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It was hot, hot and sweaty, far too hot for housework and in fact just the sort of day to take advantage of Adam’s new six foot tall privacy fencing and do a spot of nude sunbathing on the lawn. Nikki needed to top up her tan anyway for when they went on holiday next month, so it wasn’t as if she’d be wasting the day.

At least, that’s how she justified things to herself when she collected together her blanket, book and sun cream before installing herself on the close cropped grass of her back garden.

Nikki was slightly above average tall, solidly built, black haired and brown eyed, with skin that tanned easily and naturally, her colouring a legacy of distant Turkish ancestry. With her colouring came a tendency to hairiness, her pubes a thick black wiry thatch that extended higher up her belly than most did, as well as scattering dark hairs at the top of her thighs and around her anus. Before she went on holiday in a bikini, she reminded herself, she would need to bring that aspect of her appearance back under control with a good waxing. But today there was neither bikini nor anyone to see her, so it didn’t matter.

The sun held no terrors for her, but she still took the sensible precaution of coating herself liberally with high factor sun protection. She was far from mole free and skin cancer was one of her acknowledged horrors. Anyway, the feel of her own hands running over herself as she massaged the cream into her skin was always unexpectedly sensual, almost erotic, and had more than once led to a much more determined pleasuring. The feel of slippery hands, even her own, massaging her full breasts with their rubbery nipples made her eyes close with pleasure. Today though, she just wanted to relax and read while the sun did its work and she resisted the ever present temptation.

She preferred sunbathing nude, the sense of freedom along with that vague feeling of naughtiness appealed to her adventurous side. She loved too, the way an errant breeze could make her dark nipples respond and raise little goose bumps that were then soothed away by the warmth of the sun. What better way to spend a hot afternoon – just so long as she remembered to turn over from time to time and not cook either her front or her back. She didn’t burn easily, but she could still get painful sunburn if she really overdid things.

She was soon deep into her book, a novel portraying the German occupation of France, identifying herself with the resistance heroine, feeling as if she too was fighting to free her homeland, with even the warm sun on her bare bottom turned into the heat of fires from a burning German fuel dump and the sounds of traffic on the nearby road converted into the clatter of tank tracks as a baffled enemy tried ineffectively to seek out his tormenter. So lost was she that the click of the gate brought momentary terror as thoughts of leather coated Gestapo officers come to haul her off for interrogation ran through her mind. In a blind panic she jerked around, covering herself desperately and ineffectually with her hands and looking uncomprehendingly at the suburban garden that had somehow replaced the vineyard.

“Well, I don’t usually frighten people like that when I visit them.”

The words of English and the amused tone of voice brought Nikki back to the present day and she gazed at her Aunt Bridget with sudden recognition.

“I’m sorry, Auntie Bridget.” She gasped out, still trying to get her head on straight. “I was absolutely miles away. I thought for moment that you were the Gestapo.”

Her aunt raised puzzled eyebrows. “I won’t ask why, but if they do ever call I just hope that you don’t greet them dressed like that.” She looked pointedly at Nikki’s nakedness. Aunt Bridget was not known for her liberal attitudes.

Nikki glanced down to where her hands still only half covered her ‘naughty bits’ and blushed. She offered the book in explanation, baring her breasts just long enough to hold the book up but still cupping her pubes in embarrassment.

“I don’t know why you’re bothering, girl.” Her aunt’s voice carried that same amused quality as before. “I’ve probably seen more of you than you have. You forget that I used to change you and bath you as a child.”

“But I’m twenty-three now, so I’m not a child anymore, Auntie.” Nikki told her hotly, putting her hand back across her front.

“No, that you’re certainly not. But you shouldn’t be ashamed of yourself either; you’ve developed a good figure, be proud of it.”

“True, and I am.” Nikki conceded, removing her hands but still keeping her legs firmly pressed together. She was still not comfortable about being naked, feeling a little like a young girl caught being naughty by an adult.

Bridget looked at the wine. “I tell you what, why don’t I go get second bottle and another glass and then we can relax together, yes?

Nikki knew instinctively that her aunt was diplomatically giving her a chance to dress discreetly, but contrarily she decided to remain nude. It was after all, she told herself, her garden to dress in how she pleased; guests should accept her habits and not the other way around.

When Bridget returned she found Nikki laying on her back, defiantly relaxed, one hand by her side and the other shading her eyes so that she could study her aunt’s expression as she approached.

“Good.” Bridget said with a note of satisfaction. “Now you won’t mind if I do the same, will you?

The question was rhetorical, but Nikki would have been too surprised to answer even if any such was expected. She lay opened mouthed as her aunt began to unfasten her front buttoned dress. Nikki had always considered Bridget to be a more than a little old fashioned, certainly more conservative than her forty-eight years would imply, and yet here she was stripping before her niece, apparently with a complete lack of concern.

Nikki watched, fascinated, as Bridget let the dress fall from her shoulders to reveal a quarter cup bra and hi-cut panties. Judging by those undies she had obviously misjudged her aunt, and badly. Bridget reached around her back and unclipped her bra, shrugging to allow it to join her dress pooled around her feet. Her breasts were full and round, higher than a woman of her age had any right to expect and tipped with long, pale pink nipples, each set in a large pale aureole that emphasized their candy colouring. She hooked her thumbs into her waistband and pushed her panties down, leaning sideways and stepping each foot out in turn, leaving Nikki embarrassingly captivated by the delicate puff of blonde hair that covered her aunt’s pubes. She couldn’t help but stare.

Bridget was not a ‘proper auntie’, or any blood relation, she had married Nikki’s father’s childhood best friend and became an ‘auntie’ by adoption. That was why she did not carry the family’s trademark almost black hair and dark complexion. She was in fact a genuine platinum blonde with fair skin and blonde eyebrows and lashes. A marked and beautiful contrast to her olive skinned ‘niece’.

“Well?” Bridget asked. “Will I do?”

Nikki pulled herself back into the real world.

“Sorry, what did you say?”

“I asked you if I would do. You were giving me such an intense once over as if you’d never seen a naked woman before.”

Nikki blushed as she gazed up at this tall, well built blonde Amazon who now stood before her, still wondering how her frumpy aunt had managed to hide that sexy body all these years.

“I’m sorry Auntie Bridget.” She said eventually. “I guess I just hadn’t expected you to take your clothes off.”

The explanation was close enough to the truth to suffice.

Bridget smiled enigmatically before she lowered herself onto the blanket next to her niece and lay back with a contented sigh.

“It all goes to show that you never can tell, doesn’t it.”

Nikki looked across quizzically.

“Let’s just say my husband likes me to hide my light under the proverbial bushel.”

Nikki still didn’t quite understand and her face said so.

“What belongs to Ralph belongs to Ralph; especially when it comes to his wife and he believes that nobody else should even get a hint. That’s why I have to behave a little more reserved than I might actually feel.”

Bridget cocked her head to one side, silently asking if Nikki understood. She did.

“Oh, I didn’t realize.”

What else could she say?

“Never mind. How about pouring a drop of that wine?” Bridget asked, changing the subject.

Nikki did as she was asked, finishing the original bottle between them as she thought about this mature but clearly sexual woman who lay beside her. Her curiosity had been fired and she was dying to ask if her aunt and uncle were as reserved in private, but even after the wine she had already consumed that was a step too far. She passed the wine to her aunt without speaking, knowing full well that any attempt at small talk would almost certainly come out badly.

“Thank you.” Bridget took the glass. “Have I surprised you?”

“You have a bit.” Nikki acknowledged. “You get an image in your head about someone and it’s difficult to accept when it’s wrong.”

She paused for a moment, considering what she wanted to say.

“But somehow I always felt I had more in common with you than my mother, so maybe I suspected something.” She shrugged as if to say that she wasn’t sure, conscious of her breasts bouncing a little as she did so.

“Well, thank you for that.” Bridget smiled. “I’m afraid I burn easier than you, so do you think I could borrow a of your little suntan oil?”

“Borrow? You mean I get it back later?” Nikki teased her aunt, feeling suddenly at ease with someone not as stuffy as she imagined.

“Ok, I mean will you give me a little of your suntan oil? – please.” Bridget added the exaggerated ‘please’ to forestall another tease, or so she thought.

“But I don’t have any.” Nikki told her, deadpan.

“What’s that, there, in that tube?” Bridget pointed.

“That’s not suntan oil.” Nikki told her aunt in mock seriousness, then smilingly relented when she saw the confusion of Bridget’s face. “It’s sun cream. But you’re welcome to that if you want some.”

Bridget took a playful swipe at her niece, missing deliberately before taking the proffered tube.

“I should have known.” She said ruefully.

Nikki propped herself on her elbows to watch Bridget apply the cream, pausing occasionally to sip her wine. For some reason the sight was fascinating to her and she felt unable to look away, though her aunt didn’t seem to mind, or even notice.

Sitting cross legged on the blanket Bridget squeezed a little cream into the palm of one hand and began to rub it along the length of the opposite arm, spreading and massaging the cool liquid into herself with long strokes of her gracefully slim hands and working from her upper arms down to her hands. Her arms done, Bridget worked on her face, using long elegant fingers to give protection across her forehead, down her nose and cheeks, finishing under her chin. Nikki watched intently, still not sure what the attraction was, but unable to look away. Eventually Bridget caught her gaze.

“What is it?” She asked.

“Sorry, I’m staring aren’t I?”

“Don’t worry; I like to think I’m still worth a look, even heading for fifty.”

As she was speaking Bridget had pooled more cream into her palms and had begun on her shoulders and upper chest, her movements making her breasts sway seductively.

“Auntie Bridget.” Nikki told her seriously. “If I look half as good as you when I get to your age, I’ll be very pleased with myself.”

Bridget smiled and then gave her niece an undisguised appraisal.

“Seems to me that you’ve already made a good start.”

Bridget began now to apply cream to her breasts, massaging them and squeezing them with undisguised pleasure, lifting each with one hand to reach beneath with the other before holding each and letting her grip slip off over her nipples, nipples that seemed to grow in length before Nikki’s eyes. Her niece watched, the thought growing in her that maybe her aunt might be coming a little bit aroused, perhaps from what she was doing, but also possibly from the fact that she had an audience. She felt her own nipples respond in answer and felt confused from this unexpected reaction, covering up by draining her glass and turning to the unopened bottle.

“Refill, Auntie Bridget?” She asked, screwing the opener into the cork and trying hard not to see any sexual connotations in the action.

“Thank you, Nikki.”

Bridget was now working on her abdomen, her hands sliding back and forth and making her breasts sway once more. Her aunt’s stomach, Nikki noticed, was not washboard flat, but was slightly and very pleasingly rounded, just enough to give it a soft, feminine appearance and to allow her fingers to briefly make little furrows in the flesh as they passed. Nikki felt a warm flush race across her face as she watched.

This is silly, she told herself, wondering why seeing her middle-aged aunt coat herself with sun oil – no, sun cream, she corrected herself angrily, – should interest her so much. Perhaps she was seeing, in her aunt’s reactions, the same responses that sometimes triggered her own arousal when she put on sun protection. But whatever the reason, there was a vague fluttering in her belly and an indistinct knowledge of dampness in her pussy.

Bridget moved on to her legs, raising first one and then the other, bending them at the knee to let her reach her feet and ankles, but in doing so giving Nikki a glimpse of her pussy. It was a neat pussy, Nikki noticed, the rather puffy outer lips neatly enclosing everything else and just allowing her a glimpse of the pale pink flesh they enfolded, beautifully in tune with the fluff of blonde hair that surrounded it. How unlike her own dark crimson slash that was surrounded by a veritable jungle of wiry black hair, with batwing lips and a long sensitive clitoris that always seemed to be peeking out from under its hood. She realised with a sudden adrenalin jolt that she liked her aunt’s pussy.

Her aunt was doing her thighs – long shapely thighs, strong thighs, muscular but still feminine thighs; the kind that every man would love to get wrapped around him. Stop it, Nikki told herself, stop thinking such things and stop staring at your own aunt. She’s a woman and almost part of the family as well for God’s sake. But Nikki’s heart was still beating faster than it should and her pussy was still feeling moist, and she knew it.

Another squirt of cream into her palm and then Bridget reached between her legs. Nikki’s heart missed a beat, whatever was her aunt doing, didn’t she know how good it looked to see her massaging her own pussy, even if it was just to coat it with sun cream? Bridget looked at Nikki and that vaguely amused look returned to her face.

“Don’t you do that bit?” She asked her niece.

“Sorry Auntie Bridget. I’m staring again aren’t I?” Nikki managed to summon up a neutral but friendly smile of her own and forced her words to sound natural through dry lips.

Bridget finished massaging herself and fiddled in her bag for a tissue to wipe her hands on.

“You can get sunburn on those parts too, you know.” Bridget chuckled at a painful memory. “And believe me; if you do you’ll walk like a duck for a week or so.”

“Will you do my back please, dear?” Bridget rolled onto her front, her request catching Nikki by surprise.

“Yes – yes of course.” Nikki reached for the tube, startled by a sudden jolt of happy anticipation.

Bridget lay flat on her stomach with her legs splayed slightly, rested her cheek on folded hands and closed her eyes, totally relaxed. Nikki looked at her comfortable, unpretentious pose and wished that she could be as confident of her body image as her aunt. Perhaps it would come with age, but she knew that right now she would be very self conscious if she had to lie naked under another woman’s hands. She shrugged mentally and squeezed cream into her hand, then sitting beside her aunt and leaning over she dribbled the lotion onto the skin. In a strange way she was looking forward to her task.

Her aunt’s skin was sort of like her own, but not quite. It was just as soft and smooth, just as feminine, but somehow because it belonged to someone else it felt nicer, the contact more exciting, maybe even a little taboo, though it should have had no more overtones than applying makeup for someone.

From her position sitting to Bridget’s right and supporting herself on her left arm to use her right hand it was easy for her to work from the top of her aunt’s back and go downwards, starting across Bridget’s shoulders and then down her spine and spreading outwards to cover her entire back, applying the cream with her the flat of her fingers and then smoothing it into her aunt’s skin with the palm of her hand, the intimate contact making her tingle with illicit pleasure.

Having eventually finished her back, and having taken as long over it as she dare, Nikki shuffled down the blanket to start on her aunt’s legs. There she started behind each knee and covered the calves and ankles, massaging the cream into the smooth flesh firmly but gently, trying to put off the moment when she would be touching the back of her aunt’s thighs. It wasn’t because Nikki didn’t want to run her hands up and down Bridget’s thighs, but because she did.

Nikki had always considered thighs as a rather personal bit of anatomy; parts that are kept covered for the most part, and rarely touched by anyone except a lover. She was also still a little intimidated by her aunt, someone she had grown up to respect and look up to, and now here she was about to massage cream into the backs of those forbidden thighs. She was a little bit scared, and she understood that, but her heart was beating faster then pure nerves would account for, and that worried her. The fact that her nipples were like little peas and her pussy was melting also worried her; she just couldn’t understand why it should be.

Aunt Bridget’s thighs felt as firm and smooth as they looked. Nikki’s hand ran along the back of each in turn, starting once more at the knee but this time running north, taking care not to stray too far along the inside, especially as she got near the top. She enjoyed doing it, but she was very conscious of the intimacy it generated and she felt oddly relieved and disappointed in equal measure when she could legitimately extend the task no longer.

“I see.” Bridget looked over her shoulder at Nikki who was putting the top back on the tube. “So you think my backside is immune to sunburn then, eh?”

Nikki’s face flamed in embarrassment. Somehow she had totally missed her aunt’s bottom. It had just never occurred to her that she would be required to touch that part of her aunt’s body and now she felt confused and self-conscious about it. Her hands literally shook with awkwardness as she silently unscrewed the cap once more.

This was the first time ever that Nikki had touched a woman’s bottom, not counting her own, and she was surprised and pleased at how soft and curvy it really was. Each cheek seemed like a firmly full pillow as her hand slid over, inviting her to knead and massage it more than was strictly necessary. She couldn’t help it, she just had to fondle and squeeze her aunt’s buttocks as she applied the cream. She knew full well what she was doing, and felt almost ashamed to be taking pleasure from her chore, but Aunt Bridget’s flesh felt so nice that she couldn’t stop herself.

She wondered if she was becoming turned on, sexually aroused by touching her aunt, and she felt mortified inside from the possibility, but it felt so good. She massaged the soft flesh some more, her thumb slipping easily into the cleft between the two pillows, helped by the fact that her aunt had opened her legs just a little further. It was not enough to be obviously deliberate, but enough to make Nikki wonder.

Squeezing once again as her thumb dipped in between her aunt’s cheeks caused them to open briefly, exposing her rosebud, pale and crinkled, to Nikki’s view. Nikki held her breath, waiting for Bridget to complain, but no complaint came and she did it again, deliberately and a little harder. This time not only was her aunt’s anus in view but the action momentarily separated the lips of her pussy, showing Nikki the shiny pink interior.

Nikki instinctively snatched her hand away, feeling sudden shame in knowing that she had intentionally tried to take advantage and peek at her aunt, her middle-aged respectable aunt. Nikki was thoroughly startled and even a little alarmed by her own actions. She had managed to cover her hand’s hasty removal by pretending grab at a non-existent insect on her own stomach, but she didn’t have the courage to touch her aunt again.

“There you go Aunty Bridget. You can fry in safety now.”

To her own ears her voice sounded tense and squeaky, but Aunt Bridget didn’t seem to notice and that was all that mattered.

“Thank you, dear. Lie down and I’ll do you, because I’m sure you didn’t do your own back properly. And it’s time you had a replenishment anyhow.”

‘Replenishment’. Nikki giggled to herself at the odd use of the word as she laid herself flat on her stomach, the idea of refusing her aunt’s request never entering her mind, not that she would have wanted to in reality. She lay on her stomach because the turmoil in her mind wouldn’t let her do otherwise, both wanting and dreading the feel of her aunt’s hands on her back.

Bridget didn’t kneel to one side as Nikki had done; to her profound surprise her aunt straddled her back, obviously intending to use both hands to apply the cream. She was, she realised with sudden excitement, in the nude and between the legs of another naked woman. This very fact made Nikki’s heart speed up, as she became conscious that Bridget’s exposed pussy was suspended just above her naked back. The stray notion came that if her aunt became turned on, then a wayward spot of pussy juice might land on her unprotected skin. It was, she knew, a silly idea, but Nikki closed her eyes and breathed in deeply, savouring the unexpected thought and feeling her pussy go from moist to wet.

The sun was warm on her back but she still shivered a little with delicious expectation as she heard her aunt squeeze sun cream onto her hand. It was cool against her skin, cool and slippery, letting her aunt’s fingers slide over her back with an almost sensual quality until it was massaged in and it was the warm skin of the Bridget’s hands that she could feel against her flesh. She closed her eyes and relaxed, surrendering to her aunt’s ministrations.

When her upper back was finally finished, and Nikki was sure that the cream had long since disappeared into her skin, her aunt wriggled a little further down to straddle Nikki’s thighs and give her self access to her lower back and waist. As this happened Nikki felt sure, gloriously sure, that she had felt, just momentarily, the merest touch of pubic hair against the swell of her bottom as her aunt moved position. She wanted to ask her aunt to go back and do it again, to let her know for certain, and if so to let her feel that intimate and erotic moment over and over again. But, of course she couldn’t, and so she just lay there and wondered with dry mouth and beating heart.

“Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten your bottom. I’ll come back to that.”

Nikki heard her aunt chuckle as she finished her back and climbed to her feet, gently reminding her niece of her omission. Bridget moved to stand behind Nikki, just behind her bare feet, and then knelt, nearly kneeling on top of Nikki’s ankles until she instinctively moved them, parting her lower legs to let her aunt kneel between them.

‘My God’, Nikki whispered to herself in instant alarm, ‘she can see everything I’ve got’. But she made no attempt to move or hide herself and she quickly realised that she didn’t mind, in fact she liked the idea, almost wishing that her legs were wider apart so that she might be properly on view.

Aunt Bridget’s hands followed the same route that Nikki had taken, starting at the knee and working down, and then moving around to kneel to the side, starting again at the knee and working up. Now Nikki had the opportunity to close her legs, but even though she felt genuinely embarrassed that her aunt might easily get at least a partial view of her pussy, she found she wanted the embarrassment, that one fed upon the other so that the more embarrassed she became the bigger thrill it gave her.

Of course, the feelings intensified as Bridget’s fingers made their way steadily higher up Nikki’s thighs, especially as they worked up the inside of her legs. Nikki almost held her breath, hoping with half her being that her aunt’s fingers would reach the very top of her thighs and touch her sex, and praying with the other half that she be spared such an unthinkable thrill. How should she react, she wondered, still half hoping and then feeling both relieved and frustrated when Bridget’s fingers veered away as they reached the top.

True to her word, having finished with her legs Bridget did not ignore Nikki’s bottom. Using just one hand and propping herself on the other, she leaned over to squeeze and massage Nikki’s cheeks, pulling first one and then the other to one side as she applied the cream and making Nikki squirm with both shame at her hairy bottom and pleasure at what was happening. Behind Nikki’s back Bridget smiled at the sound of her niece’s breathing as her fingers dipped into her crack and skated across her anus, nearly, but not quite, touching her pussy.

“Roll over.”

Bridget didn’t ask if Nikki wanted her front doing, nor was there anything of a request about the words. It was simply an instruction that Nikki immediately and instinctively obeyed, turning over to lie on her back and await her aunt’s attentions with her hands by her sides and her eyes closed in anticipation.

Again Bridget began at the top, smoothing the cream onto Nikki’s forehead and nose and working it in with the ball of her thumb before the same thing to her cheeks and chin. Then she moved on to her niece’s neck, shoulders and arms gently massaging the flesh and making Nikki smile with contentment.

Then she felt a cool dribble of cream on her breasts and contentment turned to illicit anticipation. She had no idea why, but the idea of someone, another woman, touching and massaging her breasts was so appealing that she again shivered slightly at the thought.

Bridget did each breast in turn, her fingers and palm sliding over the skin in a beautifully sensual way, more firmly, Nikki felt sure, than was actually necessary. Not that Nikki minded, the feel of her aunts fingers fondling and kneading her breasts was enjoyable in a way that she hadn’t expected. It was similar to the way Adam touched her, though maybe a little more sensual, but what made it different, erotic even, was the thought that it shouldn’t be pleasurable at all. Her heart began beating like a trip hammer as she tried not to respond and even though her hands were still lying by her side, they were now curled into fists as she tried to keep her feelings concealed.

Eventually Bridget’s fingers slid either side of one of Nikki’s hardened nipples and caught it within the fork, closing coincidentally at the same time to trap the nubbin and pull on it until it finally slipped free and snapped back into place. There was no way Nikki could help it, she gasped at the sudden tug and then groaned with pleasure at the sensation it generated, immediately blushing at her own reaction.

But Bridget seemed not to notice, her attentions were now moved to Nikki’s abdomen and Nikki relaxed once more as a soft hand smoothed cream into the skin of her tummy. Only when her aunt approached close to the edge of her pubes did she wonder, just wonder and then only for a moment, how far the hand was likely to stray, but she quickly shook the thought from her head as her aunt fingers moved away again. ‘You’re being silly, so get your mind out of the gutter before you make yourself look an idiot’ she told herself firmly. Even so, as she was forced to admit that Bridget’s gentle hand on her stomach was pleasant, in fact more than pleasant.

When Bridget moved to put cream on Nikki’s legs she did what Nikki thought of as a rather strange thing. She walked around to her feet, nudged them apart and knelt between her legs. Nikki did as she was mutely instructed, parting her knees perhaps a little more than was needed, too astonished, she told herself later, to do anything else. But Bridget hadn’t finished with surprises yet. Taking hold of one of Nikki’s ankles, she lifted the foot until it rested against her shoulder, flexing the knee and putting Nikki’s pussy on full display. Instinctively Nikki’s hands flew to cover her pubes, her shocked face staring up at her aunt.

Bridget smiled broadly as she applied cream in long flowing strokes, as if she was a harpist playing Nikki’s leg.

“You needn’t hide yourself, dear.” She told her embarrassed niece. “I know what a pussy looks like, and in fact I was looking at yours only a few minutes ago, wasn’t I?”

Nikki acknowledged the truth of that to herself and very self-consciously removed her hands, letting Bridget’s eyes once more roam over her.

“I know, Auntie Bridget. I’m just a bit shy, that’s all.”

In truth Nikki was feeling very confused, unable to reconcile the thudding of her heart and the dampness of her palms with her natural inhibitions, and at the same time both excited and mortified at the thought that Bridget might detect the tell-tale wetness of her pussy.

Bridget leaned forward to massage Nikki’s upper thigh, in doing so bending her leg right back until her niece was sure that every little bit of her was in full view.

“Besides.” Bridget told Nikki, embarrassing her niece once more. “You’ve got a nice pussy. It’s really womanly, like a beautiful flower opening for the bee, and I love the way your lips spread to show your clit.” She smiled down at her niece and then continued. “You’re colouring’s nicer too, a lovely bright contrast. So much more attractive than my anaemic looking closed shop.”

Even Adam had never spoken in quite such detail and Nikki was scarlet.

“Th- th- thank you, Auntie Bridget.” She stammered eventually, unsure if she should be feeling the pride that her aunt’s remarks had provoked.

One leg finished Bridget put it down a little further out to the side and then shuffled slightly the opposite way to pick up the other foot.

“I always felt that women got the best deal when it comes to our ‘bits’, don’t you?” She went on, staring directly at Nikki’s exposed pussy. “I mean, ours is so much nicer, tucked away inside instead of dangling in our trousers, don’t you think?”

Nikki wasn’t sure if the question was rhetorical, but she answered anyway.

“I suppose so, Auntie Bridget.”

She was suddenly very conscious of the fact that somehow her legs had become spread much wider, nearly as far as a lover would want. But she had reached the point where it didn’t matter and where she even welcomed her aunt’s gaze so long as her state of arousal went unnoticed.

Her aunt was speaking again. “I mean, you can tell when a man is turned on by the lump in his pants, but we’re much more discreet, aren’t we dear?”

‘Oh my, she can tell.’ was Nikki’s instant reaction, but she surprised herself by not covering up and when Bridget’s remarks moved away from the subject she relaxed again, happy to have her aunt’s hands on her skin and her eyes on her pussy.

“Besides that, don’t you think the female body is inherently more attractive, with its soft curves and smooth hills and valleys?”

Nikki answered automatically. “I suppose so, Auntie Bridget.”

Aunt Bridget was pushing Nikki’s second leg back to reach her thigh.

“It’s alright saying ‘I suppose so’, but do you agree?”

Bridget’s fingers were just grazing past Nikki’s pubes at the top of her leg.

“Sorry! What did you say, Auntie Bridget.”

Nikki stopped holding her breath and turned her attention back to her aunt’s remarks.

“I said, don’t you think women’s bodies are so much nicer than men’s?”

As she repeated her question Bridget finished with Nikki’s leg and placed it back on the blanket, leaving her with her thighs spread wide apart as she knelt between them.

“Yes, Auntie, I agree, much nicer.”

Nikki was paying much more attention to disguising her own shallow breathing and quietening her banging chest than to her aunt’s words.

“Just covering you with sun cream reminded me how much softer a woman is to touch, so much sexier.”

“Why thank you, Auntie Bridget.”

The undertones of Bridget’s remarks had completely passed Nikki by. She was still too occupied in displaying her body to listen to what was being said. She was enjoying her aunt’s open scrutiny and its effects, so much so that she was acutely disappointed when Bridget got up to go and lie beside her, propping herself on one elbow to look Nikki in the face.

“I enjoyed touching your body, Nikki. Did you like it too?” Bridget spoke softly and throatily, her voice catching with pent up emotion.

Nikki whispered her answer, the implications slowly dawning on her. “Yes, Auntie Bridget, I did.”

“I liked it very much.”

She added this last bit after a long pause during which the two women had searched each others eyes, and come to the same conclusion.

“Good.” Bridget smiled conspiratorially. “Then lie still, because I’ve got just one more bit to finish.”

Nikki instinctively knew which ‘bit’ Bridget meant, but she didn’t mind, and she wasn’t really surprised she saw that Bridget didn’t bother to put sun cream on her hand before sliding it between her niece’s legs. Even so, to be touched by her aunt in an openly sexual way came as quite a shock. It went against everything her upbringing had instilled into her. It wasn’t just that her aunt was a woman, or that she was a generation older than herself, or even that she was ‘family’ in the wider sense. No, what came as the biggest shock to Nikki was that she welcomed the touch, wanted it even.

Bridget initially placed the palm of her hand gently over the mound of Nikki’s pussy, making no attempt to enter or even to play, but quietly resting there awaiting Nikki’s reaction. She was giving herself an ‘out’ if Nikki suddenly objected by leaving the door open for the action to be just that of spreading sun cream, although she knew that neither one would really believe that. But there was no reaction except for a very quiet ‘ooh’ from between Nikki’s lips and she smiled with contentment.

Nikki was glad that her aunt’s hand had simply been laid softly over her pussy, for it gave her the chance to get used to the feel and to accept it before any blatantly sexual act put her automatically on guard. So when Bridget began to mould and massage her pussy she was able to simply lie back and enjoy the sensations, ignoring who was doing it and simply getting pleasure from what was being done.

For a short while all that Nikki felt was Bridget’s hand laid flat against her, but then it began making sinuous gripping and squeezing movements to her mound, the gentle, very sensual, non-invasive motions making her gasp softly with happiness. She wanted Bridget to go further, but as yet she didn’t have the confidence to admit her enjoyment and even though she was very aware of her aunt’s finger tip resting just above the slippery entrance to her vagina she didn’t have the nerve to give the little jerk of her hips that might well be enough to make it enter her. Instead she lay there, trying hard to lie still and willing that fingertip to invade her. Surely she would feel it pushed inside her soon?

But it didn’t happen, to Nikki’s frustration Bridget began to stroke the outside of her pussy, running her fingertips up the inside of her outer lips and trailing them back down through the unruly nest of pubic hair. It wasn’t penetration, but it felt nearly as good and within only a few minutes Nikki was rolling her head slowly from side to side from the intense sensation and emitting little groans and whimpers.

She kept her eyes tight shut, unable to look Bridget in the eye and admit her delight and passively submitting to her aunt’s touch. Nikki had never been touched by a woman before, had never even thought about it, and she easily convinced herself that it must be her inexperience and lack of knowledge that was making her feel so passive, so willing to let her aunt lead. She decided it didn’t really matter and pushed the thought from her head to allow the fabulous feeling of fingers running up and down her pussy take over.

Soon Nikki ventured to open her eyes and look at her aunt, but she was looking the other way, watching where her hand was placed over Nikki’s mound and stroking it gently. For a moment or two Nikki looked at the side of her aunt’s face, seeing her intent on what she was doing, but then she moved her eyes to gaze along the length of her own body to where Bridget’s hand was working between her legs. Then both women intuitively looked towards each other at the same moment, their eyes meeting and a smile of agreement and pleasure passed between them. Intent and consent were both expressed in that one glance and Nikki opened her legs as wide as she could for her aunt.

As soon as she spread her legs Nikki knew that her aunt would begin playing with her with greater purpose, and she wasn’t disappointed. Bridget’s fingers now moved into her cleft, stroking between her labia, running up and down the length of her cleft from clitoral hood to perineum, making Nikki shudder and whimper with pleasure as the fingers touched and then left the very sensitive parts of her body.

Nikki could feel that she was lubricating freely, she was aware of her juices running from her tunnel and down towards her anus, the slight breeze across her lawn feeling cool from the moisture, and she could feel the teasing fingertips picking up her wetness and spreading it along the length of her pussy. The combination was a constant reminder of the fact that they were in the open, playing Nikki’s back garden and exposed to anyone who might walk through the gate. Strangely, this possibility of discovery made everything all the more exciting and made her heart beat quicker still.

For a while Bridget simply stroked the length of Nikki’s pussy, paying no particular attention to any part, skimming over her clit, the entrance to her vagina and her anus with the same speed and equally deliberate pressure. But as Nikki became more and more unable to disguise her arousal and started to respond openly to Bridget’s touch, her aunt started to pay deliberate attention to her clit, pressing slightly harder as her fingers passed over it, occasionally doubling back to skate over it again, and then sometimes stopping directly on the spot and letting her fingertips investigate it’s short shaft and little tip, bringing little unintelligible sounds from Nikki’s lips.

This became more and more frequent and prolonged until Bridget was concentrating solely on Nikki’s clitoris, lighting a fire inside her niece’s pelvis that would soon bring her to orgasm. Nikki closed her eyes once more, reaching out to grip Bridget’s shoulder in rigid fingers and surrendering to the sensations, her hips beginning to jerk and dance as the fingers played with her more and more intensely, rubbing softly around and around the head of her clit and then stroking tenderly back and forth across it. She no longer cared who was touching her or what they intended, she just wanted the feelings to continue until she came.

When Bridget could see that Nikki was getting close to orgasm she started to increase the pressure of her fingertip against Nikki’s clitoris, still going around and around but now much more slowly and deliberately, augmenting the sensations and making Nikki’s eyes fly open once again. On and on Bridget went, playing and manipulating Nikki’s clit, bringing her steadily nearer and nearer to her climax, all the time looking into Nikki’s face with a gentle affectionate smile reassure her niece that it was okay to cum.

“I’m cumming, Auntie Bridget.” Nikki announced in gasps from between clenched teeth. “You’re making me cum.”

“Then let go, dear, enjoy it.” Bridget answered her softly, smiling broadly now and unable to hide the satisfaction in her voice.

Nikki’s hand gripped harder into her aunt’s shoulder, her teeth clamped themselves together and for a few seconds she lay holding her breath, completely tensed up and rigid. But then her orgasm struck and it was like a damn bursting, the unbending tightness of her muscles suddenly relaxed to let her pelvis jerk and leap and her mouth flew open to scream at her aunt.

“Yesss! Oh God Yeeesss!”

Nikki had no control over her body as the orgasm flowed through her in one unending surge of pure pleasure. She shuddered, groaned, called out, jerked and shook her head from side to side, swept along in ecstasy so strong it hurt. Too soon it was over, her orgasm passed through her and left her shaking and panting, totally spent and hardly able to raise enough energy to return her aunt’s smile of happiness.

“My God Auntie Bridget.” She gasped eventually. “Thank you. That was so fucking good.”

Her aunt placed her hand flat over Nikki’s pussy once more and gave it a soft affectionate squeeze.

“Oh. You liked it then?” Bridget’s question was both rhetorical and gently mocking.

“Did I ever?” Nikki returned her aunt’s affectionate gesture by squeezing her shoulder. “I never came that hard before in my life.”

“Would you like to do it again?” Bridget was smiling, but her question was in a tone clearly intended to be taken seriously.

Nikki answered without even thinking. “Oh, God. Yes, please!”

“Good. So would I.”

Nikki had imagined that Bridget had meant on another occasion, but not so. Her hand still lay cupping Nikki’s pussy and no sooner were her words out of her mouth than the fingers began to move again, once more gently exploring her soft flesh.

“Oh, Auntie Bridget, I don’t think I can stand it again right now.”

“Of course you can, dear, just relax.”

Nikki tried to do as Bridget had instructed, but relaxing with nimble fingers playing with her clit was far from easy. She was soon building towards that second tremendous orgasm, lying with eyes tightly shut again and her muscles tensed as her already over-sensitized pussy made little jolts of pleasure from Bridget’s touch.

Nikki felt completely passive, unable to influence what her aunt did to her, and happy to have it that way. She was still not completely comfortable with being masturbated – because that’s what was happening – by a female family member, but the pure physical pleasure outweighed any moral reservations, so long as she didn’t take an active role. She could let herself be played with, but not yet do the playing.

Bridget had changed her way of touching Nikki. Instead of fingertips going round and round the top of her clit, Nikki could now feel two of them rubbing across it from side to side, slowly and softly at first, but faster and firmer as soon as it became obvious that she was going to cum again. She tried to lie still, to let the strumming fingers do their work, but it was hard to stop her pelvis from lifting in an attempt to press back against those fingers and to prevent her hips from twitching their response Her pussy felt as if it were pouring with her juices, she could feel them trickling down her crack, spreading to the cheeks of her arse as she jerked and shuddered with enjoyment.

“Are you going to cum again.” Bridget asked, her fingers moving faster still.

“Yes, Auntie Bridget, very soon.”

“And do you like my touching you, or do you think it’s wrong and you’d like me to stop?” Bridget paused in her play.

“Don’t stop, Auntie Bridget.” There was a note of alarm in Nikki’s voice.

Bridget began to move her fingers again, pressing slightly harder and moving faster, making Nikki groan with relief.

“So can I touch you another day as well?”

Nikki was so close to cumming she hardly registered the implications of what was said, except that her already pounding heart leapt at the thought of this happening again.

“Yes, whenever… Aaagggghhhh!”

Nikki’s words tailed into a scream as her second climax overtook her, sending waves of hot overwhelming pleasure coursing through her. This time her orgasm lasted longer than before, and all the time Bridget’s fingers flew over her clit, fanning the flames and deepening the intensity so that when it was finally over she lay like a rag doll, her pounding heart trying to burst free from her heaving chest. As before when Bridget stopped playing she let her hand lie over Nikki’s pussy, the fingertips tantalisingly close to her gaping hole.

“I meant what I said.” Bridget looked into Nikki’s eyes, her face carrying the kind of serious look that required an answer.

“So did I.” Nikki still wasn’t quite certain what she had agreed to, except that it would mean more orgasms like that one, and that was enough for her to confirm her willingness.

“Good!” Bridget told her, wriggling around as she spoke to allow her to look between Nikki’s legs from above her pussy.

Totally unused to this sort of inspection Nikki instinctively began to close her legs.

“Open your legs, I want to look at you.”

The voice was demanding and Nikki immediately obeyed, a warm flush spreading across her face as she did so. Nikki was strangely pleased that Bridget had taken command so easily and had allowed her to remain passive. It gave her an unaccustomed thrill to be under someone else’s control.

She felt Bridget’s fingers parting her long inner lips, spreading them and holding them wide open over the top of her outer ones so as to bare her innermost parts to Bridget’s gaze. Nikki lay stock still, shocked at what was happening but thrilled too, knowing that her sodden pussy was laid open before her aunt’s eyes. She could only see the back of Bridget’s head, but somehow she knew that her aunt was smiling, pleased with what she saw.

“You have long pussy flaps.”

It was an unexpected announcement and it made Nikki blush, but it soon became clear it was no criticism.

“I like long flaps, it makes a pussy all the more interesting, and nicer to eat.”

“Yes Auntie Bridget.” She didn’t know why, but Nikki felt bound to agree.

Bridget’s fingers stroked up and down inside Nikki’s ‘flaps’, making her feel content that her aunt liked them enough to caress.

For several minutes whilst she stroked Nikki’s pussy Bridget silently examined it, moving her head for a better view whenever necessary. It made Nikki feel wonderfully vulnerable knowing that her passage was stared into, her hair parted to see better, and that even the cheeks of her arse were held open by two fingers so that even her anus could be examined, shiny wet with pussy juice. Nikki knew that her face was scarlet, but she didn’t care, she felt so astonishingly thrilled and delighted by the whole affair.

“Pull your knees back.”

Once again Nikki obeyed at once and instinctively, at the same time watching her aunt lean forward at the same time to bring her face within inches of her pussy. She knew without asking what was going to happen next and she waited with baited breath and a trip hammer heartbeat.

“You have a lovely musk, Nikki.” Bridget told her niece, breathing in deeply and appreciatively.

“Thank you, Auntie Bridget.” Nikki gasped, her face still glowing red, although her embarrassment was now more from acknowledging her liking for what was happening than from having to exhibit herself.

Bridget bent her head down and Nikki felt her aunt’s lips fasten over her clit and her tongue begin to dance around the tip. It was obvious that Bridget had done this before, her lips sucked at Nikki’s clitoris, drawing it into her mouth while the tip of her tongue flickered around the tip of Nikki’s clit like a serpent’s. She no longer cared that she was having sex with a woman, it was too damn good for her to even think about it, she just wanted it to go on and on.

Nikki’s hips began to raise themselves from the blanket in an unconscious effort to increase the contact, but Bridget rode with the movement, the only noticeable effect being a momentary contact between Bridget’s nose and the entrance to Nikki’s vagina, reminding Nikki that her scent must be filling Bridget’s nostrils. Somehow she felt liberated by this very, very personal contact and any lingering reservations about what she was doing fled at that moment.

“You can do anything you want to me, Auntie Bridget.” She gasped out the words, feeling that she just had to let Bridget know of her thoughts.

Bridget lifted her mouth for just a moment.

“Thank you, dear, I will.”

It was said in a slightly mocking way as if to let Nikki know that her aunt had never thought otherwise, and Nikki gave a tiny, slightly acquiescent, smile of contentment.

Bridget’s mouth resumed its position over Nikki’s pussy, sucking on her clit and holding it nipped between lip-covered teeth while her tongue played over the tip, the brief tantalising touches bringing Nikki closer to her third orgasm. Her pelvis was beginning to react to the jolts of pleasure that Bridget was sending through her and she lay in excited anticipation, knowing that it would not be long before she came again.

Paradoxically she almost hoped it wouldn’t be too soon, for she was loving every moment of her aunt’s attentions and wanted them to continue. Besides that, the thrill of being naked and unprotected, and completely under the older woman’s direction, almost her plaything, was giving her the biggest, most satisfying adventure of her life. Bridget’s hands were placed over Nikki’s bottom, stretching her pussy open and holding her cheeks apart to expose every last detail of her body to view, and that made her feel so beautifully submissive that she never wanted the exposure to end.

But soon she had more immediate pleasures to think of, because Bridget was now gently but firmly biting her clit between her uncovered teeth and was pulling on it, stretching it out until it slipped with a little flash of pain from between the teeth, only to be gripped in that wonderful bite once more. Each time her clit was pulled and jerked back into place a jolt of ever increasing pleasure blazed briefly, until finally it got to be too much and her orgasm took over, a roaring mind-blowing orgasm that made her cry out loud as it struck.

As fierce and overpowering as it was, Nikki’s orgasm was not long lasting and soon she lay on the blanket staring almost uncomprehendingly at her aunt’s wet face gazing over her shoulder back at her niece. Nikki tried to smile, tried to share her happiness with her aunt, but she was completely out of breath and her body seemed to spent to obey, too totally shattered to do more than lie trembling and sweating, and she could do little more than half raise her hand in mute acknowledgement.

Bridget smiled down at Nikki, wiping some of her juices away with the back of her hand, and then, without any warning, thrust two fingers deep into Nikki’s pussy, giving her no time to recover from her climax before sending on the road to another. This time there was no pretence of gentleness; Bridget simply pumped her fingers rapidly in and out of Nikki’s body, pushing them as deep as possible, wriggling and swivelling them inside her, and then withdrawing them almost completely. Nikki stared at her aunt in disbelief, wanting to ask her to wait, to give her time to recover from cumming, but unable to go against her aunt’s wishes and scared anyway that everything would stop if she raised the slightest objection.

Bridget twisted her fingers around inside Nikki, making the young woman gasp and moan from the sensations and making her absurdly aware of just how wet and gaping her tunnel was, her juices running from it to pool around her anus as Bridget finger fucked her. But then Bridget’s hand turned so that her thumb aligned with Nikki’s clit, banging against it with each thrust of Bridget’s fingers. Barely over one orgasm, Nikki could feel another beginning to form.

“Oh, Auntie Bridget!” Nikki exclaimed joyously. “What are you doing to me?”

“Letting you enjoy yourself.” Bridget replied, plunging her fingers hard into her niece. “Isn’t that what you want?”

“Oh, yes, oh God yes!” Nikki jerked her hips against her aunt’s fingers.

“Are you going to cum again?” Bridget asked, already knowing the answer.

“Yes, soon!” Nikki could already feel the tension, the beautiful ecstatic tension of an approaching orgasm.

Bridget’s fingers were now plunging into Nikki as hard and fast as they could, causing the soft squelching noises that Bridget enjoyed hearing and Nikki no longer cared about.

“You’re very wet, dear.” Bridget told Nikki.

“Yes Auntie.” Nikki panted blissfully, grunting from a thrust of Bridget’s fingers.

“Cum then.” Bridget told her, knowing that Nikki was almost there.

“Yes Auntie. I’m going to very soon.”

For a few moments Nikki lay rigid, feeling the permitted orgasm creep closer with her hands gripping the blanket tight and her head thrown back in an elated distortion.

“I’m cumming.” She gasped

“I’m cumming…” This time it was shouted and she began to buck and jerk as her climax took over.

Now she let go of the blanket and hooked her hands behind her knees, pulling her legs wide and back to give Bridget as clear an access as possible, wanting her aunt to push into her and wanting her to go as deeply as possible. Then, as her orgasm held her in its grip, her muscles went rigid and she started to shout, telling the world that she was cumming.

“Oh God, I’m cumming, I’m cumming, I’m cumming.”

Nikki repeated it in time to the final savage thrusts of Bridget’s fingers and the last hard strikes of her thumb on her clit, jerking her hips each time, until Bridget, sensing that Nikki’s climax was nearly over, pushed her fingers deeply home and screwed them backwards and forwards inside her niece’s vagina. Nikki was reduced to incoherence from the fantastic sensations and simply grunted and groaned until her orgasm died away to leave her exhausted and whimpering.

Bridget silently withdrew her fingers to allow Nikki to lower her legs, and then lay down quietly beside her niece, waiting for her to recover. Meanwhile Nikki lay trembling and panting, a bright sheen of sweat coating her body and making her tanned skin seem oiled. When eventually her breathing began to return to normal she looked across to her aunt and smiled timidly, realising now that her aunt was not going to continue and the session was finally over.

“Thank you, Auntie Bridget.”

Suddenly Nikki realised that her aunt had done everything and hadn’t had any pleasure herself. She felt bound to offer to make up for that, and in fact, she suddenly realised, she wanted to do just that. What an afternoon this was turning into.

“Auntie Bridget.” Nikki began hesitantly. “What about you? Aren’t you feeling frustrated?”

“I’m fine, Nikki, don’t worry about me.” Came her aunt’s response.

“I just wondered if…” Nikki paused. “If you’d like me to help make you cum as well?”

“No dear.” Bridget smiled sexily. “I’m going to take care of that myself. But there is one thing you can do for me.”

“What’s that? Auntie Bridget.” Nikki was pleased and excited to be needed.”

“You can watch me.” Bridget swung herself around and opened her legs wide so that her pussy faced Nikki’s astonished gaze.

“But don’t you need…?” Nikki began, confusion written over her face.

“No. You just watch. It will turn me on no end to have you watching me.”

“Alright. I’d love to.” Nikki was excited at the prospect, but she had other things to attend to first. “I’ll be back in a moment, I just need to go pee.” The urge to empty her bladder had crept up on her since cumming herself.

Bridget placed her hand between her legs and, looking straight into Nikki’s eyes, parted her wispy blonde pubes and began to slowly play with her own clitoris.

“You can wait until I’ve finished.” She told her niece bluntly.

The need, although becoming insistent, was not yet that urgent and Nikki settled herself sitting sideways and resting on one arm to stare candidly at her aunt’s pussy.

Bridget smiled a little smile of satisfaction and opened her legs even wider to Nikki’s view. Bridget was playing, Nikki noticed, by doing to herself exactly what she had done to her pussy, gently rubbing round and round the tip of her clit with the end of her finger. Nikki stared, fascinated to see the actions that had given her so much pleasure. Soon Bridget was beginning to breath more heavily and she began to give little involuntary moans, the display making Nikki pant with excitement and making her own pussy start to become wet again.

Suddenly Bridget stopped, as if she was abruptly determined not to cum quite that quickly, and slid her forefinger deep into herself, holding it right inside her own vagina whist smiling lasciviously at Nikki. Then she slowly and smoothly withdrew it, looked carefully at it as if inspecting its shiny wetness and then, apparently satisfied, slid it into her mouth between pursed lips to taste her own juices. After obviously licking it inside her mouth Bridget pulled the finger out and held it up between the two women.

“I bet you’d like to taste me, wouldn’t you?” She asked Nikki, cocking her head slightly to one side.

“Oh God, yes.” Nikki was hot from what she was witnessing and the idea held instant appeal. She wanted to very much.

“Not right now, dear. Maybe another time, if you’re good.”

Her aunt somehow managed to make it sound like a reward, but an excitedly happy Nikki only noticed the phrase ‘another time’ and completely missed the proviso attached. Good at what?

Bridget’s hand returned to her pussy, holding her lips wide with two fingers for Nikki to look at her while she gently teased her own clitoris once again with a third. Nikki watched, spellbound by her aunt’s finger stroking her clit, tiny sounds issuing from Bridget’s lips confirming to Nikki her pleasure at being watched. But soon, as fascinated as she was, the pressure in her bladder reminded her of her own needs.

“I’ll have to go pee, Auntie Bridget. Will you excuse me?”

Nikki intended the question simply as a courtesy, so Bridget’s answer came as a surprise.

“No. You’re old enough to control yourself, you’ll have to wait until I say you may go.”

Shocked, Nikki protested. “But I need to go Auntie Bridget.”

Bridget was becoming more and more aroused and it was a few seconds before she could reply. When she did it was through clenched teeth, her finger now flying over her clit.

“I’m going to cum in a minute and I want you to watch me do it.”

She involuntarily jerked her hips as her approaching orgasm got closer and then gasped.

“I didn’t spoil your climax, so why do you think you should spoil mine?”

She knew the comment was unfair, but put like that there was little Nikki could do but try to hold on, especially as she desperately wanted to see her aunt cum.

Still feeling the pressure from her bladder Nikki watched her aunt, staring fixedly at the soft pink interior of Bridget’s gaping pussy, the slickly wet flesh shining brightly in the sun as she massaged her clit faster and faster. Soon Bridget was arching her back, her bottom lifting from the blanket as arousal-tensed muscles flexed her spine, and her breathing came in sharp little gasps. She stared directly into Nikki’s eyes.

“Watch me, I’m cumming.” She mouthed at her niece before closing her eyes and surrendering to her orgasm.

Bridget’s orgasm was intense but short-lived, her body jerked briefly and a series of harsh grunts came from her lips, but then it was over and she lay back on the blanket panting for breath, smiling up at Nikki as if in triumph. For a few moments neither woman moved, but then Bridget reached her hand back between her legs and began to play with herself once more.

“I want to cum again and I think I can, keep watching.” She announced with palpable pleasure.

“I can’t Auntie. I really do need to pee.”

“It won’t take me long, I can feel it starting up now.” Bridget’s fingers were strumming back and forth across her clitoris this time, already taking her towards her second orgasm.

“But I really can’t wait.” Nikki was desperate and couldn’t understand her own need for Bridget’s permission, knowing only that she did.

“Then do it here. Piss on the grass.”

Nikki’s eyes widened with the shock of Bridget’s proposal, interpreting it as more instruction than suggestion. Bizarrely Nikki actually considered obeying her aunt, but then her background cut in and stopped her.

“I can’t Auntie.”

“Then you’ll have to wait.”

It was obvious that Bridget expected Nikki to obey, regardless of her bodily needs. Bridget scrabbled at the blanket, her urgency making her fingers clumsy as she pulled its edge closer to herself.

“Squat between my feet, then if you really can’t control yourself I will watch you pee.”

Her aunt’s assertive tone overrode Nikki’s qualms and she complied like an automaton, shuffling around to squat with her knees parted facing her aunt, knowing that as well as giving her an ideal view of Bridget’s pussy as she masturbated, it would also give Bridget perfect sight of her own pussy, and if she really couldn’t old back and had to pee, then her aunt would see her flow gushing onto the ground. The thought sent an unexpected shudder of delight through Nikki, making her close her eyes briefly with unbidden excitement.

To balance herself Nikki placed her hands on Bridget’s raised knees and the two women gazed at each other without speaking. Nikki watched intently as Bridget inserted two fingers inside herself and wriggled them around to produce a sexy wet noise that excited both of them. She could see the wetness on Bridget’s fingers as she withdrew them and then plunged them back into her own depths, grunting with pleasure each time.

“Do I look nice?” Bridget asked in a hoarse whisper.

Nikki nodded mutely, unable to find the words.

“So do you. Your pussy is as wet as mine.”

She knew it was, watching her aunt had turned her on again.

“Do it, Nikki.”

Nikki knew what her aunt meant, and she wanted to comply if only she could overcome her inhibitions.

“Do it. I want to see you pissing.” Bridget’s tone was more insistent.

Nikki’s urge to pee was imperative and she could hardly hold back anyway.

“Do it now Nikki, while I cum”

Finally neither Nikki nor Bridget could stop themselves. Bridget stared openly between Nikki’s legs as her orgasm crept closer and her pelvis started to jerk and twitch as before, while for Nikki her resolve finally gave way and with a loud sigh she let her urine gush onto the grass between the two women in a long hot stream.

Knowing that her aunt was staring at her pussy as she peed made Nikki blush scarlet, but at the same time it gave her one of the biggest thrills she had ever enjoyed. She couldn’t understand it, but obeying Bridget’s instruction to break one of her ingrained childhood taboos was so stimulating and so, so sexy. The feel of her urine flooding from her was nearly as good a release as an orgasm, and lasted for longer. She was so glad her aunt could see her peeing and glad she had done as she had been instructed.

Meanwhile watching Nikki pee seemed to have had its effect on Bridget, for her second orgasm was becoming far stronger than her first. She kept her eyes pinned on the stream gushing from her niece’s pussy, watching it disappear into the lawn, little splashes bouncing back to make tiny droplets glint in the sunlight. All the time she watched Nikki, she played with her clitoris, the intensity of her building orgasm causing her to strum herself more fiercely, the fingertips hammering away at her sensitive little button in a way that would normally be quite painful.

Then finally her dam burst and her climax slammed through her, this time making her cry out loudly but unintelligibly as she tossed her head back in ecstasy. She pulled her head up and looked at the urine still flooding from between Nikki’s legs, and another intense thrill coursed through her at the sight. Her eyes rolled up into her head, but she forced them back to stare at Nikki’s pee, absorbing the jolts and shudders that were ripping through her in order to keep her eyes fastened on Nikki’s deep red gash and the pale yellow stream that flowed from it. She knew that while she stared at Nikki, her niece was staring back, watching her slickly wet pussy gaping open and pulsing rhythmically from the effects of her orgasm, and this knowledge made everything all the more intense, strengthening and prolonging her climax.

When finally Bridget’s orgasm faded and Nikki’s bladder was empty the two women looked at each other intently, inevitably wondering ‘what now?’, and inevitably finding themselves unsure of the answer. The only things that both were certain of was that this would not be the only time they would meet like this and that it would be Bridget who called the shots.

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