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The Massage

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Let me start by introducing myself.

Hi, I’m Ben and I am writing about this recent experience because it has given me a lot of pleasure replaying it in my mind and I would like others to share in that experience.

I am a good looking guy so my girlfriend tells me anyway, about 6ft, light brown hair, blue eyes with nice muscle definition and a hint of a six pack.

I like to look good for my girlfriend so I do a lot of training and trim or shave my body hair all over. As a result of the running and gym I was starting to ache a bit so after reading a few articles and talking to some friends I decided to go for a massage. I have never had one before so I started looking at a few adds online, after skipping though a few amateur ones that looked more like brothel adds I found a professional looking website that had a few client references on and a price list. I decided ‘in for a penny’, as it was my first time I would have the full body massage and hopefully that should last me for a while as they wasn’t cheap. I phoned up to book an appointment and a female receptionist answered, I hadn’t even thought about who would be doing my massage and didn’t want to explain to my girlfriend that some other woman had been rubbing her hands all over me, so, I explained to the lady what treatment I was after and then asked her if it could be a male masseuse, she was quite professional and assured me that it wasn’t a problem as most male massages were performed by men. We booked the time and date and I hung up feeling more relaxed already.

Three days later with the massage booked at 11.30, I thought I might as well get my monies worth and headed to the gym first thing. I did what I like to call a ’round robin’, a full body work out I usually use when I’m going out that evening. I finished about 10.30 giving me enough time to have a good shower and get to the massage parlour.

Walking into the reception I was greeted by a very beautiful brunette with a big smile and a bigger cleavage, as she greeted me I could tell by her voice this was the lady I had booked with. She asked me my name and told me I was in good hands today as it was her boyfriend giving me the massage and he was the best there. She asked me to take a seat; he would be along shortly as he was just preparing the room. I asked her if she would like paying now, she declined saying they much prefer taking payment after so they can make sure you’re satisfied and get some feedback.

I was sat waiting no more than 3 minutes reading a motorcycle magazine when the male masseur entered and WOW! I considered myself a full blooded heterosexual man until this point. I mean I had some homosexual fantasies and fooled around with some friends in my teens but no more than a little touching, I read that was normal and it had been forgotten. Now here was one of the best male specimens I had ever seen, he was toned to perfection, like you see on health magazine covers. He had sandy hair and blue eyes with a strong jaw line and the whitest teeth in the biggest smile as he greeted me, wearing a tight light blue top and a pair cream of shorts you could see the shape of every and I mean every muscle.

I thought he must have seen I was staring but he just walked up to me introduced himself as Harry and asked me to follow him to the room, as we walked I couldn’t help but take in the indents and ripples of his muscled shoulders, back and eventually his ass. I lifted my gaze just in time as he opened the door and gestured for me to enter. After a little explanation on what would be involved and what oils he would be using he went over to the shelf took a towel and handed it to me, he then asked me to undressed put the towel around my waist and he would be back in 5 minutes.

By now my head was spinning, what was happening to me, all these feelings were surfacing that I shouldn’t have. I was constantly trying to reign in my imagination. As the door clicked shut I started to undress in a trance and it wasn’t until I was naked with the towel in my hand that I realised it was quite a small towel and would only just goes round my waist. I snapped out of my reverie and fastened the towel the best I could but it still left a slit open down my leg and as it was so tight you could also clearly see the shape of my ass and the bulge of my flaccid cock.

I was stood on the other side of the bed as Harry re-entered the room, looking at him I could feel an all too familiar stirring in my loins and as I took in his magnificent form for a second time I could swear I saw him just looking me up and down like a piece of meat to devour, the thought made my cock twitch and as I look up I was sure I saw a wry smile on his face, but he turned away to the tray of oils.

He started to arranging the equipment and asks me to lay on the bed face down, with more than a little relief I quickly hopped on the bed and got into position I tried to discreetly adjusted myself so I was laying on what was now a clear semi. I’m sure he saw the movement but he displayed no sign if he had, I placed my face in the hole of the bed and finally started to relax as I felt his hands go to work on massage my shoulders.

As his hands worked firmly massaging the oil into the muscles of my back I started to feel more and more relaxed. Eventually I convinced myself I had imagined all the interactions and I was just feeling weird because I was a little bit horny.

I stated to breathe deep and everything felt as I imagined it would. I was just falling into in a semi-sleep when his movements got to my waist, his thumbs were kneading my lower back and started slipping under the edge of the towel, the extra thumbs around the waist were too much for the already tight fabric and I felt the fold break open underneath me, he must have noticed the change in my breathing but he carried on around my lower back and along the towel line.

Feeling no change in him I relaxed assuring myself that this is normal and I was overreacting because of my horny mood. He massaged to the nape of my ass, it was feeling so good and I was just wondering why I had left this so long when he stopped and put the rim of the towel back in place. He then took my arms one at a time and massaged them, starting at my fingertips and worked his way down slowly working every muscle until he reached my arm pit, it sent a strange sensation through me as he held my hand that felt so good I gave myself to it and became completely pliable, relaxing once again into a semi sleep trance like state, he moved around the table and repeated the massage on the other arm, I felt so much better and so relaxed.

He rested my arm back by my side then moved down to the base of my feet, bending my leg at the knee he started to massage my right foot working between the toes and around the ankle, his touch was at just the right pressure to not be ticklish but send amazing shock waves straight up my leg to my groin where my flaccid cock once again responded in kind, after only a few minutes of this manipulation I was fully awake and very horny but he seemed blissfully unaware.

Finishing with the right foot he placed it back down and moved to the left. The same sensations shot down my left leg, did he know he was driving me to distraction, my breathing had now become heavy again but for a different reason, and my cock betraying me completely was at full mast beneath me.

Finally he rested my foot back down, but as he did so I noticed they had been placed about a foot apart stretching the towel tight around the tops of my legs, giving him, from the bottom of the bed a clear view up the towel to my ass and balls. I was about to say something but then I thought this is probably normal, he did say in the briefing that he would get very close to my genitals during the full body massage. I had agreed it was ok as I would be covered. I didn’t want to cause embarrassment, my slowly subsiding erection was hidden beneath me and I had been told by a few women that I had a great ass. Besides all that though I was enjoying myself so I kept quiet.

His hands fresh with oil start massaging the back of my lower leg rubbing the heel of his hand into my calf in circular motions once done he re-oiled his hands, then in one smooth unexpected motion he slid his oily palms from the back of my knee all the way up the back of my leg and under the towel breaking it even further apart beneath me, as he reached the top I felt his fingers oh so lightly graze my scrotum then his hands came back to the knee again.

I jumped which he must have noticed because he asked if I was ok. I croaked back that it was fine and started telling myself it’s all ok and normal. It was then I realised I was no longer bothered, I was excited, I felt good. I mean it’s not like I was going to fuck the guy or something and everything so far could be my perverted imagination, massages are supposed to feel good. So fuck it I thought, just go with the flow.

I cleared my voice and repeated that all was ok and add that I was really enjoying myself and would have to do this more often, he told me “it was always nice to hear when people are enjoying themselves” and carried on massaging my upper leg. As he worked his way slowly up the muscle from my knee to my ass I stared to eagerly anticipate the moment he would brush my scrotum again or start kneading those hands into my firm smooth ass. I was filled with electric as I felt his hands go under the rim of the towel, I could feel the towels fabric tugging along under my body pulling my now rock hard cock with it to the side as his strong hands forced it wider and wider open.

He was now right up where my thigh meets my ass but wasn’t going any further, I was ready to burst and felt like pushing my ass back into his grasp like a slut when he stopped. He ran his hands all the way back down my leg then moving to the other side he started to do the same to the other leg. I was so worked up I felt flush and I could feel my cock like a steel bar beneath me, he slowly worked his way up my leg and it was as he reached the rim of the towel on this side I realised to my horror that this was the last part of my back he had to massage, after this he was going to ask me to turn over and as his hands slid under the towel on this side pulling it out, so very little was left underneath me I knew. When I turned over a tent wouldn’t be able to hide this erection never mind this flimsy cloth.

The panic had at least started to deflate my once raging hard on but his ministrations on my leg and thigh wasn’t helping things. As I felt him finish and run his hands down my legs I used every trick I could remember to get my cock to go down. I lifted my head to one side; he looked at me although it felt more like right through me and in his silky smooth voice asked me to turn over. I hesitated knowing my towel was undone but he had already turned to the cart to save my embarrassment, so a little relieved I rolled over.

I realised there was no point in fastening the towel as his hands would break it open and the fabric could be put to far better use if I draped it over myself and scrunched it up a little over my now semi-hard cock. I said ready and he turned around, fuck me this guy was hot and it may have been my imagination but the bulge in the front his shorts looked a lot bigger than the last time I saw it. Was he getting off on this as much as I was? A thought I immediately regretted it as I felt my cock stir. He walked over and placed the cushion in the face hole and another under my head his torso inches away from my face, so I could really smell that sweet musky aroma he was giving off. I laid my head back and tried to relax again hoping my attempts to hide my enjoyment had succeeded.

He re-oiled his hands, rubbing them together and as he reach for the front of my shoulders I closed my eyes and tried to relax once again. He worked from my shoulders to my chest when he crossed my nipples for the first time, I opened my eyes they had always been sensitive so his touch was electrifying me making me tingle with lust. I focused and he was right above me almost pinning me to the bed with his palms, the muscle on his arms and chest flexing with each movement.

I felt at his mercy, I had never given myself so completely to another person before, the feeling of losing control, letting go, him doing with me what he wanted was a massive turn on and that coupled with his ministrations was driving me wild. He looked straight into my eyes and I suddenly got the strongest urge to kiss him, not a gentle loving kiss but a raw animalistic passionate kiss, our strong arms would lock to each other as our lips connect and part to allow our probing tongues to taste and fuck each other’s mouths. Taking his strong jaw and neck in my hand and forcing myself further down his throat.

I was staring and he was staring back but worse than that I was getting hard again the realisation made me brake our gaze and instinctively looked down, he must have seen because he looked at the same time and to my shame we both saw I was ¾ hard and starting to tent the towel covering me. I was mortified and looked back to him but now he was staring, not at my face but at the rapidly growing tent in my towel. I was willing it to go down but looking at him taking in my growing erection meant my cock betrayed me and continued to rise.

He suddenly realised he was staring I think because he broke his gaze and turned to the tray of oils, while there he said to me in a bit of a shaky voice “don’t worry about it, it happens all the time and is a perfectly normal reaction”. Something told me though that his reaction wasn’t normal and when he turned around I knew for certain.

It was very clear he also had an erection, so much so that the outline of his cock was clearly visible now straining against the material and only millimetres from breaking out of the elastic waist band of his tight shorts. He saw where I looked and when I looked back up he looked to be blushing a little and wouldn’t look directly at me which was probably a good thing as I had also gone quite red with embarrassment. Seeing him in the same predicament however did help a little and as he tentatively worked his way down my torso and oblique’s my tent started to come down a little although the outline of what was under there remained quite clear.

As he massaged my core he remained focused on that area and never looked at my face, I did see him steeling glances at the rise in the cloth and couldn’t blame him as I was doing the same. He had also deflated a little which was probably a good thing as I don’t think his shorts would have held him in much longer, now though there was a wet spot on the front, he was leaking pre-cum. So was I, but luckily the towel hid mine.

I started to wonder as I stared at the outline what his cock looked like, would it be curved like mine. I could judge the width and length from what I had seen earlier. I moved my gaze up and thought about his hard abs and pecks, his nipples were now erect and I wondered , would they be as sensitive as mine, if I rolled them in my fingers would they make his cock twitch against me.

I stopped then because I realised I was imagining making love to this man. I’m straight and not a confused teen any more. I don’t fantasise about men. This was getting very confusing; I wanted him, when what I should be wanting is his girlfriend the secretary. What was wrong with me?

I looked back down as he reached the rim of the towel I was nervous, excited and confused, my cock still ¾ erect was at the rim so surely he wouldn’t reach his hands under like he had done on my back. If he did he would have no way no avoiding touching me. The thought pulsed through me causing my cock to twitch right in front of him.

He reached for the towel and I held my breath, did I want him to touch me? I didn’t know, I was in a panic but I wasn’t making any moves to stop him and as he reached in I closed my eyes and he moved the edge of the towel draped on the bed to in between my legs, he did the same on the other side forming the towel into a pouch over my groin I know I let out an audible sigh of relief so I kept my eyes closed as once again he went to the bottom of the bed and started working the oil on my feet with his skilled hands.

The same sensations I felt earlier came flooding back the tingle shooting straight up to my cock. How could he do this to me I thought as once again the towel around my groin started to lift. I opened my eyes and he was looking at me with a hint of a smile, I returned the gesture and once again ran my gaze down his neck, over his muscled chest and chiselled abs, reaching his hips and groin, I remember feeling happy because he was also at full mast and had a large wet spot where the tip of his cock strained the material of the shorts.

He saw where I was looking and at that point I think we both knew where this was headed.

He moved to the side of the bed as he worked up massaging the oil into my leg, I relaxed a little in my mind releasing myself to the inevitable but my heart was still pounding. We were both now openly but still cautiously eyeing each other when he reached my groin. Re-oiling his hands and standing by my hips he reached in and I’m sure I felt a tremble as he ran his hands over my hips and down my groin, he went around the towel and never touched the bulging fabric, as his hands crossed to the other side of my hips he had to lean over and that’s when we reached the point of no return.

As he leaned into the bed the hard shaft of his erection pressed into the back of my hand, I think it was an accident because he jumped a little pulling his hips back, but all this served to do was run the length of his shaft down the back of my hand till I felt the wet of his pre-cum and the hard tip of cock. He froze where he was and without much thought I turned my hand and ran the tips of my fingers back down his cotton clad shaft causing him to twitch violently as I reached the base.

I didn’t know but as my fingers had run down his cock I had inadvertently pulled the already strained elastic waist band down freeing the top of his shaft from its imprisonment. I ran my fingers back along the outline of his shaft then three quarters up I stopped. There was no longer soft cotton at my fingertips but the unmistakable feel of skin, silky smooth, warm skin. Harry backed away and I looked down, just before he covered himself with his palms I managed to glimpse his thick shaft and the swollen shining purple head of his engorged cock, it was dripping with pre-cum.

He grabbed a towel and wrapped it around himself apologising as fast as he could. I told him “don’t worry about it, it’s a perfectly normal reaction” he smiled and the relief on his face was clearly visible, as was the bulge in his towel. He pulled off his shorts and asked if I wanted him to continue, I said I wanted nothing more at this time.

Steeling himself and re-oiling his hands he walked to the other side of me and started to massage my leg, I thought he worked his way up to my groin a lot faster on this side but when he arrived there my hand was palm up and a willing recipient to his heavy cock. Though semi erect it was protruding out but still under his towel. Once again I could feel the cotton covered tip of his cock pressing against my palm as he reached over to start work on my hips and groin, I started giving him a massage of my own at this point working my hand over the bulging head and down the shaft of his cock. Changing my grip from hard to soft over and over wanting to feel his flesh once again, rock hard and pulsing in my hand. He in turn was being a lot more thorough with his massage this time around going under the towel between my legs and deep into my thighs.

This felt so good I opened my legs to give him better access and felt my scrotum come to rest on the back of his hand; if he felt it he didn’t miss a beat and continued work his way between my legs. With one oily hand he massaged the area between my cock and ass with the perfect pressure each time working his way deeper into the cleft of my ass, the other hand was now massaging my pubic area all the way across my body. This meant that each left to right movement went under the towel and between where my fully erect cock was pressing on my stomach.

We might as well have been jerking each other off by now and he must have thought the same because in one motion he turned his hands, the one between my thighs wrapped around the base of my cock and the other he simply rotated to take hold of my hard shaft, it felt so good that I let out a long moan as his oily hands worked their long strokes up and down my raging hard on, causing pre-cum to ooze from the tip helping make his grip on me so slick.

It took me a second to recover my senses, then I knew what I wanted I took my hand off of his cock grabbed the towel at the knot and threw it to the ground. It was amazing as his cock sprung free and came to rest pointing at the sky; it was seven inches of the most beautiful cock I had ever seen. He was thick and smooth with small veins visible down his gently curving shaft; the pinkie purple head was the perfect sized crown, not to bulbous but had an angry flare like it was waiting to explode. I took him in my hand again and never wanted to let go, my first movement sent a torrent of pre-cum running down the back of his shaft, I ran my hand up over it, scooping it up I started to massage it into the tip of his cock, then down his shaft as more and more pulsed free. His eyes rolled, his body spasmed and he let out a growl from the bottom of his throat as I went to work on that gorgeous cock.

He threw my towel off the bed leaving me completely naked and at his mercy on the bed and as he re-gripped me I looked up watching him stare at me as I had him, My cock was a bit longer by the look but even though I was thicker than the average man Harry had me beat in that department. As I watched him taking in what he saw I realised this was very new territory for both of us. He looked up after a minute and locking my gaze on his, we just stared at each other for a while all the time massaging each other, feeling and taking in the sensations of pleasuring another man in such an intimate and lustful way.

I massaged him as he did to me, I could feel his heartbeat in the pulse of his cock now. It made me feel so close to him but I wanted to be closer, I didn’t know how but that is what I wanted. Going with these urges and wanting to hold him tight I squeezed on his shaft with my fist feeling his steel like hard on in my hand, as I saw the pre-cum leaked from the tip I kept my grip but ran my thumb over the slit to spread it around.

This must have done something amazing to him because his legs gave for an instant, in his rush to balance his took his hands of my cock and placed one on my chest and one on the edge of the bed. He was bent over right above me looked straight at me and without any hesitation we kissed. Taking my hands from his cock I raised up as he lowered himself, our lips met a second before our chests I felt his warmth through his shirt, it was wrong so I broke the kiss and pulled the shirt over his head. I took less than a second to take in his naked form because all I wanted was his lips back on mine.

Taking the back of his head in one hand and propping myself up with the other I pulled him into me once again this time as our lips met and I felt his firm chest touch mine I felt good. I closed my eyes and opened my mouth and pushed my tongue out to explore my lover’s mouth, he responded and our tongues intertwined our lips mashed together. We must have both been used to being the dominant kisser because it was a beautiful aggressive kiss with each of us wrestling for possession of our lover’s mouth.

I slowly lay back as we kissed bringing him with me down to the bed, rubbing my oily chest against him. I took my free hand that was no longer needed to prop me up and starting at his face I slowly worked it down his body feeling his naked chest and torso for the first time. It felt so good having those powerful muscles in my hands. I continued to explore every inch with my fingers as our kiss went on finding his erect nipples and remembering the beautiful torture he had visited on me it was time to see if I could repay him in kind. I took one in my hand and gently squeezed it between my fingertips as he let out a low moan that echoed in my mouth I knew I had my prey.

I took the other in my fingertips but this time as squeezed I pulled slightly, he pulled away from the kiss with a low growl and standing to his full height with every muscle tense he looked straight in my eyes and pounced onto the bed. He knelt with one leg between mine, we looked each other up and down and I don’t know what my expression said to him, but he was looking at me like a lion would size up his prey.

Without a word between us he pressed his lips back to mine, the smacking of our lips as we kissed seemed so loud I thought someone must hear us. I could feel our cocks sliding around on each other as he ground his hips into me. My lust taking over and without thinking I placed one hand on the back of his head and the other on his perfectly muscled ass. I pulled on him forcing our embrace to become harder, our entire bodies were writhing like oiled snakes all over each other. I couldn’t get him close enough to me I wanted him, all of him inside me.

That thought hit me like a bolt of lightning. Did I really want him inside me?

It took less than a second to decide Fuck yeah I did, if it would sake this thirst I had that made me lust to be with this man I would take him any and every way I could have him. Whilst holding his face tight to mine and fucking his mouth with my tongue I wriggled my body up the fraction I needed, bent my leg out from under him, this forced his hot body away from mine and as my leg slipped free his body fell back on me crushing those rippled abs against my cock and bringing his swollen throbbing hard on to rest between my legs.

It was now he figured out what I was doing and almost with alarm on his face he opened his eyes and pulled away from the kiss. I smiled a small smile to reassure him as I saw the care and fear flash through his eyes, my heart was pounding then I pulled his hips in making the tip of his gorgeous cock slip between my cheeks and touch the entrance to the only virgin territory left on my body.

He placed his hand round the back of my head, gave me the gentlest kiss then closed his eyes as he rested his forehead on mine. Slowly and softly he started moving his hips I closed my eyes enjoying the sensations of him massaging my hole with the tip of his cock, it felt so good and in my heart I wanted him so bad, I felt him finally apply more pressure to gain entrance into me but the tip slipped away.

After the second attempt I couldn’t take it anymore I needed him so I run my hand from his ass to the base of his cock, down the length of him till I felt where the only man I had ever wanted in my life was about to give me the fulfilment I craved. I held him there and gave him a soft kiss to let him know it was time.

He got the message and I felt him start to push, I don’t know if it was the oil but I felt the head of his beautiful cock slide into me so easily. It made me wince, which I don’t think he saw but it wasn’t really painful. As he lowered his hips and body, never opening his eyes or taking his head from mine I felt my only male lover take my virginity and slowly fill me up with the only thing I wanted on this plant at that moment.

He came to rest on me and even though he was only three quarters in I felt so full and so happy, opening his eyes he smiled at me before bringing his lips to mine. We kissed but now it was slow and sensual our tongues had ended the war and were now doing a dance between our lips. He started to slowly pull his hips back withdrawing just a couple of inches of his hot pulsing cock from me, we both let out a low moan in unison as the amazing sensations washed over us, then just as slowly he pushed it back in. he did this a few times so tenderly but each time he got deeper and deeper until I felt his pelvis against me and I knew he was all the way in.

He held it there and I will admit it was a little uncomfortable but within what seemed like moments of feeling his hot cock pulse and twitch inside me I was fine, I was better than fine I was having one of the most sensual experiences of my life. Slowly he withdrew from me again but this time nearly all the way, when he push back in his body rolled up over my cock, I was so hard it was hurting and that couple with the sensation of being fucked by this beautiful man nearly made me explode right there between our oiled hard bodies.

I let out a moan and threw my head back and he must have taken this as a good sign because he started to fuck me with long strokes of his rigid sexy meat. I had my head back one hand round his neck and the other on his ass; looking into his now open eyes I used the hand on his ass to pull him into me. We just stared into each other’s eyes like there was some unspoken communication between us. I needed him deeper and with each thrust now he tried to comply, getting faster and faster he fucked me till the bed was creaking and threatening to break apart between us.

I was so close to cumming, I didn’t know how that was possible at the time although I do now. I do not know if he sensed that or not but he lifted himself up on his arms so I had to let go of his neck took hold of my raging hard on and started his massage once again. His grip felt like ten thousand volts through me. I pushed my free hand on his chest and instinctively found his nipple. Pulling him into me as I pulled on that bud must have done something amazing because I felt him swell in me. This was more than I could take and as he tightened his grip on my dick I exploded like never before I threw back my head but kept my eyes on his and through my blurry vision I saw ropes of my thick cream splashing off of his body and felt it falling onto mine. There was so much cum it covered us in a torrent and my orgasm seemed to go on and on.

The swelling I felt as I pulled his nipple must have been him holding back because as soon as my first load splash off his chest he let out a long loud growl and buried his beautiful flesh sword in me right to the hilt. He placed most of his weight on my hand on his chest I could feel his cock twitching inside me, his eyes were closed but he was trying to open them. He gave tiny involuntary thrusts each time he let a burst of his seed free inside me, he must have filled me with a massive load because I could already feel it running down my ass and soaking the bed beneath me.

When he was finally able to open his eyes he was smiling that big smile and I was smiling right back. He took his cum soaked hand from around my shaft placed it gently on my cheek and relaxed on top of me, we didn’t say a word but just looked at each other then kissed once on the lips. I could feel him deflating inside me as we lay there covered in oil and cum.

As the euphoria died off I started to think clearly about what I had done, and more importantly who with, guilt mixed in with my emotions then and he must have felt the same because he lifted his head up gave me an obligatory smile as he pulled all the way out of me and got off the bed. As soon as the head popped free from my freshly fucked hole I felt the torrent of cum follow but he grabbed a towel and immediately started to clean me all over with those amazing hands.

Once done I sat up on the edge of the bed, he was stood in front of me towel in hand and that beautiful cock hanging between his legs. I asked him if he had ever done anything like that before, he told me no he had fantasised but had never felt the need to take it further until he saw me in the waiting room. On hearing this my cock gave its usual inappropriate response and started to get hard and I did my usual thing in this environment and made the joke that when he decides to take things further he doesn’t do it half arsed. This got a little laugh as I had hoped.

I sat there on the bed while he looked at the floor and nervously thumbed the towel covered in cum, and then plucking up the courage I told him it had been one of the best experiences of my life. He looked up at me and I saw the relief on him as his shoulders relaxed, he told me it was amazing for him too but he didn’t know how to say so or if he should. He told me before this he was sure he was a normal straight guy and now, well this.

I told him I felt exactly the same and really needed to think a few things over and get my head around what had just happened and how it affected my life. I gave him my number in case he wanted to talk some more, actually with him naked in front of me I was getting horny again fast and was already thinking of doing a little more than talking. He took the number down and said he would probably need to chat in a few days we smiled at each other and I got off the bed and started to get dressed.

On the way out I went up to the desk to pay and the lady asked if I had enjoyed my experience, I told her that her boyfriend was amazing beyond words left a generous tip and walked out with a smile on my face.


We took a few days to think then on the third Harry phoned me up and arranged we arranged to meet for coffee and a chat. We both came to the conclusion that we were normal and then went back to his to fuck some more.

We went out on several double dates with our girlfriends and after a few months of putting feelers out to them found they were both receptive to the idea of watching their men with other men but that’s another story.

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