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The Gallery

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The soft creaking of leather and almost musical clinking of chains filled his ears, but behind that was another nearly constant sound. Quiet, almost barely voiced moaning and whispered pleadings, punctuated with gasps of pleasure or pain. It was all dark for Andrew, the supple leather covering his eyes effectively cutting out even the smallest glimpses of light, but he knew full well where he was.

The “Gallery”, She called it. A living, breathing, moaning and whimpering art exhibit of straining, needful bodies. He counted himself lucky to be here, on display to the throngs who would soon arrive to sip cool, sparkling champagne and eat savory foods, walking amongst the bound and aching bodies in designer suits and dresses, expensive Italian leather clothing their feet a sharp contrast to the utilitarian leather wrapping the wrists and ankles of those on display.

Andrew found himself swaying slightly in his bonds, holding back on voicing the moans that the thought of those people coming into the Gallery brought to the surface. He thought himself too well schooled to show so little restraint, but it was difficult, especially when all around him he could hear those who couldn’t keep silent. Instead his breath came quickly through his nostrils, little realizing it made him sound a bit like an overworked animal. And, really, wasn’t that what he was? A fine piece of flesh, put on display for the amusement of the idle rich. He could feel his cock swell at the notion, pushing against the strap that encircled the base and tugging the strap between his balls a bit tighter. There was little he could do to stop it and, really, it would please Her all the more to find him, hanging in darkness, aroused in spite of himself.

Her…She…he rarely thought of Her by the name She had given him when they met anymore. It was so common, these days, to meet someone on the Internet and, in a matter of moments, form a complex relationship with them mysterious to so many who have never had the experience themselves. There is some sort of tie there, unexplainable to the uninitiated, of exploring the psyche at first contact, rather than having to push through the societal boundaries imposed on initial meetings. So they had become friends, and soon more than friends, as She probed into his fantasies and desires. Things that he rarely, if ever, told anyone else, except those anonymous strangers on the other end of a keyboard. It wasn’t long before She knew exactly where his buttons were, the switches and levers to his inner being, and began to…dismantle him, is the only word he could think to put to it. Tearing him down, one erotic image at a time, until he came to see his desires as not deviant or strange, but something to be cherished. She certainly cherished them, helping to explore each twist of his erotic self.

At Her suggestion, he purchased a webcam and some other items, including his first cockring and a thick, realistic dildo that he felt himself blushing about as he paid for. In the privacy of his own bedroom, She watched as he slipped on the ring for the first time, and writhed as he felt the pressure in his cock growing, blood pounding against his flesh. Spurred on by Her, he licked and sucked the dildo and, to her intense delight, fucked himself until he was breathless and sweating, more with the desire to orgasm than with his exertion. The further She led, the more willing he was to follow, until the natural course of things left him with no answer except an emphatic “Yes!” when She asked if he would like to meet. In that meeting he found that neither Her charm nor Her beauty was limited to a digital environment. He could not help but be entranced by Her, by the way She spoke and moved. When he managed to succeed at some task, Her soft hands stroked his face and hair and she whispered “Good boy, sweet darling” into his ear and he was filled with joy he could barely contain. When he failed, She still smiled, and She still petted him even as She found some new, blissful torture for him to endure. And when it was through, She whispered into his ear how She knew he would do better next time, he simply needed a little more time, and training.

One yes often leads to another, and it followed that he came to be with Her, to be trained by Her, to become part of what he later discovered to be a complex society of her peers and their toys and entertainments or, as She often referred to them, works of art. Weeks had trailed into months, grueling and delightful, as She trained him to be what She needed and wanted him to be. It was only near the end of this period that he discovered that She had an ultimate goal beyond her own pleasure in mind. Occasionally She would comment that soon he would be able to contend with the other “pieces in the Gallery”. It seemed only those who had reached the pinnacle of preparation were sent there, and the idea was tangled in anticipation and fear in Andrew’s head. The unknown of this Gallery, and what might occur there, was overwhelming, but also exciting, as it signaled that She would finally decide that he was complete, prized enough to move to be displayed to her credit.

The day finally came when Andrew was on his knees in front of one Her as she lay back in her chair, his hands clasped behind his back as he very carefully nibbled a strawberry from Her navel, teeth nipping at the fruit and just grazing the skin. She scrutinized Andrew’s pose of intent focus, eyes almost closed as he worked. His entire being seemed to be caught in this single task, without anticipation of the next moment or thought for what had come before. Her hand stroked through his hair and touched his shoulder, drawing a fresh moan from him as his mouth worked against her skin, unaware of the thoughts going through Her head.

That evening, freshly scrubbed until his skin was as pink and naked as a newborn babe’s, Andrew stood before Her. Her beauty seemed to strike him anew, Her lithe and deliciously curved body curled against one end of the chaise and draped in near transparent folds of cloth. It reminded Andrew strongly of a portrait of Madame Recamier, and She held that same sweet, coy expression in her eyes, but behind that an inexplicable power. He knelt before Her, eyes focused on Her elegantly lacquered toenails tipping beautifully arched feet. A touch on his chin made him raise his gaze to Her, and a shiver rippled through him as She spoke in that well remembered voice, silken and honeyed with the slightest burr of Southern gentility that made her vowels soft and fuzzy.

“Darling, you have come so far from the undisciplined, willful and desirous boy I met so many months ago. You’ve truly grown into a man and blossomed while I watched,” that sweet voice began.

Some note of surprise must have shown in his eyes, because She laughed, low and filled with delight, before continuing.

“Yes, you have grown and through your trials, you have discovered that submitting to the will of another doesn’t take less strength, but more, to retain your sense of self and free will. So, knowing what you do, Andrew, I want you to make one last decision for me. I want you to decide if you are ready to leave this life…or if you will consent to be in the Gallery. I warn you now that, once you’ve made the decision, there is no turning back. You either take control of your own fate once again, and leave with my blessing, or give yourself over fully.”

Now, swaying as he was in his bonds between the two sides of the metal frame erected in the center of the Gallery, Andrew remembered how he had kissed Her hands and ankles, begging to be allowed to continue. She had lifted his chin and kissed him, and quiet words of adoration followed, poured into his ear to fill his soul. He spent the night in Her bed, in a world of bliss as She used him to satisfy Her own needs, coming again and again as he worshipped Her with his mouth or as She rode his cock. Near morning she slept and he was left hard and aching, his balls throbbing in time with his pulse as he lay on his back on the bed, with Her body curled close along his. He longed to simply turn into the warmth of Her, nuzzle into the rich, spicy scent of her body and simply slide, with a quick, wet movement into the heat of Her body and spend himself inside of Her. But he spent the night staring at the elaborate gilt medallion in the center of the canopy, tracing its contours with his eyes as his body slowly relaxed.

It was the next evening when She finally woke, and Andrew still lay beside Her, wakeful and apprehensive. She gave him no chance to second-guess the decision he made the evening before, and simply slipped a hand around his cock, which had only become fully soft in the last hour. Lust flamed inside of him at the gentlest touch of Her small hand, and it wasn’t long before he was bucking against the bed and clutching at the bedclothes, entertaining Her with the silent begging of his body. It did not stop until he was trembling and drenched with sweat, growling behind clenched teeth as She rode the length of his cock and admonished him to hold on “just a moment longer”. Finally she shivered in orgasm, and he could feel the muscles contracting around him, futilely milking him as he struggled against the fluid that wanted to follow nature’s call out of his body, and into Hers. She calmed above him and then sat slowly back, the delectable curve of Her ass pressing down against his straining balls, stretching them away from his swollen cock. Even as the urge to come became easier to deal with, the pleasure intensified, and he found himself unable to withhold a long, supplicating moan that became an inarticulate plea. In moments, however, Her body had slipped from his and she left to dress with terse instructions to bathe and prepare himself.

Andrew pulled himself from the whirlwind of thoughts that crowded his mind, reliving the moments of the last several months that had brought him to this place, centermost in amongst a living work of art. He could still hear the quiet groans around him, but he noticed that the sounds were beginning to calm, overtaken by a sense of anticipation that almost seemed to hum through the air. Now, without the constant background sussuration, he could hear footsteps moving against elegantly tiled floors, growing louder as they approached him. The steps were light, a distinctive quick clicking of high heels that he suspected, and hoped, belonged to Her. Hands touched his cheeks and then slid to the back of his head, releasing the blindfold that had blocked his vision. For a moment the world swam in a blur of white light, and slowly images began to emerge and solidify. He was, indeed, stretched upright on a metal frame in the center of a bright room, decorated in the height of classic tastes. As his vision cleared, he saw that it was cream, not white, that dominated the palette. He could also see why, since four more “exhibits” were stationed to the sides of the large room, and their black bonds, arranged artfully against bare skin, stood out starkly against the lighter background. It really did resemble an art gallery, bright and open, with odd writhing works of art displayed against the walls. It was obvious that the party would begin soon, since there were elegantly draped tables bearing a succulent selection of food and wines, white-dressed waiters bustling back and forth to arrange them. Curiously, they didn’t so much as bother looking at the bound displays around them.

Andrew, himself, was center stage, and except for the leather encircling his wrists and ankles, he was clad only in the cockring She had fitted on him with loving fingers earlier that evening. She stood in front of him, the blindfold in Her hands, looking up at him from her diminutive height. It never ceased to surprise him that the one who held him in Her hands was so tiny and delicate. His eyes found Hers and Her smile greeted him, and even in his apprehension of the evening to come he felt himself suffused with joy at being Hers. Those small, soft hands stroked his bare thigh and stomach, and he swayed again, but this time as he pushed his hips forward towards Her. As she spoke, her voice was like a balm to him.

“Shh, darling. They’ll be arriving soon and you’re to be on your absolute best behavior. Everything you do tonight reflects upon me, and I’m positive that you wouldn’t want this evening to go poorly for that reason alone. Now…I know that this should all go without saying, knowing how I’ve taught you, but I’m going to give you a few instructions in any case. Tonight, no matter how you are touched, no matter by whom or in what circumstance, no matter how you are tempted, you are not to come without my express permission. If at any time you feel that someone has over stepped His or Her bounds in touching you, all you need do is call to me. I don’t foresee that happening, but bear it in mind in any case.”

As She continued to speak, Her hands slipped along his abdomen, down the inside of each inner thigh and stroked his buttocks. The touches enflamed him, causing his cock to grow harder and harder against the strap confining it, until he could feel the leather outline pressed firmly against his skin and his balls full and stretched in their prison. She moved around behind him, stroking Her fingers between his buttocks, lightly grazing the soft skin just behind his balls and teasing across his anus. He gasped and flinched, surprised at the touch and by the simultaneous feeling of Her lips against his ear.

“It will be to your advantage if you perform well this evening, darling. You never can tell when your wildest and most divine dreams might be on the verge of coming true.” Her voice murmured against his ear, teeth nipping gently at the skin before she pulled away to greet the first of the guests just now entering through the outer doors. She left him hanging there, erect and straining against his bonds, now more desperate than ever to feel some sensation. As She left, She drew the doors closed behind Her, smiling and dipping one heavy-lashed eye in a slow wink at him.

He listened to the gathering start to come together in the outer chamber, shivering at the growing din of voices and elegantly shod feet against the parquet floor. His cock twitched, the sense of anticipation doing nothing to soften his torment. In an attempt to distract himself, he looked at the other displayed bodies, wondering who in Her circle of peers they belonged to. Only one other man was present, and Andrew couldn’t help but admire him as a physical specimen. Andrew himself, in his own consideration, was nothing special. Average build, average looks and an average cock, She had told him that his true beauty lay in his eyes. Not in their physical beauty, but in the desire that lay behind them. The man to Andrew’s left, however, was someone’s idea of a perfect slave Adonis, right down to the long hair. He was tied, as were the others, flat against the wall, with black leather artistically criss-crossing against his so-perfect body. His cock was large, jutting straight out from his body, and Andrew could already see the glisten of precome against the head.

The other willing captives were women. The two directly in front of Andrew, to the left and right, were a matched set of blondes with over-pert, full breasts that only implants can give. So matched, in fact, that Andrew wondered if they were twins and was certain that they belonged to the same person. The fourth, though, to Andrew’s far right, held his attention. A redhead, with hair curling nearly to her buttocks, her body had a soft, rounded look and pale skin with a soft rose undertone that said she would burn easily. Her breasts, full and lovely, were heavy enough to have never have seen a surgeon’s knife and were tipped with large, pink nipples. Just looking at her made Andrew’s cock stiffen a bit more, but when she turned gorgeous blue eyes towards him and her lips parted to draw in a long breath, he could actually feel his balls try to draw up against his body.

He was pulled from his dazed exploration of the other slaves, though, when her head the click of the latch from the outer chamber door. A moment’s pause as all of them directed their attention towards the doors, and then they suddenly swung open to allow the room to fill with elegantly clothed people. Andrew could feel a buffet of air from the other room press against him, warm from so many bodies and redolent with expensive cologne and perfume. He was immediately aware of many pairs of eyes on him, but no one approached yet, instead he became the centerpiece in what, otherwise, could have been any other society gathering. Satin and silk moved past him, covering all sorts of forms, shining and dazzling in the bright light and making a whirl of color before his eyes. He could feel the blood thumping through his body, and most especially in his cock which had begun to soften somewhat due to his distraction, leapt to renewed erection when the guests entered.

Somewhere in the throng he could hear Her laughing, and his eyes began to search Her out, looking for the flash of Her bright hair in the crowd. Finally he spied Her, choking back a gasp that She was so near. In fact, She was moving in his direction, drawing along a little crowd of people she was speaking to.

“As you know, this is his first time in the Gallery. He hasn’t as much experience as some of the others, but I do feel he is ready.” Andrew watched as one of the men with her chuckled softly, which seemed to cause the frown that appeared on Her face. “Of course, I could always be proven wrong, Gerald, but I don’t think I will be. I wouldn’t have brought him for tonight if I thought that.”

Andrew shivered as he realized the room had gone quiet at Her words, and all eyes turned to him. He felt as if he were in the eye of a hurricane, in the calm just before all hell breaks loose.

“Well, in that case, I suppose we can begin the entertainment, can’t we?” the one she had addressed as Gerald spoke up. She nodded and almost instantly Andrew felt a hand against his buttocks, trailing along his thigh. Another grazed across his stomach, and another his neck. Andrew had no way of knowing who the hands belonged to as he felt himself pulled into the press of people around him.

For a moment chaos reigned, as it seemed like millions of hands touched his body, caressing every inch of him…all except for his straining cock. It was as if there was an unspoken agreement not to touch him there, and yet this was the one place he ached to be touched. He knew he had promised Her that he would not come, but if someone would only touch him and stroke him, it would be a form of relief. Andrew groaned in spite of himself, twisting against his bonds as he tried to press his cock into any of the hands that stroked his thighs or abdomen, and he was greeted with delighted laughter from all sides. The hands withdrew, again as if this were something well-rehearsed, and left him panting with need. He glanced at Her, to see if she was upset with his overt reaction, but She only looked amused and turned to the man next to her to converse quietly.

After that initial swarming, the tone of the evening changed. Rather than being ignored as a piece of artwork as the party progressed, Andrew became the entertainment in truth. Every so often a guest would stop and toy with him, sometimes men and sometimes women, but always they would leave him gasping and aching. One woman drew a chair up in front of him and sat down to eat from a plate of canapés she had selected. As she nibbled on toast points and caviar, her free hand began to stroke and fondle Andrew’s bound balls, grazing the taut, shiny skin with her fingernails. She even plucked gently at the strap separating them, causing it to snap very lightly against his skin and make him gasp, again and again. When he was well and truly writhing, she began to stroke his cock, agonizingly slow pumps up and down his aching member, all the while sipping her wine and speaking to other guests as if she were doing nothing amiss. It wasn’t long before Andrew was pressing himself backwards against his bonds in a futile attempt to escape her relentless hand, afraid that if she continued much longer that there was no way he would be able to keep his promise to Her. Just as he felt his resolve beginning to slip, the hand pulled back and the woman moved on to another conversation and another glass of wine, leaving his cock to twitch with his pulse as he tried to regain his composure.

He wasn’t given long, though, as guest after guest took advantage of the chair left in front of him to repeat the procedure again and again. Between each he had just enough time to gather his strength and it began again, until his moans were carrying clearly over the conversations in the room. In between these pleasurable tortures, he would look to find Her, and always She was watching, even as She spoke to someone else. A small, pleased smile touched Her lips as She watched, and that was enough to give him reason to carry on, to somehow find a way to keep his promise.

The others bound against the walls weren’t being ignored. While Andrew was “in use”, the guests used the others for their entertainment. It seemed, however, that these others were those who had already been in Andrew’s place of honor and undergone the rigors of this test among the crowd. The guests seemed to treat them almost as an afterthought, a side show to the real performance taking place center stage. To Andrew, however, the sight of the other bound women and man undergoing the same treatment only served to further excite him. He split his attention between the Adonis, whose large cock had only gotten larger and more impressive and whose moans rivaled his own, and the plump little redhead who tossed her head fetchingly as she was teased.

As the latest hand left his straining cock, Andrew slumped forward in his bonds, looking down at his own member as it pulsed and throbbed, just waiting for the next hand. He watched as a clear drop of precome welled out and gathered, gleaming in the bright lights. Suddenly, beneath his gaze, Her hand appeared and She scooped up that droplet on Her fingertip, bringing it to his lips. Andrew closed his eyes and sucked Her finger into his mouth, savoring the taste of himself against his tongue and on Her skin. While he held Her finger in his mouth, he felt Her lips against his cheek again.

“Gerald is going to try to break you, but you must resist, darling. He is, I suppose you might say, a rival of mine. I broke his sweet boy in the corner over there and now he’s determined to do it to you.” Her lips brushed against his forehead, then cheek. “Be good, my darling. I know you can.”

And with that She drew her finger from his mouth and slipped back, leaving him to open his eyes and face this man. He was tall and lithe with a powerful air that said he would have strength and long muscles beneath that expensive suit. His eyes seemed to bore into Andrew as he hung there, sizing him up, idly tossing his dark hair back away from his face with a jerk of his chin. A woman stood behind him, nearly as tall and just as dark as he, but with a sly, anticipatory smile. She was beautiful in a classic sense and something about her seemed subservient, but at the same time calculating, as if she had an agenda of her own. Gerald snapped his fingers and drew the woman around in front of him, where she stood with fluttering, fawning obedience.

“Amelia, sweet one, use that delicious mouth of yours on him. Don’t stop until I tell you to stop.”

Andrew looked across at Her in a panic, but She simply smiled confidently at him and gave a little shake of Her head. He wasn’t sure if it was to remind him not to come or to tell him not to panic, but he swallowed hard and tried to strengthen his resolve. The dark haired vixen had gotten to her knees in front of him and was looking up at him with large, shadowed eyes filled with amusement. She licked her lips, then flicked the tip of her tongue across the head of his cock, savoring the taste of his precome there. It seemed she was in no rush to take him into her mouth, however, because she dipped her head and began to lave her tongue across Andrew’s balls, held so tightly in their straps. He could feel her hair brushing against his thighs, her cheek brushing against his cock as her tongue worked at him, toying with his aching balls. She gathered one, then the other into her mouth, sucking them one at a time between her lips. Andrew writhed, cock growing impossibly harder as he struggled to maintain some semblance of control. Unfortunately the woman working on his balls was all too aware of his squirming and laughed softly, still holding his aching balls against her lips, sending tantalizing little vibrations along his skin.

Gerald watched, smiling, as Amelia toyed with Andrew’s bound balls, and his hand slipped down to massage his cock through his trousers. Andrew followed the movement with his eyes and then squeezed them shut, pressing his lips together against a moan. He was, then, surprised to feel hands unclasping his wrists and legs, strong arms catching him from behind when he nearly fell as his weight shifted. The talented Amelia hardly missed a beat as Andrew was lowered to the floor, startled to see that Gerald was the one helping him to lie down. He opened his mouth to ask, to make sure that this was allowed, but he stayed himself when he saw Her looking over Gerald’s shoulder with that same serene smile. Instead he gasped, open mouthed, as Amelia slide her mouth down over the head of his cock and began to swirl her tongue around him. It was like being bathed in a hot, wet vortex of sensation and he could almost feel his balls jerking up against the straps holding them taut.

Andrew felt his upper body lifted slightly until he was in a semi-reclining position, unsure of just who was holding him when he saw Gerald coming around to face him. The taller man knelt over Andrew, a knee on either side of his chest, and began to unzip his trousers. Andrew couldn’t bear to take his eyes away from the sight to see who held him in their embrace, instead his entire being was split between the sensations on his cock, and the slow unveiling taking place in front of his face. Gerald’s hand dipped into the open fly and slowly withdrew his long, slender cock, already hard. Andrew’s tongue dashed against his lips, because he knew what was coming, and relished it. This was something that She had gotten him to admit having fantasies about and the idea that it would really come true thrilled and excited him. He felt soft hands against his cheeks and looked up to see Her looking down at him, serene smile still in place, holding him cradled in Her lap. She tapped his chin and he dutifully opened his mouth and looked up at Gerald once more just as the smooth head of his cock slipped between Andrew’s lips.

Andrew’s eyes drifted closed as he enjoyed the sensation of the cock sliding into his mouth, his tongue automatically moving across the head to savor the taste of him. He felt Her lift his head slightly, nudging him, helping him to push back and forth against the cock in his mouth, Her fingers woven through his hair. Gerald didn’t so much moan, above him, as issue a guttural growl of satisfaction as Andrew closed his lips around his cock and began to suck greedily. Andrew himself was surprised at his own reaction. There was no hesitance, though this was until this moment only a fantasy for him, instead the act seemed to further excite him. He felt each thrust of Gerald’s cock into his mouth mirrored by Amelia’s mouth sliding down over his cock, her hands rolling and petting his balls as she suckled him. Andrew’s eyes squeezed shut, trying to cut off at least the visual stimulation of Gerald, head thrown back, moaning over him. It was almost too much for Andrew, who began to buck his hips against the floor, unsure of whether he was trying to escape Amelia’s mouth or push further into the warm depths that surrounded his cock.

Gerald’s hand found Andrew’s hair and his fingers knotted into it forcefully, causing Andrew to cry out softly against the cock in his mouth and his breath to quicken, but the assault did not stop. She leaned in behind him, bringing Her mouth down next to his ear.

“I told you your most divine dreams might come true, my darling slut. Doesn’t Gerald have a gorgeous cock? Doesn’t he taste divine. Just wait until he comes into your mouth.” Her words were soft, but loud enough for Gerald to hear, and he moaned one last harsh time and then pressed his cock forward into Andrew’s mouth as he began to orgasm.

Andrew, caught by surprise, felt himself starting to tumble over the edge as Gerald’s come began to fill his mouth, unable to control his own response to the sensation. Thankfully, Amelia withdrew at just that moment to sit up and wrap her arms around Gerald, her hands moving to stroke his chest and stomach as he pumped into Andrew’s mouth. As he recovered his equilibrium following his orgasm, Gerald pulled away from Andrew’s mouth, one hand wrapping around his softening cock as he almost glared down. Almost automatically, Andrew licked his cock clean with long sweeps of his tongue, eyes closed against the expression in the other man’s eyes. After he was done, he felt the couple withdraw from him, leaving him lying on the floor in the midst of a quietly conversing group of people, his aching cock still standing rigidly up from his body. She continued to cradle him, kissing his forehead and smoothing the hair back away from his face.

“You’ve done very, very well tonight, darling. I think Gerald is angrier at his defeated attempt than I’ve ever seen him.” Her quiet voice was filled with satisfaction. “It serves him right. Now…rest a moment and we’ll get you a drink before the last of the evening’s activities.”

She rose, leaving him reclining on the floor in a state of confusion. Andrew couldn’t fathom how there could be more, but the room certainly still seemed to buzz with anticipation. He sat up slowly, taking a moment to massage his sore wrists and look around at the guests and the other displayed bodies. To his surprise, though, sometime during the evening the others had been removed. He was now the only naked body in the room, and the thought made him feel inexplicably stripped. She returned with a glass of water, which Andrew drank slowly, and a little plate of food. He found, however, that he couldn’t stomach the food, his apprehension of the last activity of the evening making his stomach flutter.

Sooner than he would have liked, though, She beckoned him up from the floor and lead him to a small raised dais that he hadn’t seen before, as it was positioned behind the frame which had held him. There was a single microphone set in the center of the dais, and small, official looking man was adjusting its height. She led him to one side of the dais and instructed him to stay put, then nodded to the gentleman who had just finished setting up the microphone to his liking. He gave it a sharp tap with one immaculately manicured fingernail, then cleared his throat. The room fell into immediate silence and the guests turned as one towards the dais. Yes, this was the moment that they had been waiting for, and Andrew shivered as he tried to think what could possibly be coming. He nearly jumped out of his skin when the man cleared his throat again.

“Yes, I can see I have your attention now. Well…ladies and gentlemen, I’d like to thank you for coming this evening. As you know, it is our tradition every six months to have one member exhibit a personally trained man or woman for our evening’s entertainment. Elizabeth has shown that this man is truly one of her best achievements. And so, without further ado, on to the, perhaps most anticipated point of the evening. Now that we’ve had a chance to see Elizabeth’s work in action, I would invite each of you to come and make a closer examination before our auction commences. We will begin in thirty minutes, which should give everyone ample time. Thank you.”

Andrew stood silently stunned as the entire room full of guests turned their eyes on him. Auction? Auctioned off? He couldn’t believe that She would turn him over into the hands of strangers, but this certainly sounded like the point of that announcement. Andrew returned their stares, wondering which of those gathered in the room would be the one to pay the highest price to have him. Across the room he saw Gerald’s sharp glare and the thought that it might be him thrilled and frightened Andrew.

She stepped back to allow room and, in small groups, guests began to approach again. It was just like the initiation of the evening, with hands from all sides reaching to touch him, but this time there was no teasing to it and, oddly, this seemed to excite him all the more. Hands tugged at his cock, testing the length and girth, hefted his balls and rolled them to see how heavy they felt against the palm. Andrew felt his legs being nudged apart and a pair of small, feminine hands pried his buttocks apart while another hand slipped between to tease at his anus. He quivered, cock twitching, as he fought against a moan that threatened to escape him. Suddenly his chin was tugged down, mouth opened to its fullest extent by a conspiratorially smiling pair of men. The breath rushed out of Andrew all at once, his resolve to maintain his composure disappearing in that one moment. He cried out softly, letting his arms relax and be lifted away from his body by another inspecting pair of hands. Bodies pressed in against him, luxurious fabrics brushing his skin as the wearers leaned in to poke and prod and feel him. Finally it drew to an end, the half hour stretching out into days in Andrew’s mind, and he was surprised to open his eyes on a gaily milling gathering of chattering people. The blood thumped behind his eyes and it was echoed by a throbbing of his cock as he watched the man approach the microphone once more.

“Alright, then. Now that everyone’s had their chance, let’s let the auction commence.”

Andrew expected him to begin, but instead the man turned and looked significantly at Her and She stepped forward to speak quietly to Andrew.

“Darling, tradition is that, to enhance the bidding, you’re required to stroke your cock during the entire auction. This is supposed to increase the amounts being bid, since it will invigorate the crowd. Give them a good show.” and with that She stepped back.

The man continued to stare at Andrew until, swallowing hard, he took his cock in his hand for the first time in two days, and began to slowly stroke up and down the shaft. He had to bite his lip to keep from crying out, so wonderful was the sensation of his own hand on his cock. After a moment or two, the man nodded and turned back to the microphone to begin accepting bids.

Andrew barely heard any of it, save for the quiet calls of numbers that echoed inside of his head meaninglessly. He realized that the amounts began at one thousand and rapidly escalated from there, but that was as far as his rational mind could reach. Instead he was captivated by the sensation in his cock. It is something nearly miraculous to touch your cock yourself after a long period of not being allowed to, and it was almost more devastating than all of the touches that had come earlier in the evening, even Amelia’s mouth. Hundreds of eyes feasted on him as he was locked in his private struggle against orgasm, his already slow strokes starting to slow even further to keep himself from going over the edge. Soon it became apparent to Andrew, though, that only two voices were being heard alternatingly calling out amounts.

He came back to himself enough to hear Gerald calling out his bid, and it caused Andrew’s cock to pulse against his hand, almost sending him over the edge in that one instant. Andrew had to slow even further, his cock all but trembling as he switched to barely touching himself, avoiding the head of his cock entirely. Another voice rang out and Andrew looked toward it, spying a man far back in the crowd. He wasn’t quite as tall as Gerald, fairer of hair and eye, and he seemed to almost be pleased at the other man’s irritation at their competitive bidding. Andrew slowed his hand even more, gritting his teeth to fight against the impending orgasm. He hoped, feverishly, that one of the two would give in so that he would be allowed to stop. He didn’t even dare hope to come, but just to stop would be a blessing. He didn’t even care which of the two men finally won.

A hard, sharp sound barely penetrated Andrew’s consciousness, fogged as it was by his struggle with control, but the room grew quiet and suddenly Andrew was aware of another presence on the dais. The fair haired man was standing beside him, wearing a pleased smile. Somehow, to Andrew, it seemed at once friendly and slightly menacing. Almost like Hers. He felt the man’s hand close over his wrist and draw his hand away from his cock, and Andrew groaned loudly in disappointment, his cock bobbing up and down to the delight of the audience. Two soft hands drew his arms behind him and pinioned his wrists, causing Andrew to look around, but he was unable to see who it was. She was standing nearby, smiling triumphantly, and Andrew found himself in a state of intense confusion.

The man laughed and slipped his arm behind Andrew’s back, cupping his buttocks, while his other hand moved to his cock. Warm, but with a hard, unyielding feeling of masculinity so surprisingly arousing to Andrew, he felt the other man’s hand wrap around his cock and begin to stroke him. Unlike the soft, careful touches he himself had been using, this man pumped his cock with full, quick strokes, his palm sliding up over the head and twisting gently around it before slipping back down. It was only moments before Andrew was crying out and begging softly between gasps, unsure if he was begging for them to stop or to let him come. All he could utter was a desperate “Please! Please!”

Finally, She came up behind him and moved I against his ear, pressing the other woman behind him up against his body, and the man’s hand closer against his ass. Gathered there, in a delectable group around the struggling Andrew, they made quite a display for the hungry eyes of the guests. Lips pressed against his ear, She whispered.

“Come now.”

With a wrenching cry, Andrew pressed himself forward into the man’s hand, rocking his hips against the touch until he finally felt him entire body quake as the orgasm overtook him. Jet after jet of come erupted from him, falling to the floor of the dais, almost invisible against the tile except for the sheen beneath the lights. Quiet applause broke out amongst the guests and the party began to break up with laughter and discussion, as the dais lost its attraction for them and individuals prepared to leave. Andrew slumped back against Her as She cradled him, gasping and panting. The other woman slipped out from behind and smiled at him, and Andrew was shocked to see that it was the redhead who had been bound to his right.

Andrew half expected for Her to tell him to kneel and lick up his mess, but before She could the man gestured to the luscious redhead and she dropped to begin delightedly licking the tile clean. Watching her ass as she crawled across the floor was almost enough to make Andrew’s cock stir again. Almost. He forced himself to look away, though, and close his eyes to relax against Her as She stroked and petted his tired body. The man leaned down, looking directly at Andrew, but speaking to Her.

“I’ll call and arrange a time for you both to come. I’m looking quite forward to it, though it was really Julia that wanted me to buy your boy here.”

Andrew felt Her nod, and heard a quiet laugh. “Alright, James. I’m so glad you came tonight. Otherwise we might have a date with Gerald and Amelia and I don’t think Andrew would like that much.”

Andrew trembled at the thought and opened his eyes slowly, looking up at James, the one who had spent so much money to acquire time with him. James smiled broadly, displaying perfect, dazzlingly white teeth.

“I look forward to seeing you, pet. Indeed I do.”

With that, Julia rose to her feet and the two of them left the hall. Andrew slumped against Her and nuzzled into Her neck, almost hiding from the world against Her body as She sat stroking his hair.

“You were so very good tonight, darling. I only hope you can be just as good when the time comes and give James his money’s worth. Come on, let’s go home and you can rest. Then we’ll discuss exactly what I expect of you when the time comes.”

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