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Tim’s Taste Continues

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Georgie sat at the table deep in thought. It had been six months since she and Tim had been together, six glorious months. At first she had been very conscious of the large age difference, especially when they went out together, but that had diminished over time, especially when she received envious looks from her peers. She loved Tim and would do anything to make him happy, that is why she was sitting in this restaurant.

Suddenly she was shaken from her reverie by a hand on her shoulder. She looked up into the smiling green eyes of her best friend Natalie. Georgie stood up and the two women hugged. She and Nat had been best friends in school and had stayed in touch off and on through the years. Natalie had recently divorced her third husband and had moved back to town and as she signalled the waiter who came to take their order, Georgie couldn’t help but notice the way that she unashamedly flirted with the young man who seemed only to happy to accept her advances.

When he left the girls chatted about what had happened in their lives since they had last met. When Georgie told Nat about her relationship with Tim, her friend grinned and said that she wasn’t surprised that their friendship had evolved into something even more intimate as the two had shared many personal moments in their lives. As lunch progressed, Georgie got around to her reason for meeting her friend.

“I want you to help me fulfil a fantasy that Tim has, she told her friend. “He tells me he fantasises about having two women at once, and I would like you to help me by being the other woman.”

To her credit Natalie didn’t bat an eyelid before nodding her head and agreeing to help. They spend some time discussing when and how they would surprise Tim. The more they talked the more excited they got at the prospect. So excited in fact that they decided to put their plan into action straight away. They left the restaurant and went together to purchase some props for their fantasy night.

Several hours later Tim arrived home from work to be greeted at the door by Georgie wearing nothing but a bustier, g-string, stockings, high heels and the biggest smile. He grinned as he went to grab her. Georgie wrinkled up her nose.

“I love you dearly so don’t take this the wrong way, but you stink”, she laughed.

“Sorry love, things got a bit mucky today, and I am a bit rank aren’t I? I’ll just go and have a shower.” He said as he walked to the bathroom, stripping off his foul clothes as he went. Georgie just laughed and followed his picking up his clothes and depositing them into the washing machine. Ten minutes later Tim reappeared wearing just a towel.

Georgie was in the kitchen. Tim came up behind her and put his arms around her and stroked her bare nipples. She moaned and leaned back against him as he nuzzled her neck, she could feel his cock hardening already. She smiled to herself and turned to him and lifted her lips to his for a deep passionate kiss. Tim reached down and ran his fingers over the tiny scrap of material covering her pussy and was surprised to find it already soaking wet with her juices. Georgie moaned as his finger slid under the fabric and into her hot wet hole. Suddenly she pushed him away.

“No not yet. Not like this. I have a surprise for you. Follow me.” She grinned as he led him by his now very hard cock to a chair sitting in the middle of the room. She grabbed his towel and tore it from him as she pushed him down on to the chair and reached into a bag sitting on the floor and bought out a set of handcuffs. She snapped the cuffs on to one of Tim’s wrists and bought his arms around behind him and snapped the other side on. Next came two silk scarves, which she used to tie the now rather startled Tim’s legs to the chair leg, this was followed by a black blindfold which she placed over his eyes.

“Tim do you trust me?” she asked. “Because if you don’t we cant go on with this”.

“Of course I trust you” came the reply. “I know that no matter what happens you would do nothing to harm me.”

With that Georgie knelt in front of his and took his straining cock into her mouth. She teased the head with her tongue, licking it like an ice cream, running her tongue around and around then up and down. Tim moaned as he strained to thrust his hips forward to get more into her hot mouth. Georgie sucked and teased his cock until she felt him about to cum. Just before that final thrust would have taken Tim over the edge she stopped sucking and stood up. Tim groaned. He could hear her move around in the kitchen again. Then she was there straddling his legs. He could feel the heat from her pussy as she sat on his lap. He could feel her hard nipples against his chest as she rubbed herself against him. It was torture to feel her hot wet pussy just millimetres from his cock. He so badly wanted to slide into her hot tunnel but his bonds prevented any kind of movement. Georgie

Bent her head and slid her lips over his before taking them in a very long, slow, wet, passionate kiss, her tongue probing into his eager mouth. She moved back a little and nipped his hardening nipples with her teeth. Tim groaned. His cock slid along her set slit, but because of her position he could not enter her. Again she shifted, this time he felt her hot wet pussy slide over his cock. Ever so slowly she lowered herself over his shaft. So slowly it seemed to take minutes before she was fully impaled on him. Then she proceeded to ride him. Slowly at first but as her excitement grew so did the speed of her thrusts, but again just at the vital stroke she stopped and lifted herself from him.

“God Georgie, what are you trying to do to me?” He moaned “Twice now I have been ready to cum and you have stopped”. Georgie just laughed as she walked away.

Tim sat there for what seemed like ages, in his dark world, straining to hear any sign of movement. Then the sound of footsteps and again he sensed a presence in front of him. Again lips engulfed his cock. But something was different. He couldn’t quite place what it was. While lips and tongue again tortured his cock, his lust filled brain was trying to pin point what was different. Suddenly it hit him. It wasn’t Georgie. He wasn’t sure what it was but he knew without a doubt that the woman sucking his cock so delightfully wasn’t his Georgie. Whoever she was, she was almost as good because he could feel his cum rising again. The woman squeezed gently at his balls as she sucked and teased his shaft. He groaned he was about to cum but again his cock felt nothing but the cool air.

Again there was only the sound of someone moving around. Then someone was in front of him again. This time when she took him into her mouth he was stunned by the freezing sensation. She had ice in her mouth. Again she began to suck and tease him. Her cold tongue tracing shivering circles around his cock. But who was she? He knew it wasn’t Georgie. Her scent was different and he could feel long hair brushing against his bare leg. As suddenly as she was there she was gone again. But then another sensation of warmth enveloped his hard cock as a familiar mouth took him. This time he knew it was Georgie. Her mouth was full of warm liquid. The total contrast to the ice was mind blowing. She let him slide deep into her throat as she teased him. Then the strange mouth was back with the freezing sensation. Then the warmth. On and on it went, stroke for stroke, cold then hot. Teasing mouths and tongues. Just when Tim thought he couldn’t take anymore the women disappeared.

Again he was left sitting strapped to the chair wondering who the mystery woman with Georgie was and what they had in store for him next.

“Who is that with you?” he asked. No answer came. “Hello, Georgie, who is with you? What are you doing?” He could hear them moving around and whispering and laughing but still they did not answer him. Then they were back again.

“Hey baby, are you thirsty”, Georgie asked. “Here take a drink”. With that a glass of icy cold liquid was held to his lips. Tim attempted to drink it as best he could but most of it was spilled over his bare chest. “Oh dear, here let me clean that up for you” the Mystery woman said as she knelt beside him and licked the liquid from his chest, paying particular attention to his erect nipples. Taking one of the hard nubs between her teeth she nipped at it causing Tim to yell out in pain, but she continued her licking and nipping down his torso. Georgie had again taken up her position between his legs teasing his cock in one hand; stroking and teasing it while her other hand cupped his balls and gently tugged. Tim moaned, he didn’t know how much more of the exquisite torture he could take. Just when he thought he could take no more, all movement stopped, then the feel of two mouths on his cock. While one mouth engulfed his shaft, the other licked and sucked his balls, then both of them licking him one other side. This proved too much for Tim and after nearly two hours of stop/start teasing he came with such force he thought he would pass out. Stream after stream of cum erupted from him, some being taken down the throat of the women, the rest hitting them and covering their faces and breasts. When he finished shooting his cum over them, the women them proceeded to lick Tim clean, before removing his blindfold. He blinked, as his eyes grew accustomed to the light again. He blinked again, this time because he couldn’t believe his eyes. There standing with Georgie was a tall dark haired woman wearing exactly the same outfit, but what was even more surprising was that the woman had her arms around Georgie and was fondling her breasts, squeezing her already hard nipples, and the more she squeezed and fondled them the more aroused Georgie became. She leaned back into the woman, rubbing her body against her, moaning softly. Tim had no idea who the woman was, or what her relationship with his girlfriend was, all he knew that she was turning her on right there in front of him.

The woman turned Georgie around and kissed her in a long, slow very passionate embrace, kissing her neck and trailing kisses along her shoulders and down to her heaving breasts, then down lower until she came to Georgia’s shaven pussy. The woman gently pulled her down and lay her on the carpet, her wide spread legs facing Tim. From his position in the chair, Tim could see her pussy lips were swollen in arousal and glistening with her juices already. The woman spread Georgie’s lips with her fingers and gave Tim a wonderful view as her fingers stroked her glistening slit. He could see her clit swell under the women’s touch. Georgie was moaned as the woman slid two fingers deep inside her pussy, while her thumb teased her clit. The more her fingers plunged in and out the wetter Georgie became. Tim found himself hardening again as this erotic scene was played out before him.

He squirmed in his chair as the woman replaced her fingers with her tongue. Tim could see her flicking at Georgie’s clit before sliding down and plunging into her hole then back to her clit. Georgie wreathed and moaned in pleasure and became wetter and wetter. Tim could see her juices running from her body and the woman again plunged three fingers into her. Again and again the fingers fucked in and out of her body, first three then four, in and out, harder and harder. Suddenly the woman pulled her fingers clear of Georgie’s steaming pussy before plunging her whole hand into her. Georgie screamed out in pleasure as the woman’s fist invaded her and filled her completely. Tim was astounded. He was seeing a side of Georgie that he had never seen before. Here was his darling Georgie, his sexy older lover, being fisted by this mysterious woman right before his eyes, and loving every minute of it. The woman twisted her fist inside and fucked in and out of Georgie, all the time flicking at her clit with her tongue. She groaned and screamed as her orgasm ripped through her body sending it into spasms on the floor. Tim was amazed as large amounts of fluid gushed from his lover only to be lapped up by the mystery woman who then stood and came over to Tim and kissed him, allowing him to taste Georgie’s cum.

As she lay on the floor gasping Georgie looked over at Tim and laughed. He looked down to see that he had cum all over himself. He had been so engrossed in the scene being played out before him that he had been quite unaware of his actions. She dragged her body over to his lap and placed her head there and again licked him clean. She looked up at him and smiled.

“Gee baby, that was fantastic” he said, “I never knew that you were into women”

“Well neither did I,” she laughed. “That was my first time. I really wanted to make your fantasies come true, so I asked Natalie here to help. We have known each other since our school days, and I knew that Nat was into all sorts of sex and had been known to have sex with women so I asked if she would be my first. I wanted it to be a surprise for you.”

“Well it was certainly that” Tim laughed. Natalie untied Tim while Georgie went to run water into the large corner spa in the bathroom. The three of them then soaped and teased each other. Tim couldn’t believe his luck, sitting in a bathtub with two gorgeous older women. As Natalie got out of the tub and wrapped herself in a large fluffy town, Georgie leaned over and kissed Tim. “Well sweetie, are you enjoying your surprise?” she asked. Tim nodded. “Good, because it isn’t over yet.” She said.

Ten minutes later the three of them were sitting at the table sipping on a well-needed drink, when the doorbell rang. “Good, dinner is here” Georgie exclaimed as she raced to the door. The poor pizza delivery boy nearly fainted on the spot when a stunning red head dressed only in a bath towel opened the door. Georgie took the pizza, paid the staring boy and closed the door. “Here you go, eat up because you need to keep up your strength Tim”, she said. “The night is still young”.

The three ate their pizza and drank their beers while chatting about the girls’ school days and the mischief they got into. Natalie had them in fits of laughter as she told them stories of the time she worked for an escort agency and of some of the really strange and weird characters she had met.

Georgie was beginning to feel that her life had gone no sexually compared to her friend especially when she saw the way that Tim was hanging on to every word that Natalie said. But all her misgivings disappeared when her friend said that no matter what she had done, she would never have had the guts to defy convention, and openly take a lover so much younger than she. “Oh sure, I would fuck a guy your age Tim, but I don’t think I could openly live like you two guys, especially in a small town like this”.

Several hours, two pizzas and plenty of beer later, Georgie declared that it was time for bed. Tim expected Natalie to get dressed and leave but was astounded when she put her arms around both his and Georgie’s waists and walked with them to the bedroom. “Hey I told you the night was still young,” she laughed, as she ripped the towel from Tim’s body and flicked it at his bare backside. In response he reached out and grabbed the towels from both of their bodies and the three of them raced into the bedroom and fell in a laughing heap on to the bed. In no time at all, the three were kissing each other and hands seemed to be groping everywhere.

Natalie lay back on the bed and told Georgie that it was time for her to repay the fucking she had given her earlier in the evening. Georgie was a little hesitant, but with Tim’s encouragement she knelt between Nat’s legs and gingerly spread her lips and licked at her pussy. She slid her fingers into Nat’s soaking hole and was surprised at how tight she was. She moaned as Georgie continued finger fucking her while Tim moved behind Georgie and placed his hard cock at her entrance before plunging deep into her depths. As she overcame her inhibitions Georgie bent and took Nat’s clit between her lips and sucked gently whilst her fingers pumped in and out of her soaked pussy. It wasn’t long before Georgie got her first taste of female cum as Nat’s body convulsed into orgasm, and she loved every minute of it. She lapped and slurped up every drop of Nat’s cum. Tim continued pounding into Georgie’s soaking pussy until she exploded into a massive orgasm second before Tim shot his seed deep into her womb.

The three of them collapsed together on to the bed. “Ladies, I must congratulate you on one hell of a fantastic evening” Tim laughed. The two women looked at each other and turned to Tim. “We have one more surprise for you if you are willing,” she said as she and Natalie left the room. Tim’s eyes widened as they re-entered the room several minutes later and Georgie was wearing a large strap on dildo. “Oh baby, you are just too much” he laughed. “You have really thought of everything haven’t you?”

“Well I told you I wanted to fulfil you every fantasy tonight and didn’t you tell me that you wanted to feel a cock up you arse, well I didn’t know where I could find a real one so I made do with what I had” Georgie said and she bent Tim forward and produced a tube of lube smearing it over the rubber cock. Natalie took some on her fingers and worked them over Tim’s puckered hole gently massaging and slowly working a finger inside. Tim gasped at the intrusion, but soon relaxed as Nat’s finger loosened his hole ready for the larger invasion. When she felt he was ready, Georgie moved up behind Tim and Natalie helped her guide the dildo into Tim’s arse. Slowly and gently she eased the head into his hole, bit by bit it slid further and further into him until most of the 7 inches was buried into his butt. She let it rest there for a few moments, letting him get used to the feeling, before withdrawing all but the head before plunging deep into him again. Natalie moved around and slid under Tim to take his cock into her mouth. Before long the girls had a rhythm going. With each thrust of Georgie’s dildo Tim’s cock thrust deeper into Nat’s hungry throat while she furiously fingered her pussy. The pressure of the fake cock against Georgie’s pussy soon caused the first stirrings of orgasm. The harder she pounded Tim’s arse the closer she came to cumming. As she shuddered to her orgasm, she felt Tim’s body stiffen as he shot his load down Natalie’s throat. As she gulped down his cum, Natalie furiously fingered herself finally screaming out in pleasure as she came again.

Tim awoke the next morning to the alarm and the feeling of something hard pressing against his stomach. He looked down to see that Georgie had fallen asleep whilst still wearing the strap on. Natalie was curled up behind her, her arm wrapped around her and one hand cupping a breast. As he remembered the events of last night, he smiled to himself. Even if he were to tell his mates what had happened, he didn’t think that any of them would believe him. What had happened last night was stuff that you read about and didn’t really happen as far as they were concerned. Well what did they know, he thought.

As much as he would have loved to lay there and maybe pick up where they left off last night, reality set in, and he quietly rose from the bed and went to shower and get ready for work. As he was about to leave the house, he bent down and kissed each woman goodbye. He wasn’t sure what would happen when they awoke, but no doubt they would take their fill of each other again, maybe even use the strap-on on each other. Whatever they did he was sure that Georgie would give him a blow-by-blow description tonight when he got home. “Damn it” he though as the day at work loomed very long and very boring, so he picked up the phone and called in sick. What happened then will remain a secret between the three of them, but needless to say suddenly the day seemed a hell of a lot brighter for Tim.

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