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At The Bar

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He said to meet him at the bar dressed in his favorite short skirt, tight square neck top, thigh highs and the shelf bra that lifts my breasts so high. Don’t forget to wear heels and your slutty red lipstick, he added. I was also asked to wear my hair down. I dressed hurriedly as I was running late. I had just enough time to run home after work and wash up and dress before meeting him at our favorite bar.

I loved dressing for him like that because he always appreciated it. I finished dressing, put on some large hoop earrings and a necklace then dabbed some perfume on my neck, wrists, hair and the tops of my thighs. I put on the heels and went as fast as I could. They weren’t easy to walk in.

I felt that wonderful tingling inside, knowing that we were going to have some nasty sex tonight. While driving I squirmed in the drivers seat and spread my legs as wide as I could. Reaching down to feel my soft silkiness, I wasn’t surprised to find my fingers were very wet. Oh how I wished I could quickly masturbate right now! But I had to get to the bar to meet him so I concentrated on driving.

I arrived at the Ramada where the bar was at, drove around the parking lot and when I didn’t see his car, I parked, got out and went inside. I looked around and saw he wasn’t there yet so took a seat at the bar. There were 2 seats open right next to the corner. A rather unkempt man was sitting on one side and a woman was sitting next to the corner. She was watching me. I looked her in the eyes and asked if anyone was sitting there. “Please, go ahead” she replied. She smiled and I felt something stir within me.

She was an attractive woman with longer black hair. Her eyes were quite dark yet they had a power that was hard to describe. I felt her looking me up and down so I checked her out too.

She was a tall woman, large breasted with a very round and voluptuous body. She was wearing no makeup at all. She had on a very tight long black skirt that had a long slit up the side and a dark blue blouse that was unbuttoned very low, revealing quite a bit of full cleavage. That certainly caught my eye and I noticed that she saw me looking. I blushed and sat down, turning away. I hadn’t missed seeing that she was wearing strappy sandals and no hose as almost her entire leg was showing.

I ordered myself a red wine as I was feeling a little flushed and thought that might help. I sat there for a while, trying not to look at the woman but found it was difficult. She certainly had captured my attention. While sitting and sipping my wine I waited for him to arrive. I found myself deep in thought about what it would feel like to run my hands over her fleshy body.

I was startled back to reality by the ringing of my cell phone. It was he saying that he had just been paged and that he had to go back to work. He had been working long hours for a couple of weeks on a big project and I was disappointed when he said he thought he wasn’t going to be home until much later. I hung up the phone and put it back into my purse. I decided to at least sit and finish my wine and watch the trivia game. The only TV that was showing it was located behind the woman next to me.

“Sounds like you got stood up.” she asked me as she glanced down at my thigh. I noticed the lace of the stocking was starting to show. I was feeling a bit bold from the wine so I moved my leg just a little bit to reveal a little more.

“Yes, my husband was called back to work.” I said, giving a little pout.

“What a shame” she said sympathetically. “All dressed up sexy as you are and nobody to share it with.”

Blushing deeply, I returned the compliment telling her how nice she looked also. She explained that she had been home all day working and decided it would feel good to dress up and go out just to see what might happen. She went on to tell me that because she works out of her house and lived alone, she sometimes just needed to get out of her casuals and put something sexy on, to feel better about herself.

I asked her if she did that often and she replied only when she was feeling horny! She let out the sexiest laugh I’ve ever heard then turned and looked me right in the eyes and smiled. This woman had me completely forgetting the fact that I had been stood up! I was quite taken by her and was surprised by it all. Here I had been looking online for some woman to meet and I end up sitting next to this captivating woman at a bar!

I took a deep breath and tried to reason with myself that she was just a friendly woman and there was no way that this would amount to anything. This just doesn’t happen in real life, not to me at least. I went back to watching the television to avoid looking at her. She just kept looking at me, seemingly watching my reaction. I just gave a sly little smile, slowly blinked my eyes and took a sip of wine. I was starting to feel nervous, excited and a bit aroused wondering where this was all leading.

I was nearly finished with my wine and noticed that she was down to her last sip of her wine also.

Gathering up courage, I asked “Can I buy you another? What are you having?”

“I’m drinking merlot and yes, you can buy me one but I’ll owe you one.” she said with a mischievous grin.

Well, my brain went into overdrive conjuring up all sorts of images of how she might possibly be able to pay that debt! I ordered us 2 glasses of merlot and turned to face her more straight on. When I did, my knees touched hers. Neither of us moved and I felt the heat generated by our contact. I felt my face flush and that familiar twinge of excitement start up inside me.

The bartender brought us our drinks and I paid for them both. She thanked me and rose up her glass for a toast to unexpected friendships.

“Let me see your ring.” she said as she reached out and picked up my left hand. She was looking at my unique wedding band. I explained how my husband and I had designed them together and the significance of the stones and design. Her hand felt so soft on mine as she held it, inspecting the ring.

I shivered a little and could tell that my nipples had gotten hard all of a sudden. I glanced down and saw them sticking out perkily. She didn’t miss a thing. She took her hand away from mine and took a sip of her wine. I just watched her with, what I was sure was a silly grin on my face. I couldn’t believe this was all happening. I wasn’t even sure what was happening but I was enjoying it.

She shifted in her seat and somehow had positioned her left knee between mine. God, I was getting so turned on! I could feel my pussy getting soaked. I downed another large sip of wine, trying to calm myself down. Before I knew it, she had her hand placed on my left knee and was pushing it a bit, forcing my knees to open up a bit.

What is she doing? I wondered. She leaned forward, looked me deep in the eyes and told me to relax, enjoy it. I took a deep breath and relaxed as best as I could. She took that as a sign to continue and I felt her fingers on the inside of my thigh as her knee spread my other knee open a bit wider. She was feeling the silkiness of my stocking, inching up higher. I glanced around, sure that everyone was watching us but they were all oblivious. She just smiled at me and kept creeping her hand up higher.

“Are you wearing panties?” she whispered.

With a shaky voice, I replied that no, I wasn’t.

“Prove it.” She responded.

Not knowing exactly how to do that, I decided to try to be just as bold as she was being and snuck my hand under the bar, up under my skirt and put my fingers into my wet pussy, getting lots of juice on them. I spread the wetness all over her hand that was on the inside of my thigh and just smiled at her as if to say “there!”

Quickly she removed her hand from my leg, pulled away and stood up. Oh, no, I thought. I’ve gone too far and I’ve offended her! She surprised me by grabbing my hand, pulling me off of my seat and telling me to come with her. She dropped a five-dollar bill on the bar for a tip and led me out the door. I couldn’t believe I was just following her!

“Where are we going?!” I asked, shocked by the sudden turn of events.

“I’m taking you to my place. I have to repay that drink I owe you and I want to do it in private.”

I was about to put up a protest when I figured that I should just be adventurous and go along, all the while asking myself what the hell was I doing!

She led me to a red sports car, unlocked the passenger side door and opened it for me. I turned and looked at her and said that I should probably drive my own car. She ignored me and guided me to sit down on the seat. Feeling the brazen woman in me come out, I turned, placed one foot inside the car causing my legs to spread wide open and my skirt to hike up.

She was standing there just watching me to see what I would do and we locked eyes. We could see and feel the lust in each other. She stepped forward, standing between my legs then spread her own legs open, forcing my knees even wider.

“Let me see this naked pussy of yours.” She said. I placed my right foot up on the car and spread myself open as far as I could and pulled my skirt all the way up. I looked over and saw 2 men watching us from across the parking lot. I found myself excited by that and decided to give them plenty to look at. I turned just a little bit so that I was more visible to them then slid my hands down to my pussy and with my fingers, spread the lips wide open. I looked at her then glanced over at the voyeurs. She turned and saw them watching, mouths wide open. She gave them a hard stare, turned and bent down, planting a kiss on the inside of my thighs. Oh, my God! I thought. Is she going to do me right in front of them??

She no sooner kissed me when she stood up, put my other leg in the car and closed the door. She got in on her side and turned towards me. We quickly became locked in a passionate kiss. I must be dreaming this all up, I thought. As quick as it started, the kiss ended and she started up the car. As we left, I thought about how crazy I was to be getting in a car with a perfect stranger and allowing her to drive me to God knows where.

Soon we pulled into a driveway of a small ranch. We got out and I followed her to the door. When she opened it up, I hesitated, still thinking how dangerous this could be. She reached out and grabbed my hands into hers and pulled me into the house and shut the door. I was looking into a plush living room with a deep leather couch closest to us, thick carpeting, and pillows everywhere. The lighting was dim and soft. She took my pocketbook and placed it on the table where she put her keys.

The next thing I knew, we were locked in an embrace, kissing passionately. She let out a little growl as we ran our hands over each other’s bodies. She felt wonderful! Her breasts were large and full, much like mine. Her nipples were very hard and large pushing through her bra. They were overflowing from the cups and felt heavy. She must have been having similar thoughts as she broke away from our kiss, un-tucked and removed my shirt then grasped my breasts.

She leaned back and admired the shelf bra and cupped my breasts in her hands. She bent down and started licking them all around the bra edge and I saw that the nipples were just peeking over the top of the bra. When she took the nipple to her tongue, I gasped from the intense pleasure. She took her hands and lifted my breasts up so that they were sitting on top of the shelf bra, bulging over the edge. She sucked on one nipple and tweaked the other with her fingers then switched. I moaned and felt the wetness oozing from my pussy.

I thrust my chest out towards her mouth and hands and reached my hands out towards her breasts. I put them on either side of her tits and felt the nipples harden through her blouse. I slowly unbuttoned it and slid it off of her, letting it drop to the floor.

Her breasts were just as full as mine were but her nipples, which were visible through a beautiful sheer red bra, looked quite small and very excited! I stood back and admired them. They were heavenly! I couldn’t wait to let them out and smother my face in them. I pulled away from her mouth and reached back behind her to unhook her bra. I slid it off of her and gazed at her huge breasts.

She stepped closer and brought her face to mine and started to kiss me sweetly. The kiss grew more and more passionate as we ground our bodies and tits together. Our flesh felt so wonderful against each other and our taut nipples poked into one another. Our hands were exploring and caressing each others’ body, getting more and more bold.

I realized that she had been leading me towards her couch when I felt it at the back of my legs. She stopped, pulled away and told me to just stand there. She reached behind me and unzipped my skirt and leaned down to slowly slide it off of me. She then tossed it away to the other side of the room. She slid her hands up the silky stockings until they came to the top of them. I thought she was going to take them off but she didn’t. She let her fingers sneak farther up and traced her fingertip up to my pussy. She teased me by sticking it in just enough to feel the moisture then pulled away and stood up.

She leaned close and whispered in my ear.

“Have you ever had a woman before?” she asked with a husky voice.

The electricity that zapped through my body from that raspy, whispered question was so arousing!

“No” was all I could manage to say. I was so tense from anticipation.

“Do you want me?” she said as she grabbed my arm and pulled me roughly closer.

“Yes” I moaned.

“Do you want me to touch and kiss your pussy?”

“Oh, God, yessssss” I moaned again. Her sudden nasty talk was having such an arousing effect on me. She grabbed one breast tightly and looked me in the eyes asking, “Are you a horny slut?”

“Yes, I’m a horny slut! I am so horny right now!” I managed to reply.

I was pushed back onto the couch She shoved her hand up between my thighs roughly and forced me to spread my legs wide open. With her mouth an inch away from my aching pussy, she asked me if I was HER horny slut. I could feel her hot breath on my lips down there.

“I am yours. Yes, I am your horny slut! Please, oh, please! Do whatever you want with me!” This abrupt change to a nasty, dominating, rough woman had me weak with desire! I wasn’t sure how we got to this but I loved it. I had always had fantasies of being dominated by a woman but never dreamed I’d actually find one. The desires were strange, wild, stimulating!

She ran her fingers up and down the smooth skin of my pussy and with her fingertips, slowly pulled the labia apart. She gazed right into them and blew warm air. Lowering her mouth to my mound, she started gently biting all over. I was startled by this and jerked away by instinct. With that she slapped my pussy! I couldn’t believe it but that turned me on!

She put her hands on my pussy lips, held them apart and dove into my pussy with her face. One slow and agonizingly long lick after another had me moaning and squirming. Her fingers were all over me, intertwining with her tongue. I was burning with excitement.

The licks became more rapid, moving all directions over my drenched pussy until she was right on my clit. I was getting close to the edge. She started sucking on my button and it was exquisite! I was on the brink of climaxing. My panting increased and a low moan formed from deep within me. My body was tingling, shivering and I was delirious! I could feel myself start to cum, the heat spreading out from deep inside my vagina, searing my insides as it traveled through my body. I bucked and thrashed as a tremendous orgasm ripped through me.

Suddenly it washed over me. The most amazing climax I had ever experienced. A very loud howl escaped. She kept sucking my clit and fingering me. I couldn’t take any more and pulled away. Every part of my body was over sensitized. I pushed her head away from my pussy repeatedly saying “No more. No more!” I reached down to pull her up towards me. She pulled her face away and climbed up next to me. She leaned over and kissed me, her face drenched with my juices. She smelled and tasted wonderful and I couldn’t wait to taste her.

She grabbed my chin in her hand and held my face in front of hers.

“Now you know what to do, my little slut. Do it.” She ordered.

To be continued….

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