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The Massage

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I am a punctual person, as a matter of fact, I am more than punctual. On the norm, I would say I am at least 15 to 20 minutes early for every appointment I have. Unless, of course, I am distracted in some way, then I am only 5 to 10 minutes early.

Such was the case this afternoon, as I arrived 15 minutes early for my 4pm appointment.

I wasn’t entirely certain what to expect as I pulled into the long driveway. The only thought that crossed my mind, was that I was happy the neighborhood was at least decent.

I had found out about this place from a friend of mine, who told me that if I wanted the best massage to go here. Normally, I am pretty wary of places like that, but it seemed legit when I looked it up, so I made my appointment.

I slid out of my truck and made my way to the front door. Neighbors were outside working on the lawn, cars driving by, just a normal Monday afternoon. Definitely, not a house of ill repute, so I shouldn’t have to worry about cops busting down the door!

I rang the doorbell and was greeted by a young lady wearing sweats. She looked to be a mix of oriental and white, her long black hair hanging down to her mid-section. Her small face lit up with a smile as she ushered me into the house and directed me to her studio.

“You can get undressed in the changing room,” she said, “there is a place for you to place your belongings and a robe for you to wear. Please remove all clothing.”

I slipped behind the changing room door and shed my clothes. Donning the robe, I exited and made my way to the massage table. “Ok, so you want a full body massage, yes? Where are you the sorest?”

“Yes, I wanted a full body massage. I am actually the most sore on my back and hamstrings, from push mowing the yard all weekend.”

She motioned towards the table and asked me to disrobe and lay down on my stomach. Following her direction, I slipped off the robe. Suddenly aware that I was now naked before this nubile young woman, I couldn’t help but wonder what she looked like underneath her sweats. That was the only thought I needed, as I felt the familiar stirring in my groin area signaling arousal.

Taking her cue, I lay down on my stomach, adjusting myself for comfort. I felt a towel slide over my bare ass, and I knew she was all business. Keeping my face down, I lay there anxiously awaiting her fingertips.

I heard some rustling off to the side, followed by the sound of a mobile cart rolling up next to me. I flinched slightly as her hands touched the back of my calves. I felt some oil being dropped on my legs, followed by her expert fingers beginning to kneed my sore muscles.

Her touch was heavenly, as she worked her way up my legs. All soreness was dissipating rapidly as she worked the massage in and around my sore legs and muscles. Up my calves, she worked, massaging them, sliding her hands up my inner thighs and backsides of my legs.

It was exquisite, only interrupted by her adding more oil to my skin. I felt her hands slide up my inner thighs, pushing the towel up slightly as her fingers brushed against my balls. Electricity shot up and down my spine when she grazed my groin and I am positive I let out a moan.

She worked around my ass, massaging the oil into the backside of my legs and thighs. Her soft, yet firm fingers worked magic on my legs. I felt her hands slide up and cup my balls, gently massaging them and rolling them in her fingers.

I lifted my hips slightly, and felt her oiled hand run up the length of my hard cock, squeezing me lightly. This time I did moan, and loudly too. I heard her giggle lightly and then she released my cock, sliding her hand back over my balls and between my legs.

I felt some warm oil drop between my legs as she began to rub the area between my asshole and ball sack. Her fingers massaged that area expertly, teasing my poor balls and area around my ass. I don’t think my cock has ever been so hard as it was right then, straining against the massage table. It took all amount of will power to keep from flipping her over the table right then and there.

She left that area just as quickly as she got to it, leaving me wanting for her touch as she worked the rest of the way up my back. I have to admit, her hands were wonderful against my sore back as she kneeded all the tenseness out of my system. By the time she was done, the only tense muscle left in my body was the rock hard cock that lay underneath me.

I felt her hands once again slide down my back, massaging their way down to my ass. She slipped up next to me, and I felt the towel slip off my backside. Her hands slid over my asscheeks and cupped my behind.

I felt more oil dropping onto my cheeks, followed by her soft hands as she massaged my rear end expertly. Then she worked between my cheeks, her fingers working down my asscheeks, grazing my asshole and finishing up at my balls.

As her fingers slipped over my asshole I moaned loudly again and heard her whisper, “Lift your hips a little.”

I did as directed, lifting my hips up off the table, pulling myself up slightly by legs. I felt her hand slip around my hard cock once again. The oil slick on her fingers as she gripped my steely pole and began massaging the flesh.

It felt surreal as she began massaging my hard cock with her left hand. I felt something brush against my upper thighs and realized she had moved the towel underneath my waist. Then I felt her right hand back at the area between my asshole and balls.

As she began stroking my hard cock with my left hand, I felt her fingers begin massaging me between my legs once again. I could feel the pressure of her fingers as she alternated between massaging my balls and area in between.

I felt her oil slick fingers slide up my backside, coming to rest against my anus. I almost jumped when I felt the tip of her finger press against my asshole. “Shhh….relax…”

I felt her left hand increase its speed as she steadily jerked off my rock hard cock. Then, unexpectedly, I felt her finger slip into my asshole. My already hard cock strained to grow even hard as she began massaging my prostate in time with her left hand stroking me.

My head began to reel, as she urged me to a kneeling position. My head was hanging and I looked down watching as she simultaneously jerked my hard cock and massaged my asshole. It was intense, and I was ready to explode.

Pre-cum was oozing from the tip of my cock, mixing with her oiled hand, coating my skin and hers. I began to moan uncontrollably, as my cock began to swell ready to explode.

I felt her hand slide down my cock, holding me. At the same time, I felt her finger slip all the way into my asshole up to the knuckle. It was too much for me and I nearly passed out as her hot mouth clamped over the head of my straining cock.

I came with such force that I felt like I was going to blow the back of her head off with my load. I seemed to cum forever as she continued to stroke my cock and massage my asshole with her finger.

I watched as she gulped greedily, swallowing every bit of my seed as it gushed into her mouth filling it to overflowing. As my cumming began to subside, my cock was still twitching straining to dump more into her willing mouth.

She dislodged my cock from her mouth and pulled her finger from my ass. She smiled at me sweetly and pushed me back on to the table. I had never felt so relaxed and yet so drained at the same time.

I slipped off the table and thanked her for such a relaxing massage. As I got dressed, I got to know a little more about her. This was her father’s house and he was nice enough to set her up with a studio to practice her trade. She had just opened the business a few days before, and hadn’t had much business, but was glad she could be of help to me.

I paid my fee, and with rubbery legs I made my way to the door.

It was then that I noticed the framed photo on the wall… my coworker, his wife and his young daughter that had just given me the best massage ever…

If he only knew how prophetic his words had turned out…

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