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The Xmas Elf

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It was snowing pretty hard. I had just stoked up the fire when I heard the knock at the door.

Who could that be, I thought.

I was up in the woods, practically in the middle of nowhere. It was just me and my dog Max, and Max was in his doggy bed sleeping the sleep of the dead.

I went to the door, opened it, and stepped back as a stranger fell against me. I steadied him and pulled him completely inside, then barred the door.

I deposited the stranger on the bed and pulled the thick, white, bear coat from his shoulders. It was damp and covered with snow.

I tossed it on the floor and took in my mysterious and unconscious guest.

He was very small and slender; almost what one would call a twink. His hair was golden blond, it was short, and corkscrew curly. He looked all of eighteen, twenty at the most.

He was beautiful, in a feminine type of way.

I found myself in the possession of a full-blown hard on. I tried to disregard my condition and began to remove the young man’s wet clothing. If he remained in them, he would catch hypothermia or even pneumonia. There wasn’t a hospital within miles, and the blizzard had disabled my truck.

Again, I wondered how the young man had made it to my cabin. The snow on the ground outside must be at least several feet deep.

I took off the blond’s dark green sweater and white cotton undershirt and caught my breath as I saw his nipples. They were the most stunning little pink nubs that I had ever seen. My fingers itched to pinch them.

I restrained myself and focused on removing his dark green jeans. They were far too tight. They fit him like a second skin.

After much tugging, the pants came off with a wet sigh and I dropped the soaked material over the shirt, sweater and coat.

To my surprise, he wasn’t wearing any underwear.

He doesn’t need any either, I thought.

His cock lay limply against his thigh. I estimated that it would be at least seven inches erect.

Another thing that surprised me about him was that I could not spot a strand of hair on his smooth, white body other than his head of curls, his arched brows and long lashes.

He was blissfully bare.

Fighting the urge to run my hands over his body, I started taking off his boots. They were of high quality leather, black and ankle length. Inside, they were lined with soft white fur.

He wore no socks.

I rubbed his skin dry with a towel and pulled some extra thick blankets and a quilt over him. I stared at him for a moment, adjusted the bulge in my crotch and went to make some hot cocoa.

The kid would need something hot to warm his insides when he awakened, and I told myself that it wasn’t going to be my cock.


I had laid his clothes out before the fire so that they could get dry. I busied myself finding some clothing and socks of mine that would fit the petite teenager. The best that I could scrounge up was an old gray sweatpants and my favorite black knit sweater.They would both sag on the kid, but they would keep him warm.

I looked over at Max. The golden retriever was still sleeping like a baby. I grinned. Max was old anyway. He needed his rest.

Even my dog knew better than to mess with the cold outside –Max only ventured outside with me when I went to collect firewood. On the return journey, he would always be the first one to the door, eagerly waiting to get out of the cold.

I stirred a pot of beef stew and set it off the fire so that it wouldn’t burn. When I turned around to check on my visitor, I found that he had awakened and was avidly watching me.

His eyes were the clearest blue that I had ever seen, very expressive and full of intelligence.

“Hey, you’re up. You feeling okay?” I asked him

He stared at me for a moment and boldly looked at me from head to toe. I wasn’t embarrassed by his assessment. I’m a good-looking person. I have what some people call rugged features. Couple that with my jet-black hair and Irish heritage and I’m a walking billboard of maleness.

Yeah I have always been confident about my looks, and it isn’t because I’m vain. I could care less about cutting my hair –which had grown past my shoulders, or keeping up with the latest fashions, or hell, even cashing in on a modeling contract that had come my way while I had been in high school. At the time when that had happened, I had been interested in football. The game had been my life –to hell with modeling.

“I’m fine,” my guest finally said in a moderate, youthful sounding voice. He shifted beneath the covers then stretched. The blanket slipped down his chest and revealed his cute nipples. “It’s good to feel warm again.”

I secretly agreed with him. I was getting warm down below.

I mentally scolded myself and desperately looked around the cabin for something to do.

Cocoa, yes, I could get him some.

I handed him a cup of hot chocolate. His small hands seemed fragile wrapped around the large mug.

“My name’s Mitch,” I told him.

“I am Aaron.”

“What are you doing here?”

“I…got lost,” he said and sipped his chocolate. “Mmmm, this is good.”

His childlike cheerfulness brought his mysterious presence to my attention. I was angry that he was here. He could have died in the snow.

“Your parents must be worried about you, a kid your age being out here. You know, just because you hit eighteen and become an adult doesn’t mean that you can take on the whole world, especially Mother Nature.” Then something occurred to me. I snapped my fingers and asked him, “This is one of those dumb fraternity things, isn’t it?”

He smiled at me. “You think that I am eighteen?”

His question bothered me. What game was he playing anyway?

“In mortal years, you’re just a child compared to me,” he said.

What…I was thirty years old! His comment irritated the hell out of me.

“I ought to put you over my knee and spank you, boy.”

He raised a brow in amusement and inquired, “Why don’t you?”

I had only meant to threaten him. I had not expected him to bait me.

He set his cocoa down on the bedside table and pulled back the covers. He rolled on to his stomach, and raised his round little bottom. He looked over his shoulder at me and asked, “Well? Aren’t you going to spank me?”


I wanted to do something more than just spank him. I found myself standing beside the bed. I sat down before I lost my nerve and looked at his butt. The cheeks were parted. I could see his pretty asshole. I tentatively touched the hairless, pink sphincter with the pad of my thumb. The rosette was tiny. It had to be virginal.

“Aren’t you going to open your present?” Aaron asked me and swayed his buttocks.

Boy does he have a mouth, I thought.

My fingers latched on to his white globes. My large hands dwarfed his rear. He was a petite young man. How would he manage taking in my cock?

I cleared my mind of those thoughts and pressed my thumb against the rosette. It gave away like the soft flesh of an overripe peach. His anal ring surrounded the tip of my thumb.

“Play with it a little,” Aaron told me, his head resting on my pillow.

Yes, I thought. I will play with it. This is my Christmas toy.

I eased my thumb into his rectum and wiggled it around. Aaron felt clean and moist. He was a perfect little cherub through and through.

“That feels nice,” he said. “Do you like playing with my bottom?”


“Mmmm…why don’t you see how many of your fingers can fit in there?”

His suggestion damn near made me cum.

He couldn’t be serious.

I’m a large, muscular man with large fingers. Hell, I used to play football. Did he know what he was asking me to do?

“Are you sure?”

“Go on,” he calmly said. “Open it up.”

I removed my thumb and inserted my index finger. Aaron released a long, soft sigh.

I pumped my finger in and out of him for a few minutes, trying to stretch his tiny pucker.

“Ooooo…you’re finger is so big,” he said. “Put in another one.”

“No way. You’re stuffed as it is,” I said.

“Put it in,” he insisted.

I drew back my index finger, lined it up with my middle finger and pried at the minuscule opening. By some miracle, the rosette widened over my fingers and accepted the two thick digits.

Aaron smile at me. A dimple graced his cheek. “You look surprised. Don’t you believe in miracles?”

I didn’t know what to say. I had to be hurting him, but he looked cheerful and completely untroubled by what was happening to him.

I moved my fingers inside of him, forward and back, side to side. There seemed to be more room.

Without his urging, I tried slipping in another finger, the third digit, and eased it in alongside the others.

“Mmmm…” he said. His eyes were clouded with passion.

His hole was snug. I could barely move my fingers.

Some inner demon prompted me to add another. Before I knew what I was doing, all four fingers were inside of Aaron’s expanded pink portal.

“Oh, Mitch…” my name was a whisper on his lips.

I was fueled by his moans of approval. I squeezed my thumb past the taut anal ring and gently shoved my fist within him.

Aaron let out a squeal of delight. His face reddened.

He was so warm inside. I looked down at his rosette. It was enveloped around my wrist. I could feel the pulsing of Aaron’s heartbeat from the tiny veins within his sphincter.

My cock thrummed with desire at what I had done. My entire fist was up the blonde’s adorable little ass.

“Mitch…” Aaron’s voice was strained with pleasure. “Do you want me to stop?” I asked him, worried that I might have misconstrued his enjoyment.

“No,” he answered. “Don’t ruin this for me. Your hand feels so good. It’s right where I want it to be.”

Realization struck me. I was giving his prostate quite a work out. I was afraid to move my hand any further.


“You’re uncomfortable with this,” he noticed.

“It’s kind of strange that you’re not.”

“I am very pliable, Mitch. I can take almost anything.”

“Well if you don’t mind, I’d prefer that you take my cock.”

I carefully removed my hand. Aaron gave a lethargic sigh.

To my astonishment, his rosebud returned to its original state, showing no signs of being over stretched. It looked virginal again.

“Amazing,” I muttered in disbelief.

There was no redness or anything.

“Mitch,” he said. “I want you inside of me.”

Oh god!

I grabbed him by his hips and dragged him down over my cock. He laughed at my impatience. His rosebud parted for me. I slid my cock in slowly, relishing his moist interior. I released a long sigh and watched as my thick; nine and a half inches of cock disappeared into his nether mouth.

“Fuck!” He was deliciously tight. If he were any tighter, his muscles would cut off the blood flow of my dick.

“I can feel the ridges on your cock,” Aaron told me. “They’re nice.”

Damn, he’s frank, I thought. Had he no shame? Nevertheless, I enjoyed his blunt casualness. It made me want his sweet little ass even more.

I finished making my long trek down his narrow passage. His butt was pressed completely against my pelvis. The contrast of my muscular, hard, slightly tanned body against his slender, soft, white skin added to my excitement. I felt as though I had pillaged a village and robbed it of its precious golden haired virgin.

I buried my hand in his natural tight curls and clenched it in my fist. I gave it a tug and he gasped. I moved my hips forward, bunting his ass.

His hands clutched the bed sheets.

“Oooohh…Mitch. I love your cock. I love all of it.”

“Damn it, Aaron,” his talking was making me mad with passion.

“I like the way the tip of it is flared. It scrapes me real good.”


“Oh, yes…I like the way that you do that too.”

“Aaron.” I reached a hand around and covered his mouth. He licked my palm.

I ground my cock into his impertinent ass. He gave a sharp cry and stiffened. My cock had rammed his hot spot.

Grinning like a wolf, I vilely assaulted his pleasure place, making him tense every muscle in his body. He whimpered, his cries smothered by my hand. With my other hand, I searched for his cock and grabbed the little rod. It was the only hard thing on him.

I massaged his silken skin over his blood-engorged shaft. He began moving back and forth again, over my cock, dually letting me fuck and jerk him.

My meat hummed in his bowels. My balls smacked his cheeks.

I alternated my strokes, stabbing into his walls.

His curls bounced with every blow.

My cock was awash with pleasure.

A muted, keening sound came from Aaron. I felt something wet roll on to my hand.

“Aaron?” I removed my hand from his mouth. He looked back at me; his eyes were filled with tears. “What is it baby? What’s wrong?” I asked him.

“Your cock feels incredible,” he said breathlessly. “I’ve never…had a cock go so deep, Mitch. Fuck me, Mitch. Make me scream.” I licked the tear from my hand and concentrated on devastating the prime piece of ass before me. My dick was like a piston driving into his moist cylinder.

“Mitch! Oh, god! Mitch!” he half cried, half shouted.

I could tell that he was ready to come. His inner muscles clamped down on me. I threw my head back and groaned. The pressure in my balls tightened. My movements became more awkward, but I kept stabbing at his gland.

Aaron shuddered and let loose a load of his spicy eggnog into my hand.

His spasmodic ass sucked the cum right out of me. I unloaded my hot spunk into his sheath and gave it several more quick fucks, getting my cum to coat his insides good and proper.

Aaron laid his head on the mattress, panting and blushing prettily from his orgasm. His fingers tweaked one of his pink nipples. I helped him pinch the bud.

My cock was lodged in his behind, basking in the damp sensation of his cum painted man cunt.


I kissed his shoulder.

He seemed to be lost in some euphoric world. He kept muttering my name over and over. I caressed his slender limbs and comforted him while he came down from his passionate high.

“Feel better, baby?” I asked him.

“Mmmm hmm,” he said and smiled at me.

I rubbed his back and gently eased out of him. His insides clung to my cock. He gasped and bit his lip. His ass wanted me to the very end.

My dick finally fell free with an audible pop. His sphincter greedily sealed itself up, trapping my cum inside of him.

I licked his cum from my hand. There was a faint taste of peppermint.

When did I have peppermint? I shrugged the thought off, thinking that my hand must have still had toothpaste or fragments of candy cane that I had stored in my kitchen.

I lay back on to the pillow and Aaron laid down beside me, cuddling into me for warmth.

I played with his golden curls, tucked one behind his ear and froze.

His ear was pointed at the top.

“What the…”

He smiled at me.

I sat up and told him, “You’re an elf.”

“I know,” he laughed.

“You’re not a teenage boy.”

“Right again.”

“How is this possible? Elves aren’t real.”

“Oh, but they are. I am here aren’t I?” he stretched sensuously.

I couldn’t believe it. I had just fucked an elf.

I guess that explains his peppermint flavored cum…

“How did you get here?”

“I walked,” he laughed.

“Won’t any of your friends be looking for you?”

He shook his head. “No. I did something that no elf is supposed to do. I left home,” he said. “I broke one of the rules of our society by coming into the mortal world. I may not be able to return.”

He was in exile. The poor thing.

“That’s okay, you could stay with me,” I said and caressed his thigh. “Mitch will take care of you.”

He slid his foot over my softened cock and huskily said, “I would like that very much, big Mitch.”

I groaned and lifted his foot to my lips. I nibbled on his heel. “You know, you’ve been very naughty,” he wiggled his finger at me, “and Santa doesn’t give presents to naughty boys.”

“I’m a grown man,” I told him. “I don’t need gifts from Santa,” and pulled him towards me. “Fuck Santa.”

“No,” he said, his blue eyes bright with lust, “fuck me.”

I joyfully did as he wanted.

I didn’t get any presents for Christmas, but my naughty little Xmas elf sure made the holiday more bearable with his sweet Christmas ass.

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