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An Eventful Dinner Engagement

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I was sitting at my dressing table dabbing perfume at the base of my throat when Jason walked in. He breathed in deeply, taking in the subtle scent of jasmine and smiled. Walking up behind me he leaned down and put his arms around my waist, burying his nose in my auburn curls. “I love that perfume.”

“I know…why do you think I keep wearing it,” I said leaning back into him. I put my hands over his as he moved them over my ribcage until they came to rest just under my breasts.

“Well I can tell you one thing…it certainly doesn’t make me want to go out tonight.” Moving his hands upward he lightly cupped my breasts. My back arched involuntarily and I pressed myself more firmly into his hands.

“ I know sweetheart, but we promised Mike and Lisa we would go out for dinner with them tonight. It’s been almost a month since we’ve gotten together and I don’t think it would be…right to cancel on them…now….” It was becoming more difficult to continue my train of thought due to Jason beginning to roll my nipples between his fingers through the crushed velvet of my dress. I pulled his hands off of my body and stood quickly, slightly lightheaded.

Jason laughed. “All right…I can wait…the question is…can you?” With that parting comment and a smile he turned and walked out the door.

“Bastard!” I called after him jokingly. He knows that I have a very high sex drive and in most cases it is me tearing off his clothes instead of the other way around. I smoothed the forest green fabric of my dress over the smooth curve of my hip and then leaned down to check my lip gloss one last time before walking out the door. Standing straight, I slipped on my black heels and walked down the stairs to the front door.

Jason was waiting there for me with my jacket. He looked great in the dark gray suit I bought for him the previous Christmas. It was cut perfectly to emphasize his broad shoulders and narrow hips. At 6’3” he is normally five inches taller than me but with my heels on I can almost look his straight in the eye. Almost. I stepped in front of him and turned around making sure to graze my backside against his thighs. I looked over my shoulder with wide, innocent eyes and reached one arm back for him to help me with my coat. Jason gritted his teeth and slid my coat up onto my shoulders, reaching around to fasten the single button at my waist.

“You are going to pay for that later,” he whispered.

“Promises, promises…” I whispered back opening the front door and stepping out into the cool October air. I heard Jason lock the door behind us as I closed my eyes and breathed deeply, taking in the scents of autumn. Someone had been burning leaves down the block and the smell still lingered. I felt Jason put his hand on my lower back so I opened my eyes to find him looking at me, smiling. I leaned up and kissed him briefly, running the tip of my tongue over his lower lip as I pulled away.

He guided me to the car and opened my door for me. I slid in, enjoying the feel of the smooth leather interior against the skin on the backs of my thighs. Jason walked around the car and slipped into the driver’s seat. He started the car and headed for the restaurant.

“Do you think this is going to be awkward?” he asked. A legitimate question based on what had happened the last time we had gotten together with Mike and Lisa. It had been a month since the night the four of us had ended up in the hot tub together but the memory was still vivid in my mind. I got a flash of Lisa’s creamy skin and Mike’s strong hands in my mind before I shook my head slightly to clear it.

“Maybe a little,” I said, “but I think that we are all adult enough to handle the situation. We all went into it willingly. Nobody got talked into doing anything they didn’t want to do.” I noticed that just the memory of that night had caused my breathing to quicken a bit. A slight flush was creeping across my chest and the outline of my nipples was clearly visible through the velvet of my dress. Jason glanced over at me and then down at my chest.

“I see you remember that night fondly,” he grinned reaching out and grazing my left nipple with the back of his hand causing it to swell even more. I moaned softly as he continued to play with my nipple, turning his hand around and twisting it gently. I bit my lower lip and looked over at him, my eyes traveling down his chest and between his legs. I could see the bulge in his pants, the material stretched tight and doing nothing to hide how aroused he was.

I looked back into his eyes and smiled wickedly. “Apparently I’m not the only one with fond memories,” I said reaching out resting my left hand on his crotch. Jason gasped and for a moment his steering was a bit unsteady. He regained control of the car quickly and relaxed back against his seat. I started stroking him through his pants and I could feel him growing even harder. He started breathing quickly and almost growling in the back of his throat. He stopped playing with my nipple and put both hands on the wheel. I undid the button on his pants and slowly slid the zipper down. Jason moaned briefly and tried to concentrate on the road. My smile widened as I realized he hadn’t worn any underwear. He knows I love it when he is available for such easy access. I took his cock out of his pants and gently rolled the head of it around the palm of my hand. I pulled away from him for a moment and made sure he was watching me as I licked my palm slowly making it nice and wet. I returned my hand to his cock and wrapped it around the shaft. I squeezed lightly and then began to stroke up and down using a smooth continuous motion. Starting at the base, then moving up and over the head, and finally down to the base again. I did this almost languidly for a minute and the gradually began to increase the pace and the pressure. Jason was moving his hips in time with my strokes, like he was fucking my hand. “Just tell me when you are going to cum sweetheart. I want to taste you…” I whispered in his ear. His stroking stuttered and then began again, stronger and faster.

“I’m going to cum…” he groaned, moving his right arm to allow me to bend down over him. He slid his fingers into my hair as I put my mouth around the head of his cock, still stroking the shaft. He came in three big spurts. Each one I swallowed down greedily, reveling in the slightly salty, slightly bitter taste. I sat up licking my lips to make sure I got every drop. I reached over, put his softening cock back in his pants, buttoned and zipped them, then sat back in my seat grinning and looking straight ahead. I could feel Jason looking at me. When he was finally able to talk he breathed. “What was that for?”

I shrugged and looked him in the eye, “because I wanted to…”. We arrived at the restaurant about that time and the valet was opening my door. I winked at Jason, took the valet’s hand, and stepped out of the car. I watched Jason hand over the keys, noticing with pleasure that his legs were a bit unsteady. As we were walking in I put my lips against his ear and whispered, “It took your mind off of any thoughts of awkwardness didn’t it?”. He pulled away and stared at me. Then he burst out laughing. People turned to look at us. This was a very quiet restaurant so Jason’s laugh seemed a bit out of place but I didn’t care. I always loved his laugh.

When we spoke with the maitre d’ he advised us that Mike and Lisa were already there and seated. Jason checked our coats and then we were shown to our table. Walking through the dining room I could feels eyes on me. I put an extra little sway in my hips enjoying the attention. My dress flowed over every curve of my body accentuating my feminine form. The neckline was very high in the front, the velvet molded to my breasts. It was fitted in the waist and then flared out ending just above the knee. The front of the dress was relatively demure. I did, however, hear a few gasps when people saw the back of the dress…or the lack there of, as the case may be. There was a single button that fastened at the back of my neck holding the neckline taught and beyond that my entire back was left bare. The curve of my waist and the slight indentation of my spine were clearly visible. The hollow at the base of my spine was deep shadow that became light again as the top curve of my backside came into view. The dress stopped just short of showing cleavage that it shouldn’t. Jason’s hand was warm on my bare skin as we approached the table. I looked at his face and saw him smiling broadly. He was enjoying the attention that my dress got and was thrilled to be the envy of many of the men in the room.

Mike and Lisa both stood as we approached the table. Mike was wearing a classic black suit that was perfectly tailored. I had a brief flash of what he looked like without it, which I quickly pushed out of my mind as I kissed him on the cheek. I turned my back to him at that point to greet Lisa and heard him almost gasp. I smiled to myself and leaned in to hug Lisa. She was wearing a midnight blue silk sheath that complimented her pale skin and blond hair. “That color goes perfectly with your eyes,” I told her. ‘It also shows off your beautiful large breasts,’ I thought to myself. I have always had a bit of a crush on Lisa so the incident that had happened a month previously in hers and Mike’s hot tub had been almost like heaven for me.

Lisa smiled coyly at me from under her long lashes and said, “I love your dress too. It is far more daring than anything I would ever have the guts to wear.”

“Jason bought it for me about a week ago. I figured the least I could do was wear it for him.” I looked over my shoulder at the men whose eyes were avidly crawling over both Lisa and myself. I raised one eyebrow and asked, “Should we sit down?”

“Of course,” they said in unison. They looked at each other and laughed, and with that the tension was broken. The men pulled out our chairs and then sat themselves; Lisa next to Mike, and me next to Jason. The table was small and round, so all of our knees were practically touching. Jason ordered a bottle of wine which throughout the meal eventually became three. We talked for hours about work and what had been going on in our lives in the month it had been since we had seen each other. I was feeling very warm and relaxed by the time dessert came and I felt a hand on my thigh. I looked over at Jason and smiled. He smiled back and then it registered that he was on my left and the hand was on my right thigh.

I looked across the table at Lisa who was saying, “I was in front of this group of all male executives presenting the marketing strategy Mike and I had come up with when I realized they were not looking at my face or the presentation. I looked down and realized that one of the buttons on my blouse had come off. My bra was clearly showing through the gap in my shirt.” She was laughing now and blushing slightly. While I was listening to her I could feel Mike’s hand creeping around and stroking the skin of my inner thigh just above where the lace of my thigh high stocking ended. His other arm was resting on the table and he was leaning forward with his chin in that hand all the while looking directly at his girlfriend and smiling.

“What did you do?” Jason asked. Mike’s hand continued up my thigh, stroking higher and higher.

“I stood up straight, looked at all of them and said, ‘ Will you excuse me for just a moment?’ and walked out of the room. What else could I do?” Lisa explained. “I was able to find a small safety pin and fasten my blouse closed. I walked back into the meeting room and all conversation stopped. I smiled and then asked if they were ready to continue. They looked at each other and nodded so I went ahead and finished the presentation.” All the while Lisa was talking Mike’s hand was moving further up my thigh, pushing my skirt up higher with each move. It was a good thing the tablecloths were floor length so no one could see what was going on. He got to the junction where my legs met and realized that I wasn’t wearing any panties. I saw his eyes glaze over slightly and then clear. He grazed his fingers over my outer lips, teasing me. I breathed in and smiled a bit tremulously.

We waited for minute and Lisa didn’t say anything else. “So did you get the job?” Jason asked.

“Of course,” Lisa smiled, putting a small bite of cheesecake into her mouth. Mike dipped one finger between my pussy lips and put it inside of me making it wet. He then dragged that finger up to my clit and started stroking it softly.

“So did it excite you?” I asked. I couldn’t help it. I had sex on the brain and a situation like that would have turned me on beyond belief. I started moving a little in my seat. Jason smiled at me and reached over and grabbed my hand then looked back at Lisa expectantly. Mike increased the pressure on my clit and glanced over at me with a wicked smile.

Lisa blushed, which she can never hide with her creamy skin. She looked down at the table and said, “It did, very much.”

“So what did you do about it?” Jason asked. I was getting very close to cumming at this point. Mike was stroking my clit rhythmically and increasing the pressure in a way that was driving me crazy. I couldn’t keep my hips still. I started thrusting subtly against his fingers. Out of the corner of my eye I saw his smile widen.

Lisa looked up at Jason quickly, “What do you mean?”.

Jason gave her a seductive look and said, “You know exactly what I mean,”.

Lisa was caught by his gaze and staring into his eyes. “As I was driving home I…took care of it,”.

“Took care of it? How?”

Lisa bit her lower lip. She had gorgeous, full lips so watching the lower one disappear between her teeth was almost enough to drive me over the edge into orgasm. That wasn’t but what she said next was. She whispered, “While I was driving…I put my hand under my skirt…I started stroking myself through my panties…I moved them to the side and fingered myself…remembering them looking at me that way….”. I felt myself go over the edge and closed my eyes, listening to her. I came hard, all of my insides quivering while I struggled to not show anything on the outside. Lisa stopped talking, breathing a little unsteadily, lost in the memory.

I breathed out quickly and loudly. Everyone at the table turned to look at me. I smiled, a little shaky, but a smile nonetheless, “Are we ready?”

Everyone nodded. We stood, my legs were trembling so Jason reached out and steadied me with a hand at my elbow giving me a questioning look. We walked out of the dining area and Lisa and I were standing together, waiting while the men got our jackets. Lisa asked, “Would you and Jason like to come over to the house for a drink?”. She stepped in and put her hand on my arm, “I would really like it if the two of you came over…”. She looked me directly in the eye and said, “I had a really great time the last time you guys were there and I was hoping…well…”.

“I understand. We’ll come over for a drink and whatever happens, happens, okay?” I asked.

She smiled at me and grabbed my fingers squeezing briefly. “Sounds great,” she whispered. Just then the men got back with our coats. They helped each of us put our coats on and we walked outside.

While waiting for the valets to bring our cars around I mentioned, “Lisa invited us over for a drink. I told her we would love to. I hope that’s alright,”.

Jason’s smile was the smile of the cat that ate the canary. “Of course that’s alright. Anything you want, hon.,” he said. The cars arrived then and Jason assisted me into the passenger seat telling Mike and Lisa that we would see them shortly. Jason got into the driver’s seat. “Apparently there was no need to be worried about awkwardness,” he laughed.

“Not at all,” I said, “quite the opposite in fact,”.

“What do you mean?” Jason asked.

“I think they are interested in something more than drinks,” I said, smirking. I told him about Mike fingering me under the table and what Lisa had said in the lobby of the restaurant.

He looked over at me and said seriously, “How do you feel about that?”.

I looked at him and laughed, “Why so serious?” I asked, “If it happens I am all for it. You know I love women as well as men and we have never been shy or closed minded in our relationship. I just don’t like for things to be planned,”.

He nodded and grabbed my hand running his thumb over my wrist. “I agree…whatever, happens happens…” he said with a wink, echoing my own words from a few minutes before.

We spent the rest of the drive to Mike and Lisa’s lost in our own thoughts. We pulled into their driveway right behind them and I sat in the car and waited for Jason to come around and open my door for me. He did and we approached the house. We got there just as Mike was unlocking the door. He opened the door and we walked in. Mike took our coats and Lisa led us into the living room. “What can I get you to drink?” Lisa asked walking over to the bar.

I slipped of my heels and felt my feet sink into the thick carpeting. I sighed with pleasure and shrugged. “Got any Irish Cream?” I asked.

“I’m sure we do,” she said hunting a bit in the refrigerator. “Aha!” she exclaimed, “On the rocks?”

“Of course,” I smiled.

“Jason?” she questioned.

“Same for me is fine,” he said as he followed me to the love seat. I sat down and crossed my legs. He sat next to me and took my hand. The coach was chocolate brown leather, smooth like the car interior. Mike came into the room and walked up behind Lisa at the bar. He placed his hands on her hips and leaned down to kiss the side of her neck. He picked up two of the glasses off the bar and walked toward Jason and me. He handed us our drinks and then joined his girlfriend on the other couch in the room.

We drank in silence for a while and then I asked, “When did you close up the hot tub for the winter?”.

Lisa choked a bit but Mike only laughed and said, “Actually about four days after you guys were here last. It was starting to get cold anyway and every time we thought about going in…well, memories. So we closed it up for the season,”.

“Memories, huh? Good or bad?” I was playing with fire but I didn’t care at this point.

“Very good, Steph, what do you think?” Mike countered. I could see Lisa stroking his knee and I could feel Jason moving our joined hands over his own knee.

“I would have to agree. I had a great time. I have to admit though I was a bit concerned. Jason and I both were. We weren’t sure how the two of you would feel about it. He and I have always had an open relationship but you two…” I could see Jason nodding slightly out of the corner of my eye.

“I only have one regret about that night,” Lisa chimed in. Mike turned and looked at her. We all did. She continued, “I just wish I had gotten to please you the way you pleased me.” She was blushing furiously at this point and couldn’t look at me.

I looked at Jason and he nodded. I stood and walked over the where she and Mike were sitting and stood directly in front of her. I reached under the curls at my neck and undid the single button there. My dress slipped off of me and pooled at my feet. I stood there wearing only a pair of black thigh high stocking with lace trim. My breasts small and firm, nipples already hard, feeling my pussy begin to get wet in anticipation. “So show me,” I whispered.

She looked up and started, surprised by my nakedness. She looked at Mike who was staring at me with his had on his crotch, beginning to stroke himself through his suit pants. She smiled and stood. She is quite a bit shorter than me, about 5’6” so her mouth was about at the level of my collarbones. I reached behind her and undid the zipper on her dress. When I did she licked the side of my neck making me tingle. She moved her shoulders forward so the silk fell from her revealing that she also wore no bra. Her breasts were quite a bit larger than mine with nipples almost an inch long when they are hard. They were slightly hard now and flushing brighter pink. She wore black panties and garter belt to hold up her stockings. “Are you sure?” I asked.

She leaned in and placed a kiss on my right nipple, “What do you think?” she questioned. I shivered and place one had behind her head guiding back to my nipple. We moved slightly toward Jason so as to be directly between the two men. I looked over at Jason and saw him stroking himself through his pants the same way Mike was. Lisa cupped my right breast and began to suckle my right nipple while twisting my left nipple with her other hand. I began playing with the hair are the back of her neck with one hand and running the fingertips of my other hand over the smooth skin of her back. I leaned my head back and groaned low in my throat.

“Don’t be shy boys,” I gasped, as Lisa bit one nipple and then moved her lips to the other. “You know how I love to watch you jack off, Jason. Show me,” I moaned. Lisa was still licking and biting my nipples but one of her hands was moving down over the soft skin of my lower belly. She tentatively slid her hand between my legs and began stroking my outer lips. I parted my legs slightly to give her better access and felt the wetness ooze down onto her fingers. She hesitated, moved her head away from my chest and brought her hand to her mouth, licking and then sucking her fingers. I almost came then and there.

I looked over at Jason who now had his pants undone and his cock out. He was pulling on it smoothly, stopping occasionally to run his thumb over the head. He was almost fully hard, about nine inches. I looked at Mike as I sank to my knees pulling Lisa with me. He was standing; pants around his ankles, yanking his cock. He was fully extended already, seven inches long and very thick, thicker that Jason. While I watched he took a bit of precum off the tip on the head and rubbed it down the shaft making it slick.

I licked my lips and turned to Lisa, kissing her. I slid my tongue into her mouth and she responded passionately. I took her hand with mine and guided it to my pussy. I slid our fingers together between my lips and to my clit. I showed her the kind of pressure I liked and then moved my hand to my own mouth leaving hers there. I licked my own juices off my fingers and began to move my hips against her hand. She moved her mouth to my ear and whispered, “I want to taste you. The way you tasted me.” I smiled at her kissing her once more before laying down on my back. I lay down in such a position that I would be able to see both of the men while Lisa was licking my pussy.

Jason was now standing watching what was going on intently. As I watched he removed his shirt and tie leaving him completely naked. He had his whole hand around his cock and was moving it in a slow constant rhythm. I glanced over at Mike. He was already nude and moving slightly closer to Lisa and I to make sure he didn’t miss anything.

At that point I felt Lisa moving over me, kneeling between my legs. She kissed her way down my belly and then paused. I looked down at her and stroked her cheek. She smiled and then moved her head down. She licked the insides of my thighs first. I was tweaking my nipples and pulling on them, moaning softly, wanting her lips on my clit. Lisa lightly licked the outer lips of my pussy. I moved my hips toward her mouth. I couldn’t help it. She looked up my body into my eyes and giggled a little. I giggled too, breathlessly. She used her hands to part my lips, exposing my clit. She leaned in and briefly licked it. I groaned and buried the fingers of one hand into the carpet. She took that as positive and licked me again, more firmly this time. She began licking my clit rhythmically. I was moving my hips and pushing myself further into her mouth.

She paused and sucked softly on my pleasure bud while sliding one finger into my hole. I groaned loudly and moved my hips toward her again. Lisa then started laving her tongue over my clit again and again. She went from one finger inside of me to two and then quickly to three. She began finger fucking me in earnest, pounding her fingers in and out of me. I could feel myself rapidly getting close to cumming. She kept the pressure on my clit with her tongue and continued moving her fingers in and out of me. I thrust my hips at her harder and faster. “I’m going to cum,” I moaned. When I said that Lisa removed her fingers from me and replaced them with her tongue. Her thumb was on my clit and her tongue deep inside me and I exploded. I started shaking from the toes up until my whole body was shivering in pleasure. Wave after wave of pleasure washes over me until it became too much and I had to pull Lisa’s mouth away from me. She looked so beautiful with my juice all over her mouth and her eyes glazed over. I sat up and pulled her to me, kissing her hard. She slipped her tongue into my mouth and I sucked on it tasting myself on her.

Lisa pulled away and placed a hand on either side of my face. I saw her glance over my shoulder and then to her right. “Maybe we should let them in on the fun now,” she whispered. I looked over and saw the men, both standing now, had moved in closer to watch what was going on. I looked at Lisa and shrugged.

“Maybe we should,” I said, “but I kind of wish I could keep you all to myself.” Just as I said that Jason moved in directly next to me, cock sticking straight out in front of him. “Is that a hint?” I teased. He smiled down at me with a fiercely hungry look in his eyes. He wanted me badly. I got on my knees and glancing left I saw Lisa beginning to lick up and down on Mike’s cock. The way she was kneeling I could see her pussy lips glistening wet peeking out. I looked up at Jason and motioned him to follow me. I crawled over to where Lisa was kneeling and turned over onto my back. I maneuvered myself until I was underneath her. I reached up and put my hands on her hips. She started and looked down. She lowered her pussy onto my mouth and went back to sucking Mike’s cock. I heard her groan around him as I moved my tongue up to her clit. I heard Mike shout out that he was cumming and looked up from between Lisa’s legs to see him spurt white cum all over her tits.

I closed my eyes and before I returned my attention to Lisa’s dripping cunt, I said to Jason, “Fuck me, sweetheart.” He knelt down between my thighs and brought my legs up onto his chest. I felt him move his cock between my pussy lips making the head nice and wet with my cum. He ran the head of his cock over my clit briefly and then thrust all the way into me. I moaned loudly against Lisa’s clit. Jason began moving in and out of me hard and fast. There was no gentleness left in him at that point. It was all about cumming.

I had my hands on Lisa’s hips and was moving my tongue over her clit before thrusting it up inside of her. I reached one arm through her legs and started thumbing her clit. I used the hand that was still on her hip to encourage her to ride my tongue like she would a cock. I thrust my tongue in and out of her the way Jason was thrusting in and out of me. She accepted the encouragement and began thrusting her hips on my face. I drank the juices that were flowing out of her, almost drowning. I felt her hips stop and then lose all sense of rhythm as she began to buck against my mouth. She began moaning, “Oh God, oh God, I’m…cumm…mmming….” I felt her cum flowing down over my face and I drank as much of it as I could.

Jason was thrusting into me, grunting each time he thrust forward. Lisa crawled off on my mouth and collapsed on the floor, panting. I reached up and pulled Jason down to me kissing him hard. I thrust my tongue in his mouth so He could taste Lisa’s cum. He began licking it off of my face and neck. He started to moan against my neck and with one final thrust he came. I felt him spurting deep into me, bathing my insides with his hot cum. He fell onto me exhausted and laid his head against one of my breasts.

I looked over the Mike and Lisa. Lisa was still recovering but Mike seemed to be fully recovered. He was hard again and had been stroking his cock watching me, Lisa and Jason. I pushed slightly on Jason’s chest and he rolled off of me. I crawled across the floor to where Mike was sitting on the couch. “Do you want me to fuck you?” I purred.

“Very much,” he breathed.

“Only if it’s okay with your girlfriend…”

He looked over at Lisa who was sitting up now watching us. She moved over and curled up in Jason’s lap. “Only if I can watch,” she taunted. Jason wrapped his arms around her and I could see it wouldn’t be long before he was fully recovered.

I stood in front of Mike and put one knee on either side of his body. I could feel how hard his cock was. He put his hands on my hips and tried to push up inside of me. I pulled away slightly so he wasn’t able to enter me. Then I moved toward him again so his cock was cradled between my pussy lips. The head of his cock brushed my clit and I shivered. I started moving against him. His cock slid easily between my lips and every time the head touch my clit the fire in me burned hotter. I kept riding him that way, without letting him enter me until I was just about ready to cum. When I was right on the edge I adjusted my hips just slightly so he sank all the way into me. I felt my tunnel stretch to accommodate his girth and I came immediately. I shook and the muscles of my pussy clamped down on his cock, holding him deep inside me. I bucked wildly on his cock, my boy shaking with pleasure. Mike leaned in and bit my nipple. He was thrusting up into me and talking. He liked to talk dirty. “You feel so fucking good,” he moaned. “So fucking hot and wet. You are so tight baby. I could fuck this cunt all night long.”

I leaned all the way back over his knees giving him full access to me body. I looked across the room and saw that Jason had recovered fully and was thrusting into Lisa as they watched us. They had turned sideways so they could both watch. He was sitting cross-legged and she was straddling his lap facing him.

I sat up and leaned down to Mike. “I want you to fuck me from behind so I can watch my boyfriend screw your girlfriend.” I felt his cock jump inside of me. He stopped thrusting and allowed me to stand. His cock made a wet popping noise when it slid out of me. I turned and faced Lisa and Jason, bending at the waist. I felt Mike move in behind me grabbing my hair and thrusting into me in one motion. He started pounding me furiously. I was moaning and getting even more turned on watching Jason and Lisa. Jason picked Lisa up and placed her on the floor right under me. He knew I liked seeing his cock disappearing inside someone else. He positioned her so that he could kneel and thrust into her while I watched.

Mike was pounding me faster and faster. I could tell he was getting ready to cum. Watching Jason’s cock move in an out of Lisa’s tight little cunt pushed me over the edge again. I came all over Mike’s cock a second time. I think my quaking pussy was what drove him over the edge. He pulled out and turned me around. He was yanking his cock furiously. “I want you to drink my cum,” he grunted. I dropped to my knees and put out my tongue, wanting to taste his cum. He groaned one last time and began shooting thick cum onto my tongue. Mike’s was bitterer than Jason’s but delicious just the same. He shot twice onto my tongue and once onto my chest. I took the cum off my chest with one finger and fed it to Lisa. She sucked greedily on my finger biting lightly. Then she pulled away and screamed in pleasure. As she came I saw Jason’s strokes speed up and then stop with two very hard thrusts.

We all collapsed into a big sticky pile in the middle of the floor. None of us really knew what to say. Jason took me in his arms and just held me and Mike did the same with Lisa. We looked at each other and then I smiled and asked, “So when is our next get together?”

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