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The First Time My Wife Tried Anal

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My first wife and I stayed together for too many years. There were the signs in the first two years that we had made a mistake. We married young. I had just returned from the first of two tours in Vietnam. She was being driven batty by her mother. We were young, lonely and needed to be needed.

In her case, I have always believed she would have been more self confident and self assured if she’d taken that job with the airlines rather than getting married.

What I found cute at 21 about her became irritating and frustrating at 31. Lots of thing I did drove her nuts, but she kept them buried inside. When it all finally came to a head, there was too much water under the dam. We had become too hurtful to each other to stay together. Having young children, and both loving them dearly, had a lot to do with why we worked very hard, albeit unsuccessfully, to keep it together.

It’s not that my first wife was a bad fuck, she wasn’t. Of all the women I’ve been with, Pamela, my first wife, had the sweetest pussy I’ve ever eaten; she also came very easily, and her orgasms were, in their own right, very exciting events.

As the years went on she became more adventurous. Although she didn’t really learn to suck cock very well until late in our marriage, she at least tried. I will never forget the thrill on her face the first time she swallowed without gagging. In the waning years of our marriage, she decided that the best way to keep our marriage intact was to have a more exciting sex life.

We did it all, those last few years. She came to enjoy anal sex, as did I. We had lots of toys, sexy lingerie and crotchless panties. There wasn’t a man I knew that didn’t want to fuck—or marry—my wife. She even initiated a three way with another woman whom she knew I admired on two different occasions—with two different women. Even mild bondage and light S&M became part of our regimen. She would often leave her panties at home when we went out and encourage me to finger her cunt and ass in public. We did a lot of outside fucking.

We often went to a sleazy adult motel on a date and played out fantasy roles. She concocted a, ‘stranger breaks into the house and rapes me’ idea. She loved to be tied to the bed and fucked. We fucked in the car.

We took vacations to places with desolate islands on which we could stay naked all day and have sex openly. She would pull my cock out of my pants at the movies and jerk me off into her panties. Then, obscenely, show me her naked muff as she shoved the panties inside. She shaved her pussy, leaving just a little fluff of soft hair at the top of her slit. She was always ready for sex and never ‘had a headache’. We did not get divorced because of sex, but more accurately, due to the loss of intimacy.


I’ll never forget the first time I took her ass. Years later she told me she had decided that she didn’t enjoy anal, but that was divorce bullshit—-she fucking loved it! She could come with a cock up her ass and no other stimulation. Those were loud, long, screaming orgasms. The first time was after we had been married almost ten years; it was in the early stages of her adventurous phase.

We went out to dinner, and for a lark, decided to go parking off the causeway. I wouldn’t do that today; it wouldn’t be very safe. Things got pretty hot and soon we were in the back seat with my cock sticking through my fly and her ass and pussy exposed; her skirt was shoved up over her waist. She wanted to fuck and so did I, but in those days she used a diaphragm, which she didn’t always take to dinner and I had no rubbers.

I had, for years, played with her anus when I ate her and even used a small vibrator on her bung hole when I fucked her from behind, which was as far as we had gone on the Hershey highway.

Pamela was the most regular women I ever met so I knew that at this time of day, her rectum was pretty much empty. I was eating her pussy in the back seat and had most of my middle finger up her pooper; she was as hot as I’d ever seen her. I wanted some pussy really bad, but did not want another kid, nor did she.

She said, “I really need you to fuck me.”

I reminded her of our little problem, and as calmly as I could, asked that fateful question.

“Do you want to try it in the ass?” I asked.

I was sure she would say no. I mean, we’d done digital and electronic anal stimulation, but she’d never let me stick my dick in her ass.

To my surprise she said yes. “Okay, but don’t hurt me”.

I had wanted her ass for some time. Her pussy had stretched a bit after two kids and I hadn’t had a super tight fit with her in years.

Fortunately, I was driving a Lincoln Town Car at the time, and the back seat was huge. She got up on the seat with her head on the back deck and I got behind her and began to tongue fuck her tight, brown little crinkle.

Much to my surprise, her ass opened up quickly. In the years that followed, she never expressed any discomfort or pain at anal penetration, but usually had to have a few drinks before she really enjoyed it. As I was to find out pretty quickly, the woman’s ass was made for cock, and seldom, if ever needed much, if any, artificial lubrication.

Let’s get back to the back seat of the Town Car. In no time, I was thumb fucking her butt. My cock was rock hard, and lacking any commercial lube, I had pumped as much spit up her butt as I could with my mouth. I knew if I didn’t have that butt soon I was going to cum all over the back seat. I spit on my hand, jerked my cock a couple of times and pressed the head against her ass hole. Suddenly she pushed back and I was in her ass, or at least the head of my cock was.

She said. “Don’t move, let me get used to it.”

She began slowing worming her ass back over my cock, taking all of it far quicker than I had expected. Now, I’d learned more than a little from my previous adventures in butt fucking as a teenager. In the bad old days, it was a common form of teen, ‘birth control’. For her, this was a first, so I just stayed motionless and let the exquisite feeling of a 32 year old anal virgin’s tight, hot, buttery rectum engulf my cock.

As she started to loosen up, she started to pant and make soft wining sounds, ultimately pushing her butt all the way back until my pubic hair was touching her anus and my balls were slapping against her pussy.

She took charge. “Okay, baby, I’m ready, now bang me, fuck my ass you perverted mother fucker, make me scream! Make me your anal slut”.

I obliged. I didn’t think I could last that long in my wife’s previously virgin little bung hole, but somehow I managed to get into a slow rhythm, pushing my cock to the hilt up her rectum, then literally pulling it all the way out and plunging in again. I was fascinated with the way her ass hole would stay open when I pulled out. I reached one hand around and began to play with her sensitive nipples, and grabbed her hand and placed it on her pussy. My ex was never that big, up to this point, on self stimulation; this time she got the message, alternately frigging her clit and caressing my balls.

“Cum in my ass, baby.” She groaned.”Fuck me hard with that big dick, I want you to cum in my ass, I need your cum in my ass.”

I got the hint and began to long dick her bowels, climaxing deep in her shitter as she came almost simultaneously with me. It was so taboo. Fucking your own wife in the ass in a parked car in a ‘lovers’ lane’. Your own wife, acting like a complete whore, begging to be sodomized. God, it was one of the hottest experiences I can remember. For a while, it opened up a whole new range of experiences between us.

We got back in the front seat, and all I could say to her was, ‘that was the hottest thing I’ve ever experienced’—which was exactly what she wanted me to say. At that moment she knew that the surest way to keep me interested was to expand our erotic horizon and be the slut she thought I needed her to be.

When we got home about 45 minutes later, I was getting hard again. What I really wanted was a blow job, something she had never done very well. She had never enjoyed having me come in her mouth. She actually liked the taste of cum, but always had a gag reflex. I suggested we get in the hot tub and she agreed. I grabbed a beer for me and some chilled schnapps for her. She downed a couple of quick shooters while I chugged my beer.

We started exploring each other and after a while I sat on the edge of the tub. In the past I too often thought she could read my mind. I guessed that she would know when and how I needed my cock sucked. In spite of the fact that she had limited sexual experience before we were married, I was naïve enough to think that a good blow job would, some day, just happen. Maybe, because we had crossed a real threshold with the anal fuck and were just a little buzzed, I got my nerve up.

I said, “I want to fuck your mouth. I want you to suck my cock long and deep. I want to come in your mouth and watch you swallow.”

Now I think, in the past, she had always been a little disappointed that she couldn’t satisfy me with her mouth but I had always been reticent to, ‘instruct’. She knew that I jacked off; as all husbands do it and all wives know it. I felt that it shouldn’t be too surprising to her that I new what felt good to me and could help her provide the right stimulation with her hot little mouth. So, for the first time, I gave direction.

She did not have a large mouth, so I told her to just put the head in her mouth and use her hands to gently touch my balls and slowly jerk my cock with her hand. Maybe because she was so relaxed, she actually started to give me the best blowjob she had ever accomplished. She really started to get into it, licking my dick like a lollipop. I told her to look up into my eyes; I told her that watching her lips wrapped around my cock was an incredible turn on. I gave her nothing but positive encouragement and the more, ‘carrot’, the better cock sucker she became.

She even tried to deep throat me, which she wasn’t really able to do because of her gag reflex, but instead of getting angry, I continued to tell her how good she was making me feel. I knew she would always tense up just before I came, due to her gag reflex.

I said. “I need to come in your mouth, baby. If you put your tongue on top of my dick when I come, none of the come will go back in your throat and gag you; you can just let most of it dribble out of your mouth which would be really sexy. Can you try that?”

She nodded with relief and became more earnest in her oral ministrations. In the past, I’d had my cock in my wife’s mouth, but all too often her teeth would begin to irritate and I would stop letting her blow me and fuck her normally, which always seemed to be a relief for her.

A few times I had jerked off on her face, trying to get at least a little jiz in her mouth, but she also seemed upset afterwards. Anytime I jerked off, she somehow felt inadequate sexually, because I was the one making myself cum. She always seemed to like having a dick in her mouth, and really enjoyed jerking me off and watching it spurt , but was disappointed—as was I—in her inability to make it happen orally.

We were about to cross a second major threshold in the same night, one which would irrevocably change our relationship to one not only overtly sexual, but increasingly kinkier. It was this very shift in a purely erotic direction which ultimate ended our marriage, as increasingly kinky sex became the only basis of our relationship.

Back to the blow job. I could feel myself getting close, but really wanted to hold off as long as possible. I told her to play with her pussy; I told her how hot she looked doing so. This was not something she was usually in to; she had done it earlier in the car while I was taking her anal cherry, and that had been a rare event. This time, she obliged.

I have to say, I am really into erotic images. Here was my very attractive, very sexy 32 year old wife, who had only a couple of hour before given up her anal cherry to me, kneeling in front of me, naked in the hot tub, furiously frigging her clit, taking my cock deeper in her mouth than she or I had ever imagined she could, looking up at me with those big blue eyes.

I shot a load in her mouth; to her surprise it went right down her throat. She sucked me dry, moaning erotically as she milked ever drop of cum from my balls. It was the best blow job I’d ever had, and the best one, to my knowledge, that she had ever given. It was also the first time she had swallowed without gagging. She was thrilled.

Great blow jobs are special moments in history, and women that suck cock well, because they absolutely love having a dick in their mouth, are rare. Too many women give a blow job because they are coaxed into it by a husband or boy friend, but never, really, ‘get into it’. No matter how willing, or how practiced, a girl that doesn’t get off on slurping a guy’s dick and having cum shoot in her mouth is never going to reach that sublime plateau. Every once in a while, a man gets extremely lucky and finds a woman who was just absolutely born to suck cock; I’ve met two or three.

As time went on and my wife became more relaxed sucking me off, she got better and better. She didn’t always swallow, but she began to enjoy my dick in her mouth as she lost her performance anxiety.

We left the hot tub that night and moved to our bed. After a brief recovery, we fucked in the regular fashion, or more accurately, we made love. Around three in the morning, she got up to go pee and I followed her.

I knelt down and kissed her as she peed. This turned her on immensely. She wanted to hold my cock while I peed, which seemed to heighten the turn on—for both of us. As we returned to bed, hand in hand, I told her I wanted her ass again. It had been a long time since we had engaged in this much sex in one night. That turned her on. The fact that my cock was painfully hard and standing up at a forty-five degree angle excited her.

In her most sultry voice she replied to my request. “You can fuck me any way you want to.”

I lovingly took her ass for only the second time, from the front. It was one of the most special nights of our marriage.

The next phase in our sexual odyssey involved a three way with another, considerably younger woman. My wife put that one together. Let’s save that for another story.

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