bucked forward, pressing his cock into her mouth, he knew he had to have more. With a low growl, he suddenly pulled Cindy off his throbbing cock by the hair and pulled her up, strong hands moving to her body to suddenly toss her forcefully onto the bed.

Momentarily she tries to regain her footing, backing quickly across the bed to the headboard as wide eyes look for a way to escape and as he takes the time to shrug off his pants, she suddenly dashes for the right side of the bed only to feel his strong hand close over her left ankle like a tight vise. Her cries of protest were only answered by a low growl as he pulled her back to the bed before him, the back of his hand suddenly making contact with her face. Cindy was startled, her head crashing to the left against the bed as she whimpered helplessly. “Don’t do that again,” he threatened.

She fought back the blackness that threatened to consume her sight, feeling sick to her stomach at the force of his backhanded contact with her face. She could feel the burning of her right cheek as it began to throb, conscious of his hands roughly shoving her legs apart before they slide beneath her ass to lift her up to him, a low growl released from his throat as he pushes against her legs, causing them to bend and press against her chest as she shook her head, trying to focus on what was happening. Her voice shook as his image wavered before her, “Please, no …”

But Tye’s hips thrust forward, slamming into her depths, moist and ready even as the girl below him moaned her denial. His fingers dug into her shapely as he pulled her hips almost savagely to his. He could see the tears slipping down Cindy’s cheeks as he took what her body willing gave even if her mouth and actions screamed no but there was no denying the way her cunt muscles locked to his plunging shaft, milking him in delicious strokes as he slammed into her again and again. He could start to see her body arch upwards, almost in blatant invitation and he leaned over her, capturing a tightly coiled nipple in his mouth. The sound of her cry of pleasure drove his cock deeper into his moist, twitching depths. His hips began to plunge forward like a driving piston, coating his pulsing rod with her sweet juices. He could hear the sweet sound of his claiming rape upon her body intermingled with her cries of pleasure, the tears slowly disappearing as passion began to overtake the slut beneath him.

This is what he knew her to be … this exquisite beast of passion that was beginning to writhe beneath him. This is what drove him to take her … to wrap his hand in her hair and claim both her mouth and her cunt with his cock. He couldn’t help but smile knowing that she tried to put up this front of not being ready but there was no denying the reaction of her slut body to his raping her, claiming her as that which she had portrayed to him and countless others on the other end of a monitor. Cindy was a slut … a beast to be used for the pleasures of men and today, Tye was claiming that part of her that was his.

Cindy couldn’t control her body’s responses. Even though her mind screamed out that he had no right to claim her in this first meeting, to treat her in this fashion, her body screamed out that this is what she had been hoping for. She wanted to be forced to her knees, to be pushed to be that which burned inside and now that it was happening, her body was on fire, like a white-hot inferno that could not be extinguished except by the constant thrusting of his thick meat sawing in and out of her weeping slit. The harder he pounded into her, the more he claimed her flesh and forced her to his will, the more she wanted him. She could feel her resolve slipping and her hands beginning to pull him closer. She couldn’t stop her body from arching up in invitation for him to slam deeper, harder into her. She wanted him to fuck her into oblivion and she knew that he could tell. It was written on his face … in the smug expression of his lips … in the burning light in his eye and fucked her like she had never been taken before.

Tye could feel the girl beneath him evolving into the slut that he had desired since the first time he had ever met her online. His body was on fire, so close to that explosion of power and overwhelming pleasure and he could feel her climbing upwards with him to that sweet abyss. She seemed to urge him with her actions to take her faster … harder and he willingly complied, pressing deep into her, marking her with his teeth, growling animalistically into her ear. Just as her felt her nails dig into his back, he suddenly pulled out and savagely twisted her beneath him, shoving her face down into the bed as his hands thrust her ass into the air, his strong right hand slamming down onto those lush cheeks. Her cry of pain and surprise only spurred him on as he rammed his throbbing cock back into her dripping cunt, pushing into her cervix with one final explosion. She shuddered helplessly beneath him, clutching at the sheets as a scream of pure rapture echoed through the room. He could feel his balls swell as he pulled out and rammed home once more, thick ropes of pearly cum spewing out into the girl’s collapsing walls, covering her cervix with his hot seed. His fingers pressing into her hips, holding her to him even as her fingers clawed futilely at the bed as her spasms shook her to the core. He groaned into her hair, eyes closing as he jerked spasmodically forward, more cum spewing into her sopping pussy.

Cindy couldn’t stop the tears from falling down her flushed cheeks as Tye collapsed on top of her. It was all so overwhelming … meeting him finally after all these years, the fear that he brought out in her, the raping and now … now, her ultimate submission. She not only was raped but she enjoyed it … enjoyed it more than any sexual encounter she had had before and she found her body beginning to burn and ache again, wanting more. She was ashamed that she wanted him to take her again but she couldn’t stop her body from shifting, her ass from pushing back against his hips as she silently begged him to do it again.

Tye felt the girl beneath him begin to move and he smiled, pulling out of her and rolling to the bed beside her. He roughly turned her and pulled her to him, his blue eyes hard but yet, at the same time, soft. He could see the surprise, the shyness in Cindy’s eyes as she realized how she had yielded to him but yet her body molded to his perfectly, her trembling lips reaching out to graze his neck and he growled softly, pulling her closer. He was rewarded with her fingers beginning a new exploration down his chest, the thudding of her heart apparent as her breasts pushed to him and her right foot began a slow path up his leg. He chuckled softly as his breathed deeply, trying to regain his composure. “Hungry still, slut?”

Cindy couldn’t help but purr deliciously at his suggestion, her own blue eyes glancing up to the man that had just taken her by force but, in turn, captured her heart. “Yes, please,” she whispered against his chest as her lips began to travel the same path where her fingers had chartered.

Tye’s hand curled into her auburn locks, pulling her face close to his as he whispered across her lips, his cerulean blue eyes locking with her sapphire ones, “You made a mess, slut. Clean it up.” And then he guided her head down slowly, noting the twinkle in her eye before her tongue darted out against his chest, trailing a path downwards to his cock that was slowly beginning to harden again. “We’ve just started,” he added with a wry grin.

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