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The Interview

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Lynn adjusted her skirt as she approached Richard Martin’s office. She rapped her knuckles on the dark, solid teak door and almost instantly she heard his voice beckoning her to enter. “Come.” The sheer opulence of his office never ceased to amaze her although it wasn’t very often that she got the chance to go in. She noticed how the carpeting suddenly became thick and plush and all the furniture in the room was either leather or wood.

“Good afternoon Mr Martin.” She said respectfully.

“Richard will do just fine.” He replied. “Sit.”

Lynn smiled softly as she pulled out a high leather chair and proceeded to sit down, adjusting her skirt again as she did so.

“Well, Lynn.” Richard smiled. “I’ve been hearing some good reports from your section. I’m sure you’re aware that there are two others from Conveyancing and Corporate who are also up for partnership.”

“Yes, Sir. I am.” Lynn knew that it was a toss up between herself and Clara from Corporate. Steven was still a little too junior although he did good work. Lynn wondered if the stories that Clara slept around had any truth to it. Hell, that bitch was good looking and had a tight, sexy body to boot. And she was brilliant as well. Beautiful, brilliant and with a knockout body. That was what she was competing against.

Lynn answered all of Richard’s questions and was pleased at the way the interview was turning out. The interview was more social and personable in nature rather than work focused and she found herself relaxing and practically enjoying the experience.

“Alright, I think we’re almost done here.” Richard said. “Just a few more questions to wrap this up.”

“Alright then, fire away.” Lynn smiled sweetly.

“How far would you go to seal a deal?” Richard asked quietly, looking straight into Lynn’s hazel eyes.

“Uhh, well I suppose whatever it took. Long hours, extensive research.”

“But would you go the extra mile?” Richard probed further.

“The interests of this firm come first in whatever I do Mr Martin.” Lynn replied, not exactly sure what she was agreeing to.

“Richard. Call me Richard.” he smiled. “And would you be willing to put that to a little test?”

“I’m not sure what you mean Mr Mar..I mean Richard.” Lynn said, her heart beating as her face flushed slightly.

“How badly do you want partnership Lynn?” Richard asked, smiling coyly at her.

“Well, I’ve worked her for about 8 years now, and my work is good. So I guess I deserve being considered.” Lynn replied, her hands were sweating now.

“That’s not what I asked,” Richard smirked. “I asked how badly you wanted partnership.”

Lynn stuttered and stammered as she tried to figure out what Richard was getting at. Suddenly Richard slammed his hands on the table.

“In fact Lynn, you never really answered ANY of the last few questions. So shall we conclude this interview? Or do you want another chance?” Richard said slowly.

“I-I’m sorry. Another chance please?” Lynn pleaded, feeling a knot develop in her throat.

“How badly do you want partnership Lynn?” Richard repeated his question.

“Very badly Richard.” Lynn replied, hoping it was the right answer.

“And would you go the extra mile?”

“Yes.” Lynn replied. “Of course.” She could feel her cheeks burning.

“I see. And would that include letting me look up your skirt?” Richard said gruffly.

Lynn let out an audible gasp as she briefly considered running out of the room. Was the Senior Partner serious? Or was this the test that he had spoken about earlier. Her head was swimming as she uncrossed her legs and spread them slowly.

“Mmmm. Nice” Richard said as he looked up her skirt at the blue cotton panties with a lace trim. Lynn felt a wave of embarrassment wash over her as she willingly displayed her panties to her boss.

“And if I said I wanted to smell them, what would you do?” Richard grunted out.

Lynn almost choked as the lump in her throat grew bigger. She felt hot flushes not only shooting up her cheeks but also in her stomach. Without a word, she half slid her ass off the chair and slipped her hands under her skirt. With one smooth movement, she pulled her panties off and lifted her heels out of them.

“Give them to you?” she asked softly looking slightly downward as she offered her soiled panties to Richard. Her eyes met Richard’s as he grabbed the panties from her hand. She watched in awe as he pulled her panties to his face and breathed in deeply. She tried to look away as her insides trembled in embarrassment but at the same time she felt she had to look at the kinky sight of this powerful man sniffing her panties.

Richard inhaled deeply and was pleasantly surprised to find that her panties smelled of perfume. The mix of the floral scent coupled with her fruity womanly juices sent jolts of lust straight to his penis. He sniffed deeply a few more times, cherishing the scent as he looked up her skirt to see the thick thatch of hair covering her pussy. He considered hiking up the ante but decided he had pushed her far enough.

Richard squashed the panties in his hands and smiled at Lynn. “Very good Lynn. I think that concludes this interview. Before you go, not a word of this to anyone. Tomorrow, we have a final session and that is between you and Clara.”

“Thankyou Sir.” Lynn replied. She contemplated asking for her panties back but thought better of it. Rising from her chair, she walked straight out of the door without once looking back. Richard laughed quietly as he put her panties back to his nose, enjoying the scent as well as the soft fabric. He watched her ass sashay out the door and then straight out of the office.

Lynn hurried home. She could feel the wetness between her legs as she practically ran to the car park. As she reached her car, she opened the door and collapsed in the seat, not quite believing what had just happened. As her thighs closed together, a shudder went through her as she realised she was wet. Not just damp, but soaking!

Lynn lifted her skirt so her ass was sitting directly on the car seat. She couldn’t afford to let her skirt get wet from her leaking pussy. She gunned the engine and drove home with her mind wondering. Wondering about the final session with Clara tomorrow and just what else she would have to do…..


Lynn woke early the next morning. In fact she had hardly slept the entire night. Today was the big day and if she didn’t get partnership today, she would have to wait for at least another two years. That, or leave the firm and try for partnership somewhere else. She knew that would be foolish though. It would make more sense staying on at Martin & Co and biding her time than seeking her fortunes elsewhere.

She quickly showered and was about to put on her favourite pair of black panties when she remembered Richard’s fetish. A warm glow shot through her as she recalled the sight of Richard sniffing on her used panties.

“Maybe I better be prepared for more of that.” She thought to herself.

She rummaged through her laundry basket and pulled out a lacy white number that she had worn two days ago. The gusset was stained with streaks of her juices and she smiled as she recalled how horny she had been that day. She pulled on the pair of used, soiled panties and winced as the soiled material made contact with her freshly showered pussy.

“Can’t believe I’m wearing used knickers,” she thought to herself. “But I need to do whatever it takes for partnership.”

Lynn slipped on a black half-cup bra that barely covered her nipples. Her tits stood large and proud and they jiggled as she pulled on a lacy white camisole that showed ample cleavage. She then slipped on a charcoal jacket and finally pulled on a short, black skirt that stretched tight at her hips. Her hips were large and she wished she had a smaller and tighter ass. Fortunately, her large breasts more than compensated and gave her an extremely voluptuous figure overall.

She reached for her perfume bottle and sprayed some between her cleavage. She raised one leg and was about to spray under her skirt when she decided that would spoil the scent of her stale, soiled panties. Another rush went through her, a mixture of disgust, apprehension and yet excitement.

She applied some pale lipstick to her full lips and then ran her fingers through her short, black hair. She admired herself in the mirror but then thought of how Clara might look. She dismissed that thought from her mind as she made her way to the office.

****** ****** *****

It wasn’t long after she got in that she got the call that Mr Martin was ready to see her. Lynn made her way to Conference Room 1, a flutter of excitement mixed with nervousness swelling inside her. She reached the room before Clara and went in, seating herself across from the window. She heard some soft chatter and giggling before the door opened. Clara waltzed in with Richard a few steps behind. The bitch looked really good in a flared, beige skirt with matching jacket. She wore a flesh coloured tube top and from afar, it looked like she was naked under the jacket. Her auburn hair was long and styled, dancing around her shoulders. Lynn wondered if she was a natural auburn of she had just dyed it.

“I believe no introductions are necessary.” Richard said matter of factly. The two girls smiled weakly at one another as Richard continued. “I think you both know why we are here. I will facilitate, or perhaps moderate is the correct work, and we are going to have a little role play. Work through a few scenarios so to speak.”

Richard proceeded to sit across from Lynn while Clara sat a few seats away from her.

Richard proceeded to give them different legal and professional situations and both girls were able to hold themselves well. The competition was tight and all three of them realised it. As situation after situation was thrown at them, they kept getting tougher and tougher. Finally they had come to a stumbling block.

“He just won’t sign. Says the terms aren’t favourable to him.” Richard said.

“Yes, but we’ve established that he has everything to gain and nothing to lose.” Clara butted in.

“Indeed my dear, we know that. But he won’t sign.” Richard countered. “In fact I won’t sign. There’s nothing to my advantage in this contract.” He continued, his voice adopting a Southern drawl as he played out the role of a client.

“But Sir, the terms are favourable to you.” Clara offered with a smile. “And you don’t stand to lose. The other party does.”

“I’m a winner, Ah don’t talk bout losing.” Richard carried on. “I need something to make me a winner, not just a non-loser.”

Lynn was watching this exchange between Clara and Richard intently. What he had said last evening kept playing over and over in her head. How badly did she want to win? How far would she go to seal a deal? Without thinking further, she slipped of a shoe and raised her foot gently against Richard’s calf. He didn’t blink but kept his argument steady with Clara.

“You seem to have all the answers Lady but not this one.” Richard continued to drawl. Lynn’s leg continued to massage up and down his calf, running upward to slowly rest on his thigh then back again.

“I told ya. Its just not enough. What do I get to make me a winner?” Richard looked straight at Lynn as he said that. She decided she needed to play her trump card right there and then. She withdrew her leg and slid backward in her chair. She slipped her panties off and clenched them between her toes. As she started to raise her foot she heard Clara say ; “Okay then, how about an extra two grand thrown in from our cut?”

“Two grand aint nothing love” Richard crooned, obviously enjoying this game. Lynn’s panty carrying foot continued its journey up to Richard’s crotch and deposited her foot right on to his lap. Her heart was beating so hard she was afraid they could hear it. This was it, do or die. This was what he meant by going the extra mile or she was in deep shit!

“Your friend over there is mighty quiet.” Richard said to Clara as Lynn felt his hand move to her foot to remove the panties before softly pushing her foot away.

“Maybe she hasn’t got what it takes.” Clara said sarcastically.

“Or maybe she’s got exactly what I want.” Richard smiled as he pulled Lynn’s panties out from his lap and dangled them in the air. Lynn blushed as Clara gasped. Both girls watched as Richard pulled the lacy, white panties to his face and inhaled deeply. The smell permeated through his nostrils, evoking a heady feeling. The gusset was stained a light brown and Lynn thought she could smell the juices from across the room.

“My, my!” Richard exclaimed. “These panties are really dirty! Is the owner a filthy little slut as well?”

“This is unethical!” screamed Clara. “You cant just use sex to close a deal!”

“Whoever said you can’t?” Richard countered. “You didn’t seem to mind fucking me to join this firm a few years ago.”

“I-I…that was …I mean…” Clara stuttered. Lynn smiled quietly. So Richard had already got into the little sluts pants.

“I’m a firm believer in second chances.” Richard continued. “Throw us your panties and let’s have a little contest. Whoever has the filthier panties gets her pussy licked by the other.”

Lynn’s smile grew wider. She was almost sure that she had the upper hand now. Clara mumbled something incoherent as she stood up and pulled her panties off. Lynn admired the obviously expensive pair of knickers. Pink panties with a hint of lace, just above the crotch. Clara threw the panties across to Richard who picked it up and sniffed. Her panties still smelt relatively fresh with just a hint of her pussy scent on it.

“You lose!” He smiled at Clara. “Now get under the table and give her a licking!”

“I most certainly will not!” Clara practically screamed as she walked over to Richard and grabbed Lynn’s panties from his hand. “Lemme smell them!”

Lynn felt a buzz in her tummy as she watched Clara pick up her panties and put them to her nose. No woman had ever handled her panties before, much less smelt them. As Clara lifted them up to her nose, Lynn shuddered with lust.

“Oh shit!” Clara exclaimed. “These really smell of pussy!”

Lynn expected Clara to throw her stinky panties aside but watched in lust filled fascination as Clara continued to sniff at her panties, even letting out a little moan. With the panties still pressed against her face, Clara walked over to Lynn.

“Get that ass on the table.” She purred, still inhaling on the panties.

Lynn couldn’t quite believe how her luck was turning for her. She lifted herself on to the table and unbuttoned her blouse, exposing her bra, but she kept the blouse on for sensual effect. Clara had moved her hands between her legs and was lightly stroking her furry mound. Within seconds, she had her head under Lynn’s skirt.

“Oooaaahhh.” Lynn cried out as Clara’s hot tongue made contact with her wet slit. Richard meanwhile had made his way around the table and pulled Lynn’s bra down, exposing her breasts. He gently cupped her breasts and massaged them, tweaking her nipples slowly.

“Mmmmmm.” Lynn moaned louder as her nipples sent jolts of passion shooting to her pussy. Richard reached down and suckled on her breasts, flicking his tongue against her nipples, making them hard and rubbery. She began to thrust her hips against Clara’s mouth, enjoying the lapping on her cunt.

“Aww…don’t stop.” Lynn cried as she felt first, Clara remove herself and then Richard as well. Clara repositioned herself, her legs over Lynn’s face. Lynn looked up to see a bald pussy, with droplets of juice coating the lips. She could smell the pungent aroma emanating from Clara’s pussy and could practically feel the heat radiating from it as well.

“Suck me bitch.” Clara moaned as she sat on Lynn’s face. “Ahh…yeah, that’s it, eat me out. Suck me.” Lynn’s tongue lapped greedily at Clara’s pussy. Clara shuddered and clamped her legs tightly around Lynn’s face just as Richard’s thick cock plunged into Lynn’s soaking pussy.

Lynn gasped in pleasure at the intrusion and fastened her mouth on Clara’s clit, sucking it for all she was worth. She could taste Clara’s sweet juices as she sucked while her pussy tingled with the hard thrusts of Richard’s cock.

“Shit you’re a tight one Lynn” Richard grunted. “I should have fucked you months ago.”

“Fuck the bitch hard now!” Clara cried. “Fuck her as she sucks me. Make her cum hard!”

Lynn’s mouth was completely covered by hot, steamy pussy and she could only grunt out her assent.

The sounds and smells of hard sex filled the room as one pussy got fucked and another sucked. Richard started to grunt harder as Clara suddenly screamed out, grabbing hold of Lynn’s nipples and pulling hard on them.

“Yeeehynnnnhhh! Ah..Ahhh.. Ahhhh!” She cried out as she bucked hard on Lynn’s mouth.

The sudden pinching of her nipples sent hot jolts screaming through her body and setting electric tingles in her pussy. Her stomach clenched as she came hard.

“Mmmppmmmmhhhhhh!!” she mewled into Clara’s pussy as a hard orgasm shook through her. Her pussy clenched and spasmed around Richard’s cock driving him over the edge.

“Oh yeah..yeah…yeah Baaby! Fuck! Take my cum.” His cock spurted deep into her clenching pussy and Lynn could fell the hot sticky cum flooding her insides. Richard stayed inside a little while and started to pull his cock out as Clara clambered off Lynn’s face.

“Ummphhh…Oh god. That was awesome” Lynn moaned, finally able to speak. Her body tingled all over and her face covered in pussy juice.

“You can say that again.” Replied Clara as she petted her own pussy.

“Quick, throw me my panties.” Lynn called out as the cum started to leak out of her.

“Use mine.” Clara offered, “They’re right next to you! And its so kinky. You come in one and you leave cum in another!”

“Congrats Partners! I think you both make the cut.” Richard smiled as he wiped his cock on Lynn’s soiled panties.

Working with these two wanton girls was going to be good!

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