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My French Connection

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Andrew was going to be a short term solution. He was into all the boy things like beer, cars, football, and other girls and I came a good way down his list of interests. His Dad lasted a little longer (In more ways than one) but I think I became a nice source of young flesh for a shag, rather than a real relationship.

My thoughts were more on A levels and getting good enough grades to get to university. Obviously, my thoughts weren’t enough on them as I was forced to apply through the clearing system before I secured a place at a second rate British university, reading social sciences.

As a result of having to go through the clearing system, I was late getting any accommodation and as home was 150 miles from the campus, I had to find some digs urgently. Mum and Dad helped a lot. They booked us all into a hotel for a long weekend and I could spend some time finding a suitable student flat. After a couple of futile days, we found a large 3 story house, or in fact two large houses, which had been converted to a number of large, well appointed self-contained flats. There was one going and we rushed round to see it. It wasn’t the best – it lacked light as it was in the basement, but it was certainly spacious and would do me. It consisted of a large lounge/kitchen /diner, a separate bedroom, and a toilet & shower room.

The landlord was a weasly looking middle-aged man who looked mean and grumpy, but he offered me a better flat once one became available. My Dad forked out for the deposit and the first four weeks rent. Just a week later and we made the same journey, this time with a car full of whatever I could beg, steal and borrow from my friends and relatives.

After lugging the stuff into the flat, my Dad emptied his wallet into my grateful hands, gave me a big hug and left me to sort the flat into something I could call home. Three hours later I had put my clothes away, stuck up some arty posters, loaded up my larder and I was just contemplating some food when I was surprised by a knock on the door. My first thought was the “Weasel”. I had seen him to pick up the keys when we first arrived, but I thought that he might be sniffing around looking for some way he could reduce my rent!

It wasn’t the Weasel. It was a couple from across the hall – living in a mirror image of my flat. He was in his early forties – she was perhaps a little younger. Both looked in good nick – he was dapper, elegant and looking a grey-tinged sort of distinguished. She was attractive – thinner than me but with a nice slim figure.

He was also holding a bottle of champagne in his hand and a smile that would melt a polar ice cap.

“Hello” he said in the most gorgeous French accent. They introduced themselves as Didier and Sandrine. “We saw you moving in and thought we’d welcome you to the mad house”. They said.

I was lost for words. I gaped at them, and managed to blurt out a “thanks” for their really sweet gesture.

“Would you like to come to our flat for a drink?” I was more than happy – after only a few hours I was already starting to feel lonely and was contemplating the horrible thought of sloping off to the local pub on my own. I followed them into their flat and they opened the bubbly which they offered with some lovely nibbles. I didn’t realise how hungry I was as I tucked into smoked salmon, the most gorgeous cheese and a variety of other bits. We spent the next hour or so in introductions. Didier was a lecturer in the History Faculty, majoring on modern European history. He was a fascinating and eloquent speaker and I really enjoyed his stories and anecdotes. Sandrine was a research assistant working in the university library. The bubbly gave way to wine and at about 7 we all made our way to the local pub.

I don’t know what it was, but I seemed to really enjoy their company – he was ebullient and great company – she was more reserved but she began to warm up and was confiding little secrets about the two of them before the evening was out.

At about 10 we made our way back, rather unsteadily to the house. I was ready to say goodnight, but they insisted that I share their meal. A dark, rich stew – beef or some other sort of red meat was accompanied with delicious long grain rice. And a few bottles of wine. We sat on the floor, with our plates on a large wooden coffee table. I finished the delicious meal and made my way rather unsteadily to the toilet. As I made my way back I looked at the contents of the large bookcase as Didier and Sandrine finished their second helping.

The books were mostly French, and a row of videos took my interest. All were home made – they looked like recordings of films taped from the TV. Three videos marked S/D looked more intriguing. Sandrine told me to pick out a video to watch if I wanted and I instinctively took out “SD1”. I slipped it into the video player and the tv flicked silently to life.

I returned to my glass of wine and I suddenly realised that Sandrine and Didier had suddenly stopped eating and were looking intently past my shoulder at the large tv screen. There was a look of horror on Sandrine’s face and I turned to look at the video. It was a quite intimate video of the two of them making love. No, that was too mild. It was a quite explicit, very close up view of Sandrine giving a blow job to, I assumed, Didier. My face went bright red. I opened my mouth to apologise but Didier and then Sandrine started laughing.

“We have a very tender loving relationship” said Sandrine. “And we like to record out lovemaking. We find it extremely erotic and stimulating”. I watched the beautiful way she licked around the head of his cock, then down the length of his shaft and took each of his balls into her mouth before she reversed direction and took his complete length into her lovely mouth. I too found it extremely erotic and very stimulating. I wondered about offering to turn if off but they didn’t seem to be at all bothered that a 19 year old girl who they had know for barely 4 hours was watching an explicit video of their lovemaking.

I watched, entranced, for minutes. She was bobbing her head up and down, letting her mouth accommodate his cock deep down into her throat. Her hands worked on his balls and backside and I could tell that he wasn’t going to last too long with what seemed like expert ministrations.

As he started to ejaculate she removed her mouth and worked his orgasm with her hand around the base of his cock. His sperm shot over her face – some into her mouth, but most over her cheeks, red from her exertions. I could hear the joy of his release as she continued to milk the creamy essence from his hairy balls. I had seen porn videos. I had seen amateur ones. But never before in front of the two stars who were virtual strangers to me. I remembered to breathe. I had almost stopped as I was mesmerised watching the intensity of the orgasm.

When it had finished he lowered his head, which I saw for the first time and they kissed, deeply and passionately. He licked off his cum from her face gently and they giggled like teenagers.

I knew I was aroused. I could feel the dampness and heat from between my legs. I turned towards my hosts, who seemed similarly aroused as they were in a warm embrace, kissing and caressing each other. I felt very awkward. But they seemed to realise and broke off. We were close to each other and Sandrine reached over to me.

“Are you ok?” she asked. “Would you like me to turn if off?”

“No!” I responded, perhaps a little too quickly. “It is lovely. It is very ………” I was lost for words. “It is very passionate” I said weakly.

She pulled me towards her and put her hand behind my head. She gently pulled me to her face and we kissed. Softly, just on the lips. She smiled and looking deep into my eyes and said “Jacqui, we really like you”.

We kissed again and Didier moved closer towards us. He was clearly aroused as the bulge in his chino’s showed.

He kissed me and I responded, with greater passion that the earlier kiss. His hand went to my breasts and Sandrine turned her attention on the bulge. She was unzipping his pants and Didier’s hands explored my upper body. His hand reached under the loose top I was wearing and somehow opened the clasp of my bra. He pulled off my top and let my bra fall to the ground. His hot mouth kissed my engorged nipples in turn. I looked down to see Sandrine take his erect cock into her mouth and I felt incredibly horny as my breasts were licked and sucked and I watched, this time for real, as this incredible woman used her mouth to satisfy his desires.

As I looked down she took his cock deep into her mouth and looked up to me. The look in her eyes was potent. She wanted me to help her and I moved my head down beside her. She released his cock and I took him into my mouth. He was sitting, legs apart with his back against the sofa. We were positioned either side of him, heads down licking him, sucking him in turn, occasionally stopping to kiss each other. I was on my knees and I felt hands between my legs. I was wearing shorts and his hand entered rubbing the moist material of my pants and my tender skin beneath.

I continued sucking his cock. Sandrine seemed to lose interest and moved away from his cock. I swapped sucking for licking the area around his tip, the head of his cock, tracing the purples veins of his cock down to his balls which I took into my mouth. Then hungrily back to his cock, bobbing faster and deeper.

Then I felt a hand pulling off my shorts. And panties. Fingers traced down the length of my wet lips, and then gently started to enter me. I felt a second finger inside me now pushing deeper inside. As the fingers worked inside and out of me, knuckle rubbing against my clit, I let out a cry and started to sense the start of Didier erupting. I took his cock deep inside my mouth and felt his cum explode inside my mouth. I struggled to swallow his salty, milky spunk, and it spilled over my face and down my neck. I continued sucking him, enjoying the feeling of his orgasm in my mouth. As he pulled apart from me he pushed me to the ground, turning me onto my back. I suddenly realised that the fingers inside me belonged to Sandrine, not Didier and as I landed, her fingers were replaced by her mouth, her tongue expertly licking my pussy. The feeling was unbelievable. Her tongue flicked at my clit as she buried her fingers inside my sopping wet cunt. I was almost on the edge – she seemed to know and was keeping me at boiling point. At some point my legs were raised and a finger started to rub around my tight ass hole.

As my ass was invaded, slowly at first I nearly came, but Sandrine seemed to sense this and stopped the lovely licking of my clit. A finger was now deep inside my ass, using the dripping juice from my pussy as lubricant. When she returned her tongue to my clit I immediately orgasmed. I cried out again and again as she worked her tongue and fingers on my clit and deep inside my wet cunt. The feeling was just intensified with the addition of a finger in my ass. I don’t know how long it lasted but by the time they had finished and took up their wine glasses, I was exhausted and I lay flat on my back, legs open, my thighs covered with the sticky emissions of my sex. My breathing slowed down and I could see the look of pleasure on both of their faces as they looked down at my naked and pleasured body.

Nobody spoke for minutes. We just sat or lay in silence. I broke the ice by asking, in my cutest voice possible “Why the hell aren’t you two frogs naked like me?”

They laughed and, with a little help, joined me in my natural state. As they started to kiss I watched them and considered that I had just enjoyed my first sex with a woman and my first proper three-some!

We moved to their delicious king sized bed and I watched them perform a little 69. However, Sandrine pulled away and became insistent. I couldn’t understand as she spoke in French. However, Didier laughed and told me that she insisted that he was too quick. She wanted me to go down on her and eat her slowly. I slowly moved into position between her milky white thighs and lowered my head. I could smell the intoxicating aroma from her aroused, wet pussy and I looked at her.

“I have never done this before” I said. “Mon cherie” she responded with a wicked grin.

I went down on her and blew on her pussy, up and down her glistening lips. I moved towards her pussy, she was trimmed with light fluffy hair and I kissed around her mons before I made my way slowly towards her lips. After licking around her sex, I finally decided I could wait no longer and parted her lips with my fingers. My tongue tasted her as I slowly licked her from her bottom to the top of her most delicious cunt. I trailed my tongue slowly over her clit making her shudder with delight which I enjoyed feeling with her. As I played with her, I could feel Didier’s hand on my bum, rubbing his hands over them. He could not resist playing with my pussy and I eagerly opened my legs to allow his expert fingers inside me. But it wasn’t his fingers that he had in mind. He soon knelt behind me and slipped his cock inside my pussy. His cock filled me, and he withdrew, slowly. He entered quicker this time, making sure the movement inside rubbed against my clit. I lapped at Sandrine’s hot cunt as I was fucked by his majestic French cock. His fingers again found my ass hole and used my juice to loosen my anus. Before I could think, he withdrew from my cunt and pressed his wet, hard, hot cock against my bum hole. He applied firm but even pressure and slipped slowly inside me. As he started to fuck my ass I could feel Sandrine start the urgent contractions of her first orgasm, brought about with my fingers and especially my tongue. Didier was fucking my ass hard now and it wasn’t long before he too was injecting my ass with jets of his sperm. I was close to coming and Didier pressed his finger hard on my clit and I came again.

The rest of the night, and most of next day was spent in bed together. Making love. Making videos.

Didier and Sandrine were my truest friends at University. I had a number of boyfriends, but I spent many happy hours, and many happy orgasms with my French lovers.

Sadly, it only lasted five months. One day, after returning from a weekend away there was a parcel and note leant against my door. The note simply said:

“Jacqui, we are so sorry, but I have a problem with my job. We have decided to return to France immediately. We will try to get in contact when we are settled.”

I rushed to their flat – I had my own key and I opened the door. The flat had been emptied of all of their possessions. They had fled. Quickly. I sat on the floor and cried. Even the weasel came up and tried to comfort me. I opened the parcel and found a video with SD1 written upon it.

I asked around at the University but little information was forthcoming. About three months later I went out with a lecturer from the same department as Didier – he mentioned some financial irregularities. Only later, when he shared my bed did he tell me that Didier had got one of the senior professor’s daughter pregnant.

I smiled. I suddenly dived under the covers, and in memory of Didier and Sandrine I gave him the best blow job he’d ever had.

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