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The Jaded Librarian

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Marie was a mature woman with short, well layered blue silver hair and a slightly plump, but still desirable body that was generally covered by proper attire, consisting of sensible tops and knee length skirts. She was a junior high school librarian, a widow who had been married to her college sweetheart for twenty some years until he had perished in a vehicular accident.

I met her two years after her husband’s death. I was only twenty-four, starting my first year of teaching, after three years of soldiering and four years of college.

Nothing happened between us that first year. She was somewhere around my mother’s age and I was not into the Oedipus thing. We did, however, become friends, talking for many hours at the teacher’s lounge.

Right before my second year of teaching started, we were both scheduled to attend a seminar in Orlando, over three hours’ drive from Miami, so we decided to drive up together to save gas. I drove and on the way we carried a lively conversation which eventually led to a very personal level.

“So are you dating anyone now?” she asked.

“In between relationships,” I answered, “how about you?”

“I’ve tried to date,” she answered, ”but I was married for so long that I’ve forgotten how.”

“I’ll give you a refresher course.”

“Really,” she said with a chuckle, “Is that an offer for a date?”

“Sure,” I answered kidding, “you are a hot babe.”

She laughed.

“Rick, I’m twice you age,” she said, “but I’ll accept your refresher course.”

I nodded. I didn’t know what to say. Was she hinting at seduction or was it a teasing game between friends? For a second I envisioned her playing and sucking my dick and the image was enticing.

“Okay,” I said, “we won’t have anything to do this afternoon and evening except register for the seminar and that will take ten minutes, so why don’t we stretch out by the pool and down a couple of Margaritas and discuss what ails you….”


The hotel resort had one of those gigantic pools where you could fit a small village. The huge irregular pool had a waterfall and a couple of stone type grottos. Marie wore a modest two piece black swim suit that showed off her round ass and milk white breasts. She was on the chunky side, full fleshed but her ass was inviting and her tits well proportioned.

I ordered two Margaritas and rubbed oil on her body without asking for permission. Marie did not make any comments, as she laid face down on the lounge chair while my hands oiled her shoulders, back and thighs. For a brief moment I felt a slight shiver run through her body, a signal that promised future enjoyment.

I sat next to her, enjoying the drink and the sight of her well oiled flesh glistening in the sun. The booze, hot sun and gleaming flesh had me wondering if I could have a glorious copulation with this woman.

I really liked her as a person but had never considered a sexual relationship with Marie. The fact that she was over twice my age and a coworker had preconditioned me to think along those lines. Besides, I was usually involved in a relationship, two steady ones in three years.

I was still unsure whether the car banter had been a kidding game or a message, an invitation. I did not know what to do, how to approach her without offending.

“Look,” I said, “getting back into dating is difficult because you are not used to interacting in a personal level with someone new.”

“It’s not that,” she answered, “I’ve dated a couple of very nice men this year.”

“So what do you think is the problem?”

“The sex part…”

“Oh,” I said, “that can be difficult. Again, it’s about interacting, something that is difficult when you had such a long relationship with your husband….”

Her laughter cut my words short. She turned on the lounge chair, facing me, her white globes shiny with oil, nipples outlined through the thin fabric of the swimming top.

“Oh, honey,” she said, “When I said the sex part, I meant I am dissatisfied with the bland, vanilla sex from the men I date. My husband Lee and I had an open marriage. I’ve had many men and a couple of women.”

I was stunned. I did not know what to say and sat and sat in silence.

“You seem surprised. Well, it’s true. Lee was bisexual and early in our marriage he insisted that we both should try a threesome. I was young and curious and Lee set it up with a friend of his, a guy named Hector, a body builder type. That night we both went down on Hector and then he had us both. That’s how it all started and I enjoyed it very much.”

I nodded.

“Interesting,” I answered, “and most unexpected.” “It caught your attention,” she said looking down at the hardness in my swim shorts, “Does it turn you on? Sure it does. Did you visualize me with both men?”

“Of course,” I answered, “I imagined it and wanted to have you.”

“You could,” she said with a grin, “let’s go for a dip.”

She went in the water and I followed as we swam lazily to a grotto area where the water came up to her chest, the water caressing her nipples.

We kissed deep and hard and her body pressed against me.

“So how do you like it?” I said, “So I can please you.”

“Take without asking, be a little rough without hurting me and be creative.”

I nodded, understanding her desires. I kissed her again and moved her until she was backed against the pool wall, protected from prying eyes by two fake stucco boulders.

“Let’s see what I’m getting.”

My hand slid down across her belly, into the front of the lower part of her swim suit. She gasped as my fingers grasped her smooth shaven mound and caressed the folds of her cunt. I looked into her eyes as she opened her legs wider, allowing me to finger her slit.

“This feels fine,” I said, “now let’s see how the top part looks.”

I pulled down on her top and her tits bounced free in the water. I grasped a nipple in each hand, playing with them, feeling them become hard as pencil erasers.

“Good. You are ready to be fucked aren’t you, Marie?”

“Oh, yes.”

I pulled her top back up and spun her around, her tits and body pressed against the pool wall. My hand slid into the back of her swim suit and I felt the dough softness of her ass globes. As I caressed her rear, I kissed her neck and ear, my tongue playing with her right earlobe.

“Nice ass, Marie. It will be fucked today, as well as your other two holes. I’ll give your ass a little spanking to get it warmed up properly.”

“Yes…. Oh, you can do anything you want…. I’ll do anything you want.”

“Sure you will. Let’s towel off and go to my room.”

She was trembling slightly as she toweled off, whether from the water and sun, from sexual anticipation or –most probably- from both.

“I enjoyed our swim,” she said as we walked towards my room.

“I’m glad. You say you are not satisfied with your dates. Haven’t you dated the men you and your husband pleasured together?”

“Hector moved away years ago and so did a bisexual couple we had a thing with for a couple of years. Another man I found sexually pleasing but too obnoxious and with a couple of others I would feel awkward without my husband. Does that seem strange to you?”

“Not at all… by the way, as soon as we enter my room you will take off the swim suit and stand still, waiting for my commands.”

She nodded. It was what she wanted, to be ordered, taken and made to obey, not in humiliation but with an understanding of the desire level, the hunger waiting to be fed, fulfilled with raw enjoyment.

She undressed and stood expectantly. She looked fine naked, a mature, slightly chunky, silver haired woman who was turning out to be a lot wilder than her public, nice librarian persona. I walked around her, dropping my shorts. She did not turn around, knowing the rules of the game. I moved closer until my cock was rubbing slightly against the crack of her ass. Marie cooed.

“Tell me about that first night with Hector and Lee,” I said as rubbed my meat against her ass and my arms encircled her, fingers playing with her nipples, “tell me all about it.”

“It took Lee about a little while to convince me. Hector was a bi bodybuilder who was part owner of a gym. He had an…..incredible body….oh, what you are doing is driving me crazy…”

“Tell me about your threesome.”

I went around, facing her, bending down to take a tit in my mouth, my tongue licking the nipple before taking the tip between my teeth and playing with it as she gasped before talking.

“We went to a club and they both danced with me, holding me close, feeling me up a little…not much, just getting me hot….oh, that’s nice…. We went to his apartment and we both went down on him, taking turns swallowing his fat cock. I licked Hectors’ balls while Lee sucked his dick… oh, Rick, you are driving me crazy… let me show you how I licked Hectors’ cock.”

“Not yet. Tell me about your threesome,” I said as my mouth traveled from tit to tit, nibbling, biting, and licking.

“We did everything. I licked Hectors’ dick and balls and he turned me over and fucked me doggie style while I sucked my husbands’ cock. Hector entered me hard, his thickness stretching the walls of my cunt. Never in my life had I imagined I could be fucked so good… He came like a bull and later, in the shower, he jammed his dripping cock in my husband’s ass and came again; while my husband screamed but loved every inch of him right up his ass… that threesome lasted half of the weekend.”

“Did he fuck your butt?”

“Twice and he shaved my cunt and fucked it also….Oh, that’s nice….please, let me suck you.”

“Not yet. First you are going to lay naked across me and I will spank your ass pink.”

“Please, don’t hurt me.”

“I won’t. This going to make you hot; have you been spanked before?”

“Yes,” she said as I sat on the edge of the motel bed and she obediently laid face down, draping herself over my knees, offering me her round, soft ass.

I gave her little slaps, her flesh jiggling under my hands.

“You like this Marie? You like being spanked like a bad girl?”

“I haven’t been bad yet.”

I slapped her ass a little harder, her white flesh turning pink.

“But you will be a bad girl. You will suck my dick and swallow my load and I will fuck your ass and cunt hard.”

“Oh… yes…. I will be bad. I will suck you and….swallow…Oh; I haven’t felt like this in years…spank me like a bad girl…. please let me suck you… I want you to fuck my mouth…”

“Not yet,” I said as my spanking stopped and my fingers caressed her slit, “I want to finger fuck you a little, Marie.”

“Oh… I… if you keep doing this… I’ll come.”

“So, come,” I said as two fingers entered the mound between her legs, “Come like a good slut so you can be relaxed when you suck my dick.” She did, bucking, humping my hand, while my other hand played with the moons of her ass. Her humping of my fingers was a frenzied, jerky movement. I was slapping her jiggling ass and she moaned, grunting before proclaiming her satisfaction.

“Oh, honey,” she said, “those fingers are magic….Oh, it feels so good… yes, spank my ass with your other hand…I’m…. going to come….soon.”

“After you come you can suck my cock.” Those words sent her over the edge. She came in a trembling, jolting spasm and went limp across my knees. I let her body slide off me slowly and she went down on all fours on the floor of my hotel room.

“Come on, Marie,” I said, “I have a cock for you to suck.”

She moved slowly, somewhat drained from the finger fucking. Kneeling in front of the bed where I sat, her face moved closer, hunger in her eyes, tongue licking her lips in anticipation.

When her soft mouth reached my hard cock, she kissed the shaft and licked my balls. She then used her wet tongue from my balls all the way up the shaft of my cock until her lips encircled my dick head. She took my cock in her mouth as her hands gripped my thighs. Marie sucked me in deeply. Her head bobbed up and down on my cock as I grasped her mane of blue white hair, guiding her movement.

Marie enjoyed sucking cock. This mature woman looked very sexy with my cock in her mouth. She sucked well, alternating licking the shaft, some deep throat and teasing and nibbling at the head while her fingers stroked me or caressed my balls. I could see in her eyes the hunger, the desire. Marie enjoyed sucking dick, liked me grasping her head and guiding her up and down while I fucked her mouth.

Marie was a master cock sucker, anticipating my orgasm, taking the full load of hot salty semen in the back of her throat, swallowing without hesitation. The old girl gave tremendous head. My dick went soft in her mouth, plopping out, but she remained busy, licking me dry, rubbing her face on my balls.

“Make me hard again,” I said, “and I will jam it into your wet cunt.”

We stretched on the bed, Marie on top of me, her hand softly stroking my meat.

“Oh, honey,” she said, “I want that cock. You want me to talk dirty? Sure you do. You want to hear about my threesomes? Oh, I feel it twitching… Once, Hector brought over two friends and I did all three while my husband watched and then Hector did my husband. Those three cocks were wonderful. I was passed around from one to the other and I sucked all three and they fucked me hard and even fucked my ass. Those three guys spent a day and a half with me, and they fucked me everywhere, in the pool, kitchen table, living room floor and I was so sore I could hardly walk the day after but I loved every drop I swallowed and every inch I took.”

My cock felt like granite. I took Marie doggy style, enjoying the sight of her pale white ass up in the air waiting to be grasped, her shaved cunt waiting to be fucked.

I rubbed my hardness along her clit and up towards her cunt, teasing her and she opened wider, inviting the cock head.

“Please fuck me,” she said, “fuck me hard.”

My shaft slid into her mound from behind, making Marie moan with delight. I held her hard by the hips and pumped in and out of her cunt, alternating speeds, from slow, long movements to jamming hard thrusts with a faster rhythm.

“Oh, ooh. Honey…. I haven’t been fucked so good in three…… or four years…. Oh, fuck me with your fat, young cock….. yes….hard like that….” I was jamming my cock hard into her cunt. She was twice my age but wet as a teenager. Her round ass jiggled as I fucked her and I began slapping her cheeks, she in turn answering with deep moans. She groaned again as I thrust, pushing deep, slapping her white ass as I fucked her eager pussy.

We came together. My cock twitched inside, gushing, filling her mound with my juice and she bellowed, contracted, her body twitching in hard spasms. It was a tremendous orgasm, the one that brings a woozy feeling with the coupling of a perfect moment of raw lust.

We napped for two hours, showered and went for a seafood dinner, where Marie continued telling me about her sexual adventures during her married years.

“We did everything,” she said as she ate fried grouper, “At the beginning I was very naïve, but a month after our marriage Lee introduced me to porno, followed by a double penetration of dick and dildo. The porn was followed a few weeks later by some indecent exposures, driving half naked in the car and some live sex shows where the stage action made me soaking wet. Still, it took him months to convince me to do a three way with Hector. After that I became more daring. Lee and I went to sex shows and swinger clubs in other cities, where no one knew us. The first time at the swinger’s club we had talked only about watching. I was nervous. We were in a big room with a huge floor mat and we, and two other couples watched a woman and a man going hard at it. I was wrapped in a big towel the club provided and Lee jut pulled it off, leaving me totally naked. The two couples looked at me and smiled and Lee was feeling me up while I just stood there, dumbfounded. Being exposed like that was a rush. I was instantly wet. Before the night was over we had an exchange with a couple and the man fucked me doggie style while several people watched. It was incredible turn on to being seen naked on all fours, taking a cock from behind. It excited me to see men and women stare at me fucking a stranger. It was very good.”

“I bet it was.”

“Another night, I took on three men in a hotel room one night and they fucked me while Lee took videos. I still have them. Would you like to see them when we go back to Miami?”

“Of course.”

“I also have videos with a woman.”

“I’d like to see those also.”

“These three men passed me around. I sat on them and they fucked me hard… and in one of the videos with, I have wine poured on my pussy before she eats me. Do you think I’m jaded?”

“I’m not complaining.”

“Lee even installed a one way mirror in our bedroom so he could film from the closet or just watch. I have a video he did where a college boy licks and fucks my ass. It’s very hot. I’ll show you that one also.”

After dinner we had a couple of drinks at the bar before heading back to my room. We both knew what was coming. I wanted her ass and she in turn, was more than willing to have her ass taken.

It was exciting. She opened up her ass cheeks, offering the rosebud hole and I entered her well-greased, hard, engorged with lust. I moved my hips around, swiveling the meat around in her ass before pushing forward into her tightness, my dick buried in her ass. Her anal ring felt snug around my hardness as I pushed in and out, reaming her, grasping her hips, guiding her as I slammed my cock between her ass cheeks.

She bellowed and grunted as she pushed back into, ramming the full length of my shaft inside her. Marie humped back and forth, eagerly, gasping, gripping me with intensity, clenching her ass cheeks around my meat.

“OOOH, yes,” she said, “fuck me deep…oh yes, crack my ass, fuck me hard and deep…I am such a puta…. I love your dick in my ass…fuck my ass! fuck my ass! fuck my ass!… Oh, it hurts so good…… crack my fat ass! …. Oh, crack me good… fuck my ass! fuck my ass! ”

I looked down underneath me and saw my cock sliding in and out and I burst a load deep inside her as she came also, both grunting and moaning with pleasure, clenching her cheeks, squeezing my meat to the last drop.

When we returned to Miami, we were very discreet at work, totally secretive about our relationship. Away from the school we usually got together at her place, which had a secluded pool where we swam naked and fucked often.

Good to her word, Marie showed me the videos on the very first weekend I spent at her house. She had half dozen videos with over thirty hours of her sexual adventures.

In one of the tapes, just as she had said, three men passed her around. Lee’s camera captured hours of the gang bang in which Marie had behaved like a total slut, taking them all in a suite while her husband filmed the fuck fest. The tapes had good shots, creative and Marie’s voice was clear as she begged for more cock.

“Oh, please, fuck me. Use me like a whore. Fuck me hard.” She begged. “Please fuck my cunt in front of my husband. Please stick it in me, fuck me hard, use me like a fuck toy…oh, fuck me hard….harder….use me like a whore. I need to be fucked.”

She was. The three men fucked her couple of times each and by the end of the video she could hardly walk.

Two hours of video were with a woman named Lucy, a divorced brunette, a luscious woman in her mid thirties, endowed with a creamy ass and goblet tits, marked by tan lines.

It was a hot video. Marie plastered her mouth on the younger woman’s drooling cunt. Lucy opened her legs wider and shouted out: “Eat my clit…. Ram your fingers into my asshole…..Yeah, that’s it…”

Lucy came hard and loud, shouting, thrashing as though being connected to a live wire. Her body clenched up, her thighs locked tightly around Marie’s head, as she bellowed an animal grunt of total pleasure.

“I want her,” I told Marie, “is she available?”

“About a three hour drive. I haven’t seen her in over a year.”

“Let’s go next weekend.”

We did. After some wife in her condo balcony in the afternoon, all three of us began to make out. My wildest fantasies were playing out. We adjourned to the living room couch, stripping, kissing, touching.

Marie and Lucy, Lucy and Marie, naked, tongues coiling around each other, their bodies bush to bush; they ate and licked each other, moaning and grunting non stop. Marie pulled her friend’s thighs apart, showing the slit soaked with creamy juices, devouring her until Lucy came, jerking in short spasms.

Then it was Lucy’s turn. She buckled on a strap on cock, thick with a mushroom head. Lucy grabbed the lube bottle and made sure to cover the length of it, making it glisten in the light. Marie moved forward, on all fours, her rosebud hole waiting for penetration. Lucy placed the thick fake cock at the entrance, pushing the tip in slowly, then jamming hard, making Marie scream with the sudden defilement. Lucy had a good grip around Marie’s waist and pounded her ass without mercy. The harder she pumped, the more delighted Marie screamed. It didn’t take long for both to find a rhythm in their thrusts, Lucy slapping Marie’s jiggling butt with her right hand, while the left held her grip around the librarian’s waist.

I was not to be denied. I wet my cock with saliva and moved on the couch action behind Lucy, sandwiching her against Marie. I pressed the head of my meat against Lucy’s puckered hole, nudging her open. I began slowly, pressing the cock head into her a fraction, then a little deeper and deeper still, until my cock slid into her, engulfed in her sweet backside.

So we fucked, all three tangled on the couch, condo windows open for the viewing pleasure of anyone lucky enough to watch. We came together, exploding, spurting, moaning, and collapsing together in a sweaty heap of wet flesh. Fucking the two older women was a pleasure. We showered together and they both went down on their knees, soaping my cock, balls and ass, fondling, caressing, stroking. Marie’s tongue went up and down the crack of my ass down to my balls and Lucy gave me a hand job followed by her swallowing half my meat into her mouth. It did not take me long to come inside her willing face.

There is nothing finer than a threesome with two mature women that are uninhibited, enjoying the fucking, licking, sucking, eating, swallowing, humping, grinding, all ending with a blinding jolt, breathing hard, all senses satisfied, energy dwindling into a pleasing after glow.

It was one of the great weekends of my life. I did them both at once, saw them do each other and engaged in every sexual act we could imagine.

Later that day I laid down on a thick beach towel on the floor and both massaged me, rubbed honey on my nipples, balls and cock, then licked off the sweet goo while my hands reached for their wet slits, fingering them, feeling them buck with sexual hunger. We came messy, my cock spurting on Lucy’s face, marking her with my cum and both mature women were soaked like teenagers, coming in groaning animal sounds of satisfied desire.

Lucy and Marie chatted about their sexual adventures later that night, as we drank a dry wine and munched grapes and bite size small chunks of Spanish cheese.

The following morning we showered together, fondling, fingering, grabbing. In came inside Marie’s ass right there on the shower floor while Marie buried her face in Lucy’s wet mound. It was a perfect weekend.

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