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Two Years of Sin Ch. 01

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From the outside it looked like a nice upper middle class home, but in reality it was a studio for shooting porn. We, meaning my sister and I, were sitting on a huge white couch. My sister was wearing only a pair of red boy cut panties and a matching bra. She was wearing a bit more makeup than I was used to seeing her wear. With her shoulder length blond hair she still had that girl next door look, but the look was starting to edge toward slutty girl next door. I was wearing jeans over a pair of boxer briefs and a T-shirt.

In a semi circle around the front of the couch was lighting equipment, umbrella reflectors, sound equipment, and couple video monitors. There were also a few technicians, mainly a sound guy, 2 movie camera guys, and still camera guy. And then there was Synn Sin, who sat out of the way, she was the girl I thought I was going to be fucking all by myself in a scene.

There was no girl next door quality to Synn at all. Her hair was dyed pink and cut in a Betty Paige style. She had a nose ring going through her right nostril. She had another ring going around lower right lip. A small gold chain connected the two rings. Thick mascara outlined her blue eyes. Her eye shadow was black. Her lipstick was glossy pink. Of course, her tongue was pierced. She had large hoop earrings and had a black studded collar around her neck. There was jewelry hanging from her navel. She was heavily tattooed, but most attention getting were the words tattooed boldly above her panty line, FUCK MY PUSSY. If a picture was needed for the entry ‘slut’ in a dictionary the picture would be one of Synn.

It was only a few minutes earlier that I found out that my sister was going to be in the scene also. To think that fucking a girl with ones sister along side to help would be a incredibly life changing would be true is one thing, but to know that this experience was to lead to even more incredible changes was another thing altogether. As exciting as this moment was I had no clue that this was the beginning of a roller coaster two years.

Chad Lexington entered the room like a roman general in a celebrating a triumph. He was a star of porn’s pioneering days of the seventies and a true woodsman. He fought court battles and did time in jail and in the end became one the heroes of the porn industry. Now he was a porn director. He always had a small entourage with him on the set and he was the parody of the egoistical porn director. He just didn’t know it. He came in wearing white slacks, an Hawaiian shirt, a pair of shades, and a white stetson on his head. A woman with an incredible rack, who I later learned was Chad’s third and at the time, his current wife, was taking notes. There was another guy with him, Mike, who was his bodyguard/gopher. When they, the entourage, were entering Mike was carrying Chad’s Directors chair.

Chad greeted everyone and then sat down in his Directors chair. He then began a short speech.

“Okay, this scene is going to be a bit unusual. I realize this is not an incest film, but since you are both brother and sister I need to talk a bit about the law concerning incest. Basically the law in this state is no sexual intercourse between blood relatives. The trick is, what is the definition of sexual intercourse. I have some experience with prosecutors. They will try to define sexual intercourse as broadly as possible. I want to make it hard for prosecutors. So Robert, what I mean is wait until you get home to pop your sister’s pussy.”

Chad: So lets get started. Why don’t you two introduce yourselves.

Penny: Hi, I’m Penny and this handsome guy is my brother….

Robert: Robert.

Chad: And you two are here to fuck?

Penny: Well, (giggle) not each other. We’re going to fuck another girl. (giggle)

(camera zooms in on Penny)

Chad: Okay Penny, what are you giggling about?

Penny: (giggle) I’m sorry. I gotta control myself. Anyhow, Robert didn’t know until we got here that we were going to fuck a girl together. He was under the impression we were going to fuck in separate scenes.

(camera zooms out so Penny and Robert are seen sitting together on a couch)

Chad: Does that make you nervous, Robert?

Robert: Yeah. I guess so.

Chad: I understand, Robert, this is your first porn shoot?

(Robert nods a yes)

Chad: And Penny, how long have you been doing porn?

Penny: A little over two years.

Chad: And in those two years you’ve gained a reputation not only for your beautiful ass and tits, but you are one of the nastiest talking sluts in the industry. I must admit you also give the sloppiest blowjobs I have ever seen on film or anywhere else. Do bad we won’t get to see your cock sucking skills today.

Penny: (giggles)

Chad: Robert, have you seen any of Penny’s scenes?

Robert: Seeings how she’s my sister I have avoided them. So the answer is no.

(Penny reaches over and holds Roberts hand)

Chad: So how does it feel knowing you are about to do a scene with her? Does it turn you on?

Penny: Be honest.

Robert: It does a little bit.

Penny: A little bit? Shit, I bet you’re hard already. Is your cock hard?

(Robert averts his eyes and nods yes)

(Penny looks at Robert)

Penny: When we get home I want you to watch some of my scenes.

Chad: Thats right you live together. Don’t you?

Penny: Yes, but we have our own bedrooms, if thats where you are leading.

Chad: Do you see each other in buff at home.

Penny: (Penny covers her mouth with hand and giggles) No. Maybe after today it won’t matter.

Chad: You seem to be really getting turned on.

Penny: My pussy is really fucking wet.

Chad: Maybe we should bring in the other girl before things get out of hand.

(The camera zooms back further so that the whole couch is now in view)

(The clicking of high heels are heard just before Synn walks into view)

Chad: Ah, sit down between them. Why don’t you tell us your name.

Synn: My name’s Synn.

Chad: And what are you doing here to do today?

Synn: I’m here to get fucked. I’m here to suck cock, eat pussy, and get my ass and pussy pounded.

Chad: You and Penny have done scenes together before?

(Synn rubs Penny’s leg and nods a yes)

Synn: She’s fuckin hot.

Chad: What do think about doing Penny and brother at the same time?

Synn: I think thats fuckin hot, too. I love her. She’s such a fuckin whore. I want to eat her pussy while her brother fucks me.

(Synn begins to rub Robert’s crotch)

Synn: Do want to watch me eat your sister’s pussy.

(Synn tugs on the zipper to Robert’s jeans and pulls out his cock)

Synn: I wanna suck this cock a bit first.

The Act

The rules set between me and Penny were no penetration by finger, tongue, or dick to any orifice belonging to Penny. Supposedly if we followed this rule there would be no incest. Now, with Synn kneeling between my legs with my cock in her mouth and my sister’s hands pushing the back of Synn’s head down further making her gag on my cock head, making spit fly out any open space between my cock and Synn’s pink lips and gug gug sounds coming out of Synn’s mouth I wasn’t so sure that we were not already committing incest. I looked over at the monitor just as Synn came up for air. Strings of saliva arched from Synn’s lower lip to my hard slippery cock. There was even saliva hanging from the chain that hung between Synn’s nose and lip. Penny was now on her knees next to Synn getting a close up view. Penny spoke directly into Synn’s ear.

“You like sucking my brother’s cock, bitch. You nasty cock sucking whore. You should see the way you are drooling slut.”

“Fuck yeah, I love sucking this cock.”

Just inches from my cock Penny and Synn’s lips met, their tongues exploring each others mouths.

“Mmm, can you taste your brothers cock on my lips.”

The girls pulled each others tops off. Penny begins to suck one of Synn’s pierced nipples and then biting on a nipple ring and tugging. Like a choreographed dance they took their bottoms off. I see my sister rub her pussy slit with one of her fingers.

“Suck his cock some more while I play with myself. Oh yes! Suck my brother’s beautiful cock,” says Penny.

I was feeling a twinge of guilt. Okay, twinge of guilt is an understatement. My sister had left our home in Arizona at the age of 18 to become a porn star. Now, a little more than two years later I have turned 18 and have come to California to live with my sister to see if I can break into the business and become a male porn star. I knew it was easy for a woman to get into the business, but almost impossible for a male. I had an ace up my sleeve according to my thinking. I had a sister in the business. My sister would do anything for me. My parents disowned her when she left to do porn. Now my parents had disowned me. I was Penny’s only family now and she was my only family. I asked her to get me into the business. She told me she would try. One evening she came home and told me there was a scene for me the next day. Unknown to me she made an agreement with the producers to do a soft incest scene with me. We would do a sex scene with another girl, but I would never penetrate Penny in any way. No intercourse, no incest

As I drifted out of my guilt coma I realized my sister had crawled up on the couch with me. I was kneeling and Synn was on her back, her head between my legs sucking on my cock. Penny quickly stood on the couch cushions grabbed me by the hair with one hand and with her other hand shoved two of her fingers into her pussy and began to franticly play with her herself. She pulled my hair until my face was only about 6 inches from her pussy.

“Do you like watching me play with myself? Do you like watching your sister play with her pussy?,” she cried out.

I became hypnotized looking at my sister, seeing her wet finger gliding into her clean shaved slit. The head of my sister’s clit had to be the size of a dime and it looked like a miniature cock. Her pussy was getting so wet it looked positively gooey. At the same time I could feel Synn, her head still between my legs, going wild sucking my cock. I felt like I was about to cum. I wanted badly to suck Penny’s pussy.

“Oh, shit,” I shouted.

Penny released me. Laughing she called me a sick fuck.

I grabbed Synn by the hair and jerked her head down pulling her mouth off of my shaft. Her face was wet, covered with spit bubbles. Her mascara was running down her cheeks. I was shocked by her eyes. They looked almost catatonic.

“Fuck my ass,” she blurted out. “Please fuck my ass now. Make me Show you what a dirty little slut I am.”

Synn just laid there on her back. Penny hopped off the couch and grabbed Synn’s ankles, pulling them back so that Synn’s feet were almost level with her own head.

“Oh yeah, fuck her ass.”

Still holding Synn’s ankles my sister straddled her face.

“Eat my pussy while my sick ass brother fucks your ass, you nasty slut.”

I got on my knees on the couch so that the knob of my cock was touching the bud of Synn’s ass. My sister leaned forward from her position straddling Synn. As Penny lowered her head for a second I thought she was going down to suck my cock. Her face just inches from Synn’s asshole and my cock Penny paused a second then spit onto Synn’s asshole. She worked the saliva with her fingers into that ass and spit again. Now little rivulets of saliva were dripping down Synn’s ass crack. Then Penny spit on my cock. This left a connecting string of spit from my knob to my sister’s mouth. I could see in the monitor a close up of sister’s face as she stared at the camera and wiggled her tongue back and forth until the string loosened from her tongue. Penny pushed herself and wiggled her own bottom on Synn’s face.

“Suck that pussy, you fucking greedy bitch.”

Penny set her gaze on me, “Now, fuck her ass. Pretend its my ass. Show me how you’d fuck my ass.”

I pushed my hips forward and my cock head popped into Synn’s pucker hole. Synn let out a moan. I pushed my cock in until my whole shaft was buried to the hilt. Synn let out a high pitched scream that scared the shit out me. I heard my sister call back, “Shut up and take it whore”.

Penny again leaned forward and lowered her head. This time Penny knifed her tongue into Synn’s pussy while I pumped my cock in and out Synn’s ass. At Synn’s end of the couch the cameraman was positioning himself for a new shot. In the monitor I could see Synn’s tongue lapping at Penny’s clit. I noticed the faster I pounded her ass the faster she licked the clit. The cameraman moved over to get a shot of Synn’s ass getting reamed and at the same time get a shot of Penny licking pussy.

For a second I thought about it. The ‘it’ being Penny’s mouth. While fucking Synn’s ass my cock was only inches from Penny’s cunt lapping mouth. I could pull my cock out of that ass and pop it into Penny’s mouth in a heartbeat. It could certainly look like an accident. I only thought about doing ‘it’ for that second then I pulled myself out of Synn completely and leaned back to watch Penny and Synn sixty-nine. I start jacking off watching them. I see Penny’s eyes on me. It is as if she can read my thoughts.

“That’s it play with that cock, naughty boy, sick perverted naughty boy.”

The scene went on and I didn’t have much more time to jack off. We did what Chad asked of us. What he wanted was ten minutes of me fucking Synn’s ass, five minutes of me fucking Synn’s pussy and ten minutes of Synn sucking my cock. While this was going on Synn and Penny would eat each others pussies whenever possible. Then it was time for the money shot and my surprise.

Chad instructed me to stand up for the money shot. Synn was on her knees directly in front of me. Her face was glazed slick with saliva Penny was to her side, also on her knees. The cameraman positioned himself to be able to shot over my shoulder. A microphone was boomed directly above us. Synn began sucking my cock while my sister had grasped the back of Synn’s head by holding a fistful of her hair.

Synn sucked cock like her life depended on it. A string of saliva hung from her chin. My sister taunted her.

“Do you want that cum you greedy slut?”

“Oh fuck yes I want it. I want to taste that fucking cum.”

Synn was looking up at me with her slick mascara streaked face pleading for my white hot load to give her face the final touches. I could feel the tingling heat around my engorged cock head giving me warning I was soon going to unload. Synn let me free from her mouth as she let it open wide with her tongue stretched out waiting to catch my load. She was playing with her pussy and panting desperately. Penny still holding Synn by the hair placed her free hand under Synn’s chin as if to hold her cum wanting mouth open. Penny looked up at me.

“Jack off. I want to see you shoot your load. Shoot it in her mouth”.

I pointed my knob at Synn’s wagging tongue. I was right at the edge. If fact I was past the edge. I was at that moment just before explosion where the orgasm can not longer be stopped. It was then that Chad shouted to my sister, “Tell your brother the name of the dvd we’re shooting”.

My sister looked me straight in the eye and said, “Cum swapping divas”.

My legs began to buckle as I began to shoot strings of cum into Synn’s mouth. I thought I would never stop cumming as my cock pulsed out the load. Synn pulled her tongue in and I could see the pool of my milky sperm in her mouth. She tilted my sister’s head and with pursed lips just inches above my sister’s open mouth parted those lips letting my sperm drip into Penny’s waiting mouth.

“Shallow your brother’s cum you depraved bitch”, Synn told her.

I was gently pushed aside for the camera to get a close up of my sister’s open mouth displaying the cum. Then Penny closed her mouth and opened it again to show the camera that she had shallowed the load.

The Beginning

Penny was still inside the house where our scene was shot. She had some business to talk over with the producers. I was sitting in the drivers side of Penny’s Mustang GT. I was struggling with my thoughts. One moment, I would have my mind convinced that what me and Penny did was not incest, then another moment my heart would tell me we had crossed the line big time. The big thought I was struggling to push back was that I wanted more activities with my sister. For the first time in my life I explicitly thought of fucking her. Before this epiphany I had successfully avoided looking at any of my sisters porn scenes. Now I knew I would start watching them. I would not be able to help myself. Penny had even sanctioned it during the pre-scene interview. Her remarks may have been just playing up to the camera, but my thoughts were racing toward watching Penny fuck and suck on DVD and me masturbating while watching. Then a rush of guilt swept through me. Penny was doing this because I wanted to get paid to fuck on camera. I wanted to get into porn and I was using her to get me in the door.

A knock on the car window startled me. It was Synn. I could see that in her street clothes she looked just as slutty as for the shoot. Her mascara was no longer running down her cheeks but it looked thick enough that it looked wouldn’t take much to get it running again. I lowered the window and Synn leaned in a bit, so close I could feel breath.

“I really enjoy getting down and working with you. You know, you really got a pretty dick.”

I was amused by her statement and I thanked her. I didn’t quite how to respond to a girl who tells me I have a pretty dick. Do I tell her she has a pretty pussy? Even after performing the most intimate acts on camera I was still quite shy in her presence. She reached into her carrying bag and pulled out a business card and handed it to me.

“Maybe we can hang out. I know some really cool clubs if you don’t mind the rainbow flags hanging outside.”

I must admit at the time I did not know what she meant by saying rainbow flags, but I did not reveal my ignorance.

“I think hanging out would be cool.”

“Well I got to go. By the way, your sister said she would be out in a few minutes. She’s talking over some business with Lenny.”

I had no idea who Lenny was, but I nodded that I understood. Synn walk over to a beat up Buick, got in and drove off. At the same moment the Buick disappeared down the street the mustang’s passenger door opened and Penny hopped in. I immediately noticed that, unlike Synn, Penny was wearing no make up. She looked like the girl next door. No, she looked like the sister I knew, the sweet sister I almost aways got along with growing up. She reached over with her hand and caressing the back of my head and gently playing with my hair. This was something she would do whenever she wanted to have a serious conversation with me. I don’t think she knew this was a habit of hers, but nonetheless it was her habit. It was her way of controlling a conversation.

“How are you feeling,” she asked.

“I don’t know. It was pretty intense.”

“You did good, Bobby. You just need to get a little more aggressive. Learn how to talk dirty. I was serious when I said that when we got home I wanted you to watch some of my scenes. If you are going to continue to pursue porn I mean. We need to talk about that.”

“Do you know why I am in porn? I’m in it because I’m what they used to call a nymphomaniac. I’m a slut, Bobby. I need porn. I need to suck and be fucked. I live for it. I think about it night and day. Yet, I am not like Synn. She doesn’t need porn. She can be a slut 24/7 and lives her life that way. She is in porn for the money. She doesn’t feel the need to use porn as an excuse to be a slut. I need an excuse. I can hide in porn. The depraved whore you saw today. Thats the real me, Bobby. When I saw your cock for the first time today it took all the willpower I had not to jump on your lap and pop my pussy with it. I’m a fucking whore and always have been. As long as I have porn I can be a prim and proper lady outside porn.”

“What about you, Bobby? Do you need porn? I just talked to Lenny. You haven’t met him, but he runs everything. He said he can’t use you unless you’re paired up with me. Its for the freak value. I’m doing a scene without you tomorrow. Do you want to know what I’m doing in the scene? I’m going to suck off ten guys out by the swimming pool. And I will be in heaven sucking each one of those cocks. Do want to know what Lenny wants us to do next? He wants us to pair up in a bi scene with another guy. Do you need porn, Bobby?”

A tear rolled down Penny’s cheek when she finished.

“Let’s go home,” she finally said. I put the Mustang in gear and pulled out of the driveway.

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