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The Dry Spell

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Cole sat nervously in the waiting area. He’d arrived for his interview the customary ten minutes in advance. He’d waited patiently for the expected fifteen minutes. Which had turned to thirty, which had turned to forty five minutes.

“I’m sorry Sir.” the receptionist said. She was a pretty blond in a tight skirt and heels which accentuated her legs. “I’m sure it won’t be too much longer.”

Cole thought about trying to reschedule. Just for appearances sake. Would he appear too hungry after forty five minutes of waiting? Would he appear desperate?

The truth was he was desperate. His unemployment checks stopped four months ago. He’d maxed his credit cards. He couldn’t even afford gas to go to this interview, so he’d ridden the bus with change he’d found under the cushions of his sofa. How would he get to his next job interview?


Don’t think about it. Don’t think about it. It’s just an interview. It’s not as if it was a complete waste of effort. He told himself. Besides, there was a grocery store two blocks away and he could eat food samples to curb the empty ache in his stomach.

He looked down at his watch. Jesus. He’d waited patiently for an hour and a half now. The receptionist had apologized four more times. His shirt was sticking from nervous sweat. No way would he get the interview. On the other hand, perhaps this was a good sign. If they were this unorganized, perhaps he could fly in under the radar. Who else would wait an hour? He’d get it by default.

A new girl turned the corner. By now Cole thought he knew everyone in the office. Maybe this one was his interviewer…she looked …familiar.

“Mr. Stevens, I’m sorry I’m late, but we had a…Cole? Is that you?”

Then it clicked. It was Janice. His girlfriend for nearly three semesters in college. Janice Monroe. She looked much different than the girl he’d known his freshman and sophomore year. Janice, with college T shirts, a stud in her nose, and blond hair with a purple streak. She had legs that went on and on, but not just long, they were muscular as well. She had an ass that you could bounce a coin on.

This girl …this woman looked mature, but she was twenty seven just like Cole. Her clothes were sophisticated. Was she in human resources or management?

“Well, come back with me Cole,” Janice said. “Again. I’m terribly sorry for making you wait. I guess it’s just like old times ‘eh?”

Old times? Cole thought back to his relationship with Janice. His incredibly frustrating relationship. She’d made him wait alright. She’d made him wait for more than anyone had a right ask someone to wait.

He thought back…seven years earlier….


“What are you looking at Cole?” Janice teased.

“I..I..” Cole stammered. She’d told him on earlier dates how she felt about her last boyfriend. She hadn’t told him everything, just that he’d pushed her before she was ready. That it was going to take her a while to get over it.

Cole assumed it as..well..if it wasn’t date rape, what Janice had experienced was close to it. She may have been damaged goods, but she was incredibly beautiful and on top of that she was witty and smart. All Cole’s friends were amazed he was dating someone so far out of his league.

Yet, here she was, in her dorm, with him, and she wasn’t wearing panties. He could see her bare pussy.Pussy. No panties. Just brown curls. It could only mean one thing, and yet Cole was not prepared for it at the moment due to the sudden surprise.

“…I ah…I don’t have any condoms on me.” he warned.

Janice’s nostrils flared and she smiled, crooking a finger at him.

He came forward, and as he did, she grabbed the collar of his shirt and kissed him deeply.

“..But baby …I’m in a state,” Janice purred, her thigh shoved between his legs and massaged his hard cock through his shorts. “Besides, I think there are things we can do that don’t need a condom.”

“Sure..” Cole said, his voice thick with lust. When he closed his eyes, he could imagine Janice down on her knees, looking up at him adoringly, her diamond ear stud shining under the fluorescent lights of her dorm.

Or maybe…maybe… He pictured her on hands and knees, looking back at him with worried eyes, as he gently pushed into her virgin ass. Fuck. Could it be?

“Goodie,” Janice purred, taking control and pushing Cole down on her bed. Straddling him. Not his crotch as Cole had wanted. But higher. Her knees on his shoulders. Her bare pussy, lowering onto his lips.

Cole wasn’t a virgin, but he wasn’t brimming with sexual experience either. He’d had sex a grand total of six times. However, he’d never gone down on a girl, Not that he was against it. It’d just never come up.

He was a bit scared at first. What if he wasn’t any good? He shrugged his shoulders and stuck out his tongue, trying to push it into her wet slit.

His fears were soon realized when Janice said in a frustrated tone, “What are you doing?”

I don’t know, Cole would have said, but Janice was riding his mouth like his face was a saddled pony and she was a cowgirl, so all that came out was a short grunt.

“Slow down.” Janice said as she lifted her sex off his face. “Now start off nice and gentle. Just blow your warm breath. Ohhh…that’s the way. Now kiss me. No, not like that. Let me feel your lips…that’s better, but keep them soft.”

And Cole began to learn what a woman liked. In particular, he learned what Janice liked. He also learned that Janice, while at times very closed off about sex, had no such troubles when it came to receiving oral sex. She was quite vocal and quite demanding.

“That’s the way, up and down my slit. And right there…no…ahhh…let me show you.”

Janice, still straddling his head, reached down and spread her nether lips apart, framing her perfect pink sex, opening it like an orchid.

“Have you ever seen a pussy this pretty?” Janice said. “I’ve kept it pristine. So slim. So tight. See right there under my clit. There with your tongue…gently right there. Ahhh…fuck yeah…that makes me drip. That’s my pee hole.”

Jesus. That was way more detail than Cole wanted. Yet, his cock strained against his underwear and jeans. The need in his swollen balls kept him at his duties regardless of his growing unease.

“Now my clit…no…start around the edges…and make your way to my pearl. That’s better. Patience. Good…ahhh…I’m close…Now reach up and brush your fingers against my nipples. No. Gently, Softly. There…ahh…” Janice’s breath came in gasps. Fingers turning white as she gripped her sheets, she lowered her sex onto Cole’s eager lips and tongue, as lightning shot spread through her loins. Her hips bucking as her moans rose in crescendo.

“Fuck..fuck..oh God..fuck..”

Poor Cole, heart and head pounding from lack of oxygen, fluttered his tongue over Janice’s swollen clit. Then up into the mouth of her gushing sex…by now, there was no choice what he’d do, as Janice controlled the action with her bucking hips.

When she finally rose, Cole’s face was a red and sodden mess.

“Oh baby,” Janice said, as she looked down at the trapped and dutiful face of her lover, kissed her fingertips and pressed them to Cole’s lips. “That was wonderful.”

Cole kissed those fingers. His mind eagerly running through fantasies of what this hot lover was going to do to him. Watching as she opened her drawer and pulled on a pair of panties and shimmied until her skirt was back down.

“I hate to kick you out so soon,” Janice said. “But my roommate is due back at any second.”

But…Cole thought. But what about me? His cock was still swollen in his pants. His balls were full and uncomfortable. Was she seriously just going to call an end to the date now that she’d gotten her jollies?

“Bye babe. I had a lot of fun. You were dedicated..or at least your tongue was.”

Then Janice kissed him and Cole found himself in the hall. It happened so fast he still couldn’t believe it. Worse, a pair of girls in the hall put their hands over their mouths and tittered as he passed them, hiding giggles behind their hands. Had they heard Janice? He felt his cheeks grow hot and he touched them. Jesus. They were damp and sticky. He quickly wiped them on his sleeve before he could suffer further humiliation.

He hurried back to his dorm. Luckily his roommate wasn’t there. He took a few tissues and climbed under his sheets. He was hard and began to stroke his shaft. He began to fantasize of Janice…of her flashing her naked sex…of going down on her…of…

Cole shook his head. He shouldn’t be fantasizing of such things. He tried to picture taking her doggie style. Instead he saw the two girls giggling in the hall…seeing him with his face soiled.

His swollen aching balls pumped. Spilling his seed, filling the hand full of tissues he held.


“Cole? Cole?”

Cole’s heart pounded. Idiot. He admonished himself. This is an interview and you are …Jesus fantasizing about stuff you shouldn’t be fantasizing about.

“Could you repeat that?” he asked.

“Yes. Could you describe an instance where you used ISO9000 principles in your last job?”

What did that even mean? Cole wondered. If he asked what it meant, would he appear stupid? Was this a trick? One of those questions where the right answer is to say you don’t know. He didn’t think that was the case.

“We didn’t do much with ISO9000” It wasn’t a lie. He was sure his last two employers didn’t know anything about ISO900 either. He certainly didn’t know what it was.

Janice shook her head and wrote something in a notebook. There wasn’t enough expression on her face to let on if he was doing okay or he was floundering. He could feel sweat drip down his back. He was floundering.

It went that way for nearly thirty minutes. So many questions. So many acronyms. Things he had no idea what they meant. By now sweat was dripping down his forehead. He was even flubbing answers to questions he should know.

“I want to help you Cole,” Janice said finally, pushing the papers away. “But you aren’t making it easy.”

“I’m sorry.” Cole’s said, his throat catching and his chin quivered. He blinked back the tears that threatened to fall.

“Oh Cole,” Janice said, getting up from her chair, moving around the desk and taking Cole’s hands. “You are making it impossible to do my job, do you know that?”

“I..I guess…” Cole squeaked. He was near to crying and didn’t want her to see him this way. He was embarrassed enough already. “Thank you for the interview Janice- sorry for taking your time.”

“Wait.” Janice said, taking him by his tie and keeping him in his seat, before sitting down at her desk in front of him. “Perhaps…perhaps..”

She made a show of thinking, but she didn’t have anything to think about. She’d planned this moment, had fantasized about it for nearly two weeks when she saw his application on a LinkedIn search.

“Perhaps there is something I can do. It isn’t much. I mean, I know you are much more qualified…but..there is another job.”

“What is it?” Cole answered in a hopeful whimper.

“I need -” The pause was long and Janice stared hard and licked her full red lips. “an assistant.”

Cole didn’t need to think about it. Sure, he had a degree for Christsakes, and he was shooting for a position much higher than a low paid assistant. But, he was unemployed and the checks stopped coming in 4 months ago. He was behind on his rent. His phone had been cut off. His cable soon followed. He was stealing wifi from a neighbor. His refrigerator was empty. He was dying, day by day.

“Sure,” Cole said. “I mean, ahhh, if you have an opening.”

“An opening Cole?” Janice purred. “Are you being fresh with me?”

“No.” Cole stammered, his face burning a deep red.

“No?” Janice asked, arching an eyebrow. “Is that how an assistant responds to his supervisor?”

“’am?” Cole answered.

“Is that a question?”

“No ma’am.” Cole said with more determination. Of course Janice was busting his balls, but she’d need to do that to overcome make sure he realized that since they were boyfriend and girlfriend at one point, it wouldn’t get in the way of his job.Yes, that was probably the reason Cole assured himself.

“That’s better.” Janice said. “Can you type?”

“Yes ma’am.”

“Pick up my dry cleaning?”

“Ahh..yes ma’am.

“Travel on short notice.”

“Yes….ma’am.” His car had been repossessed, but he could work it out. In his peripheral vision Cole was certain that Janice’s legs had spread slightly, and that…well…he wasn’t certain that she was wearing underwear. He began to grow more nervous.

“Attend company functions?”

“..yes…ma’am.” She – she wasn’t wearing underwear. He was sure of it. He remembered those nights back in college and how she rarely wore underwear on their dates. He remembered…he remembered what usually happened at the end of those dates. How wet she was. How humid. He struggled not to look down, but it was nearly impossible to ignore her mound. A mound he’d come to know quite well.

“Can you make coffee?”

“…yes…ma’am.” He tried to focus on her eyes. Only her eyes, and not think about those nights in college. Not just that first night of being discarded after satisfying her orally, but the end of every other date as well. Of how from then on she expected him to pleasure her orally. Of how he’d never had traditional sex with her and how she was always on the receiving end.

“I take it with one cream and one sugar. Can you remember that?”

“Yes ma’am. One …ah..cream..and sugar.”

“You take it with 5 sugars.”

“I …” Cole preferred his coffee with one cream and two sugars. Did she forget? It had been a long time, but he thought better than correcting her. “Yes ma’am.”

“How many sugars?”


“Is that a question Cole?”

Was she kidding? Cole wasn’t sure. “Five.” he responded.

“Do you work well with others?”

“’am.” Oh God, he was certain it wasn’t an accidental flashing. She’d slid her skirt back and placed one high heeled shoe at opposite corners of her desk. Her engorged lips visible above a triangle of brown curls. He could smell her.

“I’m afraid I’m still not convinced Cole,” Janice said. “You’ve been out of work sometime. It makes me wonder why no one has hired you after all this time. Exactly what skills can you bring to the table?”

“I…I..” Cole stammered. His cock strained in his pants. He was terrified. He was nervous. This was sexual harassment. It was also his only chance at a job. He stood up, his pants forming a tent in front of him. “I don’t have…”

“After all this time, you should know better than that.” Janice said. “Perhaps I was wrong about you.”

Her nostrils flared. Her gaze commanding.

Cole blushed. What did she expect. It’d be easier if she told him. He’d do it if she asked. It was harder this way. An admission that he wasn’t going to get the job on the merits of his knowledge and experience. His stomach fluttered nervously. However, Cole didn’t just want a job, he needed one. He knelt in front of her.

“Eager and shows great initiative,” Janice said, jotting it quickly down on her notepad. “Your prospects are improving Cole, but first you need to sign a few papers.”

And she brought a small stack of papers from behind her back and placed them between her thighs.

Kneeling there on the floor, he signed where she pointed, as she explained the paperwork. The fraternization policy release, the non-compete policy, and on and on. Her pussy right there in his line of sight, making him quite nervous. Finally, he reached the end of them.

“Now let’s test those skills.” Janice purred. “Have you gotten rusty?”

Remembering how she liked it, he blew his warm breath over her mound. He kissed the insides of her thighs. He made he way higher. Cole’s face felt hot as he glanced up from between her thighs, as she ran her immaculately manicured fingers through his hair. He felt embarrassed. Not merely embarrassed, but it was as if 16.5 years of education and training had been invalidated by this one act. He kissed her nether lips. Eventually sucking them gently. His tongue drifted into her furrow.

“You know better,” Janice moaned, spreading her sex between her fingers.

Then Cole remembered. His other lovers had never been quite as specific. He gently licked her …there.

“That’s it….it makes me melt when you lick my pisshole.”

Cole shivered. He knew it shouldn’t matter. He knew that when a girl sucked him off, she licked him from where he peed. Yet, still he felt ..somehow…more subservient as a result of this particular form of ministration. But he remembered and gently grazed his tongue over her as he knew she liked before moving on to the mouth of her sex. It was all coming back to him now, even though it was years later. His tongue delved into her. Up and down then dipping in. Her dark brown mound now more substantial, tickling his nose. Pressing soft lips to the mouth of her sex, he kissed, then sucked.

Janice bit her lip to catch the moan that threatened to break free.

Cole brought his hands to her thighs to gain better access.

“No Cole,” Janice breathed. “Only your mouth.”

It would have been easier with his hands. A few well placed fingers below her stomach would have pulled back the hood, exposing her clit. He knew from experience that there was more than one way to skin a cat. With tongue, lips, and gentle kisses, he coaxed her clit, until it was swollen and peaking out. He worked it gently with his tongue.

It grew harder for Janice to suppress the moans that shaped in her throat. Her insides grew warm. Her pussy dripped. Her loins felt tingly. Reaching beneath her leg, she explored frantically till she found what she wanted. Grabbing the silken fabric of Cole’s tie, she began to pull.

“Umphhh” Cole grunted in discomfort as his face was pulled in tight to Janice’s sex. Knowing she was close, his tongue flicked up and down Janice’s clit.

“Don’t tease me,” Janice moaned. “Give it to me.”

“Ummphh…Ummph” Cole grunted. Thinking, I AM giving it to you. Thinking, Jesus, Janice, stop pulling so hard on my tie. Because it wasn’t just pulling his face harshly into her sex, it was tightening, making the blood pound in his ears.

“Fuck-fuck-fuck-” Janice panted, one high heeled shoe fell to the floor, while the other somehow managed to stay on her trembling foot. Hips pumping, insides melting in pleasure, she came – gloriously.

Cole was just glad she’d let go of his tie. He fasted his lips to the mouth of her sex and sucked, swallowing her tangy nectar. His mouth and lips remembered what she liked, and began to lick her gently as her passions cooled. His cock was fat and full, and he massaged it through his pants, His need was strong, but not strong enough for him to rub harder, tempting fate, and forcing him to do a walk of shame to his car with semen soaking through his pants.

“I’d forgotten just how good you were,” Janice panted, as she came down from her orgasm. She walked around her desk, opened her drawer and pulled out 3 tissues, and something else that glinted under the fluorescent lights which she put in the pocket of her suit. She returned just as Cole stood up from his aching knees. “Now let’s see if your little cock has been causing trouble.”

“What do you mean?” Cole asked, as Janice came up behind him, reaching around, rubbing his hard cock though his pants, and pulling his zipper down.

“I mean that you were the best boyfriend a college girl could ever want.” Janice said, pulling his cock free, and running her soft hand up and down his shaft. “But this little guy ruined everything, didn’t he?”

“Ahhhmmm…” Cole wasn’t sure what to say to her question. She’d seen him in a bar with a particularly pretty girl, drinking a beer, and sharing a plate of nachos. She’d accused him of cheating, but he wasn’t. They were merely blowing off a little steam after studying for an exam.

Cole knew he should have told Janice the truth, that it was innocent. However, they’d been girlfriend and boyfriend for three semesters. Over a year of booty calls. Not the usual booty calls that college guys received. No, his booty calls always involved giving Janice oral pleasure until her sexual needs were satisfied.

And those needs were quite strong.

While her needs for straight sex…or even giving throwing him the occasional blowjob were non-existent.

It wasn’t that she didn’t give them a try. She would occasionally try, but she’d always exert such control and crazy conditions. Double condoms, cycle timing, pull out method. Stand there. Bend your knees Cole. Lean back. More., that’s you’ve ruined it.Then she’d clam up, covering her eyes with her hands, as if he were some sort of rapist for wanting consensual sex.

So, he’d lied by omission and she’d cried and broken up with him – after calling him every dirty name in the book.

As a result, Cole was torn. Tell her the truth, and then she’d probably be freshly furious for making her believe a lie for so long. Or…

“I’m sorry about that…I was young.” Cole said.

“That’s okay lover,” Janice said. “I was young too. A little naive. I’ve learned a few things since then too.”

She gently pumped his cock. Not expertly, but Cole wasn’t complaining. Poverty had eliminated his dating ability, so it’d been quite some time since feeling another hand other than his own caressing his tool. He couldn’t believe how lucky he was to be hired, and then to get all these fringe benefits as well. Well, karma owed him.

“You like that baby?” Janice asked.

“Yes…” Cole panted. His pants and underwear had fallen to his ankles and Janice had reached from behind him – between his legs, and was massaging his swollen balls. Janice had learned a thing or two. Back in college she’d never managed to bring him off.

“Careful,” he warned. He didn’t think she’d take it well, if he decorated her desk in vanilla icing.

She let go of his cock with her right hand, while continuing to massage his balls with her left. She picked up the tissues with her right, placing them over the head of his cock.

“Gugh.” Cole grunted in dismay. She said she learned a few things…well obviously it wasn’t related to a man’s sexual needs. Did she think he could come from just having his balls massaged? It did feel good, but due to their swollen nature, the sensation was growing increasingly uncomfortable.He reluctantly reached for his cock with his right hand to help her along.

Only to have the tissues thrust into it. That should be an improvement, Cole thought to himself, waiting patiently for her to resume pumping his cock, now that he held the tissues for her. Only she didn’t. She kept massaging his balls and now her free hand tweaked his nipples.

“There you go,” Janice said finally, placing his hand on his cock.

Cole grunted in dismay. It wasn’t even the proper hand. He favored his right. But he’d given in without a fight and was making do with his left.

“Uf..uf..shit..” he panted. He was getting close.

And then she pulled on his balls. Forcing him to lean forward to take off the pressure. Hey! He was going to say hey now, stop that. That’s uncomfortable. But there was more. That particular indignity paled in comparison to a further indignity. A digit, a finger, probably an index finger, hand been pushed into his rectum.

“Like I said,” Janice purred. “I’ve learned a few tricks.”

“…” He muttered. Not because he wanted her to stop, but because he’d wanted to hold off. He knew for certain he’d be ashamed if he only lasted a few seconds of stroking his cock. He stopped pumping all together, but it wasn’t enough. It was already too late. The surprise intrusion was too much stimulation and his balls clenched. Her hand still massaged him from behind. He could reach back to stop her without moving either his hand that clutched the tissues or the one gripping his cock.

Without the tissues, he’d make a mess. Without the self-stimulation, his orgasm would be wasted. He gave in and worked his cock, his balls pumping, his ass spasming on the intruding finger, catching a full load of semen in the tissues.

“That was fast.” Janice giggled, removing her finger and letting go of his balls.

“I..I was..already excited…from before…” Cole stammered, face burning in shame.

“There’s no need to feel ashamed Cole.” Janice said. “I like having that effect on you. Besides, some guys enjoy a little anal play.”

“…thanks..” Cole breathed, cheeks blushing furiously, as she toyed with his rapidly softening member. It was a glorious come despite the surprise. He needed to catch his breath. Then he felt it. Something cold against his cock.

“What are you doing?” Cole asked. Her hand encased his cock, but it felt like ..maybe she had squirted some cold lotion on her palm or something. But when she moved it, he saw he was wrong. She’d place a metal…device of some sort over his cock. Was it some sort of sex toy? Perhaps the metal ridges were used to maximize sexual sensation? If it was, it’d have to be for the woman’s benefit, because it looked like he would be losing some areas of stimulation.

It wasn’t just some areas, Cole determined, taking a closer look. The head of his cock was the most sensitive area on his penis, and the…toy…looked like it would block almost all the sensation. Worse, the toy…not toy…it looked more like a jail for his cock than a toy, was pointing in the wrong direction. Not curved up, like an erection, but curved down toward his balls. What was more, Janice pressed up from his balls, and he felt it tighten, enclosing him tightly in its grip.

Then a click. It wasn’t just a light click either, but a very solid sounding click.

Cole reached down, pushing Janice’s hands out of the way and tugged. The cage didn’t budge.

“Just a little insurance policy to make sure this little guy doesn’t get you in trouble again.” Janice chuckled. “Don’t pull at it so hard, you may injure yourself. You act as if there isn’t a key.”

“A key?” Cole asked.

“Of course,” Janice said. “What kind of person do you take me for?”

Cole wisely kept the truth unsaid. “I was just startled. Where is the key?”

“Right here,” Janice said, pulling her necklace from between her full breasts. Hanging at the end was a small cylindrical key. “Kept safe where there’s no danger of it getting lost.”

“Can..can I have a copy?”

“Cheating on me already?” Janice’s voice turned hard.

“Of course not,” Cole said nervously.

“Then why are you so eager to have the key?”

“I ..may need to use the bathroom.”

“It’s designed not to interfere with bodily functions or bathing.” Janice said. “Course you may need to sit down … I’m not quite sure.”

“I’ve just..never heard of anything like this before.” Cole said.

“Really?” Janice said. “I’m surprised. They are becoming quite popular, very big in Japan right now, so unless you have a valid medical concern, I’m afraid this is a non-negotiable for me. I’ll be disappointed, but on the bright side, I haven’t turned your paperwork in. I’ll take it off and see you to the door.”

“I-I don’t want to quit. I was just curious.” Cole briefly felt his heart sink. He needed this job. He’d been too broke to date, so it wasn’t like it was a big loss not to be able to date right now anyway. At least he could eat and maybe get a few creditors off his back. Then he could renegotiate from a position of strength.

“Good. I’ll show you around and perhaps we can go have a drink to celebrate your new position after work.”

Cole blushed, knees feeling weak. He didn’t want Janice to know how desperate his straits were, but there seemed no choice but to admit the truth.

“I ahhh…rode the bus.”

“Do you even have a car?” Janice tisked, her eyebrow arched imperiously.

“It’s a long story.” Cole admitted.

Janice sighed. “I guess I can give you a ride.” Then her lips turned up in a wicked grin, her tongue darting out to lick her lips. “And then perhaps we can work out some form of payment.”


It was three months since Cole was hired and things had changed. Well, out of Cole’s control to be precise.

It hadn’t started out that way. It began easily enough, with Cole spending a lot of time at Janice’s house. He’d confided his financial troubles, and then he found himself living with her. It made sense. He was over two month’s behind on his rent. His creditors hounded him. His new job paid, but not well enough for him to get caught up. He could even ride to work with Janice.

It was almost like living together. But there were differences. She was his supervisor, not just at work, but at home.

When she asked him. “Take out the trash,” he took out the trash. When she said, “Can you make the bed?” he made the bed. When she asked for a back rub, he gave her an hour long back rub a masseuse would be proud of. And he was required to say, “Yes ma’am and no ma’am” just like when he was at work and even though they were lovers.

Speaking of lovers, when it came to that love, things were more on Janice’s terms than Cole’s.

“Why do I have to wear this?” Cole asked, rubbing the steel cage beneath his pants. “I’m with you all the time. You don’t have to worry that I’ll cheat.”

“Maybe you are with me all the time because you can’t cheat.” Janice said, pulling the key from between her breasts and rubbing it between forefinger and thumb as was her habit, and sliding off her panties.

“I wouldn’t.” Cole said. “I..I don’t know of any other guys who wear something like this.”

“Have you told anyone about your little cage?” Janice asked.

“No ma’am.” Cole’s face flushed. He’d tried to get out of her cruel contraption, but he’d failed miserably. He was pretty sure a locksmith could pick the lock or make a duplicate key, but he was far too ashamed to ask anyone for assistance.

“There you have it. Just because they have one, doesn’t mean they’d tell you.” Janice said. “Besides, I hear a ton of men in Japan have one.”

“Are you sure?”

“Sure, I’m sure. They are called herbivore men. You can look it up.”

Cole guessed she was probably right. But herbivore men? What kind of man was called a herbivore? Is it because of something they ate?

Janice’s thighs opening invitingly. “Does my little dicky want to come out and play?” she teased.

“Yes ma’am.” Cole answered, as he knew was expected. Sliding to the floor at her feet. Kissing her knees and then her thighs. Moving ever closer to the curls of her mound. Working her up, slowly but steadily. Teasing, pleasing, using lips and tongue until she climaxed loudly.

After she was sated it would be his turn.

“Now or tonight?” she asked.

Cole would rather to wait. It was much less embarrassing. But sometimes his balls ached terribly. He knew if he waited his orgasm would be a painful affair. Now was one of those times.

“Now, if it pleases you ma’am.”

Janice smiled and reached into her drawer, where she kept a pair of fur lined hand cuffs.

“Turn around.”

‘Yes ma’am.” Cole knew better than to protest or to even ask why. If he did, she’d leave him in his cage. So he turned around and let her lock his wrists behind him. Then back around so she could unlock his cage.

Janice pulled his underwear back up, her fingers pulling at his cock until it grew hard and formed a tent.

“Such a cute and pretty cock,” Janice purred. “A shame I can’t trust it.”

Again Cole knew it was futile to protest. He’d tried it time and again. Better to let her have her say. Otherwise, she’d get a cube of ice from the freezer and use it on his cock until it shriveled enough to be caged again. With his hands cuffed behind him, he’d be powerless to stop her.

“Okay baby,” Janice licked her lips, as she settled back into the sofa, her legs splayed open.

Cole knelt once more. Edging up until he straddled her leg. He flexed his hips, and pushed his cock against her shin, while she looked down at him, her eyes shining brightly. He shivered as his cheeks burned in shame. If only he’d waiting until later when they were in bed, he would be able to rub himself on her backside until he came. But though there was more shame and less sensation, this way he could at least look at her pussy.

Sure, he’d rather have traditional intercourse, but even at the beginning of the relationship, it became clear that Janice’s sexual stamina was much higher than his. He would prefer to have sex every few days, while Janice seemed to want it several times each day. His cock would never be up for the challenge. But his tongue was.

It was not so bad as it sounded. He was having sex. He had a girlfriend. He was paying his creditors back. He wasn’t picking up food at the food bank.

Cole’s hips pumped. His cock moved up and down. Janice’s displayed pussy made his insides hot and melted his shame away.

“You are so sexy…” he added, knowing she’d be bitter if he didn’t pay her a few complements while he was engaged. “So pretty. You turn me on. Oh God…so close.”

“OH God!” Cole groaned

His balls pumped. They ached with every pump. His seed spewed. There was an advantage to being so pent up, his climax was massive and seemed to go on forever.He closed his thighs just in case his underwear proved inadequate to catch his semen.

When it was over, she’d lock his cock and unlock his wrists, and he’d have to clean up the mess he’d made. Sometimes he’d have to give her another climax. Luckily, this wasn’t one of those times.

Sure, it wasn’t what Cole wanted, but it was better than what he had. He had sex most every night unless he said something he shouldn’t. And by now he’d learned what not to say. Was it the type of sex he wanted to have? Not really. He’d rather be the one getting blow jobs and some straight missionary cock in pussy sex would be awesome. Still,it wasn’t as if Cole was getting either of these when he was unemployed.

At least that’s what he told himself. But, deep down inside, a terrible thought occurred. That perhaps he was trading sex for security. That maybe he was very nearly a male prostitute and like other prostitutes, his own sexual needs were second thought.

Yet, whenever such thoughts occurred, Cole pushed them away. No, he wasn’t like that.

Things began to change right around the time Janice loaned him the money to pay off his creditors, with loan documents, an interest rate, penalties for late payment and everything. It was even signed by a notary.

The cage he wore seemed a mere inconvenience at first. More symbolic than anything, but that too began to change. It started with small mistake at work. He didn’t make mistakes often, but he’d made a few. This time he forgot to follow through on a project.

Janice removed the key from between her breasts and dangled it between her fingers. “It will be one week before you see this again.”

“But I..” Cole stammered. He’d forgotten sure, but it was only once, and it wasn’t the end of the world. “I’ll just finish it after work.”

“After work cuts into MY time,” Janice said. “You need to use your time wisely and I think you’ll learn soon enough.”

“Yes ma’am.” Cole said. The bitch. He wouldn’t let her get any enjoyment in withholding the key. He knew for a fact that her need for sex was strong. That perhaps he could put the shoe on the other foot if he withheld sex from her. “I’ll do better.”

“I’m not feeling well.” Cole said when they got home and Janice wanted sex.

He was positively grinning as he lay in bed that night, waiting for her to come around. And she did come around.

“Do you still have a headache?” Janice asked, when she joined him in bed.

“Yes ma’am.” Cole did his best to keep the laughter from his voice.


Cole heard a drawer open. Then he heard another sound.

She wouldn’t!

Janice gave a quiet moan. Son of a bitch. She was. The buzzing changed pitch. Higher and lower. Poor Cole could imagine it…was it a small vibe or some kind of cock shaped dildo. Would she tickle her clit or want it inside her?

Cole’s cock ached as it fought the metal prison. He fought the urge, but eventually he opened his eye for a fraction. It was some kind of little bullet vibe and she ran it up and down the lips of her sex, occasionally working it on her clit.

Poor Cole put his pillow over his head and tried not to think of what was happening in bed next to him.

“Ahhh…mmm…am I bothering you?” Janice murmured.

Cole couldn’t admit the truth without admitting that he was faking the headache. But perhaps he could make her move somewhere more bearable.

“The bright light is hurting my head.”

“Poor baby.”

The light clicked off.

But the vibe was kept buzzing, Janice kept moaning, the bed kept shivering, and Cole’s poor imprisoned cock kept aching for nearly 45 more minutes. And after the buzzing at last stopped and Cole could try to get his thoughts off of sex and get some sleep, Janice nudged him.

“Are you awake Cole?”


“This side is hot and I’m uncomfortable,” Janice said. “Can we switch.”

“Yes.” Anything if Cole could finally get some rest. He shifted over to her side of the bed.

It was wet. It smelled of sex and sweat. It was unfair. He was wide awake now, but he tried to go to sleep.

He’d always been out of the cage while he slept and for showers. But now that he was locked up full time? His body was determined to have ideas at night, and every attempted erection woke him. Worse, now that the key was withheld, it was all he could think about. Still, he was determined not to let on how difficult it was to endure his chastity.

Janice was equally determined to win that particular battle of wills. The next night she took things to another level, when Cole once again feigned a headache.

Cole’s cock ached as it struggled to overcome its imprisonment. He hardened his resolve and attempted to ignore the fact that she was wearing stockings and garters and not her usual short night shirt whose thin fabric showed her thick nipples and the short hem showed peaks of the cheeks of her bottom.

“I want to fuck you,” Janice purred as she straddled him in bed.

“Then use your key.” Cole said, resisting her attempt to kiss him. “Unlock me.”

“Do you really think you can resist me Cole?” Janice asked.

“If I have to.” Cole gave his best determined look, though his voice cracked with desire.

“I’m too horny to argue. Hurry, let me see the lock,” Janice said, pulling her key from between her full breasts.

Cole pulled off the sheet, relieved he’d won the battle so easily. Even more relieved not to have to endure another night like the last hearing her with the vibe.

“Spread your legs so I can get to the lock.” Janice ordered.

Cole obeyed. Spreading his legs so she could have access to the lock on his caged cock.

Janice smiled wickedly as she stripped off her panties and mounted him, key still in her hand.

Cole gulped audibly, and Janice’s smile grew. She knew from the sound that he’d seen her freshly shaved sex. A special weapon for this battle of wills she intended to win, though Cole assumed that victory was still his.

But he was beginning to have some doubts. She pulled at his swollen balls as she attempted to unlock his cage. He spread opened his thighs to give her better access.

“Lift up,” Janice said.

Cole raised his hips from the bed, his legs and back straining from the effort.


Cole tilted his hips. His balls ached they were tugged out of the way, as she fumbled with lock and key. They didn’t just ache a little bit. They felt like swollen stones.

Her smooth sex, her moist pink lips were just out of reach. Wait until she unlocks you, he repeated in his head, but his resolve quickly shattered. He tried to lick her, but she was out of his reach. She was still manipulating his balls and now the other hand tweaked his nipples. In the back of his mind, he cursed, for she couldn’t very well be trying to unlock him, if she was toying with his nipples. He could feel her hot breath on his balls.

“Please,” Cole begged, kissing the backs of her thighs.

“Please what?” Janice pinched and tugged on both his nipples.

“Unlock me.”

“I’d love to,” Janice said. “But I’m your supervisor. What kind of example would I set if I went back on my word?”

The good kind. Cole thought to himself. Instead he begged. “Let me …let me lick you.” The sight of her bare sex. Of her tight rear hole. Of her garters and stockings. His balls ached. His cock ached. If he pleasured her, maybe she’d have sympathy. Worse case, he’d be able to take a cold shower and take a few ibuprofen for relief before bed.

“Oh baby,” Janice purred as she mounted him. “Why didn’t you say so in the first place?”

Cole had never been mounted in quite that fashion before. Usually he either lay or knelt between her thighs. Occasionally, she’d straddle his head so she could look into his eyes while he pleasured her. This time she looked down at his feet. This time, the mouth of her sex was firmly planted on top of his lips, while her anus was positioned precisely over his nose.

“Mmmphhh.” Cole protested, as she settled back. However, the aching in his balls and that she didn’t appear in any hurry to move, soon overcame his reticence. He licked. And when he discovered that it was difficult to breathe, he licked quickly.

With passion. With desperation. With his ears ringing and his pulse pounding in his temples, he wondered if Janice realized that she’d cut off his air. But soon enough she raised her hips.

Cole took a great gasp of breath. And again. Then he saw her hips lowering once more. Not yet. He sucked in a hurried breath. She settled back down.

His tongue sped and fluttered. She tweaked his nipples and his cock strained against its cage. He groaned and licked faster using ever trick he knew.

Her fingers tightened and pulled. His nipples hurt. Her cunt tensed … a kind of tightening that let Cole know it was time. He fluttered his tongue over her nubbin. He clamped his lips over her opening and sucked. He could hear her pant and moan. He could hear her call out his name again and again. Then at last she rolled off him.

“Whew,” Janice breathed. “That was …whew..oh my God…”

Cole felt a little put out with how his balls ached and now his nipples hurt too, while Janice had managed to be given an ‘amazing’ orgasm. Still, he couldn’t help be feel a little proud of the response he’d provoked. Perhaps now she’d-

“I’m going to have to keep that dick under lock and key more often,” Janice said. “A little teasing makes you into something else…something amazing. A pussy maestro.”

What guy didn’t want to hear that he was a pussy maestro? A master of pussies. Cole did, but at the same time he didn’t. He wanted the title, but not for his mouth and tongue, but for his cock.

“I was hoping that-” Cole began hopefully.

“Shhh.” Janice put her finger to his lips and then turned around so that he was spooning her. “I’d love to. But I can’t. Anyway, you’ve worn me out. I’m exhausted.”

His poor caged cock now nestled between the soft moons of Janice’s ass, Cole shivered. He tried to get his thoughts under control so that he could sleep too. But sleep was elusive. When Janice finally began to snore, Cole slipped out of bed, and took a few Advil to take the edge off the pain in his swollen balls, and a long cold shiver inducing shower before climbing back in bed.

Janice woke briefly as the bed shifted. She turned around, spooning Cole this time. He was cold as an ice cube. She smiled as her hand drifting down to cup the cold steel cage.

Mine..she thought as she drifted back to sleep.

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