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The First Step

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Left. Right. Left. Right. Left. Right. Turn.

Left. Right. Left. Right. Left. Right. Turn.

Kayden’s feet were wearing a path in the floor of her hotel room but she couldn’t stop. Conner was going to be there any second. He had already called her a couple of times on his way over to inform her where he was.

He was about ten minutes out the last time he called and that was, Kayden checked her phone, 8 minutes ago. Her heartbeat quickened at the realization.

On her way back down the hall, she checked herself in the mirror one final time. Her long red hair hung perfectly straight, framing her pale face. Her dark eyes were delicately painted with pinks and whites to match her formfitting shirt with a line of black eyeliner to match the black undertones in her hair. She had on dark blue skinny jeans that clung in all the right places and sandals that showed off her black toenails which just so happened to match her perfectly manicured hands, per his request. The low-cut shirt allowed for a little bit of cleavage and she had on a silver necklace drawing attention to her prominent collarbones and jawline.

Sighing at what she saw, it dawned on Kayden that she could not do this. Conner was safe when he was 3000 miles away. Now, their love and their relationship were becoming very, very real. This was the first time she would ever see him. And this was the first relationship of this … type that she had ever entered.

Could she do it? Could she be spanked, tied down, and called names? Could she follow orders and make him happy? Could she handle the level of control he wanted to exert; wanted her to give up? It was easy to do on the phone but could she let him take that control? She didn’t have time to answer herself before there was a knock on the door.

Oh shit.

Only feet away, Kayden answered the door within a matter of seconds. She felt her breath catch as she watched his eyes light up. There he was. She knew what he looked like from pictures but it was even better in person. He was taller than her, about 6’1″. He had dark hair, dark eyes, and dark skin. He had a strip of facial hair that accentuated his strong jawline and he had broad shoulders and a broad chest.

It felt like a lifetime that she stared at Conner but, in reality, it was only a matter of seconds before he had crossed the threshold and wrapped her in his arms. Oh God, she thought, he smells as good as he looks. If his arms hadn’t been around her, Kayden would have fallen. Over and over again, he whispered how much he loved her and how beautiful she was.

“So beautiful.” he whispered, his voice breaking. It was like he couldn’t stay still. He couldn’t get enough. He went back and forth between running his hands over her body and running them through her hair; running his lips over hers and running them over her neck, chest and throat.

She kept trying to pull back. She wanted to see him. “You’re here …” Kayden heard the shock in her own voice. “You’re real.” Now, it was her voice that was breaking.

“Yes, baby,” he murmured against her mouth in between kisses. “I’m real.” His arms snaked around her once more as he lifted her up. “I’m very real.” This time, he said the words against her neck. “And, I love you very much.”

“I love you, too, Conner.” She sighed in deep, deep contentment as he laid her on the bed. Her legs automatically spread and he crawled onto the bed in between them and positioned himself over her. It was almost as if she could sleep. There had been so much to worry about; so many scenarios to run through. Now, though, he was there and nothing else mattered. Kayden felt a wave of peace she had never felt before.

Her mind may have been shutting down but her body was very much awake underneath his. Conner ran his hands over her body and, when they reached her hips, her hips rose and pushed into his causing her to gasp at what she felt between them. He pulled back, rising up to look her over, and Kayden felt the atmosphere change immediately. Subconsciously, she averted her gaze.


Conner’s simple command left her breathless. All too willing to comply, she unhooked the button of her jeans and lifted her hips to slide them off. She looked up then and could see the desire in his eyes; hear it in his breathing. Never before had she reacted so violently to a look. Her heart sped up, her face flushed, and she reached for him. Desperate for his touch, she tried to pull him down but he was unmovable, only an eyebrow raising as a warning for her to behave herself. Staying upright, he pulled her jeans all the way off and smirked when he realized she was holding her breath.

“Breathe, baby.” He whispered, followed by, “That’s a good girl. My good girl.” when she obeyed.

Knowing what was expected of her, Kayden whispered, “Yes, sir.” and averted her gaze. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw him motion for her to sit. When she did, he deftly pulled her shirt over her head.

And then, Conner did what he did best; what only he could do. He dominated her. Sliding her panties to the side, Conner stroked the length of her pussy and watched her writhe beneath his touch. He shook his head and pushed her hips back down to the bed with his free hand. “Still, love. And silent.”

His lips found hers as he slid his hand around her back to undo her bra. Instinctively, she arched towards him, her nipples already hard in anticipation. Quickly, Conner pinched both of her nipples in between his thumbs and index fingers.

She met his gaze, then. She felt no pain, yet, but his forward movement shocked her into looking directly at him. After a few seconds, maybe five, she felt it. It started as a dull burn and quickly moved into a fire. She could focus on nothing but the pain.

Conner watched, fascinated by the emotions that played across Kayden’s face. Shock, arousal, pain, fear, pain, desire, fear again, and then acceptance. Once she had reached the expression he was looking for, Conner let go. She inhaled sharply as the blood rushed back to her now sensitive nipples.

His left hand snaked around her body to pull her head back by her hair. “Do you remember how I asked you to wear your hair, slave?”

Her eyes widened as she did. “Up, sir.” Her response was barely a whisper.

“Is this up?” his question was quiet, his tone as well but Kayden knew he meant business.

“No, sir.” She winced as his hand fisted in her hair, pulling it tight against her scalp and causing her back to arch. As suddenly as the pain came, it left.

She bit her lip as she watched his contemplative eyes roam her body before he gently pushed her onto her back. He grabbed her wrists, crossed them and placed them above her head. Her eyes widened. They had discussed bondage but she wasn’t sure how she felt about it yet.

“Don’t worry, Kayden. I’m not tying you down. But, by the time I am done with you, you will wish I had.” He tamed her fears with one sentence and reignited them with the next. Kayden gasped and then cried out as he spread her legs and nipped her earlobe.

“We’re going to play a game, slave. You” he accented the word with a stroke to her clit “are going to keep your hands right where they are – as if I had tied you down while I” he accented this word as well, rubbing slow circles over her clit “make you cum. Over and over again.”

These words were spoken into her jawline while he nibbled across it as his thumb continued to massage her clit. Her hips bucked and she breathed his name as the first orgasm rolled through her. His hand grabbed her wrists just before her wrists could leave the bed.

“Nu-huh, slut” he chided gently. “Your hands stay right where they are. You see, my slave, once your hands do leave this position, I am going to spank you for every orgasm you have.” His hands left her wrists. “Luckily for you, since you already have, you do not need permission to cum.”

Kayden whimpered. It was a game she was designed to lose. Her breath hitched at the thought of him spanking her. He knew she loved the idea. She knew he loved being in control. This ‘game’ allowed them to have both.

She didn’t have time to analyze for long before she felt a finger slip into her. At the same time, his other hand left her wrists and found the nipple his mouth wasn’t on. She bit back a scream as her hips met the second finger that he slid into her. She had to focus hard on her wrists while her hips matched his hand stroke for exquisite stroke.

He set a fast pace, reveling in watching her concentration war with her desire to succumb to the pleasure. He knew the second that the pleasure completely won out, the game would be over.

“I’m going to cum, sir.” She whispered as her walls tightened around his long fingers. His thumb pressed against her clit and began fast, small circles as the fingers inside her found her g-spot over and over. Soon she was screaming “Again” as yet another orgasm rolled through her tiny body.

Conner watched her back arch, watched her stomach muscles tighten, watched her legs shake and knew he would have to up the intensity if she was going to lose anytime soon. She was already at three and he wanted her to be able to sit comfortably tomorrow.

He pulled his fingers out but continued gentle circles on her clit. Conner’s mouth met hers and tugged on her lip, earning him one of the sexy moans he loved so much. Her mouth melted into his as she welcomed the reprieve. Placing his free hand on her clit to continue the gentle assault, he slipped his now wet fingers into her warm mouth.

“You know what to do.”

Her eyes met his as she cleaned his fingers and Conner knew Kayden would be her undoing. His eyes darkened as her tongue swirled around the tip of his fingers and she nibbled ever so gently on the pad of his index finger.

Taking back control, Conner’s mouth began a slow descent down her body. He swirled slow, lazy circles around her nipples in time with the thumb still on her clit which elicited a slow-rolling orgasm, with no warning. “Good girl.” He smiled against her nipple. “That’s my good girl.”

“Thank you, sir. And thank you for the orgasm.” Was her automatic response and it came out as a moan as the orgasm came to an end.

One more. He told himself. She can only handle the punishment that will come with one more.

He placed kisses randomly down her body until his mouth was where he wanted to be. His tongue ran the length his finger had when she first laid down before settling on her clit. This brought a much stronger reaction than his hands had. Her hips automatically bucked and she said his name sharply.

Remembering how she had told him she liked it (an order she had not liked) Conner stuck strictly to her clit, flicking it with his tongue quickly and consistently. Within minutes she was writhing and quite literally screaming under him.

“Sir please!” She begged.

Conner smiled, loving the habit of requesting permission that had already formed. He nodded his head, knowing she could feel it and flicked his tongue once more. Immediately, her legs and abdomen stiffened and she was cumming for him. With the orgasm, he felt her hands rest on the bed by her sides and dig into the sheets.

Smiling, he licked the length of her sensitive, swollen pussy before rising to look over her. “Tsk tsk tsk” he admonished, shaking his head. “Game over, babygirl.” He pulled her up quickly. “Roll over. Ass in the air.”

Her eyes flashed to his, the fear in them obvious, as she did as she was told. “Five for each orgasm. Five orgasms. Do the math.” His tone was fierce, his hand already resting on her ass. “Fifteen with my hand. Ten with my belt. There is no need to count the first fifteen.” He smacked her hard after a moment of silence. “Am I talking to myself?”

“No, sir. I am sorry. Yes, sir.”

He said nothing else. The first two were gentle, one on each side. After that, they became rougher and rougher, alternating each side but remaining in the same sit spot. By the time he reached fifteen, her breathing had become shallow and she was gasping out with each swat. She had two red circles on her ass where his hands had been and no other sight could have turned him on more.

Her legs began to shake at the knowledge that he was switching implement. “You must count these ones, my slut.” He said, his hands rubbing her back. He knew she wished he was rubbing her ass, soothing the burn, but that was not his style.

She shivered as she heard his belt leave the loops of his jeans. “Yes, sir.”

The first stroke came out of nowhere, causing a shocked scream before “One. Thank you, sir.”

He kept the pace inconsistent and ran the strokes from the top of her ass to the bottom of her thighs careful not to overlay any strokes. She screamed out with each one but remembered the proper response. By the time he had completed this, he had three strokes left.

“These last ones will hurt, Kayden. Not because you did anything truly wrong but because I want them to and I can. Do you understand?”

“Yes, sir.” Her voice was weak but she had not yet shed a tear, something Conner knew would change within thirty seconds or so.

“There is no need to count.” Conner didn’t truly think she would be able to focus enough and he didn’t want to have to add more for miscounting.


There was a split second of shocked silence before Kayden screamed and let out a sob as the blow landed on the fleshy part of her already sore ass. She knew better than to beg for a break but she came very close.


She didn’t have time to think past that before the second of the last three strokes landed on her sit spot causing her to scream again, tears now falling freely.

One more. She told herself. One more.


The third and final stroke landed on the back of her thighs, causing her legs to shake and her body to give. Conner lifted her sobbing body from the bed and rocked her in his lap, wary of her ass and thighs.

“Thank you, sir.” Kayden sobbed, remembering her lines. Her breathing calmed as he rained kisses over her face, drying her tears.

“You’re such a good girl, Kayden, but I am not done with you yet.” He came very close to laughing at the look of sheer panic that crossed her face as he helped her to her feet.


Her breath hitched at the request as she immediately fell to her knees. There is this indescribable feeling that comes over a sub when a dom gives one worded orders and she let the pleasure and excitement (tinged with the smallest level of fear) course through her as she waited for his next command.

Kayden gasped as he exposed himself. She knew he was big, but the pictures had not done him justice.

“You have some thanking to do, slut.”

Needing no more invitation than that, Kayden slipped her hands around the base of his cock and flicked her tongue over the head.


She pulled away confused and watched him remove his tie.

“Hands behind your back.” He tied the tie firmly around her wrists when she complied and pulled her face gently to his using her hair.

“Your mouth only.” He said firmly after searching her eyes for fear and finding only lust.

“Yes, sir.” She shuddered.

Again, her tongue found the head of his cock and she wrapped it around him in slow, lazy circles, letting her tongue ring (an order she had liked) flick over the very tip. Slowly she took him deeper and deeper until he was down her throat and her nose almost touched the base that he had so considerately shaved for her.

Without warning, he fisted his hand in her hair and pushed her down the final inch, so all eight inches of him was in her mouth.

“Good girrrrl.” He moaned using his hand to guide her up and down his throbbing dick. Faster and faster he fucked her until tears rolled down her eyes, ruining her make-up and making her look all that more delicate.

In one swift movement he pulled her off of him and to her feet by her hair, causing her to arch her back.

“Thank you, sir.” She gasped, searching for air.

By her hair, he threw her onto the bed. “Ass in the air again, slut. Knees apart.”

With no warning, he slammed into her from behind causing her to cry out.

“Thank you, sir.” She moaned as she adjusted to this level of full.

He didn’t give her long. Pulling her head up by her hair, he fucked her fast and hard. Never letting up, her screams and is grunts matched his vicious pace.

“Please.” She begged. “Please let me cum.”

“No,” he snarled letting go of her hair and smacking her ass “not yet.”

“Ohhh God. Please. Please. Please.”

She begged with every thrust until he finally slammed into her HARD one more time and hissed “Now.”

She screamed his name as she felt him fill. Her walls tightened around him and milked his cock as she screamed through her orgasm.

“Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.” She whispered, unaware her words were turning to sobs.

Conner watched her unravel in front of him for a minute. Her ass in the air, covered in welts. Her hands tied behind her back with his tie. Her pussy stretched and dripping both of their pleasure. Eyeliner streaming down her face mixed with the tears of her pleasure, pain and exhaustion.


This is why he became a dom.

And why he loved her.

Quickly, he untied her hands and crawled into bed with her. He pulled her to his body, wrapped his strong arms around her and let her cry it out.

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