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Wrong Urges

Category: Incest
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The summer was always prime time for teenage boys, especially finishing up your spurt of puberty. 18-19 years old, looking to college girls who want to get drunk, party and experiment, with you gladly volunteering to be their guinea pig. The summer was time to head to the pool, to the beach and to water parks, to enjoy all of the girls running around in skimpy bikinis who want nothing but approval on how sexy they look. For some reason though, this summer, the summer before I head to college, there was only one girl who caught my eye, better yet, one woman.

Now, at 45, my mom was not some worn out, saggy lady looking at her 50s. She was one who loved going to the gym, kept her body toned and tight. A boob job in her late 30’s always kept her chest perky. Her figure would constantly catch my eye when we went to the pool or beach. She would wear a thin bikini, her nipples would clearly show when the water was cold enough, and her pussy lips were juicy enough to swallow up the bottoms and show off her camel toe. I had a feeling she noticed my eyes wondering a few too many times, for she would crack jokes saying “my eyes are up here son.” Or “take a picture it will last longer.” She acted like a teenager sometimes. My mom probably missed the presence of a man in the house, my older brother had moved away last summer to be with his girlfriend, and my mom has been divorced about 8 years now. She had some boyfriend on and off but none really seemed to satisfy what she wanted.

One hot summer day, we decided to go to the pool by our house, it was open to the immediate residents of the area, so it was quiet most of the day, today was no different. Maybe a elder couple here and there, a young couple scattered, but no real crowd. The sun was out and my mom went through the usual routine of stripping down to her bikini, today she had an all white matching two piece on, the dark spot around her nipples could be seen if you looked hard enough, and her little peach fuzz over her pussy could be visible as well. “You like what you see.” She mocked me.

In the light of the sun, I really did like what I saw. My mom’s long toned legs looked amazing, being Colombian she also had a natural tan that was sexy. Her ass was very Spanish as well, not too big that it was unappealing but enough that it would sway with every step she took. Her stomach was tight and strong; she took great care of herself. Her boobs now at a nice D cup looked all-natural, and her luscious lips and gorgeous hazel eyes just topped it all off, and her long, curly brunette hair was the cherry on top.

“I’m going to go for a dip sweetie, when I get out can you help me with the tanning oil?” she asked

“umm… yeah mom, of course.” I felt my cheeks burning up and it wasn’t because of the sun.

“O relax,” she said moving close to me, “I am simply your mother asking for her strong sons help.” She grabbed my arms and tugged on my shirt. “Maybe she should come in with me?”

“Yeah why not.” I said practically tearing off my shirts.

“You really have grown up son. You are no longer the little chubby kid. Tall, strong and handsome.”

In a way she was right, going into my junior year of high school I hit a growth spurt, taking me from a simple 5’9″ to 6’3″. My weight evened out and I hit the gym twice a day, using my high school gym more often the ever. I was not going to play point guard for a division 3-school upstate. I was tall, tone and confidant. I had come a long way since I was the kid no girl wanted.

“Thanks mom.” I said smiling at her and flexing a little bit.

“Come one lets swim.” She said.

In one motion she dove in head first and I, less majestically, jumped in feet first. The water was warm and felt amazing against my warm skin. After a few minutes of splashing around and enjoying the water, I saw my mom getting out of the water, the bikini holding on to her parts for dear life. I wanted to relieve their stress and have my mom completely naked. She called over asking if I could go help with the tanning oil now, I nodded and hopped out the pool.

“Wow son, I see you have grown all over your body.” She said smiling and giggling.

I looked down and saw he outline of my semi erect cock. I only wore basketball shorts when I swam so it would stick to my legs when I got out of the water. Seeing my mom must have gotten the blood flowing because my cock was getting harder every passing minute.

“What is that 6 inches and not even hard yet?”

“Mom! You shouldn’t be saying that.” I said, putting a hand over my cock.

“O please, I know what a cock looks like son. Now come help mommy with her oil.” She was demanding now, and I wouldn’t want to disappoint.

She lay down on her stomach and asked me to do her entire backside. I grabbed the warm tanning oil and put drops of it on my mom’s back and started rubbing. I didn’t want it to be a normal rub down, so I started kneading her back, giving her a bit of a massage. I moved from the middle of her back to her shoulders and then her lower back, pressing firmly to help loosen her up. She let out a low moan and complimented me on how good it felt. “Don’t forget mommies legs sweetie.” She said.

She wanted this just as much as I did and I was not going to let this moment pass me. I started at her calves, letting drops fall from the bottle and onto her legs. As I moved up and down her calves and up her thighs, I felt my cock start to stiffen again. Her legs and back were glistening with the oil and the sun and she kept urging me to continue. I moved up her thighs and pressed firmly, she spread her legs open a little bit and I could see the bottom of her pussy through her panties and I had to gulp a little, was she doing this on purpose. It must have been.

“Come one son, don’t forget mommies behind.”

I didn’t say anything instead I dropped some more oil on her ass and started rubbing. She brought her hands back and adjusted her bottoms so that they were like a thong, stuffed between her crack. “Don’t want any oil on the bottoms.” She said with a laugh. My mom’s ass cheeks were now mine to massage. I dropped a healthy amount of oil onto her ass and started rubbing. Her ass was firm, but with enough meat that I can grab and see it jiggle. She let out low moans every time I grabbed her ass with both hands and my thumbs would come close to her ass hole.

“Why don’t you turn over mom, let me even out the sides.” I said, started to gain a bit of confidence and didn’t want my mom to think I was scared.

“That’s a good idea sweetie.” She said moving to her back.

I started at her shins and decided to work my way up. When I got to her thighs she began to squirm a little, but I decided to let her enjoy it. I moved to her stomach and started rubbing her stomach and massaging her sides. Without waiting for her yes or no, I dropped the oil onto her boobs; I immediately saw why she didn’t want oil on the bikini. With every drop of oil, it made the bikini more and more see through. I added more and then placing a hand on each boob, gave a squeeze. I looked at my mom’s face and she was biting her bottom lip with her eyes closed. She didn’t care about the bikini anymore. Her nipples were become hard and I started to tease them with my fingers, pinching and tugging on them, my mom’s moans were becoming louder and louder.

“Mom you have to keep quiet before someone looks over.” I said.

“Okay, im sorry, keep going, don’t stop.” She said.

She didn’t need to tell me twice, I knew my next move. I moved back to her thighs and dribbled some more oil on the inside of her thighs. I moved on leg over exposing the camel toe I had so often stared at. Using the dribbling oil, I slide my hand over her pussy, she let out a slight purr, I knew she was trying her best to hold back. I looked down and her pussy was now starting to show through her bottoms because of the oil. I used my middle finger to toy between her pussy lips, and gently rubbed her clit before pulling back.

“I think your all oiled up mom.” I said.

She opened her eyes and with a straight face said, “And I think it’s time we go somewhere more private.”

She shot up wrapped a towel around her and pulled me by the arm, leaving all of our stuff behind. At the pool there were little changing rooms, one for guys and one for girls. They were equipped with private lockers and private showers with stalls. My mom dragged me into the women’s changing room, pushed me into a stall and locked it behind her.

“Mom what are we…” Before I could finish, she pulled down my wet shorts and slid my cock into her warm mouth. It caught me by surprise and I almost fell back wards, catching myself on the stall wall. I looked down and saw my mom sucking my cock with a passion and desire that comes from someone who had missed the action very much. My cock was rock hard now, and stood at 8 inches and she was taking it like a pro. Taking me balls deep every few seconds.

“Damn mom, you suck like a pro.”

She pulled my cock out of her mouth and said, “Better than those little high school girls you brought home I bet.” She started sucking on my balls. “Mommy knows how to take care of her boy.” She took my cock back into her mouth and in unison was sucking and stroking my cock. As I got close to cumming, I grabbed the back of her head and start fucking her face, she knew what was coming and she put her hands on my butt cheeks and was pulling my deeper into her mouth. In a matter of seconds, I was cumming deep into my mom’s mouth and throat. She swallowed every last drop.

“That was a lot of cum sweetie, luckily mommy is here to milk your cock.”

“And lucky for you, your big boy is here to take care of his mother.”

I grabbed my mom and pinned her against the wall, I fell to my knees and tore off her bottoms. I wasted no time plunging my wet tongue into her soaking pussy. I spread her legs, and began licking her clit while I slid two fingers into her tight pussy, she hadn’t been fucked in a long time, and this was a teenage pussy.

“Fuck, my little boy knows what he is doing.” She moaned.

I looked up to see my mom with her eyes shut, she had moved the cloth from her nipples and was pinching and grabbing them.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck…” She said.

Then suddenly she let out a loud moan and her pussy juices started flowing down my fingers and hand, her pussy contracting on my fingers. I stood up and my mom wrapped her arms around my neck to hold her up and we pressed our lips together. The fiery passion and lust was too much for us and we loved it. My cock was rock hard again and I wasted no time in picking my mom up and having her wrap her legs around my waist. I held her up with one hand and used my other to guide my cock to the entrance of her dripping wet pussy.

“Do you want your little boy to fuck you mommy?” I whispered.

“Yes please. Fuck your mommy. She needs it.”

With that I slid my cock into her pussy. Just the tip at first, and with just that she was digging her nails into my back and trying to muffle her moans by digging her face in my neck. When her pussy started to get used to every inch of me, I started pumping, slow to start, and then faster and faster. She began to beg me to go faster and harder, and that I did. I was now slamming deep into my mom’s pussy. The sound of my cock fucking her wet pussy was intense, anyone standing out side the stall door could hear it, but we didn’t care. It was a fucking I wanted and she needed. In a matter of minutes of hard fucking, she moaned that she was going to cum and when she did and her pussy juices made my cock slide in and out even easier and her pussy contracting on my cock, it threw me over the edge and I erupted deep into my moms pussy. She wrapped her legs tighter around my and I wrapped my arms tighter around her. As we caught our breath, my mom looked at me, still wrapped around my torso and my cock in her pussy, and gave me a deep kiss.

“Don’t worry about cumming in me, after having you, I had my tubes tied so I cant get pregnant again. You can cum inside me all you want.”

I felt my cock growing again inside my mom, and apparently she felt it too.

“But not right now big boy. Mommy needs a break.” We both laughed as she climbed off me and I held her as she regained her balance.

We put our clothes on and my mom wrapped a towel around her again, when she opened the stall door, there were a crowd of about 5-6 women smiling and whispering at each other. My mom smiled and blushed as she walked by. I held my head down, smiling and blushing as well. I looked at my moms legs and saw the drips of my cum going down her legs.

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