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Little Sister Cruises

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My wife and I and our best friends had reached that stage in life where the kids were on there own and we had some extra money to enjoy ourselves. Sheila and her husband Sam and my wife Jan and I had been close friends since our kids were babies, and had spent family summer vacations with them for years. Now that the kids were gone we decided to take a 7 day Caribbean cruise the first week of January. Sam and I also are very big pro football fans and cheer for the same team.

The day we left port the Steelers were playing the second game of the Saturday doubleheader, so Sam and I hustled to the sports bar onboard ship to get good seats for the game. We had good seats at the bar well before the 4:00 P.M. kickoff. Just before kickoff a young man and a very good looking young lady grabbed the last 2 seats to my right. He introduced himself as Andrew, said call me Andy, and asked who we were rooting for. Turns out he was a fan of the Steelers too. Andy and I chatted for the whole first half and I found out that he had a great sports mind. He could remember things from back in his childhood about the Steelers and sports in general. He had an amazing memory for scores, standings, player stats and all of the other sports statistics.

When the first half ended it dawned on me that Andy had completely ignored the hot young lady sitting next to him. I apologized for taking up his time and keeping him from enjoying the company of such a beautiful young lady. I was rewarded for my compliment with a dazzling smile from the hot chick.

Andy replied, “Don’t worry, she’s just my little sister.”

With that they left the sports bar to get ready for the 6:00 seating in the dinning room. Sam and I, and our wives, had “Your time” seating which meant we ate when we wanted to, between the hours of 5:30 and 9:00. We ordered another beer and waited for the second half. Sam wanted to know about the chick. I told him she never said a word, and I didn’t even know her name. He laughed at my foolishness in not finding out more about her.

I had to respond with, “Sam, she is half our age and paid no attention to me or you.”

Sam responded, “You never know, what happens on a cruise ship stays on the cruise ship.”


We ran into Andy and his little sister a couple of times during the cruise. Little sister was really hot. About 5’2, 100 lbs, shoulder length, natural blond hair, blue eyes and a really great figure. Her tits were probably only a “B” cup, but they really looked great on her petite frame. Her ass was awesome. Nice and firm, but very shapely. Her legs were to die for. Little sister dressed in tight shorts and tops that showed off her breasts and left a little skin showing above her waist. She dressed sexy, not trashy. Every time I saw them she gave me that same dazzling smile I got in the sports bar the first day.


Thursday night was the next to the last night of the cruise. The entertainment was a hypnotist. He had 12 people come up to the stage and hypnotized most of them. The hypnotist had the volunteers doing funny things like crowing like a rooster, walking like a duck and so on. At the end of the show he said there would be a special, adults only, performance at 11:00 PM. Sam and Sheila, and Jan and I decided to go to the late show.

The late show started very similar to the early show. Sam and I were surprised to see little sister as one of the volunteers. The show started the same as the first show, which was a little disappointing, because there was nothing adult about the earlier show.

My wife Jan whispered to me, “This is the same show over again, let’s leave.”

It was like the hypnotist heard what Jan said, because the show immediately became a lot more adult. The hypnotist asked to the guys to envision the female they would most like to have sex with. Think of her completely nude and lying on top of a bed. Run your hands all over her body. At this point some of the guys started moving their hands like you would in that situation. One heavy set young man was really into it. You could see the bulge in his pants as his hands moved around the imaginary girl’s body in front of him. Then the hypnotists told the guys to give that lucky woman a good tongue lashing. Several of the men started licking their tongue up and down slowly like you would an ice cream cone. The heavy set young man had his hands in front of his face like he was pulling pussy lips apart so he could get at a woman’s clit and he was moving his head up and down rapidly with a very long tongue sticking way out front. Every one in the audience was laughing at the young man and the way he pleasured a woman.

Then the hypnotist got the attention of the women on stage. He asked them to visualize the man they would most like to have sex with. Think of him standing naked next to you. You are lying nude on a bed. Now visualize him giving you a very good pussy licking. The ladies started acting like they were having orgasm. Little sister was going out of her mind. She was jerking around on her chair, grabbing her tits with both hands and screaming out “Oh my God” over and over again. I thought to myself, boy I would like to try her out. I really enjoy giving oral sex to a receptive woman, and she was going crazy just thinking about it. I wondered if she shaved her pubic hair, how her pussy would taste and could I get her to go crazy like she was on the stage. I was getting hard thinking about her.

The hypnotist had to remind little sister and another female to not take their clothes off. The hypnotist let the wild behavior continue for a very short time then he put a stop to that part of the show. He announced that he was going to bring the subjects out of their hypnotic trances in a minute, but he wanted to warn anyone traveling with one of the volunteers that the subjects may be very horny. He then told the subjects that they would awaken, feel completely refreshed and even though they would not remember anything that happened on stage they would remember it as a fun and happy experience. The hypnotist then snapped his fingers and the subjects all came out of their trances.

Apparently the show made my wife Jan horny. She wanted to go straight to our cabin and go to bed, even though it was only 11:45.

Walking down the corridor behind Sheila and Sam Jan whispered to me, “Lets fuck when we get to our cabin.”

I patted her on the ass and whispered back, “You got it.”

As soon as we closed the cabin door Jan started stripping. She still looks good for someone past 50 years old. Her nice “C” cup tits still looked great and her legs and ass are firm. Her skin is still soft and smooth. Our sex life had improved since our children were gone, and spontaneous sex like this is especially good. Jan was all over me when she was naked. She pulled my clothes off and pushed me onto the bed. She grabbed my hardening cock and gulped it into her warm, wet mouth. When I was hard she climbed on top of me, swallowed my dick with her pussy and started bouncing up and down as fast as she could. The sex was long, fast and fantastic. I had a good hard cum and Jan had a bunch of mind shattering orgasms.


Friday was the last full day of the cruise and it was hot and sunny. The 4 of us decided we would spend the day in our bathing suits and work on our tans. Jan kept smiling at me and whispering sexy things that she wanted us to do later in the cabin.

Early in the afternoon I decided to go to the casino and try my luck. I left my towel with Jan and headed off in a tee shirt and bathing suit. When I got by the door to go to the elevator I spotted little sister sunbathing on a lounge chair in a breath taking, neon, hot pink bikini. She had a nice tan that accentuated the bikini and her long blond hair. Her tits stood out firm and proud from her chest. Her gorgeous legs were bent at the knees, with her feet flat on the lounge chair, and slightly parted. I could barely take my eyes off of the slight crease down the middle of her bikini bottoms over her pubic area. That part looked like it was wet. This chick was hot.

I stopped to chat.

“Tell me about your brother,” I asked her. “Why does he have such a great mind for sports trivia?”

Little sister replied, “He is autistic. And he remembers everything. Almost like a photographic memory.” She continued, “He has trouble doing the day to day things that most normal people don’t even think of.”

She further explained that she was on the cruise with him to keep him from getting in trouble unintentionally. Little sister made sure he paid for his drinks, made it to super on time, and found the right stateroom. They spent a lot of time together and had a great relationship.

I asked her if she had fun last night at the “adult” show.

Little sister commented the “It was a blast.”

I couldn’t take my eyes off of her lush body. So I kept the conversation alive by asking if she was having a good time on the cruise. She smiled and said, “The cruise has been great, but the single guys are all obnoxious.”

Then she blew my mind by blurting out, “I am as horny as hell.”

Then she blushed bright red.

Before I even gave it a thought I replied, “I have a cure for that.”

Little sister looked me up and down, and thoughtfully commented, “You are old enough to be my father, I can’t have sex with you.”

“Yes I am old enough to be your father” I responded, “I can perform oral on you and make you cum. That is not having sex.”

Little sister had a slight smile on her face and I thought I might get lucky, so I pressed on. “You like oral sex don’t you?”

Little sister blushed again and answered, “You bet I do. Are you good at it?”

Not wanting to sound obnoxious, I replied, “I think I can make you cum hard in less than 5 minutes.”

I was staring at her bikini covered bottom as I talked, and I think the wet spot grew as I made that bold statement. I glanced up at her firm, nicely rounded tits and noticed her nipples were poking through the fabric. Her nipples were not overly big; they matched the rest of her body, they were petite and firm.

She blushed a third time before she said, “Your stateroom or mine?”

I had to worry about Jan returning to our stateroom so I replied, “Yours, if that is OK with you. Where is Andy?”

Little sister answered, “In the casino playing blackjack. We won’t have to worry about him for more than an hour. He plays single deck blackjack, memorizes the cards played and wins all of the time.”

I reached down and helped her up from her lounge chair and said, “Lead the way.”


It was all I could do to keep my hands off of her in the crowded elevator. I was almost in shock that she took me up on my offer, and I wasn’t sure how far I could go with her before we got to her stateroom. When we reached her stateroom door she reached up and kissed my cheek and asked, “Are you sure about this?”

My response came quickly, “You bet.”

Little sister was untying her bikini bottoms before the door was completely closed. I untied the bikini top so I could see those awesome tits before I went to work on her pussy. She stepped away from me when she was completely naked, spun around once and gave me that dazzling smile. “Do you like what you see?”

Little sister’s great body took my breath away. Her pussy was shaved, except for a narrow, blond landing strip directly above her vaginal slit. Her breasts were perfectly shaped and firm, the nipples just the right size, the aureoles pink and puffy. Her stomach was flat, smooth, and firm. Her blond hair accentuated the nice tan, and the parts that hadn’t gotten a tan stood out in beautiful contrast. Her brilliant smile was the icing on the cake.

“Of course I do. You are a beautiful woman with a fabulous body.”

I stepped towards her and leaned down and kissed her hard. Our tongues battled back and forth as she took my breath away. I cupped her ass cheeks in both hands and pulled her into me so she could feel my growing erection. I massaged those plush cheeks and continued our kiss. I had to feel those beautiful breasts so I released her ass cheeks and slid my hands around to her chest and covered one breast with each hand. Little sister gasped at the attention her breasts were getting. She had slipped her arms around my neck during the kiss and that gave me plenty of room to maneuver between our bodies. Eventually, I moved her backwards until her legs were up against the bed, then I slowly lowered her body on top of the white bedspread. Her legs were bent at the knees and her feet hanging towards the floor.

I spread little sister’s knees apart with my hands and knelt on the floor between those lovely legs. As hot as she was, I thought if I tease her for a moment, it would help her to have a huge orgasm. That might get me a blow job, or even a good fuck, from this wild woman. Her pussy was dripping wet, with the lips pretty pink and her engorged cit sticking out from under its hood. The curve of her ass cheeks and her firm thighs framed her pulsating pussy. I was mesmerized by the looks of this hot female’s beautiful bottom.

I peeled my eyes off of her gorgeous hot box and got down to the business of making her cum. First I shifted her legs over my shoulders so I had complete control of her fantastic female form. Then I kissed the inside of her thighs with wet, tongue kisses while I lightly tickled the backs of her luscious legs. Little sister started to quiver and make funny noises deep in her throat. I kissed and licked my way up the inside of her thighs until I reached the spot where her legs met her body. Her body was almost vibrating and the noises in her throat had gotten noticeably louder. I could feel little sister tense up as I neared her cunt. The faint aroma from her pussy was intoxicating.

Instead of moving to her pussy I licked up the side of her lower abdomen, just missing her pussy lips. Little sister started squirming, trying to move her pussy to my mouth but with her legs over my shoulders she couldn’t make that happen. I stopped for a second and told her to behave, or I would leave. She was so hot and needed to cum so badly that she made her body lay perfectly still. I licked to the top of her pubic hair then slid across to the other side of her abdomen and started licking back down towards her quivering slit. Again her body started to tense up.

It was for sure that she would cum quickly so I decided to make it happen. I slid my tongue across to her waiting clit and licked it with side to side strokes. Somewhere about the third time across her clit her knees clenched tightly around my head and her arms started swinging wildly back and forth over her head. She was moaning “Oh my God” over and over again as her powerful orgasm shook her body. I stopped licking for a moment and let her ride it out.

When her knees relaxed around my head I said, “Under a minute for the first one, the next one will be in less than five minutes.”

Little sister started to say something, but couldn’t finish as I attacked her pussy again. This time I started licking her from the bottom of her wet womanhood to her clit and back again, stopping each time to lick around her clit. The shivering and moaning started again in seconds. I wanted to fuck this girl really bad, so I was determined to give her a great second orgasm. I buried my tongue in little sister’s wet cunt. She tasted as sweet as cotton candy. My hands went up her body to those firm beautiful breasts of hers. Her body began to spasm and the moaning got louder. She loved having her tits played with. I was learning how to turn this chick on in a hurry.

Little sister was out of control but not yet cumming for me so I changed my plan. I removed her knees from my shoulders and knelt on the bed beside her hips. She groaned at the lack of stimulation, letting me know she wasn’t happy. In this position I could clearly see her magnificent mounds standing out so proud and firm from her chest. I had to get my mouth on them as soon as possible.

I slipped a finger into her pussy and then another one. They slid in easily because she was so wet. I curled both fingers into a hook and quickly found her special spot. I pleasured her until she was moaning loudly, then I slipped my thumb over her clit. The spasms and the movement of her arms told me she was real close, so I leaned over and took her left nipple into my mouth. Lovingly I licked and sucked on that very hard nub. I sucked as much of that tremendous tit into my mouth as I could and started licking circles around the rock hard nipple. Little sister went crazy. She was swinging her arms above her head and bucking her hips and moaning so loud I thought some one would break into the stateroom to rescue a damsel in distress. I concentrated on keeping contact with her “G” spot, clit and nipple and kept the pressure up. Little sister suddenly went limp on the bed. She had passed out from the power of her orgasm.

I carefully picked her up and laid her on the bed with her head on the pillow and patiently waited for her to come around. Finally her eyes flickered open and she gave me a huge grin and then stammered, “I need cock, now.”

I slipped my bathing suit off and little sister gasped as my 7 inch , very hard, cock bounced out. I pulled my t shirt over my head and asked her if she would like a taste. She shook her head no and said, “Fuck me now.”

I was ecstatic that I was going to fuck this really hot, really young, woman. I knelt between her spread legs and rubbed the head of my cock up and down her drenched pussy lips. Little sister began to moan again. I slipped my engorged knob into a very tight love tunnel. She grunted like I had hurt her so I stopped momentarily.

Little sister smiled and said, “I want it all, now.”

I slowly fed my stiff manhood to her. She was uncomfortably tight at first. I wondered if she was a virgin. Little sister thrust her pelvis up at me until I was all of the way in. Again she grunted as though I had hurt her, so I stopped for a moment.

She mumbled “I have never had a cock as big as yours before. My boyfriend is no where near as big as you.”

I lay still and let her try to relax, so she could adjust to my size. I thought to myself; she is small in every way.

Little sister finally started to move very slowly and carefully. I allowed her to set the pace. The tightness in her pussy seemed to ease up a little as her body adjusted to my size and the moaning started again so I guessed she was no longer hurting. I set up a slow rhythm of in and out motions to ease any pain she might be having with my large cock. Little sister relaxed and began to push back at my in strokes so I knew she was O.K. with my size. I picked up the pace a little and the moaning resumed.

I asked her if it hurt her and got that big smile and the comment that it felt great. I began slamming my cock into her pussy as fast as I could and she rewarded me by wrapping her arms around my lower back and pulling me as far into her as I could get. I let her orgasm slowly build by alternating between fast and hard strokes and slow and easy ones. I could tell she was close when her arms started moving and the moaning got loud. I didn’t want her beating on my back with her flailing arms so I changed positions.

In one smooth movement I got up onto my knees, lifter little sisters hips up so I could slide my knees under her, and put her legs out to the sides so she was wide open for me. Her eyes got big when I did this as I slipped a little more of my hard cock into her waiting pussy. I wet a finger in the juices flowing from her pussy and started to gently stroke her exposed clit. With the other hand I played with one of those perfect tits, rolling the nipple between my finger and thumb. Then I started pounding her hard with fast and deep strokes into her soaked love tunnel. All of that stimulation pushed her over the edge again and she started cumming. I leaned back, out of the way of her waving arms, but I kept up the pressure on her clit and nipple, and I continued stroking her pussy. Little sister’s orgasm went on and on, more powerful than the others she had before. Finally, I pulled my knees out from under her ass and lowered her back on the bed in the missionary position. I kept my weight on my elbows so she could completely relax. . I was glad Jan and I had great sex last night or I would have cum a long time ago.

When little sister had recovered from her long and intense orgasm she said she wanted to be on top so we rolled over. Little sister lowered herself down on my hard prick. The expression on her face told me I had gone deeper into her slippery wet hot box then before. She slowly moved up and down on my hard cock. I reached up and started to caress those amazing tits. I rolled her swollen nipple between my finger and thumb, like before, while I softly caressed the sensitive under side of her breast. That got little sister moaning again. She really got excited when I played with her beautiful breasts.

I lay completely still and let her do all of the work. Little sister would occasionally move her hips in circles while she was grinding my cock, but most of the time she just rode up and down, slowly working her cunt on my cock. She was quickly closing in on another climax. She amazed me with her ability to cum so often. I sat up so I could suck on one of those hard nipples of hers. This seemed to heighten her arousal to a fever pitch. She was close to cumming again.

Suddenly little sister let out a shriek, stopped pumping, and said, “Please don’t cum inside of me, I’m not on the pill.”

I guess she had forgotten all about safe sex in the heat of the moment, and that suddenly she had remembered. After all, I was supposed to eat her out, not fuck her.

“I’ll give you fair warning when I am getting ready to cum, so you can get off of me,” I told her.

I lay back down on the bed so she could have more control. Little sister seemed hesitant to start up again, so I pushed my cock up into her while she was motionless. It only took two or three of my thrusts to get her going again. She picked up the pace and soon was moaning and shivering. I knew she was close so I gave my cock a couple of twitches inside het pussy to help. Little sister immediately started to cum. This orgasm didn’t seem as intense as some of the others, but it lasted forever. She collapsed on my chest and murmured, my God, oh my God, over and over. I didn’t move while she rode this one out.

Little sister finally rolled off of me. “I can’t take any more,” she said.

I thought that the fun was over, but little sister surprised me by getting up onto her knees, leaning over and taking the head of my cock into her mouth. She started to suck. Her tongue was licking circles around my knob as she used her lips to suck. Slowly and lovingly she caressed the head of my cock with her warm, wet mouth. She only had about an inch of me in her mouth but it felt fantastic. After all of the time I spent eating her and the good fuck we had, and all of her orgasms, I was ready to explode.

“I am going to cum,” I blurted out.

Little sister reached under my balls and started massaging them while she performed great head with her tongue and mouth. I blasted stream after stream of hot, sticky cum into her waiting mouth. Little sister kept her tongue and lips working on me as I filled her mouth. The feeling was tremendous. Most women stop sucking when I start to cum, which lessens the tremendous feeling I get from a blowjob, but she kept going. Fantastic, amazing, awesome are words to describe the feeling. Little sister kept sucking and licking until I started to get soft. She lay down next to me on the bed and cuddled.

“That was fantastic,” little sister murmured.

“It was amazing,” I replied “I’m glad you liked it.”

She pulled herself closer to me and kissed my chest. “That was the best sex I ever had.” Little sister said.

We rested for a while before I asked her, “How many men have you had sex with?”

Her reply astonished me, “Only one before you.”

I asked, “Where did you learn to give such great blowjobs?”

Little sister started to giggle as she answered, “In high school I wouldn’t let the boys fuck me, so I gave them head to keep them from getting mad at me.” “I got to be really good at it, so the boys weren’t disappointed.”

I questioned her some more, “Did any of them eat you out in return?”

Her response again surprised me, “The only guy that ever ate my pussy before you is my current boyfriend, and that is why he is my boyfriend.” “That is why I gave him my cherry.” “He is nowhere near as good as you.”

I asked little sister if she always had multiple orgasms.

Little sister blushed and responded, “I have never had more than one before you.” “Sometimes I don’t have any with my boyfriend,” she continued. “You are a fantastic lover that gave me multiple orgasms for the first time.”

“Thank you for the compliment, and the great sex, but its time for me to leave.”

Little sister started to tell me her name, but I interrupted her and said, “It is better not to know your name.” “This memory will last a lifetime.”


I went back to my cabin and showered. Instead of going to the casino I went back on deck to find Jan. We have a deal that if the opportunity for sex with a good looking person comes up that either of us can indulge our fantasies, as long as we tell the other all about it.

As I sat back down in my lounge chair next to Jan she asked how it went in the casino. “I got really lucky,” I replied.

She knew from my grin what I meant and she grinned from ear to ear. I knew we would have another good fuck tonight after I told her today’s story.

What happens on a cruise ship stays on the cruise ship. But in this case it will liven up my sex life for months.

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