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It has been more than eight years since I have seen Oklahoma. I think about her more every day. She came back into my life at a time when I needed someone who knows me better than most. She definitely fits that description. Now I think it’s time to return the favor.

I called her boss and got it so that she had two days off in a row. I drove down and go a hotel. I took time to prepare a few things then about noon I went to her work so that she wouldn’t be able to talk to me but would think about me for the rest of the day.

She wasn’t even paying attention when I walked up to the counter but, when she turned around I thought she was going to have to pick up her jaw. I placed my order just like anyone else. I paid and then slipped her an envelope. In it contained a note, my room key, and cash. I hoped she would come straight after work.

Just as I figured, she got off early. I had a note on the door, for her. She came in and did exactly what it said. I got up and got myself ready. I laid back down on the bed with a purple nighty on and I laid a note on my chest.

She came out of the bathroom and I heard her catch her breath. I felt her slowly slide onto the bed. She took the note and read it. It said that if you want me, then kiss me. Not surprisingly she wanted to test me so she ran her hands all over my body. It took everything I had but I didn’t move. She took her hand off me and then ever so tenderly she placed her lips on mine.

We kissed passionately as I opened my eyes to meet her gaze. Our kiss went on and as it broke, I whispered, “Even if for only the next two days, I am yours to do with as you please, within reason that is.”

She looked at me as if she didn’t believe me. She slid off the bed and then came around and had me sit on the edge of the bed. She looked me in the eyes and dropped to one knee and said, “Even if it is only for the next two days will you be my wife?”

I was silent and then said, “For the next 2 days, I do.” She stood up, laid me back and made mad, passionate love to me. After a couple of hours of making love, we went to the shower. We were passionate in the shower but with no intention of having sex.

We got dressed so she could go get different clothes and show me off. I could see the wheels turning on what would happen. When we got the house, Lori was there. We walked in hand and hand. She introduced us. Lori’s mood instantly changed.

I was in jeans, boots, and a sleeveless button down shirt. My spikes were done and I had sunglasses on. If she wanted dominant she got it, even if that was not me, Lori didn’t know that. Oklahoma went to grab a few things and announced that she would not be around for a couple of days. That drew more than a few evil glares.

When we got back in the escape Oklahoma called Lee to see what was going on, and a plan was hatched to meet at Partners that night. Lee asked, “When do you want me to pick you up?”

“I have a ride. A friend of mine showed up.”

“Who? Who? Let me guess…” Lee guessed a few names but was not even close.

We went back to the hotel room. I decided to let Oklahoma decide what I should wear. She chose a silky black sleeveless shirt with a see through black shirt over it. This was matched with black jeans and boots. I would wear my sunglasses as my eyes were slightly bothering me. Before I could get dressed however I got shoved onto the bed and teased unmercifully. I was squirming and withering on the verge of orgasmic bliss.

In my bag Oklahoma found my remote vibrator. She slid it in my pussy and tested it out. She said, “That will do, get dressed.”

I was miffed but not surprised. I put on my black bra to make my boobs look extra good. I was dressed and if I do say so myself, I looked pretty good. Just as I thought that I felt the familiar buzz in my pussy. It was going to be an interesting night. Just to make sure she knew the mood I was in, as we walked out the door I pinned her up against the wall and kissed her with an unbridled passion.

We just talked on the way to the bar knowing what could be to come. The last time we went to a club together I ended up flirting with an ex of hers. Maybe I can be more focused this time. We arrived at the bar and walked in hand in hand. It was an interesting feeling. Once again I didn’t have to hide who part of me is.

There was a nice slow song just starting so I led her straight to the dance floor. It was so easy just to float back into the dancers we used to be. It was like no one else even existed. We floated around the floor. The song ended so she found us a place to sit and I went to get us drinks. It didn’t take me long to realize that my eyes would very likely get me into trouble tonight.

I took our drinks and went to find Oklahoma. No more than I sat down I found more eye candy and I got buzzed. I had been caught. A slow two-step number came on and one of the girls I had my eye on came and asked me to dance. I looked at Oklahoma and she just nodded.

We got on the dance floor and flew into step. Jaycee asked me, “Are you taken?”

“It’s a long story but for the next two days at least, I am taken.” When the song ended she apologized, thanked me and walked away.

I headed towards Oklahoma. She was talking to someone. Oklahoma introduced me to Lee and Mel. We talked until anther slow song came on. Oklahoma took me out on the floor. We were quiet and then she asked me “What’s on your mind?”

“I am conflicted, I want to flirt and yet I am doing my damndest not to. It’s so hard not to be who I have been for so long.”

Oklahoma said, “As long as you go home with me tonight, have fun. Now answer my question about Lee.”

“Ten minutes does not constitute an opinion besides if there is a problem, just buzz me. You should be able to buzz me anywhere in this bar.”

I kissed her and then as Mel and Lee danced by us, I grabbed Lee and danced away. We talked until the song ended and then laughing we went to the table, I got buzzed. I gave Oklahoma this fuck off look and walked away to play a game of pool. She texted me but I ignored it. When I came back, I kissed her, sat down and read her text. I was angry.

Jealousy runs wild I see. I went to find Jaycee. She was with a gorgeous girl. I asked her to dance and she said only if Robyn could come too. I took a hand of each over my shoulder and led them to the floor. The song playing was a serious bump and grind song. I had one in front and one behind. Periodically, they would switch. It was so hot! At one point Jaycee jumped into my arms and it looked like we were fucking. I was getting buzzed hard, oh well! The buzzing only made me hotter.

When the song was over I kissed them both and came back to sit down. I looked at Oklahoma and said, “Another text and I am outta here.” I set back and just watched people. As she went to get a drink a hot red head came over and motioned for me to dance, but I declined saying maybe later. I needed to calm down or I would never enjoy myself.

Oklahoma came back just as a slow song came on, so we went and danced. I didn’t look at her and then I did and it caused her to catch her breath. I had given her the fuck me look. Then I told her, “Do you know what watching other girls does to me and even worse when they touch me? Calm down and you will be rewarded better than you probably ever have been before.”

We left the floor and I went to find the red head. I found her sitting with Jaycee and Robyn. I asked her to dance but she declined. I turned to walk away but she jumped up and took my hand. We went to out on the floor and it got hot quick. No more than we got really grinding here came Jaycee and Robyn. We danced and grinded on the floor. I kept my eyes on Oklahoma as much as possible.

When the song finished I made a bee-line for the bathroom, I did my business and as I was opening the door there was Jaycee. She pushed me back on the toilet, climbed onto my lap and kissed me. She was hot and bothered, so I asked, “What I could do for you?”

“Go home with me.”

“Not a chance” I replied.

“Make me cum!” she begged.

I raised her skirt and put my hands to work. It wasn’t thirty seconds and she exploded. She slid off my lap and we walked out. I went and sat down with Oklahoma, I no more than put her hand between my legs and Robyn and the red-head were motioning for me. I told Oklahoma, “I am going to go take care of those two girls and then we are leaving. I’m hungry.”

Before she could say anything I walked away. The girls dragged me to the bathroom; they were both on me before I could say a word. I was kissing Robyn when my hand was guided to a pussy. It took me less than a minute to get the red-head off. I kissed her and focused on Robyn. She dropped her pants, slid onto the vanity and said, “You won’t get me off that fast.”

“Watch me.”

I had my tongue on her clit and my fingers on her g-spot. It took me fifty-three seconds. I kissed her, walked out, and went and got Oklahoma. We walked out and said, “Where are we going to eat?”

I laid my seats down and pushed her back. “I don’t know when you are eating but I am eating right now.”

As I pulled her pants off, I felt possessed. I was not quitting until I at least got a flood. She was fighting me and I loved every second of it. My jaws hurt but I was very focused. I made one more good push and then she rewarded me.

I collapsed on her then slid up and kissed her. “That was just my appetizer, shall we head back?” That would give me time to calm down. We went through the drive-thru of Jack-N-the –Box and got some food. We finally returned to the hotel.

I bolted into the bathroom and changed into long flowing black lingerie. I came out and got onto the bed. Oklahoma turned around and her jaw dropped. “I am not going to apologize about tonight but I had my chance to go with them and I chose you. I am extremely turned on and horny, but more than anything I love you.”

She turned her back to me and I teared up. Once again I had done something wrong and … she turned around and there were tears in her eyes. She slid up on the bed and took my hands in hers. She kissed me and then said, “I was insanely jealous tonight but I have to realize we have changed. You are still mine and that is all that matters.”

She laid me back and together we settled into a nice long session of pleasing each other. Then like a snap of a finger, there was a fire in her eyes! She pushed me back and then went to work doing what she does best. My pussy was on fire being worked fast and furious. I felt and orgasm building, maybe because this whole night I had not cum. She pushed harder and faster until the earth started to shake. I came so hard over and over until I passed out.

I don’t know how long I was out but I woke up in Oklahoma’s arms knowing that I was loved and I could live like this. I drifted back to sleep knowing that I had two more days to find out what I really wanted.

I woke up and Oklahoma was not in the bed. I heard her talking to someone; I figured she was on the phone. I turned my music on and jammed out. When she came out of the bathroom I saw a totally different person. I must have pushed the line last night. I got up and headed for the shower.

I wondered if she would join me. I was crying, deep in thought of my son and Oklahoma, which not even the water, could hide. The next thing I knew there were arms wrapped around me. I almost collapsed crying in her arms. I just let it all out. There was no point in holding it in. I started to pull together then and I turned around, and it all started again. Her eyes were almost cold and yet deep, there was the Oklahoma I knew best. I knew that something was going to happen in the next forty-eight hours that would change us forever. I finished my shower and got around.

We talked as I did and Oklahoma said, “I need to go to my house.” We left the hotel, and I took her back. She asked me to sit on the couch and wait. I didn’t know what she was up to but there was something going on. Lori was trying to push my buttons but I just let it fly. Oklahoma walked by and kissed her before we left.

A shiver went down my spine, but I let it go. I thought she was done with her, or she is just trying to get back at me. We left and went to get something to eat. Things kind of seemed normal, but I had lots on my mind. We went back to the hotel and lay down to take a nap. We curled up together and I drifted off to sleep.

When I woke up my back was bothering me so I got up, took some drugs and sat in the comfy chair in the corner. I just tried to figure out my emotions and what I wanted. Maybe if this was going to end badly then we could at least go back to the bar. When she woke up I told her what I thought. She made a couple of calls, talked a bit and implied that it is all set.

While she was doing that I had my music on, so that I knew nothing. It was nice; she was in a better mood. Things were closer to normal. When we went to leave she said, “Why you don’t let me drive?” We didn’t head out of town and I knew something was up. We pulled up to a house where Oklahoma said, “Let’s go in for a bit.” I was okay with that, until I got backed into a chair and hand-cuffed to it.

No more that that happened Lee and a few other people waltzed into the main room. The music came on and it was like a replay of last night except I could not move. Oklahoma bumped and grinded and danced with quite a few people, but I knew it was far from being over. I was doing everything in my power not to get angry. There was, however, a knot in my gut every time I saw Lee.

I knew that she was at the root of this whole thing but why was I angry? When Oklahoma and Lee would get anywhere near each other they were all over one another in a very secluded way. Seeing that I had nothing to do being locked in a chair, I saw everything. People started to leave and that’s when things went downhill fast. They were just out of sight enough to let me hear more than I saw.

My blood was boiling and at that moment I just wanted to hit something. At least last night Oklahoma was able to come and go. I guess she got what she wanted because I was angry and jealous all at once. I stood up and slammed down in the chair breaking the rods holding me to the chair and walked out. I drove back to my hotel room and proceeded to pack.

It wasn’t half an hour later and Oklahoma showed up. She walked directly over and took the handcuffs off. She said, “You can calm down now.”

“Well I didn’t force you to watch last night.” I flopped down on the bed wanting to be left alone and figuring it wouldn’t happen.

Oklahoma said, “Come get in the bath with me.” There was a very large tub that could hold several people. She went in, prepared the tub, peeked her head around the corner and said, “Please.” She was in the tub when I walked in, so I sat opposite her, which is not what she wanted. There was silence while I was soaking in the very hot steamy water. Oklahoma said something that I didn’t hear.

She thought I was ignoring her so she pushed a toy into my pussy. I said, “I am not ignoring you I just didn’t hear you.” We started to talk and then she asked me to move over between her legs. I did and then she started to rub my shoulders. She whispered and apology in my ear.

I said, “I am sorry that I over reacted but you know how I will not give up complete control, which you forced me to do tonight.”

“We both handled it wrong.” She tilted my chin up and kissed me passionately. It felt like with that kiss all the anger and hurt just floated away, at least for me. I turned around and started to kiss her neck while her hands were rubbing up and down. I lifted a nipple out of the water and began to suck and tease, then we shifted so that we each had a hand on the others clit.

It was on, with a race to see who would cum first. I was right on the money and I knew it. Before I knew what was happening we both came together. I fell back into her arms. We cuddled with each other. Things were back the way it should be. I said, “You knew what it would take to make me jealous.”

She chuckled, “Yeah and it took you about an hour longer to break out of that chair that I thought.”

We got out of the tub and went to the bed. We laid there cuddled up talking to each other about what was on our minds. We were honest with our feelings knowing we had to talk about it. Most importantly we realized that we both had changed some for the better. We were really quiet; I was near drifting off when I felt a hand on my pussy. It started off soft and tender as if she was just caressing me but then she started to speed up. I rolled over but I was forced back. She dominated me, making me orgasm before I could fight back. She acted like she was going to go down on me but then she pulled out Danny and Jerome. She asked me with a smile, “Which one first?”

I said, “Bring on big daddy.”

Jerome was in rare form, tackling me and shoving into me with one thrust, and then it was on. He fucked me hard and left me wanting more. I had not seen Danny since I found out that he is actually my man where I thought he was just an ass. He curled up and talked to me passionately. I laid him back and then mounted up. We fell into a rhythm with a passion that is unmatched. He flipped me over taking several thrusts before cumming.

Oklahoma slid between my legs worshiping the temple. I squirmed into a sixty-nine position. We flipped back and forth until I reached into my bag and pulled out my purple people eater, the eighteen inch double headed dildo. I forced her back and worked it in. When she was comfortable I mounted the other end and we played tug of war. I won taking it away from her so she flipped over and fucked me with it. I came hard sinking into the bed. She curled up behind me and we fell asleep.

I woke up before her the next morning so I pulled one of my old tricks out and woke her up to my eating pussy like I was possessed. She woke up having an orgasm; I went to work providing her with two more orgasms. I lay down beside her and we kissed like we couldn’t get enough. She got a call and needed to run by the house so we got around and went even. Once again Lori was there to push my buttons.

I looked her square in the eye as I backed her into a wall. “One more word and you are going to see what kind of bitch I can really be- now step off.” I turned around and walked out. My notice must have been heeded because she didn’t even smart off to Oklahoma as she came out to check on me. She saw the look on my face and walked back in to finish what she was doing. We went and walked around a couple of stores hand in hand.

We went back to the hotel and soaked in the tub. We curled up on the bed, taking a nap before our final romp. We both woke up with the same idea, please each other the way they like most. I went first, I dominated her until she had enough and thoroughly flooded the bed. We took a break. Oklahoma then did my pleasing in three phases. First phase she was soft and sensual. Second phase she was hard and rough. Third phase she gave me a soft sensual wind down ending. It had been hours since we started. We had food delivered and spent the rest of the night cuddled together.

Although I had a great time for the most part, I knew that I could never be with her. We had just changed too much.

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