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Bethel: The Epiphany

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I’d had it with Mason. His affairs, one right after the other, had begun to push me over the edge. My favorite decorator, on her knees in my new den with his penis in her mouth, was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

That night in our bedroom, I laid down the law. “We will not divorce for the sake of our child. You and I will sleep in separate wings of this house.

Sex is a thing of the past no matter how badly you need it. You can have your other women. I only ask that you be more discreet. We will continue to present the image of a loving couple before our families and friends. Got it?” Mason cried for forgiveness and pretended as if he cared about my feelings and the changes in out lives, but I didn’t believe him. Not really.

The next morning at breakfast, I made an announcement. “Oh, by the way, I’ll be taking a little trip in a few days. Trey is all yours for the next month. Try not to screw nanny in front of him, will you?”

After the limousine arrived, I kissed my child and scowled at my husband. I wouldn’t worry too much about Trey. Mason may be a lousy husband, but he is a good father. Five and a half-year-old Trey would be looking forward to adventures with his daddy.

Mason and I both come from old money. I have maintained the looks and figure I had when I started college twelve years ago. My thick blonde hair is cut to just below my chin, highlighting my flawless skin, vivid blue eyes and naturally red lips. Diet and exercise have kept this 30-year old body healthy and trim. I still capture the attention of both men and women. Their eyes say I am beautiful and I know that I am. All of this seems not to appeal to my husband anymore.

I’d e-mailed Sarah last night. She wrote me back saying that she and her husband were out of the country for six weeks. Her keys would be left with the manager of her building in case I needed to use her apartment. I was disappointed because I thought I might recapture something with her. It had been such a long time, but our college loving and that one afternoon a few years ago, were always at the edge of my mind.

My hotel was as elegant and stately as ever. This is the only place I’ll stay in when I’m in New York. After my things were unpacked and an early dinner was served in the room, I called down to the desk for assistance. I needed someone to do some correspondence and make several calls. Management assured that someone would be sent up within the hour.

The knock came twenty minutes later. The manager introduced me to a young woman from a nearby temporary service. “This is Tina,” the manager said. “She comes highly recommended.”

“Thank you. I’m sure she will do nicely.” After he left, I turned to the girl. “Hello, Tina. I’m glad you were able to come. Shall we get started?”

“Thank you for the work. What would you like me to do first?” I dictated a few items for e-mailing and assigned her several other clerical tasks. Then I went off to take a long, leisurely bath. When I came back, refreshed and clean, Tina had called all of the people on my list informing them of my arrival in New York and sent my e-correspondence.

I went to get my purse to tip her. When I got back, she asked boldly if I was absolutely certain there was nothing else she could do for me. I would have said no had she not been staring at my exposed left breast with its peaked nipple where my robe had opened.

“Tina, do you mean what I think you mean? Are you asking me if I want sex with you? I asked, incredulously.

Smiling, she said, “That’s exactly what I mean. Sex with another woman is what most women want if given the opportunity. I have an on-again/off-again boyfriend, but I dearly love to fuck women. I see the rings on your hand, but you’d like nothing better than for me to eat your pussy. Am I right?” She slowly walked to me, removed my purse from my hands and unbelted my robe.

At her explicit invitation, my heart rate increased and my pussy throbbed. “Yes, you’re right. It’s been so long since I’ve been with a woman.” Tina was as tall as me, about 20, with thick black curls that reached the tops of her shoulders. She was dressed like the girls her age-short skirt, a top that exposed skin if she moved a certain way, chunky shoes. She was very pretty with large hazel eyes, dark pink lips and long legs. She explained that she was an actress waiting for a break. Being a temp helped her to meet the rent.

Looking in my eyes, Tina reached inside my robe and cupped my pussy. I began to melt. I needed this so much. She rubbed me hard with heel of her hand, bringing me off quickly. I sought her mouth, needing to be kissed. She was a good kisser. Lips and teeth and tongue were everywhere. I surprised myself by raising Tina’s little skirt and putting my hand inside her panties. I never took that initiative with Sarah. She was hot and wet to the touch. My finger found its way inside her and found her even hotter. I pumped into her fast and furiously. She came squeezing my finger tightly. I can’t believe I did that!

“Take these off,” I asked her, referring to her wet panties. “I need to screw your pussy right now. Get on the bed. Quickly.” With the skirt around her waist and the bra and top still on, she lay back and let me take her pussy. I climbed on top of her, lowered myself on her, closed my eyes and came home. My pussy traveled over this girl-to the left, to the right. With my full weight on her, I sawed her slit up and down and up and down, made endless circles on her pubis taking what I needed. I relished the warmth of her mound, the tickle of her pubic hairs, and the strength of her as she pushed herself up to me, offering me more. I stayed on top of this girl until I exhausted the both of us. After we rested a few minutes, I removed the rest of her clothing and put myself breast to breast, mouth to mouth and pussy to pussy with her. As she moaned beneath me, I melded myself to her, wanting to feel it all again. I wanted to cum with her tongue thrust into my mouth, her breasts soft beneath my own. My legs locked with hers. When I again rode myself into ecstasy, it was as if everything I had in me had pooled to my pussy and I was sharing it with someone who understood how I felt. Another woman.

I was so caught up in fucking this girl that I did something that I said I would never do. I was always been the recipient of oral sex with my two lovers, never the giver. But the she was right here under me. My tongue had just dragged itself from her mouth again. She’d let me cum countless times on her pussy. As I moved down this girl’s body-sucking her shoulders, grazing her nipples with my teeth, swirling my tongue in her navel-my mouth wandered in the vicinity of her swollen pussy. I had done this to her. Those pussy lips were lush and red because I had rubbed myself on them. It seemed only natural to want to taste them-taste us. Practically of their own volition, two fingers inserted themselves into her. I pumped her pussy. When I removed them, my head came down and tentatively began to lick her. She squirmed in pleasure. I got bolder with her reaction. I licked her until she opened for me. I ran the tip of my tongue over and over her swollen labia, and then speared her clit. She exploded. I pulled her lips wider to lick her pussy juice. I lapped at her with my tongue and when it worked its way inside her, I had to hold her down as she came again.

I assumed my favorite position-my back at the headboard, my knees pulled up and spread apart-as Tina ate my pussy. My, my what an aggressive little sucker she was. I rubbed my breast with one hand and held that black wavy head tightly with the other as she sucked on my clit. I hadn’t died and gone to heaven, but I was damn close.

At 12 am, I watched Tina’s ass as she walked toward the stairwell. A young blonde woman in red exited the elevator and saw me staring. When she passed, she gave me a knowing wink and a smile. She didn’t say anything, but pulled a card from her purse and handed it to me. Her card read, ‘Eve, Unleashed-Female Clientele Only. New Orleans.’

I went shopping the next morning. Lingerie was my intended purchase. As I wandered around the store, I caught sight of a sexy little green leather skirt and jacket that would be perfect for Tina. It didn’t matter that it was very costly; I just wanted to see her in it. Shopping for Sarah had always given me great pleasure. Sarah. Shaking myself out of my reverie, I sent my packages to the hotel, joined friends for lunch and visited a museum.

I had my cabby put me off just past a little shop that caught my eye. There were no other patrons when I stepped in. I made my request and waited. A pimply-faced young man went to the back of store and brought my product to me. “Lady, you want I should show you some other stuff you might could use? Take a look at these. A lady would love these, ya think?” After my last purchases arrived at the hotel, I called the manager and requested the services of the young woman, Tina, whom I had used the day before. She arrived at 5:45. When I closed the door, we kissed deeply. Dinner arrived a few minutes later.

“I went shopping today. Look what I found for you.” I held out the leather pieces that I’d brought from the bedroom. “Do you like them?” I asked.

“Wow, Bethel, they’re fantastic. You are so generous. I’ll try them on right now.” She undressed where she stood.

They fit perfectly, of course. As well as I knew her body after a single night, I had no trouble guessing her size. I followed her to the bedroom and watched as she removed the pieces and hung them in my closet. “I have something else for you. Look in that bag,” I pointed. She pulled out the white lace bra and brief matching panties. This set had come from the sex shop. I had more from the department store, in every color I could find, hidden to surprise her later.

“Oh, man. It’s so sexy. Shall I model for you?” She began removing her old bra and panties.

“Please do. Come to the living area when you’re ready.”

I put a narrow, armless chair in the center of the room and stashed a bag behind it. I removed my robe, revealing my own similar under garments that had begun to moisten. She came in with her breasts pushed up and pushed together and they threatened to pop from the bra. I could see the dark hair on her pussy through the nearly transparent, backless panty. She did a sexy little dance around the chair I was sitting in, shaking her ass cheeks at me and swiping her breasts across my face. She knew I was on fire for her as I grabbed those ass cheeks and licked them. Then I reached for and found her wet, scantily-clad pussy. I rubbed it as she undulated. I never knew I could or would do such things to a woman. I had been a selfish lover. Sarah did all the work. I would not make that mistake again. I would make it up to her.

When I fucked her that night, I would use the thick, two-headed dick that I had bought at the shop. “You mean a woman like you walked into a sex shop and bought this?” she asked, holding it up.

“That’s right, Tina. I was determined to have it. This little thing can be very exciting. I had one just like it in college. A present from my roommate.”

“Was her name Sarah? You called me Sarah once.”

“No, Sarah was my second lover. My dorm mother was the first. I let her eat me to get out of trouble. I discovered I like it, so I found a girl of my own. Sarah. Kate was my roommate. She helped make it easier for us to be together.

“Come on, Bethel. Fuck me with that thing. You can even call me Sarah if you want, “she said, licking her lips.

I sat in the chair and inserted half into my pussy through the slit at my lips. Tina spread her self in front of me and pushed the other half in her pussy, alternately sitting on and standing over my lap. Our full pussies were touching and the dick held us together. I kissed her as I rubbed the tops of her breasts. Slowly we sat up a rhythm. I grabbed her ass, trying to push her further into me. She held the back of the chair and rotated her hips and ass, pushing dick even deeper. We fucked this way until we both came.

Before she slipped away, we made arrangements to have me pick her up at the agency in the late afternoon. I didn’t want anyone getting suspicious about her frequent visits and late departures, so I decided to take Sarah up on her offer of the use of her place. I told Tina to look in the black velvet box among her things when she arrived home. She was to have the contents in place when we met. At the sex shop, I had bought us matching gold ben wa balls. The nerd grinned lasciviously as he explained that they are supposed to create a vibrating sensation and strong sexual urges. I was sold.

She was leaving her building when the cab pulled up. She got in the taxi. “Wow, Bethel. I feel so…so.” She could not remain still.

“I know, honey. I feel it too. I could almost do it right here in the cab,” I whispered. “I can’t wait to eat you with the balls inside.”

We found Sarah’s guest room, undressed quickly and fell into bed kissing. When I was ready to eat her, she wanted to do the same. We assumed the sixty-nine position and went to work on each other’s pussies. Later, Tina looked at me in wonderment as I lay my pussy on hers and began to move. Our pleasure was so intense as the balls moved in us, as our flesh melded. The sex was incredible.

I had Tina meet me at Sarah’s a few days later. It would be bittersweet because I knew this was our last meeting. It was time for me to move on. I brought a large tote bag with me containing our sex toys. They would be hers now. Tina sat on the bed and noticed the bag.

“Have any new toys today, Bethel?”

“As a matter of fact I do.” I pulled out the strap-on and held it up. “The guy at the shop said it was essential that I buy one of these.”

“Oh, I’m so glad he did. I love these things. Can I wear it first, Bethel?” She seemed highly excited.

“Of course you can. Step in and let’s get you situated. As I pulled and adjusted straps, I felt her up. I couldn’t help it. We finally adjusted the clit massager and she was ready. As I lay back on the bed, she was all over me, kissing me hard with the dick poking at me. I spread wide and she sunk in, and we began the ancient rhythm of fucking. It was fantastic having a beautiful, sexy woman above me with her soft ass in my hands, the brush of her breasts on my own and her hard dick filling my pussy. When she leaned down to give me her tongue, I had everything I wanted.

“Your turn,” Tina said stepping out of the harness.

I strapped up preparing to pleasure her. I looked down at the protruding penis and felt powerful. This sounds weird, I know, but it’s true. I guess this is how “they” feel. She wanted me to do her doggy style. I grabbed her ass, dipped and inserted the dick in her pussy. Slowly I began to fuck her, increasing momentum every few strokes. Soon I was exercising my power, slamming into her, my flesh slapping against hers. After many, many strokes into her, she asked me to penetrate her ass. She assured that I would not be hurting her as she had done this before. My dick slid easily into her. As I watched it disappear between those perfect white globes, I was momentarily astonished. Here I am, a rich society lady with a husband and a child. I, the usually proper Bethel, was wearing a strap-on dick, lodged the pretty ass of a struggling actress, listening to her sob in pleasure as she came, begging me to stop and begging me not to. As the clit massager rubbed me, I shook violently as I came on her ass. I was happy. Truly. At this moment, I didn’t want to be anywhere else on earth. I have come a long way.

After we showered, I presented her with my proposition. I would buy her a nice apartment here in the city, provide her with a generous allowance so that she could take acting, singing and dance lessons and work only when she felt the need. She could live her life anyway she pleased, see whomever she wanted. No real strings attached. If I decided I wanted to see her when I came into the city, I would always call ahead for permission. Tina readily agreed. I would put everything in motion before I left for Los Angeles in a few days.

Los Angeles was lovely. Relatives from my father’s family entertained me royally. They were members of an exclusive country club that we used everyday. I made use of the club’s steam room after a grueling tennis match. Only two of us, I and a middle-aged woman, a Mrs. Rhys-Wheater, introduced to me last night, were in the room. One of us was finger-fucked and sucked. It was not the other woman. Without a word spoken between us, I leaned back and rested on the bench behind me and let her do me. She sucked my entire pussy into her mouth as I came.

That night after dinner she followed me into the ladies room at the club. With my back against the door, she whispered, “May I, pet? Quickly. Before someone pops in,” pointing downward.

I nodded in assent and let her put her hand in my panties. She sighed contentedly. As she rubbed me, she whispered, in her British accent, “Thanks ever so much, luv. What a sweet little cunny you have. You are exactly what I’ve needed. A beautiful, soft girl. My but you’re so hot in here. I practically melted when you welcomed me between these legs today, letting me at this.” We both looked down at my dress moving. “Cum quickly, luv.” I did. Who said Brits were cold and stuffy?

As we were all leaving the club, she asked if I would join her and her husband the next day for a swim and conversation about the shows in New York. The gentleman said he had a business meeting in Chicago, but encouraged his wife to have me anyway. Her eyes lit up and held mine.

At noon, the lovely Mrs. Rhys-Wheater and I went into the pool house to change and didn’t resurface for an hour. She had a strong, shapely body. I thought as much. I’d had a quick glimpse when she refastened her slipped towel yesterday. When she danced with her husband after dinner, I noticed her beautiful calves. I tongue-kissed until she was giddy her and rubbed myself on her firm body.

“Thanks, Bethel. I hardly ever get a kiss. My affairs are mostly hurried as was ours yesterday. What a talented mouth you have. Worlds better than a man’s, that’s for certain.” We used our lips, fingers and tongues on each other in some hot sixty-nine action on the sofa bed in the pool house. Mrs. Rhys-Wheater was as voracious an eater as she had been yesterday. Her servants had been standing by the pool for an hour waiting to serve lunch. Little did they know their mistress and I had already partaken of the lovely repast that was between my legs. Before I departed, she thanked me profusely between kisses as I screwed our water-cooled pussies together, making them warm, making us cum again.

My last ten days were spent in Hawaii. Kilani, the beautiful native girl who checked me in, was also the hotel owner’s daughter. Within an hour of check in, she was knocking at my door.

“Yes, miss?” I asked, staring at her as she walked in.

“I’ve personally come to make certain you have every thing you need.” She hesitated a bit, crossed her fingers and then started her spiel. “I never come to a guest’s room so soon, but when I saw you downstairs, you looked so beautiful and sexy in that sundress and your skin looks so creamy…and I’ve only done it with a few of the island girls…but I look at those naked girls in Playboy that I steal from my boyfriend and fantasize about fucking them…someone like you…and I am so hot looking at you right now…I can almost taste you…do you, you know, with girls…it’s so good touching a girl…if not, please, please don’t tell my father…he would die if he knew…he wants me to marry a…I’ll just leave.” Her breasts heaved. I wanted them in my mouth.

I pulled down the straps on my dress, pushed it the rest of the way down and was naked before her. She started to stammer again. I silenced her with my tongue and helped remove her things. Within a few minutes, she was riding me, giving me her large, luscious pussy. Her curtain of long, dark, fragrant hair swirled around us as she dug her pussy into mine.

Each night, Kilani came to my suite to “make certain my accommodations were acceptable.” We would soak in a scented hot tub where she could not keep her hands off me. She massaged me with exotic lotion and rubbed it off with her body when she loved me. She spent an enormous amount time playing at my pussy with her little gel-colored vibrators. The green one was her favorite. She was fascinated with the pinkness of my labia and the sparse blond curls nearby. She said my lips got bigger and turned a darker shade of pink when she turned on the switch and pumped in the little green thing. She would get me so hot that I would demand that she eat me quickly. Or, I would pull her on top of me, slowly run my hands over her, kiss her, and beg her to screw my pussy slowly. Whenever I ate her, she tasted of the fruits of her island. Too soon, it was time to go back east.

I managed to meet with Tina at the apartment several times during the next six months. All I thought about was fucking her when I was at home in Connecticut. She was an exciting and innovative lover. The fact that she was an actress served her well. When in character she might open the door as a stripper clad in a g-string and pasties or a gum-chewing, pony-tailed cheerleader with an attitude. Even a beauty queen complete with crown. I would be so hot when I saw her that I would drop my packages-things I’d bought for her— at the front door, undress and step into her fantasies. Sex is enhanced by fantasy. She had added to our little bag of tricks. I particularly liked the edible panties.

We ended our relationship when Tina got a part in a Broadway play. She would be very busy with rehearsals and lessons. I still had money wired to her account. It was the least I could do for someone who had given me so much pleasure. Mason had made some overtures about reconciliation, so I decided this was a good opportunity to work on my marriage.

Before I fully went to Mason, true to my word, I seduced Sarah. I invited her to lunch in the city to properly thank her for the use of her apartment those months ago.

“I’m glad I could help, Bethel. Did you and Mason like it?”

“He never saw it. I was there with someone else.”

“Bethel! Are you kidding? Another man?”

“A young woman… A beautiful 20-year old actress.”

“By the look on your face, you certainly enjoyed her. I’m almost jealous,” Sarah kidded.

“She was incredible. Just like you were. Sarah, would you like to fool around a little after lunch? You do still like pussy, don’t you? I can get a suite upstairs. I know you have to get back soon. I wouldn’t keep you long.”

“Still horny, are we? You know I’ll always love pussy–especially yours.” Sarah laughed.

I was naked when she knocked on the door. I pulled her in and kissed her soundly. Then I helped her undress. We were giggling the entire time. Sarah thought that I would assume my favorite position in bed. I surprised her by steering her away from it and leading her to the only armchair in the room. Without a word, I gently pushed her in. She gasped as I spread a leg over each arm. I didn’t want anything for myself at the moment. It was all for her. Sarah, the sweet girl who gave me a solid year of her love. She moaned my name over and over as I spread her wide and had my first taste of her. For a long while, I returned her love with my hands and my mouth. Thankfully the rooms were soundproofed. Sarah was very vocal with her praise of my oral talents.

I fucked her like I did in college–me, on top, screwing her. God, she felt so good, so familiar. Her hair even smelled the same. She was wearing the diamond studs I had given her for a birthday in a second piercing. This woman said she would do anything for me in college. She dated my brother and I suspect they made love, but it was for me. She sat next to me at my mother’s Thanksgiving dinner table in Connecticut and fucked me upstairs in the late night. This woman waited for me to return from a date with Mason to have sex with me. She knew I would need her and she always gave me what I needed. I guess I loved her then but didn’t know it. I rode her hard now and felt her long clit push toward mine. I put my tongue in her mouth and succumbed to the pleasure. Sarah, my love. She was very late getting back to her office.

I seriously threw myself into family, charity work and the social scene. I was the model wife and mother. I fully reconciled with Mason, who was being a good boy. Our sex life, fueled by my secret fantasies, was great. On my birthday, Mason presented me with a beautiful diamond necklace.

I fell of the fidelity wagon a year later when I gave myself a “shopping” trip to New Orleans. I treated myself to two days and three nights of unadulterated Eve and her southern hospitality. She was a professional who truly loved her work. This woman explored every inch of me and discovered new pleasure places-the spot at the top of my left ear, the underside of my breasts, and the line at my pussy where the hair began. I experienced the rush of sex in public when Eve did me in the French Quarter. In the middle of an afternoon, she guided me to a doorway, pulled a vibrator from her purse and fucked me. As she pumped me, she described what she would do to me that night. Over her shoulder, I watched hundreds of people milling about us as I had a fantastic orgasm. It was awesome. On my last night, on my hands and knees, with the diamond necklace sparkling in candlelight, Eve, slowly and exquisitely entered me and removed the last vestiges of my virginity, opening a new avenue of pleasure. I was complete.

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