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The Apprentice

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The woman entered the hallway and looked around for her client. Her gaze fell upon a man in his mid-forties, nice build, graying hair, business suit and unhappy marriage. Typical for this massage parlor. Although they were all different, different ages, various backgrounds and ethnicities they all had the same look – the look of starvation.

He gazed up and caught her beautiful blue eyes, relief and familiarity relaxing him. The men are always nervous in the hallway, fearful they will see someone they know, fearful they will be found out. She smiled as he approached her taking his hand and squeezing it as she lead him down the hall to the room. Before she opened the door, she paused with her hand on the knob and turned to him; a devilish grin spreading across her gorgeous lips. He stopped, a little confused, and raised and eyebrow quizzingly. “I have a surprise for you,” she whispered.

“Oh?” he replied, his own grin matched hers and he leaned down to nuzzle her neck. He had been her client for over 2 years and she knew he liked surprises. He raised his head, unable to contain the leer on his face.

“Yes, today we will not be alone,” she purred, watching with satisfaction, the flash of fear replace the arrogance on his face. She opened the door and yanked his now reluctant body into the room, quickly closing the door behind him. Stepping back, she saw his erratic, nervous eyes scan the parlor. He searched frantically past the massage table in the middle of the room, past the chairs and cupboards till he saw the naked girl, on her knees, in the corner.

The woman watched the kaleidoscope of expressions cross his face like shimmers of the northern lights. His fear turned to shock and disbelief then to concern. He took a step closer to the girl getting a better look. As if reading his mind, the woman explained “She looks a lot younger than her true age. She is here at her own request and although she could pass for a college girl, it’s been ten years since she graduated with her degree.” The shock returned to his face, raising both his eyebrows this time. Then slowly there came a new look in his eyes………………………lust.

Smugly satisfied, the woman moved between him and the girl, steering him to the massage table. She undid his robe and was mildly surprised at his naked body; this client, who usually required a lot of manual stimulation to become aroused, was already erect. She gently coaxed him onto his stomach watching him wince as his cock became wedged between his stomach and the table. She had placed the girl on the floor so that her client had full view of her while the woman proceeded to massage his shoulders and back. He began to relax under her touch while still staring at the girl in the corner, taking in her slim tanned body. Her straight long blonde hair tumbled over her bowed head in a golden curtain so that he was unable to see her face. He did watch as her small breasts gently rose and fell, while the silver nipple clamps with their adornments swung gently from her hard, large, nipples with her every breath.

The woman continued to massage down his lower back but followed his gaze to the girl. Pride warmed her as she saw how the girl had perfected the pose that she herself had spent so many hours practicing. The girl’s knees and toes were the parts of her body touching the floor. Her thighs were spread wide and the woman could see the sparkle of the silver clit clamp that matched the one the girl wore on her nipples. Her arms were pulled back with each palm gripping on each heel and the girls tight ass was resting on the top of her hands. Her back was arched, her chest thrust forward, and her head bowed……….awaiting use. The pose of a pleasure slave.

The silence was broken by his breathless voice. “Who is she?” he asked transfixed. The woman moved in front of him, breaking his view of the girl. He looked up as she removed her own robe and he immediately forgot about the girl as his eyes dropped to her ample, freckled breasts. He let out a sigh as she leaned over him and resumed massaging his back, letting her tits brush against his face.

“She is my slave girl, my thrall,” she replied as he tried to kiss and lick her swinging breasts. “I found her a few weeks ago on the Internet and have claimed her for my own.”

“Oh?” came his mumbled reply, not focusing on what she was saying but on her gorgeous globes. She stepped back and commanded him to roll over. He did so and she was pleased to see his cock still fully hard even though her expert hands had relaxed the rest of him. She leaned over him again and lightly ran her hands across his chest, teasing his nipples and once more letting her breasts fall into his face, which he tried to gobble. Her hands crept lower to his shaft and he moaned while she stroked him up and down.

“Do you know why I brought her here?” she asked him in a whisper, her hands still pumping him.

“No” he breathed, not really paying attention.

“I brought her here because she loves to suck cock,” she purred.

He stopped breathing.

He looked at her and she winked. She then moved away from the table and snapped her fingers. The girl, who had been only a breathing statue till this time, instantly began to crawl on her hands and knees to the woman’s feet. He sat up, mesmerized. The girl stopped below the woman and lowered her head and placed gentle kisses to the top of each of the woman’s ten toes. The girl stayed on her hands and knees, her ass in the air; her head bent to the woman’s feet. The woman reached down and put her index finger under the girl’s chin to raise her head. The girl’s face came into view for the first time and the man felt his cock jump, she was beautiful. He looked at her mouth and remembered what the woman had said, again his cock jumped. He imagined what that mouth would look like encircling him and sucking. He hoped he had enough money in his wallet.

He watched as the girl gazed adoringly into the woman’s eyes. The woman smiled down at her with affection and asked “Don’t you love to suck cock my pet?”

“Yes Mistress,” was the breathless reply from the girl on the floor.

“Yes Mistress what?” was the stern retort.

The girl lowered her eyes, her chin still thrust up by the woman’s index finger, and in a whisper, he could barely hear, she answered. “Yes Mistress, I love to suck cock.”

He couldn’t contain his moan as he swung his legs over the side of the table, his cock strained forward. He sat there waiting, unsure of what to do while knowing exactly what he wanted. The woman pointed to him and the girl began to crawl again. He watched her lean body as she moved across the floor toward him, her ass in the air, her head only inches off the floor. When she stopped below him, he looked down at her firm buttocks and wondered if she liked it in her ass as well, then with another moan, shuddered at the thought. For two years he had been coming to this establishment, he had only gotten hand jobs, which was a lot more than he received at home. But this was almost more than he could take. As he looked down at the girl, his cock began oozing pre-cum and twitching with need.

The woman moved closer to him till she was standing beside the table. She leaned into him, her breasts heavy against his arm, a temporary distraction for his gaze. She too watched the girl, then looked at him and smiled.

“We have to make her hungry for it,” she explained, looking down at the girl once more. He watched the woman lower her finger to cup the girl under the chin again. She raised the girl’s face so that it was level with his crotch a few inches away. The girl immediately opened her mouth but made no move toward him. The woman then grabbed his cock and bent him forward till his smooth head was a mere eighth of an inch in front of the girl’s open mouth. He moaned and tried to strain forward but the woman held him fast, gripping him hard and telling him firmly “Not yet, make her beg for it.”

He groaned again and looked down at the girl. She was staring at his cock. Her eyes almost crossed and full of a smoldering look that took his breath away. He saw her open mouth and soft lips. He could feel her hot breath on him, breath that was beginning to come faster. The girl began to pant a little, her moist, exhaled air caressing his cock and driving him mad. Yet, the woman’s strong grip at the base of his shaft kept him from doing anything but moaning.

The woman then moved her finger from under the girl’s chin and trailed it down her upturned neck. She swept it past the girl’s little breasts, continuing lower till it rested on the girl’s pussy. She began to rub and the girl’s sharp intake of breath almost drew his cock into her mouth, but the woman held him fast. “I do believe your cock is making my girl wet,” she said.

As the torture continued, the girl began to whimper like a puppy. Her tongue streaked out of her open mouth to wet her lips, just missing his flesh making him grip the edge of the table and grind his teeth. He looked a the woman, in pain, but she kept her eyes on the girl on the floor. He wanted to scream. He wanted to slap her hand away and drive his cock deep into that waiting hole. But he knew if he lost control, he wouldn’t be allowed back. So he moaned and mentally pleaded to them both. His cock pulsed and throbbed and strained toward the girl.

The he heard it. Ever so softly. He heard it and he felt it. The word “please” escaped the girl. The soft sound touched his cock and surrounded it.

“Please what?” asked the woman, her own voice a little breathless, her hand moving faster between the girl’s thighs.

The girl moaned, she licked her lips again, the smoldering look in her eyes becoming a hallow, hungry look. “Please let me suck his cock Mistress.”

He looked at the woman. She smiled down at the girl then met his gaze. “Should we let her?” she asked with a twinkle in her eyes.

“GOD YES!!!” he shouted. The woman let go of his cock and with a cowboy yell he plunged straight into the girl’s open mouth. He hit the back of her throat hard and she flinched for a second before closing her lips around him. He thrust in her with abandon, deep and wild, grunting and cursing. When he felt his cock slide past the girl’s tonsils he knew he was going to cum. He looked down and saw tears in the girl’s eyes. He saw the lump in her throat, the head of his cock deep and pulsing beginning to pump his hot seed straight down the girl’s gullet. The girl met his eyes for the first time, and despite the tears streaming down her face, she looked at him with desire and satisfaction.

He continued to pump, what seemed like gallons of cum into the girl’s throat until he finally collapsed backward. His cock yanked out of the girl hard, like she was reluctant to let him go and the girl gasped for breath, her whole body shaking and quivering.

The woman removed her hand from between the slave’s legs and held it up to him, her fingers slippery with egg white-like girl cum. He met the woman’s eyes and she winked at him before looking down at the girl again.

“Now thank the nice man for letting you suck his cock,” she said.

As he listened to the girl’s words, thanking him, he thought he heard in the distant someone tolling a bell ……………………………………………. He had arrived in heaven.

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