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Welcome Home, Soldier

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It had been a long night. What started out as a welcome home get together had quickly turned into a full-blown party. Not that she minded spending time with his friends. They had all been deployed for quite a long time. But looking at Chris from across the room, she didn’t know how much longer she’d be able to keep her composure. She had been celibate his entire deployment but now that he was home, her panties were feeling a bit like a chastity belt that’s time had come to be removed.

For hours he had been drinking with his friends while she played the dutiful hostess. He was having a good time, but every time he turned to kiss her, his lips lingered longer and longer. After a couple of hours of torturous kisses, he finally came over to where she was and sat down, quickly pulling her over onto his lap. And as much as she loved having her ass right up against his cock, this would quickly become more than she could handle. She knew she had to work her magic – the man had been in a tent surrounded by other men for the last twelve months. She knew that as soon as she started wiggling her ass on his lap, even just by slightly readjusting herself, she’d have her chance to get him alone.

The music outside was becoming louder and louder. She hoped the neighbors would understand and refrain from calling the police. These guys needed to blow off some steam. Besides, the last thing she wanted to deal with was a problem. She finally had him just where she wanted him – she could feel his cock getting hard through his DCU’s and with that, it was time to make her final move.

Daria stood up and offered him her hand. Being a good soldier, he took it and allowed her to lead him up the stairs to her bedroom. Closing the door behind them, she smiled – after all this time, all those lonely months, they were finally alone.

No sooner had the door clicked closed, she turned around and found his lips less than an inch from her own. She reached up and put her hand on the side of his face. He was unshaven, but it was of no consequence to her. She had waited months to have him this close. She’d take him any way she could get him at this point.

He leaned down and took her face in his hands as he slowly leaned in for a kiss that she felt throughout the entirety of her body. She no longer merely ached for him, she needed his touch in the same way her body needed air. At that moment, she would have been hard pressed to choose between the two.

After a kiss that seemed to last an eternity, he pulled away and stood back for a moment, just looking at her. Because for as much as she had longed for him, it was the thought of her here, like this, that had gotten him through the last year. This was his reward. She was his prize and he wanted to see her shine in her full glory.

“Take off your clothes, Daria,” he whispered over the air that coursed between them, “I want to look at you for a minute.”

Without saying a word, she slowly unbuttoned her blouse and let it fall to the floor, the tops of her breasts peeking out at him from beneath her lace bra.

“Is this what you want,” she asked coyly, slowly dragging her fingernails from her neck over her breasts, and into the waistband of her skirt. He stared at her with the intensity of a dying man searching out the last speck of light on the horizon. She was exactly as he remembered.

“The skirt,” Chris muttered in a barely audible cry, “Please, baby…take off the skirt.”

She turned her back to him and unzipped the side zipper. Pushing it down from the top, she slowly bent forward as the skirt slid effortlessly down her legs. Standing before him in only her bra, panties and a pair of black lace top thigh high stockings, she now remembered why she had waited for this man. At that very moment, his eyes were doing things to her that no other man had ever been able to accomplish with his entire body.

“The bra now,” he said as his voice became a little more firm.

As she unhooked her bra and it became loose against her skin, the lace pulling gently against her now erect nipples, she could see his breathing becoming more labored. The excitement of being so close to him but being unable to touch him was getting to her. But this night was about him. This night was about giving him the fantasy he’d been living in his mind for the last year.

“Panties,” he ordered, as the noticeable bulge in his pants pressed harder against the fabric of his DCUs.

Daria again turned away from him, and with great restraint and control hooked her thumbs into the sides of her panties and pulled them down exposing only her ass to his longing eyes for several seconds before prying them away from the moist sticky skin between her legs and letting them drop to the floor.

Before she had a chance to stand back up, Chris had rushed behind her and dropped to his knees. Daria reached out in front of her and braced herself on the door as he grabbed her hips with both hands and planted his mouth on her right ass cheek. His lips and teeth grazed her skin with precise movements. He was eager, but still refusing to give in to his desire immediately. He wanted to make this last a while. He wanted to worship her. He wanted to hold her and taste her the way a priest takes in wine from the holy chalice. In that moment, she was his religion.

After covering the entirety of her ass and the backs of her thighs with slow soft open mouthed kisses, he allowed his tongue to run up the inside of her exposed upper thigh, catching a drop of moisture from her trembling pussy on the tip of his tongue before pulling away from her.

He stood up quickly and wrapped his arms around her waist, pulling her back upright.

She turned around and again found his lips awaiting hers as they made their way to her bed. He fell backwards onto it, pulling her down on top of him. As his hands ran up the back of her thighs and onto her ass, her legs spread around his hips and fell to either side of him, her warm pussy pressing directly on his cock, separated only by the fabric of his clothing. Those pants and that thin brown t-shirt were the only things standing between her skin and his.

In one swift movement, he rolled her over onto her back and moved on top of her. The weight of his body forced her legs open and he fell between them effortlessly. Making his way from her lips, down her neck and onto her breasts, Daria frantically tried to pull Chris’s shirt off of him so she could feel his flesh against her own. But it was of little use. He was too enthralled with her nipples to pull away and allow his shirt off over his head – not that she minded at that moment.

Finally, after several minutes of sucking her nipples into his mouth and then releasing them only by allowing them to be gently pulled through his teeth, Chris sat up on his knees and pulled his shirt off over his head, his dogtags falling back against his skin with a quiet click and sticking to the sweaty skin on his chest.

Daria ran her hands up the front of his pants, resting only momentarily on the seemingly huge bulge beneath before finding the button at the waist. She made quick work of getting his pants undone and exposing his cock to the warm air of the room and the soft skin of her hand. Chris let out a loud moan and fell back onto the bed as his skin connected with hers.

Seizing the opportunity, Daria pushed him onto his back and quickly fell to her knees on the side of the bed. She had dreamed of having him inside her mouth once again and seeing him here, like this, aching for her, trembling with each touch of her hand, she had to have him. Slowly, with very deliberate motions, she ran her tongue up the length of his cock – first underneath, paying special attention to the vein traveling to the head. Then she traced the head of his cock with the very tip of her tongue until he began pushing his hips up toward her.

Refusing to give in too quickly, she allowed her tongue to slide down one side of his cock and to the base, taking his balls, one at a time, into her mouth and giving them a gentle suck before letting them fall back out of her mouth. His hands were running through her long hair as it fell around his thighs, tickling his skin like ten thousand little butterflies. Flicking her tongue all the way back up the shaft of his cock, she reached the head and took it into her mouth. In one slow precise movement, she took his cock all the way into her mouth until he was completely inside and she could stretch her tongue out and lick his balls while still feeling the head of his cock pressing against the back of her throat.

With that, he let out a loud guttural moan followed by the clenching of his thighs as she allowed his cock to leave her mouth. His wet cock stiffened from the air escaping her parted lips as his moans and his flesh begged her to finish what she had started.

Darcy wrapped her hand around the base of his cock and once again lowered her mouth onto it. This time however, she created a suction between her fist and her mouth making it easier to move up and down the entire length of his cock in rhythmic motion. It only took a couple of minutes of stimulation and Chris was grabbing at the back of her head, begging her not to stop.

As Daria sucked his cock deep into the back of her throat, still sucking on it as if it were the only thing sustaining her life, his legs tightened and his body became rigid. He grabbed her hair and gave it a little tug, pushing even farther into her soft wet mouth as he screamed out in absolute orgasmic pleasure.

He laid still, silent, motionless for a few seconds as she ran her tongue over his cock once again, making sure to get every drop of cum he had for her. Then before he could move, she sat down on the floor and unlaced his boots, pulling them off and throwing them into the corner, followed quickly by his socks, pants and boxer shorts. Now it was her turn to adore him.

Daria slid back onto the bed and into his arms as he reached for her, pulling her tight to his chest. This had been what she had waited for all that time. This moment. This feeling. This embrace.

After a few moments, Chris gently pushed Daria off of him and onto her back. If she thought he was finished, she was sorely mistaken. He was just getting started.

Propping himself up on one arm and taking great care to push Daria’s hair to the opposite side of her head, he slowly lowered his mouth onto the side of her neck. Her skin was so soft and sweet, like liquid sunshine warming his mouth and intoxicating his tongue. He made his way down her neck and over the full round curve of her breasts, taking great care not to drag his scratchy face across her delicate skin.

As his tongue and his lips caressed her breasts, his right hand fell gently onto her stomach and began its slow descent. With the tips of his fingers, he could feel the soft warm skin that had recently been rid of any hair that might otherwise have been tickling his fingers by now. Instead, the skin beneath his hand was moist, and so smooth he couldn’t imagine that anything other than the silk of the panties she had worn, had ever dared touch it until now.

Daria spread her legs slightly and a soft moan escaped her parted mouth as Chris’s pinky brushed lightly across her wet pussy lips. While still concentrating the efforts of his hungry mouth on her breasts, Chris allowed his hand to slide further between her legs, now cupping her lips with his hand as he let his middle finger slide effortlessly between them.

For several minutes, Chris did not move his hand or fingers at all. Daria moved against his hand, trying to get him to push his finger inside her. But with each of her movements, he countered it by pulling further away. This quickly stopped Daria’s efforts to rush things.

After what seemed like hours, but was probably more like minutes, Chris began to run his middle finger from the top of her lips as far back as he could comfortably reach, making sure to linger momentarily over her clit on each pass, watching her squirm beneath him.

Finally deciding it was time to reward Daria’s patience, he took two of his fingers and in one quick motion, pushed them deeply into her eager pussy. Daria could barely stand the satisfaction of having some part of this man inside her pussy and with each quick movement of his fingers, her breathing became more and more shallow.

As he slammed his fingers in and out of her, the noise created by her now drenched pussy filled the small room. If ever he had doubted her desire for him, this moment would be enough to forever squelch those fears.

Chris sat up on the bed and moved between her legs, leaving the softness of her breasts for the firmness of her stomach as he made his way down to her aching pussy. Covering her lips with his mouth, he slid his tongue between them, allowing her moisture to fill it with a taste he had dreamt of every night for the last twelve months. Energized and inspired by this earthly ambrosia, he began to devour every drop he could suck free from her lips. This was a feast he would gladly indulge in all night.

Still sliding his fingers in and out of her, he curled his middle finger up to find her g-spot as she let out a little squeal. Squirming beneath his mouth as he flicked his tongue quickly over her clit and rubbed her g-spot with tiny circular motions, Daria began to push her hips up off the bed and grab onto the back of his head, pushing his face even further between her tensed thighs. Maintaining his rhythm and trying to focus on her breathing, Chris sped up a little bit as Daria let out an earthshatteringly loud scream that surely must have broken a window somewhere in the neighborhood. Writhing beneath his masterful fingers and mouth, even more juices began to pour from her anxious pussy.

Before the orgasm had even subsided, Daria pulled Chris up from between her thighs.

“I need your cock inside me now, Chris,” she moaned in his ear.

Without a moment’s hesitation, Chris placed the head oh his rigid cock against her welcoming pussy. And holding her face in his hands, he pushed inside. With slow meticulous movements, Chris ground his cock into her, completely filling her up as she wrapped her legs around him and held him with them as tightly as she could.

They laid as still as possible while continuously grinding against each other. And for as good as he felt inside her tight wet pussy, Daria wanted more.

“Baby, if I asked you to do something special for me, would you do it,” she whispered against Chris’s cheek.

“Anything,” he quickly replied.

And with that, she gently pushed him off of her and onto his feet, his hard cock slipping out of her soaked pussy. Daria rolled over onto her stomach and lifted herself up onto her knees. She flipped her hair to one side and turned back to see him standing behind her, his wet cock glistening in the dim light.

“I want you to fuck my ass, Chris…now,” she said boldly.

He quickly fell to his knees and ran his tongue over her pussy lips and all the way back to her tiny puckered asshole. With the slightest touch of his tongue, her back began to arch and after only a few seconds of his tongue dancing around her tight little hole, her moans were begging him to fuck her.

Chris made sure to slather her ass with as much of her juices as possible until she was wet enough to slip a finger into with ease. Daria’s muscles began to clench around his finger as they both became very quiet. Slowly and carefully, Chris slipped another finger inside, also drenched with more of her natural lubrication. And as Daria became used to his fingers, her grip around them lessened and she began moving her hips against them.

After a few minutes, Chris withdrew his fingers and stood behind her, pulling her ass closer to the edge of the bed. He pushed into her pussy with a few hard thrusts, getting his cock nice and slippery. Then he pressed the head of his cock right on her tight asshole and applying a little pressure, he waited for Daria to relax enough for him to push completely inside. Feeling him there, ready to give her what she wanted, his hands firmly on her hips, Daria began to push back against his cock while relaxing her muscles, allowing the head of his cock to slip inside her ass.

It felt like nothing she had ever experienced before. There was so much pressure, but it wasn’t just a pressure she could feel in her ass, but inside her pussy as well. She reached between her legs and began to rub her clit as she backed up even further onto Chris’s seemingly massive cock. She was certain he must be completely inside her now. But when she slid her hand a little further back to massage his balls, she found that his cock was only about halfway inside her.

He let out a loud groan as her fingernails lightly drew across the exposed part of his cock.

Bracing herself on the bed, she slowly worked her way all the way back down onto his cock. He felt huge inside her. And with a few slow thrusts, she relaxed completely and allowed Chris to take over.

As his cock pushed in and (almost) out of her ass, she continued to rub her clit, resulting in at least two more orgasms within the first ten thrusts.

“God, baby, you feel so good inside my ass,” Daria screamed. “Fuck me harder, Chris. Harder!”

Never needing to be given an order twice, Chris sprang into action, fucking her tight little ass with everything he had until he couldn’t take it anymore.

Right about the time Daria reached her fourth orgasm of the night, with her juices splashing down his thighs, and her asshole tightening around his swollen cock, Chris let out a loud growl, followed by a hard thrust into Daria’s ass as he filled it with his cum.

For several moments, neither of them could move. Chris stood slumped over Daria’s back, her fingers still tracing the outline of her pussy lips and her head buried in the softness of her down comforter.

When Chris finally stopped shaking enough to pull out of her, Daria let out a tiny moan. He bent down and gently kissed both of her ass cheeks before giving them each a playful little squeeze.

She turned to him, looking over her shoulder, his spent cock still glistening with their juices, a smile on her face as blinding as the equatorial sun and said, “Welcome Home, Soldier!”

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