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The Menage

Category: Anal Sex
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I couldn’t help myself; when I came, it was the most incredible sensation. I screamed and writhed as he came filling me with his come. All the while that he was coming, he kept pounding me hard with his huge cock. When he finished, his huge cock softened a little. He was so huge that he left me with a gaping hole when he withdrew. He then asked my girlfriend Debbie if she wanted to take a fucking in her ass.

Debbie is a dear friend of mine and the other day we were talking and the topic of a menage came up. I told her that the only problem that I could envision was that my husband loves anal sex. I discovered long ago that I too enjoyed anal sex. I love the feeling of his huge, thick cock sliding powerfully in and out of my tight, silky smooth, well lubricated asshole. Faster and faster he would thrust his cock into my ass dominating me until the final ultimate domination when he would use my ass as a come receptacle when his cock explodes injecting my ass full of semen. Debbie was a little reluctant with regards to having her ass fucked, but when I told her about the exquisite pleasure that I experience when I am being sodomised and the erotic sensation I get when I feel hot come injected deep in my ass, she became curious and agreed to surrender her anal virginity.

…My asshole was well lubricated in anticipation of being ass fucked. I have a virgin asshole, but from talking to Becky about anal sex, I became curious and I was craving a good ass fucking. I was a bit apprehensive after seeing the huge cock, no – correction fucking huge cock, that I was going to take up my ass, but since Becky could take his cock, I was certain that I could and I wasn’t about to back out now. I was on my elbows and knees with my ass thrust in the air to give him good access to my ass. I soon felt his huge cock head at my back door. With slow gentle jabs, he slowly stretched my asshole. He was slowly pushing his cock against my asshole, stretching me to the max, but he still wasn’t in me.

“Oh my god, Becky” I gasped. “He’s too fucking big! I can’t take it.”

“Hang on baby,” she cooed. “He’s almost there.”

His cock head suddenly popped in causing me to cry out. He rested for a few moments to allow me to adjust. Holy fuck was he big; bigger than big – he felt fucking huge in my ass and this was just his cock head; I didn’t have any of the shaft yet. He then, very slowly, began to stroke me gently with little jabs and ever so slowly his cock penetrated me. Deeper and deeper it went into my asshole until I was certain that I had almost all of it.

“Is he almost there”, I gasped.

Becky cradled my head and whispered.

“He’s half way in. Hold on you can take it.”

“It’s so fucking big”, I gasped.

“I know lover, but hang in there. You’re gonna love it.”

“After he butt fucks me, I want to watch him do you in the ass again.”

“Okay baby, you can watch him sodomise me.”

My asshole slowly relaxed and loosened up and I was able to get more of that huge cock in me. I felt so dominated by the huge cock as I lay there. I eventually got the entire cock in me – or so I thought. He started to give me longer strokes and before long he had that massive piston pumping all the way in and all the way out. My cunt was dripping wet and as I reached down to rub my clit, Becky gently removed my hand and started to stroke me. I had been grunting and groaning from the huge, dominating cock up my asshole; when Becky began to rub my clit I started to cry out. When I was close to coming, Becky stopped stroking my clit and grabbed my tight, round ass. She pulled my ass cheeks apart and the cock surged up my asshole deeper that ever. He had been fucking my ass with only half of his huge cock and now I was being fucked with the entire cock – it felt like I was taking a horse cock up my ass. I was screaming now and I wasn’t even coming yet. I then felt a hand start to vigorously rub my clit which caused my body to writhe uncontrollably. I was so close to coming, but I was acutely aware of the firmness of the cock packing my ass, how long, how thick and especially how hard he was banging me. I was pumping my ass and squeezing my asshole to the rhythm of the giant horse cock that was sodomising me. When I came, the intensity was blinding. My body went rigid and I lost all control of my muscles. My cunt and asshole were pulsating powerfully as he buried his cock up my ass to the hilt and began to wiggle it in circles as he rubbed my clit. I finally collapsed in a heap moaning and quivering too weak to move. As I lay there, he kept humping my ass – albeit more slowly, but with full strokes.

“Please stop,” I pleaded. “I can’t take any more. You’re way too big.”

He ignored me and kept pumping me. I moved slightly to allow him easier access to my ass and tightened my asshole around his huge cock. I kept clenching my asshole around his cock on the outward strokes. Most men would have lost all control long ago in such a tight orifice, but he had stamina. I couldn’t take much more – he was just too fucking big. I grit my teeth and humped my ass to his ever increasing rhythm. Becky held me and offered encouragement.

“Hang on baby,” she cooed. “He’s almost there.”

“He’s too fucking big,” I gasped. “I can’t do it. I can’t bring him.”

I lay flat on my stomach as this stud rode me; over and over again his massive cock was pulled all the way back and then thrust forward until it was buried deep in my ass and reaming my asshole. All I could do was to lie there and take it. I pleaded with him to stop, but instead he reached down to rub my clit. Very soon I was again screaming in ecstasy. The come surged through my body like the cock was surging into my asshole. I was amazed at the force of the injection. Over and over he spurt into me. He took his cock out briefly and directed a jet right on my asshole. He then impaled me again right to the hilt and lay still. His huge cock was pumping come deep into my asshole – I couldn’t believe how much come I was getting. I began to violently milk his cock with my asshole to get more come. His come soothed my burning asshole and when he finished coming, I wanted to keep his cock up my asshole. He softened, but he was still massive and hard.

“He’s soft,” I lied. “Let me get him hard for you.”

With all of that come up my ass, my asshole was very slippery – especially when it mixed with the anal lube. He laid on top of me, resting, as I massaged his cock with my asshole. He was so deep in me and slowly, I could feel him getting fatter and harder. I began to hump my ass in circles to further stimulate him. Finally when he was full bore, lead pipe hard, I raised my ass up until I was on my knees. I looked over at Becky and told her that it was her turn to be sodomised. When the fat cock was removed, I felt a cold breeze waft over my enlarged asshole causing a shiver to run up my spine.

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